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Roxie Sparks (excitedly): <Name>, tonight's the night! It's the Ivywood Film Awards ceremony!
Frank (amused): You can give me an award for being the best dressed police officer! A bottle of Gold Stag would make a nice prize!
Amy (holding up her finger, sternly): Guys! Listen to <Rank> <Name>! We don't have time to gossip about the Ivywood Awards!
Amy: We know the Utopians have planned something for Awards night: they've made a film to brainwash the entire population of Ivywood!
Frank (optimistically): That was when the Utopians still had a leader. But now Holly Hopper's dead, surely we have nothing to fear?
Russell (shocked): Leaderless or not, the Utopians are still dangerous! Remember what they've done to Andrea? She's still on sick leave!
Frank: What do you propose we do, then?
Amy: <Name>'s right: if Andrea were here, she'd tell us to check the Awards Theater for suspicious activity!
Frank (amused): Holy booze, it's Amy's therapist who deserves an award! I've never seen the kid so confident! She's bossing us around like she's the new chief!
Amy (holding up her finger): I heard that, Frank! <Name>, I'll go walk the red carpet with you, you need a serious partner tonight!

Chapter 1

Investigate Red Carpet.
Amy Young: We were right to be suspicious, <Name>! This man is dead, without a doubt! It looks like he suffocated...
Amy (taking out her notebook): You say you know him? So his name is Tyler Snakes, and he's a famous Ivywood producer...
Amy (inspired): Oh, I've read about him! Tyler Snakes was in charge of organizing the Awards ceremony!
Amy: I agree, what are the chances he would drop dead on Awards night?! <Name>, we're dealing with another murder here!
Amy (shocked): The Awards organizer is killed before the ceremony, right when the Utopians were planning to brainwash the population... Could the two events be linked?
Amy (angrily): But then the Utopians might still be planning to brainwash people! And maybe they didn't hesitate to kill one of their own members in the process!
Amy (pumping her fist): Let's have a look at the clues you found. The movie posters in that envelope must be tonight's Award winners, we should have a look inside!
Amy: And what about this picture? Hey, isn't that Velma Bannister? The actress who tried to seduce Frank?!
Amy: This woman has shown she cannot be trusted... Do you think you could retrieve the faded message on this photo, <Name>?

Examine Photo of Velma.
Amy (saluting with a wink): And the award for the fastest reveal goes to <Name>! The message on Velma's photo says "Tyler, I want to walk the red carpet with you."
Amy (angrily): We know Velma Bannister flirts to get whatever she wants. She likely tried to draw Tyler Snakes under her spell, too.
Amy: I agree: we must ask Velma what went on between her and the victim!

Ask Velma Bannister about the photo she gave to the victim.
Velma (holding a cigarette holder): Tyler Snakes dropped dead on the red carpet? How dramatic! That's how real men die!
Amy (holding up her finger, sternly): Mrs Bannister, you may have fooled Frank, but you can't fool <Rank> <Name>! We know you were flirting with the victim.
Velma: Sure, I admired Tyler. He was powerful and charismatic. Who could resist him?
Amy: And now he's dead. You don't sound very upset.
Velma (grinning): Honey, it's better to have loved and lost than having to train another man not to leave the toilet seat up. I already have a husband for that kind of thing.
Velma (blowing a kiss): My heart bleeds for Tyler, but the Ivywood Awards are announced tonight, and I have to rehearse my acceptance speech. Maybe you'll get a mention in it, <Rank> <Name>...

Examine Envelope.
Amy (puzzled): Is this a map of the Awards Theater? What was it doing in that envelope?
Amy: You're right, there's a Utopian symbol on it! And it's pointing to the TV room; that must be where they film and broadcast the Awards.
Amy (shocked): But if they broadcast the Awards from there... You're right! The Utopians would need that room to broadcast their brainwashing movie!
Amy (prompted): There's not a second to lose, <Name>: let's investigate that TV room immediately!

Investigate TV Room.
Amy: So this is the TV control room, where the Awards will be broadcast. The Utopians must have wanted access to air their own brainwashing movie!
Amy (pumping her fist): There's no sign of a Utopian movie... But you've found our victim's access badge!
Amy (prompted): Good point! The killer must have taken the badge from Tyler's body to access the TV room! We need to send this badge to the lab immediately!
Amy (curiously): And that CCTV control unit, isn't that where they store the security camera data? They may have recorded the murder! Can you crack the security code so we can access it?
Amy (pumping her fist): As for that torn poster... I know you'll fix it in a flash, <Name>!

Examine Torn Poster.
Amy (shocked): <Name>, the poster you restored is a Utopian poster! It says "The Utopian Prophecy is fulfilled tonight!"
Amy (puzzled): A prophecy? Could they be talking about their plan to brainwash everyone in Ivywood tonight?
Amy (taking out her notebook): You're right, we should question the man on the poster! Isn't that Brett Nolan the Utopian actor you met on that Western movie set?
Amy (putting her notebook away and pumping her fist): Glad I got it right! Let's ask Brett about this Utopian prophecy, <Name>!

Ask Brett Nolan about the Utopian Prophecy.
Amy (taking notes): Mr Nolan, <Rank> <Name> found this Utopian poster with your face on it, which mentions a "prophecy." Care to explain?
Brett: Oh, I... don't know much about it, <Rank> <Name>. The Utopians like to use my pretty face, but they never tell me anything important.
Amy (puts her notebook away and holds up her finger): Don't play dumb, Nolan. You've been a Utopian for years, you must know about this prophecy!
Brett (sweating nervously): Well, it's... something about the Guiding Light leading the departed souls back to Earth, or something. I never really understood it.
Amy (skeptically): The prophecy doesn't talk about sacrificing the organizer of the Awards ceremony on the red carpet, by any chance?
Brett (shocked): Tyler Snakes is dead!? See, they never tell me anything! They wouldn't warn me if the world was ending tonight!

