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In Bollywood...
Jack Archer: Boy, I've been looking forward to this vacation, <Name>! After tackling an earthquake, a tsunami, and a plague, I'd say some leisure time is well-deserved!
Chief Ripley: For once, you're right, Archer. SOMBRA still seems to be dormant, and Elliot is hot on O.M. MediLab's trail, but in order to catch them, we'll need to be well-rested.
Jack: And how better to unwind than by visiting a movie set, <Name>?
Jack: There's a new Bollywood movie called "Bowled Over" being filmed not far from here, and the director has agreed to give us a guided tour!
Jack: The thing is, though, Lars hasn't been right since he got sick in Bangalore. I really need to spend some bro time with him, and I wouldn't want you to get bored...
Jack: So maybe you could take Carmen with you instead, <Name>?
Carmen: Why not, <Name>? I do enjoy a bit of crazy dancing. And my sister has always been a massive fan of Bollywood! Let's head to the movie set!

Chapter 1

Investigate Bollywood Stage.
Carmen Martinez: <Name>, that body... It's not a prop, is it?
Carmen: This poor girl looks like she's been beaten to death! Where the hell is that director-
(The director, Gurvinder Chowdhury, enters the set.)
Gurvinder: Welcome, welcome, <Rank> <Name>-
Gurvinder: Oh my, is that Priya? Is she... dead?! How is this possible?
Carmen: You must be the director. Stand aside, please, sir. <Rank> <Name> will need to ask you some questions.
Carmen: I should've known this holiday was too good to be true. At least you've picked up a clue to help us solve this murder, <Name>. Let's hope it's a good one!
Carmen: This note reads, "In death, your sins will be absolved."
Carmen: "In death"? This note must've been talking about our victim!
Carmen: And you're right, there's some kind of substance on the note! Let's grab a sample!

Question Gurvinder Chowdhury about the victim.
Gurvinder: This is simply awful, <Rank> <Name>! I am beyond devastated!
Carmen: We're sorry for your loss, Mr Chowdhury. Were you close to the victim?
Gurvinder: What? Not really. Priya just had a bit part in the movie.
Gurvinder: The real tragedy is the impact this will have on my film!
Gurvinder: We're already over budget and behind schedule! I can't believe Priya would let herself get murdered in the middle of filming. It's just so unprofessional!
Carmen: Wait a second-
Gurvinder: And where the hell are those earrings she was wearing? They were worth more than her contract!
Gurvinder: Anyway, when do you think we'll be able to restart filming, <Rank> <Name>? Can you have the body cleared away by the end of the day?
Carmen: That "body" is a human being whose life has been cut short, Mr Chowdhury. And <Rank> <Name> won't rest until they've caught the culprit, no matter how long it takes!

Examine Stained Note.
Carmen: You've collected a sample of that substance from the note written by the killer. Let's put it under the microscope and see what it tells us!

Examine Clear Substance.
(In Lars' lab...)
Carmen: Let's see what the microscope report says about that substance on the note the killer left at the crime scene.
Carmen: So the substance was actually river water... And look at those pollution levels!
(Dupont enters the room.)
Dupont: Did I hear somebody mention a polluted river, mes amis? You must be referring to the Ganges!
Dupont: Despite its pollution problem, the Ganges is the most sacred of rivers for Hindus. It is worshiped as the goddess Ganga, and is the embodiment of all sacred waters in Hindu mythology.
Dupont: Indeed, Hindus carry out a ritual in which the ashes of their dead are immersed in holy water. The ritual absolves sins and allows the soul to rise to heaven. Fascinant, isn't it?
Carmen: Absolves sins, you say? You're right, <Name>! The message on that note you found said, "In death, your sins will be absolved."
Carmen: So, the killer must have come from the Ganges river! Let's check it out, now!

Investigate Market on the Ganges.
Carmen: Hey, that flyer you picked up has our victim's autograph on it! I wonder what it was advertising. I'll grab your dusting kit so you can recover the writing.
Carmen: And I don't know what those broken pieces are, but I'm betting they'll give us a lead if you can piece them back together.
Carmen: I've heard people wash their clothes in the Ganges, but do you really think the killer might've left their dirty laundry in that basket, <Name>?
Carmen: Okay, okay... There's no need to get all in a lather! If you want to look through the basket, I'm not stopping you. Let's crack this murder!

Examine Faded Flyer.
Carmen: So, the writing on the flyer reads, "Sandeep's tuk-tuks. Now also offering tiger and elephant rides. Arrive at your destination in style!"
Carmen: Wait, haven't we heard about a tuk-tuk driver named Sandeep before?
Carmen: That's right! I read about him in your report from Mumbai.
Carmen: So if Priya signed the flyer, she must have taken a ride in Sandeep's tuk-tuk. Let's go ask him about the victim!

