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David Jones: I don't know about you, <Rank> <Name>, but I haven't had a decent night's sleep since Chief King died.
Jones: I keep having the strangest dreams and... Oh darn, I bet that's Ramirez calling me. He's been as nervous as an alley cat recently!
Jones: Hello, Ramirez. What is it now?
Ramirez: It's... It's... Oh, it's HORRIFIC! There's so much blood... and... AARGH! Her hands! Where are her hands?!
Jones: Whoa... Just calm down, Ramirez! Just breath slowly and tell <Name> where you are...
Ramirez: I'm at the Aloki Indian Settlement... You know, the one of the outskirts of town. Oh, please ask <Name> to come quick... I don't know what to do!

At the Aloki Indian Settlement...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>! Thank Heavens you're here! Whoever did this is seriously disturbed!
Jones: It's ok, Ramirez. We'll handle things from here. You go calm down while <Name> investigates the scene.

Chapter 1

Investigate Aloki Trailer Park.
Jones: Oh my God, <Name>! It's like something out of a historical torture manual! This poor woman was hung up and butchered like a sacrificial animal...
Ramirez: Oh, poor Sandy! I can't believe anyone would want to harm her... She was so sweet!
Jones: Wait, you know the victim, Ramirez?
Ramirez: Sandy Grimmes is a social worker who works with the Aloki Indian community. I was doing my weekly rounds of the settlement... and found her like this!
Jones: So that government clipboard <Name> picked up must belong to our victim... Let's send the attached paperwork to Alex, I'd like to know more about her work on the settlement.
Jones: You think that broken amulet was ripped from our victim's neck, <Name>? Well, I'm sure your restoring skills will help us find out why...
Jones: Good point, <Name>: this toolbox might be hiding something important. Let's have a look inside!

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan Pandit: The results of the autopsy prove that Sandy Grimmes died from blood loss due to the savage removal of her hands.
Nathan: And this particular method of execution is a well-known punishment for incorrigible thieves in many Native American cultures...
Jones: So Sandy was subject to a Native American form of torture... and we know she was murdered on the Aloki Indian settlement... I don't like where this is heading, <Name>.
Nathan: I wouldn't jump to any conclusions too quickly, Jones.
Nathan: The only thing I can tell for certain is that I found cigarette burns on your victim's chest.
Jones: Which means our killer smokes! Well, <Name>, I know you have a keen nose... You can smell a smoker from the other side of the room!

Analyze Victim's Paperwork.
Alex: According to the paperwork on the victim's clipboard, Sandy had a morning appointment with an Aloki juvenile offender called Keanu...
Alex: And this kid looks like he's a real trouble maker... The department of social services is planning on relocating him to a home for violent young offenders!
Jones: Well, he sounds like a prime suspect already! Let's go track down this Keanu, <Name>...
Alex: Wait! Before you go... There is another person Sandy Grimmes worked with on the settlement, an Aloki woman called Shanaya...
Alex: I couldn't find any information on her background but I can tell you that Sandy was supposed to check in on her today...
Jones: You're right, <Name>: we need to go talk to Keanu and Shanaya!

Talk to Shanaya Peota about her appointment with the victim.
Shanaya: Yes, I heard about Sandy's unfortunate end, <Rank> <Name>. It's such a shame... Sandy was one of the nicer social workers I've met?
Jones: If you don't mind, what was Sandy seeing you about?
Shanaya: She's been in charge of my children's welfare since my divorce... They're in foster care while I get my life back together...
Shanaya: Sandy was good at her job, but as far as I'm concerned, we Aloki should be allowed to deal with our problems in our own way.

Question Keanu about his appointment with the victim.
Jones: Keanu, it has come to our attention that you had an appointment with the social worker Sandy Grimmes this morning...
Keanu: Yeah, I did have an appointment with her but I couldn't make it. So what?!
Jones: Well, she was found murdered this morning, that's what!!
Keanu: Ain't no concern of mine. That social worker wanted to send me away to a young offenders home... But I guess I don't need to worry about that no more!
Keanu: Those civil servant do-gooders always promise to help us Aloki... But really, there job is to clear us off our land! A land we've lived on FOREVER!
(After talking to Keanu Ashokan)
Jones: I agree, <Name>, Keanu seems pretty hostile to outsiders, especially those working for the state!
Jones: And I wonder how far he was willing to go to avoid being sent away from his ancestral land...
Jones: You're right, <Name>: let's keep a sharp eye on Keanu. Meanwhile, there's more digging to be done on all of this!

Examine Broken Amulet.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! You perfectly repaired the broken amulet you found at the victim's feet!
Jones: Ooh, it's got a cat on it! I just love cats--
Anakee: It's not a cat, you fool... It's a panther! Panther amulets have been worn for centuries by the Aloki to ward of EVIL!
Jones: Aargh! Who are you? And what are you doing creeping on us like that?