Examine CCTV Terminal.
Amy (pumping her fist): <Name>, you've unlocked the security camera terminal! Let's send it to Hannah so she can retrieve the footage from the crime scene!

Analyze CCTV Control.
Hannah (hopeful): <Name>, I hope you solve this case before the Awards ceremony starts, I want to know the winners!
Amy: Then hurry up and tell us what you found on the CCTV terminal! Did any of the cameras record the murder?
Hannah: No, the footage only shows Tyler suddenly collapsing, all alone. But a few minutes before, something interesting happened on the red carpet...
Hannah (winking): Grab some popcorn and make yourself comfortable, <Name>! I'll play the tape!

Awards Theater entrance, CCTV recording...
Security Guard (pointing a finger): Hey! You in the ugly suit! You can't go in there!
Jupiter (pleading): Just five minutes! I have to...
Security Guard (shouting): GET OUT!
Jupiter (nervously): But...
(The security guard punches Jupiter in the face.)
Jupiter: Ouch!

End of footage...
Amy (shocked): Hey... The poor guy thrown out of the red carpet is Russell's dad!
Hannah (winking): Isn't that the best plot-twist ever?!
Amy (holding up her finger, sternly): Hannah, it's not funny! <Name>'s right: if Jupiter Crane was at the Awards Theater around the time of the murder, we must question him!

Ask Jupiter Crane why he was kicked out of the Awards Theater.
(Jupiter is now seen with a black eye throughout the murder investigation.)
Amy (skeptically): Mr Crane, we have proof you were kicked out of the Awards Theater right before Tyler Snakes was killed. What were you doing there?
Jupiter (shocked): I was trying to speak to Mr Snakes about the future of the Utopians!
Jupiter: After our great leader's demise, Snakes fancied himself the new leader. But he had lost sight of his Guiding Light!
Jupiter (shocked): Snakes only used our religion to rub shoulders with rich investors. He was giving all Utopians a bad name!
Amy: So you illegally entered the premises to harass Snakes? Or did you decide to kill him to protect your religion?
Jupiter (inspired): My conscience is clear, <Rank> <Name>. It's the Guiding Light that punished Tyler Snakes, not me!

Analyze Victim's Badge.
Yann (drinking his coffee): Hello, <Name>. I've examined the victim's badge you found in the TV room, and found a molecule left behind by the killer...
Yann (puts the mug down, nervously): But before I could identify this molecule, my wife called and... This is embarrassing.
Yann (sadly): Look, <Name>, I'm really sorry, but my daughter got sick and my wife needed me to take her to the doctor.
Amy (grinning): So you didn't have time to identify the molecule the killer left on our victim's badge?
Amy (pumping her fist): Don't fret about it, Yann. We both know <Name> can identify this molecule in the database in a flash! Can't you, <Name>?

Examine Molecule.
Amy (taking notes, excitedly): <Name>, you've identified the molecule the killer left on the victim's badge: it's Nevrax, an antidepressant!
Amy (puts down her notepad, curiously): So our killer takes Nevrax... Maybe they're depressed because they know you'll catch them, <Name>!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie (excitedly): Guys, this murder makes me feel like I'm in a movie!
Amy (holding up her finger, sternly): A disaster movie, unless we stop the Utopians in time! Have you found anything useful on the body?
Roxie (excitedly): Yes! Tyler Snakes was killed exactly like a character in a famous movie: A Puff of Death!
Amy (holds her hands up in disbelief): What do you mean, Roxie? The killer copied the murder from a movie?
Roxie (fantasizing): Exactly! In the movie, the victim dies from inhaling monomethyl para-amino-sulfate: a highly toxic chemical. It is mixed in his tobacco, and he smokes it.
(Roxie picks up Tyler's lungs and shows it to the team.)
Roxie: I've found the same poison in Snakes' lungs, mixed with regular cigarette smoke residue!
Amy (nauseated): So he was killed with a poisoned cigarette? That's insane! Who'd think that up?
(Roxie puts Tyler's lungs down.)
Roxie (winking): Someone who's seen it in A Puff of Death! <Name>, I guarantee your killer has seen that movie!

Later, at the station...
Amy (holds her hands up in disbelief): Tonight was meant to be about the excitement of the Ivywood Awards, but instead we're dealing with Utopians again... and a dead man!
Amy (shaking her head): Tyler Snakes was going to supervise the Awards ceremony, but someone poisoned him on the red carpet.
Amy (takes out her notepad, reading her notes): We've found proof that Velma Bannister tried to seduce him, but we don't know how that played out.
Amy (puts her notepad away, nervously): As for Russell's dad, he got kicked out of the Awards Theater for harassing the victim...
Amy (biting her nails): And there's this prophecy, too. I agree, it must have something to do with the Utopians' plan to brainwash ever-
(Hannah runs into the room.)
Hannah (shocked): <Name>! The Prophecy has started! The Guiding Light is shining on us! The end is nigh!
Amy (shocked): Hannah?! Have you joined the Utopians, too?!

Chapter 2

Hannah Choi (holding her tablet, shocked): <Name>! The Prophecy has started! The Guiding Light is shining on us!
Amy (shocked): Hannah, what are you talking about? Have you joined the Utopians, too?!
Hannah: Of course not! I've just hacked their servers. The Utopians are saying the Guiding Light has visited their temple! And that a new world starts tonight!
Hannah (shocked): <Name>, you must check out this Utopian temple to learn more about the prophecy, and how it's linked to the brainwashing plan!
Amy (biting her nails): Going to the Utopian temple? But what if we get brainwashed?!
Amy (saluting): Sorry, <Name>, you're right: we must face the danger, foil the Utopians' plot, and find out which one of them killed Tyler Snakes. Let's get to the temple!

