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Sichuan Province, China...
Jack Archer: Alright, <Name>, we're finally here, ready to start digging into the background of the teenage killer from Yunnan!
Jack: We know that Zhao Mei is an orphan who grew up around here...
Jack: We have to learn more about this girl to find out why a child that young would have ties to SOMBRA. Here in Sichuan, we can-
Dupont: You can enjoy the fascinating history! <Name>, did you know-
Jack: Dupont, can we talk about this later? SOMBRA's a bit more urgent than local history.
Dupont: At least start your search with the lotus bridge! You can't visit this spectacular area and not admire the landscapes!
Jack: Uh... alright, it's not like we know where else to start looking. Let's head to this bridge, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Lotus Bridge.
Jack Archer: <Name>, I don't think that body in the river is supposed to be part of the scenery!
Jack: Figures, we came here to investigate a link between a teenage orphan and SOMBRA, and the first thing we find is a corpse!
Jack: <Name>, we need to discover who this woman is and whether her death has anything to do with our investigation into SOMBRA. Let's send the body to Angela ASAP!
Jack: I see you've picked up a few clues. A wallet? Nice catch! There's a driver's license inside!
Jack: The photo looks just like the victim... and her name is apparently Li Jun.
Jack: I wonder what else the victim's wallet might contain. Let's search through it!
Jack: And hey, look at the photos in the scrapbook you picked up! This must belong to our victim, too.
Jack: This scrapbook looks like something a tourist might make. So maybe the victim wasn't from here? We should dust it to see what the text says.
Jack: Let's get cracking! <Name>, I don't know about you, but I won't rest easy until we're sure this murder has nothing to do with SOMBRA!

Examine Faded Scrapbook.
Jack: The text in the victim's scrapbook says, "Admired the lotuses with my daughter, Ying."
Jack: Wait, so the victim had a daughter! And this daughter must still be around! We need to find her immediately!

Inform Li Ying about her mother's death.
Ying (sneezing into a tissue): Achoo! I apologize, <Rank>... I hope nothing's wrong?
Jack: Ms Li, it's about your mother...
Ying: Yes, why? Is she alright?
Jack: No, she... We regret to inform you that <Rank> <Name> found her dead near here, and-
Ying (placing the tissue away): What?! Noooo! No, not Mama! That's not possible!
Jack: We're afraid she was murdered. Could you tell us anything that-
Ying (crying): We should never have come here! A lovely region, Mama said! It will be great, she said! And now she's dead!
Ying: I can't believe it... What will I do now that Mama's gone?

Examine Victim's Wallet.
Jack: What did you find in the victim's wallet, <Name>? A... ticket to the panda reserve?
Jack: Aw, that's cool! We'll get to see pandas! Because, if the victim visited this reserve, we should check it out too!

Investigate Panda Reserve.
Jack: Wow, that sure is a lot of pandas. Unsurprising in a panda reserve, I guess... but I'm glad you've found useful stuff amid the panda droppings, <Name>!
Jack: It looks like there's blood on that stained handkerchief! But the blood seems mixed with something else... Let's collect a sample!
Jack: A good call grabbing that video camera, <Name>! We can unlock it to see if there's anything important on-
Fan (wearing a panda suit): Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing here?
Jack: Aaargh! A talking panda!
Fan (taking off panda hoodie): I'm not a-
Jack: Wait, you're not a panda. Who are you?
Fan: I'm Wang Fan, and I take care of the pandas here. We wear these outfits to make the pandas comfortable. Why are you trampling all over this reserve?
Jack: <Rank> <Name> is investigating a murder. And our victim visited this place, so we'd like to talk you about her, Mr Wang!

Ask Wang Fan about the victim's visit to the panda reserve.
Fan: What did you want to talk about, <Rank> <Name>? Let's make this quick. I've got to get back to my pandas.
Jack: The pandas can wait a bit! A woman has been murdered. Did you know one Li Jun?
Fan: Hm, that name sounds familiar. I think she came by the other day to admire the pandas. Lots of people do. Because pandas are adorable.
Jack: Did you notice anything unusual about the victim?
Fan: I wasn't paying attention to her. I was looking after the pandas! Did you know that over 30% of the world's pandas reserve in the Sichuan sanctuaries?
Fan: The giant panda is an endangered species! Less than 2000 of them are left in the wild! I'm doing important work here. I don't have time to gawk at tourists!
Fan (putting panda hoodie back on): And now I must go. My pandas need me!

Examine Video Camera.
Jack: Great, <Name>, you've cracked the code on the video camera! Let's send it to Elliot!

Analyze Video Camera.
Elliot: Well, <Name>, the video camera you found in the panda reserve was sure... interesting.
Jack: Is it just me or did that sound ominous?
Elliot: The camera belonged to your victim! But the last thing she filmed is a doozy. Take a look!

Start of recording...
(SILVERee is singing in the recording.)
SILVERee: There's PANDA-monium in my heart! My love for you tears me apart!
(A panda quietly chews on bamboo.)
SILVERee: My sadness and euphoria blur, like black and white panda fur!