Ask the old Aloki woman about the amulet.
Jones: So, who are you and how come you know so much about that panther amulet <Rank> <Name> found on the crime scene?
Anakee: I am Anakee, the shaman of the Aloki tribe. I have lived all my life on this land and know all its secrets!
Anakee: This Aloki panther amulet you found dates back to 1643... and it may hold the key to solving this murder!
Jones: How so?
Anakee: To find out, you need to go back to where this amulet comes from: the Aloki village as it was in 1643!
Jones: Yeah, right, how could we possible travel back in time to 1643?
Anakee: Haha, but you don't need to travel back in time!
Anakee: With the help of a peace pipe and my shamanic ritual, your mind will be gifted with the vision of the ancient Aloki village. It will be as if you were really there!
Anakee: Come to my wigwam when you are ready. I will have the peace pipe waiting!
Jones: What do you say, <Name>? Through Anakee's shamanic ritual, we'll be able to experience life among the Aloki people in 1643!

Examine Toolbox.
Jones: Oh my God, <Name>, look: there's some fresh blood on the tribal mask you found hidden in that tool box!
Jones: You're right, <Name>: the blood's fresh so it must have belonged to our victim... Which means the killer wore this make during the murder!
Jones: Let's look at the back of the mask. The killer was wearing it, so they may have left some trace evidence behind!

Examine Indian Mask.
Jones: Aha!! You've collected saliva from the tribal mask our killer was wearing during the murder!
Jones: Let's send this saliva sample over to Grace and see if she can tell us anything about the killer behind the mask!

Analyze Saliva Sample.
Grace: I analyzed the saliva sample left by your killer on the tribal mask they wore during the murder, <Name>.
Grace: There were incredibly high levels of dental bacteria in the saliva sample, meaning your killer has poor dental hygiene... I mean, REALLY poor!
Jones: You're telling us we're looking for a homicidal maniac with bad breath, Grace?
Grace: Exactly! So you'll be following your nose a lot in this investigation, <Name>!

Investigate Indian Village, 1643.
(Before investigating Indian Village, 1643)
In Anakee's shaman wigwam...
Anakee: Come, <Rank> <Name>, join me in my shamanic ritual and discover the story of this Aloki amulet from 1643.
Anakee: The peace pipe will help you envision the Aloki village as it was 4 centuries ago! Believe me, it will be as if you were truly there!
Anakee: In this wigwam, you are surrounded by ancient objects from the past. If any objects from my story hold your interest, let me know and I will give them to you.
Anakee: And now, inhale on this peace pipe and let my words fill your mind with the vision of the Aloki village of yesteryear!
Jones: Ugh, I don't feel well... Oooooh, I'm so lightheaded... and... Wow, now, I'm seeing things...
Anakee: Excellent, I can see the peace pipe is taking effect. Now listen to my story and imagine you are back in the Aloki village in 1643...
Anakee: Oh, great spirits of the land, let my words grant <Rank> <Name> safe passage into the past.

In the Indian Village, 400 years ago...
Spirit Anakee: Beware not to lose yourself, <Rank> <Name>... Many a traveler has never found their way back...

Investigate Indian Village, 1643.
(After investigating Indian Village, 1643)
As a shamanic ritual comes to an end...
Anakee: Now return to the present moment, <Rank> <Name>, and tell me what you saw!
Back to the present...
Jones: My fingers are frozen and I think I'm gonna throw up... but what a journey!
Jones: Anakee, an ancient Aloki shield and a journal caught <Rank> <Name>'s attention. Do they really exist or were they just hallucinations?
Anakee: Aha, they are very real... and very ancient. For 400 years, my family has been holding onto them. Now the time has come to give them to you, <Rank> <Name>.
Jones: I've got to admit, <Name>, I still don't see how the past relates to our current investigation, but if you think it's important, I trust you!
Jones: And I agree, there's something familiar about this weathered shield... Can you identify what the pattern means?
Jones: And look at this journal: it's written in English! But what was it doing in an Indian village in 1643?
Jones: Parts of it are faded... But I'm sure you'll manage to decipher the text and find out who it ended up there all those centuries ago!

Examine Aloki Shield.
Jones: You identified the animal on the shield from the Aloki village, <Name>!
Jones: And you're right, that's a panther on the ancient shield! The very same panther as the one on the amulet...
Jones: ...That was worn by our victim!
Jones: Hm, we need to look further into the story of this panther amulet... Maybe Anakee will be able to tell us more about it.

Back in Anakee's Wigwam...
Jones: Anakee, can you tell us anything more about this ancient shield that was in the Aloki village all those centuries ago?
Anakee: The shield originally belonged to Keme, the bravest Aloki warrior our tribe ever had!
Anakee: Back in 1643, Keme summoned the spirits into that panther amulet and that shield for protection.
Anakee: But the power of the amulet comes with a curse: if it is worn by any non-Indian, it will greatly harm them...
Jones: ...Wait a minute! We know Sandy was wearing that amulet! Oh my God, <Name>! You were right to investigate the past, the amulet killed her!
Anakee: Don't be so sure, Detective Jones. The power of the amulet is great... but not great enough to kill!
Jones: Argh, we need to find Keme's descendant quickly. As long as we have the amulet, we risk hurting ourselves!

Examine Faded Journal.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! You deciphered the faded text on that 400 year old journal in no time!
Jones: Hm, this journal belonged to a certain Solomon Grimmes... But what on Earth is an Englishman doing in the Aloki village back in 1643?
Jones: Oh my God, you're right <Name>: this Solomon Grimmes shares the same surname as Sandy Grimmes! They must be related!
Jones: Anakee told us that the past had a strong link with our current case... Let's read Solomon's journal and learn more about him!
Jones: Here it goes: "11 February, 1643..."