Ask Sandeep Sadhra if he took the victim for a ride.
Sandeep: <Rank> <Name>, what a pleasure to see you here! You finally decided to take a ride in my tuk-tuk? No? You prefer tiger?
Carmen: No, thank you, Mr Sadhra. <Rank> <Name> is here to ask you about Priya Joshi. Do you remember giving her a ride?
Sandeep: Yes, yes. Such nice girl! I dropped her off at the movie set and she gave me an autograph. Like I tell you before, <Rank> <Name>, I remember all my customers. Especially the ones who are soon to be famous!
Sandeep: Priya is going to be big star, you know! And yet she chose my trusty tuk-tuk instead of fancy limo. Modesty is very good quality.
Carmen: Well, Priya won't be taking your tuk-tuk again - she's been murdered!
Sandeep: Miss Joshi was murdered?!
Sandeep: That is very sad, <Rank> <Name>. But if Priya cannot be a star on earth, maybe now, she is a star in the sky!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Carmen: Those pieces you put back together form a keychain, <Name>... And look, that's our victim!
(Sanjay arrives at the Ganges on his elephant.)
Sanjay: Hey, <Rank> <Name>! That's my keychain you got there! You wanna buy?
Sanjay: Or what about a selfie stick? You can take very very nice photo with your colleague!
Carmen: Sanjay?! How did you get to these parts? <Rank> <Name> will need to have a word with you, kiddo.

Ask Sanjay Korrapati about the Priya Joshi keychain.
Carmen: Sanjay, what were you doing with a keychain of Priya Joshi?
Sanjay: I have all different kinds! Each keychain with a different Bollywood star! Very good souvenirs! Only 85 rupees!
Carmen: Surely you didn't come all the way from New Delhi to sell souvenirs?
Sanjay: Oh, no! I'm here to see the stars, <Rank> <Name>! I'm gonna be just like them when I'm older.
Sanjay: One day, I won't have to sell souvenirs anymore. Or elephant rides! Kesavan and I will be rich and famous!
Carmen: The rise to stardom isn't as easy as all that, Sanjay. We've found Priya murdered on set!
Sanjay: Priya is dead? That's a shame, <Rank> <Name>... Sure I can't interest you in that keychain?
Carmen: No, thank you... And try to stay out of trouble, kiddo. <Rank> <Name> might want to talk to you again later.

Examine Laundry Basket.
Carmen: Okay, I'll admit it. I didn't think you'd find an MP3 player in that laundry basket, <Name>.
Carmen: But look, this thing is covered in blood! The screen's cracked, though, so we've got no chance of turning it on.
Carmen: Good thinking, the first thing we should do is send the MP3 player to Lars. He'll be able to figure out whose blood it is!

Analyze MP3 Player.
(Lars is seen reading The Flashing Light.)
Lars: Guys, could you NOT send me anything for a while? I've just reached a good part in the guru's book!
Carmen: Does Angela know you're reading that? Anyway, have you even looked at the MP3 player <Name> sent you?
Lars: Yes. The blood on the MP3 player was your victim's.
Carmen: Okay... Can you tell us anything else?
Lars: Nah, I went back to my book. But I passed the MP3 player on to Elliot.
Carmen: Well, let's hope Elliot is more professional...
(Elliot and Armand walk in the lab.)
Elliot: Did someone call for the in-house tech genius?
Carmen: We sure did. Kiddo, please tell me you can give us more to go on than Lars did?
Elliot: Well, the good news is that I fixed the screen, and determined the MP3 player was broken after the murder, so it must belong to your killer!
Elliot: The bad news is that when I turned it on, everything was written in Hindi. So, unfortunately, I had to call in-
Carmen: Oh, no-
Dupont: I am delighted I could be of help, young Elliot! I am, of course, fluent in Hindi, <Name>.
Dupont: And I can tell you that this newfangled musical device contains only one album - Bollywood's Greatest Hits!
Carmen: So, now we know that our killer listens to Bollywood music! Well, I'd like to see them shimmy their way out of handcuffs once you've caught them, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Carmen: So, what can you tell us about our victim, Angela?
Angela: I thought the reason we came here was to give the team a break, <Name>?
Angela: I'm exhausted after everything that happened in India, and Lars... Well, he isn't back to his usual self. He's still going on about that guru!
Carmen: Angela, if you want to talk about it over drinks later, I'm up for that. But right now, we need to focus on solving this murder.
Angela: Well, the victim was clearly badly beaten with wooden implements of some sort. The actual cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, which caused an intracranial hemorrhage.
Angela: I also noticed that Priya's clothes were covered in oil stains. I tested the substance and discovered that it was neem oil.
Angela: It's widely used across the Indian subcontinent... Mostly as a skincare and haircare product, but it's also claimed to cure everything from leprosy to tuberculosis! It has hundreds of uses!
Angela: None of them entail being applied liberally to clothing, though. Not only does it have quite an odor, neem oil also stains horribly!
Carmen: Okay... So why would Priya's body be covered in oil?
Angela: Well, neem oil is highly flammable, which means the killer probably intended to burn the victim after the murder, but fled when they were interrupted.
Carmen: So, now we know that the killer uses neem oil! Well, <Name> won't let this oily killer slip out of their hands!

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: Let's go over what we've learned, <Name>. We've got an up-and-coming Bollywood actress who was beaten to death on set. It's a brutal way to go - someone must've had a serious grudge against her!
Carmen: And the director seems to care more about the fate of his movie than the fate of his actress!
Carmen: We also know that we're looking for a killer who uses neem oil and listens to Bollywood music! That could be pretty much anyone-
(Ingrid runs in the room.)
Ingrid: <Rank> <Name>, I've just had a call from the studio - it's a catastrophe!
Carmen: What's happened?!
Ingrid: An elephant has escaped from your crime scene!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: Let's recap, <Name>. We've got a Bollywood actress who was brutally beaten to death on set- (Ingrid runs in the room.)
Ingrid: <Rank> <Name>, I've just had a call from the studio - an elephant has escaped from your crime scene!
Carmen: An elephant?! They really go all out in Bollywood, huh?
Ingrid: Apparently it's left a path of destruction in its wake! What if a crucial piece of evidence was destroyed?!
Ingrid: You need to find that elephant, <Rank> <Name>. Last we heard, it was in the palace gardens. Go, NOW!

