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Chief Andrea Marquez<Rank> <Name>, Amy, Frank, everyone: you're doing a terrific job combating crime in Pacific Bay. I'm very proud of you.
Chief Marquez: This time, though, we're going to work in a neighborhood where crime is not the only cloud that hangs over the citizens' life. In Jazz Town, Nature can be a killer, too.
Chief Marquez: You all know about the disaster that hit this area only three months ago: Hurricane Yves.
Chief Marquez: Many people died, and many more lost their homes in the storm...
Chief Marquez: ... or in the chaos that followed: flood, ruined streets, violence, looting...
Chief Marquez: ... but Jazz Town is a place of hope, where the music never stops playing. People quickly set out to rebuild their home after Hurricane Yves. And we're here to help them return to their peaceful lives!
Yann<Name>, I've volunteered to take you and Amy to Jazz Town: that's where I grew up, and I still live here with my family.
Yann: We were very lucky not to be affected by the hurricane... And there are many more exciting sights and beautiful places still accessible! Come with me and you'll see!

Later, in Jazz Town...
Yann: This part of town was left intact by the storm, <Name>. Jazz Town's spirit is still alive and well here: the music, the food... I wouldn't live anywhere else!
Amy: Oh, I'm going to love it here in Jazz Town, <Name>, you'll see how well I'll fit in! Listen... I think I can hear some music already!
Yann: Oh yes, you're right! I recognize the tune, it's called "After the Storm". It was written just after the hurricane by a famous local jazz musician.
Yann: The song became the symbol for hope and... Hey, it sounds like it's coming from that street, or maybe from the tram over there!
Amy: <Name>, why don't we follow the music and see where it's coming from? Let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Street Corner.
Amy Young: <Name>, you've just... You've just found pieces of a human body hung up on the tramway cables!
Amy: And... Is it me or are the body parts arranged on the cables exactly like musical notes on a music sheet?
Yann: Wait a second, I recognize him! He's Elmer "Boogie" Buttons! He wrote "After the Storm", the song we heard playing a minute ago!
Amy: Elmer "Boogie" Buttons? That's the name written on this suitcase you picked up, <Name>! We'd better search through it, you're right!
Amy: And you already found the radio that played the song, too! You think it was left here by the killer? Like a... a soundtrack for the murder?
Yann: There's a serial number on the bottom of the radio, but it's illegible. Do you think you could decipher it, <Name>? Perhaps we could identify who owns it, or where it was bought!
Amy: And I'll get the body to Roxie. Ugh, I bet this will be too much, even for her!
RickyNo, it won't! I guarantee she'll be excited, whoever she is! It's a great murder! Especially since the victim is the most famous jazz musician in town!
Ricky: Ladies and gents, I'll show you the scene where this musical genius was murdered, for just the price of a regular tram ticket! A tour of jazz and history awaits you!
Amy: What?! Who are you? This is a crime scene, not a tourist attraction! Move over and let <Rank> <Name> work!
Amy: Erm, wait, no! Actually, don't go anywhere! You must stay here until <Rank> <Name> is ready to talk to you!

Ask Ricky Hillingdon what he's doing on the murder scene.
Ricky: Welcome, folks! For just the price of a tram ticket, you can visit the scene where Elmer "Boogie" Buttons was murdered! Unfortunately, the body is gone, but there's still enough blood, and...
Amy: Mr. Hillingdon, we told you you can't sell a crime scene to tourists!
Ricky: Oh, no, <Rank> <Name>, it's you again!
Ricky: I'm just... trying to keep visitors happy while the tram service is suspended! The least I can do for my passengers is to show them a famous musician! Even if he's dead!
Ricky: Very few tourists come to Jazz Town since the hurricane. And we need tourism to re-build our economy!
Ricky: Jazz Town was Elmer's home, too! I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping us get back on our feet!

Examine Victim's Suitcase.
Amy: Hm, I wonder what those torn bits of paper you found in the victim's suitcase are, <Name>... But I'm sure you can put them back together!

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy: <Name>, the paper you restored is a poster advertising a performance by Elmer Boogie Buttons! That's our victim!
Amy: The poster says the concert was to take place in The Jazz Joint... You think we should go have a look there? 
Amy: Perfect! I can't wait to see a real jazz club, <Name>!
Amy: I mean... I know we're going there to investigate and to collect evidence, of course. I was just excited in the general sense...

Investigate Jazz Club.
Amy: So this is the famous Jazz Joint, the club where Elmer Buttons played regularly! And you've already found something: a bottle with a note?
Amy: Something used to be written on the note! You're right, <Name>, it's best if I let you figure out what it says!
Amy: And there's a torn paper, too... Do you think you can piece it back together?

