I'm so excited to be working with you! I'm sure we'll make a great team!
—Amy Young

Amy Young is a main character featured in Season 2 of Criminal Case. Appearing as the Junior Officer of the Pacific Bay Police Department, she serves as one of the player's two primary partners throughout the season.


Amy, 23 years of age, sports a slender figure, long blonde hair, has blue eyes, and is known to wear lipstick. She has the left part of her hair down to the front of her shoulder. She wears a common female Pacific Bay PD uniform which consists of a deep blue shirt with multiple pockets and badges as well as a black office skirt. She also wears a brown leather belt and a golden pendant.

It is known that Amy's favorite animal is a kitten and her favorite dish is Caesar salad. She is known to be optimistic, naive, and inexperienced.

Amy knows how to use a Pearphone (the in-game iPhone clone). She likes to read the Girly Gossips magazine, eats King Dairy ice cream occasionally as well as sunflower seeds, and seemingly loves sporting events.

Events of Criminal Case

Chief Marquez informed the player about a shark attack at Sunny Beach, and so, per her orders, Amy and the player headed for the beach, marking the start of their first murder investigation alongside each other.

Amy was not available for Death on Wheels but politely asked the player to accommodate her and Roxie when they wanted to do some scuba diving in What Dies Beneath, in which a dead body found in the deep waters turned into a resolve for both the player and Amy to investigate what seemed to be a foul play in the sea by an act of an initiative. Furthermore, in Dead Girl Rolling, Amy watched a roller derby game with Hannah and the player when the game became a front for an act of foul play in the rink.

Amy recalled a moment when her family used to take her to an amusement park called Gator Land when she was a child. Furthermore, during the events of Easy Prey, Amy was hoping a bank hailing from Ocean Shore would not destroy the amusement park as she intended to take her future children to her childhood amusement park when she becomes a mother.

Amy was severely beaten by Scott Lee Allan's killer during the riot crisis in Of Rats and Men, in which the killer attacked Amy to warn the player to put their murder investigation to a halt. Russell found Amy beaten, and had to rush to Frank and the player about the looting crisis spreading to the Pacific Bay Police Department. Amy fought hard to protect the precinct from the looters, but the killer exploited her weak spot, knocking her out cold. Amy had to assist Russell in his analysis of a mask (after the player pieced it back together) to help Frank and the player incriminate the identity of Scott's killer.

Amy willingly volunteered to introduce the player to her hometown of White Peaks during the events of Leap of Death. Whilst watching the first ever Women's Ski Jump event in the Frosty Cup, the duo was interrupted with a murder investigation after ski athlete Anjulie Cruz was brutally sliced in half while going down the ski ramp.

During a shocking moment in The Hunger Planes, Amy was aghast when the player found her ex-boyfriend, Bobby Prince, whom she still had strong feelings for, guilty of grand homicide. Bobby thought the player made a mistake, but Amy sought to put her game head back on when she presented evidence of Bobby's guilt during the moment of his arrest. Amy snapped at Bobby for his wanton lies and demanded him to tell the player the truth, and so Bobby complied. The arrest stunned Amy to no end as although she was glad to be back in White Peaks, she realized her childhood life were all lies all along—forcing her to take refuge in the snowy hills to clear her mind of the lies which lie within her youth. Frank had to talk some sense into Amy as the outcome was more than what she could handle not to mention the player telling her that there is always hope and good within her.

Dark times would plague Amy starting from the events of The White Peaks Project, in which Frank and the player found her childhood friend Virginia Watchbird impaled to death. Amy habitually interfered much to Frank's distaste (not to mention Frank's suggestion for Amy to stay in the sidelines), but her world turned upside down when her mother, Miriam Young, would be flagged as a suspect due to her having contact with Virginia on negative terms. Amy and Miriam would eventually get into an argument forcing her to go on a refuge with an old hermit named Allen Muir for the time being, her life headed for a nosedive.

