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Previously on Criminal Case...
David Jones: <Name>, I'm glad all this mess is over.
Jones: Kerry Ann kinda fooled us, but at least, she seems to be doing just fine on her own.
Eduardo Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! King wants to see you in his office, it's about Kerry Ann Buxton.
Jones: Speak of the devil... I bet she'll ask us to find some other things with a great "sentimental value".
Ramirez: No, it's really serious! SHE'S DEAD!
Jones: WHAT?! SHE'S DEAD?!?

Chief King: <Rank> <Name>! It seems that something has been left out during the Hank Buxton's murder investigation...
Jones: But, Chief! Hank Buxton's killer was apprehended! <Rank> <Name> gave it a hundred percent and succeeded!
Chief King: Yes, but apparently, a hundred percent is not quite sufficient. So, make sure, you leave no stone unturned this time!
Chief King: Needless to say, I also want you to act fast and quietly. I don't want the press getting wind of this before you're through. Is that clear enough?
Jones: Loud and clear, Chief! The day is still young, we need to strike while the iron is hot!
Jones: Come on, <Name>! No time to lose! Let's go to the Buxton Mansion!

Chapter 1

Investigate Swimming Pool.
Jones: Jeez, <Name>. Look at Kerry Ann's face: it's bloated all over! Do you think the syringes could have done that?
Jones: Kerry Ann was a sweet person, and it's weird to think we're not going to deal with her random babbling again.
Jones: It's too painful to see her like that. Let's send her body for autopsy, Nathan will surely give us some insight into what truly happened to her!
Jones: But, well done for noticing this flash drive! It could give us something solid to start on... If you find the code to unlock it. But I'm pretty sure you will!
Jones: Oh, you also found pieces of glass? You're the best when it comes to solving puzzles. But, be careful not to cut yourself on this one, <Name>!

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan: First the husband and now the wife... But between the both of them, it's clearly Kerry Ann who suffered the most!
Nathan: She received as many as 57 collagen injections in her face. The muscles swelled and stiffened until they ended up like they were made of wood.
Nathan: And because of that rhinoceros like skin, she wasn't able to breath... and she choked.
Nathan: By analyzing Kerry Ann's face muscles, I've been able to determine which collagen brand the killer used: "Botulicious", provided by Greene Pharmacorp.
Jones: Wait a minute! Did you just say Greene Pharmacorp? Alden Greene's pharmaceutical company?
Jones: This Greene meatbag was born evil! Even in jail, he keeps bringing death to innocent women!
Nathan: But our best lead is surely the face that the killer crushed Kerry Ann with their feet. As you can see, a deeply embedded shoe print is visible on her upper chest.
Jones: A shoe print?! Let's not waste any time and have <Name> find a match!

Examine Shoe Prints.
Jones: Amazing, <Name>! You've found the exact type of shoe the killer wore when they crushed Kerry Ann's chest!
Alex Turner: Hello, <Rank> <Name>, what are you on to th... Hey! Wait! I know these shoes! They are PLIGMA's "Air Crisp One", legendary edition! They are worth $18,000 on WeBuy.
Jones: Really? How can anyone desire a pair of sneakers that much? What else do you know about the model, Alex?
Alex: Only 20 pairs were reissued in 1989, made in U.S.A., traditional crafting, natural rubber, fine French linen, not your average pair of sneakers for the week-end.
Jones: I guess the people from Maple Heights would do anything to outclass the common riff-raff. Even when it comes to wearing sneakers.
Jones: Anyway, thanks to you, and to Alex's additional information, we know for sure that our killer wears rare and expensive PLIGMA sneakers!

Examine Shattered Glass.
Jones: I don't know anyone but you being able to restore a shattered syringe in such little time, <Name>!
Jones: But wait! This is the same type of syringe Kerry Ann was jabbed with all over her face!
Jones: Luckily, this one didn't take a dip in the pool, unlike the others. And you're right: given the state of Kerry Ann's face, this is obviously our murder weapon.
Jones: And considering the killer used it to assault Kerry Ann, we should definitely take a closer look at this syringe.

Examine Syringe.
Jones: Congrats, <Name>! You found drops on the syringe the killer left by the swimming pool.
Jones: We should send the drops to Grace, she's the only one who can elicit proper clues from such things.

Analyze Drops.
Grace: The drops you found on the syringe, <Name>, are sweat. Your killer must have been in a real frenzy while killing Kerry Ann!
Grace: When analyzing the drops of sweat, I found an abnormal presence of serotonin. It is a molecule used for the treatment of depression, primarily in chemical drugs.
Grace: Which means without a doubt that your killer is high on anti-depressants!
Jones: Jeez, even by cramming their face with happy pills, our killer still feels like murdering people.

Examine Flash Drive.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! You unlocked the flash drive you found by Kerry Ann's swimming pool in no time! So, what's in it?
Jones: WHAT?! There are pictures of Kerry Ann naked! Look, she's clearly naked, isn't she?
Jones: But, for the need of our investigation, we'll have to take a closer peek at Kerry Ann's pictures, won't we, <Name>? Bothering Alex with such trifles would be irrelevant, not to say inappropriate!
Jones: Good thinking, <Name>! Considering the background of the picture, this photo has been taken in a luxury taxi garage.
Jones: And your keen eye noticed the company logo on the hubcap! The company name is "Imperial Coaches"!
Jones: You're right, <Name>! According to the time and date, this picture was taken not long before Kerry Ann's death. So, we ought to go check this "Imperial Coaches" office!

