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(A shirtless Frank enters the station with a towel draped around his neck.)
Frank Knight (drying his hair): Hey <Name>. Is it me, or is it too hot out here in Rhine Canyon? I had to dip in the pool so I wouldn't sweat to death!
Frank (grinning): What, are you going to go tattle on me for not wearing a shirt in the office?
(Chief Marquez runs in the room.)
Chief Marquez (shocked): <Rank> <Name>! Quick, there's been a train crash!
Chief Marquez (putting her hands on her hips): A truck was abandoned on the tracks, causing a train to derail! The vehicle was blown to smithereens!
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): Luckily it was a freight train so no reported casualties. But I still want you and Frank to go secure the scene!
Frank (happily): We're on it, Andrea!
Chief Marquez (surprised): Frank! Where's your uniform?
Frank (nervously): Err... I was just about to put it on.
Chief Marquez (pointing a finger): Need I remind you about work dress code? Now get to the train wreck site immediately and find out why that truck was on those tracks!

At the train wreck site...
(Frank is now wearing his signature uniform.)
Frank (worried): Jeez! What a train wreck! There's enough to get hot and bothered about without me having my shirt off!
Frank (nervously): This one goes without saying... Let's dig around, but make it quick before I get all sweaty and scratchy again!

Chapter 1

Investigate Train Crash.
Frank Knight (shocked): Ay, caramba, <Name>! You found a head on a pole? What a grotesque murder!
Frank (uneasily): This guy's been beheaded! Where's the body?! I don't want to touch that head, you can send it off to Roxie!
Frank (skeptically): And looks like you found a truck door! Seems to be the only thing left of the abandoned truck after the train crashed into it.
Frank: What's that, <Name>? That truck door has some faded image on it? Why is that interesting?
Frank: Oh, I get it. This door could tell us who the truck belonged to! Maybe they were involved in the murder too...
Frank (grinning): And you also picked up some broken sign, <Name>? Well, what the heck, might as well restore it while you're at it!

Examine Broken Sign.
Frank (in disbelief): Think you're amazing, restoring that sign from the train wreck so quickly, <Name>? It's nothing but a "keep out" sign.
Frank (shocked): Whoa, you're right! There's some message written in blood! It says: "estás muerto"... Yikes! Let's get it to Russell, he loves creepy stuff like this!

Analyze Road Sign.
Frank: We've got an intense case on our hands, Russell. What can you tell us about the sign <Name> found that won't bore us to death?
Russell (in disbelief): Aren't you fresh, Frank! Well, the message is written in blood that matches your victim, undoubtedly by the killer.
Russell (excitedly): The sign reads "estás muerto," which is Spanish for "You are dead." Basically, the killer wrote a death threat in Spanish!
Frank (in disbelief): Wait, Russell, you mean to tell me that we waited all this time to learn that the sign was written in Spanish?! A simple dictionary would have sufficed!
Russell (winking): Well no one's stopped you from using a dictionary, Frank!
Frank (angrily): Don't get smart with me, blondie. <Name> and I are working all day while you're sitting around on your-
Frank (sighing): What, <Name>? I'm not bickering! I'm just saying, if we've got a Spanish-speaking killer on the loose, then Russell better step up to help find them!

Examine Truck Door.
Frank (curiously): So remind me, why did you reveal that sombrero logo on that truck door? Are you joining a mariachi band?
Frank (grinning): Oh yes, it's because you found that truck door on the crime scene! That logo sure looks familiar... Makes me hungry for some reason...
Frank (winking): Well, if you think it'll help, go ahead and match the logo in our database. I'm not doing the work for you!

Examine Truck Logo.
(Before examining Truck Logo)
Frank (grinning): Go on, hot shot, see if you can match the logo from the truck door you picked up at the crime scene in our database!
(After examining Truck Logo)
Frank: Nice work matching that sombrero logo you found on the crime scene to... Tacos Niños? You mean that taco joint?
Frank (reminiscing): I've eaten there before. Their slogan is something like "fresh from across the border" since all their ingredients are delivered fresh. But I like it because it's cheap.
Frank: Good point, <Name>, so that means the abandoned truck on the tracks was a Tacos Niños delivery truck. But where did the driver go? Maybe he saw the victim's head and ran away?
Frank: Good idea, <Name>. Best bet would be to speak to the Tacos Niños franchise owner. The file you found in the database lists a Mr Gustavo Salamanca.
Frank (happily): Alright then, let's go ask Gustavo Salamanca if he knows who was driving that truck!

Talk to Gustavo Salamanca about his company's truck's presence on the crime scene.
Gustavo: <Rank>, I'm glad you happened to stop by. One of my company's delivery drivers and his truck have gone missing.
Frank (in disbelief): Oh really? Well, we're here to tell you one of your trucks was demolished on the train tracks this morning.
Frank (holding up a picture of the victim): Any chance you recognize this man? He was found murdered right by the accident.
Gustavo (shocked): Yes! That's my driver, Manny Sanchez! Why was his truck on the train tracks? Where's the truck now?
Frank (puts away the picture): I'm sorry Mr Salamanca, but it was completely demolished in the train wreck. We still have the door...
Gustavo: But Manny's route is through border control to bring back ingredients to make our fresh tacos. He should never have been on the tracks in the first place!
Gustavo (furiously): That idiot! Now I've lost a driver, a truck and a ton of ingredients! Think of the costs! Excuse me officers, I need to think this one through.
(After talking to Gustavo Salamanca)
Frank (grinning): Well, turns out my idea of going to talk to Gustavo Salamanca was a huge breakthrough!
Frank (optimistically): Okay fine, it was your idea, <Name>, but let me put the puzzle pieces together! So he identified our victim as Manny Sanchez.
Frank: He was a Taco Niños delivery truck driver, but Mr Salamanca didn't seem to have any idea why the victim would be near the train tracks.
Frank: Good point, <Name>, Mr Salamanca did mention that the victim Manny Sanchez normally drives through border control, not over the train tracks.
Frank (happily): Hmm, you're right, something might have happened there to change his route... I guess this means we should investigate the border control station!