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy: <Name>, you restored the torn paper! It's a flyer for the Play for Hope fundraiser event...
Amy: ... and there's a canceled sign over the victim's picture!
Amy: You're right, <Name>, we must know more about this fundraiser! Perhaps Hannah can work out who organized it!

Analyze Festival Flyer.
Hannah: I've looked at the Play for Hope festival flyer you found at the Jazz Joint, <Name>.
Hannah: And I tracked down the person who organized this event: a guy named Freddie Alonzo.
Amy: But why was there a big "canceled" sign across the victim's picture? This flyer was printed before his death, and surely everyone wanted to see the legendary Elmer Buttons play?
Amy: You're right, <Name>, I guess we'll have to ask this Freddie Alonzo about this cancellation.

Talk to Freddie Alonzo about the Play for Hope concert.
Freddie: Oh hello, <Rank>! Do you have some loose change? It's for Hope!
Freddie: A week ago I'd have sold you a concert ticket with it, but Elmer Buttons refused to play at the event! So I had to cancel the concert - nobody was interested without Boogie Buttons!
Amy: So Elmer refused to play at the fundraiser? Why?
Freddie: I don't know! Jazz Town was his 'hood! You'd think he'd agree to blow a few songs for the city that made him famous!
Freddie: Five times winner of the Best Living Jazz Musician Award, he was going to be the highlight of the event!
Freddie: But he refused, and I didn't sell a single ticket for the fundraiser! Selfish people deserve to die, <Rank> <Name>! I wouldn't pee on Elmer Buttons if he was on fire!
Freddie: But you, you care about your fellow men, right? Come on, <Rank>, spare a fiver for Hope!

Examine Champagne Bottle.
Amy: Well done, <Name>, you've deciphered the writing on the champagne bottle! It says: "Dinah, be my hurricane - Elmer".
Amy: OK, let me think this over: Elmer, the victim, wanted to drink champagne with someone called Dinah...
Amy: And he compared her to a hurricane, because... Well, we can only guess...
Amy: Oh, right, we could also find this Dinah and ask her! I think I've seen her name at the entrance on a poster, she must work here!

Talk to Dinah about the message on the champagne bottle.
Dinah: Yes, I'm Dinah Cooper. I dance at The Jazz Joint. Beats being a checkout girl at Kauf-Mart!
Dinah: Especially now I don't have to put up with Elmer anymore!
Amy: Put up with him? How so? <Rank> <Name> found this message he wrote to you on a champagne bottle.
Dinah: I was Elmer's favorite dancer. He kept buying me drinks and perving around my changing room.
Dinah: I complained, but the boss said we all had to dance to Elmer's tune, and not just on the stage. Grant him his every wish, ya know? 'Cause Elmer was a legend...
Dinah: ... and us dancers are just sl*ts in fancy dresses.
Dinah: But now Elmer's dead and look who's still dancing! I'll dance up a storm for you tonight if you come back to see my show, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Radio.
Amy: Well done, <Name>, you've deciphered the serial number on the killer's radio in record time!
Amy: I'll send this serial number over to Hannah for you, so she can tell us more about this radio.

Analyze Radio Serial Number.
Hannah: <Name>, I've had a bit of trouble with your killer's radio - I tried to connect it to my laptop but it doesn't have a USB port!
Hannah: What do you think this means? That the killer is an enthusiast of pre-digital technology? I had to ask Yann if this thing even ran on electricity!
Yann: And I told her it runs on batteries. The serial number matches the portable radios that were sold as part of the hurricane survival kits.
Yann: Survival kits were given to people who stayed behind during Hurricane Yves. We had one, too. Luckily, we didn't need it, the hurricane spared our quarter of town.
Yann: The radios in these survival kits are there so people can get news and instructions even during a power cut. They saved many lives.
Amy: Good thinking, <Name>: since the killer used this radio, it means they own one of these storm survival kits, too! I'll write it down!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: What a fitting introduction to Jazz Town: musical notes cut out from a musician's dead body!
Roxie: I don't know much about jazz, <Name>, it's music for old people... But I asked Yann about the notes formed by the victim's body, and he said they match a song called "After the Storm".
Amy: Oh, I remember, <Name>: that's the victim's most popular song!
Amy: You think this means the killer must know a bit about music? Yeah, it makes sense, since they arranged the body parts on the cables as if they were musical notes!
Roxie: There's something else, <Name>. Cutting up a body to pieces is a gruesome job, requiring specific tools that leave specific marks. Almost like each musical instrument making a distinct sound!
Roxie: Well, I'm pretty sure the killer used some kind of electric blade to cut up the body, like those household appliances used to cut turkey. A rather clever murder weapon, if you ask me!
Amy: So the killer knows music and... likes to cut turkey? I think I'll just write the music-bit for now, if it's okay with you, <Name>...