Investigate Taxi Depot.
Jones: The name on this card has been scribbled out, <Name>. Do you think you could recover it?
Jones: And the same thing for this file: I don't know if it could be of interest but there's only one way to tell.
Jones: And... a torn flyer. You can climb as many grades as you want, but you'll never be able to escape such paperwork trifles!

Examine Faded Card.
Jones: You did it, <Name>! You brought this business card you found in this luxury cab depot back to normal!
Jones: And, it belongs to "Dwayne Vermont, photographer". Given the feminine silhouette, it's easy to guess what kind of photos he's keen on taking!
Jones: You're right, <Name>! He's surely the one behind the provocative pictures of Kerry Ann!
Jones: I agree: the only way to be sure is to go and have a chat with him!

Ask Vermont If He's the One Who Took the Pictures of Kerry Ann.
Jones: Mr. Vermont, did you recently meet Kerry Ann Buxton for a photo shoot session, right before she was killed?
Dwayne: What?! Kerry Ann has been killed?! But wait... it means that...
Dwayne: ...I'm the one who took the last pictures of a dead low-rent celebrity! Talk about shock value! These pictures will sell like crazy!
Jones: You seem to be very psyched about Kerry Ann's death. I take it you saw her only as a way to make money?
Dwayne: No! That's not what I meant! I had love for Kerry Ann. I met her on the set of "Kerry Ann turns it up for Grimsborough" show.
Dwayne: She knew the public got bored with her recently. This is why she decided to pose nude, with me behind the camera... And she'll get her front covers now!
(After talking to Dwayne)
Jones: Jeez, what a creepy guy, this Vermont! And he also seems to be quite the greedy kind!
Jones: It's sad to notice that Kerry Ann was ready to be dragged to such a trashy level, being photographed by such a wimp, just to re-boost her career...

Examine Faded File.
Jones: You never cease to amaze me, <Name>! You revealed the content of this form you found in no time! Now, let's see what it gives us.
Jones: Huh, it's a complaint form stating that Kerry Ann was about to be sued by a certain... Jamie Buxton, who is also from the Buxton family!
Jones: We should know by now that the people of Maple Heights enjoy suing each other as much as practicing polo or wearing cufflinks.
Jones: This complaint form proves that the Buxton family was not done with Kerry Ann yet, even after you proved her innocence regarding Hank Buxton's murder.
Jones: It has been proven in the past, Buxton family members are either murderers or victims! Let's have a talk with this Jamie Buxton to see which side she's from!

Have a Chat With Jamie Buxton About Her Lawsuit Case Against Kerry Ann.
Jones: Miss Buxton, <Rank> <Name> found this complaint form you filed against Kerry Ann Buxton. What was the purpose of the intended case against her?
Jamie: Look, <Rank> <Name>. I know you're the one who apprehended my granddaddy's killer and I must thank you for that. But, I don't see the part where this complaint is any of your business.
Jones: The business is, Miss Buxton, that Kerry Ann has been murdered. So let me ask you one last time: why were you lawyering up against her?
Jamie: What? Are you telling me I flew across the whole country and hired the most expensive lawyers for nothing? That coward! She'd rather die than face me in court!
Jamie: That court case was my chance to humiliate her in public! That gold-digging tramp used her looks to steal away my granddaddy and his fortune and I wasn't going to let that stand!
Jamie: But, I guess the good part is that since now she's dead, she won't get away with my granddaddy's money. All that bodes well, after all.
Jones: I see... Miss Buxton, you are not to leave town pending the outcome of this investigation.
Jamie: Fine. You can find me at the Halifax Hotel any time. Have you seen their Peacock Suite? It's so overrated!
Jamie: No feng shui standards, no underfloor cooling, I had to ask for a cheaper room, how embarrassing!
(After talking to Jamie Buxton)
Jones: Like we didn't have enough with the Buxton family, we had to meet the granddaughter!
Jones: But most importantly, she seemed very determined to get her grandfather's money back. And Kerry Ann's death surely helps that!
Jones: Now, let's hope that Jamie hasn't inherited her great-grandmother's murderous tendencies...

Examine Torn Flyer.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>! Thanks to your skills, we brought this leaflet back to normal! And it's one of Mayor Johnson's campaign!
Jones: Look, there's an autograph on it: "To Kerry Ann, my precious and beloved devoted supporter.
Jones: Don't you find it a bit winsome for a mere autograph? And, it's a bit surprising to discover that Kerry Ann was involved in the Mayor's political campaign!
Jones: But, I totally agree with you, <Name>! We need to ask the Mayor who well he knew Kerry Ann!

