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Chief King: Shhh, listen, <Rank> <Name>. Do you hear that?
David Jones: Er, I don't hear anything, Chief.
Chief King: Exactly. Here in Maple Heights, silence reigns supreme. And when you're investigating, I need you to be more discreet than ever.
Chief King: You've come a long way <Rank> <Name>: you started out in the bowels of the city, before investigating the heart which pumps the economy.
Chief King: You then went right into the soul of Grimsborough, before heading on up to our city's eyes set on the vision of tomorrow.
Chief King: And now you've earned a place in Maple Heights. Home to the most important and powerful families of Grimsborough, the founders of this city!
Chief King: The families here have centuries' old reputation to maintain, and now you'll see their power at play now that the mayoral election campaigns are about to begin.
Chief King: Talking of which, we're going to be late for the Mayor's big speech at his garden party if we don't hurry. Are you ready, <Rank> <Name>?
Jones: Yes! I heard there will be cake!

At the Mayor's Garden Party...
Mayor Johnson: Grimsborough citizens, friends, delegates, it's been an honor to serve you for these past eight years.
Jerry Bigwall: Hear, hear!
Jones: Huh, that man's eating cake before everyone else--
Chief King: Shhhhh....
Mayor Johnson: In our darkest hour, we stood strong and kept up hope. And with the help of our fine police department, we vanquished the evil on our streets!
Mayor Johnson: But the fight isn't over yet, but if you will let me, I'd like to march one last time into battle and finish what we have started.
Mayor Johnson: If you vote for me, I promise to finish the dream our ancestors first started when they created this city. Together, we can raise Grimsborough out of the ashes!
Mayor Johnson: Together we-- Oh, my God, what's happening to Jerry?! Somebody call an ambulance!

Jones: Oh my God, <Name>, that man just started coughing up a fountain of blood!
Chief King: Your whole career has been leading up to this, <Name>! Go investigate the scene, but remember: this is Maple Heights, so be discreet!

Chapter 1

Investigate Garden Party.
Jones: What a waste of cak-- I mean, what a waste of human life!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, it seems as if Jerry started coughing up blood right after eating some of this cake. Are you ready to look through it?
Jones: Right, let's wrap the body up before any more people see it. We don't want to make the Mayor's re-election campaign any worse.
Jones: And I agree, even though the Mayor can't be considered a suspect, we still need to talk to him.

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan Pandit: Well, I had to cut your victim open to inspect his digestive system and--
Jones: Jeez, Nate, can you spare us the details?
Nathan: Nope. So I inspected his digestive track and this man obviously never chewed his food. Unfortunately, that has now caused him his life.
Nathan: If he had chewed, he'd have notice the blades in his cake, and his insides wouldn't have been all torn up. So, remember Jones, always chew your food first!
Nathan: Now, in the cuts in his throat, I found some minute fibers which has the unmistakable fuzzy texture and yellow color of a tennis ball.
Nathan: And, obviously, these tennis ball fibers couldn't have come from the cake, so they must have already been in the killer's pocket before getting stuck to the murder weapon.
Jones: And whoever owns tennis balls obviously plays tennis!

Talk to Mayor Johnson About the Murder.
Mayor Johnson: I can't believe it! My re-election campaign starts off with a disaster! This can't be happening!
Mayor Johnson: I've know Jerry my whole life. Heck, if I got elected Mayor the first time round, it was in part thanks to him!
Mayor Johnson: Jerry owned the members' only Livingstone Club where all the greats of this city would meet up and discuss business: he was a pillar of Maple Heights.
Mayor Johnson: I don't see how anybody could want him dead... oh, God, what if the killer didn't want him dead, but me?!
Jones: We can't know for sure, Mr. Mayor, and that's why we'll send round some policeman to watch over you. Until then, stay away from cake!
(After talking to Mayor Johnson)
Jones: You're right, <Name>, the Mayor mentioned that our victim owned the Livingstone Club. Let's suit up and go check it out!

Examine Cake.
Jones: Oh my God, I can't believe you just found some freaking RAZOR BLADES in that cake, <Name>!
Jones: The blades must have been hidden in the cake when Jerry ate it... and he coughed them back into it afterwards. Which means we have our murder weapon!
Jones: And look, there's something written on these blades but I can't quite make out the words. Do you think you could help out?

Examine Razor Blades.
Jones: Nicely done, <Name>! Not only did you find these blades that our victim swallowed, but you also managed to recover the bits of text that were on them!
Jones: So what does it say? "He who neglects what is done for what ought to be done, sooner effects his ruin than his preservation.
Jones: Er, it's all gibberish to me. But since it's written on the murder weapon, it must be important. Let's send it over to Alex and see what he can tell us.
Jones: Meanwhile, let's try and figure out who could have put these blades in the cake!
Jones: Good idea, <Name>: let's head back to the garden party to see if we can find any clues!