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, life seems strangely vibrant in Jazz Town despite the horrible things people have been through.
Amy: But the upbeat attitude of some people is perhaps questionable: like the tram driver's who'd sell us a dead body as a tourist attraction...
Amy: Or Freddie Alonzo, with his own definition of generosity: donate or die...
Amy: Then there's Dinah, the dancer, who said Elmer took advantage of his fame to hassle her...
Hannah: Hey guys! Guess what just came up on my Friendnet feed: the Play for Hope concert, for the hurricane victims, is finally taking place!
Amy: What? I thought Freddie said it was canceled, because Elmer Buttons refused to play!
Hannah: Well, it's now held in memory of Elmer Buttons! And it's completely sold out!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi: <Name>, guess what: the Play for Hope fundraiser is back on, and it's now being held in memory of Elmer Buttons!
Amy: Wasn't the fundraiser about the hurricane? Why would they change it to be about our victim?
Hannah: Money, I'm guessing. It's completely sold out! Someone's just made big bucks out of Elmer's death!
Amy: That's... very fishy, I agree, <Name>. The concert is held in the park, we should hurry there and see what this is all about!

Investigate Concert Venue.
Amy: <Name>, you've found a storm survival kit! And you're right, we know the killer used one! We have to see what's in it!
Amy: You picked up some bits of torn paper, too? Can you put the pieces back together?
Amy: And you're right, we should also speak to Freddie Alonzo. He organized the event, so he must be responsible for the change of theme. If anyone's made big bucks out of Elmer's memory, it's him!

Ask Freddie about using the victim's death for the concert.
Freddie: Hello again! Still don't have any loose change? There will be storms next year, too! You don't want to miss out on the next fundraiser!
Amy: Mr. Alonzo, why did you change the fundraiser so it's now in memory of Elmer Buttons, instead of about the hurricane victims?
Freddie: Call it poetic justice, heh-heh. Elmer didn't want to participate in the fundraiser when he was alive... But he can't refuse to help out now he's dead!
Amy: Exactly, and it turned out to be very profitable for you! That's why we suspect you may have murdered Elmer yourself!
Freddie: What?! I don't kill people!
Freddie: I much prefer emotional manipulation, begging, hassling and guilt-tripping. When people can't take it anymore... they reach into their pockets!
Freddie: I used to be a music teacher, but getting a paycheck every month wasn't challenging enough. Fundraising is my real talent!
Freddie: Anyway... If you don't have any loose change, <Rank> <Name>, you can donate your used storm survival kits! Don't worry, I'll sell them back to you before the next storm!

Examine Storm Survival Kit.
Amy: Oh my gosh, <Name>, what did you just pull out of that storm survival kit?! It's covered in blood!
Amy: Yes, I agree, it looks like some kind of kitchen appliance...
Amy: Oh, you're right: Roxie said the victim's body was cut to pieces with a turkey carver! This must be the murder weapon!
Amy: So the blood is obviously our victim's... But you think there's a foreign substance on the handle? I'll get the forensic kit so you can examine it better!

Examine Electric Turkey Carver.
Amy: You were right, <Name>: the turkey carver you found in the storm survival kit wasn't just covered in blood! You've isolated some white powder, too!
Amy: Hopefully Yann will be able to tell us what that powder is!

Analyze White Powder.
Yann: <Name>, I've had a look at the powder you collected from the murder weapon.
Yann: It's a mixture of sugar and grease used for deep-frying!
Yann: And since we're in Jazz Town, sugar and grease can only mean one thing: beignets!
Amy: Which means the killer handled that turkey carver with dirty hands - and not only that, but they eat beignets, too!

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: Great, <Name>, you've restored the photo you found near the pavilion!
Amy: Hm, you think the young man on the picture looks a lot like Elmer Buttons? But he's so young!
Amy: Wait, let me work this out... If this is Elmer, then the photo must have been taken at least thirty years ago!
Amy: But who's the woman? She's so pretty and happy! And there's a message, too: "If only we could turn back time".
Amy: Aww, I don't know who wrote this, but I know how they feel! I'm only twenty-three, but I get nostalgic, too!
Amy: OK, I get it, <Name>: we can't turn back time, but we can save some by sending this photo to Hannah straight away! So she can identify the woman, yes!

Analyze Old Photograph.
Hannah: <Name>, this photo you picked up in the park comes from an old magazine! 1980s editions of Girly Gossips are so funny! The hairdos, the clothes...
Hannah: You were right: the man on the picture is Elmer Buttons.
Hannah: And the woman is his wife. They used to be the glamour couple of Jazz Town's social scene!
Hannah: But then the wife disappeared from the limelight. They stayed married: no scandal, affairs, divorce... But Mrs. Buttons is never in the magazines anymore.
Amy: I didn't even know our victim was married! You're right, <Name>, we need to speak to his wife!