Ask Johnson About His Word on the Campaign Flyer.
Jones: Mr. Johnson, we know you are more than busy with your re-election campaign under way....
Jones: ...But <Rank> <Name> found one of your campaign leaflets, with quite a personal autograph on it, dedicated to Kerry Ann Buxton.
Mayor Johnson: I'm terribly sorry, but as you say, I'm very busy and I can hardly remember every autograph I've signed... But, what do you mean by personal, exactly?
Jones: Judging by the tone of your words, we assumed you knew Kerry Ann quite a bit. And, it happens she's been killed this morning.
Mayor Johnson: Kerry Ann? Killed? How could it be? That's terrible!
Mayor Johnson: To be honest, Mrs. Buxton and I only met from time to time at charity balls. I was stunned by her charms I must say, but I never gave her much attention.
Mayor Johnson: And as a mayoral candidate, I must always show some sympathy to everyone.
Jones: All right, thanks for your answers and sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Mayor. We'll leave you to your occupations, as for now.

Later, at the Station...
Jones: I still can't believe Kerry Ann is dead either... Why would anyone want to kill such a sweet person?
Ramirez: <Name>! This is... can't believe... I ran, I... You have to... have to go... Greene! It's Greene!
Jones: Have to go green? Nah, don't tell me you ran three miles to lecture me about my burger and cookie diet, Ramirez!
Ramirez: No, sorry! It's Greene, Alden Greene! He was released from prison!
Jones: SAY WHAT?

Chapter 2

Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, you'll never believe it! Alden Greene has been released from prison!
Jones: That is just impossible! <Name> proved he was guilty of murdering Rachel Priest! He was meant to stay in jail forever!
Ramirez: Apparently, Greene took advantage of a procedure violation and he was released on a $5,000 bail bond.
Jones: What the... Talk about an unjust, corrupted society! What is even the point of throwing crooks in jail?
Ramirez: It was announced during a press conference Greene gave in "the Peacock Suite" at the Halifax Hotel. This guy sure knows how to live large!
Jones: Let's see how large he can live back in his cell! I agree, <Name>, we need to have a word with the chief right now!

Ten Seconds Later...
Jones: Chief! Alden Greene has just been released from jail! How is that even possible?
Chief King: Thank you, Jones! But, I'm already aware of that!
Jones: We can't let that happen! We have to kick him back into his rathole!
Chief King: Jones, I'm sure the officer you are doesn't ignore the fact that we cannot interfere with any decision from the court.
Jones: Bu... But...

Jones: What a cop out, I can't believe the Chief is powerless against Greene!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, for now, let's go back to our murder investigation! So, what do we know? Kerry Ann was killed with syringes filled with collagen and...
Jones: ...Yes, <Name>! The collagen product Kerry Ann was killed with came from Greene Pharmacorp! Could it be a lead?
Jones: A lead to Alden Greene! It's time we pry some answers out of this crook, <Name>!
Jones: I agree, we should also have a look at this "Peacock Suite" where he gave his press conference. We can't afford to leave anything to chance!

Talk to Greene Now He's Been Released From Prison.
Alden: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, long time no see! I had a feeling we would meet again! How are things?
Jones: Skip the small talk, Greene! Who did you bribe to get out of jail?
Alden: Please, my lawyers simply appealed a procedure violation and eventually the proceedings just stopped.
Jones: Well, here's more work for your lawyers: does the name of Kerry Ann Buxton ring a bell? She was found dead, killed with the help of one of your pharmaceutical products.
Alden: And that makes me a suspect? Ha, you must really be clutching at straws here!
Jones: I wouldn't act so smart, Greene, because one of these days you can be sure <Rank> <Name> will find a way to send you back to prison!
Alden: Look, you found one of my products on a crime scene, so what? Everyone in Grimsborough buys and trusts Greene PharmaCorp! Even I take some of my antidepressants from time to time!
Alden: If there is a problem with one of my products, take an appointment with my lawyers. We're done talking here.
(After Talking to Alden Greene)
Jones: What pains me the most about Alden Greene out of prison, <Name>, is that he seems to be so in control!
Jones: And, what's up with that jacket of his? He just looks like a fool... Argh, I hate everything about him!

Investigate Peacock Suite.
Jones: So, what did the search yield? A receipt? Oh, you're right, it's from "Imperial Coaches", the luxury cab company we've already investigated!
Jones: But, some of the receipt is faded. Could you recover the missing text, <Name>?
Jones: Great, a pile of luggage! Who needs to pack that much stuff anyway? Okay, <Name>. You can have a look at it! It's not like I'm in a position to argue after all you've found here.
Jones: And look, the light on this answering machine you just picked up is still blinking. Which means there is still one unheard message...
Jones: ...But it's asking for a password... Would you mind performing one of your hacking tricks, <Name>?

Examine Taxi Receipt.
Jones: All right! The receipt you found in the hotel suite is a bill for multiple round trips from the Halifax Hotel to Buxton Mansion! And it's from Imperial Coaches, fancy that!
Jones: You're right, <Name>! All this warrants further investigation. And, I'm pretty sure that Alex can determine what cars were used to perform the trips and find their exact locations.

Analyze Taxi Receipt.
Alex: The receipt you brought me had a lot of missing info, but it was enough for me to connect the dots. Actually, the same cab was used for all the trips between Buxton Mansion and the Halifax Hotel.
Alex: It's serial number is 1022, and you can find it parked at the Imperial Coaches garage where you've already been!
Jones: That is just perfect. Thanks, Alex! Come on, <Name>! We have to go back there and search through this vehicle!

