• Solon75

    Break from CC Wiki

    August 13, 2017 by Solon75

    Fellow wiki mates and friends,

    I have come to inform you that I'm taking a break/leave from this wiki. My reasons for leaving have to do with several factors:

    First, college is fixing to start. As a result, I need to prepare myself for my second year of community college. That means I must take a break in order to focus on my educating and making sure that I pass my classes.

    My second reason is due to me struggling with some personal problems. My problems I have been struggling with ever since I've been in middle school, with it being on and off during different times of my life. But I'll be fine once I've overcome this problem.

    As a result, I'll be gone from the wiki until December, in order to give me time to work on my problems and to focus…

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  • Solon75

    One Year

    August 12, 2017 by Solon75

    It's hard to believe that I've been on this wiki for over a year now! Things sure do happen within a year and I'm grateful for meeting the people on here that I think are special.

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone. Welcome to the newest episode of 91.4 CC FM.

    The Song Of The Month is...

    "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars!

    The Style Snag star for the month is...

    Frank Knight!

    Spend the last weeks of Summer with this outfit!

    What you need to snag Frank's style:

    1. A Hawaiian Shirt. I used blue, but any color is welcome!
    2. Cargo pants. Pick neutral-colored pants so the focus remains on the shirt!
    3. Dark-colored flip-flops. Flip-flops are a Summer staple!
    4. And finally, don't forget a bandana. Wear it like a headband.

    And there you have it! You snagged Frank's Style!

    But if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is Winter, then your Style Snag star is...

    Richard Wells!

    What you need to snag Richard's style:

    1. A blue argyle sweater
    2. Thick blue pants
    3. Snow…

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  • Neverlosehope

    We all know the death of Scarlet Slayer after escaping from jail because she killed Gladys Perrin, and the incarceration of Finley Flanagan, her killer. Despite of this, I have predicted that maybe Seamus is their new leader, because he escaped. 

    Remember the Grim Chapel? It is an asylum which was mentioned in Sinner's end, possibly it is a district in Concordia. My prediction is that maybe the gang will wreak chaos in the future district ( because Seasus was killed? I don't know....) for revenge to Italians, maybe because there are lots of Italians in Grim Chapel. Since this gang war is a "cat-and-dog fight", maybe this will happen. (I'm very sure of it.) 

    For me, Seamus is their new leader, despite of his escape in the jail. I'm also predi…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello everyone, welcome to the newest issue of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of the Month is...

    "I Feel Alive" by Imri Ziv!

    The Style Snag star for the month is...

    Eva Sanchez!

    Get ready for a day of summer fun with this seaside ensemble!

    What you need to snag Eva's style:

    1. A pale blue tank top. I used one with sequins.
    2. A sequined skirt. I used a skirt with layered sequins that resemble scales.
    3. Jelly sandals. I used a turquoise pair to resemble the ocean.
    4. A pearl bracelet. It adds a beach touch.
    5. A shell necklace. Choose one with three or more shells.
    6. And lastly, top it off with a starfish crown.

    And there you have it! You just snagged Eva's style!

    But if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is currently winter, your Style Snag stars are...

    Evie and Nichol…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello everyone, welcome to the newest issue of 91.4 CC FM.

    I have some bad news for all my readers. My grandfather just died. And I would also appreciate it if you would please send me your condolences in the comment section below.

    And since I will undergo a period of mourning, the Pop Quiz feature will be temporarily suspended. The Pop Quiz will return in the August issue. However, I will still announce the answers and the winner of the previous issue's pop quiz.

    UPDATE (6/4/2017): My grandfather has been buried. Thank you very much for sending your condolences!

    The Song of the month is...

    "Hunter Of Stars" by Sebalter!

    The Style Snag star of the month is...

    Charlie Dupont!

    Score an A+ with these smart pieces!

    What you need to snag Charlie's style:

    1. A…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the newest issue of 91.4 CC FM! It's the Eurovision Special Issue!

    The Song Of The Month is..

    "Only Teardrops" by Emmelie De Forest!

    It is Eurovision Season again, so let's try to look back on a past winner!

