Chad Whickman (1984-2012) was the victim in Burned to the Bone (Case #9 of Grimsborough).


Chad was a member of the street gang known as The Vipers. He had brown hair and blue eyes, and sported a tattoo of the Vipers' logo just above his chest. At the time of his death, Chad wore a black jacket above a light green V-neck T-shirt. His driver’s license also shows that his height was 5’4”.

Murder details

Chad was found dead in a disused parking lot with his body burned to a crisp. During the autopsy, Nathan discovered that the killer used to smoke. Blue fabric was found on the body which belonged to the killer. Dandruff, which did not match the victim's DNA, was also found on the body, so it was obvious that the killer had a dandruff problem. Later, a broken camera was found, and after putting it back to a single piece, Alex found out that the killer was 6'0".

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be mini-market manager Joe Stern.

Joe confessed that the Vipers would regularly come into his mini-market and cause vandalism, as a result of which he became furious when Chad, one day, asked for a job at his shop. Joe subsequently doused the gang member in gasoline before setting him on fire with his cigarette.

In court, Joe stated that his only regret was that he did not get to kill more members of the Vipers. Judge Hall hereby sentenced him to twenty to life in jail.


  • Per Chad's ID, he was born on May 1, 1984.

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