Analyze Cryptic Message.
Alex: I had a look at the message written on the murder weapon: "He who neglects what is done for what ought to be done, sooner effects his ruin than his preservation."
Alex: This passage is from the book "The Prince" by Machiavelli. Basically it says it's okay to kill if it's to ensure one's survival.
Jones: Huh, so we have a killer who feels the need to justify themselves, and who murdered our victim out of some sense of survival... Interesting.
Jones: And you're right, <Name>, we now know our killer has read "The Prince"... Let's hope their passion for literature helps us put them behind bars.

Investigate Garden Party.
Jones: I've got to say, I'm almost tempted to tear up this torn card you found into even smaller pieces to at least make it a challenge for you, <Name>!

Examine Torn Brochure.
Jones: Great work, <Name>! But why would anyone tear this brochure to bits? Those cakes look so yummy...
Jones: Hm, they were designed by Akiko Tanaka. So she's the person who made the Mayor's re-election cake...
Jones: ...Which happened to contain the razor blades that killed our victim!
Jones: You're right <Name>: we can't be sure Akiko's the killer, but we DO need to talk to her!

Question Akiko Tanaka About Her Cake.
Jones: Miss Tanaka, we'd like to ask you a few questions about the cake you made for the Mayor's re-election campaign party.
Akiko: Listen, I was there at the party when the fat guy suddenly died after eating my cake. I know how it looks.
Akiko: I make cakes for all the big events around here. And even if my cakes are to die for, no one's taken it literally before!
Jones: So you didn't put those razor blades in the cake?
Akiko: Of course not! The guy was a pig, but I wouldn't throw away my whole career just to kill someone who didn't take the time to appreciate my cake!

Investigate Gentleman's Club.
Jones: You know, I wonder how we'll manage to get a list Jerry's club members now that he's dead...
Jones: Oh, great idea, we could just dust this glass you found for prints! That will at least give us the identity of one of the members!

Examine Whiskey Glass.
Jones: Whoever drank this whiskey must have been wearing gloves because there weren't any fingerprints... only lip prints. So I guess it's a dead end.
Jones: You're right, <Name>: lip prints ARE as unique as fingerprints! If you ran these prints through the database, we might be able to identify our whiskey drinker after all!

Examine Lip Prints.
Jones: Well played, <Name>! So these lip prints you found on the whiskey glass belong to a certain Mitchell Westville.
Jones: This means Mitchell is a member of Jerry's club. I think it's time we went to talk to him, don't you think?

Question Mitchell Westville About the Victim.
Jones: Mr. Westville, we know you're a member of the Livingstone Club and we'd like to ask you a few questions about the recently deceased owner, Jerry Bigwall.
Mitchell: Jerry's dead? Don't tell me: heart attack?
Jones: Murder, actually.
Mitchell: Jesus... Well, the Livingstone Club is like a second home to me. Obviously if you're important or wealthy in this city, this is the place to be seen.
Mitchell: I spend my time investing my family fortune in the smartest ways possible, and Jerry's club offered us members a place to talk and trade invaluable information.
Mitchell: Secrets worth millions were constantly being exchanged, and I sure hope the club won't close down now that Jerry's dead.

Later, at the Station...
Jones: Jerry's club housed the most important people of this city, and he must have overheard a lot of invaluable secrets... what if such knowledge cost him his life?
Nathan: <Name>, you're not going to believe this, but your victim was injected with truth serum shortly before his death!
Jones: Truth serum?!

Chapter 2

Nathan: <Name>, you're not going to believe this, but your victim was injected with truth serum shortly before his death!
Jones: Truth serum?! C'mon, Nathan, this isn't a spy movie.
Nathan: All I know is when I was sewing your victim back up, I noticed a small puncture wound in his neck. That's when I caught on to it!
Jones: Our victim was killed by swallowing razor blades hidden in a cake... So what could our killer have possibly wanted him to say beforehand?
Nathan: That's for you to find out, but this could help: I found sub-microscopic dirt particles inside the syringe's puncture wound.
Nathan: I asked Grace to analyze these dirt particles and she confirmed that this kind of soil can only be found at the entrance of Maple Heights bridge.
Jones: Great! Are you ready, <Name>? It's time to go truth seeking!
Eduardo Ramirez: Hold up a second! The Chief wants to see you in his office, <Rank> <Name>, he says it's urgent!

