Unknown Character
Biographical information
Full name Annie (last name unknown)
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Cause of death Blood loss
(stab wound to the abdomen)
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Concordia, U.S.
Profession(s) Prostitute
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case (mentioned)

Annie, appearing as an unseen minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Eyes Wide Shut (Case #20 of Mysteries of the Past).


Not much is known about Annie except that she was a prostitute.

Events of Criminal Case

Eyes Wide Shut

Isaac and the player found a shoe in the brothel after investigating it upon Madam Xiang's request. As the shoe had dirt containing traces of hair pomade, they talked to barber's help Gladys Perrin, who said it was Annie's. According to Gladys, Annie wanted to escape the brothel because other prostitutes were disappearing. When the team told Gladys that Annie was missing, she told them to look at the fair. There, they found a ripped, bloody dress, which Madam Xiang confirmed was Annie's. The team presumed that she had died after such a wound.

Blue Blazes

Isaac and the player confronted journalist Katherine Woolf about her article regarding the police's lack of response towards the prostitute disappearances. During the interrogation, Katherine said that Annie was one of many prostitutes buried in the communal grave outside of town, confirming that she was dead. According to Katherine, all the prostitutes died to a slash wound to the stomach, evidence for a serial killer.

Case appearances



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