Solomon's Journal, 1643...
Solomon: 11 February, 1643. Many months of hardship have passed since we arrived in this land...
Solomon: We did not know how to survive the hostile winter here and many of our people died for want of heat and nourishment.
Solomon: Indeed, every last one of us would have perished if the Aloki tribe had not miraculously found us and brought us to their village.
Solomon: Thanks to these noble people I, Solomon Grimmes, and many other English Pilgrims will have a bountiful future in this land.

The end of Solomon's journal entry...
Jones: "...and many other English Pilgrims will have a bountiful future in this land"...
Jones: Wow, so the Aloki saved the Pilgrims' lives by giving them food during the harsh winter. What an amazing story!
Jones: You're right, <Name>: first Solomon was helped by the Indians in 1643...
Jones: ...And then his direct descendant Sandy Grimmes helped Indians in her job...
Jones: I agree, <Name>, the Grimmes family has a long shared history with the Indians... and maybe this historic bond will help us solve her murder!

Later, at the office...
Jones: Phew! When I woke up this morning, I never imagined we would be navigating our way through a shamanic maelstrom before lunchtime!
Jones: But you're doing a great job linking the pieces of the past to this murder, <Name>! How about we break for lunch?
Jones: ...Huh, why is Ramirez phoning now?
Jones: Hello? ... Hello? Ramirez?
Jones: That's strange, why isn't Ramirez saying anything? We'd better head back to the crime scene and see what's happening, <Name>!

At the Aloki Indian Settlement...
Jones: Ramirez, are you here? ...Ramirez?
Ramirez: <Name>! <Name>! Help!!! Keanu's going to kill me!!! Oh, please don't kill me, young man!! Please!!
Jones: Keanu! What the hell are you doing?! Drop that gun right now!
Keanu: No! This cop's trying to get me locked up in a home for young offenders! Just like Sandy wanted!
Jones: Come on, just put the gun down and we'll talk about this, ok?

Chapter 2

Ramirez: <Name>! <Name>! Help!!! Keanu's going to kill me!!! Oh, please don't kill me, young man!! Please!!

Jones: Oh, my God! RAMIREEEEZ!! <Name>... I think he's been shot!
Jones: Ramirez... Can you hear me? Ramirez! Please, open your eyes!
Ramirez: AARRGGHH! Oh my God, oh my God... I'M DEAD!! Keanu shot me!
Jones: Uh, Ramirez... You're not dead. Keanu just fired a shot through your hat. He wanted to distract us so he could run away.
Ramirez: Really? You mean, I... I'm alive?
Jones: Yes, Ramirez. You're as alive as you were two minutes ago... But what are you clutching in your hand?
Ramirez: Oh, I didn't even realize I was holding anything! Uh, I think it's an employee card from the gas station... and it has Keanu's name on it!
Jones: So Keanu works at the gas station. You're right, <Name>: we should go check it out!

Investigate Gas Station Shop.
(Before investigating Gas Station Shop)
Ron Riggs: Howdy, what can I do for y'all today?
Jones: <Rank> <Name> is looking for a certain Keanu Ashokan, he's a suspect in the Sandy Grimmes murder case and he's disappeared...
Ron: Keanu? Why that lil varmint! I knew his real nature would come out one day. I never wanted to hire him... It was that social worker who insisted I take him on!
Ron: But where are my manners... Ron Rigg's the name, and I'm the boss around here.
Jones: Well, Mr. Riggs, do you mind if we look around your gas station shop? Keanu might have left something here that will help us locate him...
Ron: Knock yourself out, <Rank> <Name>!
(After investigating Gas Station Shop)
Jones: Good point, <Name>: since Keanu works at this gas station, the surveillance camera will certainly be worth analyzing...
Jones: ...But of course, it requires a password. Would you mind?
Jones: You're right, <Name>... There is a curious red stain on the price tag attached to that mock Indian hatchet! Let's have a closer look at it!
Jones: And that pocket knife you found has some faded engraving on it. Can you make out what it says, <Name>?

Examine Replica Indian Hatchet.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! You've collected blood from the price tag of the mock Indian hatchet!
Jones: Now why would there be blood on a brand new item for sale?! Let's get this over to the lab asap!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Grace: <Name>, the blood sample you collected from the price tag of the mock Indian hatchet belonged to your victim!
Grace: And if you take into account the nature of the wounds into the victim's hands, it's clear that the killer used this very hatchet to cut off Sandy's hands!
Jones: Whoa... You mean... <Name> found our murder weapon! Congrats!
Grace: And there's more... I found pinene molecules in the victim's blood!
Grace: Pinene molecules are one of the main components in turpentine... The killer must have used this household chemical to clean the hatchet!
Jones: So our killer uses turpentine! Well, <Name>, they can try all they want, but they'll never be able to wash the blood off their hands!

Examine Surveillance Camera.
Jones: Super decoding work, <Name>! I think that's a new time record! Now we can send the gas station surveillance camera to the lab!