End of recording...
Jack: What... the heck was that?!
Elliot: That, <Name>, was the latest single of a Korean pop idol called SILVERee.
Jack: And I bet you just loved SILVERee's tunes.
Elliot: Yeah, it's exactly my type of music. Anyway, the important part is that your victim filmed this guy with her camera, so I guess you'll have some questions for him!
Jack: Let's hope SILVERee doesn't break into song when we talk to him!

Talk to SILVERee about the victim filming him.
Jack: Mr... ah, SILVERee, <Rank> <Name> is investigating-
SILVERee (pointing): You! You, in the blue shirt. You have interesting cheekbone structure.
Jack: I... what?
SILVERee: I came here from Korea to record the music video for "PANDA-monium", and I could use your exotic looks among my dancers, so-
Jack: I don't want a role in your music video! We're investigating the murder of one Li Jun.
Jack: She came here and even filmed you with her camera! And now she's dead! Did you know her?
SILVERee: No, but you shouldn't be surprised that people film me or take photos of me! I'm very famous! Your victim was obviously a fan.
SILVERee (pointing): You, the blue-shirted one with interesting cheekbone structure, you too could become famous if you accepted my offer to dance in "PANDA-monium"!
Jack: Argh! This conversation is over! <Name>, get me out of here!

Examine Stained Handkerchief.
Jack: Nice work picking up a sample from that stained handkerchief, <Name>!
Jack: Lars is pretty busy with the triplets... <Name>, let's put this sample under the microscope ourselves!

Examine Brown Substance.
Jack: Well, the good news is that now we know the blood you found on the handkerchief from the panda reserve matches our victim!
Jack: But then it gets more complicated... and weird. <Name>, how can there be traces of chicken, chili peppers and peanuts mixed in with the blood?
Dupont: Mes amis, are you making dinner plans? I hear you discussing the recipe for gong bao chicken!
Dupont: Gong bao chicken is a renowned dish from Sichuan. The local cuisine has the reputation of being both spicy and delicious, and it's one of the Four Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine!
Jack: So... the handkerchief was stained both with the victim's blood and this treasure of Chinese cuisine?
Jack: It sure wasn't the victim who dropped this bloodied handkerchief... So it must've been the killer who left gong bao chicken stains!
Jack: This means the killer eats gong bao chicken! Well, they bit off more than they could chew with this murder. I know you'll catch them soon!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Jack: Hey, Angela! What can you tell us about the body <Name> found near the lotus bri-
April, May and June (in unison): Uncle Jack! Uncle Jack, you haven't played with us in forever! <Rank> <Name>, tell Uncle Jack he's been bad!
(The triplets jump on Jack's back.)
Jack: <Name>... help?
Angela: Girls, leave him alone! It's time to go play outside!
April, May and June (on Jack's back, in unison): But Moooooom!
Angela: <Rank> <Name> is here to discuss grown-up things. Go on, girls!
(The triplets leave Angela's laboratory.)
Jack: Yeah, I'd say dead bodies are grown-up talk. I'm not even gonna ask what the kids were doing in your lab, Angela... So what can you tell us?
Angela: The body shows signs that the victim fought someone shortly before her death.
Angela: But what killed her was a blow to the head with a blunt object. Death was instantaneous.
Angela: The body was then dumped into the river. The killer probably hoped that the river would carry the body away.
Jack: Please tell us the water didn't wash away all the evidence!
Angela: It almost did, but not quite! On the front of the victim's collar, I managed to find traces of soot and animal glue. They're ingredients of calligraphy ink!
Angela: Someone with calligraphy ink on their hands had clearly grabbed the victim by her collar. If not for all the water, I'd probably get fingerprints, but as it is...
Jack: As it is, we know the victim practices calligraphy! The handwriting's on the wall for them, <Name> - you're sure to put them behind bars!

Later on...
Jack: <Name>, we came to Sichuan for answers about the teenage killer from Yunnan, but so far we've got nothing on her or SOMBRA!
Jack: Instead, we've got a dead woman named Li Jun and a whole lot of new questions!
Jack: And meanwhile, we're grappling with Korean pop idols and obsessed panda keepers.
Jack: We don't even know much about the victim except she was here with her daughter...
Elliot: <Name>, I've looked into your victim's background and I can tell you one thing... she worked for a Beijing adoption agency!
Jack: What? We came here to investigate an orphan girl, and the person who turns up dead is someone who worked with orphans?
Jack: <Name>, what if this isn't a coincidence? What if Li Jun was here because of Zhao Mei, too?
Jack: What if SOMBRA is behind this murder?!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: <Name>, we came to Sichuan for answers about the teenage killer from Yunnan, but so far we've got nothing on her or SOMBRA!
Jack: Instead, we've got a dead woman named Li Jun and we don't even know much about her.
Elliot: <Name>, I've looked into your victim's background and I can tell you one thing... she worked for a Beijing adoption agency!
Jack: What? We came here to investigate an orphan girl, and the person who turns up dead is someone who worked with orphans?
Jack: <Name>, what if this isn't a coincidence? What if Li Jun was here because of Zhao Mei, too? What if SOMBRA is behind this murder?!
Jack: Solving this case just became more urgent! Elliot, what else have you found?
Elliot: Not much. The most interesting recent paper trail the victim left was receipts from a local restaurant. Apparently, she went there a lot.
Jack: Well, that's better than no leads! Trevor, let's check out this restaurant!