Talk to Linda about her marriage to the victim.
Linda: Thanks for restoring that photo, <Rank> <Name>, it means a lot to me.
Linda: Elmer was the love of my life! I used to sing blues when I was young, that's how I met him.
Amy: I understand, Mrs. Buttons. You were a beautiful young couple in that picture, and now your husband's dead and you're old, and...
Amy: Uh... That didn't sound the way I intended it... I just meant that you looked so healthy compared to now and... Oh dear, I'm making things worse, aren't I?
Linda: Well! I guess at least you're honest, honey... You're right, my glory days are gone. I told Elmer, too, that it was time to retire.
Linda: But he was too attached to Jazz Town. Can you believe he wouldn't even leave during the hurricane? He stayed at The Jazz Joint, flirting with dancers!
Linda: While I was all alone with just a storm survival kit to fend for myself!
Linda: But I still loved him, and hoped to change his mind about retirement! I wanted us to travel and fall in love with each other again.
(After talking to Linda Buttons)
Amy: <Name>, I'm sorry I was so rude to that poor woman! Do you think I should run after her and apologize?
Amy: Sorry, I know I must stay focused. Linda mentioned the victim spent more time at The Jazz Joint than at home... I agree, we should go back there!

Investigate Jazz Club Stage.
Amy: Oooh, <Name>, you've found a box of dance props! Perhaps there's a clue inside!
Amy: And you've found a vinyl record, too! "After the Storm", the victim's biggest hit!
Amy: But wait... The record is full of bullet holes! And there's something written on it, but I can't read it... Do you think you can make the text visible again?

Examine Costume Box.
Amy: <Name>, you've found a taser in that box of dance accessories! I agree, it doesn't look like a stage prop, and these things could be as dangerous as real guns!
Amy: Well, we know a dancer who works here... I agree, <Name>, we should ask Dinah if she knows anything about this taser!

Ask Dinah what she knows about the taser.
Amy: Dinah, <Rank> <Name> found this taser among some dance props in the jazz club! Is it yours?
Dinah: Yes. I got it after the hurricane, it wasn't safe to walk around town alone. Those storm survival kits have nothing useful for a single woman to protect herself in the chaos!
Amy: Then why do you still have the taser? The hurricane's been gone for months...
Dinah: Isn't it perfectly legal to own a taser? It got it because of Elmer, if you must know! I told you he couldn't keep his hands off me, he thought he was God's gift to women...
Dinah: ... and the boss made it clear he'd fire ME if I didn't keep the big daddy-o happy. But I need this job, I have a son to raise. So I bought that taser to protect myself.
Dinah: I had to sell my guitar to pay for it, but I can buy it back now that I don't have to worry about my safety anymore!

Examine Vinyl Record.
Amy: <Name>, you've restored the writing on the victim's record! What does it say?
Amy: "Your music's only good for shooting - Sid". I agree, we'd better find out who this Sid is! Let's send this record to the lab!

Analyze Threatening Message.
Hannah: <Name>, the message you found on the bullet-pierced record of the victim was written by a certain Sid Montrose.
Hannah: Sid Montrose is also a jazz musician, and he's almost as well-known as your victim!
Amy: I agree, <Name>, it doesn't look like Sid was a fan of the victim's music. And you think they could have been personal enemies, too? Wouldn't surprise me, musicians are sensitive people...
Amy: You're right, we should ask Sid about this message. I've bought a book of jazz lingo, <Name>, I can't wait to try it out!

Ask Sid about destroying the victim's record.
Amy: Mr. Montrose, you shot bullets into Elmer Buttons' most famous record, "After the Storm". You didn't dig the song?
Sid: It made my ears bleed. Elmer Buttons was to music what Hurricane Yves was to Jazz Town: a force of destruction! Something that had to be stopped!
Sid: It's nice that the government distributes food and water and survival kits to people - I got mine without delay! But protection against cheap, popular, soul-less jazz is equally important!
Amy: You mean Elmer wasn't the cat's whiskers like he thought he was? Not the big six? And his music was all wet?
Sid: I have no idea what you're talking about, lady! Is this how young people speak these days? You must excuse me, I have an important appointment to keep. Good day!
(After talking to Sid Montrose)
Amy: You understood what I was saying, right, <Name>? ... Right?
Amy: I don't get why Sid didn't understand my slang. I spent hours reading my book to get it right!

Later, at the station...
Amy: <Name>, it seems like everyone had a strong opinion on Elmer Buttons and his music.
Amy: Dinah, the dancer, felt so threatened by Elmer she decided to buy a taser for protection...
Amy: Sid Montrose thought Elmer destroyed jazz like the hurricane destroyed the town...
Amy: But the victim's wife, Linda, still loved him after all these years...
Yann: <Name>, Amy: I'm going to the park! It's the Best Living Jazz Musician Award ceremony! Why don't you come and have some fun, too?
Yann: Elmer was rumored to win the big jazz award again. It will be interesting to see who gets it now that he's dead!