Investigate Border Check.
Frank: What did you manage to scrummage up here? A border control sheet with our victim's name on it? Well go on, reveal the rest of the information!
Frank (curiously): And that box of car supplies, let me guess, you want to dig through it? Well, don't look at me, get digging!

Examine Paper Sheet.
Frank (happily): Nice job uncovering the rest of the text on that border control sheet, <Name>! Now we know who let our victim through border control.
Frank: A man named Timothy Chubbles was the one to let him through... Maybe he knew the victim. Let's talk to him!

Talk to Timothy Chubbles about Manny traveling across the border.
Timothy: Howdy, officers! It's mighty fine to chat with fellow protectors of Pacific Bay! What can I do you for?
Frank: Mr Chubbles, we have some questions about a man named Manny Sanchez that you let through the border.
Timothy (pondering): Hmm, we've got folks the world over coming through daily...
Frank (skeptically): He would have come through in a Tacos Niños truck.
Timothy (excitedly): Oh, right! Taco guy! A real nice fella! He always says hello.
Frank: Did he ever do anything suspicious?
Timothy: No... But I'll let him know next time he comes through that you stopped by-
Frank (sighing): Actually Mr Chubbles, Manny Sanchez was found murdered this morning.
Timothy (shocked): He's dead? Well that's a gosh darn pity. He'll be in my prayers tonight! Good luck finding the criminal, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Car Kit.
Frank (pumping his fist): Not too shabby, <Name>, you found a piñata in that car kit... Can I smash it open? Please?!
Frank: Fine I won't... yet. This piñata must be from our victim, the tag reads "Love, Manny."
Frank (winking): The name "Rose" is written on the piñata... maybe it's for his lover? If you don't like my guesses then send it to Hannah!

Analyze Piñata.
Hannah (optimistically): <Name>, did you send me this piñata so that Frank could eat the candy inside? Well, what I found in there is way better than candy!
Frank: What's better than candy? Scotch?
Hannah (excitedly): Nope. Money! And lots of it! Close to ten thousand dollars!
Frank (shocked): Ten thousand dollars! How the heck did Manny, a truck driver, get that kind of money, and why put it in a piñata?
Hannah: Tell me about it. Considering the name "Rosa" written on the piñata, I ran the name and found a Rosa Sanchez who is a chemistry teacher here in Rhine Canyon.
Frank: Hmm, same last name... Good chance they're related. Alright, <Name>, we better talk to this Rosa!

Ask Rosa Sanchez if she's related to the victim.
Frank: Ms Sanchez, we're investigating the death of a man named Manny Sanchez and we need some answers. Do you know anythi-
Rosa (shocked): What? Manny is dead?!
Rosa (clutching her book, crying): He was my brother! Mi hermano! Dios mío!
Frank (nervously): Oh... Sorry for your loss. Anyway, maybe you can help by explaining the money in the piñata he meant to give you.
Rosa: He always sent money to support me. When I first moved to Pacific Bay, I had nothing. I was a poor teacher, a single mother, but Manny helped me settle down comfortably.
Frank: Ten thousand dollars is a lot. How does a delivery guy make that kind of money?
Rosa (puts the book down and bites her nails): He told me not to ask, so I didn't! He said he'd worry about the money and I should just be grateful. Which I was!
Rosa (crys and clutches her book again): But now I've lost him! My guardian angel!Mi hermano! What will I do now?

Autopsy Victim's Head.
Roxie (winking): Whoa, this murder investigation looks like it's going to be a tricky one, but don't lose your head over it... our victim's already done that!
Frank (sighing): Roxie, sometimes your humor makes me want to barf.
Roxie (laughing): Well, don't make a mess in here! So, it appears that your victim's head was hacked off with a sharp blade, though you'll have to find the weapon to be sure.
Roxie (grinning): But where's the body, <Name>? Or did you just bring me the head as some kind of challenge?
Frank (skeptically): That's all we found, Roxie, the head jammed onto a post... At least tell us you've found something on it.
Roxie (winking): You're lucky I'm good at my job. I examined the puncture point in his neck, where the head was pushed onto the pole.
Roxie (excitedly): I managed to find traces of one of our common interests, Frank... Tequila! And not in the victim's throat but on the pole, meaning-
Frank (pumping his fist): Meaning, let's take a shot to our new piece of evidence... The killer drinks tequila!

