Aaliyah Banks was the victim in Spring Break Massacre (Case #38 of Grimsborough).


Aaliyah was a second year student at the Grimsborough University. She had brown eyes, tanned skin, and medium-length black hair. On top of that, Aaliyah wore a black shirt underneath a kiwi green sweater.

Murder details

Aaliyah's body was seen by the spring breakers partying on the Grimsborough beach lake. She was found floating in the lake on a pool of blood, with her lower body half-eaten, and her foot's skeleton exposed. After being informed about the murder, the police quickly arrived to investigate the scene. They then sent the body to Nathan for autopsy.

After the autopsy, Nathan confirmed to Jones and the player that the murder weapon were piranhas and that it was not a coincidence. He further said that the killer had knocked Aaliyah out as there was a bruise on the top of her head. There was also a cut on the victim's half-eaten leg, which meant that the killer had drew blood to make sure that the piranhas would attack her.

Killer and motives

Aaliyah Bank

Aaliyah's Prom Queen Campaign.

The killer turned out to be eco-warrior Taylor Kirby.

Her motive was to raise awareness of the pollution of the lake. She was also extremely furious at Aaliyah, who only cared about her reputation and stopped helping Taylor once she realized that doing protests would not get her elected as the Prom Queen.

Taylor stole the piranhas from the Biology Amphitheater with a fish scooper, put them into a cooler, and went to the lake to confront Aaliyah. Taylor knocked her in the head and cut her leg to draw blood before pushing her into the lake, so that the piranhas would attack her. She then finally put the piranhas into the lake to end the victim's life.


Following the closure of Aaliyah's murder investigation, The team found a major finding in which a serial killer using others to do their job was on the loose. At the climax of The Rorschach Reaper, the court found out that Taylor was one of the three killers (the other two being Misha Goshwalla and Penelope Rivera) who were hypnotized by Tess Goodwin, which led Taylor to kill Aaliyah against her own will. This finding did not make Taylor innocent, however, but it did add a criminal charge to Tess's list of crimes.

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