Investigate Utopian Temple.
Amy: So this is the Utopian temple. I expected a crowd, but it's empty! I wonder where they've gone... Did you find anything, <Name>?
Amy: A shrine? You're right, that's our victim on the picture! I agree, we should search through it!
Amy (pumping her fist): And you've found a torn photograph, too! We haven't come to this temple in vain, after all! Quick, <Name>, let's put it back together.
Amy: And is that a box of medicine? Oh, you're right: it's Nevrax! We know the killer takes Nevrax, this could make or break the case!
Amy: There's a doctor's ID on the box, but it's illegible. Can you decipher it? Please hurry, we're on the enemy's territory!

Examine Shrine.
Amy (taking notes): <Name>, you found a card in the shrine, addressed to the victim! It says: "Tyler, you're finished: my victory is written in the stars!"
Amy (puts her notepad away, angrily): I agree, <Name>, it sounds like a threat! Possibly from the killer!
Amy (pumping her fist): We need to find out who wrote it. <Name>, I'll get this card to Russell. He can read between the lines!

Analyze Card.
Russell (excitedly): <Name>, this card you found in the Utopian temple made me see the light! The stars! The constellations! It's all written in the stars!
Amy (biting her nails): The stars? Russell, you don't mean the... Guiding Light, right? You haven't gone back to being a Utopian?
Russell: I'd never go back to the Utopians, Amy! I'm talking about the card: "my victory is written in the stars." It's this week's horoscope for Capricorns!
Russell (reading his book): Furthermore, look at these little red dots on the card, <Name>. If you draw a line between them, it shows the Capricorn constellation!
Amy: So you're saying that whoever wrote this threat and left it in the victim's shrine is a Capricorn?
Russell (puts the book away and winks): Yes. And I'm positive it's the killer! Capricorns avoid direct conflict: just think about how your victim was killed! Poisoned, without any direct contact by the killer...
Amy (taking out her notepad, excitedly): You're right! <Name>, this means that Tyler's killer is a Capricorn! I'll write it down!
Russell (solemnly): One more thing, <Name>: put my father right at the top of your suspect list. He was born on the 30th of December!

Examine Torn Photo.
Amy: So the photograph you found in the Utopian temple shows two men arguing on the red carpet... Well spotted, the one on the left is the victim!
Amy: And you're right, the other man looks like Brett Nolan! And he's really angry with the victim!
Amy (pumping her fist): I agree, <Name>, we should talk to Brett about this.

Ask Brett about his row with the victim.
Amy: Mr Nolan, <Rank> <Name> found this photo of you and Tyler Snakes arguing on the crime scene! What were you fighting about?
Brett: Snakes never liked my acting. He said I should learn from Dick Shakespeare in A Puff of Death. I watched that film twenty times, but I still don't get it!
Brett (shouting): But then he started criticizing that poster you found, saying I had no charisma! That the Utopians needed a new face!
Amy: So Snakes mocked both your acting career, and your position among the Utopians?
Brett (sweating, panicked): Exactly! He criticized everything I did, <Rank> <Name>! It was causing me severe anxiety. Not even Nexrax helped!

Examine Nevrax Box.
Amy (pumping her fist): Perfect! Now that you've deciphered the doctor's ID on the Nevrax box, we can get it to Hannah!

Analyze Doctor's ID.
Hannah: <Name>, the code on the Nevrax box you deciphered is Dr Trevor Neuman's ID.
Amy: Trevor Neuman? Ah, you've met him before, <Name>? Hmm... a popular Ivywood psychiatrist. It's hardly surprising that he prescribes antidepressants, right?
Amy (taking out her notepad, excitedly): Good thinking, we should check his file from the previous investigation.
Amy (reading her notes): Hey, it's written here that Mr Neuman doesn't just prescribe Nevrax to his patients... He takes those pills himself, too!
Amy (puts notepad away, prompted): Which means Dr Neuman fits part of our killer's profile! Let's go talk to him, <Name>!

Ask Dr Neuman about the Nevrax box found in the Utopian Temple.
Amy (taking notes): Dr Neuman, <Rank> <Name> has some questions about this Nevrax box we found in the Utopian temple...
Trevor (smoking a pipe): Oh, that's mine. Do you want some, too, <Rank> <Name>? Just don't mix it with Gold Stag. It made me pass out watching my favorite film, A Puff of Death.
Trevor (puts the pipe away, excitedly): Anyway, depression will be a thing of the past soon. Tonight, to be precise! No one will ever need Nevrax again!
Amy (puts away her notepad, puzzled): Are you talking about the prophecy? What will happen, exactly?
Trevor (zealously): Happiness shall fill the heart of every man, woman, and child! God shall return to Earth with all the departed souls!
Amy (in disbelief): The departed souls? You mean dead people will live again?
Trevor (smoking his pipe): It's written in the stars! But there's a small glitch: we need to gain 8,754,899 more Utopian followers by midnight. That's the exact number needed to please the Guiding Light.
Amy (takes out her notepad): 8,754,899 followers... by midnight tonight... That's a lot of new people to convert, with a very short deadline!
Trevor (puts the pipe away, zealously): Exactly! But it's worth it! Fame and glamor don't lead to happiness, <Rank> <Name>. Therapy and Nevrax have limited power, too.
Trevor (excitedly): Only the Utopians can give people everlasting joy! Join us now, <Rank> <Name>, and you'll see!

Amy (holds her hands up in disbelief): <Name>, Dr Neuman sounds mad as a box of frogs! He really thinks the dead will return if the Utopians gain 8,754,899 more followers?!
Amy: Besides, where would the Utopians find that many new followers?
Amy: Especially tonight, when everyone will be busy with the Awards ceremony! 50 million people will watch the live TV-transmission! Who has time for the Guiding Light, and...
Amy (shocked): Gosh, you're right! The brainwashing movie! If it's broadcast during the Awards ceremony, the Utopians will brainwash 50 million people!
Amy (biting her nails): And the Utopians only have until midnight to do it! They must be desperate to pull this off!
Amy (shaking her head): <Name>, that's chilling! I wish Frank was around, I could use some Gold Stag on the rocks right now!
Amy (yelling): No, you're right! We must get to the Awards Theater! We must stop the Utopians from brainwashing 50 million people!