Analyze Camera Footage.
Alex: I had a look at the gas station surveillance camera, and it shows your victim being threatened...
Jones: Let me guess: it was that gun-crazy Keanu who was threatening Sandy, right? After all, we know he works here!
Alex: Actually, no. It was the gas station owner who was threatening her... All because of Keanu.
Alex: The whole conversation was recorded: Sandy had placed Keanu in a working scheme at Ron's gas station, to keep him out of the young offenders home.
Alex: Ron wanted to get rid of Keanu, but couldn't fire him. He asked Sandy to remove him from the working scheme but she refused.
Alex: And that's when things got heated: Ron threatened her, but she just walked away...
Jones: ...And now she's dead! I agree, <Name>, it's about time we had a proper talk with Ron!

Grill Ron about him threatening the victim.
Ron: I'd never threaten that sweet lil Sandy Grimmes! We got on like a house on fire!
Jones: Stop lying to us, Ron. The surveillance camera footage shows you threatening her: all because you wanted her to remove Keanu from your working system!
Ron: Ok, ok... You got me... Keanu's attitude has been getting worse lately: he even started stealing my cigarettes! But it was impossible to fire him!
Ron: So I thought by threatening Sandy, she'd either put pressure on Keanu to change... or remove him from his employment.
Jones: And now Sandy's dead...
Ron: But not because I threatened her! Look, you gotta understand: you and me come from different worlds, <Rank> <Name>! You gotta be tough out here to survive.
(After talking to Ron Riggs)
Jones: You're right, something stinks about Ron's story... In fact, I'd say it stinks as much as his breath! I had to back away when he was talking, it was so bad!
Jones: And if Keanu stole cigarettes from Ron, that means they both smoke! Let's write that down!

Examine Pocket Knife.
Jones: Thanks to your superior forensic skills, <Name>, the faded engraving on the pocket knife is as clear as day! It says: "Solomon Grimmes"...
Jones: We already know that Solomon Grimmes was our victim's ancestor... but what is his knife doing here?
Anakee: AHA! Well done, clever <Rank> <Name>... You are a sharp one! Hehehehe!
Jones: AAAAHHH! What in the... ANAKEE?! You nearly gave me a heart attack! What are you doing here?
Anakee: I see you've found Solomon's knife, <Rank> <Name>. And you're lucky I came because I have a very important story to tell you about it.

Talk to Anakee about Solomon's knife.
Anakee: Now that you've found Solomon Grimme's pocket knife, you are ready to hear the story behind it, <Rank> <Name>.
Anakee: As you know, the Aloki brought the dying Pilgrims back to their village and nursed them back to health...
Anakee: ...And let me tell you the story of what Solomon did next... It all happened one day in February, 1943...

In the Aloki Village, February 1943...
Solomon: Aloki people, you not only saved my life, you also saved my heart.
Solomon: I have sworn my undying love to Inaya, and she to me... And as proof of my eternal love, I've carved our names into the right wing of the sacred totem pole.
Solomon: Great people, let this glorious moment mark the day the two different people united as one!

Back to the present...
Jones: Awww, so the Pilgrim Solomon Grimmes fell in love with the Indian woman who saved his life. Can you think of a more beautiful love story, <Name>?
Anakee: Aha, <Rank> <Name> is a smart one: I did indeed tell you the story for a particular purpose: you need to find the totem wing. It may hold some answers to the questions you seek.
Jones: You're always one step ahead, <Name>! Let's go to the Aloki Indian Settlement and see if we can find that totem wing!

Investigate Trailer.
(Before investigating Trailer)
Jones: Huh, just our luck... The totem wing has been ripped off the totem pole. There's no way we'll find it now!
Jones: You still want to have a look for it around the Aloki Indian Settlement, <Name>? Well, if anybody can find it, it's you!
(After investigating Trailer)
Jones: You're right, <Name>: Solomon and Inaya's names are clearly engraved in this totem pole wing, just like the story said!
Jones: But there seems to be another faded engraving on it. Do you think you can make it out, <Name>?

Examine Totem Pole Wing.
Jones: Fantastic, <Name>! You uncovered the faded engraving on this totem pole wing in no time!
Jones: So what does it say next to Solomon and Inaya's names?
Jones: "Sandy + Delsin"? So Sandy carved the name of her lover onto this totem wing, just like her ancestor Solomon said!
Jones: But I wonder who this Delsin is...
Anakee: Aha, remember the story of the great warrior Keme, <Rank> <Name>? Well, Delsin is his descendant!
Jones: Anakee! You have to stop creeping up on us! But I agree, <Name>, we need to talk to this Delsin about his relationship with Sandy!

Talk to Delsin about his relationship with the victim.
Jones: Delsin, it has come to our attention that you were in a relationship with Sandy Grimmes...
Delsin: Yes, I was... and I'm devastated, <Rank> <Name>!
Delsin: Other Alokis criticized me for dating a non-Indian girl, but I didn't care. As proof of my love for Sandy, I gave her a precious family heirloom: Keme's panther amulet!
Jones: You mean the cursed panther amulet belonging to the great warrior Keme? The one that brings harm to any non-Indian who wears it?
Delsin: What? That's rubbish... My ancestor would have never created a cursed amulet!
Delsin: I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>, I need to go buy some cigarettes now. Talking about Sandy is painful and smoking is my only way of coping.
(After talking to Delsin Peota)
Jones: I agree, <Name>, Delsin told us he gave Sandy his ancestor's amulet to prove his love for her...
Jones: But if he's lying the amulet is really cursed, he must have given it to Sandy in order to harm her!