Investigate Palace Gardens.
Carmen: Well, the elephant isn't causing mischief after all, <Name>. It's just sitting there!
Carmen: But what are those colorful sticks it had under its foot? They're covered in blood!
Carmen: You're right! Angela said that the victim was beaten to death with some kind of wooden implement... Could the elephant have gotten these sticks from the crime scene? We'd better send them to Lars to find out.
Carmen: And check out this cardboard cut-out. Judging by his clothes, I'm guessing he's a cricket player. Those guys are a big deal around here!
Carmen: Anyway, the writing on the cut-out reads, "Starring in Bowled Over - the hottest movie of the year!"
Carmen: "Bowled Over"? That's the name of the movie our victim was in! So this guy must've worked with Priya! We'd better see if you can find a match for him in the database, <Name>!
Carmen: And that's one fancy-schmancy award statue you've got there. The base reads, "Best Lead Actress," but the name is faded. I'll let you decipher it!

Examine Unknown Man.
Carmen: So the name of the cricket player on the cardboard cut-out is Vikram Joshi.
Carmen: Joshi? That name sounds awfully familiar, <Name>...
Carmen: Right! Vikram Joshi, like Priya Joshi, our victim!
Carmen: They must be family. Time to go talk to this Vikram!

Inform Vikram Joshi of Priya's death.
Carmen: Excuse me, sir. Are you Mr Joshi?
Vikram: That's me. The one and only cricketer extraordinaire!
Vikram: You've caught me at a good time for a picture - I've just conditioned my hair with neem oil. It gives it quite the shine, don't you think?
Carmen: Um, actually, Mr Joshi, <Rank> <Name> is here to ask you about the murder of Priya Joshi. We gather that not only were you related, you were also starring in the same movie.
Vikram: Oh... right. I heard about that. Priya was a distant cousin of mine. I saw her on set occasionally, but we never really stopped to talk. Vikram: Sorry, <Rank> <Name>. I'd love to help, but I really didn't know Priya that well. Good luck in your investigation, though.

Examine Award Statue.
Carmen: That award you found was given to "Arsha Raju." We've heard that name before!
Carmen: That's the Bollywood actress we met in New Delhi, <Name>! I had a feeling she'd crop up again.
Carmen: And I'd bet my right arm that she's starring in the same movie Priya was in. Let's talk to Arsha!

Ask Arsha Raju about the murder.
Arsha (dancing): Whoever you people are, you need to leave. I'm busy rehearsing and the I'm getting my neem oil facial!
Carmen: Ms Raju, we're from the Bureau. We met in New Delhi, remember?
Arsha: ... No. What do you want? Make it quick.
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> is here to ask you about the murder of your co-star, Priya Joshi.
Arsha: Never heard of her, sorry. The lead star can't be expected to recall the names of every lowly extra on set!
Arsha: Now please go away. Your babbling is keeping me from rehearsing my Bollywood song.

Analyze Dandiya Sticks.
(Lars is seen still reading The Flashing Light, and Armand is also present in the lab.)
Carmen: Lars, tell us you put down the guru's book long enough to examine those wooden sticks <Name> sent you.
Lars: Sure did. The blood on the sticks belongs to your victim, which means you've found your murder weapon!
Carmen: So those sticks are what the killer used to beat our victim to death! Can you tell us anything else?
Lars: Uh... don't think so. Maybe ask Dupont. He's over there.
Carmen: Are you seriously blowing us off? Lars-
Dupont: Rebonjour, <Name>! You may have noticed that these sticks, which have been defouled in the vilest of manners, are rather beautiful indeed!
Dupont: They are, in fact, used for the traditional Dandiya Raas dance, which comes from Gujarat in India.
Dupont: It's a folk dance in which men and women dance in two circles, holding sticks. Nicknamed "The Sword Dance," it represents a mock-fight between the Goddess Durga and Mahishasura, the demon king.
Carmen: That's... enlightening, but it doesn't tell us anything about our killer!
(Lars puts down the book.)
Lars: Oh, <Name>, I almost forgot. I noticed something weird on the sticks. There were traces of wax on them... The kind used to coat cricket balls!
Carmen: Well, I'm glad you managed to finally give us some actual evidence!
Carmen: And now we know the killer plays cricket! Well, you'll soon bowl them out, <Name>!

Carmen: <Name>, I'm worried about Lars. It's not like him to be more interested in a book than a murder investigation!
Carmen: I'll feel much better when this case is wrapped up. We need more leads, and quickly!
Carmen: You think we should go back to the Ganges river? Well, life here does seem to revolve around the river... Let's go!

Investigate River Stall.
Carmen: Those torn pieces you grabbed at the Ganges look like a photo. Let's tape it together, quick!
Carmen: And this bag has our victim's name on it! No time to waste - let's get rummaging!