Investigate Theater Front Desk.
Amy (pumping her fist): Great, <Name>, you've found the victim's phone! Let's crack the password!
Amy (shocked): And you picked up a faded photo with a Utopian symbol on it! Can you recover the rest of the picture?
Amy (prompted): Be quick, <Name>! We can't let the Utopians win!

Examine Faded Photo.
(In the police station...)
Amy: The woman on this picture you found on the red carpet is beautiful, but who is she? And that message, "I'll bring you back"... What do you think it me-
(Russell enters the room.)
Russell (surprised): <Name>? What are you doing with my mom's picture?!
Amy (shocked): This woman is your mother? We didn't know! <Name> found the photo on the red carpet. Do you know how it got there?
Russell (solemnly): No. But I'm sure my father could tell you more if you ask him...

Ask Jupiter Crane about his wife's photograph.
Jupiter (shocked): I thought I had lost this picture forever! This is my late wife, Caroline. She died just after Russell left home.
Jupiter (sadly): It was the saddest year of my life, losing the two people I love most. No amount of Nevrax could numb this pain.
Amy (sadly): We're sorry to hear that, Mr Crane. But we still need to know how this picture ended up on our crime scene.
Jupiter (nervously): I always carry that picture with me. I must have dropped it when security punched me in the face.
Amy (puzzled): And what about that message, Mr Crane? "I'll bring you back"... Do you really believe the Utopians can bring back the dead?
Jupiter (hopeful): I pray the Utopians succeed with their plan, <Rank> <Name>! It's my only hope to get my family back!
Jupiter (optimistically): Caroline will come back to me! And Russell will love me again! He'll see I was right about the Utopians all along: it's a beautiful religion of hope!

Examine Locked Phone.
Amy (pumping her fist): You've unlocked the victim's phone, <Name>! Let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Victim's Phone.
Hannah (shocked): <Name>, you won't believe this! I've checked the victim's phone, and... there was a text message in it!
Amy (holding her hands up, sarcastically): Oh my gosh! A text message, in a phone!
Hannah (shouting): When it's from somebody who's supposed to be dead, it IS shocking! The text was sent by Holly Hopper! With today's date! And it says "I'm back from the dead!"
Amy (shocked): Holly Hopper? That's impossible, she committed suicide last week!
Amy (biting her nails): <Name>, if Holly texted Tyler Snakes today, that means... the Utopians are right! The dead are coming back!
Hannah (shocked): There's more, <Name>! Just before you came in, the phone rang, and it was Holly's number again! I tracked the signal: it came from the Ivywood Heights Hotel.
Amy: <Name>, you're right: as far as we know, Holly's dead... but somebody is definitely using her phone!
Amy (yelling): And if the signal came from the hotel, we must go there and find out who made the call!

At the Ivywood Heights Hotel...
Amy (holding her hands up, confused): <Name>, I don't see anyone suspicious here. Do you?
Amy (shocked): What?! That woman over there, in the hat?!
Holly (dressed as a socialite, muttering): Oh, no! Not <Rank> <Name> again!
Amy (draws her gun): Stop and identify yourself, miss!
Holly (uncovering her disguise, angrily): Dammit! I'm busted!
Amy (shocked): Holly Hopper?! But... But you're dead! <Rank> <Name>, what's going on?
Amy: You're right, there's no time to be confused. Holly Hopper, you're under arrest for... coming back from the dead! <Rank> <Name> will question you straight away!

Ask Holly Hopper how she came back from the dead.
Amy (shocked): Holly Hopper, you're alive! But... we saw you blow your brains out! How is it possible?
Holly: Easier than you think. All it takes is a good make-up artist, and two friends disguised as paramedics...
Holly (winking): I took the idea from that old movie, A Puff of Death! And it worked splendidly!
Amy (holding her hands up, confused): But why did you fake your suicide?
Holly (in distress): Between managing the Utopians and chasing gossip, my life was unbearably stressful. I was popping Nevrax just to cope.
Holly (sadly): But <Rank> <Name>'s relentless pursuit of me was the last straw. Especially after I was exposed as the leader of the Utopians! I decided to lay low for a while.
Amy (skeptically): So why then did you keep texting Tyler Snakes from beyond the grave?
Holly (angrily): Tyler knew I wasn't dead. I'd made him my deputy in my absence. But power was getting to his head! I had to remind him who's the real Utopian leader!
Amy: To remind him? Or to kill him?
Holly (laughing): Tyler's dead? So that's why he didn't pick up the phone! Looks like somebody's done my work for me, <Rank> <Name>!

Later, at the station...
Russell (nervously): <Name>, I'm worried about my father's faith in the Utopian prophecy. His grief has made him fanatical.
Russell (frightened): And between Holly Hopper's "resurrection" and the new followers the Utopians intend to recruit through brainwashing... Things are going out of control!
(Hannah runs into the room.)
Hannah (shocked): <Name>, I'm so glad you're here! The Awards ceremony is going to also be broadcast on the Internet! They think they'll get an added 30 million viewers!
Russell (angrily): That's another 30 million people the Utopians could brainwash if we don't stop them in time!
(Roxie walks in the room.)
Roxie: Sorry to interrupt, but have you seen Amy? She went out to buy me some Rocket Cow and never came back!
Roxie (shocked): You haven't seen her either? But... where is she?
(Amy walks in the room, brainwashed.)
Amy: Tonight! The Prophecy is fulfilled! The dead will return! We must obey! Obey! Obey!