Later at the station...
Jones: Phew, I'm glad we came back to the station to recap, <Name>... I needed a coffee break after all that drama!
Jones: But it's quite romantic that Solomon Grimmes fell in love with the Aloki woman who saved his life...
Jones: And that his descendant, Sandy, then fell in love with an Aloki she was trying to help!
Jones: On the other hand... Delsin did give her a cursed amulet! We'll have to keep an eye on him, you're right.
Jones: But right now Keanu is still on the run. And if he is capable of threatening Ramirez with a gun...
Jones: Who knows what he might have done to the woman he thought was going to send him away?!
Anakee: <Rank> <Name>! Help!! Oh help! My end has come! Sandy's killer wants me dead! Aiieeeeeeeee!

Chapter 3

Anakee: <Rank> <Name>! Help!! Oh help! My end has come! Sandy's killer wants me dead! Aiieeeeeeeee!
Jones: Anakee, calm down! You're safe here, now why don't you tell us what's wrong?
Anakee: The killer... They just called me on my transportable telephone. They said they saw me talking to you at the gas station.
Anakee: And they told me that if I don't stop helping <Rank> <Name>, they'd kill me!
Anakee: I was so ruffled I used turpentine to clean my pipe instead of cedar oil!
Jones: Don't worry, Anakee, <Rank> <Name> will go check the gas station and track this killer down!

Investigate Shop Shelves.
Jones: Hmm... That torn photo you found looks like it was printed recently! Would you mind restoring it, <Name>?
Jones: Ah, you've picked up Keanu's payslip! But there's some smudged writing on the page... Do you think you can decipher it?

Examine Payslip.
Jones: Amazing work, <Name>! You've uncovered the faded handwriting on Keanu's payslip!
Jones: It says: "Sandy's your enemy, she will send you away!"
Jones: It sounds like someone tried to get Keanu to kill Sandy...
Jones: ...And what if Keanu followed their advice and killed her?!
Keanu: I didn't kill Sandy! You take that back right now, or I'll-
Jones: Put your hands up, Keanu! We're taking you in for your assault on Ramirez... And you're wanted for questioning about the murder of Sandy Grimmes!

Grill Keanu about him fleeing the crime scene.
Keanu: Look, I'm sorry for what I did to that officer... I got a little freaked out with all you cops hanging around... But I'm not a murderer!
Keanu: I mean, yeah, I was angry at Sandy for trying to send me away...
Keanu: I was planning on trashing her car before we had our appointment... But when I got there, she was already dead!
Jones: But Keanu, Sandy never wanted to send you away! On the contrary, she was fighting to keep you on the settlement!
Keanu: What?! But right after I'd unpacked our shipment of turpentine, Ron slipped me a message on my payslip. Now you're saying he lied?!
Keanu: Oh my God, Ron lied to me... So I would hurt Sandy! How did I let myself be taken in by that rat?!
(After talking to Keanu Ashokan)
Jones: I don't know about you, <Name>... But I'm getting fed up with Ron's lies... Let's haul him down to the station for questioning!

Quiz Ron about him trying to get the victim hurt.
Ron: OK, so I lied to Keanu! I wanted him to believe Sandy was his enemy!
Jones: But why?
Ron: Because I never wanted to hire him! Sandy made me employ Keanu so he could stay on the settlement!
Ron: For years, that social worker has used my business for her young offender work scheme... I'm sick of having to hire these nightmare kids!
Jones: So let me get this straight: you lied to Keanu because you knew he would try to scare Sandy off... or do something worse?!
Ron: What can I say... It's a dog eat dog world, <Name>!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! That torn photo you restored is a picture of Shanaya with her two children!
Jones: But look... There's something written on it: "Sandy, if you harm my family, I'll kill you!"
Jones: It's a threat meant for our victim!
Jones: We know Sandy put Shanaya's children into foster care... But Shanaya still seemed to like her!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, let's go see what Shanaya can tell us about this picture!

Quiz Shanaya about the written threat to the victim.
Jones: Shanaya, we found a picture of you and your children... And it had a threat meant for Sandy on it!
Shanaya: ..."Sandy, if you harm my family, I'll kill you!" ...I never wrote that! It must have been Delsin!
Jones: Wait a second... What does Delsin have to do with this?
Shanaya: Well, we used to be married...
Jones: You and Delsin were married?!
Shanaya: Yes, but we recently got divorced...
Shanaya: ...And then, he started dating the kids' social worker... Classy, eh?
Shanaya: At least he's a good dad. He still does finger painting with the kids and me... But that idiot used my turpentine to clean their hands last week!
Shanaya: I don't miss his bad breath either! You'd think a family of badgers was living in his mouth!!
(After talking to Shanaya Peota)
Jones: Shanaya can talk: she's got super bad breath too!
Jones: Good point, <Name>: let's ask Delsin why he wrote a threatening message to Sandy on a photo of his kids!