Investigate Sichuan Restaurant.
Jack: Good job picking up that tablet, <Name>! It could be important. Let's unlock it ASAP.
Jack: And you're right, you've searched every nook and cranny of this restaurant except inside this chest! I'll let you get on with it!

Examine Tablet.
Jack: Great, you've unlocked that tablet! I bet it's going to be super useful! It says...
Jack: Uh... it says, "It's neat to knit"?! And, look, I think those are knitting patterns... This isn't what I expected to find, <Name>...
Obaasan: Ah, how wonderful! You've found my e-book reader! My grandchildren gave it to me!
Jack: Um, sorry, Ms-
Obaasan: Just call me Obaasan, dear, everyone else does! Are you also here with a tourist group?
Jack: No, actually, <Rank> <Name> is in the middle of investigating the murder of one Li Jun, and so-
Obaasan: No! No, don't tell me, how can it be? Li Jun was murdered?
Jack: So you knew the victim? Then we'd like to have a word with you, Obaasan!

Ask Obaasan what she knows about the victim.
Obaasan: I can't believe Li Jun is dead! She was the only friend I made here during my vacation! This is so distressing!
Jack: How well did you know the victim?
Obaasan: Oh dear, when you get to my age, you start talking of this and that, and you make friends quite naturally. Both Jun and I were new to the area, so we got to chatting.
Obaasan: I came here from Japan on a group chat. Sichuan is a lovely place to visit - so beautiful. And then there's the food! The gong bao chicken alone is worth the trip.
Obaasan: I met Jun here. A charming lady, so passionate about her work, and she asked very kindly about my grandchildren. I'm sad to hear she's no longer with us.
Jack: Did she say anything in particular about her job at the adoption agency? What did she come here to do?
Obaasan: Ah, how embarrassing, I don't actually know! It's possible that I was too busy talking with her...

Examine Chest.
Jack: What the heck?! The vase you found in that chest is covered in blood! Let's send it to Lars, quick!

Analyze Jade Vase.
Lars: <Name>, I've got a new joke for you, but I'll let my assistant tell it!
June: Knock-knock!
Jack: Who's there?
June: A vase!
Jack: A vase who?
June: A vase choice you made in coming to see my dad! Teehee! A wise choice, get it?
Lars: I'm so glad the kids are here with me again, <Name>! Learning from my example, they'll grow up to be so witty!
Jack: Y-yeah, bro, they sure will. Anyway, we're actually here about the vase <Name> found in the restaurant...
Lars: So I figured. Alright, assistant, it's time for you to take a break! Go find your sisters, yeah? Thanks, sweetie.
(June leaves Lars's laboratory.)
Lars: Now that she's out of earshot... The blood on that vase matches your victim's! There's no doubt it was used to bash your victim's head in.
Jack: So the vase is our murder weapon! The killer must've hidden it in the restaurant after the murder!
Lars: Exactly. And there were germ-infected droplets on the vase... Meaning that someone had sneezed on it!
Lars: <Name>, the droplets were too small for me to extract DNA from them, but I guarantee you that your killer has a cold!
Jack: So the killer's got cold hands to go with their cold heart! Well, being sick won't excuse them from prison!

Jack: <Name>, we're no closer to discovering who killed Li Jun...
Jack: Or to learning whether it's a coincidence that this adoption agency worker died just as we arrived to investigate an orphan girl with SOMBRA connections.
Jack: We need new leads! You're right, we should return to the crime scene and check if we've missed something!

Investigate River Jetty.
Jack: The paper you found has the logo of the victim's adoption agency on it! Too bad it's faded... Let's go over it with a dusting brush!
Jack: And you're right, that torn photo is suspicious. We can piece it back together!
Jack: I didn't know you were into art, <Name>... Oh, you're right, you can see the crime scene in the picture, which means it was painted here!
Jack: There's a note on the canvas calling it a "self-portrait". If we discover who this woman is, we might learn more about the murder! We should check for her face in the database!

Examine Faded Document.
Jack: Great, <Name>! Now we can read this document and see what it's got to do with the victim!
Jack: Or... we'd be able to read it if the text weren't in Chinese. Dang it! Let's send it to Dupont ASAP!

Analyze Document Text.
Dupont: <Name>, the document you found at the crime scene was written by your victim in her official capacity as a spokeswoman for her adoption agency!
Dupont: In the text, she expressed concerns about a Korean music artist called... SILVERee? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with his work.
Dupont: That's... probably for the best. What concerns did Li Jun express?
Dupont (looking at his pocket watch): Ms Li disapproved of SILVERee's ouevre. While professing respect for Korean music generally, she claimed that SILVERee's songs were bad for children and that he set a harmful example!
Dupont: En bref, mes amis, Li Jun was campaigning to ban SILVERee's music on Chinese children networks.
Dupont: This ban would be a blow on SILVERee, since China is an important market for Korean music.
Jack: Is that so? Then SILVERee had better have a good explanation for not mentioning all of this to us earlier!