Chapter 3

Amy Young (brainwashed): Tonight! The Prophecy is fulfilled! Obey! Obey!
Russell (shouting): Amy's brainwashed! <Name>, the Utopians have gone too far this time!
Russell (angrily): This must be the work of Tyler's killer! The killer knows you're getting close, and is hoping you'll make a mistake!
Russell (panicking): Now that Holly's back in the game, the Utopians are more dangerous than ever! First they brainwashed Chief Marquez, now Amy... If we don't stop them, we're next!
Amy: Tonight! The Prophecy is fulfilled! Obey! Obey!
Russell: <Name>, let me come with you! You need a partner, and I have an old score to settle with the Utopians!
Russell (pumping his fist): Thank you! Let's start with the Utopian temple! The countdown has started!

Investigate Utopian Altar.
Russell: <Name>, you've found a torn page! Go on, reconstruct it, we can't leave anything to chance after what happened to Amy!
Russell (shocked): And that card looks like a note... to Frank?! Wait a minute... why would Frank come to the Utopian temple?!
Russell: <Name>, between you and me, Frank isn't the sharpest tool in the box... What if the Utopians found a way to manipulate him, too?! It's vital that you recover that faded writing!
Russell (pumping his fist): And good job finding Holly's purse! Let's see what the newly resurrected Utopian leader hides in there!

Examine Torn Page.
Russell (shocked): What is this? Andrea's on this paper you restored and two previous suspects... all of whom have been brainwashed!
Russell (reading the paper): There are notes next to each of them... "Silences, Successful," and next to Andrea: "No longer a threat"!
Russell (angrily): This must be about the Utopians' brainwashing experiments! They had everything planned out!
Russell (pumping his fist): I agree, this could be our hottest clue yet! I won't abandon you to investigate alone, <Name>, but if you give me a few hours on the side, I'm sure I can figure out who wrote this!

Analyze Experiments.
Russell: <Name>, I've analyzed this document you picked up at the Utopian temple. I examined the photos, the writing...
Russell (biting his glasses): We're pressed for time, so I focused on our five suspects, eliminating them one by one until I established who could have made this document.
Russell (puts his glasses away and reads his book): I know my father's handwriting, and it's not his. Holly Hopper leads a fast-paced life: she would have used her laptop, not paper.
Russell (puts his book away and winks): Velma Bannister is too impulsive to write in two neat, vertical columns, and Brett Nolan would have made a spelling mistake.
Russell (pumping his fist): Which leaves you with my confrère: Dr Neuman. A scientific mind: thorough, systematic. Balancing between sanity and insanity. Confront him, you'll see I'm right!

Ask Dr Neuman about the document found in the Utopian Temple.
Russell (skeptically): Dr Neuman, <Rank> <Name> found this document in the Utopian temple. Have you been experimenting with brainwashing?
Trevor (holding his pipe, surprised): I worked endlessly on the protocol, <Rank> <Name>. The big breakthrough came on December 23. My birthday!
Trevor (puts down his pipe, zealously): I've perfected a method to control the subjects' cognitive functions, by stimulating their neocortex with projected images. In short, I invented the brainwashing method. I wanted to make people happy!
Trevor (excitedly): And I shared my invention with my fellow Utopians because I knew they needed it to fulfill the Prophecy!
Russell (panicking): WHAT?! You've unleashed a brainwashing epidemic on the world! The Utopians are using it to get rid of their enemies!
Russell (shouting): You don't deserve to be called a doctor anymore, Neuman! Reverse the brainwashing immediately, or <Rank> <Name> will arrest you!
Trevor (smoking his pipe): Throw me in jail if you want, I will not reverse it! Have any of those people complained, <Rank> <Name>? No, because I made them happy!
Russell (angrily): As you wish, Neuman! You're under arrest!
Trevor (zealously): I pray you see the Guiding Light before it's too late, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Faded Note.
Russell (reading the card): So that message to Frank says: "Meet me at the Utopian temple" and it's signed by... Velma Bannister!
Russell (frightened): <Name>, this is worse than I feared! If the Utopians used Velma to get to Frank, he's probably in trouble! He never could resist a pretty woman!
Russell: You're right, we have to find Frank. Let's hope he isn't already brainwashed... I mean, not more than usual!

Back at the station...
Frank (winking): Hey <Name>, how's the investigation going? Sorry I can't be of help but I-
Russell: Frank, we know Velma contacted you. What did she want? Remember that withholding evidence is a criminal offense!
Frank (sweating nervously): I did nothing wrong! I only agreed to meet Velma because she threatened to swallow a whole box of Nevrax if I didn't!
Frank (sadly): Turns out she just wanted a shoulder to cry on... about how another man had scorned her! Your victim, actually.
Russell (shouting): You knew Tyler Snakes had fallen out with Velma, but you've kept it from <Name> since the investigation began? You bumbling buffoon!
Frank: Hold your horses, peacock! Fighting won't get <Name> anywhere! Look, Velma sounded genuinely upset! She said nobody had ever treated her the way Tyler did!
Russell: Alright. <Name>, Velma clearly didn't take Tyler's rejection lightly. Let's go talk to her!

Ask Velma about her argument with the victim.
Russell: Mrs Bannister, <Rank> <Name> found your card. You were manipulating Frank again! What were you playing at this time?
Velma (holding her cigarette holder, nervously): I called Frank because I was heartbroken: I'd had an argument with Tyler. He'd refused to have me as his red carpet date!
Russell (puzzled): Since when do you take rejection so personally, Velma? I thought you'd been around the block a few times.
Velma (puts down the cigarette holder, sadly): I have. But when Tyler told me I wasn't beautiful enough to be his date, that I was too old... You don't know what it's like, to hear such words in Ivywood. It means you're finished!
Velma (picks up the cigarette holder, angrily): I spent all night on the sofa, sobbing and watching A Puff of Death on telly, like a neurotic housewife. No one had ever humiliated me like this before!
Velma (shouting): But I wasn't going to let Tyler win! I'm a femme fatale, and a Capricorn at that! I'm the one rejecting men when I'm done with them!
Russell: So Tyler didn't want to be with you at the red carpet... What better way to get back at him than killing him on that very carpet?
Velma (blowing a kiss): I like how passionate you are, New Boy. The ceremony will start soon, and I'm practically single, if you don't count my husband. You should go to the Awards with me!

