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Bangkok, Thailand...
Jack Archer (cluelessly): <Name>, our time in Asia was a pretty wild ride! A kidnapping ring, brainwashed children, discovering that an innocent-looking grandmother was actually SOMBRA's child-recruitment mastermind!
Jack (embarrassed): Not to mention that after we rescued Sanjay from SOMBRA's clutches, Carmen adopted him! I still can't believe that happened!
Chief Ripley (determined): We've blown the lid off SOMBRA's child recruitment program, but our job's far from over!
Chief Ripley (seriously): Obaasan's behind bars, but now we have evidence that the children who survived SOMBRA's brutal hunt are sent here to Bangkok!
Jack (confidently): But why? That's why we've come to Oceania, <Name>, one of the most geographically and culturally diverse regions on Earth!
Ingrid (shocked): <Name>! We've just received word from local police that the country's most popular Thai boxing champion has been found dead!
Ingrid (wondering): Thanid Tongproh was scheduled to defend his title tonight at Rajadamnern Stadium!
Jack (cluelessly): Isn't that a matter for the Thai authorities? We've got bigger fish to fry!
Ingrid (doubtfully): Until a cause of death has been established, local police want to keep this under wraps, so they've asked the Bureau to discreetly conduct the investigation!
Ingrid (confidently): Which is exactly why I want you on the case! If we're going to track down SOMBRA, we'll need the authorities on our side!
Jack: <Name>, let's get down to that stadium and get to the bottom of this!

Chapter 1

Investigate Stadium.
Jack Archer (shocked): Oh man! That guy's dead alright. The poor guy's just hanging on the ropes of the ring!
Jack (thinking): We'll have to wait for the autopsy for a cause of death, but it's clear from those marks around his neck that he's been murdered!
Jack (pulling his glasses): Did you find any clues, <Name>? Ah, that gym bag looks promising! The logo matches the one on the victim's shorts, so it must've belonged to Thanid!
Jack (thinking): I wonder what those cardboard pieces could be? Let's put them back together and find out!
Jack (confidently): Well, <Name>, we might not be chasing SOMBRA, but we've definitely got a fight on our hands!

Examine Gym Bag.
Jack (thinking): You found a matchbook in the victim's bag, <Name>? Why would a professional kickboxer be smoking?
Jack (smiling): The logo on the matchbook says "Lychee Dreams Resort Bar." You're right, maybe our victim was a regular!
Jack (confidently): Let's head to the beach and take a look around this resort bar, <Name>!

Investigate Beachside Bar.
Jack (happily): Wow, <Name>, this is a swanky place! Makes me wanna kick back with a cocktail!
Jack: But you're right, we have work to do! We know our victim was here, so did you find anything that might shed some light on his murder?
Jack (thinking): That hand wrap looks like the one the victim was wearing. In fact, the body was missing one. We should get a sample of that colored powder!
Jack (confidently): A locked tablet is always a promising clue, <Name>, especially with a picture of our victim on it! I'll leave you to crack the code!
Jack (unsure): And that bar receipt has our victim's name on it too! There's something written on the bottom, but it's all soggy. Let's clean that up!

Examine Bar Receipt.
Jack (thinking): The hand-written message on that bar receipt says "This is the LAST time I cover your tab! Maniwan."
Jack (stumped): That's odd... You'd expect a Thai boxing champion to pay for his own drinks!
Jack (confidently): Good idea, <Name>! If this Maniwan says she was covering Thanid's tab, she must be a bartender! Let's find her!

Ask the bartender about the victim.
Jack (thinking): Excuse me, Maniwan? We know you're busy but we'd like to ask you a few questions about Thanid Tongproh.
Maniwan (cluelessly): Urgh... what kind of trouble is he in now?!
Jack (stumped): The permanent kind, I'm afraid... he was murdered.
Maniwan (shocked): WHAT?! My husband is dead?!
Maniwan (crying): Who would do such a thing to Thanid?!
Jack (shocked): Thanid was your husband?!
Jack (sweating): We're terribly sorry. Uh... where did you last see Thanid?
Maniwan (sadly): He was here last night, just like every other night of the week.
Maniwan (cluelessly): It was always the same thing about Thanid. Drinking, smoking, women, lazy at training. He was a champion but also a philanderer.
Maniwan (crying): But Thanid was the only family I had and I loved him regardless!
Jack (compassionately): We're sorry for your loss. If <Rank> <Name> discovers anything about your husband's murder, you'll be the first one to know!

Examine Hand Wrap.
Jack (pulling his glasses): Great, <Name>! Let's get this sample you got from the victim's hand wrap to Lars!

Analyze Yellow Powder.
Lars: <Name>, I'm glad you're here! With the triplets back home with their grandparents, there's no one around to appreciate my knock knock jokes!
Jack: Yeah, I hear you, bud-
Lars: Knock knock!
Jack: Okay, bro... who's there?
Lars: Vitamin!
Jack: Vitamin who?
Lars: Someone's at the door, you'd better vitamin! Get it?! Invite them in... vitamin!
Jack: Okay... so, did you find anything useful from the sample <Name> took off the victim's hand wrap?
Lars: That's what I'm getting at! The powder you collected contains a range of chemical compounds, including retinol, folic acid, and ascorbic acid. Common ingredients in multivitamin tablets!
Lars: Given that your victim couldn't have gotten up and left the hand wrap at the resort bar, it must have been dropped by the killer!
Jack: Which means our killer takes vitamins! Once we catch them, <Name>, they'll realize committing murder is hazardous to their health!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Jack: Nice job unlocking the victim's tablet, <Name>! And look, the last thing Thanid opened was a video clip! Let's press play!