Confront SILVERee about the victim's plans to have him banned.
Jack: SILVERee, you said you didn't know Li Jun, when in fact-
SILVERee: Shh! Inspiration has struck! I've had some spectacular gong bao chicken and I'm writing a song about it.
SILVERee: What do you think about this: "Like gong bao chicken, you pierced my soul - and now I'm out of control"?
Jack: Enough of this! Earlier, you told us you didn't know Li Jun, but she was campaigning to ban your music from Chinese children's networks!
SILVERee: Why did you have to find out about that, <Rank> <Name>? Yes, that Li Jun wanted to prevent Chinese children from enjoying my music...
SILVERee: Li Jun said that I was a bad artist and a terrible role model! What did she know about music, that old hag?! I'm a wonderful role model!
SILVERee: I'm serious about my craft! I learned calligraphy for one of my music videos, and I came to this authentic panda reserve to shoot "PANDA-monium"!
SILVERee: That woman was crazy! Protecting children is great, but she crossed the line!
Jack: And it's very convenient for you that she's dead! If you were the one to cross the line and kill her, <Rank> <Name> will make you regret it!

Examine Portrait.
Jack: So the person who drew the self-portrait you found by the lotus bridge is an American artist called Ellen Morowitz.
Jack: Let's ask Ms Morowitz why her painting was at the crime scene!

Ask Ellen Morowitz why her self portrait was doing on the crime scene.
Jack: Ms Morowitz, an adoption agency worker named Li Jun was murdered here by the lotus bridge, right where we found your self-portrait, and-
Ellen: What? Someone was murdered near here?
Ellen (sneezing into a tissue): Achoo! Uh, excuse me, I've got a bit of a cold... I think the shock just awoke my sinuses! It's terrible that someone could be killed in this beautiful palce.
Jack: You've never seen Li Jun in this area?
Ellen (putting the tissue away): No, but to be honest, the whole world fades away from me when I paint! And I was quite busy painting here. The light is beautiful at sunset.
Ellen: I come to this area every year. It's so picturesque! I originally visited China years ago to learn calligraphy, and then I couldn't stay away. I hope to paint my best work here one day.
Ellen: I'm sorry I can't help your investigation, <Rank> <Name>, but feel free to ask more questions later! I'll be by my easel with my paintbrushes.

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: What the heck! Look at the note on the victim's photo: "The world's worst mother!"
Jack: You're right, <Name>, this must be the handiwork of the victim's daughter, but what a surprise! When we spoke, she seemed devoted to her mother and shattered by her death!
Jack: It's definitely time to demand answers from Li Ying!

Confront Li Ying about the angry note on the photo.
Jack: Ms Li, why did you destroy a photo of your mother and write such a nasty comment on it?
Ying: H-how can you think I'd do such a thing? Um, actually, I'm not feeling well, my cold's getting worse, so I'm just going to go and-
Jack: You're going nowhere until you explain yourself, Ms Li! Was your earlier grief for your mother just an act?
Ying: Oh, so what if I exaggerated a little? My mother really was the worst! She only cared about China's orphans and didn't have any affection left for me!
Ying: She was never there for me! When I won first prize in calligraphy back in school, did she notice? No! She was busy saving other children somewhere far away from home!
Jack: But you took this trip to Sichuan together...
Ying: Yes, because Mama decided to come here and, momentarily remembering that I exist, invited me along. At least I got some excellent gong bao chicken out of the trip!
Ying: I'm not sorry that Mama's dead! Now she'll do something for me - I'm going to inherit all of her money!
Jack: That's a cold thing to say, Ms Li! If you did kill your mother, all of your money won't help you avoid prison!

A while later...
Jack: <Name>, we're making progress on this case, but it's slow-going, and none of what we've learned sheds light on the girl whose background we came here to discover or on SOMBRA!
Jack: We still don't know if Li Jun's presence in the area was a coincidence or if she, too, was here because of Zhao Mei, and was killed for it.
Jack: We've got suspects with strong motives to kill her, but so far those motives aren't related to SOMBRA...
Jack: Korean pop idol SILVERee benefits from the victim's death since she was campaigning to ban his music from Chinese children's networks.
Jack: And the victim's daughter hated her mother for not loving her enough and giving more attention to the orphans she worked with. Maybe she-
Ingrid: <Name>! Come at once! There's an emergency at the panda reserve! SILVERee's being attacked by a panda!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: <Name>, we're making progress on this case, but it's slow-going, and none of what we've learned sheds light on the girl whose background we came here to discover or on SOMBRA!
Jack: We still don't know if an adoption agency worker's presence in the area was a coincidence or if she, too, was here because of Zhao Mei, and was killed for it.
Ingrid: <Name>! Come at once! There's an emergency at the panda reserve. SILVERee's being attacked by a panda!
Jack: What?! How did that happen?
Ingrid: I don't know, but unless you want one of your suspects to be eaten by a panda, you should head to the reserve immediately!