    The Style Snag star of the month is...

    Fiora Tosca!

    Dress up as this Italian singer to be ready for Eurovision!

    What you need to snag Fiora's style:

    1. A red dress. I used one with jewels.
    2. A red headband. Pick one that matches the dress.
    3. A gold brooch. I used a rose-shaped brooch.
    4. Ruby earrings. Try to pick earrings with bits of gold.
    5. Black stockings. They keep your feet and legs warm!
    6. And finally, finish off your outfit with red satin flats.

    And there you have it! You just snagged Fiora's style!

    The Dream Of The Month is...


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  • KianisKoolFx

    Hello everyone, I have an announcement! Over the past while, a lot of the chat about the game has become much lower as people don't only not want to be the only one commenting on the situation, but just a lot of the players getting bored that nothing new to them has shown up. This is where I suppose a solution: a new chat!  I have officially made a full chat for anyone and everyone to join! I have worked super hard on this and have spent multiple months to get everything in place, long with Luke and Laly. There is much in store for the chat, as you can make theories, look at spoilers of the game (at your own discretion of course) and much, much more! Here is the link to join, please don't be shy to say hi, we are always happy to accept new…

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  • AustinDR

    I have been watching gameplays of the games for quite some time, so I feel that I have some idea of what the heinous standard for the game is. Now, the heinous standard is a 2 term concept. First is the baseline. Now, considering that CC is a crime series, murder is pretty commonplace. From what I had seen and read so far, there seems to be only four serial killers throughout the games (I haven't watched them all yet, but I'll get there), while a majority of the suspects commit one or three murders. So basically, as a crime game, we expect for the villains to murder someone. Now, I will additionally say that all characters affect the heinous standard, from the heroes down to the bad guys. The baseline standard is meant to separate normal ba…

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  • KianisKoolFx

    More Announcements

    April 3, 2017 by KianisKoolFx

    Hello Internet!

    unforunately, I am going to take a little break from the wiki to spend more time onto my youtube channel and other things in my life, I should be back after my trip To Taiwan or soon after but I will be gone for at least 2-3 weeks. If you would like to see the video going mroe into detail about this, feel free to watch it here!

    Also, I need YOUR vote to depend on the next Criminal Case Funnies! Please let me know your opinion!

    vote here:

    Remember, Thats just a theory. A Criminal Case Theory!

    Case Closed.

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the newest issue of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of The Month is...

    "Sidekick" by Dawin!

    My sister loves this song and I put it here just to make her happy.

    Our Style Snag star for the month is...

    Rockley Rochester!

    Get inspiration from pieces of candy with this outfit!

    What you need to snag Rockley's style:

    1. A dress with a fun pattern. Pick from strawberries, jelly beans, or candy stripes!
    2. A vest. I picked one with a cherry logo and candy cane stripes.
    3. A pink and red hat. I used a driver's cap.
    4. Jelly earrings. Pick one with an neon color.
    5. A cupcake bag. I chose one with pastel colors.
    6. Lastly, get a pair of striped flats.

    And there you have it! You just snagged Rockley's style!

    My most recent dream about CC was...

    Jonah and Marina get ma…

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  • KianisKoolFx


    March 27, 2017 by KianisKoolFx

    Hey guys, KianTheCCFunniesGod here and I wanted to disclose thing or 2 I haven't talked about in the wiki yet. So first off, I'd like to announce that once he gets his account set up and some other videos out, Probexia (YT: Will be joining the wiki! He is a bit new to this whole kind of thing but he was interested in meeting you guys becuase I talk so little about the wiki. Also, the first OFFICIAL Criminal Case Theory is being filmed and edited as we speak! I don't know when it will be out, hopefully I can get it out in the next month or 2 but If I don't please don't kill me.

    Thats all I have for now, TL;DR CC theory out soon and Probexia is joining us. Thanks for reading!

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  • CommanderStarboy76

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  • CyanVin

    Im Just Wandering How That Criminal Case Youtuber Like Kamol Yawichai And Other Players Got So Many Energies. Can Everyone Give Me An Answer To This Question?