Start of video clip...
Thanid: Everyone says Baxter will be my biggest challenge yet, but I'm the champion now and I'll still be the champion when the fight is over!
Baxter: I've been waiting my whole life for a shot at this title. You've had your day, Thanid, now it's my turn!
Thanid: Baxter, you try to scare me by threatening to take me down, in or out of the ring. But when we face off for the title, you'll know what real fear is!
Baxter: You're looking at the new champion right here! You're going to regret stepping into that ring, this'll be your last fight!

End of video clip...
Jack: Wow, <Name>, that's a lot of tough talk! It looks like this Baxter was Thanid's opponent for the title!
Jack: It's probably just bravado, but he sounded eager to take Thanid down, one way or another!
Jack: <Name>, let's see if Baxter still has any big talk about our victim!

Speak to the victim's title challenger.
Baxter (punching): AAARGH!!!
Jack (covering his face): Whoa, take it easy there, buddy! Careful with those fists!
Baxter: Sorry, when I'm warming up for a battle I'm totally focused on the fight, like a tiger! I'm going to be a champion tonight!
Jack: Well, bring it down a notch, tiger! I guess you haven't heard, the fight's been canceled. Thanid Tongproh's been murdered!
Baxter: WHAT?!
Baxter: Urgh, that's typical Thanid! I knew he was too scared to fight me, so now he just goes and dies on me!
Jack: Umm... yeah, I'm not sure that was part of his plan!
Baxter: We'd been waiting to fight each other for a long time, I'm disappointed we won't get the chance. I would have enjoyed putting my fist in his face!
Jack: Yeah, that's too bad. Oh... one other thing. What's with the yellow eyes?
Baxter: They're just contact lenses. My fans like to call me "The Viper," so it fits my image!
Jack: Well, "Viper," don't slither too far away. <Rank> <Name> might need to talk to you again!

Examine Torn Cardboard.
Jack: That promotional sign you've put back together advertises a kickboxing gym! "Train with the warriors at Simply Warriors Muay Thai."
Jack: And the coach is one Orlando "Dukes" Weathers!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! The gym's logo matches the one on the victim's bag and shorts... it must be where he used to train!
Jack: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's time for a one-on-one session with Coach Weathers!

Talk to Coach Weathers about training with Thanid.
Jack: Coach Weathers? We found your advertisement at the stadium, we need to talk to you ab-
Orlando: About taking some lessons? Great! I knew those promotions would work! You've made a wise decision, my friend! You'll train with champions here! And call me "Dukes"!
Jack: Um, okay... "Dukes." We've got some bad news. We found one of your champions, Thanid Tongproh, murdered!
Orlando: Thanid's dead?! How is that possible?! He's in the best shape of his life... he was defending his championship belt tonight!
Jack: As the reigning champion, I imagine Thanid had a lot of competition. Is there anyone who might have wanted to take rivalries outside the ring?
Orlando: I've been training fighters since I hung up my gloves an undisputed champion. Rivalries are part of the game. Fighters don't win title belts by murdering their opponents.
Orlando: Oh man. Thanid's trained with me since he was a kid, we're like family! I don't know what I'm going to do now!
Jack: We're sorry you've lost a champion and a friend, Mr Weathers.
Orlando: This was supposed to be the biggest night in Thanid's life... I never imagined it would be his last!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Hello <Name>! I don't have lab assistants now that the triplets are with their grandparents. The place seems pretty empty!
Jack: Uh, yeah... I think I'll actually miss having them around!
Angela: Ah, Uncle Jack! I knew you were a softy after all!
Jack: I am not a softy!
Angela: Sure... Now about that body. They say that dead men tell no tales, <Name>, but your victim has told me a lot about this murder!
Angela: The ligature marks around the victim's neck indicate he was strangled from behind, most likely with a short piece of rope.
Angela: Also, you might be surprised to know there were traces of alcohol in the victim's blood!
Jack: Alcohol?! Why would a champion fighter be drinking, only hours before a big title fight?
Angela: The body wasn't able to tell me that. But it might explain how the killer caught a trained athlete by surprise and overwhelmed him.
Angela: However, even if the victim was drunk, the killer would have had to overcome his strength and stamina, meaning your killer must be in top physical condition!
Jack: <Name>, it looks like our victim met his match even before he put on his gloves! Our killer will have to be more than physicaly fit to get away from you!