At the panda reserve...
(A panda roars at SILVERee.)
SILVERee (crying): Aaaaaah! Help meeee!
Fan: What are you doing to my poor Fei Fei?!
(Fei Fei roars at SILVERee, who looks at her, scared.)
SILVERee: What is your Fei Fei doing to poor me?! She wants to eat me!
Jack: Nobody's getting eaten on <Rank> <Name>'s watch!
(Fan tames Fei Fei.)
Fan: Shhh, Fei Fei! It's alright!
(Fei Fei leaves.)
Fan: Fei Fei wouldn't hurt a fly! It's all that boy's fault! He annoyed her nearly to death with his singing!
Jack: That's enough! SILVERee, leave the pandas alone. Mr Wang, stop shouting. Fei Fei... Fei Fei can have some calming bamboo.
(Fei Fei grunts and looks at Jack, confused.)
Jack: There, I think the crisis's passed, <Name>...
Fan: No, this is outrageous! My poor pandas are stressed out! I have half a mind to close this reserve to visitors and be done with it!
Jack: What? No, we need to sweep the reserve for clues before you shut it down! Let's go, <Name>, there's not a moment to lose!

Investigate Panda House.
Jack: Huh? What's a laptop doing in a panda reserve? <Name>, let's unlock it at once!
Jack: That torn poster is also pretty out of place... I say we put it back together and see what's on it!
Jack: And that's a nice fan, but you're right, it's odd that there seems to be writing on it. It's faded, but a good dusting will fix that! Come on, <Name>, the clock's ticking!

Examine Faded Fan.
Jack: The writing on the fan reads, "Take a grandmother's advice, Ms Li, and don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong!"
Jack: What a thing to write on a fan! Imagine opening it and seeing this message. Way to leave a passive-aggressive note! Who could've done this?
Jack: With this talk of a grandmother's advice... <Name>, could this have been from Obaasan? But earlier, she claimed to be friendly with the victim! Let's see how she explains this!

Confront Obaasan about her threatening message.
Obaasan: <Rank> <Name>, lovely to see you! Will you join me for a cup of tea? Let me just put my knitting down...
Jack: We're not here to chit-chat, Obaasan! You told us that you liked Li Jun, but we've found a fan with a very unfriendly message from you on it!
Obaasan: But I simply couldn't stay quiet! I know writing that note was a waste of my calligraphy, but I had to tell Li Jun what I thought of her profession!
Jack: Her... profession? You have something against the adoption agency Li Jun worked at?
Obaasan: It's disgraceful! These adoption agencies meddle in family affairs and distribute children as they please! This isn't how families were in my day!
Obaasan: Children shouldn't be a business! People like Li Jun destroy traditional family values!
Jack: I hope for your sake that you didn't destroy Li Jun in defense of your values, Obaasan! Prison wouldn't be a comfortable retirement home!

Examine Laptop.
Jack: Look, <Name>, there's a photo of the victim on that laptop you unlocked!
Jack: This laptop must belong to the victim. Let's send it to Elliot, quick!

Analyze Victim's Laptop.
Elliot: You guys keep giving me laptops and cameras. Is it too much to hope that one day you'll send me a doomsday device to match my genius?
Jack: Dream big, little man. For today, just tell us what was on the victim's laptop.
Elliot: Well, you'll like this, <Name>: among the victim's files, there was an old adoption application from Ellen Morowitz.
Elliot: Apparently, Ellen tried to adopt a child through the victim's agency several years ago.
Jack: What?! And Ellen told us she didn't know the victim! Let's see if she changes her tune now!

Ask Ellen Morowitz about her adoption application.
Ellen: Could you step to the side just a bit? You're blocking the light, so-
Jack: No, we couldn't! Ms Morowitz, you claimed to have not met Li Jun, but <Rank> <Name> found proof that you dealt with her while trying to adopt a child!
Ellen: What? No... I would've remembered meeting the murdered woman...
Jack: Don't even try to deny it!
Ellen: I'm just surprised, <Rank> <Name>! It's true that I considered adopting a child some years back, but I didn't realize this woman was from that agency!
Ellen: It was so long ago... how was I supposed to recognize this woman now? I only met her in passing, and then I dropped the adoption process halfway through.
Jack: So you didn't end up adopting?
Ellen: No, I changed my mind. I realized my artistic lifestyle wouldn't have meshed well with motherhood. Not enough space to just be me, you know?
Ellen: Now, I'm free to travel anywhere I like, paint whatever I want, keep irregular hours... Did you know gong bao chicken makes a great midnight snack? It's the bohemian life.
Jack: Well, Ms Morowitz, you'd better not be lying, because if you did kill Li Jun, all you'll have to paint will be prison landscapes!

Examine Torn Poster.
Jack: What the heck is up with this banned poster? Look, <Name>, it's got the victim's photo on it!
Jack: And the text is just the icing on the cake: "If you see this person, alert a panda caretaker!" It's like Li Jun was an outlaw in the panda world!
Jack: You're right, <Name>, let's ask Wang Fan what on earth is going on here!