Later, at the office...
Frank (rubbing his head): Well <Name>, fells like we're in over our heads with this case... though at least we've got our heads, unlike our victim!
Frank: It was Manny's truck that caused the train wreck, but how does that connect with his beheading? And his missing body?
Frank: We barely know anything about our victim, other than he supported his sister Rosa with suspicious amounts of money.
Frank: And his employer Gustavo Salamanca seems upset about Manny's death, though almost more concerned about the destroyed truck.
(Hannah walks in the room.)
Hannah (excitedly): <Name>! Have I got BIG news for you!
Hannah (grinning): I researched your victim Manny Sanchez, and I managed to find property in his name way out in the boonies.
Hannah: So I dug deeper and discovered something about your victim...
Hannah (shocked): Manny Sanchez was manufacturing drugs!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi (excitedly): Guess what, <Name>! I researched your victim Manny Sanchez, and I found property in his name way out in the boonies of Rhine Canyon!
Hannah (disgusted): I had someone go check it out and guess what they found out... your victim was manufacturing drugs!
Hannah: The victim's property was meth lab, a drug laboratory that produces highly addictive and dangerous methamphetamines.
Frank (shocked): WHAT? Our victim made drugs? So he wasn't just a delivery truck driver!
Frank: Things just got a whole lot crazier. Come on, <Name>, put on a mask and let's get over to that meth lab!

Investigate Drug Lab.
Frank (wearing a gas mask, shocked): Hfao alkjdkfl...
Frank (taking off the mask): What? You can't understand me with the mask, <Name>? Well, we'll see who's the idiot when you get poisoned!
Frank (holding the mask, shocked): But holy guacamole, <Name>! You found a headless body in the meth lab!
Frank (puts down the mask): Is this the body of our victim, Manny Sanchez? Yikes, get that to the lab before it falls apart!
Frank (nervously): I'm afraid to know what else you found. Some torn paper seems harmless, though we'll see for sure once you restore it!
Frank (in disbelief): And that lab equipment box... I'd rather not get my hands dirty, but go ahead and sieve through it, <Name>!

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank (happily): Way to work quickly, <Name>. You've restored... a periodic table of elements? Haven't seen one of those since my high school chemistry class... which I slept through!
Frank: Oh, right. The name Tiffany Dunn is scribbled on the paper.
Frank: Good point, <Name>, she's probably in cahoots with victim. Let's have a chat with this Tiffany Dunn!

Talk to Tiffany Dunn about her paper in the victim's lab.
Tiffany (crying): What? Manny's dead? How come nobody tells me nothin' around here!
Frank: Ms Dunn, we found your name on a periodic table in Manny's meth lab. You were involved in his drug operation, weren't you!
Tiffany (nervously biting her nails): Drugs? I don't know nothin' about that...
Frank (angrily): Drop the act, Ms Dunn, unless you prefer to talk to <Rank> <Name> in jail!
Tiffany (furiously): ... Okay, fine. Manny made crystal, and I bought it. No problem. But then he started raising the prices so even I, his best customer, couldn't afford it no more!
Tiffany (holding her fist in surprise): I told him he was being a jerk, and guess what he did? He offered me a job, to help him cook his crystal! You know, pour chemicals, weight it, bag it. Nothin' bad!
Tiffany (biting her nails): He tried teaching me that science stuff, but I didn't really care as long as I got what I needed.
Tiffany (shouting): But I don't gotta tell you cops nothin', I got bigger problems now that I got no more crystal!

Autopsy Body.
Roxie (laughing): Glad you're not going about this case like a headless chicken, <Name>! Speaking of headless-
Frank (rubbing his head): Enough with the headless jokes, Roxie!
Roxie (winking): Just doing my job! So, I can confirm that this body, found in the meth lab, and the victim's head are a perfect match!
Roxie: I found no bruises or marks that would suggest the body was moved, so the murder must have occurred where you found the body.
Frank (pondering): So if the murder was in the meth lab... Valid point, <Name>, then the killer took the head to the train crash site afterwards. What an intricate murder!
Roxie: Things get more interesting. In the victim's pocket I found a note with the words "¡estás muerto!" scribbled on it.
Frank (shocked): What? "¡estás muerto!"? That threat was written on the sign that <Name> found at the crime scene! The killer must have given the victim the note!
Roxie (excitedly): There was other text on the paper, though it's faded. But I bet <Name> can reveal it, cluing you in on the killer's identity!

Examine Death Threat.
Frank (happily): Nice, <Name>, so what'd you retrieve off that death threat Roxie found in the victim's pocket?
Frank (skeptically): Rhine Riders versus Ivywood Storm"... Those are soccer teams! So our killer likes to watch soccer and kill people? Worst hobbies ever.
Frank (angrily holding his fist): Well, even if our killer watches soccer, no one will be rooting for them once we've caught them!

Examine Lab Supplies.
Frank (holding his mask, surprised): Well, where's your mask, <Name>? This bag of chemicals you found inside that lab equipment box could be dangerous!
Frank (puts the mask down): What's that weird red symbol on it? Well go on, send the bag to Hannah already!

Analyze Packaged Chemicals.
Hannah: So, <Name>, based on the bag's labels and a sample test from Yann, I can confirm you brought me a bag of red phosphorus. Pretty hefty stuff.
Hannah: Red phosphorus is a crystallizing element that is used to create crystal methamphetamine, or simply meth.
Frank (in disbelief): So an ingredient used to make meth, found in a meth lab. Can you tell us anything we don't already know, Hannah?
Hannah: Calm down, grumpy man! Here's something interesting: the stamp on the bag comes from the army!
Frank (shocked): What? The army may be linked to this meth operation? That'd be the biggest scandal since prohibition!
Frank: Good thinking, <Name>! There's someone in the army we could confront... our not-so-good friend, Colonel Spangler!

