Claire Godwin was the victim in The Wollcrafts' Creature (Case #30 of Grimsborough).


Claire worked as one of the guides in the Grimsborough Museum and was notated in the police files as an animal rights activist. At the time of her death, she was in a relationship with Percy Wollcraft, also a museum guide. Claire sported blonde hair, green eyes, a nature headband on her head, and wore a white shirt.

Murder details

While Jones and the player were watching a funny video in the station, the lights suddenly went off. Ramirez then came in and informed them that the whole city was facing a blackout and that it was caused by a machine in a house in 301 Shelley Street.

The team, without hesitating, quickly went to the house and turned on the lights. As soon as the lights turned on, they realized that they were in a garage laboratory and then, they saw a burned body that had been connected into some kind of an electrical machine. The machine had electrocuted the victim's body so badly, that she was literally fried alive. Therefore, the experimental machine was the murder weapon.

After autopsying the unknown victim's body, Nathan told the team that the poor girl had obviously died after being electrocuted. When asked if he had any clue about the killer, Nathan said that the machine could not sustain the voltage and overheated, producing sparks that flew all over the room, and that the killer had overlooked this. So the killer surely could not escape the sparks. This meant that they had burned skin somewhere in their body. 

The team then finally discovered who the victim was. While talking to Nathan, they were interrupted by Ramirez, who informed them that he had the identity of the poor victim. He said that her name was Claire Godwin and that she worked at the Grimsborough Museum as a guide, and she was stated on record as an animal rights activist. 

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be the Wollcrafts' son and Claire's boyfriend, Percy Wollcraft. 

When her dog Elphaba died, Fran Wollcraft was heartbroken since they had trained very hard for the annual Dog Pageant competition. Fran's husband, Victor Wollcraft, a respected scientist, could not watch his wife in such a state, so he dug up old theories on reanimation and decided to give it a shot. He tried to reconstruct Elphaba by using stolen bones and other cadavers' body parts. Claire discovered about this, and as an aminal rights activist, she found it disgusting and wrong, and threatened Percy that she would expose his parents' criminal endeavor to the police. Percy could not allow this to happen to his parents, and decided to kill Claire. He managed to connect Claire into one of his father's experimental machines and then turned it on. The machine could not sustain the voltage and thus overheated, electrocuting Claire, who instantly died after being literally fried alive.

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