Chief King: Ah, <Rank> <Name>! The press has got wind of the murder at the Mayor's campaign launch party and it has caused a frenzy: they smell a huge story!
Chief King: The Mayor is in a state like I've never seen him before: you better go see him and reassure him that this will all be over soon!
Jones: We're on it, Chief! Well, <Name>, do you want to inspect the bridge or talk to our friend the Mayor first?

Talk to Mayor Johnson About the Press.
Mayor Johnson: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, please excuse my attire. But tennis is important to me to remain stress-free... especially now more than ever!
Mayor Johnson: There's something you should know: during my party, Jerry told me he wasn't going to support me this time round because of some trivial disagreement.
Mayor Johnson: But if the press ever learnt of this, speculations and accusations would run rampant and it could irreparably damage my campaign!
Mayor Johnson: I'm beginning to suspect someone killed Jerry to harm my campaign... after all, in a place like Maple Heights, to destroy someone you only need to destroy their reputation!
Mayor Johnson: I believe in you, <Rank> <Name>, and I trust you will catch this killer like you always do, but I beg of you to hurry: my career depends on it!
(After Talking to Mayor Johnson)
Jones: You're right, <Name>, from an objective point of view, the Mayor has a strong murder motive: Jerry wasn't going to support his re-election campaign.
Jones: But we can't go around suspecting the Mayor of the city without any proof... What do you say we go search the garden party for more evidence, <Name>?

Investigate Banquet.
Jones: So, you think we should sift through that bowl of election campaign give-aways? Well, you've got my vote, <Name>!
Jones: And what about this torn note... Would you mind throwing it in the trash? I'm joking, of course. Would you mind piecing it back together?

Examine Campaign Freebies.
Jones: So, what did you find in that bowl of election campaign give-aways, <Name>? ...A test tube? Huh, I was expecting anything but that.
Jones: There seems to be two human hairs in the tube... Weird. Well, the only way to solve this mystery is by sending it to Grace, you're right!

Analyze Test Tube.
Grace: I analyzed the two hairs strands that were in the test tube you found, <Name>. And I can confirm one of the hairs belongs to your victim.
Jones: And who does the second hair belong to?
Grace: I don't know yet, but the hairs are from two different people and yet they share some of the same DNA. Which means the second hair belongs to one of your victim's relatives!
Grace: Now, if you ask me, the only reason you put two strands of DNA in a test tube is to carry out a paternity test. Thing is, your victim doesn't have any recognized child!
Jones: So you're saying that someone was trying to prove that Jerry was their father?!
Grace: Or Jerry was trying to prove the child wasn't his! I'm still trying to identify the name of the child, but the DNA identification is going to take a few more days...
Jones: Days? Uh, why don't you hand over the child's DNA to <Name>: I'm certain the process will be reduced to a few minutes!

Examine DNA Test.
Jones: Incredible, <Name>, thanks to this sample of DNA from the test tube, you managed to identify the name of our victim's illegitimate child!
Jones: And... what the heck! If you're right, it means Akiko Tanaka is our victim's child!
Jones: We already know she made the cake in which the razor blades were hidden... and now this! Let's go talk to her, and have the handcuffs ready!

Quiz Akiko Tanaka About Her Being Jerry's Child.
Jones: Akiko, thanks to a DNA test, <Rank> <Name> has just found out you're the victim's child! Why did you keep it a secret?
Akiko: Because it was never proven... till now! My mother met Jerry when she was a hotel maid. He wooed her by promising her a better life, and she fell for it!
Akiko: When she finally realized she was pregnant, she told Jerry... but he threw her out of his office and called her a "lying wh*re"!
Akiko: I watched my mother struggle all her life to raise me alone. She never married or met someone else: she never trusted men after Jerry.
Akiko: She died five years ago, and ever since, I vowed to hunt down the man who ruined my mom's life and make him admit the truth my mom so wanted to hear!
Akiko: But when I saw him dead... I suddenly realized he wasn't worth all those years of hatred: he was just a stranger to me, and I want to keep it that way.
(After Talking to Akiko Tanaka)
Jones: I feel sorry for Akiko: she was forced to share in her mother's torment about Jerry. And now, after all these years, he dies before she could even confront him.
Jones: But you're right, <Name>, we can't allow ourselves to be swayed by emotions: she's still a suspect with a strong murder motive.

Examine Shredded Paper.
Jones: Nicely done, <Name>. You put back together that torn note you found in the garden party in record time!
Jones: It reads: "This is my last warning Jerry, I will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to protect my family!" and it's signed by a certain Serena Johnson.
Jones: Wait a second, that's Mayor Johnson's mother! And why on earth would she be threatening our victim?
Jones: You're right, <Name>, I think it's high time we went to meet the Mayor's mother... I just hope she isn't as menacing in real life as she is in her letters.