Talk to Colonel Spangler about the government chemicals in the victim's lab.
Frank: Well, Colonel Spangler, our paths unfortunately just keep crossing.
Colonel Spangler (smirking): Oh, Detective, I despise it as much as you do. What do you need, <Rank> <Name>? a shot of my tequila, perhaps?
Frank (grinning): I'd love a shot, but first we need an explanation, Spangler. We found chemicals from your army in a meth lab. Does red phosphorus ring a bell?
Colonel Spangler: The army uses red phosphorus to create flares and tracer bullets.
Colonel Spangler: But funny you should ask, we recently had a batch stolen from one of our freight trucks at border control!
Colonel Spangler (angrily): The thief yelled insults at us in Spanish; I know, I speak Spanish myself. Please tell me you caught the criminal!
Frank: Actually, Colonel, the man we believe took your chemicals, Manny Sanchez, has been murdered.
Colonel Spangler (nervously): Murdered? What? Really? Err... Serves him right, I guess...
Colonel Spangler: Excuse me Officers, I need to make a call.
(After talking to Colonel Spangler)
Frank (skeptically): Was it just me, <Name>, or was Colonel Spangler's reaction to hearing about Manny's death a bit... strange?
Frank: Good point, Spangler mentioned the chemicals were stolen at border control. You want to go back? Fine, but hurry up with the search, it's hot out!

Investigate Truck.
Frank (amused): Well, look at you, finding more clues! What's that? A tequila bottle? I can open that for you if you want!
Frank (nervously): Oh shoot, it has a tag on it: "From: Manny." Looks like it was a gift from our victim. Figure out what the rest says, will ya?
Frank: And what's that? An illegal immigrant report with our victim's name and photo on it?
Frank (shocked): Wait, what?! So our victim is an illegal immigrant? He wasn't a Pacific Bay citizen?
Frank (grinning): This victim is full of surprises. We've got to know more about this. <Name>, you'd better decipher the file number on that report!

Examine Tequila Bottle.
Frank (optimistically): Way to work quickly, <Name>! I promise I only drank three shots of that tequila!
Frank: The tag says "To: mi amigo Tim Chubbles. From: Manny." Manny got this for Tim, the border patrol officer?
Frank: I thought Tim hardly knew the guy! We need to chat with him!

Question Timothy Chubbles about the gift from Manny.
Timothy (excitedly): Howdy again, Officers! Can I help you?
Frank: It's time to fess up, Timothy Chubbles. Looks like you and Manny were buddies.
Frank: However, we found an illegal immigrant report filed against your friend. Was the tequila a bribe so you'd still let him through the border?
Timothy (crossing his arms): Now hold your horses. You people can be so judgmental of outsiders, but if you get to know them, like I did with Manny, you'd see they are people just like us!
Timothy (optimistically): Manny was nice! He brought me tequila and even helped me practice Spanish! It gets lonely in that booth all day, so his kindness was refreshing!
Frank: Maybe he was nice to you, but did you know that Manny also made drugs?
Timothy (nervously): Drugs? I didn't know that! Please, don't get me fired, I really need this job. I promise it won't happen again!

Examine Report.
Frank (happily): Way to decipher the file number on that illegal immigrant report you found at border control. Now, let's get it to the lab!

Analyze File Number.
Hannah (surprised): So, this victim went from truck driver to drug maker, and he's also an illegal immigrant? How did he manage it all!
Frank: Guess the guy wore many hats, before he got beheaded that is. So what's the deal with this report?
Hannah: A report was filed against Manny for participating in criminal activity on Pacific Bay soil. Someone wanted to make sure Manny couldn't apply for citizenship.
Frank: I can think of many people who wouldn't want a dangerous man like him to become legal!
Hannah: Bet you didn't think of the actual person who filed the report... his own sister, Rosa Sanchez.
Frank (shocked): What! Rosa turned in her own brother? That's a twist! Yes, <Name>, we must speak to her again!

Ask Rosa Sanchez why she reported her brother to immigration.
Frank: Ms Sanchez, we know that you turned your brother in by filing an illegal immigrant report against him.
Rosa (holding her book): Lo confieso! Lo siento! I feel so ashamed! If my family ever found out... please don't tell them!
Frank: Why did you do it?
Rosa (crying): I couldn't let him ruin the life I'd built here! I got my citizenship from a previous marriage, and since then I have worked hard to make it here.
Rosa (puts down the book and bites her nails): I learned English, I got a teaching job, I've even made friends! But then Manny told me he wanted to come too, to do his meth business full-time.
Rosa (angrily): Because he had sent me money, he said I owed him and had to work for him!
Rosa (picks up her book): I couldn't throw everything I've built away to do some criminal things with him! So I filed the report, hoping he'd never know it was me.
Rosa (puts down the book and bites her nails): I know, I am not a good hermana, but I need to think of myself too, you know?

Later, at the office...
Frank: <Name>, we started with just a head and now we've got one of the most complicated victims yet! An illegal immigrant, a drug dealer... What's next?
Frank: Timothy thought Manny was a good guy, though I'm sure receiving bribes had something to do with that.
Frank (skeptically): Meanwhile, Manny's sister feared he'd ruin her life, and so she reported him to immigration! Could she have killed her own brother?
(Colonel Spangler walks in the room.)
Frank: Good point, <Name>. We still don't know why Manny's truck was left on the train tracks. Maybe we should call-
Colonel Spangler: Hold it. No phone calls will be necessary, <Rank> <Name>. I'll tell you everything.
Frank (shocked): Colonel Spangler? What the heck are you doing here?
Colonel Spangler (panicking): I know why the truck was on the tracks... The train wreck was planned!