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  • BenjaminJameson

    Benjamin looked at his desk, bare as it was, after the departure of so many Bureau members, it seemed almost as if the whole organisation may collapse, after SOMBRA was crumbled in North America, Carmen Martinez had decided to take a break to take care of Sanjay, leaving Benjamin with just Jack, who he was fine with, but he was way too cocky.

    The new Chief of the Bureau, Ingrid Bjorn was an interesting character to Benjamin, she was a step down from the old Chief. She was always angry about something and today was no exception.

    "Benjamin!" Came a call from outside, as Ingrid exploded into Benjamin's office. "We got a call from a local girl who calls herself Bunny, she claims to have seen a mysterious looking man on the floor of the local Cho…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the latest issue of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of The Month is...

    "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams!


    Our Style Snag stars for the month are...

    Harriet & Mary Patrick!

    St. Patrick's day is coming! Get lucky by wearing different shades of green!

    What you need to snag Harriet and Mary's styles:

    1. An A-line dress. I chose a dress with sequins. Also Try This: If you are not a fan of sequins, try wearing a lace dress instead.
    2. A shrug. I used one that has puffed sleeves.
    3. Leggings. Try to use a pair with a fun print, like splatters.
    4. Flat shoes. I used a pair with straps.
    5. A wide brimmed hat. I would use a bonnet, but since that would be too old-fashioned, I decided to use a hat.
    6. Finish off with green accessories. I used earri…

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  • Miscperson

    I am aware that this wiki doesn't allow the "LGBT Characters" category on the characters' respected pages. So I decided that I would create a blog post containing this information right here (Presumed LGBT Characters contain people are have been hinted to be LGBT but not confirmed). Feel free to comment which characters are LGBT. (Also no homophobic/transphobic comments please).

    • Alice August
    • Lucy Campbell
    • Kim Aoki
    • Josh Anderson
    • Irina Nemovska
    • Jenny Honeycomb

    • Hannah Choi
    • Jimmy Lewis
    • Zack Taylor
    • Heather Valentine
    • Kitty LaBombe

    • Sultan Mahmoud
    • Batbayar
    • Andrei Beloglazov
    • Constance Tan
    • Ruby Armstrong
    • Rufus Murlock
    • Chockas D.Lux
    • Ernesto Cárpena
    • Facundo Vidal
    • Sidney Hirsch
    • Jack Archer (Presumed)
    • Lars Douglas (Presumed)

    • Violetta Blue
    • Katherine Woolf
    • Evie Holloway
    • Will Wyomin…

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  • Solon75


    March 4, 2017 by Solon75

    I just got a Skype account today! Hopefully, it can be of good use since I don't use social media that much. With that said though, I anybody on this wiki wants to be friends on Skype with me, then just let me know and I will add you as my Skype friend.

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  • The Criminal

    there is many reasons why reg is a triggered feminist

    a) he's pregnant

    b) he's always cranky because his baby hurts him in his stomach

    c) he's always mad

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  • Llouw11

    Season 5?

    February 17, 2017 by Llouw11

    After season 3, The Beauru broke up and everyone went their own directions. Before they left, Jack read Dupont's journal which brought us into Season 4. But that led me to one big question. What will happen when Season 4 ends? Will there be a Season 5 and if so, how will it work exactly?

    Please respond with your theories for it

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  • The Criminal


    February 17, 2017 by The Criminal

    why is like everyone mad that the cases aren't predictable anymore??? like how obvious and boring was it that tony marconi was the district killer i mean it was obvious because he appeared so much in other cases. then the financial center, i mean alden greene was so obvious as the district killer and rachel priest was obv as the district vitm, historical center was actually ok because i was pretty shook at the district killer/victim and i'd rather be shooked than idk like totally know it was going to happen if that makes sense. Then universty that was just basic and obvious i mean tess district killer pathetic. then madison as the victim boring. maple heights was fun even though adam was obvious once again i was shooked that the chief kill…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the newest issue of 91.4 CC FM! It's our Valentine's Day Special issue! Happy Valentines to all CC Diaries readers!

    The Song Of The Month is...

    "It's Valentine's Day" by the Merrell Twins!