At the jazz award ceremony...
Carly: Ladies and gentlemen, hep cats and hot babes of Jazz Town! This is the moment we've been waiting for!
Amy: Hey, it's Carly Lewis! You remember her, <Name>? We met her in Ocean Shore, she was married to that rapper who died and sh-
Amy: Alright, alright, I'll be quiet now!
Carly: The Best Living Jazz Musician Award is given out every year - normally to Elmer Buttons...
Carly: Ehm, I mean, Elmer Buttons has won it five times in a row, but since he's, unfortunately, no longer a Living Jazz Musician, this year's winner is...

Chapter 3

At the jazz award ceremony...
Carly Lewis: Ladies and gentlemen, hep cats and hot babes of Jazz Town! this is the moment we've been waiting for!
Carly: The Best Living Jazz Musician Award is given out every year - normally to Elmer Buttons...
Carly: But since he, unfortunately, no longer qualifies as a living musician, we have to give this year's award to...
Carly: ... Sid Montrose!
Sid: I finally won!!
Amy: How exciting, <Name>! We know Sid Montrose! And he's won!
Amy: What? You're saying Sid was Elmer's rival? And he could only beat Elmer because he's dead? Oh! ... Then we should talk to Sid about this right away!
Amy: And we can also have a look around for suspicious activities around the bandstand, <Name>!

Talk to Sid about winning the jazz award.
Amy: Congratulations on winning the award, Mr. Montrose! How lucky for you that Elmer died, don't you think?
Sid: I've lived in Elmer Buttons' shadow for years, waiting to get the recognition I deserve! It was about time!
Sid: Now that Elmer's dead, I'm officially the Best Living Jazz Musician!
Amy: You say it like it's nifty, Mr. Montrose! Like Elmer's death is hip to the jive to you!
Sid: What's wrong with your partner, <Rank> <Name>? Is she high? I don't understand a word of what she's saying!
Amy: It means you were jealous of Elmer! So you bumped him off to win the award!
Sid: Bumped him off? What are you talking about? I'm sorry, lady, I lost you after "congratulations".
Sid: Now go away and let me celebrate my new award. Some fundraiser guy just gave me a bunch of excellent beignets to go with it! Can't wait to taste them!

Investigate Bandstand.
Amy: What did you find this time, <Name>? More bits of torn paper? Well... I'm sure you'll restore them in no time!
Amy: And you found an odd-shaped box with the victim's name on it?
Amy: Oooh, right! It must be the victim's saxophone case! There's a security lock on it... Good idea, let's try to open it!

Examine Saxophone Case.
Amy: <Name>, you've unlocked the victim's saxophone case... And there's nothing but a piece of paper in it?
Amy: Hmm, it's an admission form for a "Rehab Center"... Is it some kind of hospital for alcoholics? There's no name, but there's a patient number on it...
Amy: You're right, <Name>, it's best to send the form to Hannah!

Analyze Patient ID.
Hannah: <Name>, I traced back the patient ID on the form to the rehab center... and it belongs to Mrs. Linda Buttons.
Amy: Elmer's wife was going to rehab?!
Amy: I guess she does look like she enjoys drinking, but... Frank is the same and yet...
Hannah: Wait, there's more! I've also found out it was Elmer who wanted his wife admitted in the center.
Amy: Oh... Does that mean Linda didn't want to go? Elmer tried to make her go to rehab against her will?
Amy: I agree, <Name>, we'd better ask Linda about this directly!

Ask Linda about her being sent to rehab.
Linda: It was because of my husband that I started to drink, <Name>. What else would I do all day, while he was rehearsing?
Linda: He promised me he'd retire, spend time with me and bake me beignets, like a loving husband...
Linda: ... turns out he was planning to get rid of me by sending me away to rehab!
Amy: But, Mrs. Buttons, surely Elmer just wanted you to get well? Because he loved you!
Linda: Don't try to defend him! I have the right to be mad at my own husband!
Linda: Well, I guess I can keep drinking now, since nobody's going to take me to the Caribbean! Pity, I hear even the hurricanes are much nicer there! I'd have loved Elmer to see one!

Examine Torn Paper.
Amy: Hm, that ticket you just restored looks like a tram ticket, <Name>.
Amy: But wait, the writing says..."New Celebrity Murder Tour"! Someone is organizing tours to visit murder scenes?!
Amy: Wait a minute, you're right! Ricky Hillingdon, the tram driver, he must know something about this! Let's go talk to him!