Ask Wang Fan about the victim's banned poster.
Jack: Mr Wang, what did Li Jun do to warrant being banned from the panda reserve?
Fan: What did Li Jun do? What didn't she do! That nasty woman hurt Jin Jin! The baby panda was just playing, but that woman shoved her and hurt her paw!
Fan: It's atrocious! People like Li Jun are monsters! They don't deserve to live!
Jack: Oh really? So did you kill Li Jun for what she did?
Fan: No, but I'm not sorry she's dead! I'm done with all these people menacing my pandas! First that Korean singer sneezes all over them, then this lady hurts one of the precious babies!
Fan: You think I do this job because I have nothing better? No! I have a good education! I'm a qualified chef, I could've made a fortune with my gong bao chicken! But I chose pandas!
Jack: Well, you'll be separated from your pandas for good if <Rank> <Name> finds out that you were the one who killed Li Jun!

Jack: <Name>, I can't shake the feeling that we're missing something, and time's running out! The longer this takes, the colder the trail is getting!
Jack: Good call, we should go back and search the restaurant again. We found the murder weapon there, so maybe the killer's left something else behind! Let's go!

Investigate Restaurant Table.
Jack: <Name>, the necklace you found looks really familiar! Where have we seen it before?
Jack: Oh, you're right! The victim wore this necklace in some of the pictures we've seen!
Jack: So this necklace belongs to the victim... And there are fibers stuck in it... Let's vacuum them up and see what they are!
Jack: And maybe you'll find something in the trash that will bring us closer to the killer! Let's do this quickly, <Name>!

Examine Victim's Necklace.
Jack: Alright, let's send the fibers from the victim's necklace to Lars ASAP! We need to learn how they ended up there!

Analyze Fibers.
Jack: Hey, bro! It's kind of weird to see you without the kids around!
Lars: Heh, yeah. I guess I've been quite busy with them lately. But, dude, you also haven't come to see me unless it was for an investigation. I'm thinking a movie night is in order soon.
Jack: Sign me up, bro!
Jack: But first, what can you tell us about the fibers from the victim's necklace <Name> found in the restaurant?
Lars: See? That's what I mean. You're all work and no play...
Lars: Anyway, <Name>, the fibers you sent to me are red silk, and their distribution on the necklace indicates that they didn't come from the victim's clothes.
Lars: The fibers got caught on the front of the necklace... which could only have happened during the victim's fight with the killer!
Jack: So the killer wears red! Well, not for long - their next outfit will be prison orange! We're closing in on them, <Name>!

Examine Trash Can.
Jack: Look at that, <Name>! There's blood on this jar you found in the trash! The jar looks like medicine... Let's send it to Lars to find out more, STAT!

Analyze Medicine Jar.
April: Daddy! Daddy, I want to go look at pandas!
Lars: Sweetie, now's not a great time to look at pandas - Daddy's working. You see, <Rank> <Name> is here now. But I promise to go with you later!
April: You always say later, and Mommy says later, and Uncle Jack too. It's a cosspi... corspiran... conspiracy!
Lars: Well done, honey, that was a long word! And now just... go play outside for a bit, okay?
(April leaves Lars's laboratory.)
Lars: Sorry about that, <Name>... The proximity to the panda reserve is causing havoc in their little hearts.
Jack: No worries, dude! But yeah, it's kind of urgent. What can you tell us about that bloodied jar <Name> found in the trash at the restaurant?
Lars: The blood on that jar belongs to your dead adoption agency worker! So your killer has definitely handled it.
Lars: But it gets better: this medicine is a bruise ointment! <Name>, remember how there was a fight before the victim died? Clearly, the victim managed to land a bruise on the killer!
Jack: So the killer has a bruise! Well, soon this will be the least of their worries - I can practically hear handcuffs snapping shut around their wrists!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: <Name>, we've finally got enough to arrest the killer who took Li Jun's life! Let's not waste a minute more!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Ellen Morowitz, you're under arrest for the murder of Li Jun!
Ellen: What? Me? I may have an artistic temperament, but that doesn't make me a killer!
Jack: And yet <Rank> <Name> found your bruise ointment stained with the victim's blood!
Ellen: You can't prove that it was mine! Lots of people get bruises!
Jack: We also found the victim's necklace with red fibers from your scarf stuck in it!
Ellen: Wearing red silk is very common in China! You've got nothing on me!
Jack: We've got the murder weapon with your germs all over it, Ms Morowitz! The game is up!
Ellen: You- you just kept digging and digging until you found me, didn't you, <Rank> <Name>? Who asked you to do that?!
Ellen: Yes, I killed Li Jun! And I don't regret it! She ruined my life first!
Ellen: That woman refused my application to adopt a baby!
Jack: What? You told us that you changed your mind and didn't want to adopt anymore!
Ellen: I lied! The truth is that Li Jun denied my last chance to adopt. The bureaucratic process lasted for years, and then she refused me because she didn't think my artistic lifestyle was stable enough!
Ellen: I would've made a great mother! I longed for a child! I had the money, the willingness, everything! But it wasn't enough. I never had children, and it was that woman's fault!
Ellen: I hated her. Oh yes, I hated her, for years, and then what should happen but us meeting here, by chance! She just waltzed in here - and she didn't even recognize me!
Ellen: Can you believe it? This Li Jun wrecked my life and she didn't even remember me! I just couldn't take it. I snapped.
Jack: So you hit her over the head with a jade vase and then dumped her body in the river... Those actions don't speak highly of your moral character, Ms Morowitz!
Jack: And nothing in your story changes the fact that you killed a human being! You're under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Ellen Morowitz, you stand accused of the murder of Li Jun. How do you plead?
Ellen: Guilty, for a good reason! Your Honor, I may have inflicted the injury that killed Li Jun, but she also dealt me a wound that never healed when she denied my chance to adopt a child.
Judge Adaku: That doesn't even begin to justify the murder you committed!
Ellen: Of course you'd say that! I bet you think I'm unstable, just like Li Jun did! Well, now she's dead, and I'm not sorry!
Judge Adaku: Your lack of remorse is exactly what troubles me! Ellen Morowitz, for the murder of Li Jun, this Court sentences you to 20 years in prison!
Ellen (crying): No! Oh no, this is the end. This is the end of me, the end of my career. And it's all that woman's fault!