Examine Pile of Luggage.
Jones: Phew! You got through this huge pile of luggage you found in the Peacock Suite in no time, <Name>!
Jones: So, what do you we have? Another issue of "Girly Gossips"?! I love them, as you already know. Especially the "Stars Without Makeup" section.
Jones: Oh, but you're right! Kerry Ann is on the front page! And what does the related article say?
Jones: Kerry Ann was recently spotted hanging out with former wrestler superstar Tom Norris, outside the "friend zone"!
Jones: Wow, Tom Norris, I used to love him so much when I was a kid, <Name>! I even owned a pair of his wrestling shorts!
Jones: Poor Norris... He must be devastated... You're right, <Name>, we should check how he's coping with the death of his lover

Talk to Norris About His Relationship With Kerry Ann.
Tom: I've seen it all during my wrestling career, <Rank> <Name>. But Kerry Ann gone? I never saw it coming!
Tom: Sorry, I'm going to cry. I'm a very sensitive man, you know.
Jones: Come on, Norris, try and get a grip. We know this must be tough but you used to be the strongest man in the world!
Tom: I'm tired of playing the tough guy. And Kerry Ann helped me bring out my sensitive side. Even with my antidepressants, I hadn't been happy like that in a long time.
Tom: She was just a sweet, super smart girl. I just can't believe anyone could have wanted her dead.
Jones: Norris, it's so nice of you! You are the first person we met who genuinely cared about her... and called her super smart.
(After talking to Tom Norris)
Jones: It looks like it will take Norris a whole lifetime to grieve! He seemed to be really moved, his crying was certainly not an act.
Jones: I guess every man is a allowed to weaken with the love of a woman, even a crude dude like Norris.

Examine Answering Machine.
Jones: Good work, <Name>! With this answering machine unlocked, we can play the message taped on it!
Answering Machine: "Good evening, Miss Buxton, this is Eli Goldstein, your lawyer. After having studied your case, I'm sorry to bring some bad news: this case is a lost case."
Answering Machine: "Believe me when I saw we slaved at it, my associate and I, without finding any legal loophole. So, unfortunately, there is no way you could have retrieved your grandfather's heritage from Kerry Ann Buxton."
Answering Machine: "Again, I'm sorry for the bad news and I wish you the best. You can contact me back anytime for further details."
Jones: Now, that was brutal. So Jamie Buxton's lawsuit case was a lost cause!
Jones: I couldn't agree more, <Name>. We'd better go talk to her about it.

Quiz Jamie About the Message From Her Lawyer.
Jones: Miss Buxton, we've came to learn that your lawsuit case against Kerry Ann would never work out and-
Jamie: That Kerry Ann devil had her thing sewed up to well! I admit, I was no match for her!
Jamie: That filthy hillbilly was not worth all the antidepressants I'm popping to cope with the anger! I should just go home and forget about her...
Jamie: For reason beyond me, my grandpa really did love that stinking tramp! A dark moment in the Buxton family history, if you ask me.
Jamie: Still, I guess not all was lost with my trip here: I managed to collect the latest pair of PLIGMA shoes right at their flagship store.
(After talking to Jamie Buxton)
Jones: Jamie admitted she didn't have a chance to win in court against Kerry Ann but do you think she could have fancied a shortcut instead?
Jones: Not to mention the grudge she still bears against Kerry Ann! You're right, <Name>. We'd better keep tabs on her.

Investigate Cab Trunk.
(Before investigating Cab Trunk)
Jones: Here we are again, <Name>! The Imperial Coaches office! The car that travelled between the Halifax Hotel and the Buxton Mansion is supposed to be parked somewhere around here...
Jones: Oh! Well spotted, <Name>! There it is! Come on, let's have a look inside!
(After investigating Cab Trunk)
Jones: Well done trying this hard-wearing briefcase, <Name>! These babies could even stop a speeding bullet and won't open unless you find the right code!
Jones: Wait a minute, Dwayne Vermont is here! What's he doing on the crime scene? Let's go and ask him what he thinks he's doing!

Ask Vermont What He's Doing on the Crime Scene.
Dwayne: Ah, detectives! Thank God you're here! I'm in big trouble. I lost my flash drive in which I was storing my all my pictures of Kerry Ann! Would you have seen it, by any chance?
Jones: Yes, <Rank> <Name> found it! It is a piece of evidence in our murder investigation, so it's going to stay in forensics!
Dwayne: Ah, c'mon, I've just spent all my money on some PLIGMA sneakers and these pictures were meant to fund that. Give them back to me!
Jones: Sorry, Mr. Vermont, but that is not going to happen! There is no way we could help you get money over a woman's death.
Dwayne: Ah, come on, man... That's too much bad news for one day and I'm already out of antidepressants!
(After talking to Dwayne Vermont)
Jones: Once again, Vermont seemed more worried about the money he failed to make rather than mourning Kerry Ann's death.
Jones: You're right, <Name>: people in Maple Heights will do anything to get fame and recognition. Which gives Vermont a pretty good murder motive!

Examine Briefcase.
Jones: You did it, <Name>! You dialed the right code for the briefcase you found in the trunk of the luxury cab! Now, we can have a look inside!