Ask Ricky Hillingdon about the celebrity murder tour.
Ricky: Do you like my tickets, <Rank> <Name>? Elmer Buttons' murder scene will be the highlight of my "New Celebrity Murder Tour"!
Amy: Mr. Hillingdon, I know you said you just wanted to revive tourism in town...
Amy: ... and <Rank> <Name> warned me to be more polite with suspects...
Amy: ... but enough is enough! Your behavior is really suspicious, and I must conclude that you may have killed Elmer Buttons only to get your Murder Tour started!
Ricky: I... I've worked really hard on my Murder Tour. I learned to bake beignets and play the recorder, so I can give my clients an authentic Jazz Town experience!
Ricky: I've even learned some Jazz Age slang from a book! It ain't no piffle, babe!
Ricky: But I didn't kill Elmer! I'm just a true patriot of Jazz Town, I just want the tourists back... It's what Elmer would have wanted, too!
(After talking to Ricky Hillingdon)
Amy: Well, I may have misjudged Ricky, <Name>. Did you notice he had the same book as me? Finally, somebody understands me!
Amy: I know, you're right. His eagerness to exploit the murder for his own benefit makes him really suspicious, we cannot write him off our suspect list.
Amy: But surely a jazz enthusiast couldn't have killed Elmer Buttons! Ricky's the only suspect who appreciated Elmer for his music, <Name>!

Later, in the office...
Amy: <Name>, what shall we do now? We've met Sid Montrose, who's very happy with his new musical award... Too happy, one might say.
Amy: Ricky Hillingdon has ambitious business plans based on Elmer's death, to revive tourism in Jazz Town...
Amy: And Linda Buttons must have felt betrayed when her husband tried to send her to rehab...
Amy: Oooh, good point, <Name>! Musical melodies often end on the same note they started with... and we should do the same!
Amy: Which means going back to the tram stop, where it all started! Alright, I'm right behind you!

Investigate Tramway.
Amy: <Name>, you found a toolbox! What are we going to build?
Amy: Ah, you just want to look through it, because you think something might be hidden among the tools... Hmm, you're usually right about these things.
Amy: And you found some broken pieces of brass, too! Could you put them back together? I have the feeling every minute counts now!

Examine Brass Pieces.
Amy: <Name>, you restored the broken pieces of brass you found at the murder scene... And it's a saxophone!
Amy: A saxophone covered in blood on the murder scene of a saxophone player... It must belong to the victim!
Amy: This must be the final piece of the puzzle, you're right! I'll send the saxophone to Yann straight away!

Analyze Victim's Saxophone.
Yann: <Name>, I've examined Elmer's saxophone, and as you might have expected, most of the blood on it belongs to your victim.
Yann: But I've managed to isolate a different blood type on this saxophone, one which doesn't match the victim's: A+.
Amy: And if the blood doesn't belong to the victim...
Yann: Then it must belong to their killer, you're correct! <Name>, your killer's blood type is A+!

Examine Toolbox.
Amy: You found a music sheet in that toolbox? How did it even get there?
Amy: Hey, you're right, <Name>! The music sheet is titled "After the Storm"! That's our victim's hit song!
Amy: And the notes that are written on it look kind of familiar...
Amy: Oh right, they look exactly like the victim's body parts arranged on the murder scene! The killer used this sheet to stage the crime!
Amy: You're right, the killer may have left other clues on this sheet, too... I'll get the dusting kit out so you can check!

Examine Music Sheet.
Amy: <Name>, you've found some strange marks on this musical score... I have to admit I'm not sure what they are...
Amy: You're right, Yann can certainly tell us more! Let's send this paper to him straight away!

Analyze Strange Marks.
Yann: <Name>, I've looked at the musical score the killer left at the murder scene. As you noticed, there were some strange marks on the paper.
Amy: They just look like smudges of ink to me...
Yann: Actually, it is ink... But when I checked its chemical composition, I found it wasn't the same ink than the one used for writing the notes.
Yann: So it didn't come from the killer's pen. It's something that they smeared on the paper accidentally, while writing down the notes.
Yann: I analyzed the marks and found the pattern they fit: a saxophone in a circle! The logo of the fundraiser festival!
Amy: Oooh, right! I've gone to a festival once, and they stamped my wrist to show that I had paid the entry fare...
Yann: Exactly. Which means the killer has a stamp mark on their skin with that logo, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: <Name>, you have all the evidence that you need! Why don't we get a wiggle on and pinch the fella?
Amy: Sorry, I mean we should go and arrest the killer now...