Chapter 3

Colonel Spangler (panicking): <Rank> <Name>, I know why Manny left his truck on the tracks... The train wreck was planned!
Frank (shocked): What?! The train wreck was planned?! By whom, and why?
Colonel Spangler: I can tell you, but not here, it's top secret. Meet me in the interrogation room. But hurry!
(Colonel Spangler runs out of the room.)
Frank (frustrated): Wait! Drats, he's gone. What do you say, <Name>? Do we really have to talk to that jerk?
Frank: Fine, you're right, and in case Spangler's telling the truth, we should investigate the crash site again!

Question Colonel Spangler about the train crash.
Frank: Spill the beans, Colonel Spangler. Tell <Rank> <Name> what you know about the train wreck!
Colonel Spangler: Manny left his truck on the tracks on purpose. Someone made a deal with him to have him cause the train crash.
Frank: How do you know this?
Colonel Spangler (sweating): Because... I'm the person who told him to leave the truck there.
Frank (shocked): What? You're joking! You, Colonel Spangler, made a deal with a drug dealer to cause a train accident? I can't even...
Colonel Spangler: ... Explain it? Neither can I, for now. There's a top secret mission at play here, and that train crash needed to happen.
Frank: Top secret mission? Sounds like a load of crap, Spangler. You sure you're not making up this story to cover up the murder you committed?
Colonel Spangler (hands clasped): Not at all! Believe me, <Rank> <Name>. It's just like when I watch my favorite soccer team play... you just need to have trust. Trust me!
Frank (angry): I don't trust, you Spangler. If this murder was your doing, be sure we'll put you away for good!

Investigate Fallen Cart.
Frank (winking): What now, <Name>? A pile of logs? You can do better than that, unless you find something underneath!
Frank: And here's a Tacos Niños food tub... That's the restaurant group that Manny drove the truck for! Could this tub be from his truck?
Frank (grinning): It smells like taco seasoning, but you can never be to sure. <Name> I'll let you collect a sample!

Examine Wreckage.
Frank: Just great, you found more work under that wreckage. Well, go on <Name>, I won't put those torn scraps back together for you!

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank (grinning): So, that torn thing was a photo? A train wreck is not the best place to keep mementos!
Frank (shocked): You're right! It's got our victim on it! He sure looks fancy...
Frank: Wait... Is that the meth addict Tiffany? She's wearing a veil... is this a wedding photo?! Agreed, we need to talk to her immediately!

Ask Tiffany Dunn about marrying the victim.
Tiffany (angrily): What do you stinkin' cops want! I already told you all I know!
Frank: No, Tiffany, you haven't told us everything. According to this photo <Rank> <Name> found, you got married to Manny Sanchez?
Tiffany: That's personal stuff you don't gotta know! Plus we were only together two days before someone took him away from me!
Tiffany (crying): Manny's the only person who ever gave me a chance, when he got me that job in his lab. He treated me like a real person. He loved me!
Tiffany: He always had to leave to go back to Mexico, leaving me here. But then he suggested getting married to make it possible for us to stay together here!
Frank (doubtful): You sure he didn't just marry you for the citizenship? What makes you think a drug dealer like him would want to marry you otherwise?
Tiffany: Of course he loved me! At least I think so... He gave me meth, didn't he?
Frank (sadly): I don't buy it, Tiffany, and I think deep down you don't either. Let's hope for your sake you didn't kill him in revenge!

Examine Taco Ingredients.
Frank (shocked): Whoa, what's that strange powder you collected in that Tacos Niños food tub, <Name>? Not sure? Well, get a move on, send it to the lab!

Analyze Strange Powder.
Yann: <Name>, this white substance you found in that food tub is some menacing stuff... Crystal meth to be exact!
Frank (shocked): What? There was meth mixed in with taco seasoning? Remind me never to eat at Tacos Niños ever again!
Frank: And so that means Manny was using his Tacos Niños work truck to transport drugs...
Yann: Yes, and he concealed the meth in the food tubs to not get caught. Tricky guy.
Frank: Not all that tricky... <Name>'s right, the truck belonged to Tacos Niños owner Gustavo Salamanca... Maybe he knew about the drugs? Let's go interrogate him!

Ask Gustavo Salamanca about the drugs in his company's food packaging.
Gustavo (pondering): <Rank> <Name>, I'm in the middle of watching a soccer game. Anything you need or can I get on with the match?
Frank: Actually yes, Mr Salamanca. We know that crystal meth was being transported in your work truck.
Frank (angrily clenching his fist): You know, you could go to jail for being involved in the drug trade!
Gustavo (right hand raised): Perdóneme. Let me explain myself.
Gustavo (pondering): Yes, I discovered that my employee was using my company's vehicle to transport narcotics... but I fired him on the spot!
Gustavo (shocked): If someone else had caught Manny first, I could have lost my business! Good thing that guy at border control's always too preoccupied watching soccer games to search vehicles!
Frank (skeptical): You fired Manny? I don't but it... last time you said he was your employee, that he and his truck were simply missing!
Gustavo (sweating nervously): Officers, please. You can see that a guy like me isn't involved with his crimes. The most criminal thing I do is drink tequila!
Frank (clenching his fist): The shots will come later, but as suspicious as you sound, I wouldn't get too tipsy just yet!

Later, at the station...
Frank (clenching his fist): Who do you think killed Manny, <Name>? I've got my bets on Colonel Spangler! I don't buy that fishy story about the train wreck!
Frank: And Gustavo Salamanca claimed to be upset about Manny transporting drugs in the food truck, but I've got a feeling that he might have also been involved.
Frank (concentrating): There's so many twists and turns, I can't keep track! A shot of tequila sounds really good now-
Frank (grinning): Oh, right, <Name>! You found the victim's body in the meth lab, meaning the killer was definitely there!
Frank: Let's go then, <Name>! Back to the meth lab, before somebody clears away any last clues!