Back at Bureau headquarters...
Jack: Well, <Name>, this investigation isn't going like I expected.
Jack: We haven't found a single trace of SOMBRA's "next level" program...
Jack: And now we're fighting the clock to find the killer of a Thai boxing champion!
Jack: Maniwan was understandably upset about her husband's death, but maybe she'd finally had enough of his drinking and womanizing?
Jack: And then there's Thanid's challenger, Baxter Fraser, who has a lot of harsh words to say, but would he take their rivalry outside of the ring?
Jack: There's not much to go on-
Ingrid: <Rank> <Name>, you better take a look at this!
(Reporter Jessica Luang is talking on the television.)
Jessica: This just in, Thanid Tongproh, Bangkok's beloved middleweight champion, has been found murdered!
Jessica: According to our sources, Tongproh was found dead in the Rajadamnern Stadium, hours before he was scheduled to defend his title against challenger Baxter Fraser.
Jessica: Fans of the long-time champion will pay their respects at the stadium, as well as at Ayutthaya Park where Tongproh often trained with his coach.
Jessica: Stay tuned for any new developments in this story.
Ingrid: How did the press get wind of this, Archer?! You were supposed to keep this investigation quiet!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: Well, <Name>, this investigation isn't going at all like I expected it would.
Jack: We haven't found a single trace of SOMBRA's "next level" program...
Ingrid: <Rank> <Name>, you better take a look at this!
(Reporter Jessica Luang is talking on the television.)
Jessica: This just in, middleweight champion Thanid Tongproh has been found murdered!
Jessica: Fans of the long-time champion will pay their respects at Rajadamnern Stadium, and at Ayutthaya Park where Tongproh often trained.
Ingrid: How did the press get wind of this, Archer?! I thought I told you to keep this investigation quiet!
Jack: Well, it's kind of hard to solve a murder without talking to the suspects about it!
Ingrid: Regardless, I want you to get to the bottom of this case now!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! That reporter mentioned that our victim often trained at Ayutthaya Park!
Jack: Let's get down to Ayutthaya Park to see if we can dig up more leads... and get out of Ingrid's way!

Investigate Ayutthaya Ruins.
Jack: I can see why Thanid enjoyed training here, <Name>. Have you found any clues?
Jack: That stack of papers could be important. I'll get the tape!
Jack: And what about that basket of leaves? Well, I suppose it's worth a look. I'll let you sift through that!

Examine Basket of Leaves.
Jack: The headband you found in that basket looks like the one our victim's wearing in that picture!
Jack: Let's get this headband to Lars right away!

Analyze Victim's Headband.
Lars: Good call digging around in that basket, <Name>! I've been able to determine that headband is the murder weapon!
Lars: The wifey's confirmed the rope profile of the headband matches the ligature marks on the victim's neck!
Jack: What?! You're telling me Thanid was killed by his own headband?!
Lars: I'm afraid so. Although according to Dupont, it's called a mongkol - a sacred headpiece worn by Thai boxers before a contest, signifying good fortune and protection.
Lars: Now, while I couldn't make a positive DNA match, I found some fingerprint fragments on the mongkol, consistent with the grip the killer would have needed to strangle our victim.
Lars: The fingernail fragments were tainted by traces of a pale green substance containing citral.
Lars: Citral is a fragrant oil present in lemongrass, a common herb frequently used in Thai cooking!
Jack: You're saying the killer eats lemongrass?! They'd better enjoy it while they can, <Name>. I don't think lemongrass is on the prison menu!

Jack: Well <Name>, we've found the murder weapon, but that's a far cry from catching our killer!
Jack: Good idea! Let's go back to the resort bar and take a closer look at Thanid's favorite watering hole!

Investigate Beachside Bar Lounge.
Jack: Eeew! Why did you pick up a bloody tooth, <Name>? Well, I'll let you take a sample of that blood if you think it'll help!
Jack: That x-ray is more my kind of clue! Let's cross-reference the image to see if it's relevant to our investigation!
Jack: That notebook should also be useful. The victim's name is visible but the rest of the page is faded. Let's dust that off!

Examine Faded Notebook.
Jack: Nice work retrieving what's written on this notebook, <Name>, but it still doesn't make any sense to me!
Jack: It clearly concerns the championship battle between Thanid and Baxter, but what are those numbers? And what does "He can't lose!" mean?
Jack: Right, <Name>! When it comes to deciphering numbers, there's only one person who can help us... Elliot!

Analyze Notebook's Contents.
Elliot: Ah, <Name>! I just finished analyzing those numbers in the notebook!
Elliot: Now, these numbers are money lines, or more specifically, betting odds. Fraser is the underdog, rated at +120. This means, for example, that you'd only have to bet $100 to make a profit of $120.
Elliot (holding his laptop): Thanid was the clear favorite with odds of -130. That means you'd have to wager $130 to make a $100 profit.
Elliot (putting laptop down): The profit margin for the underdog is higher because he's far less likely to win. Because Thanid was the predicted winner, his profit margin is reduced.
Jack: I get it. That explains the note "He can't lose!" But what about the other numbers?
Elliot: I ran those through the local betting agencies and they're database references for the two fighters, from a bookie named Chon Sansurin!
Jack: Lucky for us you picked up this notebook, <Name>! I bet you know what I'm thinking? It's time we paid Chon Sansurin a visit!

Talk to Chon Sansurin about his betting notes.
Jack: Excuse me, are you Chon Sansurin?
Chon: Sawatdee! That's me, krup! Come join me for some spicy lemongrass chicken! You wanna place a bet? I have the best odds in town!
Jack: No bets, Mr Sansurin. But we did find your notebook and we'd like to talk to you about the murder of Thanid Tongproh.
Chon: I know, I saw it on the news! The odds of a champion Thai fighter being killed on the day of his title defense must be like... a million to one!
Chon: It's a shame, my bank account's going to miss that guy! He's made me a very rich man!
Jack: Your compassion is touching, Mr Sansurin. Judging from your notebook, you were pretty confident Thanid was going to defend his title, correct?
Chon: I was going to make a killing... oh, sorry, poor choice of words!
Jack: Well, let's hope for your sake you didn't make a killing regardless. And don't go too far, we may need to speak to you again!
Chon: No problem, <Rank> <Name>. I'm always around, krup! And thanks for finding my book... You come see me anytime, I'll give you a bet on the house!

Examine Bloody Tooth.
Jack: I'm still grossed out you picked up that tooth, <Name>! But so be it, let's put that sample you collected under the microscope!