Examine Torn Photo.
Carmen: That photo you found is a selfie taken by Sandeep, the tuk-tuk driver. He doesn't look very happy...
Carmen: And that's Priya in the back of his tuk-tuk!
Carmen: I wonder what she could've done to make a guy like Sandeep angry? Only one way to find out - let's ask him!

Question Sandeep Sadhra about his selfie with Priya.
Carmen: Sandeep, can you explain this selfie <Rank> <Name> found of you and Priya? You look pretty darn furious!
Sandeep: Oh, I thought I'd gotten rid of that, <Rank> <Name>...
Sandeep: But no big deal! I admit... I was angry at Priya! But anger is a fleeting emotion. Forgiveness is forever!
Sandeep: Priya asked me to spend all night on call in my tuk-tuk. You know, while she go to party. I passed the time by listening to my favorite Bollywood music!
Sandeep: But when I dropped her back off at the set, she refused to pay me! She said the publicity should be payment enough!
Sandeep: How am I supposed to finance my team's participation in the national tuk-tuk driver's cricket tournament if my clients do not pay, <Rank> <Name>?
Carmen: Well, if Priya ended up paying for your services with her life, <Rank> <Name> will find out!

Examine Victim's Bag.
Carmen: Woah, what was that strange knife doing in our victim's handbag, <Name>?
Carmen: Why the heck would a Bollywood actress be carrying a weapon around?
Carmen: You're right, this is a job for Jonah. Let's send him the knife!

Analyze Katar.
Carmen: Nice to see you, Jonah. I see even less of you since you joined the Bureau than I did before!
Carmen: Anyway, I figured that if anyone could shed some light on this weird knife thing, it'd be you!
Jonah: This "weird knife thing"? You've always been good with technical terms, Carmen. It's actually a katar. It's a punching knife which originated in India in the 18th to 19th century.
Jonah: It's the oldest of the Indian knife weapons, though this one is smaller than usual.
Jonah: I've seen katars this small before, but only on the streets of New Delhi... Street kids there use them to defend themselves. It's a tough life for them.
Carmen: Street kids? Are you thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? We need to have another chat with Sanjay!

Question Sanjay Korrapati about the katar in the victim's bag.
(Sanjay's elephant is seen holding a bottle of neem oil.)
Sanjay: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>! You want to buy some neem oil?
Sanjay: It's very good for hair and skin. Especially for anti-aging! See, I have no wrinkles thanks to neem oil!
Carmen: Sanjay, you're only 13! Of course you don't have wrinkles! Anyway, <Rank> <Name> came to ask how your katar ended up in this bag!
Sanjay: Oh, the bag... It's mine. I keep my merchandise in it!
Carmen: Come on, Sanjay! We know the bag isn't yours. It's got our victim's name on it!
Sanjay: Let's just say it... came into my possession.
Carmen: So you stole it. But why did you put your knife in there?
Sanjay: It seemed as good a place as any! And yeah, I stole the bag, but that stuck-up lady deserved it!
Sanjay: I spent all day waiting for Priya to sign a photo that I bought with the money I saved up from selling my stuff.
Sanjay (crying): But she tore it up and called me a dirty street rat! I'm so tired of the way people treat me just because I live on the streets.
Sanjay: I'll be a star one day, though. I've already memorized all the hottest Bollywood songs! And once I've made it, nobody will look down on me!
Carmen: We understand your plight, Sanjay. But if <Rank> <Name> discovers you killed Priya, the judge will soon be looking down on you in a courtroom!

Later, at headquarters...
Carmen: Oh, man. This case is more complicated than I thought, <Name>!
Carmen: Priya clearly wasn't much good at making friends. Sanjay is furious that the victim thought she was better than him...
Carmen: And he's not the only one she upset. Priya also refused to pay Sandeep for his tuk-tuk services!
Carmen: Those aren't really motives for beating someone to death though, <Name>! There must be more to his murder.
(Angela walks in the room.)
Angela: <Name>, there is more! Your victim... She was pregnant!
Carmen: She was pregnant?!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: This case is more complicated than we thought, <Name>.
Carmen: We know the victim upset both Sanjay and Sandeep... But neither have a serious motive for killing her! There must be more to this murder.
(Angela walks in the room.)
Angela: <Name>, there is more! Your victim... She was pregnant!
Carmen: What? Priya was pregnant? But... by whom?
Angela: I couldn't say. I'd need way more time to get an exploitable DNA sample. She was only eight weeks pregnant, that's why I didn't notice straight away.
Carmen: Oh, man. If Priya was pregnant, that definitely gives someone a solid motive for killing her.
Carmen: Good thinking, <Name>. If we want to find out more about the victim's personal life, the best place to go is back to the Bollywood set. Let's head there, STAT!

Investigate Stage Corner.
Carmen: <Name>, this phone belongs to Priya's cousin. It's locked, but I trust you can crack the password!
Carmen: And you also found... a bra? Look, there's a note with it, but it's faded! I'm already getting your dusting kit so you can recover the missing info.
Carmen: You grabbed some torn pieces, too? Well, you know what I'm gonna say... Let's put them back together, and quick!

Examine Locked Phone.
Carmen: Look! There's a message on Vikram's phone... and it's from Priya's parents!
Carmen: The message says, "Vikram, you're like a son to us. We're counting on you to keep Priya safe."
Carmen: So Vikram lied to us when he said he barely knew his cousin! I wonder if that also means he also knew about her pregnancy...
Carmen: And good point, <Name>. We know that Vikram plays cricket, just like our killer! We need to quiz him, NOW!

