Darya Chernova
Biographical information
Full name Darya Chernova
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2015
Cause of death Blood loss
(stab wound to the neck)
Nationality Flag of Russia Russian
Residence Moscow, Russia
Profession(s) Government official
Head of management
Family Oleg Chernov (husband)
Affiliation(s) SOMBRA
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #13: Moscow Mole (s3)

Darya Chernova (Rus: Дарья Чернова) was the victim in Moscow Mole (Case #13 of World Edition).


Darya was a government official working for COSMORUS. She was the head of project management, in charge of funding and implementing new projects. She was also married to Oleg Chernov. She had light brown hair and blue eyes. She donned a gray suit with a COSMORUS badge and a bead necklace, along with a white shirt underneath and tortoise shell-designed glasses.

Murder details

Darya was found in the Red Square with glass sticking out of her neck. According to Angela, the wound on her neck severed one of the two carotid arteries. Due to the wound's width and the jagged pattern where the skin was perforated, she determined that it was caused by broken glass. And due to traces of vodka in the wound, she ascertained that it was done with a vodka bottle, which meant the killer drank vodka.

After a second investigation of the Red Square, Jack and the player managed to find a broken vodka bottle with blood on it. A sample of the blood was sent to Lars, and he revealed that it was not just the victim's blood on it. The blood belonged to the killer, and he found out from DNA evidence that the killer had red hair.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be a British expatriate named Liam Hall.

After Jack pressed the evidence against Liam, the latter explained that he and Darya went out for dinner the night she was killed, and they both drank a lot of vodka. All Liam remembered was him walking with the victim through Red Square when they started arguing. Liam then explained that Darya wanted him to drop off a briefcase, but he did not know what was contained in it. He blacked out, and he woke up the next morning with no memory of what happened after the argument while earning a gash on his left hand.

Liam pleaded guilty to Judge Adaku, claiming that it was an accident. The judge agreed with Liam’s story in that the murder was not premeditated, and he sentenced the accused to five years in prison.

Case appearances