Examine Open Briefcase.
Jones: This briefcase is full of "Botulicious" bottles, fancy that! You're right, <Name>, it is the same product which was used to kill Kerry Ann, which means this briefcase belonged to our killer!
Jones: So, you found a bill from WeBuy, the auction website? It seems the killer recently placed an order for some pharmaceutical products...
Jones: Unfortunately, the bill doesn't give any name or address.
Jones: You're right, <Name>! We have to send this bill to Grace! She'll surely be able to make sense as to why the killer ordered the products!

Analyze WeBuy Receipt.
Grace: It was a shrewd hunch you had, brining me this receipt. I understand it is an order from the killer, <Rank> <Name>?
Jones: Exactly! <Rank> <Name> found it in a briefcase belonging to the killer.
Grace: It says that your killer placed an order for an illegal and very dangerous scar treatment cream.
Grace: It is miraculously efficient to hide post plastic surgery stitches, nevertheless massively carcinogenic. Anyway, you can be pretty sure that your killer recently had plastic surgery!
Jones: Hm, so we have a killer who's obsessed with appearances. You're right, <Name>, this could explain why the killer injected Kerry Ann with all those face products!

Later, at the Station...
Jamie: <Rank> <Name>, there you are! I came here to tell you something that could maybe come in handy for your case.
Jones: We appreciate all the help we could get, but why didn't you tell us when we first talked to you?
Jamie: ...I guess I was too angry to help anybody else... But since, I can't leave this stinking town until the case is over... I thought I might as well come forward.
Jamie: As I'm sure you know, Kerry Ann was having a relationship with Tom Norris...
Jamie: But, he's not the only one she gave her heart to... or whatever it is she has under her silicone breasts?
Jones: Unbelievable! Are you telling us she was seeing someone else aside from Norris and her husband? <Name>, how could we have missed all this?

Chapter 3

Jones: Unbelievable! Are you telling us Kerry Ann had another person in her life aside from Tom Norris and Hank Buxton?
Jamie: Do you really think a floozie like content herself with just one man? No, she needed to have them all!
Jamie: And as I know top cops like you can't take anything for granted without hard evidence, I brought you all the documents I've collected against Kerry Ann.
Jamie: And besides, I need this case to be solved to get my family's money: I can't wait to redo my nose job!
Jamie: As for the documents, you'll have to sift through the whole thing, I just know all the elements you need lie there.
Jones: You heard that, <Name>? Sounds like a good cue to show off your skills!

Jones: OK, <Name>. So, where are we now? We have a huge pile of documents to search through...
Jones: ...But I agree with you, we should also return to Buxton Mansion. I'm pretty sure you will find something new around the swimming pool.
Jones: Well, <Name>, what do you want to start with: paperwork or a dip in the pool?

Examine Documents About Kerry Ann.
Jones: Great work, <Name>: you found a love letter among all these documents Jamie gave us!
Jones: What the... Look, it's the Mayor who wrote it! And, it was meant for Kerry Ann!
Jones: You bet we're going to ask the Mayor about it!

Question Johnson About His Love Letter to Kerry Ann.
Jones: Mr. Johnson, a witness came to us with an interesting piece of literature. Apparently, you had a crush on Kerry Ann Buxton?
Mayor Johnson: How embarrassing! Don't speak to loudly, please, officers! Well, I'm sorry I lied, <Rank> <Name>... I'm so used to hiding my private life from the media, it just becomes an automatism!
Mayor Johnson: At the beginning of my re-election campaign, I started to lose faith in myself... but then I met Kerry Ann and she made me feel like anything was possible!
Mayor Johnson: I was literally enthralled with this woman: her beauty, the way she was... But don't get me wrong, <Name>, I never had an affair with her!
Mayor Johnson: I am no fool. She'd never go for an old man like me... despite the little face re-shaping I had recently.
Mayor Johnson: You know, I can't bear to think of Kerry Ann being dead while keeping up the appearances for my re-election campaign! I even started being on antidepressants!
Mayor Johnson: So, I'm counting on you to find Kerry Ann's killer, <Rank> <Name>!
(After talking to Mayor Johnson)
Jones: Mayor Johnson seems very affected by Kerry Ann's death. I guess him taking antidepressants isn't that usual!
Jones: And, I had never noticed he had a face makeover! This being said, we can't ignore the fact that he's a potential suspect now more than ever!
Jones: Good thinking, <Name>! We obviously can't talk openly about the Mayor's infatuation with Kerry Ann, but maybe we should talk to Norris and find out if he knew about it.

Ask Norris If He Knew the Mayor Had a Crush on Kerry Ann.
Jones: Mr. Norris, I have a delicate question to ask: did you have any reason to suspect that Kerry Ann may have been seeing someone else but you?
Tom: Kerry Ann was gorgeous and charming. People often mistook that for flirting, but it's not her fault: she was always so nice to everybody!
Tom: Sorry, I think I'm gonna cry again! I should learn to restrain myself, otherwise my plastic surgery stitches are gonna blow!
Jones: What?! You? Tom Norris? You had plastic surgery?
Tom: Yes, I had to go under the knife to act in an ad for PLIGMA. Do you know that brand of fancy sneakers? It was a good gig actually. They offered me the rarest pair. They're so comfy, I never go out without them!
Jones: Well, I guess a wrestling career leaves many bumps, dents and stitches!
(After talking to Tom Norris)
Jones: It's frightening to see how the media and advertising can provide you with an image of someone, when they're totally different in reality.
Jones: And Kerry Ann tried to desperately keep up that image by charming everyone... In the end, she just wanted to be liked!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, the best thing we can do for her now is catching her killer!
Jones: And it sounds like a great idea to go check out the Peacock Suite, <Name>! So many of our suspects went there!