Examine Blood.
Jack: The microscope says the blood we found on that tooth belongs to Maniwan Tongproh, the victim's wife!
Jack: I agree, <Name>, this doesn't sound good! We'd better find Maniwan and see how she lost this tooth!

Talk to Maniwan Tongproh about her broken tooth.
Maniwan: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, it's you! I thought you might have been the delivery service, I'm waiting for a shipment of lemongrass!
Jack: Maniwan, we wanted to talk to you about this broken tooth we found. Could you tell <Rank> <Name> how you lost it?
Maniwan: You found this on the floor? How embarrassing!
Maniwan: But I guess I don't need to hide it anymore, now that Thanid is dead. He was the one who knocked it out.
Jack: What?! Thanid hit you? Hard enough to knock out a tooth?!
Maniwan: Everybody loved Thanid, but what nobody knows is that he was violent outside the ring as well!
Maniwan: When he lost his temper, he'd hit me. I was terrified that one day he would kill me!
Jack: That's terrible, Maniwan. We're sorry your husband behave so brutally towards you!
Maniwan (with tears in her eyes): I'm very sad, but I won't deny that on some level I'm glad he's dead!
Jack: Well, let's hope you didn't take matters into your own hands!

Examine X-Ray Photo.
Jack: The database came up with a match for that injury profile... it belongs to Baxter Fraser!
Jack: Thanid's challenger had a broken arm? That sounds like a clear-cut motive for murder, if you ask me! We definitely have a bone to pick with Baxter, <Name>!

Talk to Baxter Fraser about his broken arm.
Jack: About your broken arm, Mr Fraser. Surely that would've made winning the championship difficult!
Baxter: Oh... you found out about that? I tried to keep it as quiet as possible. The only people who knew were my doctor and Thanid.
Jack: Thanid knew about it?!
Baxter: I approached him when I first got hurt, to see if he'd postpone the title fight. He said no!
Jack: So Thanid wouldn't postpone the match even though he knew you were hurt? I imagine that made you pretty angry!
Baxter: Not really! I'm always in impeccable shape and I take vitamins to stay on top of my game. I would have destroyed him anyway, broken arm or not!
Jack: Well, I guess we'll never find out now, will we? But if you killed Thanid because you wanted to cancel the fight, your next check-up will be in the prison infirmary.

Examine Torn Document.
Jack: You found a thesis paper? The title reads "Unlocking the Potential of Neural Pathways"!
Jack: Oh, I see! There's a note on the front of the thesis, addressed to the victim! It says "Thanid, you are missing out on a rare opportunity."
Jack: Hmm... I wonder what this research has to do with a champion kickboxer?
Jack (looking at his phone): Let me look up an address for this Professor Marshall Metcalf.
Jack (holding his phone): That's weird, this university photo of Professor Metcalf must be faulty... it makes him look blue! In any case, let's talk to him about his paper!

Ask Professor Metcalf about his research.
Marshall: Ah, welcome, welcome! I don't often receive visitors!
Jack: WHAT THE...?! Holy cow, you really ARE blue? How is that possible?!
Marshall: Oh yes, that. I forget that can be off-putting for people. I have a tendency to run experiments on myself. Sometimes there are unexpected... side-effects!
Jack: Alright... well... you don't see that everyday!
Jack: Anyway, we came to talk about your thesis. What was this "opportunity" Thanid Tongproh was missing out on?
Marshall: Oh, you're investigating his death? I heard he'd been murdered, it's so horrid, isn't it?!
Marshall: I offered Thanid the chance to participate in a trial of some performance-boosting elements. All legal and aboveboard!
Marshall: Thanid refused to take part in the trials, which, as I said, are completely harmless, using substances only slightly more potent than the vitamins I take!
Marshall: Perhaps if he'd participated, Thanid would still be alive!
Jack: "Harmless experiments"? That's a little hard to swallow, coming from a guy who turned himself blue! Don't go anywhere, Professor Metcalf, we'll be seeing you again!

Back at headquarters...
Jack: I don't know about you, <Name>, but the more suspects we talk to about this murder, the more I feel we're getting nowhere!
Jack: We found out about Baxter Fraser's broken arm and how he wanted the fight postponed. But was he desperate enough to take Thanid down... permanently?
Jack: Chon Sansurin was on a winning streak betting on Thanid, it wouldn't make sense that he'd sacrifice his "cash cow."
Jack: And then there's Professor Marshall Metcalf... I still can't believe that guy actually turned himself blue!
(Lars walks in the room with blue skin.)
Lars: Um... <Name>? I think we might have a problem!
Jack: LARS?! You're... you're blue!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: The more suspects we talk to about this murder, <Name>, the more I feel we're getting nowhere!
Jack: And the longer this investigation takes, the more chances SOMBRA have of getting away!
(Lars walks in the room with blue skin.)
Lars: Um... <Name>? I think we might have a problem!
Jack: LARS?! What have you been doing? You've turned blue!
Lars: I know! I was inspired by Professor Metcalf's self-experimentation, so I did some digging into his research. And... well, this happened!
Jack: Holy cow, buddy, are you feeling alright?!
Lars: I'm fine, bro, but we need to find Professor Metcalf and ask him how we can fix this. <Name>, I don't want to be blue forever!
Jack: We'd better do that quickly! Angela will kill you if she sees you!
Lars: One other thing, <Name>! While looking into the Professor's research, I discovered that although your victim refused the performance enhancement trials, some competitors didn't!
Jack: Alright, Lars, you and <Name> go talk to Professor Metcalf about his research, and see if you can't get yourself back to normal!
Jack: Meanwhile, I'll head over to the park ruins, <Name>. Come meet me there for another sweep of the scene... we don't have a second to lose!