Talk to Serena Johnson About Her Threat to the Victim.
Jones: Hello, Mrs. Johnson, we're sorry to bother you but <Rank> <Name> found a note which you wrote to Jerry Bigwall.
Serena: And?
Jones: Well, in your note, you were threatening him.
Serena: And?
Jones: Er, well, he's been murdered... and with all due respect, whether you're the Mayor's mother or not, this makes you a suspect and we need you to cooperate.
Serena: Oh, very well... Ever since Jerry's been an owner of the club, he's been like a parasite, feeding off all of the powerful men of Maple Heights.
Serena: Now, he happened to hear something trivial my son said, but it was enough to potentially ruin my son's career. All I did was warn Jerry to keep quiet.
Serena: Just like any mother, I place family above all else. Funnily enough, Machiavelli suggests the same thing: it's a simple matter of survival.
Serena: I lent my copy of "The Prince" to Mitchell and believe it or not, he never gave it back. But you should read it, Inspector Jones, you could use a bit of education.
Jones: Wow, you do not want to mess with Mrs. Johnson! I wonder how far she's prepared to go to make sure no one gets in the way of her son's campaign?
Jones: You're right, we should keep this between ourselves for now.

Investigate Riverbank.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>, it looks like you found the truth serum bottle that was used on our victim! Are you ready to search it for more clues?
Jones: And look at this book, "The Prince": not only is it what our killer reads, but it's been filled up with our victim's signature. How creepy is that?
Jones: Good idea, <Name>, we should dust it for prints in order to figure out who it belongs to!

Examine Truth Serum.
Jones: Way to go, <Name>, you managed to recover some kind of telltale substance from that bottle of truth serum the killer used on our victim. Time to send it to Grace!

Analyze Unknown Substance.
Grace: First of all, congratulations on your promotion <Name>! We're all so proud of you!
Grace: Now, about that substance you recovered from the truth serum bottle used by the killer: it's composed of molecules conjugated with carbonyl groups.
Grace: Basically, these molecules are designed to block high-energy ultraviolent rays. In simpler words, this substance used by the killer is sunscreen.

Examine Opened Book.
Jones: Good job, <Name>, you managed to recover a perfect set of prints from that book we found.
Jones: Now, let's send these prints to Alex to figure out who on earth would cover this book with our victim's signature!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Alex: I checked out those prints <Name> recovered from that book, "The Prince"...
Alex: ...And they belong to a certain Adam Bentley. And listen, I tried to dig up his past but it came up blank.
Jones: So... you're telling us he doesn't exist?
Alex: More likely, he's just stayed under the radar until now. But he seems to be doing pretty well for himself, I mean, he's an up-and-coming socialite...
Jones: ...Who covered the book with our victim's signature!
Alex: About that, I've seen this art practiced with people learning the art of forgery. If you ask me, you better watch out for this guy.

Question Adam Bentley About His Possible Forgery.
Jones: Adam Bentley, <Rank> <Name> found a book of yours, "The Prince", which you filled up by copying Jerry Bigwall's signature. Care to explain why?
Adam: Well yes, certainly, officers. I'm an amateur calligrapher and I admired Jerry's handwriting. I was just practicing his penmanship.
Jones: If you ask us, you were practicing forging his name!
Adam: No, wait. Let's stay calm here. I know you're looking for a killer who has read "The Prince". I've read it, but so has the Mayor.
Jones: How do you know that?
Adam: The Mayor's my good friend and tennis partner. He also invited me to his garden party where Jerry died. It was tragic... And I hope it doesn't harm the Mayor's bid for re-election.
(After Talking to Adam Bentley)
Jones: Brrr, I can't explain why exactly, but Adam gives me the creeps. You're right, <Name>, we should keep a sharp eye on him... but preferably from a distance.

Later, at the Station...
Jones: <Name>, if we don't solve this case soon, the Chief and the Mayor will have our blood! But every suspect is more suspicious than the last!
Jones: There's Serena, who will seemingly do anything to protect her son...
Jones: ...And talking about children, there's Akiko who could have sought revenge against Jerry for abandoning her and her mum.
Jones: And then there's Mitchell and that creep Adam Bentley who--
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, you're never going to believe this! You're victim was just spotted walking into his club!