Ask Vikram Joshi about the message from Priya's parents.
Carmen: Vikram, you lied to us when you said you barely knew Priya. According to this message on your phone, her parents consider you to be like their son!
Vikram: That phone's my private property, <Rank> <Name>! You had no right to look through it!
Vikram: But maybe I did stretch the truth about not being here for Priya...
Vikram: I didn't just agree to take part in the movie because of my love for Bollywood music. I did it because Priya's parents were worried about her!
Vikram: Bollywood is a corrupt place, <Rank> <Name>. A young girl like Priya... She needed somebody who had her best interests at heart to keep an eye on her.
Carmen: So did you know Priya was pregnant?
Vikram: What?! Priya was pregnant?
Vikram: I... If I find out whose baby it was, I-I'll kill the guy!
Carmen: You have quite the temper, Vikram. Let's hope it didn't lead you to kill Priya!

Examine Lingerie Box.
Carmen: What does the note attached to that bra you found say, <Name>?
Carmen: The message says, "Priya, wear this tonight!"... And it was signed by Gurvinder!
Carmen: Why would a director offer one of his actresses such gaudy underwear, <Name>? Somehow, I don't think this message was work-related...
Carmen: We'd better ask that director what his relationship with Priya really entailed!

Question Gurvinder Chowdhury about the lingerie he gave to the victim.
Carmen: Gurvinder, can you explain this note on the bra you gave to Priya? A normal working relationship doesn't usually involve giving your employees lingerie!
Gurvinder: Well, what can I say? Some girls are born stars, like Arsha.
Gurvinder: Others have to... work... a little harder for it.
Carmen: So you use your position to sleep with young women?! Charming!
Gurvinder: Let's just say it's one of the perks of being the director. Along with being able to listen to Bollywood music all day, of course!
Carmen: And what about the fact Priya was pregnant? Did you know about the baby?
Gurvinder: Unfortunately, yes. She said it was mine, but I told her to take care of the issue if she wanted to save her career.
Gurvinder: I even offered her some neem oil to do the job, but she refused!
Carmen: Neem oil, for an abortion? Is there anything that stuff can't do?!
Gurvinder: I recommend it, <Rank> <Name>. I even use it to heal my blisters after a particularly intense cricket match!
Carmen: It's funny you should mention cricket, seeing as we know Priya's killer plays it. We'll be keeping an eye on you, Gurvinder!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: So that file you found is the script for "Bowled Over!" That's the movie our victim was in!
Carmen: Look, there's her name... And she had a scene with Arsha!
Carmen: The actual lines are in Hindi, though. I can't decipher a thing!
Carmen: Good idea, we'd better send this script to our resident Hindi speaker - Dupont!

Analyze Script.
Carmen: Dupont, what can you tell us about this script for "Bowled Over" that <Name> sent you?
Dupont: I am embarrassed to say that I didn't quite understand it, <Name>.
Carmen: What?! You told us you were fluent in Hindi!
Dupont: Je ne vous permets pas! I understand the words, but the script makes no sense!
Dupont: Priya's character tells Arsha that she must forget about the man she is in love with, because their mother will never allow them to marry.
Dupont: But then... Arhsa's character starts asking if Priya... murdered her goldfish, Fluffy.
(Carmen holds a confused look and the room is silent.)
Dupont: Do not look at me with those judgmental eyes, Carmen! I cannot help what is written!
Dupont: I can only think of one explanation - that somebody tampered with Arsha's script!
Carmen: In that case, let's go question Arsha!

Question Arsha Raju about the doctored script.
Arsha: What now, <Rank> <Name>?
Carmen: Glad you recognized us this time! <Rank> <Name> is here to ask you about this script. You told us you didn't even know Priya, yet you had a scene with her!
Arsha: I wish I hadn't known her! That wannabe was so desperate to upstage me, she kept altering my script!
Carmen: Ah, so that's what the tale of Fluffy the goldfish was about!
Arsha: Nobody makes me look unprofessional like that! I'm the most well-respected actress in this industry.
Arsha: There's nothing I won't do to achieve the perfect performance! I even perfected my batting technique for the cricket scene in "Bowled Over!" And I hate cricket!
Carmen: Well, you'd better put on a perfect performance in front of the judge if <Rank> <Name> finds out you killed Priya!

Later, at headquarters...
Carmen: <Name>, this case feels like something out of a Bollywood movie... but with fewer musical interludes!
Carmen: Our victim definitely wasn't short of enemies. Arsha hated Priya for trying to upstage her on set...
Carmen: And who knows what that sleazy director might've been capable of if she refused to abort his child!
Carmen: We need to wrap this case up, <Name>, and quickly!
(Ingrid runs in the room.)
Ingrid: <Rank> <Name>, I've just heard that the film crew is planning to pack up the palace gardens set!
Ingrid: You need to head over there to gather any remaining clues, NOW!

Investigate Elephant.
Carmen: C'mon, <Name>. Tell me you've grabbed something which could blow this case wide open!
Carmen: A costume box? If you think the killer might've hidden something in there, what are you waiting for? Get looking through it!
Carmen: And what's that weird smell? It seems to be coming from that bowl of congealed oil you picked up...
Carmen: Right! It must be neem oil! Angela did say that it has a particular smell! She sure wasn't kidding...
Carmen: And well spotted - there's some kind of dark fluff on the oil. You'd better collect a sample, STAT!