Find out about an antidote for Lars' blue skin.
Marshall: <Rank> <Name>! Sorry if I'm speaking loudly, I've been testing the regenerative properties of lemongrass and ammonia and the mixture has left me rather hard of hearing!
Lars: Um... Professor Metca-
Marshall: Good god man, you're blue! How the devil did you manage that?!
Lars: I was inspired by your research methods, Professor Metcalf, and wanted to do a little experimenting of my own!
Lars: I assume since you're still blue that the condition is irreversible!
Marshall (holding the antidote): Far from it! I do have the antidote, but haven't bothered to use it myself. I've actually grown quite fond of being blue!
(Marshall gives the antidote to Lars.)
Lars (holding the antidote): That's wonderful news, I'll be pink again! Thank ou!
Marshall: Think nothing of it! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my daily jog around the campus!
Lars: Not so fast, Professor Metcalf! We've discovered you've been conducting your performance enhancement trials on other Thai fighters!
Marshall: Urgh, you sound like Thanid! Just because Thanid and that opponent of his refused to take part doesn't mean that other fighters couldn't sign up!
Marshall: Thanid was angry that it might give them an unfair advantage, so warned me to stop. He even threatened to report my research to the boxing authorities!
Lars: Now that he's dead, that won't be happening... very convenient for you!
Lars: Look, I appreciate you giving me this antidote, but if <Rank> <Name> finds out you murdered Thanid to keep him quiet, the boxing authorities will be the least of your problems!

Investigate Park Ruins.
Jack: The clock's ticking on this case, <Name>... did you find any clues? A torn photograph? I suppose that could have been dropped by a tourist, but it's worth putting back together!
Jack: And that locked cellphone could have belonged to our victim. We'll need to crack that password first to find out if it holds any clues!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: The torn photograph is of our victim, and he's posing here at the ruins with two... well, I guess you'd call them "fans"!
Jack: Right, there's a note written on the photo. It says, "Take your training seriously or find another coach!"
Jack: Is that from Coach Weathers? That's strange, Thanid's trainer had nothing but praise for his champion fighter.
Jack: You're right, we'd better have another chat with Orlando Weathers!

Talk to Coach Weathers about his note to Thanid.
Orlando (wiping sweat with a towel): Oh, I didn't see you come in <Name>, I'm just finishing a workout. Would you like some of my lemongrass and ginger recovery shake?
Jack: Urgh, no thanks. We wanted to ask you about this photograph. You don't sound too impressed with Thanid's training!
Orlando (putting down towel): Thanid tore up that photo and threw it away? Argh, that guy was so infuriating!
Jack: I don't understand, you said you'd been training Thanid for a long time, and he was in top condition!
Orlando: He WAS in perfect shape, he didn't even need to take any vitamin supplements like I do. No, Thanid's problem was discipline!
Orlando: I'm sure you've figured out by now that Thanid wasn't your conventional athlete. He may have been the champion but his attitude was garbage!
Orlando: He drank, he smoked, he slept around, but he never focused on training. He was a natural athlete, but Thanid didn't deserve the title!
Jack: That's a lot of frustration, Coach! Let's hope you didn't take away Thanid's championship belt permanently, or all your other fighters will need to find another coach!

Examine Locked Phone.
Jack: That phone you found belongs to that bookie, Chon Sansurin! I wonder how it got out here?
Jack: You're right, <Name>, a guy like Chon won't be very forthcoming with the truth, so we should take a closer look at his phone first. Let's get it to Elliot!

Analyze Unlocked Phone.
Elliot: You keep bringing me these gambling-related clues, <Name>. I'm beginning to think you're trying to win big!
Jack: Gambling-related clues? What did you find on Chon's phone?
Elliot: Well, it won't come as a surprise that Chon was a frequent user of an online gambling app. I traced his most recent bets and he always put his money on Thanid Tongproh... except for this time!
Elliot: His account shows that Chon was betting a significant amount of money on Thanid losing his title!
Jack: What?! Why would Chon bet all of that money against his beloved champion, when he's always a sure win? I agree, <Name>, Chon has some explaining to do!

Ask Chon Sansurin why he was betting against Thanid's victory.
Jack: Mr Sansurin, if you were so convinced that Thanid was a sure win, why were you betting that he'd lose?
Chon: Um, yeah. That seems strange, right? But it's quite simple, krup!
Chon: Thanid might have been the odds-on favorite for this title fight, but sometimes you have to look beyond the numbers. Betting is about intuition... that's why I'm the best!
Jack: And your "intuition" was telling you Thanid was going to lose?
Chon: Yes! I could see his glory days fading. The guy never trained, he partied like crazy, I saw him drinking here at this resort bar all the time!
Chon: I take vitamins, I stay in shape. Him, he wasn't looking after himself. Thanid was losing his edge, it was only a matter of time before he lost!
Jack: That's a huge gamble, Mr Sansurin. If Thanid had won like he normally did, then you would have lost a fortune!
Jack: Let's hope you didn't kill Thanid to even out the odds, or you'll find that your luck has run out!