Talk to Delsin about the written threat to the victim.
Jones: Delsin, it has come to our attention that you gave Sandy a photo with a threat on it. What do you have to say for yourself?
Delsin: That she deserved to be threatened, <Rank>. Nobody messes with my family!
Jones: But Sandy was trying to help your family... And you told us you loved her!
Delsin: I did... Until she sent my kids to foster care!
Delsin: Last week, Sandy removed my kids from my chain-smoking ex-wife's custody...
Delsin: But instead of rehousing them with me, she sent them to a foster home! I was furious!
Delsin: In the heat of the moment, I sent that threat to Sandy... I don't regret what I said, but I never laid a hand on her.

Later at the station...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, Anakee is here again... She says she wants to see you one last time!
Jones: Anakee? Oh... Will she ever leave us to do our job in peace? Send her in, Ramirez...
Anakee: <Rank> <Name>, I have been in intense contact with the spirit world for the last hour and I have been told you have unfinished building in the past...
Anakee: When you are ready to journey back to the Aloki village, come see me in my wigwam, <Rank> <Name>: I'll have the peace pipe waiting!

Investigate Indian Campfire, 1643.
(Before investigating Indian Campfire, 1643)
In Anakee's Wigwam...
Anakee: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, are you ready to journey back to the Aloki village as it was 400 years ago?
Anakee: I have prepared a stronger dose of the peace pipe. Now inhale and let yourself be transported back to 1643.
Jones: Ugh... Such an odd sensation... It feels as if my spirit is going to float away...
Anakee: Excellent, you are ready to embark on your journey to the Aloki village!
Anakee: Oh, great spirits of the land, grant <Rank> <Name> safe passage into the past...
(After investigating Indian Campfire, 1643)
As the shamanic ritual comes to an end...
Anakee: Now come back to the present moment, <Name>, and tell me what you saw!

Back to the present...
Jones: Wow, I must be experiencing travel sickness... Right? What a trip!
Jones: Anakee, those animal hide pieces caught <Name>'s attention: do you still have them after all these years?
Anakee: I do! And if you manage to piece them back together, <Rank> <Name>, an incredible story shall be revealed!

Examine Animal Skin Pieces.
Anakee: Great job, <Rank> <Name>! From the animal hide you have restored, you can see the drawings that recount the tragic tale of Keme...
Anakee: All the Aloki know this grim story by heart, because it marks the day everything changed for our people.
Anakee: You see, this animal hide tells the story of Keme, and of his love for an Aloki woman name Inaya. They were betrothed from birth and were meant to spend their lives together...
Anakee: ...Until the day Inaya saved the life of the Pilgrim Solomon Grimmes, and gave her heart to him.
Anakee: Keme was heartbroken but had to respect Inaya's wishes... But that didn't stop him from making a vow to the great spirits...

The Aloki Village, 1643...
Keme: I decree that if ever a descendant of mine meets a descendant of Solomon Grimmes, they must avenge the loss of my love!
Keme: And this vengeance shall take the form of fatal hand removal! In Aloki law, anyone who steals the beloved of another must relinquish their hands and their life!

Back to reality...
Anakee: ...And somehow Keme's angry vow to the spirits changed everything: life in the Aloki village was never as peaceful afterwards...
Jones: Oh my God, you're right, <Name>: what if Delsin decided to avenge the loss of Keme's love by killing Solomon's descendant?!
Jones: I feel we're almost there... But the last missing elements are driving me crazy. How about we go back to the crime scene one last time, <Name>?

Investigate Aloki Trailer Park.
Jones: Fantastic job, <Name>! You've just found our victim's jacket! It has her name badge on it!
Jones: Hmmm... Yes, I think it's worth looking in that hamper too... I didn't see it there last time!

Examine Hamper.
Jones: Nice catch, <Name>! That rope you found is exactly the same type as the killer used to tie up our victim!
Jones: I agree... it's definitely worth taking a closer look to see if we can find anything linked to the murderer on it!

Examine Rope.
Jones: You found tiny glass beads embedded in the rope you recovered from the hamper at the crime scene!
Jones: I wonder where they came from... Let's send them over to Grace to see if she can tell us more.

Analyze Glass Bead Fragments.
Grace: This is fantastic! The glass beads <Name> found have pretty much led you to your killer!
Grace: Now, you found the glass beads on the same rope the killer used to tie up the victim...
Grace: And I discovered faint traces of turpentine on the beads... Which gives me no doubt they belong to your killer!
Grace: The killer was obviously wearing a necklace with beads on it... Small beads likes these can come unattached very easily, you know!
Jones: So we're looking for a killer with a beaded necklace! Nice one, Grace!

Examine Victim's Jacket.
Jones: Excellent work, <Name>: you collected skin cells from the victim's jacket! Quick, let's send them off to the lab!

Analyze Skin Cell Sample.
Grace: I examined the skin cells you found on the victim's jacket under the microscope and I can tell you two things...
Grace: First of all, they don't match the victim's skin type... Which means they were left by her killer!
Grace: Secondly, the skin cells were imbued with permanent ink...
Grace: In other words, you're looking for a killer who is tattooed!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: Okay, <Name>, I think it's time to put this hatchet wielding killer behind bars!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: Shanaya Peota, you are under arrest for the murder of Sandy Grimmes...
Shanaya: NO! I shall NOT submit to your law! What I did was right and just!
Shanaya: And I would have got away with it if <Rank> <Name> hadn't gotten involved!
Shanaya: I knew what I had to do... So when I saw Sandy arrive for her appointment with Keanu...
Shanaya: I jumped her and tied her to the pole! Then I hacked off her thieving hands with a hatchet I'd stolen from the gas station!
Jones: Stop! I've heard enough... You can tell the whole story to Judge Hall!