Examine Costume Box.
Carmen: Why did you pick up those earrings from the costume box, <Name>?
Carmen: Oh, right! The director mentioned that Priya's earrings were missing from the body! I'm impressed you remembered, <Name>!
Carmen: So these earrings must be hers... And there's some kind of fiber on them! Let's grab a sample!

Examine Earrings.
Carmen: Nice work, <Name>! You've collected a sample of those fibers from the victim's earrings. Let's send them to Lars, quick!

Analyze Fibers.
(Lars is still seen reading The Flashing Light.)
Carmen: Lars, I swear, if you've been reading that book instead of looking at those fibers from the victim's earrings <Name> sent you, I-
Lars: Carmen, have you ever thought about embarking on your own quest for spiritual enlightenment, instead of harassing me all the time? You're always so uptight!
Carmen: LARS REGINALD DOUGLAS, tell <Name> what you found, or so help me, I'll slap you into next week!
(Lars puts the book down.)
Lars: Alright, alright! The fibers <Name> found on the victim's earrings were actually just pure cotton dyed orange.
Lars: Unfortunately, cotton is used in just about every type of clothing, so I can't be more specific.
Lars: But as the victim wasn't wearing any orange clothing, the fibers must've got caught in her earrings during the struggle with her killer!
Carmen: It's nice to see you can still behave professionally, Lars. And now we know that our killer wears orange! They should feel right at home in an orange jumpsuit!

Examine Clay Bowl.
Carmen: Good job, <Name>! You've vacuumed up a sample of that dark fluff from the bowl of neem oil. There's no time to lose - let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Dark Fluff.
(Angela is in the lab instead of Lars.)
Carmen: Where the heck is Lars, <Name>?
Angela: I caught him reading that stupid book again, instead of looking at the sample you sent him. I didn't want to let you down, <Name>, so I told him I'd take care of it instead.
Carmen: Okay... So what can you tell us about that dark fluff <Name> collected from the bowl of neem oil?
Angela: That "fluff" is actually hair, <Name>.
Angela: Without a follicle attached, I wasn't able to carry out a DNA profile.
Angela: But fortunately, the length and coarseness of these hairs is answer enough...
Angela: They come from a mustache!
Carmen: So now we know that our killer has a mustache! Well, let's see them maintain a stiff upper lip once you arrest them, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Carmen: This is it, <Name>. You've collected everything you need to arrest Priya Joshi's killer. Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Vikram Joshi, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Priya Joshi. How could you do something like that to a member of your own family?
Vikram: These accusations are laughable, <Rank> <Name>. Like I told you before, I came here to keep Priya safe - not to hurt her!
Carmen: Then how do you explain that we found traces of your neem oil all over the body?
Vikram: Everybody uses neem oil around here, <Rank> <Name>. Who doesn't want to look their best in Bollywood?
Carmen: Then what about the traces of cricket ball wax that we found on the Dandiya sticks you used to beat your own cousin to death?
Vikram: Cricket and Bollywood go hand in hand! That wax could have come from anyone!
Carmen: Stop lying, Vikram. We found the orange fibers from your clothing which got caught in Priya's earrings when she tried to defend herself against your brutal attack!
Vikram: I only killed her to restore our family's honor!
Vikram: I couldn't allow her to continue bringing shame on us. She was such a sweet, innocent girl before Bollywood corrupted her!
Vikram: The diva-like behavior was bad enough... But sleeping with the director?
Vikram: She tried to tell me that she'd been pressured into doing it. But when I found out about the baby, I knew something had to be done to protect our family's reputation!
Carmen: So you beat her to death? I'm fairly certain that's not what Priya's parents had in mind when they asked you to keep an eye on her!
Vikram: I wouldn't expect you people to understand.
Carmen: The only thing I understand is that you're going to prison for a long time! You're under arrest, Mr Joshi!

Judge Adaku: Vikram Joshi, you stand accused of murdering Priya Joshi-
Judge Adaku: Wait, you both have the same last name. Was Priya a relative of yours?
Vikram: Yes, but she brought this on herself. She put all her morals aside in her quest for fame! Letting herself get pregnant was the final straw!
Judge Adaku: "Letting herself get pregnant"?
Judge Adaku: So not only did you cut short one life, but two!
Vikram: I had a duty to stop her from bringing our family into disrepute!
Judge Adaku: And yet, now you're the one bringing dishonor on the family thanks to your heinous crime!
Judge Adaku: For the murder of Priya Joshi, the International Court hereby sentences you to life in prison!
Vikram: I would've never brought shame on my family if it hadn't been for <Rank> <Name> sticking their nose where it didn't belong!

Carmen: Well done on putting Priya Joshi's killer behind bars, <Name>. Who knew Bollywood had so much off-screen drama?
Angela: It's not only Bollywood that has drama, <Name>... I still haven't been able to talk any sense into Lars.
Angela: Ever since he started reading that book, he's been raving about the flashing light.
Angela: At first, I just thought that he meant the bulb in his lab was broken. But then I realized it was the name of the guru's book! It's like he's been indoctrinated!
Carmen: Well, we haven't had any updates on O.M. MediLab for a while, so you can probably take the night off, Angela. Why don't you and Lars have a date night? It could be just what you need!
Carmen: <Name> and I will hold the fort, won't we, <Name>?