    Our Style Snag Star for the week is...

    Amy Young!

    It's Valentine's Day, so dress up as Pacific Bay's sweet junior officer by wearing shades of pink!

    What you need to snag Amy's style:

    1. A pink ruffle shirt. I chose one with a heart graphic to fit in with the Valentine's Day theme.
    2. A pink tulle skirt. Amy used to take ballet lesons so I used one! Also try this: You can also wear a heart-print dress over the shirt like a jumper!
    3. Pink jelly shoes. I used a pair of flats with glitter.
    4. A locket. Get a gold one so it matches Amy's signature acce…

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  • CommanderStarboy76

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  • Mephistz

    Dear all or to whom it may concern,

    I'm sorry to say that I'll be inactive again after the finale of Elysium Fields.

    First things first, due to I'll have a new career plan change in the near future, I'll need more time to focus on my work.

    Wish you and the wiki all the best!!! 

    Mephistzεїз 14:36, February 6, 2017 (UTC)

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  • CommanderStarboy76

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the twentieth episode of 91.4 CC FM! It is the twentieth issue, so this calls for a celebration!

    The Song Of The Week is....

    "Tick-Tock" by Mariya Yaremchuk!

    Our Style Snag Star for the week is...

    Sue Xiong!

    Welcome the Year Of The Fire Rooster by wearing shades of red!

    What you need to snag Sue's style:

    1. A warm-colored headband. I chose a yellow one.
    2. A red dress.You can pick either a Chinese Dress or just a dress with sequins.
    3. Blue accessories. I used a belt.
    4. Gold jewelry. I used a ring and a choker, but you can use anything as long as it is not too flashy.
    5. And finally, finish off with gold shoes.

    And there you have it! You just snagged Sue's style! Happy Chinese New Year, CC Diaries Readers!

    My most recent dream about CC was…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the nineteenth issue of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of The Week is...

    "What's The Pressure" by Laura Tesoro!


    Our Style Snag Star for the week is...

    Arsha Raju!

    Are you a fan of Bollywood films? Copy her style by wearing flowy clothes!

    What you need to snag Arsha's style:

    1. Get a brightly-colored headwrap with a fun print.
    2. A maxi dress. Best if it has a mix of different colors!
    3. A crochet vest. I picked one with fringes (the fringes are small, however).
    4. Wear gold bangles for true Bollywood style.
    5. Wide necklaces. I picked two with tribal patterns and charms.
    6. And finally, get a pair of neon sandals to finish off the outfit.

    And there you have it. You just snagged Arsha's style!

    My most recent dream about CC was...

    Freddie Alonzo killed my …

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  • Patricia.12345

    Hello guys, I'm the admin of the account pacificbaex on instagram, who posts Criminal Case edits using textures I got from the internet and the program Adobe Photoshop. I enjoyed using that program to create something, such as posters, brochures and anything by combining pictures and textures as much as knowing and understanding the different stories in Criminal Case, and so I decided to made an account to post such things and post the newly-made edits in my first blog post.

    • follow my fan account for newly updated edits because I'm not that active at wiki ;)
    • Textures I used, check out their accounts for amazing textures!:
      1.  google :)
      2. texturoses
      3. texturify
      4. ahhps
      5. overlxyed
      6. xeditutorials
      7. and many more.

    note (19/3/17): sorry for the long hiatus, but i'll …

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the eighteenth issue of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of The Week is...

    "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys!

    January 9 is AJ McLean's birthday so that is why I chose this song.

    Our Style Snag Stars for the week are...

    The Douglas Triplets!

    Three is a crowd! Combine the styles of these three little girls for tricolor fun!

    What you need to snag the triplets' style:

    1. A headband. Pick one in pink, yellow, or purple.
    2. A yellow shirt. Get one with a fun print.
    3. A purple cardigan. Try to use one with short sleeves so you won't feel warm.
    4. A pink skirt. I used a tiered skirt with delicate material.
    5. A charm bracelet. Pick one with fun colors and charms.
    6. Lastly, wear ballet flats. Get a pair in pink, yellow, or purple.

