Clifford Grady
Biographical information
Full name Clifford Grady
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2014
Cause of death Blood loss (slashed throat)
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Weather forecaster
Family Colette Bordeaux (niece)
Marie Bordeaux (sister; incarcerated)
Affiliation(s) JTS Channel
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #19: Cloudy with a Chance of Murder (s2)

Clifford Grady was the victim in Cloudy with a Chance of Murder (Case #19 of Pacific Bay).


Clifford was a weather forecaster for the Pacific Bay Weather Channel, broadcasted under the authority of JTS.

Apart from that, Clifford had short light brown hair and blue eyes. At the time of his death, he wore a brown shirt with a designed gray tie over it and a darker brown jacket with an unhappy face badge on the right, along with a JTS badge on the left and a blue pen inside the pocket. He also sported a headset on his right ear.

Murder details

Clifford was found dead atop a couch in Hurricane Yves's wake with his neck sliced open, bleeding to death due to wanton blood loss as a result. Since the killer made a mistake leaving the victim's corpse in the battered debris, Amy and the player rushed the body to Roxie for autopsy.

After careful autopsy, Roxie confirmed that Clifford bled to death after his neck was sliced open but had a catch: the killer targeted Clifford's carotid artery with a circular saw blade as suggested by the victim's multiple puncture points. In addition, Roxie found bruises on Clifford's chest, suggesting Clifford was shoved right into the couch allowing Roxie to find traces of cat hair upon performing a scan on Clifford's clothing right at the area the killer pushed him. Listening to Roxie's reports, the player deduced that the killer owned a cat.

Immediately after talking to Agatha Christmas, the team investigated the courtyard and found a weed whacker with its circular blade covered with blood. Since there were many household products and carpentry tools with a circular blade, the player had to take a sample of the blood on top of the blade and then send it to Yann for clinical analysis.

After careful analysis of the blood on the weed whacker, Yann was able to confirm the blood belonging to Clifford, meaning that the weed whacker was the murder weapon used to kill Clifford. Yann could not help notice the blood having a strange orange tint, judging that blood was red Yann could only realize the blood was tainted by an external substance, and using microscopic examination, Yann was able to determine that Cajun spices were the substance used to taint the blood, meaning that the killer was fond of Cajun food.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be his sister, Marie Bordeaux.

Marie lost her only daughter Colette weeks prior to the events of this case but Amy countered that murder was not a proper way to cope and informed her that evidence incriminated her to be the killer of Clifford, prompting Amy to suggest Marie to feel guilt for the murder she committed. To Marie, Clifford was nothing but a heartbreaker and by offing Clifford, those who grieved because of Clifford's past transgressions could finally move on. Due to Clifford's faults, Marie disowned Clifford as a brother because as an uncle entrusted to protect Colette at all costs, Clifford did nothing to protect Colette from the likes of Hurricane Yves.

Judge Dante stated that Marie killed Clifford to avenge her daughter, but not without notating that Clifford was her brother, but in her defense Marie told Judge Dante she lost Colette because of Clifford as if Colette was still alive, she would be observing her tenth birthday as of Marie's hearing. Marie then told Judge Dante that the moment Colette was killed by Hurricane Yves, she invited Clifford to attend Colette's funeral to apologize for the transgressions he was liable for, but instead Clifford ignored Marie's invitation, so in response to her brother's ignorance, Marie grabbed a weed whacker from Clifford's backyard, sliced his neck with it, and shoved him to bleed to death whilst sitting on a red couch at one of Hurricane Yves's devastation areas. Although Clifford's negligence caused a lot of people to lose everything during the devastation of Hurricane Yves, the court decided that a 10-year jail sentence (eligible for parole in 5 years) was mandatory for Marie.


  • Clifford's death at the hands of his sister is one of the instances of domestic homicide in Pacific Bay.

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