Judge Hall: Mrs. Shanaya Peota, in all my years as judge, I have never seen someone so unrepentantly proud of their violent crime...
Shanaya: What about HER crime? She used her outsider ways to enchant my husband...
Shanaya: ...And then she sent my kids away!
Shanaya: I was a happy Aloki wife until Sandy started working in our settlement... She made me the laughing stock of the community!
Shanaya: And it's not the first time something like this has happened to the Aloki!
Shanaya: Solomon Grimmes blackened the age-old harmony of our people the day he stole the warrior Keme's betrothed!
Shanaya: But now both the great Keme and I have been avenged!
Judge Hall: Mrs. Peota! You cannot right past wrongs with new crimes!
Judge Hall: For the pitiless murder of Sandy Grimmes, I sentence you to life imprisonment with no parole! This trial is over!

Jones: Well, <Name>... I don't know how we would have got through such a labyrinthine case if it weren't for your sharp intuition and forensic savvy...
Jones: And we should thank Anakee for her willingness to guide us to the truth... It just shows what our communities can accomplish if they work together.
Jones: But please, if she offers us that peace pipe again... I'm just saying no! I've had enough trips to last me the rest of my life!

Additional Investigation

Late night, at Grimsborough police station...
Alex: <Name>, I've spent the last 3 hours rummaging through old press articles relating to the Aloki tribe.
Alex: And about ten years ago, there was an unsolved case of arson at the Aloki trailer park. Apparently, some valuable documents were lost in the fire.
Alex: This case is quite mysterious because there is nothing about it in the Police database. It's as if this fire never happened!
Jones: I agree, <Name>... there is no smoke without fire! And as we know the Aloki tribe, we should ask them about this mystery.
Jones: Let's start with questioning Delsin: he's the Aloki representative, he must know something about the fire.
Jones: You're right, <Name>: we should also question Ron! He's been here for a long time, he might remember something.

See if Ron knows anything about the arson.
Jones: Ron? If you don't mind, <Rank> <Name> would like to know what you can tell us about the fire at the Aloki settlement 10 years ago.
Ron: Uh, I can't remember much about the fire itself, ya know. But I remember the date pretty well because my station got robbed the day before.
Ron: They stole a few gallons of gas and a few naphtha. I reported the robbery, but I guess Grim PD had better things to do than help an old hick like me...
Ron: And a few days later, I found something weird stuck in the wall of my store. It broke when I removed it, but I still have it somewhere, it's really shiny. Would you like to look around the shop for it?
Jones: I don't know if it's related to the arson at the settlement, but what have we got to lose?

Investigate Gas Station Shop.
Jones: Well done, <Name>, you've found some shiny broken medal! Do you think this might be the thing Ron was talking about?
Jones: Well... Let's fix it and see if it has any connection to the robbery or the fire on the settlement.

Examine Shiny Metal Parts.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! So the "weird thing" Ron kept at his station actually was a ninja star, and this one's shaped like...
Jones: ...the Crimson Order symbol?! What the hell?? Why would they plant a ninja star in Ron's wall after stealing from him?
Jones: It doesn't make sense, why would the Crimson Order steal gas canisters?
Jones: We should go ask Ron for more information about the break-in. This is way more serious than I thought.

Tell Ron about his robbery at his station.
Jones: Ron, the object you found in your store a few days after the robbery is a ninja star! Did anything unusual happen in the days that preceded the robbery?
Ron: Well, no, I don't remember anything special. But I think you're taking this robbery a little too seriously... It was just a few gallons of gas, ya know!
Jones: Look, Ron, the person who broke into your shop clearly wasn't some run-of-the-mill burglar. <Name> is going to keep an eye out for more leads...
Ron: Oh, I see... Well, I'm sorry I can't do much to help you. But to show my gratitude for your interest in the robbery, have some vouchers you can use at my station!

Ask Delsin about the arson.
Delsin: <Rank> <Name>? I didn't expect to see you any time soon. What do you want now?
Jones: 10 years ago, there was an arson attack at the Aloki Indian Settlement. Do you remember it?
Delsin: Of course I remember it! Everybody remembers. It destroyed our future. The settlement was targeted to prevent us from getting any more land!
Delsin: We had found old County documents proving that we were entitled to more land... Days later, they were destroyed in the fire!
Jones: And what did the police make of the arson? Did they find out who did it?
Delsin: There was never an investigation! We tried to file an official complaint but nobody took us seriously...
Delsin: We salvaged everything that survived the fire and stored it away in a small chest, if you want to have a look...
Jones: Thanks, Delsin, we'll take a look at the crime scene and we'll look out for that small chest, too. Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate Aloki Trailer Park.
Jones: Well done, <Name>, this looks like the small chest Delsin told us about. Let's have a look inside!

Examine Delsin's Box.
Jones: You're right, <Name>, that scorched knife Delsin recovered from the arson attack looks oddly familiar... like...
Jones: Damn! That's a Grimsborough P.D. utility knife, just like mine! So a cop's knife was used during the arson attack!
Jones: Despite the scorch marks, I think the serial number can be deciphered. Would you mind taking a look at it, <Name>?