    And there you have it!…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello CC Diaries Readers and Fans,

    I won't be posting the newest issue tomorrow January 8. It is because I am on vacation and I didn't bring my laptop. I need my laptop to upload the pictures and photos.

    So, the day that I will post the newest issue is on Monday, January 9.

    I hope this info is helpful for all CC Diaries Readers and Fans.

    Have a great weekend,

    ♥ ✡ Joanne ♚♕ 11:51, January 7, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Tuxedo!

    In the staff headquarters, as firecrackers go off in the distance...
    Reg: It's been two weeks since we put up the voting session...
    Tux: Yup. I guess it's time to release results, eh?
    Reg: Yeah.

    The moment you've all been waiting for... Welcome to the

    I'm your wonderful host, Tuxedo! This ceremony's been two months in the making... Since the nomination session last November to the voting session last December, you have helped decide which moments, cases, characters, users, regions, and others are worthy of being awarded this 2016.

    Let's look at the past year only in superlatives, shall we? Here are the winners of the 2016 Criminal Case Wiki Awards, according to your votes!

    111 votes
    15 votes
    3 votes
    3 votes

    92 votes
    17 votes
    7 votes

    90 votes
    16 votes
    9 votes…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the seventeenth episode of 91.4 CC FM! It is our New Year Special! Happy New Year CC Diaries Readers!

    The Song Of The Week is...

    "Closer" by The Chainsmokers!

    Our Style Snag Star for the week is...

    Arthur Wright!

    New Year, New Chief! Welcome the new year by channeling the style of our new chief!

    What you need to snag Arthur's style:

    1. A brown blazer makes you look and feel like a detective.
    2. A blue dress. Pick one with lace for a vintage feel.
    3. A Peter-Pan collar necklace. I might also use a white blouse, but that might make you warm because of all those layers.
    4. A patent leather purse. The material adds a modern flair to your outfit.
    5. Beige shoes. Try to get shoes with strange structures to put in some present-day style.
    6. Lastly, …

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the sixteenth episode of 91.4 CC FM! It is our Christmas Special issue! Merry Christmas to all CC Diaries Readers!

    The Song Of The Week is...

    "Merry Christmas Everyone" by Shakin' Stevens!

    Our Style Snag Star for the week is...

    Roxie Sparks!

    Can't find an outfit to wear to your New Year's party? Follow Pacific Bay PD's party girl!

    What you need to snag Roxie's style:

    1. A magenta dress. Roxie has magenta highlights in her hair so that is why I recommend this color!
    2. A coral cardigan. You need this to keep warm!
    3. A purple hat. Most of your body's heat leaves through your head so that is why you need a hat!
    4. Neon green leggings. Green is magenta's complementary color.
    5. Red shoes. Red is a very festive color.
    6. And lastly, top off the l…

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  • Solon75

    A Christmas Kiss

    December 25, 2016 by Solon75

    "The turkey is carved! Let the celebration begin!"

    The words of Richard Wells kicks off the Christmas celebration abroad the Concordian Flying Squad's ship.

    For Maddie O' Malley, this was a special Christmas celebration indeed. It all started with her winning a lottery contest by having the winning ticket that was a piece of evidence in a murder investigation.

    After winning the grand prize of a thousand shillings, Maddie decided to use the money to have a Christmas feast on board the Concordian Flying Squad's airship, while agreeing with Evie Holloway's suggestion of inviting Pippa Caffrey and her parents to feast with them.

    Rose Zhao then told Maddie that she would roast a turkey. So as a result, Maddie put Rose in charge of getting food for …

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  • MaxShadows


    Given this Thursday will be my last final exam, I will be able to create the next plots as the alternating system we made with Tux says. Tux, be advised that I might fail one of them, which means another possible period in which I shall focus on my studies. 


    From January 18th to the 27th of the same month, I will be vacationing in Chile. As I always do when I travel, I try to spend the least of my time in the computer in order to visit places. During the aforementioned week, I will not be able to perform my duties properly nor to create the plots that concern me. 