Investigate Lab Table.
Frank (pointing to his watch): Time's ticking, <Name>! You found another box, but this time full of lab clothing? Don't look at me, you can dig up a clue in there!
Frank (winking): Oh! You picked up a tequila shot? That's right, we know the killer drinks tequila, and considering you found this on our primary crime scene...
Frank: Good eye spotting that blueish substance on it. Take a sample, I'm sure it'll give us a vital tip on who the killer is!

Examine Shot Glass.
Frank (excitedly): Way to go, <Name>! You've collected blue gel off the killer's tequila shot! Now go, go, go! Get that to the lab!

Analyze Blue Gel.
Yann: <Name>, this gel you collected off of the tequila shot in the meth lab is a common topical ointment found in most drug stores.
Yann: It's a relief ointment used to soothe burns, from fires, stove tops, chemicals, and such.
Frank (thinking): So the killer has burns? Could they have gotten them while murdering our victim?
Yann: There's a good chance. Your victim likely tried to defend himself by throwing chemicals onto his assailant, causing the burns.
Frank: Well, now we'll be able to burn the killer with this evidence in court!

Examine Lab Clothes.
Frank (shocked): Whoa, <Name>! You found a bloody machete amongst the lab clothing? Be careful with that!
Frank: Considering we're dealing with a beheading, taking this weapon to the lab is a must! Let's do it!

Analyze Machete.
Yann: I can tell you straight away, <Name>. The blood on this machete matches your victim.
Frank (grinning): That means this machete is our murder weapon!
Yann: I also found remnants of cloth on the handle of the machete, remnants of a bandanna.
Yann (thinking): The killer must have wrapped their bandanna around the machete's handle so they wouldn't leave fingerprints on it!
Frank: They may not have left fingerprints, but <Name>'s too clever for them. You've picked up another evidence: the killer's wearing a bandanna!

After completing all tasks...
Frank (excited): You did it again, collecting all the necessary evidence, <Name>!
Frank: Now go arrest that murderous creep, whoever they are!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank (angrily): Timothy Chubbles, you dared call us your fellow officers even though you broke the law by murdering Manny Sanchez!
Timothy (arms crossed): Now don't get your feathers ruffled, <Rank> <Name>. Like I said, I've only got respect for my fellows country-
Frank (furiously): Cut the crap, Chubbles. We know you killed Manny with a machete in his meth lab. <Rank> <Name> found both the weapon and his body there.
Timothy (smiling): A machete? Now look how you're carrying on! You think a good guy like me could break bad?
Frank (grinning): Manny must have given you those burns while defending himself. Guess he was prepared, considering you sent him a death threat to warn him!
Timothy (arms crossed): Okay, cool it y'all. I will admit, I got a bit upset to find out Manny was lying about being a citizen...
Frank: Upset enough to take his head and jam it on a post? You thought your bandanna would wipe away the evidence but you couldn't fool <Rank> <Name>!
Timothy (furiously): Maybe I didn't want to fool anyone! Maybe that beaner deserved to die!
Timothy: I grew up being told not to trust them outsiders, but me being a good person, I gave a Manny the benefit of the doubt.
Timothy (arms crossed): But then I found out he stole chemicals from my nation's military to make drugs that harm people? How could he betray me and my country like that!
Timothy (furiously): No way will i be waiting on them outsiders no more. I left his head out there to remind those criminals to keep out!
Frank: Those "outsiders" you're referring to are people, Chubbles, and grouping all foreigners and criminals together only makes you a racist. A murderous racist at that!
Timothy: Why don't you and <Rank> <Name> just admit that I'm doing the real police work out here! Thanks to me there's one less criminal at large!
Frank: And thanks to <Rank> <Name>, you'll be "celebrating" in jail! Timothy Chubbles, you're under arrest!

Timothy: Your Honor, Officer Timothy Chubbles here. I believe there's been a misunderstanding. I was just patrolling, and I happened to kill someone, but still-
Honorable Dante (angrily): Mr Chubbles, I have the floor, and you speak when I say you can.
Honorable Dante (confused): And what do you mean, you just "happened" to kill someone?! I just happened to wear brown socks today, but people don't just "happen" to commit murder...
Timothy: Murder's a strong word. Let's call it, protecting my nation from evil criminals!
Honorable Dante (thinking): Even if the man you "murdered," I'll stick with that word, was a criminal, everybody deserves a trial. Who are you to go around deciding who can live or not?
Honorable Dante: By going off and killing him, you yourself became a criminal!
Timothy (happily): Your Honor, I've thought about it over and over again, and I still don't regret removing that filthy liar from Pacific Bay!
Honorable Dante (raised his gavel): Well you can think about it some more... behind bars! For the brutal murder of Manny Sanchez, the court sentences you to 30 years in prison. All rise!

Frank (amazed): What a case you solved, <Name>! That Timothy guy turned out to be a vicious, and might I add racist, murderer!
Frank: Our jobs aren't easy as officers, but it's our duty to catch bad people and give them all, no matter their actions or race, a fair trial before a judge!
Frank: Too bad Timothy wasn't professional like you and me, <Name>, or things wouldn't have gotten so ugly.
Frank: Speaking of professional, I think it's about time for those tequila shots!