Examine Holly's Purse.
Russell: <Name>, you've found a newspaper article in Holly's purse. And it's about Holly's alleged death.
Russell (reading the message, shocked): You're right: there's a message on it! It reads: "You should have killed yourself for real"! And it's signed by the victim!
Russell: You think Holly came back from the dead to make sure Tyler wouldn't take her place as the Utopian leader?
Russell: It looks like their feud went further than we thought! Let's go question Holly, <Name>, but be careful, she's cunning!

Ask Holly Hopper about her rivalry with the victim.
Russell: Holly, <Rank> <Name> already knows you and Tyler Snakes were rivals. Did you kill him because he threatened you?
Holly: Of course not. I knew that snake was no threat, and my horoscope confirmed it: Capricorns will triumph over their enemies!
Russell (grinning): And what better way to triumph than killing your enemy... Listen, Holly, how about a deal. Help <Rank> <Name> stop the brainwashing tonight, and you'll get a more lenient sentence for the murder.
Holly (winking): Nice try. But I'm not the one who killed Snakes, as much as I enjoy his death.
Holly: Anyway, I'm not going to help. Here's my plan for tonight: everyone will watch the red carpet, and see Holly Hopper return from the dead!
Holly (excitedly): All Utopians will fear and obey me forever. Better than a leader, I'll be a prophet, a living saint!
Russell (furiously): No, you'll be rotting in jail! You're forgetting we have proof you brainwashed Chief Marquez, Holly! And I'm sure <Rank> <Name> will soon prove you killed Tyler, too!

Later, in the office...
Russell (panicking): <Name>, the Awards ceremony is ready to start! 80 million viewers are expected to watch it, and the Utopians want to convert them into an army of obedient slaves!
Russell (angrily): And the two people who could stop the brainwashing, Holly and Trevor, refuse to cooperate! The Utopians are going to win!
Russell: If you have an idea, <Name>, speak up! Because unless we catch the Utopian who killed Tyler Snakes, all we'll do is obey!
Russell (excitedly): But of course! We need to focus on the TV room! That's where the brainwashing movie must be broadcast from!
Russell (pumping his fist): Come on, <Name>, let's go to the TV room! There's not a second to lose!

Investigate Control Panels.
Russell: <Name>, what did you find? A crate full of technical equipment? Search through it quickly, the brainwashing movie might be in there!
Russell (puzzled): And you've picked up a brooch, too? A golden Capricorn sign?
Russell (pumping his fist): Of course, we know our killer is a Capricorn, so this brooch must be theirs! For the first time tonight, I feel hopeful!
Russell (pumping his fist): And it looks like they left some blood on it... Let's collect a sample quickly, before we all end up brainwashed!

Examine Broadcasting Equipment.
Russell: <Name>, this cigarette case you found among the broadcasting equipment has the victim's name on it!
Russell (shocked): And since we know the victim was poisoned with a cigarette... this may well be our murder weapon!
Russell (angrily): <Name>, whoever killed Snakes will attempt to brainwash all of Ivywood within minutes. So get those cigarettes to the lab, or we'll all be chanting "obey" before long!

Analyze Cigarette Case.
Yann (confidently): <Name>, I'll be quick: these cigarettes in the case you found in the TV room are indeed your murder weapon!
Yann: Roxie confirmed your hypothesis: the poison in these cigarettes matches the substance that killed Tyler Snakes. The killer cleverly offered them to him!
Yann (winking): And here's the good news: I've also found a tiny fragment of hair among the cigarettes. Thank your lucky stars!
Yann (nervously): What? No, I haven't become a Utopian, it's just an expression! Thank your lucky stars because now you know your killer's hair is blond!

Examine Capricorn Brooch.
Russell: <Name>, well done for isolating the blood you spotted on the killer's Capricorn brooch!
Russell (pumping his fist): A single drop of blood stands between you and the end of free will, <Name>. Let's get the sample to Yann and catch this killer!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Yann (confidently): <Name>, the blood you collected from the killer's Capricorn brooch will seal their fate!
Russell: Only if you keep it short, Yann. The broadcasting will start in minutes. And so will the brainwashing, if this killer's still at large. So, what's with the blood?
Yann (winking): The blood on the brooch is A+, <Name>! And your victim was A-, which means it cannot have been his!
Yann (excitedly): And since we know this brooch belonged to your Capricorn killer... It means their blood type is A+!
Yann (worriedly): Now go get them, <Name>! I don't want my children to grow up as Utopian slaves!

After completing all tasks...
Russell (pumping his fist): <Name>, you have everything to arrest this killer now. Be strong: the future of Ivywood depends on how this will go.

Take care of the killer now!
Russell (confidently): Velma Bannister, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Tyler Snakes.
Velma (offering a cigarette): Do you smoke, <Rank> <Name>? Have one of these while we wait for my husband's lawyer. Until then, I shall enjoy my right to remain silent.
Russell: Smoking is bad for you, Mrs Bannister. Especially with poisoned cigarettes, like the ones you gave to Tyler.
Velma (puts the cigarette away, smirking): Poisoned cigarettes? I like a man with a wild imagination. But you have no proof they were mine, Smart Boy.
Russell (confidently): What about your blood on the Capricorn brooch <Rank> <Name> found in the TV room? It's your horoscope sign, isn't it?
Velma (innocently): Many people have my blood type and my zodiac sign. But tell me: why would I kill the only man who was man enough to resist me? You know how rare that is?
Russell (grinning): Exactly. You're beautiful, young, and always get what you want. A real femme fatale from Ivywood. Nobody's ever said no to you before.
Russell (laughing): So when Tyler rejected you, you couldn't handle it! You've sunk so low that even Frank Knight's shoulders were good enough to cry on.
Velma (shouting): THAT'S ENOUGH! You think I'd kill Tyler because he'd bruised my ego? How insulting! I only wanted Tyler for one thing: to access the TV room!
Velma (angrily): Tyler was in charge of broadcasting the brainwashing film to the world! He was going to start the transmission! I'm the one who saved everyone, by killing him!
Russell (skeptically): Are you seriously expecting us to believe you killed Tyler to save Ivywood? Why would you even want to stop your religion's prophecy?!
Velma (holding a videotape): Actually... I was planning to replace Tyler's tape with this one. I had to flirt hard with Dr Neuman, until he made it just for me. <Rank> <Name>, here's the proof I'm telling the truth!
Russell: I'm not sure I want to know what's on this tape, but I'll leave you to explain everything to the judge. You're under arrest, Velma!

Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): Velma Bannister, you stand trial for the murder of Tyler Snakes.
Honorable Dante (puts the gavel down): It says in the file that you're a femme fatale. What does it mean? I never paid attention in French class.
Velma: Femme fatale means hard work, Your Honor. Having to charm and seduce people for the smallest thing you want. And it gets harder as you get older.
Velma (angrily): Especially in Ivywood, where there's always someone younger and more beautiful than you. Tyler made me realize my powers were fading.
Velma (smirking): So when I heard other Utopians talking about the power of brainwashing, I instantly decided I wanted it for myself!
Honorable Dante (confused): You wanted to brainwash people? What for?
Velma: I wanted people to obey me! To worship my immortal beauty! To love me forever and ever! This is what everyone wants in Ivywood! That's why we all want to be famous!
Velma (smirking): Fame doesn't last. But the people you brainwash will be your faithful slaves until a special cure is applied.
Honorable Dante (holding the gavel): Well, luckily for Ivywood, the brainwashing film was never transmitted. You're sentenced to 18 years for killing a man, and making all of us miss the Awards ceremony!

Russell (winking): Well, <Name>, I have to say I'm impressed. Not only have you caught Tyler's killer, but you've also managed to foil the Utopians' plans once and for all!
Russell: However, I'm afraid your work is not yet done. We cannot forget all the people who are still under the effects of the brainwashing!
Russell (pumping his fist): We need to save Andrea, Amy, and all the others who've been brainwashed by the Utopians!

Ivywood Confidential 8

Russell Crane (winking): Congratulations on a job well done, <Name>! The Utopian threat is now over... I wonder if they've announced the Ivywood Film Awards winners yet?
(Jupiter, Roxie, and Frank enter the room, brainwashed.)
Jupiter: Obey...
Russell (shocked): Dad?!
Frank: Obey...
Roxie: Surrender to our will!
(Hannah runs into the room.)
Hannah (shocked): <Name>, somebody aired the brainwashing tape during the Awards! The whole world has been brainwashed!
Russell (nervously): I guess it's lucky that we were in the Courthouse when the Awards were announced... But now it's up to you to save the world, <Name>!
Russell (pumping his fist): You're right: Trevor Neuman invented the brainwashing method, he should know how to reverse it! Come on, we need to hurry!

Ask Dr Neuman to reverse the brainwashing.
Russell (angrily): Trevor, the whole world has been brainwashed! You need to tell us how to reverse the effects and save everybody!
Trevor (holding his pipe, solemnly): I created the brainwashing technique... but I'm afraid there's no way to undo it. They'll be brainwashed for life!
Russell: Unlike you, <Rank> <Name> doesn't give up so easily! There must be a way to reverse it!
Russell (biting his glasses): I agree <Name>, the brainwashing started with a tape... so maybe we can also end this curse with it!
Russell (puts his glasses away and pumps his fist): Let's go to the TV room and look for the tape! Remember, the fate of the world depends on it!

Investigate TV Room.
Russell (confidently): And <Name> does it again! There's a Utopian symbol on the chest you picked up, the tape might be inside!
Russell (nervously): This tape could be our only chance at saving the world... Quick, we need to unlock that chest!

Examine Locked Chest.
Russell (excitedly): You unlocked that chest in no time, <Name>! And there's a tape inside!
Russell (pumping his fist): There's only one way to find out if this is the brainwashing tape... By recovering the faded text!

Examine Videotape.
Russell (excitedly): The drawings on that tape... You've hit the jackpot, <Name>, this is the Utopians' brainwashing tape!
Russell: Before dealing with whoever aired it, we first need to cure the world of this curse!
Russell (worried): I agree, let's send this tape to Hannah! I just hope she finds a way to reverse the brainwashing effects or we're doomed!

Analyze Brainwashing Movie.
Hannah (sweating nervously): Phew, <Name>, I've spent hours working on a way to reverse the brainwashing. I ended up playing the subliminal message in reverse...
Russell (impatiently): Did it work?!
Hannah (sadly): Not exactly. I tried it out on Frank, and... he started talking backwards!
Hannah: So I studied the brainwashing more. Turns out certain images in the film target the occipital lobe of your brain, which suppresses your willpower.
Hannah (nervously): To reverse the brainwashing I tried to code my own subliminal message but that failed too. Eventually, I played my own message in reverse.
Russell (curiously): And did that work?!
Hannah (grinning): Well I wasn't sure it would, as the brain is infinitely more complicated than a computer...
(Frank and Amy enter the room.)
Frank (amused): Stop showing off, Hannah. What's your proof I was even brainwashed? Did I stop drinking or something?
Amy (excitedly): <Name>, Russell! You saved me!
Russell (excitedly): Amy! I'm so happy to see you guys again! And to be honest, <Name> did most of the work...
Russell (angrily): And you're right <Name>, we know Holly is behind this whole brainwashing business! And this time she's going to prison for good!
Hannah (optimistically): Good luck, meanwhile, I'll make sure the brainwashing cure gets aired on all the channels worldwide!