    Short but informative, that was all that I had to say. The objective of this thread is to properly inform the users about my future cond…

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  • Solon75

    I am here to announce that in 2017, I will be starting on my own story veresion over season three of Criminal Case a.k.a. World Edition. With that said, the homocide investigator (the player character's position) will be filled by an Orginal Character named Amit. Now Jordan is my real name but I am using a diffrent name as a means to not be so arrogant and put myself into the story. With that said, here is the information over Amit for my upcoming story arc. Now there are some spoliers and suprises in store. 

    Name, Physical Looks/Health

    Full name of Character: Amit Gideon Berkowicz.

    Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: Amit is Hebrew for friend, Gideon coming from the name of Gideon in the Old Testament. Berkowicz is his parents’ surnam…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the fifteenth episode of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of The Week is...

    "The Christmas Song"!

    Our Style Snag Star for the week is...

    Russell Crane!

    Still can't find an outfit for your Christmas Party? Try dressing up as Pacific Bay PD's Profiler!

    What you need to snag Russell's style:

    1. A pine green dress. Pick one with a checkered pattern for a classy look.
    2. A black scarf. Get one with details in complementary colors.
    3. A silver beanie. Best if it has sequins.
    4. A brown pouch. Try to pick structured pouches in strange shapes so your outfit looks fancy.
    5. Black tights. They keep your legs comfortable.
    6. And finally, finish off with brown boots.

    And there you have it, you just snagged Russell's style! Happy Holidays, CC Diaries Readers!

    The Looka…

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  • Yola Hanson

    Hey, anyone wanna discuss some alternate CC history with me? What if Anakee (the elder Indian woman from Grimsborough ) is the leader of the Crimson Order instead of Milton Grimmes ? What if Bobby Prince turns out to NOT be a killer in The Hunger Planes(Case 84 or #28 of Pacific Bay )? It's like the Alternate History Hub on Youtube, only it's just for CC!!!

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  • Tuxedo!

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  • JackofallCCtrades17

    Hello everyone, I'm sure you're wondering why I made this. Well, I wanted to showcase my sticker collection, and my userpage was starting to get too long for my taste. So I decided to move all my stickers onto a blog so that way I can have more room and my user page and show off my collection too. I'll be making an acception to gold stickers as those are rare, and they will be displayed on my userpage, but that doesn't mean they'll only be there.  This will be updated whenever I have any stickers I can add, so feel free to peruse my collection. Thanks for your time!

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the fouteenth episode of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of The Week is...

    "Christmas Is Coming" by Pearce Martins!

    Our Style Snag Star for the week is...

    Carmen Martinez!

    Are you having trouble looking for a holiday outfit? Get some inspiration from this journalist-turned investigator!

    What you need to snag Carmen's style:

    1. Hoop earrings. Pick a pair in a festive color.
    2. A leather jacket. Best if it's red.
    3. A shirt with a camera graphic. Get one with a fun print.
    4. Black leggings. They keep your legs warm.
    5. Red Nail Polish. You can also try sticking on gems to jazz up your nails.
    6. And finally, finish off your look with a pair of red shoes.

    And there you have it! You just snagged Carmen's style.

    The Lookalike of the week is...

    Tsukada Hiroshi an…

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  • Solon75

    The third season of Criminal is by far my favorite season. Yet though, there was a lot of development that could have been done to make the reason more exciting. For example, Pretty Simple should have put in Pacific Bay and Grimsborough, brought back some past team members, give Elliot Clayton more of a character development, along with revealing Jack Archer's past profession. Those are some of the examples of what should have been done in World Editon. What else do you think should have been done to World Edition? Which characters do you think World Editon should have focused on more? What places and countries do you think the Bureau should have visited or have been to? 

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the thirteenth episode of 91.4 CC FM!

    Since it is already December, the Song Of The Week is...

    "Jingle Bell Rock"!

    Our Style Snag Star for the week is...

    Ingrid Bjorn!

    The holidays are nearing, so dress up as The Bureau's Nordic Lady to stay cozy and warm.

