Cal Stark
Biographical information
Full name Cal Stark
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1998
Death 2015
Cause of death Septic shock from punctured liver
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Gang member
Family Jordan Stark (grandfather; incarcerated)
Unnamed mother †
Unnamed father †
Affiliation(s) The Crystal Skulls
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #39: Road to Nowhere (s2)

Cal Stark (1998-2015) was the victim in Road to Nowhere (Case #39 of Pacific Bay).


Cal was a 17-year-old troubled teen. He had messy brown hair and a pair of blue eyes. At the time of his death, Cal was affiliated with Bubba Wyatt's Crystal Skulls motorcycle gang, as signified by the symbol on his black jacket, which he had worn over a white t-shirt.

Murder details

Cal was found impaled on a cactus at the side of Route 76 of Rhine Canyon. The moment Frank and the player found Cal impaled to death his corpse was shipped to Roxie for autopsy.

Roxie started her autopsy result by stating that Frank and the player were not the only people affected by the conditions of Route 76, but jokes aside, Roxie said that the cactus was the murder weapon given that the victim was stabbed by it and was somehow left for dead. Frank wondered why the cactus had to be the murder weapon, in which Roxie stated that it was luck since one of the spines punctured Cal's liver. At the time of his death, Cal had excessive amounts of toxins on his system although Roxie was saddened about Cal's death.

Roxie could not help but notice the amount of bruises Cal sustained around his abdomen, which suggested that the killer shoved Cal to the cactus by force. Roxie had to use mathematical force to incriminate the killer during autopsy, and after hours of replicating the force needed to make the bruise identical, one thing was made clear: the killer weighed 210 pounds.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be his grandfather, Jordan Stark.

The moment evidence pointed him as the killer, Jordan was surprised about what the player found. Frank took some time to show Jordan the findings the player garnished during the investigation, but Jordan did not like what Frank told him although the detective admitted that Jordan had remorse. Jordan eventually bowed to the player's investigative skills, so he told Frank and the player why the murder happened.

One day Jordan saw Cal hitch-hiking by the side of Route 76 to get away from Rhine Canyon, so when he saw Cal he pulled over and tried to talk some sense into him. Cal took a picture of Jordan as a memoir of Rhine Canyon as he would not return to Rhine Canyon after he left. Jordan didn't want Cal to leave Rhine Canyon, so he tried to force Cal back into the Stark Farm pickup truck. Cal then tried to attack Jordan, prompting Jordan to dodge and shove him to the cactus. Cal was stuck in the cactus, in which Jordan panicked since the victim started bleeding to death so Jordan fled the crime scene and left Cal for dead. Frank heard enough, so the player shipped Jordan to trial.

Judge Dante felt that domestic homicide was a bit harsh. Jordan admitted that he was a bad grandparent but the judge said that Jordan should have called an ambulance rather than fleeing the scene. Jordan made a beneficiary deed to pass his fortune to Cal upon his death but due to the victim dismissing the deed to follow his own path, friction between Jordan and Cal ensued. Jordan wanted Cal to take over the farm instead of following his own path, but Cal's intent to flee Rhine Canyon only made things worse, not to mention the victim's affiliation with Bubba Wyatt's Crystal Skulls motorbike gang. Although Judge Dante accepted that this murder was accidental (since Frank and the player has enough evidence to prove that Jordan had remorse), a murder is a murder as a 10-year jail sentence was required for the farmer.


  • Cal's death at the hands of his grandfather is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Pacific Bay.

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