Charlie Watchbird
Biographical information
Full name Charlie Watchbird
Status Alive
Birth 1989
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Moonshine dealer
Family Virginia Watchbird (cousin)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #29: The White Peaks Project (s2)

Charlie Watchbird was one of the suspects during the murder investigation of his cousin, young filmmaker Virginia Watchbird, in The White Peaks Project (Case #29 of Pacific Bay).


Charlie is a 25-year-old moonshine dealer. He has green eyes and sports brown hair tucked under his orange beanie hat. At each end of his beanie cap, there is a pom-pom. He dons a black chequered shirt with orange fur and a black t-shirt. At the sleeves of his shirt, there are hints of orange. Besides that, he is also seen wearing a pair of gloves. It is known that Charlie eats pumpkin soup and takes sleeping pills.

Height 6'1"
Age 25
Weight 180 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

Charlie found himself in trouble after the team of Frank and the player found a moonshine bottle in the White Peaks distillery. The fingerprints were sent to Hannah for inspection, after which Hannah concluded that the fingerprints on the moonshine bottle belonged to Charlie, who was once arrested for drunk driving years before events of this case. Since Charlie was Virginia's cousin per Hannah, Frank and the player went to the distillery to talk to him.

Charlie claimed Virginia to be the sweetest girl in his life but Frank wanted to know whether or not Charlie was a close cousin to Virginia. Charlie had to work hard to ensure the distillery accommodated Virginia's documentary project, but felt that he should have done a better job protecting her since filming a dangerous legend proved to be dangerous and in some cases, fatal. Charlie feared the wrath of Virginia's parents given the recent death of his cousin.

Charlie would be due for a second discussion after Frank and the player made a second trip to the distillery, where they found a yellow VHS tape. On the VHS tape, Charlie demanded Virginia to give him the VHS tape, prompting the filmmaker to ask why he was mad at her. Charlie did not want Virginia to finish the documentary even though she demanded him to trust her in all corners, to which Charlie vehemently disagreed. Frank felt that a heated conflict between the Watchbird cousins warranted a second discussion.

Frank asked Charlie as to why he was angry about what Virginia filmed. Charlie responded that he had to stop Virginia from outing information about some of the clients he sold moonshine to. All Charlie wanted was to edit the tapes to ensure that none of his embarrassing moments which took place, not limited to him peeing on one of his moonshine containers, was shown to the public, thus concluding that he did not believe in violence or bloodshed to ensure secrecy on his moonshine operations.

Charlie was found innocent after Lola Dickinson was indicted for his cousin's murder.

Case appearances