Amy was told by Chief Marquez to stand up to her inferiority complex so that she could help the player investigate the murder of urban legend hunter Roberto Vasquez in The End of the Night. Amy suffered meltdowns due to the men she loved becoming people she could not trust on the long run (most notably due to Russell and her brother Duncan being flagged as suspects during the case). Although she thought of quitting due to circumstances beyond her control, Chief Marquez pleaded with Amy to get it together and help the player a little bit longer, prompting Amy to finally stand up to her inferiority complex, but only to find out that the one who punctured Roberto was none other than her brother Duncan—who was then indicted not only for the murder of Roberto, but also for committing a series of brutal murders under the guise of a mythical creature known as "The Night Walker"—which severely shattered Amy emotionally.

Hearing about the pyrrhic victory, Chief Marquez wanted to put Amy on leave for the purpose of mental recovery, but Amy pleaded with the Chief to give her a chance to put the law before her family, which she ultimately did.

Chief Marquez further advised Amy to go on leave in lieu of mental therapy during the player's first day of duty in Ivywood so that she could rest until the day she would be fit to uphold the law once more. After tedious days of mental therapy, Amy returned to duty in Murdertown. She helped the player incriminate a bartender for the murder of a socialite, closing a case which was thought of being unsolved due to Frank's insubordination. Amy would then make her official return in the following case, making a firm decision to become a good cop on her own standards.

Amy started to take her job as a police officer seriously during the police force's campaign against the notorious Utopians' brainwashing scheme. This was easier said than done because midway through the murder investigation of movie producer Tyler Snakes, Amy was shockingly found brainwashed, forcing Russell to take over her place as the police struggled to stop the psychological epidemic in Ivywood. It took a search for a brainwashing video cassette, and Hannah's digital analysis, to finally cure Ivywood—including Amy—from the epidemic.

Amy was annoyed after Hannah discovered that the GIA deleted a file of Chief Marquez who spotted an alien life form when she was only 6 years of age. Amy had to do something to protect the Chief and her reputation at all costs, so she had to interrogate Agent Z to ensure that the GIA was not doing anything funny.

After Rhine Canyon, Amy was infected by nanobots due to the likes of Aphro-Dyte, a robot who refused to set things right. Frank pleaded with Karen Knight to set all differences aside to cure Innovation Valley of the nanobot epidemic. Fortunately, Amy was cured.

Amy was disgusted when she and the player found out that Frank betrayed the force by stealing police property to kill Danny Moto. During court, Amy threw herself bravely to disable Karen, but Chief Marquez painstakingly ordered Amy not to fire her gun, and instead, allow the bailiff to let Frank go for now, believing that Karen and Frank could be brought to justice bloodlessly. Russell took note of Amy's sudden bravery in the court room, and in a gratitude of the heroic actions she took, Russell and Amy shared a kiss.

Amy and the player eventually had to continue pursuit at The Wastes, but not without consulting Russell, Roxie, and Hannah about the desolate district beforehand.

During Amy and the player's stay in the Wastes, Frank shot Alden Greene unwarranted, angering the junior cop. Frank told Amy and the player that Alden was acting under orders by Albert Tesla to destroy Pacific Bay. Moments after Frank carelessly charged to stop Tesla, the senior detective was murdered. Amy arrested Bobby for a second time before the disgraced hitchhiker threatened to kill Amy to send her to a virtual reality where she would have no choice but to submit to his desires. Amy had to shoot Bobby in an act of self-defense, even though she refused to fire her gun. Realizing the bad things she done, she had to contact Russell, but the profiler agreed with the player that Amy had to act in self-defense to prevent Bobby from resisting arrest.

Amy went ahead to stop Tesla with the help of Hannah's technical expertise and Erikah Mabayo's soothsayer-like personality to save Pacific Bay from a nuclear holocaust. Moments after she stopped Tesla once and for all, she attended Frank's funeral, in which she notated that Frank often broke the rules to expose the truth. Frank was kind in spite of his personality at the end.

Amy thanked the player for transforming her from a rookie cop to a full-pledged detective, but she told the player that she would miss them as the player taught her so much throughout Pacific Bay. Amy knew that she would have to teach Russell lessons in humility, but with the player gone, her life would never be the same.


The player may choose Amy to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any Pacific Bay case she teams up with the player) and provide hint bonuses. She is available as a 1-hint, level-10 partner.


  • Amy is one of the characters who animate (or move) in at least one cutscene in the game.
  • Amy is the only member of the PBPD to have never been flagged as a suspect in a case.

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