Delsin Peota
Biographical information
Full name Delsin Peota
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1985
Death 2014
Cause of death Blood loss
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsborough, U.S.
Family Keme Peota (ancestor)
Shanaya Peota (ex-wife; div.; incarcerated)
Unnamed daughter
Unnamed son
Partner(s) Sandy Grimmes (girlfriend)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #53: Burying the Hatchet (s1)

Delsin Peota (1985-2014) was a suspect in the murder investigation of his girlfriend, social worker Sandy Grimmes, in Burying the Hatchet (Case #53 of Grimsborough). He was later killed in There Will Be Blood (Case #56 of Grimsborough).


Delsin was a 29-year-old Aloki Indian with black hair wrapped with a brown bandanna. He sported some sort of birth mark on his left cheek. He wore a red plaid shirt and also a beaded necklace around his neck. It is known that Delsin was a smoker, had bad breath and was in contact with turpentine.

Height 6'1"
Age 29
Weight 180 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Delsin was an Aloki Indian who was the boyfriend of the victim, Sandy Grimmes. He also happened to be the ex-husband of Shanaya Peota, another resident of the Aloki trailer park.

A totem pole wing Sandy drew her name with Delsin like what her ancestor, Solomon, did with his love interest, Inaya

The totem pole wing in question.

Delsin was called into the investigation when Jones and the player uncovered a faded engraving on the totem pole wing they found in the Aloki Settlement. The object read "Sandy + Delsin", carved by Sandy, who hoped to follow in the footsteps of her ancestor Solomon Grimmes. (After his arrival to America, Solomon started dating an Aloki Indian girl named Inaya, the ex-lover of Delsin's ancestor Keme Peota, and carved their names on the same totem pole wing.) Delsin told the team that he and Sandy were lovers, and he had even given her Keme's panther amulet, his precious family heirloom. 

Silence! I Kill You!

Sandy, if you harm my family I'll kill you!”
—Delsin in his written threat message to the victim.

Delsin was interrogated a second time when the team found out that he had sent the victim a photo of his family with a threat note written on it. He explained to the team that he did it because Sandy had sent his kids to foster care—she had removed them from his ex-wife Shanaya's custody and instead of rehousing them with Delsin, she sent them to foster care.

In spite of his innocence at the end of the investigation, Delsin was spoken to again when the team decided to ask him about the arson at the Aloki Settlement which had occurred a decade ago. Delsin said that the arson had destroyed the Aloki Indians' future. He further said that the Aloki Settlement was targeted to prevent them from getting any more land, since there were old county documents proving that they were entitled to more land, but they were destroyed in the fire. He continued that there were no investigations, so they tried to file a complaint but nobody helped them.

The last thing Delsin mentioned was that they had salvaged everything that survived the fire and stored it away in a box which the team then found after searching for it in the Aloki trailer park. Inside the box was a police knife and the team immediately handed it to Alex for analysis. After analyzing it, Alex discovered that the police knife belonged to Chief King, who had never reported the loss. After further investigation, the team discovered that it was King who had started the arson (which explained why he ignored the Aloki Indians when they wanted to file a complaint) using the flammable products he stole from Ron Riggs's gas station (which explained why King's blood was found on a naphtha container scrap).

Murder details

Delsin's Scalp

Delsin's scalp.

Delsin was found at the construction site at the woods horrendously stripped of his scalp with the words "YOU ARE NEXT" carved into his chest. It looked like he was killed as a threat message to the player indicating they were next. The team did not hesitate to ship Delsin's dead body to Nathan for autopsy. Nathan deduced Delsin was scalped alive and might have suffered intense pain while being scalped. The killer pulled Delsin's scalp after making a scalp cut, grounds for Delsin to die of rapid blood loss. He also found traces of abietic acid and gold on Delsin's skull, which came from a material called rosin. Since rosin is used on bowed-string instruments to produce a better sound, it is used by a violinist, meaning the killer knew how to play a violin.

Nathan then determined due to the amount of gold dust on Delsin's body, Delsin was not murdered at the construction site, but in an illicit gold mine, which was located by Ramirez, allowing Jones and the player to dig deeper into the mystery behind Delsin's murder.

Killer and motives

In the case's tense moments, Milton Grimmes, the prison warden of Grimsborough Detention Center, turned out to be the one who killed Delsin and was also revealed to be the leader of The Crimson Order, a notoriously secret society.

As the team went to arrest him, Milton approached the team in his Crimson Order robe and helmet. In their tense conversation, Milton expressed his belief that the city belonged to the Grimmes family, admitting that he killed Delsin and then drank his blood. Milton dropped a bomb when he revealed that his ancestor, Solomon Grimmes, had done the same to Inaya after discovering that the Aloki tribe had an abundance of gold through a gold mine, thinking that the gold would be enough to control Grimsborough with an iron fist. So, Solomon devised a plan to gather the Aloki in one roof by seducing Inaya and invoking a Pilgrim-Aloki feast, where he later had the Crimson Order do the dirty work. After the Aloki massacre, Solomon seized the gold mine for the Crimson Order's financial benefit. This statement by Milton disgusted Jones because the four-century-old gold mine was the Order's motive.

Milton then continued by stating that with the gold mine as the Order's headquarters, he could declare himself a dictator and a God, and prepared himself to kill the player with his handgun. Fortunately, Ramirez intervened in the nick of time by hitting Milton with his frying pan—mirroring the saving move he demonstrated during the events of The Rorschach Reaper. The team did not hesitate to handcuff Milton, who responded in disgust that he was supposed to bring the player's head to the night's great ceremony in the Crimson Order's headquarters. And so Jones and the player disguised themselves as Crimson Order members to arrest Alden Greene and Mayor Howard Johnson at the Crimson Order hideout. With Milton, Alden, Howard, and Serena Johnson (Howard's mother, who was earlier arrested for the second-degree murder of Adam Bentley) detained, the trial of the century was about to ensue.

Judge Hall started by profiling the Grimmes family as Crimson Order leaders and mass murderers, but Milton blasted her for labeling the Crimson Order as criminals instead of heroes. Next, Judge Hall held Serena liable for the second-degree murder of Adam Bentley, to which Serena responded that she would be known as Grimsborough's greatest matriarch. Furthermore, Judge Hall made Rachel Priest's murder a Crimson Order murder, but Alden countered that the Order could have made Grimsborough rich because of the gold they seized from the Aloki. Last but not least, Judge Hall informed Howard that he abused his power as the Mayor of Grimsborough, acting on his mother's orders, although Howard did not understand what the judge said at all.

The mess the Crimson Order made through four centuries of bloodshed were grounds for a lifetime jail sentence in solitary confinement, even though Judge Hall felt it was too light of a sentence in her opinion. Milton replied harshly that the Crimson Order built Grimsborough, but Judge Hall stated that the city was built through acts of murder and told Milton not to talk anymore. Judge Hall admitted that the mass sentencing of the Crimson Order has finally put an end to the dark era, and a bright future now awaits Grimsborough, thus marking the end of the notoriously secret society.


  • On Delsin's mugshot image, his birthmark is smaller.
    • Besides that, as a corpse in the "case preview" image, Delsin's birthmark is on the right cheek instead of the left. However, as confirmed by the developers, it was not an error but the image was just mirrored so that Delsin's birthmark would be more visible. 

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