Adam Hassan (Arab: آدم حسن) was the victim in Murder by Proxy (Case #7 of World Edition).


Adam was the military attaché to US Ambassador Jessica Stern. Adam had neatly combed dark brown hair and gray eyes. At the time of his death, he was wearing a white collared shirt underneath a black suit with a card with the American flag in his pocket. There was also a patch on the right side of the suit.

Murder details

Adam was found at the docks with a poison dart on his neck, which was the same method used to kill Chief Ripley. He was sent off to Angela, who confirmed the poisoned blow dart killed Adam, and was the exact same kind used to kill Ripley. However, she managed to find traces of saffron all over the dart used to kill Adam, meaning that the killer ate saffron.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be a foreign US student named Christy Mathis.

At first, Christy had denied killing Adam, but then, she confessed to committing his murder when Jack told her she was a main suspect in Chief Ripley’s murder. However, Christy told the team that she had only killed Adam, not the chief. She explained that she had heard of the dart and tried to lead the team to believe that both murders were a connection to the same killer. When asked why she killed Adam, Christy replied that Adam not only cheated on her, but he had also gotten drunk and told her he would remind her why they were good together when they dated. Christy refused to let her ex-boyfriend go through with that, and Adam left as if nothing had happened. Feeling sorry for the foreign student, Jack sent her to trial.

Christy pleaded guilty for the murder of Adam, saying he deserved it; she had explained that Adam would have continued to get away with his actions due to his diplomatic immunity. As a violation in that manner is vile and would be duly punished, but also due to the trauma the student had experienced, Judge Adaku sentenced Christy to 10 years in prison.

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