Investigate Dresser.
Jones: Found anything, <Name>? More torn pieces and photographs? Jamie Buxton was right... housekeeping leaves a lot to be desired!
Jones: But we're not here for hotel-reviewing, are we? So, <Name>, could you piece these scraps of paper back? In tribute to all the housekeepers!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Jones: Congratulations, <Name>! You gave this scrapbook all its cutscenes back!
Jones: Oh, look! This scrapbook is full of Kerry Ann's pictures! With some clothes on, this time...
Jones: But, you're right, <Name>! The photos of her are scrawled all over with broken hearts and... syringes on her face! Just the same way she was killed!
Jones: And, look, she's not alone in this picture! Someone else is at her side, but this part has been meticulously cut off.
Jones: What if... Of course, <Name>! This can only be our killer on this picture with Kerry Ann! Let's send this scrapbook to Alex. I'm pretty sure he can extort something from this.

Analyze Scrapbook.
Alex: <Name>, I found it easy but I managed to get something from the scrapbook you found at the Halifax Hotel.
Alex: I had to work on a digital basis with a scanned picture, and with that I was able to find out something interesting.
Alex: Even though you can't see the person on the photo next to Kerry Ann, I noticed an odd reflection on the person's jacket.
Alex: After a lengthy research and an arduous elimination process, I was able to determine that the persons' wearing a jacket made of genuine American crocodile!
Jones: Thanks, Alex! Now we know our killer is wearing an outrageously expensive crocodile jacket!

Investigate Sun Chair.
Jones: Awesome as always, <Name>! You found what looks like a torn article... Would you mind piecing it back together, I'm running low on gossip!

Examine Shredded Paper.
Jones: Incredible, <Name>, it's like you work at the speed of light! And so, what's this article about?
Jones: Check this about: it's about Greene PharmaCorp stock plummeting because Kerry Ann decided to pull all her shares out!
Jones: Hm, you're right, <Name>: Alden gets released from prison to discover his company is collapsing... and Kerry Ann ends up murdered: it's too much of a coincidence!
Jones: But luckily for us, this makes Alden a prime suspect! At last, this could be our chance to send him straight back to jail without passing Go!

Talk to Greene About Kerry Ann Withdrawing Her Shares From His Company.
Jones: You better call your lawyers, Alden! <Rank> <Name> has just discovered that Kerry Ann withdrew all her shares from Greene PharmaCorp before ending up dead!
Alden: Don't make me laugh... Kerry Ann was just a neurotic fool: she never did anything that made sense. In the end, I was glad she gave up her share of my company.
Jones: What's interesting is that your company almost collapsed because of her... and it only stabilized once she was murdered! How do you explain that one?
Alden: Didn't you hear the official verdict? I didn't kill anyone! So maybe my face lift helped sway the jury, but I assure you, I'm now a law-abiding citizen.
Jones: You can maybe fool the rest of the world that you're a changed man, but it's gonna take more of a face lift and wearing PLIGMA sneakers to fool us!
Alden: Oh, you're the fashion police now, Jones? That explains why you always let <Rank> <Name> do the actual police work all the time.
(After Talking to Alden Greene)
Jones: Grr, I hate him! I hate him!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, my attitude isn't going to get us anywhere: we need more actual evidence to arrest him!
Jones: You think we should head out to the crime scene one last time? If it helps us arresting Greene, I'm in!

Investigate Swimming Pool.
Jones: Well spotted, <Name>! Kerry Ann could have tried to grab that duck buoy you just found when she started to choke! We'd better have a closer look at it.

Examine Duck Buoy.
Jones: Nothing escapes your sight, <Name>! Those bits of hair you found on the duck buoy would have gone unnoticed by me, that's for sure!
Jones: Do you think this might have been left by Kerry Ann's killer? We'd better send that sample over to the lab and hope Grace can tell us exactly where they came from!

Analyze Hair Pile.
Grace: I think we can confidently say that your victim left those hairs on that duck buoy just for you, <Name>!
Jones: You mean those hairs belonged to Kerry Ann? So, she was really a brunette?!
Grace: Of course not, Jones. I meant she ripped those hairs from the killer, and left them on the buoy for <Name> to find! She knew how good you were, after all.
Jones: Wait, you're saying those bits of hair come from our killer's head?!
Grace: Exactly. The chlorine in the pool got to them, so they weren't complete, but I was at least able to determine they came from a human scalp.
Grace: And, while I couldn't get any viable DNA, at least now you know that Kerry Ann's killer has black hair! I hope it helps you catch them, <Name>!