Back at headquarters...
Jack: I hate to speak ill of the dead, <Name>, but Thanid Tongproh isn't turning out to be the national hero everyone would have you believe!
Jack: At first Coach Weathers spoke highly of his protégé, but was Thanid's attitude towards his training enough to push "Dukes" over the edge?!
Jack: Thanid was threatening to blow the whistle on Professor Metcalf's "harmless" performance enhancement trials. Maybe our blue-skinned friend needed to keep him quiet... permanently!
Jack: And perhaps Chon Sansurin wasn't feeling so lucky after all, betting a fortune on Thanid losing his title!
Jack: What does that leave us? Great idea, <Name>! Let's return to the murder scene... maybe there's something we missed at the stadium... but we need to hurry!

Investigate Ringside.
Jack: It looks like the killer tried to disable that surveillance camera by pulling it off the wall. It doesn't appear to be broken, <Name>, but you'll need to unlock it!
Jack: And you're right! The killer might have been trying to get rid of evidence in that garbage can... Let's take a look, quick!

Investigate Garbage Can.
Jack: I hope you found more than just garbage in that trash can, <Name>! Is that some sort of business card?
Jack: It looks like a loyalty card for a tattoo parlor... but what's that green stain on it? If you think this card is a lead, we'd better get this to Lars, pronto!

Analyze Stained Card.
(Lars' skin color is back to normal.)
Lars: Check it out, <Name>! I'm pink again! The antidote worked!
Jack: That's great, buddy! I hope your days of self-experimentation are over!
Lars: Well... I'm not making any promises. In any case, <Name>, you were inspired to pick up that card at the stadium!
Lars: That green stain you were wondering about? Its composition was a perfect match with the lemongrass I found on the murder weapon!
Jack: So the killer did try to get rid of this card in the trash! They hadn't counted on <Name> finding it!
Jack: And if the killer had a loyalty card from a tattoo parlor... it means they have a tattoo!
Jack: There's no way our killer can hide from us now, <Name>. Their tattoo will clearly mark them as the murderer!

Examine Locked Surveillance Camera.
Jack: Nice work decrypting that surveillance camera, <Name>! I wonder if it caught a glimpse of the killer?
Jack: Let's send this camera to Elliot and see if he can access the footage!

Analyze Surveillance Camera.
Elliot: <Name>, thanks for that surveillance camera you brought me. I was getting bored by all those numbers!
Jack: Happy we could brighten your day, Elliot. So, did you find anything of interest?
Elliot: Well, the camera stopped recording after it was pulled down, and most of the data has been corrupted.
Elliot: But I focused my analysis on the footage closest to the time Thanid was killed. Only one individual passed by the camera, meaning it must be your killer!
Elliot: Because of the damage, the footage unfortunately is very dark, and despite running it through an enhancement algorithm, I wasn't able to make a match.
Jack: You're telling me you found nothing? Elliot, stop wasting our time!
Elliot: Nothing? Does that sound like me? The camera did record a bright distortion of light as the killer passed by, which I can confirm is the reflection of a shiny surface.
Elliot: Given the balance of light and the intensity of the reflection, I have determined the distortion is reflecting off a glasses lens. So you're looking for a killer who wears glasses!
Jack: Well, <Name>, the murderer was pretty short-sighted thinking they could get away by damaging this camera. Keep your eyes peeled for a killer wearing glasses!

After completing all the tasks...
Jack: You've found the final piece of the puzzle, <Name>! We've gathered all the evidence we need to arrest Thanid's killer! Let's go get them!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Chon Sansurin, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Thanid Tongproh!
Chon: Me, killing a champion Thai boxer? The odds of me being able to overpower a trained fighter are... a million to one!
Jack: Except you said it yourself, you stay in shape... and Thanid had been drinking at the time of his death. So you could have easily taken him by surprise!
Chon: Yeah, okay. But that brings it down to... a thousand to one? That's still unlikely, krup!
Jack: The game's up! We found traces of your lemongrass on the murder weapon and your loyalty card!
Chon: That's honestly all you've got? Who doesn't eat lemongrass in Bangkok? But it narrows the odds... it's a hundred to one I'm your murderer!
Jack: You can keep on lying, but cameras don't! We've got footage of you at the murder scene, your glasses gave you away! What do you have to say about that?!
Chon: Erm, well... that's...
Chon: Alright, <Rank> <Name>, I can't argue with those odds!
Chon: I did murder Thanid, but it was his own fault. He broke our agreement!
Jack: Agreement?! What are you talking about?
Chon: Thanid and I made a deal that he'd deliberately lose the fight. I'd bet a fortune and give him a cut!
Chon: But when I went to the stadium before the fight to confirm the details, Thanid had changed his mind! He refused to throw the fight!
Chon: I needed that fight to be canceled. I would have lost everything!
Jack: You killed a man just to avoid losing money on a bet?!
Jack: Betting on fights is one thing, but organizing shady deals and gambling with people's lives is another! You're under arrest for the murder of Thanid Tongproh!

Judge Adaku: Chon Sansurin, you stand accused of murdering Thanid Tongproh. What is your plea?
Chon: Not guilty, your Honor! It was self-defense, krup!
Chon: He didn't care that I'd gambled my life savings and had also placed bets for the Bangkok mafia!
Chon: Those guys don't take kindly to losing their money, and the chances of me surviving a mob hit are pretty slim. I'd lose everything, including my life! It was him or me, your Honor!
Judge Adaku: That's hardly the definition of self-defense, Mr Sansurin. Fixing sport matches for personal profit and doing deals with the mob is risky business. You of all people should understand that!
Judge Adaku: Taking your illegal betting practices into account, this Court sentences you to twenty years in prison!
Chon: Twenty years? You know what, krup? I bet you I'll be out in ten... for good behavior!

