Founder Unknown
Established Unknown
Country Flag of USA United States of America
Inhabitants Americans
Districts 10
Primary LEA Concordian Police Department
Concordian Flying Squad
Key city figures Cornelius Castletown (mayor)
Sandra Hwang (deputy mayor)
Justin Lawson (district attorney; formerly)
Talmadge Baldwin (commissioner)
Arthur Wright (chief of police)
Appears in Season 4

Concordia is a city appearing as the main setting for Mysteries of the Past, the fourth season of Criminal Case.

Located in the United States, Concordia is a booming Victorian city of innovation and new beginnings in the late 19th century, despite the presence of feuding gangs and a corrupt police force. A total of sixty cases is situated across the city, which is composed of ten districts.

The Concordian Flying Squad is the featured law enforcement agency that serves the city of Concordia.


The city of Concordia features ten different districts, each with unique scenery and composition.

New Haven

Based on 1900's New York, New Haven is the first district investigated in Concordia. It focuses on the flocking of immigrants from all over the world, most notably Ireland, to the city of Concordia, where they clash with frustrated native Concordians. It also focuses on a city fire burning down the police's evidence, as well as the possible involvement of Father Donovan in an evil scheme.

Cases #1-#6 are situated in this district.

Elysium Fields

Elysium Fields is the second district of Concordia. Hosting six soirées for the elite annually, the district focuses on investigating these parties held by the unseen Mr Alastor, who seems to be holding the parties for murders to occur.

Cases #7-#12 are situated in this district.

Century Mile

Century Mile is the third district of Concordia. A district boasting architectural and technological advancements and innovations, Century Mile focuses on the World Exhibition, where various inventors and scientists are presenting their works, which are being sabotaged by a mysterious saboteur. It also focuses on Judge Takakura's retirement and Justin Lawson's desire to be the new city judge.

Cases #13-#18 are situated in this district.

Sinner's End

Sinner's End is the fourth district of Concordia. A seedy district of prostitutes, gamblers, alcoholics all controlled by Irish thugs, Sinner's End focuses on cracking down on the Flanagan siblings that run the seedy and illegal operations in the district. It also focuses on catching the "Scarlet Slayer", a serial killer targeting prostitutes in the district, as well as the effects of Mayor Cornelius Castletown's alcohol ban.

Cases #19-#24 are situated in this district.

Coyote Gorge

Coyote Gorge is the fifth district of Concordia. Located in "the wild east," the district hosts horses, cowboys, gold mines, and the infamous Stonewall Prison. It focuses on investigating the actions and evictions of the Italian gang, who essentially run the entire district.

Cases #25-#30 are situated in this district.

Crimson Banks

Crimson Banks is the sixth district of Concordia. A commercial hub of the city, Crimson Banks is home to the Italian and Irish communities that coexist in peace. The district focuses on preventing the Italian gang from avenging its leader and declaring a war against the Irish.

Cases #31-#36 are situated in this district.

Wolf Street

Wolf Street is the seventh district of Concordia. Based on Wall Street, the financial district of Concordia initially focuses on investigating the Rochester family's involvement in the movements of the Italian gang in Coyote Gorge. It then focuses on a financial crisis set off by the murder of a Rochester, and a company that promises to save the people from bankruptcy.

Cases #37-#42 are situated in this district.

Grim Chapel

Grim Chapel is the eighth district of Concordia. Known as a "ghastly district" of asylums and the supernatural, the district focuses on investigating the Rochesters, especially the seemingly freak accidents in the district where their enemies have often met their demise. It also focuses on uncovering "the Devil", an individual who helps people commit murders and disguise them as supernatural events. Furthermore, it deals with Justin Lawson's candidacy for deputy mayor after the murder of Sandra Hwang and allegations of her corruption.

Cases #43-#48 are situated in this district.



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