Take care of the killer now!
Amy: Linda Buttons, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of your husband: Elmer "Boogie" Buttons, the famous saxophone player.
Linda: What? I didn't kill him! I told you, I loved him! I couldn't wait for him to retire, like he promised, and spend all his time with me!
Linda: He said he just wanted to win the jazz award one more time...
Amy: Oh, you're right, <Name>! Mrs. Buttons, your husband said this every year, didn't he? You were afraid he would never fulfill his promise...
Amy: And that's why you broke Elmer's saxophone? <Rank> <Name> found your blood on it.
Amy: And the radio you left playing... You made sure he died while listening to his own song!
Linda: Elmer broke my heart every day for thirty years, by always choosing music over me! He got what he deserved!
Linda: I turned into a drunken wreck because of him! And then, instead of keeping his word about retiring, he tried to get me locked up in rehab!
Amy: Well, now you'll be locked up in prison, Mrs. Buttons! You're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Mrs. Buttons, it says here you murdered your husband because he loved his music more than he loved you?
Linda: Elmer was married to his music more than he was married to me... Turning him into musical notes was a fitting end for him!
Honorable Dante: I understand, Mrs. Buttons. If I told my wife I loved trials more than her, she'd be mad, too. You gotta be tactful about these things. You can say you like football more, or pudding... But work?
Linda: Exactly. But Elmer's scheming to send me to rehab was the final straw!
Linda: So I sliced him up with the turkey carver and hung him over the tram line for all to see!
Honorable Dante: Maybe your husband was right about the rehab! You were clearly too drunk to carry out your plan without dropping clues everywhere, as <Rank> <Name> can attest.
Honorable Dante: Mrs. Buttons, this Court hereby sentences you to 20 years for the murder of your husband and the loss of a great jazz player! All rise!

Amy: Well done, <Name>, you've solved your first case in Jazz Town! This storm is over, the skies are blue again!
Amy: It looks like the weather changes quickly around here, and often to the extreme: music, laughter... then murders... then back to dancing again!
Amy: I can't wait to see what the weather will be like tomorrow in Jazz Town - how about you?

Additional Investigation

Yann Toussaint: Ah <Name>, congratulations on catching that killer! Not that I ever doubted you.
Yann: Jazz Town is an amazing place... But it's also known as the murder capital of Pacific Bay... They always fail to mention that in their tourist brochures.
Yann: You know, that's why I left Jazz Town and traveled the world when I was young. It was to get away from all this blood and hatred...
Chief Marquez: Yann, you should go for a walk with <Name>. You need a reminder of how optimistic people can be even in the face of disaster.
Chief Marquez: Which reminds me, Jazz Town normally holds a carnival once a year, organized by Freddie Alonzo...
Chief Marquez: ... but I haven't received his carnival application form and the deadline's today! It'd be a shame if Freddie didn't organize one this year because of Hurricane Yves!
Yann: You're right, Chief. The carnival has always been a symbol of hope and community. After the storm, people need this now more than ever!
Yann: I actually used to know Freddie when I was younger, <Name>. I'd like to talk to him with you, if you don't mind.

Outside the police station...
Amy: Wait up <Name>, Dinah just phoned. She's all upset about something! I'd like to go with you but I've got a hundred reports to file!
Yann: Don't worry Amy, I'm happy to take over for once. So <Name>, do you want to talk to Dinah or Freddie first?

Talk to Freddie about the Carnival Proposal.
Freddie: Ah <Rank> <Name>, and... Yann, is that you?! Wow, long time no see!
Yann: Heya, Freddie! It's good to see you again! <Rank> <Name>, Freddie and I grew up in the same neighborhood back when we were kids... A long, long time ago.
Yann: We're here because Chief Marquez is worried you won't be organizing a carnival this year since you haven't sent a proposal yet.
Freddie: Of course I want to organize a carnival this year! After Hurricane Yves, Jazz Town needs a celebration to let the world know they haven't been defeated!
Freddie: I know the deadline's today, and I was getting the carnival proposal form ready... But with everything that's been happening, I seem to have lost it!
Yann: Well luckily <Rank> <Name> isn't just the best detective in the world, they're also the kindest. We'll help you look for it at the Pavilion, won't we?
Freddie: Oh thank you <Rank> <Name>! Please accept this to cover your expenses. After all, you're doing off-duty work.

Investigate Concert Venue.
Yann: Incredible, <Name>! I barely had the time to glance around the Pavilion and you've already found this document!
Yann: The ink on this folder is all faded... But you think you can recover it, <Name>? Go for it!

Examine Faded Folder.
Yann: Impressive, <Name>! You recovered the faded ink and the folder now reads: "Carnival Proposal". You're right, this must be the document Freddie was looking for!
Yann: Remember Andrea said today's the deadline to propose a carnival, and Jazz Town really needs this celebration!
Yann: Oh, great idea, <Name>! We should send this form over to Hannah: she'll be able to check everything is in order, and that way Andrea can sign it!

Analyze Carnival Proposal.
Hannah: I ran through Freddie Alonzo's Carnival Proposal form <Name>, and I'm happy to say everything is in order.
Hannah: I even took the liberty of having the Chief sign off on it.
Yann: Which means the carnival is definitely happening this year! Thank you, <Name>! My kids are going to be so overjoyed: they're already talking about what costumes they're going to wear.
Yann: It really is a good thing! The citizens need to reclaim their town and remind one another that their homes may be destroyed, but not their spirits!
Yann: I agree <Name>, we should go tell Freddie the good news!