Chief Ripley: That was good work, <Name>, tracking down Thanid Tongproh's killer! The Thai authorities are grateful you've solved this case and have given us free reign to conduct our own investigations!
Chief Ripley: We came to Bangkok on the trail of SOMBRA's "next level" program, but we're no closer to finding any trace of them!
Jack: All we know is that video about SOMBRA's next step in recruitment was recorded here in Bangkok... it's not a lot to go on!
Elliot: <Name>! I've just received an encrypted transmission using BØB, from someone who seems to know why we're in Thailand!
Elliot: I don't know who they are, but they know about SOMBRA's "next level" program!

The Next Level (1/6)

Elliot Clayton: <Name>! I've received an encrypted transmission using our trusty satellite BØB, from someone who seems to know why we're in Thailand!
Elliot (holding laptop): The message reads: "<Rank> <Name>! You must continue to investigate SOMBRA's "next level" program! The fate of many will depend on you stopping their plans!"
Elliot: "But you haven't finished your work here in Bangkok. Thanid Tongproh wasn't all that he seems. You must dig deeper into his past!"
Elliot: "I know you have no reason to trust me, <Name>, but you must set aside your doubts and follow your instincts. X"
Chief Ripley: X? What does that mean?!
Elliot: This must be this anonymous source's signature. A single X!
Chief Ripley: And exactly how much does this X know so much about our operation?! Elliot, has there been a breach in our security?!
Elliot: Out of the question! My system safeguards are impenetrable!
Chief Ripley: Well, whoever this X is, they have one thing correct... we have absolutely no reason to trust them!
Jack: That being said, Chief, I agree with <Name>. We've got nothing to lose by investigating this lead!
Jack: If we're going to look deeper into Thanid's past, <Name>, I guess we could start at the crime scene. Let's get down there and see what we can find!
Jonah: <Name>! I'm glad I caught you! You've got your hands full with this anonymous tip, but... I need your help! Please come and see me when you have some time!

Go see Jonah about his request for help.
Jonah: <Name>! I'm glad you've come to help me out! It's pretty embarrassing, but you're the only one I can trust not to laugh at me!
Jonah: It might seem trivial given the circumstances, but it's about Marina. Ever since we had that drink in Bhutan, she's been giving me the cold shoulder!
Jonah: I try to talk to her, but get all tongue-tied. And most of the time I don't even know what to say anyway, even if I can speak!
Jonah: Honestly, I want to get to know her better, and for her to understand that I'm not a hulking gun-for-hire!
Jonah: You'll help me out, <Name>? That's great! I owe you one!
Jonah: I think I saw Marina leave for that resort bar earlier on. Maybe she's still there, shall we have a look? We could have a drink while we're at it, first round's on me!

Investigate Beachside Bar.
Jonah: Hey, is that Marina's carry case? Those are her initials! But I don't see her anywhere, <Name>!
Jonah: That's great, <Name>! I can bring Marina's case back to her, and maybe she'll be willing to go for drinks again!
Jonah: Oh, right! We'd better make sure it's really hers first. Well, I hear you're good with locks... I'll let you do the honors!

Examine Marina's Case.
Jonah: Uh, <Name>, are you sure this is Marina's case? That flyer isn't quite her style.
Jonah: That flyer's for an upcoming Thai boxing fight at the Rajadamnern Stadium?
Jonah: And that's Marina's handwriting, I'd recognize it anywhere! She wrote "Fascinating" on the flyer! Maybe we have more in common than I thought!
Jonah: I wouldn't have expected Marina to get so interested in a fighting sport. Maybe I could get us some fight tickets and surprise her!
Jonah: You think Thanid's former coach Orlando Weathers might be able to get us some tickets? Well, I suppose it's worth asking. Let's go!

Talk to Coach Weathers.
Orlando: Man, you guys from the Bureau are keeping me busy. That redheaded young lady was just here!
Jonah: Marina was here?!
Orlando: Yes, she came to the gym to ask a bunch of questions about our training, the fighters, and so on. She's gone back to your headquarters now, I think!
Jonah: This is fantastic, <Name>! I had no idea Marina was into Thai boxing! Finally, something we have in common!
Jonah: Coach Weathers, I was wondering if you might do me a favor, if you have tickets to the upcoming fights. They seem to be sold out-
Orlando: No problems, my friends. Anything for the Bureau! I'm so grateful you found Thanid's killer, I'm in your debt! I'll get you ringside VIP passes!

Jonah: That was great thinking <Name>, now I can surprise Marina with some tickets to these fights she's so keen on seeing.

Help Jonah invite Marina to the boxing match.
Jonah: Hi Marina! We found this case of yours. You'd left it at the resort bar!
Marina: Oh, <Name>, thanks for that! I was careless to leave it behind!
Jonah: So... Marina... I was wondering if you might want to come with me to watch the Thai boxing fights you're so fascinated by.
Jonah: I'm as much of a fan as you are, so I got us ringside VIP tickets!
Marina: Wait a minute, what? How could you... Did you open my briefcase?!
Jonah: Well... I... uhh... <Name> thought-
Marina: Trying to blame <Name>, I see! But what on earth made you think that I'd be remotely interested in watching a fight?!
Jonah: Umm... I got the impression you were interested in the sport... and would be excited to see the fighters in action!
Marina: Urgh, I couldn't think of anything worse! I'm intrigued by the psychology of the fighters, what motivates them to want to beat each other's brains in... but I have no interest in watching them do it!
Jonah: Oh... well... so I guess-
Marina: Let me put you out of your misery, Jonah. I do appreciate the effort you put into this... even if your methods are questionable!
Marina: I can't say I care about the fights... but you could take me to dinner!
Jonah: Could I?! I mean... yes, it would be my pleasure!
Marina: That's settled, then! And <Name>, perhaps you would like this! Coach Weathers was so excited about my interest in his gym, he gave me this mongkol as a memento!