Chapter 3

Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, you're never going to believe this! Your victim was just spotted walking into his club!
Jones: But that's impossible! Jerry's in a freezer at the morgue... he couldn't suddenly get up and walk out!
Ramirez: What if--
Jones: Don't even mention zombies, Ramirez! You're right, <Name>, we should rush to the club and check it out for ourselves!
Chief King: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, before you go: I was just playing tennis with Serena. And yes, I do have a life outside of work, Jones.
Chief King: And well, after the match, she agreed to give me the seating plan of her son's garden party. I'm sure you'll know what to make of it.
Jones: Nice work, Chief... but of course the names of our victim's tables are faded. <Name>, would you mind working your magic?

Examine Seating Plan.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>: you recovered the text on the Mayor's garden party plan in no time!
Jones: And look, Mitchell Westville was sitting at the victim's table during the party. I agree, this warrants another talk!

Question Mitchell Westville About Being Present At the Party.
Mitchell: I'm sorry <Rank> <Name>, I'd love to sit and talk with you but I'm already late for my tennis practice.
Jones: Tennis will have to wait, Mr. Westville. You see, we've recently discovered that you were seated at Jerry's table during the garden party.
Mitchell: Haha, well, that's no state secret! I was one of the Mayor's guests of honor: I'm a Westville after all!
Mitchell: But, I wish I wasn't at Jerry's table: watching that man eat is a total appetite killer. Luckily, I wasn't at the table at the time of the murder...
Jones: Oh, really? And where were you?
Mitchell: I had gone to put sunscreen on. I know it sounds silly, but at my age, you need to watch out for the sun if you don't want to catch skin cancer!
(After Talking to Mitchell Westville)
Jones: Huh, Mitchell seems so genuine yet so fake at the same time. But, I guess as a Westville, he's been brought up to always keep up appearances, no matter what.
Jones: I agree, <Name>, for now we should concentrate on finding more evidence! So you think we should go back the south bank?
Jones: When it comes to instincts, you're never wrong, so let's go! Do you want to drive or should I?

Investigate Bridge Entrance.
Jones: Ah, <Name>, we've progressed through four districts, earned countless promotions, and here we are: searching through trash.

Examine Trash Can.
Jones: You're such a genius, <Name>! I can't believe you KNEW to search through that trash can: you've just found a razor blade packet!
Jones: You're right, these look like the same blades that we found in the cake... and this razor blade packet is almost empty! Are you ready to sweep it for clues?

Examine Razor Blade Pack.
Jones: You put all other forensic experts to shame, <Name>! I don't know how you did it, but you managed to find some fibers on this razor blade packet!
Jones: Let's parcel it up and quickly send it to the lab! I'm dying to know what it can tell us about our killer!

Analyze Fibers.
Grace: I checked out the razor blade packet you found at the bridge, <Name>, and can confirm it's the same brand that killed your victim.
Jones: And what about the fibers <Name> extracted from the razor blade packet?
Grace: I analyzed the fibers chemical composition, the fixing agents as well as the dye content and can assure you they come from a bow-tie.
Jones: So, our killer wears a bow tie? Huh, how fancy of them! Well, they better watch out because read or "knot", here we come!
Jones: Ready or not? You know, like a kn... Ahem, never mind.

Investigate Private Lounge.
Jones: Ohmygod, you found a melted face!! Get this thing away from meeee!
Jones: It's only a mask of a human face? Ahem, I.. I knew that. Well, <Name>, do you think you could try to identify who it is of?
Jones: And do you think this transaction slip could be of importance? Well, some of the numbers are smudged... could you remedy that?

Examine Mask.
Jones: Incredible, <Name>, you managed to identify that mask you found in the club... and it's of our victim!
Jones: At least that explains why "Jerry" was spotted here after his death...
Jones: First, Jerry was administered truth serum and now someone has come into his club disguised as him. It must all be linked!
Jones: That's so true <Name>: we also know Adam Bentley was practicing Jerry's signature... and now this! I think it's time we talked to Adam again, don't you?

Quiz Adam Bentley About the Victim's Mask.
Jones: Adam, we know you were "practicing" Jerry's signature, and now we've found a mask of his face in his club. We think it's time you admitted the truth.
Adam: <Rank> <name>, you must be mistaken. I've never set foot into his club! I dreamt of being a member there... but I had difficulties befriending Jerry.
Adam: That's why I practiced his penmanship: understanding a person's handwriting is the best way to get to know someone. It reveals character.
Adam: I thought if I understood Jerry better, if I got under his skin, I would better be able to match his personality to his and get him to like me.
Jones: If you got "under his skin?"
Adam: That's just a manner of speaking! I didn't mean it like... that! Please believe me, <Rank> <Name>, I admired the man too much to ever kill him!
(After talking to Adam Bentley)
Jones: Adam needs to be locked up - if not for murder, then for full-on creepiness!
Jones: And you're right, <Name>, he still had some sunscreen on his face. We better write that down!

