Characters play a key role in Criminal Case. They may or may not have a serious impact in the game. This page lists characters that appear or are mentioned at least once during the events of Criminal Case.


  • Main characters: Characters who have a major role in the game; they consist of specialty police personnel of the Grimsborough Police Department, the Pacific Bay Police Department, the Bureau, and the Concordian Flying Squad.
  • Central characters: Characters who play central or major roles in a season's main plot, most especially in the season finale or final district/region. However, they are not as important as the main characters in the season as a whole.
  • Recurring characters: Characters who appear frequently throughout the course of the season, but not as often or as long as the main characters. They usually play major roles in one or more districts/regions, sometimes being the main focus. Moreover, for organizational purposes, recurring characters are those that do not have a particularly significant role in the season's main plot.
  • Supporting characters: Characters who are usually key figures in the game; they consist of—
    • Victims, or characters who are slain for reasons that must be exposed in each individual case.
    • Suspects, or characters who are suspected of either the murder of the case's victim or any shady crime as the police force sees as being fit.
    • Killers, or characters who are liable for the murder of the case's victim, and usually have a motive for the crime.
    • Quasi-suspects, or characters who are not suspects in the main investigation chapters of the case, but take a star to converse with in the Additional Investigation of said case, often to gain more leads.
  • Minor characters: Characters who play a short role in the game. They can be supporting characters in a limited role and/or characters related to either a main character, a victim/suspect, or a public service, and their appearance may or may not impact the game in a heavy fashion.

Main characters

Grimsborough Police Department

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Pacific Bay Police Department

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The Bureau

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Concordian Flying Squad

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Central characters

Recurring characters

Supporting characters




Minor characters