Jonah: I gotta thank you, <Name>. If it wasn't for you, I'm pretty sure Marina and I would never have had more than a two-word conversation!
Jonah: But now we're going out to dinner... what on earth do I talk about? And what am I going to wear?!

Investigate Stadium.
Jack: This is frustrating, <Name>, poking around the crime scene when we've already solved the murder! We should be concentrating on SOMBRA!
Jack: Oh... well, I guess you're right, <Name>. A box with the victim's name on it could help, alright!
Jack: Let's take a look inside that box!

Examine Victim's Box.
Jack: Did you find anything inside the victim's box, <Name>? It'd help if we had an idea of what we're looking for!
Jack: Hmm... a torn photograph. We won't know if that's of any use until we put it together. You know what to do!

Examine Torn Photograph.
Jack: That photo is a picture of a young boy in a classroom. I wonder if that could be Thanid?
Jack: Let's get this picture to Elliot, perhaps he can cross-reference it!

Analyze Classroom Photo.
Jack: Elliot, did you find anything out about that photograph <Name> found among the victim's things?
Elliot: Absolutely! To start with, I ran a facial recognition algorithm on the young boy which confirms this is a picture of Thanid, about 12 years old.
Elliot: But that's not all. It's no wonder this classroom seems familiar to you, <Name>, because you've been there before... in Japan!
Jack: That's it! That's the classroom you found Sanjay hiding in, isn't it, <Name>? I saw the crime scene photograph. But it looked like it had been abandoned for years!
Elliot: Eight years, according to this picture!
Jack: You're right, <Name>, that classroom must have been used by SOMBRA as part of their child recruitment program! After all, isn't that where you found the "next level" video?
Jack: Good idea, <Name>, Thanid's wife should be able to tell us more about his childhood! Let's go speak to her!

Talk to Maniwan about Thanid's childhood.
Jack: Maniwan, we found this photo of your husband as a young boy, and we wanted to ask whether you know anything about Thanid's childhood?
Maniwan: Wow, I haven't seen that photograph for a long time. Thanid was very angry when I asked him about it. He told me it was a photo of him at school, but that's all he would say.
Maniwan: My husband was very guarded about his upbringing, he rarely spoke about it. I only know his parents were killed when he was a young boy.
Jack: Are you saying that Thanid was raised an orphan?!
Maniwan: Yes, but he hated that word. Thanid said it made him sound weak. I think the main reason Thanid drank was because he was depressed about his youth.
Maniwan: When he felt bad, he'd often go to the Ayutthaya Ruins to clear his head.
Jack: We appreciate your help Maniwan, we know it's difficult to speak about your late husband.
Maniwan: It's okay. And thank you <Name> for finding Thanid's killer, I'm so grateful. Have a Lychee Dreams meal, on the house! It looks like you could use a pick me up!

Jack: So Thanid was an orphan, though he didn't like to admit it. It's becoming hard to avoid the probability that he was a SOMBRA recruit!
Jack: I wonder if this is what X meant when they said there's more to Thanid than meets the eye?!
Jack: That's right, <Name>! Maniwan mentioned that Thanid often went to the Ayutthaya ruins to clear his head! We'd better look around the park ruins and see if we can't find any more clues about Thanid's past!

Investigate Ayutthaya Ruins.
Jack: You picked up a faded letter, <Name>? Nice catch, it's addressed to Thanid!
Jack: Let's clean up the rest of this note so we can find out what it says!

Examine Faded Letter.
Jack: <Name>, this letter you found reads "Thanid, this fight is your LAST chance to prove you are still worthy. Remember what happens to those who become weak and are no longer of use to us! Obaasan."
Jack: Thanid received messages from Obaasan?! Then there is no doubt, he must have been one of SOMBRA's recruits!
Jack: I hate to admit it, <Name>, but whoever this X is, they were right. There really was more to Thanid than meets the eye!

Later at headquarters...
Jack: I hate to admit it, <Name>, but if it wasn't for that tip from X, we'd never have discovered that Thanid Tongproh was one of SOMBRA's recruits!
Chief Ripley: Thanid was only a young boy when that photograph was taken, which means SOMBRA have been brainwashing children for a lot longer than we imagined!
Jack: But why did Thanid have to prove his worth to Obaasan? To determine if he was still useful... but for what?! Is this part of SOMBRA's "next level" program?
Jack: We still have so many unanswered questions!
Elliot: <Name>, we've received another encrypted message from X! You're going to want to hear this!
Elliot (holding laptop): It says, "You followed my lead and learned the truth about your victim. You trusted my intel once, <Rank> <Name>... I hope you will do it again!"
Elliot: "You're after information about the "next level" program. Michelle Zuria in Singapore will be able to help you. But use extreme caution. You must hurry! X."
Jack: What do you make of this, <Name>? Do you think we can trust X?
Chief Ripley: I wouldn't go that far, but our investigation into SOMBRA's next level would not have gotten this far without that tip. So I'm inclined to pursue this tip from Michelle Zuria.
Chief Ripley: Everyone, get your things, we're going to Singapore!