Examine Transaction Slip.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>! You decoded the bank account number from this transaction slip in not time!
Jones: Since it was in our victim's club, we should send this transaction slip to the lab to see who the account belongs to and what kind of transaction took place.

Analyze Bank Account.
Alex: So I checked out the transaction slip you sent over from the victim's club. The slip in question is a money transfer into your victim's account.
Jones: Anything suspicious about it?
Alex: Well, the money was transferred from Serena Johnson's account. And apparently, she pays Jerry twenty thousand dollars... each month!
Jones: Wow, that's a lot of money! You're right, <Name>, she's not gonna like this but we've got to question her again.

Talk to Serena Johnson About Paying the Victim.
Jones: Mrs. Johnson, we've come to learn that you were paying large sums of money to Jerry Bigwall. And we'd like to know why.
Serena: Oh, you and your questions... Jerry was the owner of the Livingstone Club, and I'm sure you're aware it was strictly a men's only club.
Serena: All my life, I've been involved in politics. It's what I live for: I helped my husband's and now my son's political careers...
Serena: ...And just because I was born a woman, I've been kept out of this "boy's world". Can you imagine the frustration, <Rank> <Name>?
Serena: And just like men pay club members to talk about the going-ons in this city, I paid Jerry for the same kind of information. That is all.
Serena: Now, if you're going to be much longer, at least let me put sunscreen on. I don't want to burn all because of your stupid questioning.

Later, at the Station...
Jones: Well, now we know that both Adam Bentley and Serena Johnson wanted to be members of the victim's club...
Jones: ...But, weren't allowed to join, which explains the mask.
Jones: But we must be missing something, <Name>! I mean, our killer went back into the club disguised as our victim...
Jones: ...And you wouldn't take such a big risk if it wasn't for a reason... You're right, let's take the mask and head back to the club!

Investigate Gentleman's Club.
Jones: Huh, you're right, this looks like some kind of safe, <Name>, but then why isn't there a keypad to enter a password?
Jones: Wait a second... you want me to put on the mask?
Jones: Okay then... but I still don't see your point.
Jones: Wow, you're a genius <Name>! The safe is scanning my face: so that's how it unlocks!
Jones: All this explains why the killer needed the mask! And now that it's open, are you ready to search through it?

Examine Opened Safe.
Jones: Hm, the killer seems to have taken all of the documents from the safe but has left all of the money behind!
Jones: What, but did you find, <Name>? A red piece of paper... it looks like a petal of some kind but let's send it to the lab to be sure!

Analyze Unknown Fabric.
Grace: <Name>, I analyzed that piece of red paper that your killer to thoughtfully left behind in the victim's safe.
Grace: And it comes from a red paper poppy!
Jones: So our killer is wearing a red paper poppy! You're right, <Name>, most of our suspects are wearing one... and I really wonder why.
Grace: Jones, don't you know your History? Today is Memorial Day, and people wear them in honor of the soldiers who died at war.

Jones: Okay, <Rank> <Name>, are you ready to make your first arrest in Maple Heights?
Jones: You think I should disguise myself as the victim and surprise the killer? Haha, that's an excellent idea, <Name>, after all, we still have that mask!

Arrest Killer.
Jones (Disguised as Jerry Bigwall): Did you really think it would be that easy, Mitchell?!
Mitchell: You?! But that's impossible! I killed you! I KILLED YOU!!!
Jones (Disguised as Jerry Bigwall): Mitchell, it is time for you stand trial for your crime!
Mitchell: Don't do anything stupid now, Jerry... I mean, you had it coming: you tricked me! You got me so drunk that night at the club that I spilt all my secrets!
Mitchell: And not only had I told you EVERYTHING, that my family was broke and if word got out I would be ruined... but you also recorded it!
Jones (Disguised as Jerry Bigwall): Then why did you give me the truth serum?
Mitchell: I had to find out where you hid your safe, didn't I?
Mitchell: And see Jerry, using your face to access the safe and destroy the recording sadly wasn't enough: you could still have told people!
Mitchell: But who did you even know it was me who killed you? There were so many people at that party when I slipped those blades in your cake!
Jones (Revealing Himself): We knew you were the killer thanks to <Rank> <Name>'s brilliant investigating. And thank you Mitchell, all that was quite entertaining.
Jones: And honestly, it sounds you don't even need to be drunk for you to spill all your secrets. Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I see you've got the handcuffs ready.

