Not to be confused with Daily Gifts or Free Gifts.
Daily Bonus - New

The Daily Bonus is a gameplay feature in Criminal Case. Daily Bonuses are free gifts the player can receive every day.


What the player receives depends on the number of consecutive days they have played Criminal Case. The player will either get coins or energy points.

Below is a list of the bonuses the player can earn:

Game played for Bonus
1 day 1,000 Coin-Render
2 consecutive days 10 Energy icon
3 consecutive days 20 Energy icon
4 consecutive days 5,000 Coin-Render
5 or more consecutive days 50 Energy icon


  • The reward is not added to the ones of previous days.
  • If you do not play the game for a day, the counter will reset and you will go back to the 1 day Daily Bonus, which is 1,000 coins.


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