After Completing All Tasks...
Jones: This is it, <Name>! You collected enough evidence to bring the culprit behind bars!
Jones: Someone has to answer for this ominous crime against Kerry Ann! And, it is time we found out whom!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Stop right there, Mr. Norris! <Rank> <Name> uncovered the truth, we know you're the one who killed Kerry Ann Buxton!
Tom: You know what? Actually, I'm glad you caught me. Arrest me, <Rank> <Name>. I'm such a coward I didn't have the guts to turn myself in.
Jones: Now, that's something else! Could you at least explain why you even killed your girlfriend in the first place?
Tom: While I was relaxing at the Halifax Hotel, I heard that Kerry Ann had just posed naked for Dwayne Vermont in some luxury cab depot.
Tom: I only found Vermont's flash drive when I got there, and that's when I saw those disgusting, immoral, loathsome pictures!
Tom: I just sat there crying, in disbelief and shock. I knew Kerry Ann was capable of many shady antics, but I never thought she would cross that line!
Tom: And since she never listened to me, I decided to show her that even with all the collagen in the world... she'd never be young and pretty again.
Tom: So, I got to her place and found her there, more delusional than ever, babbling about how hot she was and how she had fueled the Mayor's campaign strategy by making him love her.
Tom: I was so in pain, I literally swatted her like an annoying bug! Oh, she tried to defend herself, she almost scalped me! When I ran out of collagen, I kicked her into the pool and watched her die!
Jones: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, we've already heard enough. Mr. Norris, you're under arrest! I hope you'll enjoy growing older behind bars!

Judge Hall: Tom Norris, you were arrested on the grounds of the murder of Kerry Ann Buxton, who also happened to be your girlfriend. How do you plead, Mr. Norris?
Tom: I plead guilty, your Honor. Guilty for the murder I committed. But Kerry Ann was dead a long time ago. People of Maple Heights killed her, with their games of appearance!
Tom: Kerry Ann tried to keep her game up, and she lost! She was so lost that she ended up naked in those horrible pictures. All this just in the hope of landing on some front covers!
Tom: They all corrupted her: Buxton, Johnson, all of them! They turned this innocent woman into a monster!
Tom: Now, please take me to jail, where I hope I can redeem myself!
Judge Hall: Suit yourself. Tom Norris, you are sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of Kerry Ann Buxton. This court is adjourned.

Jones: Makes you think, doesn't it? In a society that prizes appearances so highly, you have to watch for your every move, and to display the right demeanour.
Jones: It seems like Kerry Ann understood that. This is how she could have crashed the private party scene here in Maple Heights.
Tom: Norris is better off in jail now, but he made a point. Kerry Ann was a true angel, she asked nothing more than to be loved and considered. Sadly, she lost her way somehow...
Jones: I will certainly remember Kerry Ann for a while. Won't you, <Name>? That's what she wanted more than anything after all: to be remembered...

Additional Investigation

Chief King: You did a very good job, <Rank> <Name>! I knew Kerry Ann Buxton's murder mystery wouldn't hold water!
Chief King: The Mayor just called and asked for your help, <Rank> <Name>. It seems to be important since he is currently on his way to the station.
Chief King: I'm counting on you not to disappoint him! I want everything to be okay during the elections period, especially for the people directly involved.
Jones: Don't worry, Chief, <Rank> <Name> will handle it. Come on, let's go see the Mayor.

Jones: <Name>, I must confess I don't like the idea of Alden Greene being back into business.
Jones: Regarding what we discovered about Greene PharmaCorp products during the investigation, I'm sure there's still a way to use that to put pressure on him!
Jones: I agree, <Name>, since we know that Kerry Ann used to take a lot of medicine, we should check the Buxton Mansion!
Alex: Oh, my God! I can't believe it!
Jones: Wow, what got you so excited, Alex?
Alex: Dwayne Vermont is at the station! He's my favourite photographer! And, he's asking after you!
Jones: Cathy says he's a shmuck and that he is "trying so hard to be different that he looks like a bad joke". She was really vehement when we talked about him.
Alex: Please, <Name>, can I come with you? I'd like to have a chance to talk to him. I... I think... he is a great artist... Whatever Cathy says...

Check Up On Dwayne Vermont.
Dwayne: Oh, you're here, <Rank> <Name>! I need your help!
Alex: Hey, what happened, Dwayne?
Dwayne: Man, it sucks! It sucks soooo much! I can't get my hands on my professional equipment! I'm sure I left it at that fancy taxi garage!
Dwayne: I've lost my last piece of art! It is, without a doubt, the MOST important photo in all of photograph history!
Alex: Really? I'm sure <Rank> <Name> will find this piece of art I'm curious to discover! They have a nose for these things. <Name>, let's go to the taxi office!

Investigate Taxi Depot.
Alex: Nice catch, <Name>, it looks like what I could imagine to be Dwayne Vermont's bag!
Alex: Let's check if his last piece of art is in it. I can't believe I'm seeing his latest work of art before everybody!

Examine Bag.
Alex: Haha! Well done, <Name>! You found Dwayne's new piece of art! Let me see, let me see!
Alex: It's... a shoe? Well, let's give it back to him, I'm sure there's a deep signification behind this... picture?