Map to the Stars: Part 4

Chief Andrea Marquez (scratching her head): I don't know what really happened that day I claimed have seen an alien, <Name>... I was very young, and it's all very hazy.
Amy (sweating): But... But aliens aren't real, Chief...
Chief Marquez (furiously): Don't you think I know that? For years, everybody thought I was crazy, or even worse, a liar! It ruined my childhood!
Chief Marquez: But with everything you've found lately, <Name>... I think Rhine Canyon has more in store for us, and we'd netter be ready for it!

Back to the present...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, you did good arresting Timothy Chubbles... But now he's behind bars, somebody needs to patrol the border.
Frank: Huh, talk about a reward! But fine, lets get patrolling, <Name>. With luck, we'll find some contraband tequila!
Chief Marquez: Before you go, <Name>, I'd like to talk to you for a second.
(Frank leaves.)
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): We know Spangler caused the train crash, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why.
Chief Marquez: Will you come talk to him with me, <Name>?

Interrogate Colonel Spangler about the train crash.
Chief Marquez: Colonel, I think it's time you explained why you caused that train crash. You owe us some answers!
Colonel Spangler: I'll tell <Rank> <Name> everything in due time. But first, I must make sure you can be trusted!
Chief Marquez: Because all the great work <Rank> <Name>'s done since arriving in Pacific Bay isn't proof enough for you?! You've got some nerve!
Colonel Spangler: If you want me to talk, you don't have a choice. Some important files got lost during the train crash. I need you to recover them for me.
Chief Marquez: Is that all? That's nothing <Rank> <Name> can't handle. We'll go to the crash site and find these files for you, and then you'd better talk!

Investigate Train Crash.
Chief Marquez (gladly): So did you find anything in the wreckage, <Name>? A military briefcase? That must be what Spangler was looking for!
Chief Marquez (winking): I'm sure you can unlock the briefcase. Then we'll have a better idea of what Spangler is up to...

Examine Military Briefcase.
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): So what treasures were hidden in the briefcase? A manila folder marked top secret?!
Chief Marquez: It seems as though there's more information on the folder, but I can't make it out. Get your dusting kit, <Name>!

Examine Faded Folder.
Chief Marquez (shocked): The folder you found is about a certain "Project Alien"?! What on earth would Spangler want with this?
Chief Marquez: The documents must be well above our security clearance... It's a military special access project!
Chief Marquez (confused): Why would the military waste time chasing chimeras? Yes, I know I've been involved in alien-theories, but I was just a child!
Chief Marquez (thinking): Unless it's some kind of codename... You're right, <Name>, we'd better send this file to Hannah!

Analyze Top Secret Project.
Hannah (excitedly): Hey, <Name>. This is going to sound crazy, but the folder you found claims that the train's real cargo was supposed to be an alien!
Chief Marquez: Hannah, this doesn't make any sense! Aliens... Aliens just don't exist! I refuse to believe an alien was on this train!
Hannah (worriedly): Chief, I know it sounds bonkers, but this is a Top Secret file from the army... Why would they lie?
Hannah: The crystal skull, the talking statue... You have to admit tha-
Chief Marquez: Do not say what I think you're about to say. Spangler must be getting his revenge on us. After all, we've stopped so many of his projects before...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, you're right, there's no point conjecturing. Let's go talk to Spangler about this nonsense!

Question Colonel Spangler about the alien project.
Chief Marquez: Spangler, we found the documents - but why did you want us to look at them?
Colonel Spangler (smirking): Because they are top secret. And looking at them is a serious crime. You could be sent away for good!
Chief Marquez (furiously): You did all this so you could have us arrested?
Colonel Spangler: No. I did this so there is no turning back for you, <Rank> <Name>. We're in this together. And that is why I can tell you the truth.
Colonel Spangler: Listen carefully, I'm only going to say this once: there WAS an alien on that train and I DID help him escape!
Chief Marquez (skeptically): An alien on the train? That's very funny Spangler, but the joke is wearing thin.
Colonel Spangler: I know it sounds ridiculous but you will meet the alien soon enough, and then you will believe. I'll be in touch, but I have to go. Remember, don't tell ANYBODY!
(Colonel Spangler runs out of the room)
Chief Marquez: Hey! You can't just take off like that, Spangler! Come back here!
Chief Marquez (confused): What on earth has gotten into him? This has to be some sort of elaborate joke... And he left something behind! Take it, <Name>, I'm sure you'll put it to good use.

Investigate Border Check.
Frank (confused): Why did you take that torn paper, <Name>? We were asked to patrol the border, not pick up the trash...
Frank: Oh, it's a torn photo. And you want to piece it back together? You're too curious for your own good!

Examine Torn Photo.
Frank: Okay <Name>, so that photo you pieced back together is of some schoolgirl winning a race? That's cute, but how's it relevant?
Frank (laughing)Wait?! You think this girl is Tiffany Dunn?! That meth addict! Ha! What's she racing for? Her next fix!
Frank: Sorry, that was insensitive. And now you mention it, I do see a resemblance: those eyes... You're right? It's definitely Tiffany in this photo.
Frank: So, Tiffany was once an athlete. There's so much we don't know about her. Look, do you think we could help her in some way? I feel bad for her.
Frank: Nice plan, let's send this photo to Hannah and get her to check out Tiffany's past. Maybe we can find something to help her get her life back on track.