A New Light (4/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, Elliot is still hard at work tracking down O.M. MediLab. But, for the moment, he's not making much progress.
Chief Ripley: We came here to regroup after the grueling events in Bangalore, but now it's time to get back on SOMBRA's trail-
(A panicked Angela runs in the room.)
Angela: <Name>, I-I need your help!
Chief Ripley: What is it, Angela?
Angela: It's Lars! His mother just called to say that our kids are on their way here, "just as he requested!"
Angela: And then she called me irresponsible for moving my family to another continent on a whim! Lars has told her that we're all staying here... permanently!
(Jack walks in the room.)
Jack: What's this I hear about Lars? So that's why he didn't want to go on our bro date! I've been waiting to visit the Bollywood set with him for ages.
Angela: Jack, this isn't about you! He didn't even consult ME! The mother of his children and his wife of 15 years! He's lost the plot with this guru thing, <Name>.
Angela: I'm heading to the airport right now to pick up the triplets, but please have a word with Lars while I'm gone. This cannot continue!
(Angela leaves.)
Jack: Oh, man. I guess that date night you and Carmen suggested didn't work out, <Name>...
Jack: But I'm sure it's nothing a bro can't fix! Let's go talk some sense into Lars!
(Sanjay walks in with Kesavan.)
Sanjay: Wait up, <Rank> <Name>! Kesavan and I need a favor!
Chief Ripley: What is that elephant doing in the office?! Get it out, RIGHT NOW!
Sanjay: Why, you mean old lady-
Chief Ripley: How dare you-
Sanjay: Kesavan isn't just any old elephant - he's house-trained!
(Dupont walks in the room.)
Dupont: Please, laissez-moi faire. I'm very good with children! Sanjay, please step outside, <Rank> <Name> will be with you shortly.
Sanjay: <Rank> <Name>, is everyone you work with old? But fine, I'll wait outside.
(Sanjay and Kesavan leave.)
Jack: I'd love to stick around and see this, <Name>, but I'll meet you in Lars's lab!

Try to talk some sense into Lars.
Jack: Dude, Angela has just been to see us. She's frantic! She said you called the triplets over here without even asking her!
Lars: I thought she'd be happy! We're going to be reunited as a family...
Lars: So we can all join the guru's followers!
Jack: WHAT?! Dude, you cannot be serious! The guy's a total fraud!
Lars: I can't believe how unsupportive you're being!
Lars: The guru does good work! He's just trying to help people obtain spiritual enlightenment. What better gift could I offer my children than that?
Lars: Almost dying in Bangalore really put things into perspective for me. We all have a limited amount of time on this planet, and we have a duty to use it in the best way possible.
Lars: For me, that means spending time with my family and doing good in the world.
Lars: Anyway, my mind is made up. There's nothing either you or Jack can do to change it, <Name>.
(After talking to Lars Douglas)
Jack: <Name>, I have no idea what to do. I can't even breathe! I thought Lars would listen to ME of all people! I don't know how I'll cope if he quits the Bureau!
Jack: Okay, okay. Deep breaths. You think we should take a walk by the Ganges to get some fresh air and calm down? Okay, deeeep breaths... Must. Not. Panic.

Investigate Market on the Ganges.
Jack: Why have you picked up that book, <Name>? We came here to figure out what to do about Lars, not for an impromptu book club.
Jack: Oh, you're right! The book has something scrawled on the cover.
Jack: It says, "Belongs to Om Padmasana"!
Jack: So this book is owned by that so-called guru! It's all because of him that Lars has gone totally mad! We need to find out more about him, so we can prove he's a fraud.
Jack: I'll grab your dusting kit so we can uncover the title and see what he's been reading!

Examine Faded Book.
Jack: So the title of this book the guru was reading is "The Principles of Persuasion: How to gain followers and keep them."
Jack: Ah-ha! I knew it! The guru can't be the real deal if he needs a book to help him out!
Jack: But how does this solve our Lars problem, <Name>?
Jack: You want us to send the book to Marina? I don't know what use it'll be, but whatever you think is best!

Analyze Psychology Book.
Jack: Marina, please tell us that book <Name> found has given you an idea about how to break the guru's hold on Lars? We're desperate!
Marina: The psychology described in the book is nothing out of the ordinary.
Marina: The book instructs the reader on how to create a psychological dependency among their followers.
Marina: It's achieved by suggesting that the followers will only achieve spiritual enlightenment if they give up their old beliefs and behaviors, and adopt new ones.
Marina: It's all designed to ensure unquestioning obedience, of course...
Jack: Unquestioning obedience, you say? That gives me an idea! But you're right, <Name>, we should clear it with Angela first. I heard she just got back from the airport!

Explain the plan to save Lars to Angela.
Angela: I've left the triplets with Carmen, so let's make this quick, <Name>. Have you found a way to help Lars?
Jack: Well, it's a bit of a stretch but... I was thinking that I could disguise myself as the guru!
Jack: Think about it! The whole point of a guru is that his followers don't question what he says! So what if the "guru" told Lars not to follow him?
Angela: Honestly, I'm not really convinced, <Name>. But it's not like we've got another plan!
Jack: I think I already have pretty much everything I need to disguise myself, I'm just missing that darned hand necklace the guru's always wearing.
Jack: But I reckon we might be able to find something similar at the market on the Ganges! Let's go back, <Name>! And we'll grab a burger on the way - I'm starving!