Examine Scorched Knife.
Jones: I knew decoding the serial number from that scorched knife would be a piece of cake for you!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, this knife is probably registered in the police database. We should ask Alex to find out who it belonged to.

Analyze Police Knife's Serial Number.
Jones: So, Alex, did you find any information about the knife we brought you, the one used in the Aloki Settlement fire?
Alex: <Name>... You won't believe it... but the knife you found at the settlement belonged to Samuel King!
Jones: What?! No! It can't be true! There has to be a good explanation for this...
Alex: Well, it could have been stolen and used by someone else, but it was never reported lost by Chief King...
Jones: That means King might have had something to do with the arson! I won't believe it without any solid proof!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, we should go tell Delsin about the knife, he has a right to know after all!

Tell Delsin about the fire at the trailer park.
Jones: Delsin, thank you for keeping this knife safe all these years... It was a great piece of evidence! We found out that it belonged to a police officer!
Delsin: I knew it! A cop must have started the fire... The police Chief ignored us when we asked to file a complaint! Maybe HE did it! I can't believe the police did this to my people!
Jones: Please calm down, Delsin. We can't prove anything for sure yet. Do you know why somebody in the force might have wanted to start the fire?
Delsin: Well, I'm certain the fire was intended to destroy the documents that proved our entitlement to more land, but I don't see why a police officer would have started it!
Jones: Don't worry, Delsin, <Name> will get to the bottom of this! But let's grab some food first, <Name>, I need a little pick-me-up.

Later, at the station...
Jones: <Name>, I have to say I really don't like the look of this...
Jones: On the one hand, we've discovered that King's knife was used in the arson attack at the Aloki Settlement. He never reported the loss... so I can't help thinking he might have been involved!
Jones: And on the other hand, Ron's revealed that he had flammable products stolen the day before the fire... A robbery that was most likely committed by the Crimson Order!
Jones: Exactly, <Name>, those flammable products were most certainly used to start the fire... Which means, if King did it, he did it for the Crimson Order!
Jones: I... I just can't believe he could have done such a thing!
Jones: But you're right, we still don't have solid proof. Let's talk to someone else at the settlement... Anakee! She's old... She must remember lots of things!

Ask Anakee about the arson.
Anakee: <Rank> <Name>, I knew you would visit again. I am guessing some ghost of the past led you here.
Jones: Huh... You can say that, yes. We wanted to ask you a few questions about the fire burning down the Aloki locale and the ownership documents inside of it a few years ago.
Jones: We are reinvestigating the case, and we found some... surprising things. But we're still missing some elements. So we wondered whether you remembered what happened.
Anakee: I have something from that fire! I picked it out of the locale's remains. I consulted the Elders to hopefully get answers, but they remained silent about it.
Anakee: I kept it with me, because I knew the day would come when someone would need it. Here, take it with you, <Rank> <Name>, maybe you will be more clairvoyant than me and see its secrets.
Jones: Thanks, Anakee! Alright, let's have a look at it, <Name>! I'm burning to know what we could discover!

Examine Naphtha Container Scrap.
Jones: Well done, <Name>! You managed to take blood out of the naphtha container scrap Anakee gave you!
Jones: Now let's send this blood sample to Grace to see what she can tell us about the arsonist.

Analyze Blood Sample.
Grace: <Name>, the blood you spotted on the naphtha container was old, but I synthesized a solvent so I could extract the DNA without altering it. I know whose blood it is, and you won't like what I'll say...
Grace: I found nothing in the registered arsonists database, so I looked on a more global scale, and still nothing.
Grace: Since a pocket knife was found on the scene, I looked in our officers data... And it's crystal clear it's King's blood!
Jones: What?!? So he stole from Ron and burned down the locale! For the Crimson Order! Goddammit! That can't be true! This is a joke!
Jones: Ah! I knew it deep down, but... Why would we do that? Why would the Crimson Order target the Aloki? You're right, <Name>, let's ask Anakee if she knows anything about it.

Ask Anakee about the Crimson Order.
Jones: Hello, Anakee, the naphtha container scrap kept revealed a lot more than we could have expected. Is there any chance you know anything about the Crimson Order?
Anakee: WAIT! I'm feeling something! But it's... dark... too dark... I... I can't see anything!
Anakee: I'm sorry, the past is dark and obstructed... Evil forces...
Anakee: I don't know anything about a Crimson Order, but the sprits just sent me a sign. I am not sure you are looking into something you want to get into. Sometimes the truth can be too hard to handle...
Anakee: Take these clothes, it protected me before against evil spirits, and maybe it will help you too. Now, I need to get some rest. May the mountain spirits be on your side, <Name>.

Later, at the station...
Jones: <Name>, I can't believe King burned down the Aloki locale... Even years before his death, he was involved with the Crimson Order.
Jones: The fact they can take brutal actions to make things work their way really blows my mind... And scares me! Who knows what else they've done?
Jones: Why would they target the Aloki? Maybe the lands they were about to regain were precious to them?
Jones: I really don't know... But you're right, <Name>, we need to find out what is the deal with King's double life. This is far from over!