Analyze Photo.
Hannah (sadly): Get your hankies ready, <Name>. I looked into Tiffany's past and it's a real tearjerker.
Hannah: Five years ago, Tiffany was a model high-school student. Good grades, on the honor roll, she was even a top athlete!
Hannah (sadly): One day she was staying late at school. Her parents had to drive over to pick her up. There was an accident. They crashed. Both her parents were killed.
Frank (shocked): That's awful! Do you think that's why she started taking drugs? The grief?
Hannah (sadly): It looks like it. I imagine she blames herself for what happened. Wouldn't you?
Frank (compassionately): You're a good person, <Name>. You're right, it's not too late to help Tiffany. Maybe you can even persuade her to go to rehab and get her life back together.

Convince Tiffany to get help with her addiction.
Frank (nervously): Tiffany, <Rank> <Name> would like to talk to you. We know why you started taking drugs... Your parents' death must've-
Tiffany (furiously): Don't you DARE even talk about my parents! Who do you think you are?! Coming here and bringing that up!
Frank (sadly): Tiffany, we don't really know you. But, we do know your parents wouldn't have wanted their bright, beautiful girl to be unhappy. To be sick.
Tiffany (crying): You don't understand. It's my fault they're dead! ME! If it wasn't for me... I don't deserve a second chance.
Frank (worriedly): It's not your fault, Tiffany. Sometimes horrible things just happen. Life is cruel as hell. But you can't just give up.
Frank (sadly): <Rank> <Name> has found a rehab center. They can help you. Everyone, even you Tiffany, deserves a second chance.
Tiffany (biting her nails, nervously): You really think so? ... Okay, I'll come... Thank you. Thank you, <Rank> <Name>.
Tiffany (still biting her nails): And I've been meaning to tell you something, <Rank> <Name>. Manny was just following orders. Someone else was behind the meth trafficking, although I don't know who...
Frank (grinning): Thanks for the tip-off. We'll go back to the meth lab and find out who the real drug lord is. But first, let's stop off for burgers. I'm buying!

Investigate Drug Lab.
Frank (confused): You found a faded delivery order, <Name>? When did meth labs become so business-like?
Frank: But I agree, if it could lead us to the drug lord, we better see what else is written on it!

Examine Faded Delivery Order.
Frank: I thought this delivery order would lead us to the drug lord... But it's just an order for the Tacos Niños chain!
Frank (amused): Alright, so the message "Control the market, build an empire" is a bit ominous if it's just about tacos... Think it's worth sending to the lab? Alright then!

Analyze Message.
Hannah: I checked out that Tacos Niños delivery order you found in the meth lab, <Name>.
Hannah: The delivery was for several Tacos Niños branches in Ocean Shore, Ivywood and Paradise City. Tacos Niños is everywhere!
Hannah (angrily): But when I dug deeper and compared their yearly income to their actual restaurant sales, there was a huge disparity in the numbers.
Hannah: Last year, Tacos Niños sold thousands of dollars worth of tacos, but they reported making millions! The only possible explanation: money laundering.
Frank (confused): Money laundering? You mean like when people throw their illegally earned money into real businesses in order to disguise their earnings as legal?
Hannah (grinning): Precisely. I'm surprised you knew that, Frank. Tacos Niños was earning TONS of illegal dough... and you know what the biggest money making business is? Drugs.
Frank (shocked): Drugs? Wait, that's right, <Name>! Our victim Manny was caught delivering meth in a Tacos Niños container! Does this mean Manny was delivering drugs FOR the Tacos Niños franchise?
Hannah (disgusted): That's right. Turns out Tacos Niños restaurants are hot spots for meth dealers. The restaurants sold them drugs, then laundered the profits into the business.
Frank (angrily holding his fist): The Tacos Niños empire wasn't built out of tacos, it was built out of drugs! And I bet I know who's standing on top of that empire... The owner, Gustavo Salamanca!
Hannah (grinning): There's no way Gustavo wasn't aware of what was going on, it was a company-wide operation! <Name>, go get him!

Arrest Gustavo Salamanca for drug dealing.
Frank: Gustavo Salamanca, I think you know why we're here, and it's not about tacos!
Gustavo (pondering): Is this about our enchiladas then? They are very good, that's true!
Frank (angrily): Cut the crap, Salamanca! We know you were using your restaurant chain in order to launder money made from selling meth! We thought Manny was the kingpin, but in fact, it's you!
Gustavo (nervously): You're insane! You can't prove any of this! I'm an honest businessman!
Frank (grinning): See, that's what we thought... Until <Rank> <Name> found a delivery order for your company in the meth lab!
Frank (manipulatively): From there, it didn't take long for our technician to uncover your drug trafficking. You're not very good at hiding your money-laundering!
Gustavo (furiously): Argh! That's the problem with drugs! You make so much money, you lose track of it!
Frank: You don't need to worry about that anymore. Gustavo Salamanca, you're under arrest! The only thing you'll be laundering from now on will be your fellow inmates' clothes!

Later, at the station...
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): <Name>, either Spangler has gone completely crazy or something bigger than all of us is going down in Rhine Canyon.
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms, shocked): I mean he just claimed he helped an alien escape from the army. AN ALIEN!
Chief Marquez: I'm still convinced Spangler is playing an elaborate joke to try and make us look foolish.
Chief Marquez: And yet... I do have those memories... <Name>, I think we haven't seen the half of these alien-theories, but I'm almost afraid of what's going to happen next!
(Hannah runs in the room.)
Hannah (shocked): <Name>, Chief! Spangler just left a message. He said if you wanted more answers, you should go look for them yourselves at the Pacific Area Space Agency's launch pad!