    What you need to snag Ingrid's style:

    1. A pom-pom beanie. Most of your body's heat leaves through your head, so wear a wool cap to keep cozy.
    2. An infinity scarf. Best if it is blue and yellow, like Ingrid's blonde hair and blue eyes.
    3. A purple dress. Get one with sequins so it stands out.
    4. A fur coat. Get one in a matching color. Also Try This: If the weather isn't that cold, wear a fur vest instead!
    5. Gray leggings or leg warmers. They keep your legs warm.
    6. Lastly, top off your loo…

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the twelfth episode of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of The Week is...

    "Waterline" by Jedward!

    Our Style Snag star for the week is...

    David Jones!

    It was CC's 4th Anniversary last November 15. So, dress up as your first ever partner!

    What you need to snag David Jones' style:

    1. A blue hat. The winter season is approaching, so wear a hat to keep yourself warm and cozy.
    2. A sky blue dress. Pick a dress with assorted shades of blue.
    3. A blazer. Get one in a coordinating color.
    4. A gray scarf. Gray makes your outfit David Jones-like.
    5. Gray stockings. They keep your feet comfortable.
    6. Lastly, don't forget to wear slip-ons. They make our outfit more casual.

    And there you have it! You just snagged David Jones' style.

    This week's hot topic about CC is... …

    Read more >
  • ScottStephenJones

    Scott Stephen Jones

    November 27, 2016 by ScottStephenJones

    I am so excited about being on the Criminal Case wiki! I play this game 24/7 and I am not afraid to admit that I obsessed with this game. In fact, when I started case 13 I had over 1,000 energy because I repeatedly key watching ads till there were no ads left to watch. I even finished case 13 in 25 hours. I love this game so much which is why I'll love this wiki.

    Read more >
  • RoseyLaly28


    November 25, 2016 by RoseyLaly28

    Hi Guys...

    So, It's hard for me to make this announcement but I'll be gone for 2-3 weeks due for me to join a lawn tennis competition outside from the town. I won't be able to add photos especially Isaac's new facial expression photos. I know that Meph or Jordan will take care of that. Sorry for the inconvenience but I hope I'll see you in December 12 or December 14 I guess.

    Thank you and I hope you'll have a happy day. :D :D

    Read more >
  • Mudkip128

    Dante in Grimsborough

    November 21, 2016 by Mudkip128

    So we all know that Honorable Dante gives lighter sentences than Judge Hall, so what if he was in Grimsborough? What would those criminals get? Tell me because I'm not creative

    Read more >
  • JohntheSoap

    First time blogger

    November 21, 2016 by JohntheSoap

    Since it is the first time for me to write a blog, it will be short. I am just wondering why some of the main characters of Criminal Case have to die to eliminate evil and crime organizations for good? Why is it necessary for one person to die to save the world from evil? Why don't they just stay alive to set an example for others to be followed in the future? No need to answer those but I am open for some comments or thoughts if any. Thank you and greetings of peace and love to all.

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  • Joanne Maniago

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the eleventh episode of 91.4 CC FM!

    The Song Of The Week is...

    "Lipstick" by Jedward!

    Our Style Snag star for the week is...

    Maddie O'Malley!

    Welcome the new season by entering Concordia with a special outfit!

    What you need to snag Maddie's style:

    1. A green blazer. I used one with two rows of buttons so it is more Maddie-like.
    2. A brown scarf. Pick one with a pattern so your outfit won't be boring.
    3. A red dress. Red is green's complementary color.
    4. Ballet flats. Pick a bright pair in a coordinating color.
    5. Vintage accessories. I used a steampunk headband with a big bow.
    6. And finally, top off the look with a name necklace.

    And there you have it! You just snagged Maddie's style!

    This week's hot topics in the world of CC are...

    Mysteries …

    Read more >
  • Doctor Bonnie Gaming 2

    My feelings on case 42 is that it's quite a good story for a Criminal Case case but some of the things said can be seen as racist, I don't like how they did this because it's not really like them, I'm not saying they can't, I just don't like it. The beheading thing in my opinion was a bit too far and they could have done it in a different way, like using crystals and not beheading him. Overoll I feel like it was a good case which could have been done better in some places.

    Case rating:


    Could be better and want a little too far.

    Tell me what you thought of the case, did it go to far or was it just right?

    Read more >

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