Give the Photograph to Dwayne Vermont.
Alex: Dwayne, <Rank> <Name> found your photograph!
Dwayne: Ah, nice! This gem will totally make a hit!
Alex: No doubt about it, but... I think I didn't get the meaning of it.
Dwayne: It's because you're not refined enough to understand it. Don't you see the curves, the sadness, the deep, never-ending neurosis?
Dwayne: Most people don't get the real meaning of my art. They don't get the metaphor, they are too narrow-minded, too... stupid.
Dwayne: Ah, I don't blame you, it's not easy for everybody to understand the deepness of my art. Anyway, take some of my stuff here, it is worth a piece of art!
(After talking to Dwayne Vermont)
Alex: I can't believe it! What a jerk!
Alex: Cathy is right, he's nothing more than a pretentious uninspired idiot. I'm definitely done with this guy. Thanks for opening my eyes, <Name>.

See What You Can Do For Howard Johnson.
Mayor Johnson: <Rank> <Name>, I'm glad you went so fast. I could use your help on something...
Jones: What's going on, Mr. Mayor?
Mayor Johnson: As you might have noticed... I am, sometimes, not as watchful as I should be...
Mayor Johnson: I booked the Peacock Suite for a rest before an important campaign meeting. I checked out this morning but I'm afraid I have left some compromising documents...
Mayor Johnson: If my... "affair" with Kerry Ann was discovered, it would be really embarrassing. What if some worker finds it? I cannot risk a scandal, not with an opponent as evil as Martha Price.
Jones: Well, Chief King specially asked us to ensure the Mayoral elections' safety... So, don't worry, <Rank> <Name> will find any suspicious items in no time.

Investigate Peacock Suite.
Jones: I guess the housekeepers left this torn thing behind when cleaning the room... Or maybe they thought you'd enjoy piecing this puzzle back together, <Name>!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jones: Woohoo, way to go, <Name>: solver of crimes and fixer of political campaign photos!
Jones: So, it's a promotional poster for the Mayor's campaign... with a "sweet" note added by Kerry Ann.
Jones: "XOXO, Kerry Ann" and red kisses on the forehead... She had a thing to drive men crazy. No wonder the Mayor was so enthralled! Let's give it back to him.

Give the Poster to Howard Johnson.
Jones: Mr. Mayor, <Rank> <Name> found a poster of yours in the Peacock Suite!
Mayor Johnson: Thank you! And, did you know that I designed this poster myself? Yes, sir.
Jones: Hm, but this poster somehow looks really familiar to me... What about you, <Name>?
Mayor Johnson: Impossible, this is a unique piece! And look at my dear Kerry Ann's message... I can't help but think if she didn't attract such fools, she'd still be alive.
Mayor Johnson: Anyway, please take this as a thank you for your help in avoiding another scandal, and reminding me of the sweet memories I shared with my beloved Kerry Ann, <Rank> <Name>.

Investigate Swimming Pool.
Jones: Nice catch, <Name>! These pills you found near Kerry Ann's pool are from Greene PharmaCorp!
Jones: Remember how she was acting after taking her medication? There were some really unhealthy substances in them!
Jones: We'd better check these pills, too! Maybe, we'll find something incriminating against Alden Greene!

Examine Pills.
Jones: Good job! Let's send the pills we found at Buxton Mansion to Grace, she'll surely be able to analyze their composition.

Analyze Pills.
Grace: Well, <Name>, I never saw that much ketamine and benzodiazepine in such small pills! It could stone a horse for a day! Quite frankly, I don't know how these ended up on the market.
Jones: Are you saying all we found were horse pills?! Ahhh, you mean those pills aren't fit for human consumption... Wow, this is huge!
Jones: Great job, <Name>! No matter what King says, we have something to pin down Greene this time! Let's go get him!

Talk to Alden Greene.
Alden: You again? I was hoping you'd leave me in peace now that it was proven I didn't kill Kerry Ann!
Jones: Maybe you didn't directly kill her, but you could have eventually, given all the illegal crap you put in the Greene PharmaCorp pills!
Alden: Look, you need to accept the fact that I'm a free man, and leave me in peace once and for all before I unleash my lawyers on you!
Jones: You can't intimidate us, Alden! You put illegal drugs on the market and now we'll send you right back to jail!
Alden: Hold on, hold on. The pills were approved and tested by the State's medical committee. There were lawsuits... but they were all withdrawn.
Alden: Moreover, I'm not directly responsible of what is in my products. In other words, you've got nothing against me.
Jones: You're free for now, but one of these days, you're gonna fall, and <Rank> <Name> will be there to watch it! C'mon, <Name>, let's get a burger. I'm starving.

A While Later, at the Station...
Jones: <Name>, I think it will be difficult to put Greene behind bars, but I have to say it was worth to see how uncomfortable he was about his little downers.
Chief King: Jones! Some of Greene's representatives just called to inform me you were bothering him! Didn't I tell you to stay away from him? You have no business in checking on him, AT ALL!
Jones: But, Chief, we found pills at...
Chief King: I don't want to know, orders are orders!
Jones: Y-Yes, sir... You're right, sir, I'm sorry. I guess I overreacted, but I feel all this is not right.
Chief King: There is nothing we can do about it, you just have to accept things as they are!