Jack: <Name>, I didn't expect the reasons behind this murder to lie in the obsessive hatred of a woman who was denied the chance to adopt a child. It's sad, and also unsettling...
Jack: But you're right, we should stay on track. We still haven't learned more about the girl we came here to investigate, and we're not sure if Li Jun's presence here had anything to do with her.
Jack: The murderer is behind bars, but our work here isn't done! It's time to roll up our sleeves and really dig into any and all leads on SOMBRA!

Innocence Lost (2/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, you've arrested the killer of the adoption agency worker Li Jun, but I'm not satisfied! We still don't know why Li Jun was in Sichuan, what kind of work she was doing...
Chief Ripley: ...And whether her work had anything to do with that SOMBRA-linked girl we came here to investigate.
Chief Ripley: I need you to return to the crime scene and look for anything to explain why Li Jun was here! We need to make sure there's no SOMBRA connection!
(Chief Ripley leaves the room.)
Lars: Uh, <Name>, before you go, do you have a moment? It's just that I seemed to have misplaced a daughter...
Angela: You've done WHAT?! Lars, I told you, we need to be more careful! This isn't the first time one of our daughters has gone missing!
Lars: I'm sure it's nothing, honey! But, um, you haven't seen April anywhere, have you?
May: Don't worry, Mommy, Daddy! April didn't get lost! She just ran away to live with the pandas in the panda reserve!
Angela: Why are pandas always involved when one of my girls goes missing? First June back in Yunnan, and now April is all alone in a forest full of those bears! Anything might happen to her!
Angela: <Name>, please help me search the reserve for April! I've got to get my little girl back!

Investigate Lotus Bridge.
Jack: <Name>, look, Li Jun's initials are on this purse! So it belonged to her! Maybe whatever's in the purse will reveal why she came to Sichuan.
Jack: We've got to learn if Li Jun's work with orphans meant she knew something about Zhao Mei.
Jack: Let's search through her purse ASAP!

Examine Victim's Purse.
Jack: We need to know what's on the USB stick you found in Li Jun's purse! Let's get it to Elliot immediately!

Analyze USB Stick.
Elliot: <Name>, the USB stick you found in the victim's purse is the breakthrough we've been waiting for! Li Jun had quite a few files on this drive, and it turns out that...
Elliot: It's as you suspected, <Name>! Li Jun was investigating that SOMBRA-linked girl and her disappearance from Sichuan!
Jack: I knew it! What exactly do her files say? Is there anything about SOMBRA?
Elliot: No, but Zhao Mei wasn't the only one Li Jun was investigating. It seems that a lot of orphans have gone missing in Sichuan in the last few years!
Jack: Numerous orphans gone missing? That doesn't sound good!
Elliot: No, and Li Jun was very worried. She mentions some handwritten notes... Apparently, there was information she didn't want to keep a digital record of. But she didn't say where she put those papers!
Jack: Dang it, we need to find them STAT! Good idea, <Name>, let's ask the victim's daughter if she's seen those notes anywhere!

Ask Li Ying if she's seen her mother's notes.
Ying: <Rank> <Name>, I've already told you everything about Mama! What else could there be to talk about? She wasn't that interesting!
Jack: Charming as ever, Ms Li. But we actually need to know about something specific. Did your mother ever talk about the purpose of her trip here? Did she mention what she was working on?
Ying: I didn't ask, and didn't care. My mother spent a lot of time at the restaurant, that's all I know. She sat there all the time, surrounded by papers.
Jack: The restaurant, huh? Well, if Li Jun used it as a temporary office, we should definitely search it again!
Jack: And maybe we can grab a snack while we're there. I'm starving!

Investigate Sichuan Restaurant.
Jack: <Name>, let's glue these torn bits back together and see if these are the papers we're looking for!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Jack: <Name>, the document you restored says, "Orphaned children have also gone missing in"... These are definitely the victim's notes, the ones we hoped to find!
Jack: Orphans have gone missing in... where?? The rest of the text is faded, dang it! Can you reveal what it says, <Name>?