Investigate River Stall.
Jack: You reckon we might find a necklace in this box of trinkets, <Name>?
Jack: Well, you do have an excellent nose for finding stuff... Let's search through the box!

Examine Trinket Box.
Jack: Bingo! This necklace you found in that box of trinkets looks just like the one the guru wears! Now I've got everything I need to disguise myself for this little chat with Lars.

Convince Lars not to follow the Guru.
Jack (putting on the disguise): This is it, <Name>. I'm ready to try and convince Lars not to leave the Bureau!
Jack (disguised as Om): See? What do you reckon? I look just like the guru! Let's go talk to Lars!

In Lars's lab...
(Lars is seen still reading The Flashing Light.)
Jack: Namaste, my humble follower. I see you're reading my book - are you searching for the ultimate truth, by any chance?
Lars: Om Padmasana! What a pleasure to finally meet you! What are you doing here?
Jack: I simply sensed that a follower was in need of guidance, dude. The universe has informed me that you plan to join my quest for enlightenment.
Lars: Right! I had this near death experience in Bangalore-
Jack: I must stop you there, my spiritual bro.
Jack: The reason I have come is because you are already on the right course to enlightenment here at the Bureau. Your work involves saving lives, and bringing justice for those who have had them cut short.
Jack: There is no work on this earth more honorable than helping others. And that is why I must ask that you do not abandon your position here to join me.
Lars: But I hardly ever see my kids because of this job! How can I be on the right course if I don't get to spend time with my family?
Jack: I have a feeling that's about to change, dude.
Lars: Well, until then, take this money to continue your good work, "guru".

See what Sanjay wants.
Dupont: What can <Rank> <Name> and I do for you, mon petit bonhomme?
Sanjay: I need your help! Miss Arsha said she'd give me a signed photo if I collected her outfit for the charity cricket gala.
Sanjay: But I can't find it! All these lady clothes look the same!
Dupont: Mais non, mon enfant! Each style of Indian dress has its own symbolism and history! The sari, for example, dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization!
Sanjay: Uh... does that mean you'll help me? I really wanted that photo!
Dupont: Avec plaisir! Off we go to the Bollywood set with <Rank> <Name>!

Investigate Bollywood Stage.
Sanjay: Oh, no! Is that Miss Arsha's dress? She's going to be furious! Can we fix it?
Armand (holding needle thread): Worry not, mon petit. A gentleman of a certain age knows how to do such things! <Rank> <Name> and I will fix the dress in a flash!

Examine Torn Fabric.
Dupont: I hate to toot my own horn, but we did a splendid job of fixing this dress, <Name>.
Dupont: Now let's get the dress to the delightful Mademoiselle Raju, so little Sanjay can have his photo!

Give the dress back to Arsha.
Dupont: I believe this magnificent dress belongs to you, Mademoiselle Raju?
Arsha: Why, thank you, Mr?
Dupont: Armand Dupont, at your service! Though <Rank> <Name> and I had a little help from Sanjay and Kesavan.
Dupont: And, if you permit me to say so, Mademoiselle, I must declare that you were truly exceptional in the film "Jaipur Express"!
Arsha: You flatter me. It was just a bit part at the start of my career... Most people don't even remember it!
Arsha: Here's the signed photo I promised the child... Along with an extra one for you, Mr Dupont.
Arsha: Anyway, I must get ready for the charity cricket gala, <Rank> <Name>. But to thank you for your help, I'd like to offer you this!

A short while later...
Angela: <Name>, I don't know what you said to him, but Lars has changed his mind about relocating here!
Angela: I just hope he doesn't have a change of heart. But anyway, despite the circumstances, it's wonderful to have the family back together again!
(Lars enters the room with his daughters.)
Lars: It sure is! <Name>, meet April, May and June. Say "hi", kids!
April, May, and June (in unison): Hi, <Rank> <Name>!
Jack: So, uh, what prompted the change of heart?
Lars: Let's just say I had a chat with a certain individual whom I admire a lot, and he helped me to see the light.
Lars: And FYI, the real guru would never call me "dude," bro.
Jack: I... have no idea what you're talking about, dude. But the important thing is that you're staying with us, right?
Jack: Anyway, I hear we have a Bollywood cricket gala to attend!

At the charity cricket gala...
(Armand is now seen wearing a cricket uniform.)
Dupont: Oh! What a pleasure to see you all here!
Jack: Dupont! What are you doing here?
Dupont: Mademoiselle Raju has kindly invited me to participate in the cricket match!
Dupont: I was, in fact, part of the team which won the Swiss university cricket series in 1974. It was a tough match, but-
(Angela and Lars arrive with the triplets.)
Angela: We hate to interrupt, Dupont, but we just wanted to let <Name> know that the triplets are going to join us for a while. It's so nice to be a family again!
(Elliot arrives at the gala.)
Elliot: <Name>, I've been looking for you everywhere! We've just had word - the guru has been spotted in Bhutan!
Jack: This could be our chance to figure out what the guru's really up to!
Jack: We already know that he's collecting huge amounts of money from his followers, but the question is, for what?
Jack: There's no time to lose, <Name>. Let's get on the next flight to Bhutan!