Judge Hall: Mitchell Westville, do you have anything to add before you're sentenced for the murder of Jerry Bigwall?
Mitchell: All I can say is that I did what I had to do to keep my family name intact.
Judge Hall: Intact? You do realize that now your family name will be associated with murder.
Mitchell: Your Honor, look around you: the families in Maple Heights have been here for centuries - they are the most powerful and most respected people in this city.
Mitchell: ...Now believe me, you don't survive all this time in Maple Heights by being lawful.
Judge Hall: Are you suggesting that the residents of Maple Heights are all murderers?
Mitchell: All I'm saying is that people here understand that murder is a lesser crime as long as it justifies the means.
Mitchell: After all, it is Machiavelli who said: "It is better to be feared, than loved". And thanks to this murder, my family name remains intact and we will be as respected as ever.
Judge Hall: Enough of this madness! Mitchell Westville, for the senseless murder of Jerry Bigwall, I sentence you to life imprisonment. Court adjourned!

Jones: Wow, that was a brutal introduction to Maple Heights but you handled it like a pro, <Name>!
Jones: You're right: the fight for power seems to happen behind closed doors, but when it spills onto the streets: it gets ugly.
Jones: I thought rich people didn't have the same problems as us, but it seems murder is a universal currency!
Ramirez: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, congratulations on solving your first case in Maple Heights. The Mayor wants to see you in the Chief's office!

Additional Investigation

Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, you really did great on the job. That crisis at the Mayor's garden party could have been so much worse without your intervention!
Chief King: And, about that, the Mayor has a favor to ask you.
Mayor Johnson: Yes. I would be very glad if you could check the garden before the party resumes, <Rank> <Name>. I don't want any new trouble out there.
Chief King: Don't worry, they will be happy to help you. I also intend to check up on your dear mother with <Rank> <Name>. She seemed... preoccupied.
Jones: You mean you're going to go on the field, Chief?
Chief King: Yes, indeed I am! It will be nice to have some fresh air and see <Rank> <Name>'s prowess firsthand!
Chief King: But, enough babbling. Let's go, we have no time to lose!

Jones: <Name>, I can't believe you're going to go on the field with Chief King! You'll have to tell me all about it!
Jones: I'm just glad I don't have to go help the Mayor's "dear" Mom!
Jones: But when you can, <Name>, I'd like to go check up on that Adam Bentley, see if our first impression was a good one.

See How Serena Johnson is Doing.
Serena: Samuel, good to see you again! And <Rank> <Name>! Thank you for saving my son's party.
Chief King: It's always a pleasure, Serena. And being back on the field, as it is, is reminding me of the good old days, like that time when that man got ki-
Chief King: Ahem... But how are you? You look a little preoccupied, if you don't mind me saying so.
Serena: I do like bluntness in a man. Well, as you know, my little Howard is sometimes... unaware of his surroundings.
Chief King: Ah? What did he do this time? Nothing too bad, I hope.
Serena: Oh, you know, as clumsy as possible... he just forgot his campaign's funding sponsors list in Jerry's smoking club... And, as you already know, it's members only.
Chief King: I see... Do not trouble yourself, Serena. <Rank> <Name> and I will get this list back for you!

Investigate Gentleman's Club.
Chief King: Ah, I see you've found a piece of torn paper, <Rank> <Name>. Good instincts: papers never get torn by accidents, always by design!
Chief King: Now, what shall we do with this? Do you send it to the lab for processing or... Oh, of course, we'll just... put it back together ourselves, then.

Examine Torn Paper.
Chief King: Impressive work, <Rank> <Name>! This paper is as good as new! And it seems to be the list of campaign sponsors Serena was looking for!
Chief King: Ho-hum, is it just me or are those sponsors a little... I mean, I did not expect such a... Let's just get this back to Serena, <Name>!

Give the Campaign Plan Back to Serena Johnson.
Chief King: Serena, <Rank> <Name> found and recovered the campaign plan for you in the smoking club. I'll admit to having been surprised by the choice of sponsors.
Serena: The sponsors? Come on Samuel, I remember you being more open-minded than this.
Chief King: Well, of course, but still, using a fetish dungeon, an escort company, I'm not sure this serves your pur-
Serena: Sometimes you have to do what's necessary... And of course we have... arrangements that keep these sponsors happy and out of the limelight.
Serena: Which is why I would appreciate you not mentioning these sponsors to the people. Howard's reputation COULD be affected, and we cannot tolerate that.
Serena: But thank you, <Rank> <Name>, for what you did for my son's campaign. In this campaign, I'm making a donation for Grimsborough P.D., like I used to do back in the day!