Examine Victim's Notes.
Jack: <Name>, this is hair-raising stuff! Look at this, the victim's notes contained a list of locations where numerous orphans have gone missing... all over Asia!
Jack: She mentions 15 disappearances in Xian, 22 in Guangzhou, 30 in Seoul, 22 in Tokyo... and the numbers for Beijing are off the charts: 60! That's over a hundred children together!
Jack: And there's a note in the margins saying... "What is SOMBRA?"
Jack: <Name>, this is huge! This means that Li Jun was investigating the cases of missing orphans from all over Asia and, during her research, ran into SOMBRA - though she didn't know what it was!
Jack: We already knew Zhao Mei was linked to SOMBRA somehow, but we thought she was an isolated case! What if she isn't?
Jack: If SOMBRA's involved in the mass disappearance of orphans, then Zhao Mei is only part of a larger plot! What's going on here? What does SOMBRA want with these kids?
Jack: <Name>, right now we have more questions than answers. But we'll get to the bottom of this!

Investigate Panda Reserve.
Angela: <Name>, I hoped we'd find April straight away, but she's not here! I don't know what to do!
Angela: But... oh, I recognize this doll you found! It belongs to April, so she's definitely come this way!
Angela: You're right, there's a weird blue stain on the doll... We've got to find out what it is. Maybe it will lead us to my girl!

Examine April's Doll.
Angela: Thank you for helping me get this sample from April's doll, <Name>! I'll rush it to the lab at once!
Angela: I've always believed in giving my children freedom, but maybe my daughters are too wild... Their runaway acts will give me nightmares. I just hope this sample will lead us to April.

Analyze Blue Residue.
Angela: <Name>, the blue stuff on April's doll was hair dye!
Angela: How on earth did April come across blue dye in the forest?
Angela: You're saying that there's someone around who has blue hair?
Angela: Then that someone will have to answer some questions, NOW!

Confront SILVERee about April's whereabouts.
April (singing on SILVERee's back): "There's PANDA-monium in my heart! My love for you tears me apart!"
SILVERee: Yes, little girl. This is a beautiful song, but you're not giving it justice. Also, my jacket, could you stop wrinkling-
Angela: April! There you are! Come here at once!
SILVERee (pushing April away): Oh good, are you the owner of this child? Take her away from me.
(April goes to Angela's side.)
April: Hey, Mommy! "I think about you night and day! My panda song gives me away!"
Angela (hugging April): I'm so glad you're okay! What're you doing here, sweetheart? Stop singing and talk to me!
SILVERee: I found this child wandering around the panda reserve. I couldn't leave her there! I know first-hand how vicious pandas can be!
Angela (hugging April with one arm): I didn't ask YOU! April, sweetie, are you okay?
April: Yes, Mommy. Don't be mad! I had lots of fun with SILVERee! His songs are the best! "PANDA-PANDA-monium!"
SILVERee: Well, one of us had fun anyway... Now, will you please take this child far, far away from my aching head?
Angela (hugging April with one arm): You're lucky I'm not bringing you up on kidnapping charges, young man!
SILVERee: Kidnapping?! Lady, I'd pay good money not to have to deal with this girl again. In fact, here, <Rank> <Name>, take this and just leave me in peace!
(After talking to SILVERee)
April (singing): "PANDA-PANDA-monium..."
Angela: April, I'm serious, stop singing that stuff! This panda madness has gone long enough! We're going home!
April: No! I don't wanna go home, I wanna be with pandas! <Rank> <Name>, I'm gonna become a panda caretaker and live with pandas forever!
Angela: Alright, you wanna become a panda caretaker? Then how about we have a quick chat with someone who's doing your dream job? Maybe then you'll calm down...

Talk to Wang Fan about pandas.
Angela (hugging April with one arm): Mr Wang, I'm terribly sorry, but my daughter is so obsessed with pandas that she refuses to come home, and I thought you were the best person to-
Fan: What an excellent girl! She knows what's important in life!
Fan: I mean... little girl, you should listen to your mother. Little cubs like you can't survive in the wild!
Fan (holding a baby panda): But, before you go, maybe you want to give Jin Jin a little hug?
April (hugging a baby panda): A baby panda! Awwwwwwww!
Fan: The pandas will still be here for you to visit later! That's what these sanctuaries are for. Pandas have been on earth for 3 million years, and we're making sure they'll still be here in the future.
Fan (wearing panda hoodie): It's time for you to go home now, but take this hat! You can wear it if you still want to do this job when you're older!

At headquarters...
Chief Ripley: Alright, now that we're all here, it's time to act on the urgent news <Name> brought us! From the evidence we have, it seems clear that SOMBRA is abducting orphans from all over Asia!
Angela: What?! Is this true, <Name>? But why would SOMBRA abduct children? For what purpose?
Chief Ripley: We don't know, but it can't be anything good if SOMBRA's involved! <Name>, we must find out more about SOMBRA's plan for these children and stop it!
Jack: But how're we gonna do that, Chief? Where do we even start looking?
Chief Ripley: You saw the list Li Jun compiled - children are missing all over... but Beijing seems to be the worst-hit.
Chief Ripley: Such a mass disappearance must've been noticed, so our best bet is to head to Beijing and start unraveling this plot from there!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, I'll see you in Beijing!