Angel Martinez was a suspect in the murder investigation of Grimsborough cop Ed Dunkin in Good Cop Dead Cop (Case #6 of Grimsborough).


Angel is a 27-year-old Hispanic man with short spiky black hair and blue eyes. He has a bruise on his left eye. He usually wears a white shirt underneath an orange and white jacket with a picture of a dog on it. This picture is a reference to his job as an illegal dog fight organiser.

Height 6'3"
Age 27
Weight 240 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Angel came into the scene when a USB key was found with his name on it near the place Ed Dunkin was killed.

Angel's Puppy

He denied killing him, because he would not want him dead as Ed was one of his best customers. Ed would bet high amounts on the dog fights. He was let go when it was announced that Ed's partner Harry Landry had killed him. Later, in Additional Investigation, Angel had asked Jones and the player to find his puppy for him which was lost near a subway platform. When the team found the puppy, they saw a number under its ear which was not clear. So they examined it and found out that it was a tattoo number. Then, they gave the puppy to Alex for analyzing the tattoo number. After Alex completed the analysis, he said that the puppy did belong to Angel. Jones got angry and said that the puppy did not deserve to play Angel's gruesome games. Just then, Grace came to express her disgust over Angel's inhumane practices, prompting her to keep the puppy as her pet, which Jones approved since Grace and the puppy deserved each other. Hence Grace named the puppy Newton, and the team proceeded to fine Angel.

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