See What You Can Do For Howard Johnson.
Mayor Johnson: Thank you for coming by so quickly, <Rank> <Name>!
Mayor Johnson: You see, I can handle the crowd, but I'm afraid that some... I don't know, I have a weird feeling right now, like not everything is at the right place.
Mayor Johnson: If you don't mind, could you just check any suspicious thing you see? I wouldn't like any razor blades cake or whatever to ruin what's remaining of my garden party.
Jones: Better safe than sorry, huh? I'm sure if there's something wrong here, <Rank> <Name>'s sharp eye will find it for you.

Investigate Garden Party.
Jones: Hm, you're right, <Rank> <Name>, that bunch of flowers doesn't look anything like the others. We should check it, just to be sure.

Examine Bunch of Flowers.
Jones: "Vote Blue"? But... this is a tract for the Mayor's rival in the election, Martha Price! She's from the Blue Party!
Jones: Who could have put this card in this bouquet? You're right, we'd better inform the Mayor about this.

Show the Blue Card to Howard Johnson.
Mayor Johnson: Did you find anything, <Rank> <Name>? I hope my garden is devoid of any other "surprise"!
Jones: Well... Actually, <Rank> <Name> found this card, in a bunch of flowers on one of the tables...
Mayor Johnson: A tract for Martha Price's campaign? How dare she?!
Mayor Johnson: Oh well, it seems that Mrs Price and her Blue Party want to make me lose composure with these "kind attentions".
Mayor Johnson: I assume this is the first shot in the traditional bloody war... to the City Hall. The Red Party and myself are more than prepared, be sure a counter-attack is upcoming!
Mayor Johnson: But anyway, <Rank> <Name>, take these as a thank you. They're promotional goodies for the vote awareness campaign; people will make the right choice, I'm sure.

Later, Near the Bridge
Jones: We've been looking everywhere in Maple Heights... And there's still no sign of Adam!
Jones: Where could h- Oh, Adam! There you are!

Check Up on Adam Bentley.
Adam: Ah! <Rank> <Name>! Such a pleasure to see you here!
Adam: This is embarrassing, but... I lose some really valuable object when I was walking by the bridge and... I heard you are the best when it comes to fin-
Jones: <Rank> <Name> is the best there is, yes. So, what is it you lost, exactly?
Adam: I lost my car keys, I would really like to show up at the reception I have tonight with my car.
Adam: I'd be really glad if you could help me find them, <Rank> <Name>. I've been looking everywhere!
(After talking to Adam Bentley)
Jones: Well, I really hope helping Adam will tell us more about him, <Name>! Let's try and find those keys!

Investigate Riverbank.
Jones: You found the key! But look at this keyring, there's a barcode and it's all scratched. I'm sure Bentley is hiding something, let's find out what!

Examine Car Keys.
Jones: And, as always, <Name>, the keyring's code wasn't even a challenge for you!
Jones: That said, I wonder what this barcode is all about. You're right, let's ask Alex to see if he can find out more about it.

Analyze Keyring Code.
Alex: <Name>, the keyring you found under the bridge belongs to Grimsborough's most famous luxury cars rental company.
Alex: I checked the company records for this specific key, and I found out the car is rented by Adam Bentley on a regular basis.
Jones: This is... unexpected! Why would Adam Bentley rent his car? And why would he hide it from us! This makes no sense!
Jones: <Rank> <Name>, let's get this key back to him and see what he has to say about it!

Give His Car Keys to Adam Bentley.
Jones: Adam? <Rank> <Name> found your key near the bridge!
Adam: Oh, thanks a lot! Without you, I would probably have to leave my Ferrira here for the night. It could have been stolen!
Jones: Oh, I'm sure the rental company could have come pick it up, you know...
Adam: Oh, I... Hum, yes, my... My regular car is at the garage to be fixed. I always rent a car in these occasions. As you've seen, appearances are very important around here.
Adam: You know, you really didn't have to check where that key was from... But, let me thank you, <Rank> <Name>. What about a lift to some restaurant nearby?
Jones: Fair enough! <Rank> <Name>, what about a burger? I'll buy!

Later, at the Police Station...
Ramirez: Hey! I have a letter addressed to you, <Rank> <Name>. It's from the Blue Party, I'd say.
Jones: They are inviting us to Martha Price's yacht party! I don't know for you, <Name>, but I'm liking Maple Heights more and more!
Jones: But I bet that won't really please Mayor Johnson... Actually, you're right, it was probably sent to annoy him, since we attended his garden party.
Jones: But... On the other hand... Attending a yacht party has been on my bucket list for a while. We'll go to the party, right, <Name>? Please say yes!