Arrest Holly Hopper once and for all.
Holly (furiously): What?! You?! How come you're not brain--
Holly (innocently): I mean, didn't you watch the Film Awards, <Rank> <Name>?
Russell (skeptically): Nice try, Holly. But while the whole world was getting brainwashed, <Rank> <Name> still had work to do.
Russell (winking): Guess what: <Rank> <Name> found a way to reverse the brainwashing effects and thanks to that, the whole world has been cured!
Holly (shouting): What?! You dared put an end to the Prophecy?!
Russell (angrily): Come on, Holly, don't play dumb. You know very well there's no prophecy: the brainwashing was just a way for you to control more people. But it's finished now.
Russell (happily): Instead, <Rank> <Name>'s prophecy is complete: you're going to prison for a long, long time!
Russell (grinning): Come on, <Name>, I'm famished: let's go get some brain food and head back to the station!

Back at the station...
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips, excitedly): <Name>, congratulations on saving the world! You really outdid yourself!
Chief Marquez (scratching her head): But I'm afraid there's still work to do: could you go to the Utopian temple one last time and check that everything is alright?
Amy (inspired): We're on it, Chief!
(Brett runs in the room.)
Brett: <Rank> <Name>, there you are! I brought along a script to the Film Awards, one I'm sure would interest you... but I lost it! Do you think you could help?
Frank (grinning): You're not very smart for taking a script along with you to the Red Carpet. But sure, we'll check it out: any excuse to mingle with celebrities!

Investigate Red Carpet.
Frank (grinning): Excellent work, <Name>, you found a script! And look, there's Brett's name on it!
Frank: But why does it say "Utopians" on it? You're right, we need to recover the rest of the title!

Examine Faded Script.
Frank (grinning): Way to go, <Name>, you recovered the title of Brett's script!
Frank (flattered): And look at the title, "Utopians VS Pacific Bay Police!" Brett wants to make a movie about us?! I'm flattered...
Frank (pumping his fist): Let's go see what Brett has to say about this!

Ask Brett about the script.
Brett (grinning): Ah, <Rank> <Name>, you found my script! "Utopians VS Pacific Bay Police!"
Frank: We didn't know you wanted to be a producer, Brett.
Brett: Well, I was never much of an actor, but I do enjoy telling stories, and I had all these great contacts...
Brett (happily): And I think it's high time the world got to see your amazing adventures, <Rank> <Name>!
Frank (flattered): Well, I don't see a problem with it... Just be sure to give us final approval for the casting. I don't want a douche playing me.
Brett: Don't worry about that, and I guarantee you won't regret it! I'll be in touch, but for now, please accept this, <Rank> <Name>.

Investigate Utopian Temple.
Amy: So <Name>, you managed to find a box... which belongs to Holly! Even though she's behind bars, we should search through it!

Examine Holly's Belongings.
Amy (excitedly): Oooh, I see Holly was hiding her mail in that box! Must have been pretty important stuff, can't wait to snoop through them!
Amy (thoughtful): Oh, good point, we'll first need to recover what was written on the envelopes. Let's get to it!

Examine Letters.
Amy (excitedly): Way to go <Name>, you recovered the address on Holly's letters in no time! So, who was she writing to?
Amy (shocked): What?! Holly was writing to Russell?!
Amy (sweating nervously): Does that mean Russell is still a Utopian?! Was he secretly working with Holly all this time?! I'm so confused!
Amy (biting her nails): You're right, <Name>, let's not jump to conclusions. Let's send this head-scratcher to Hannah and see what she says...

Analyze Letters to Russell.
Hannah: I checked out those letters you found in Holly's belongings, and as you know they were all addressed to Russell...
Amy (biting her nails): So does this prove Russell is an undercover Utopian spy? Is he the enemy?!
Hannah (grinning): Calm down, Amy, your precious Russell isn't a Utopian.
Hannah (nervously): In fact, the letters weren't written by Holly. They were all written by Jupiter to his son. But they were never sent.
Amy (puzzled): Jupiter wrote all those letters and never sent them? Why?
Hannah: Because Holly, as the Utopian leader, refused to let any Utopians reach out to their families. Cults often use that trick to keep their members close.
Amy (prompted): That's terrible! Jupiter was trying to reach out to his son, but Holly stopped him from doing so? I agree <Name>, let's go see Jupiter and make things right!

Bring Jupiter and Russell back together.
Jupiter (regretfully): Thank you for curing me of that brainwashing, <Name>. I can't believe I used to be a part of the Utopians. I can't believe I chose them over Russell!
Amy (smiling): Speaking of Russell: <Rank> <Name> has discovered your son never received any of the letters you tried to send him. Holly intercepted them.
Jupiter (shocked): You're telling me Russell never received a single one of my letters?! So that's why he never replied!
Jupiter (nervously): And now Russell thinks I don't care about him! All this time wasted, for a misunderstanding!
Amy (twirling her hair): It's not too late to try and make things right between the two of you, you know...
Jupiter (inspired): Yes, you're right. It's time I started being a better father. I just hope Russell will give me a second chance.
Jupiter: Here <Rank> <Name>, please take this as a thank you. I still feel ashamed for not having helped you more in your investigations, I hope you will forgive me.

Later, in the office...
Russell (excitedly): <Name>, thank you so much for finally putting an end to the Utopian movement. Ever since my childhood, it was my personal ambition to bring them to justice.
Russell (smiling): But you've done much more than that: those letters you found helped me understand my father. He may have been led astray by the Utopians, but it was out of love for me and my mother.
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms, smiling): And I thank you too, <Name>, for looking after the team so well in my absence. Amy has told me everything, I'm so proud of you!
Chief Marquez (hands on her hips, excitedly): And now I think we're all ready to leave Ivywood behind and look for new adventures!
Chief Marquez (crossing her arms, winking): We're going to Rhine Canyon next, <Name>. The clean desert will do us some good after the glitters of Ivywood. Get ready for the Wild Wild West!