Inform Freddie about the Carnival.
Yann: Hey Freddie, here's your Carnival Proposal form: it's all in order and Chief Marquez signed it. You can now rest easy: there's going to be a carnival this year!
Freddie: Oh thank you, <Rank> <Name>! Here in Jazz Town, people get together and dance their worries away. After Hurricane Yves, you can bet they need to dance now more than ever!
Yann: Ah, the carnival really is joy in its purest form: I'm excited to take my children, they need to see what it's like.
Freddie: By the way, I was just going to head out and eat the best burger in Jazz Town. <Rank> <Name>, I'd be honored if you joined me. And Yann, after all this time, I'd love to hear more about your family.

Ask Dinah what's wrong.
Dinah: Oh <Rank> <Name>, please, you've got to help me! Louie, my 14-year-old son... He hid my outfit for tonight's show!
Dinah: I know Louie did it because he disapproves of my job... And if I don't find the outfit, I'm sure to get fired!
Dinah: I know it's hard for Louie not having a father, but it's hard for me too! Why can't he realize we depend on this job to survive?!
Yann: I'm sure he loves you, Dinah. You know, I was also a monster at his age... I was horrible to my parents.
Dinah: Well, you've grown into a sweet man, so there's still hope for Louie. Your parents must be very proud.
Yann: I wouldn't know... Sadly they both died... when I was still a teenager... I never got the chance to tell them how much I really loved them.
Dinah: Oh Lord, I'm so sorry.
Yann: Thank you. Now, don't worry about losing your job: <Rank> <Name> will check out the Jazz Club and find your outfit in no time!
(After talking to Dinah Cooper)
Yann: I'm sorry I never mentioned my parents' death, <Name>. It's not easy to talk about...
Yann: I just wish I wasn't right in the middle of my teenage crisis when they died... Because the last memories I have of them are so muddied...
Yann: But you're right <Name>, we can at least help Dinah and her son by finding that outfit of hers. So you want to go look at the Jazz Club? Sounds good!

Investigate Jazz Club.
Yann: Okay <Name>, you want to search through that crate of alcohol? It's the last place I'd think to look for Dinah's outfit, but I trust you!

Examine Alcohol Crate.
Yann: Wow, you were right <Name>, Dinah's outfit was hidden in this alcohol crate... but it's all torn up!
Yann: Wait, you're saying you can fix her outfit? You're just full of surprises, <Name>!

Examine Torn Cloth.
Yann: Amazing, <Name>! You managed to piece back together Dinah's outfit!
Yann: I agree, we know her son, Louie, hid her dress... But it looks like he tore it up too! The little monster!
Louie: Don't give that dress back to my mom! Every night she's at work instead of at home, and I hate it! I want it to stop!
Yann: You must be Louie. Look, we don't blame you for what you did to your mom. I know it's tough having parents who are never around...
Louie: You don't know anything! She spends her time dancing for strangers! Do you know how embarrassing that is?!
Yann: She's doing all this to feed you, kiddo. Truth is, you're lucky to have a mom. I didn't have parents to take care of me after I was 14. So go easy on her, okay?
Louie: Oh! ... I... Well, I know I'm lucky to have her, it's just... I want to see her more, y'know?
Louie: But thank you for fixing my mom's dress, <Rank> <Name>. It ain't cool what I did, and I won't ever do it again.
Yann: We believe you, Louie. Come on <Rank> <Name>, let's give Dinah her outfit back for tonight's show!

Give Dinah back her dress.
Yann: Hi Dinah, <Rank> <Name> found the outfit that your son tried to hide.
Dinah: Oh thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! I'll be able to dance tonight, you've just saved my job!
Dinah: It's not easy being a single mom with a teenager to raise. But with a child's love, even the darkest days don't seem that bad, you know?
Yann: I couldn't agree more. I've got two kids of my own. It's not always easy, but being a parent is the best feeling there is!
Dinah: I better get ready for tonight's show, but first, please take these clothes, <Rank> <Name>. In Jazz Town, we like dressing up. I hope you'll like them.

Back at the station...
Yann: <Name>, thanks to you, Freddie will be able to start working on the organization of the carnival! The people in Jazz Town will be overjoyed!
Yann: I mean, even after all these murders and hurricanes, the people here are still so full of joy and hope. And I envy them for that.
Yann: After my parents' death, I just couldn't do like the rest of them and rebuild my life. So I ran away and traveled the world, trying to find closure...
Yann: My travels opened me up to other cultures and a brand new world... But it didn't help closing the wound though... And I've got to learn to live with it.
Yann: I'm just happy that I have great colleagues like you and an amazing family to lift me up when I'm down, <Name>. And come the carnival, I hope we'll all be dancing together: celebrating life!