Finance Minister Demetrios Metaxas
Biographical information
Full name Demetrios Metaxas
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2015
Cause of death Blood loss
(stab wound to the back)
Nationality Flag of Greece Greek
Residence Athens, Greece
Profession(s) Finance minister
Family Penelope the Rebel (daughter)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #4: Murder's Cheap (s3)

Finance Minister Demetrios Metaxas (Grk: Δημήτριος Μεταξάς) was the victim in Murder's Cheap (Case #4 of World Edition).


Demetrios was the finance minister of Greece. He had graying black hair and blue eyes. At the time of his death, he wore a gray suit with a blue badge and a purple tie. He is survived by his daughter Penelope.

Murder details

Demetrios was found on the Acropolis lying dead, bleeding out on a pillar, with a stab wound in his back. According to Angela, the minister was stabbed in the back with a sharp blade. It cut through the thoracic spine, paralyzing him while he helplessly bled to death. Dupont suddenly came in and mentioned the significance of where and how the body was. According to him, the victim's position on the Acropolis was similar to that of King Agamemnon. The legend states that Agamemnon was stabbed in the back and displayed for all to see, just like the victim. Given the similarities, the team came to the conclusion that the killer knows Greek mythology.

Jack and the player also managed to find a bloody dagger in a cave. A sample of the blood, as well as some green crumbs, were sent to Lars, who in turn confirmed the blood belonged to the victim, filing the dagger as the murder weapon. He also confirmed the crumbs were olives, meaning that the killer ate olives.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be financial advisor Nikolaos Costas.

Nikolaos has firm and absolute beliefs that Metaxas should be held liable for Greece's financial disaster. He went far by assuming that Metaxas's financial irresponsibility would only breed bankruptcy and anarchy, so to financially stabilize Greece, he had to resort to murder. Nikolaos also believed that Metaxas was a weak leader due to the wanton financial woes Greece is currently experiencing, but Jack made one thing clear: kill and be caught by The Bureau, and get sent to Judge Adaku for trial.

Judge Adaku recognized Greece's financial turmoil as he started the hearings, to which Nikolaos brought up the concept of a Unified Europe to stabilize Greece financially. Judge Adaku vehemently disagreed with what Costas said, as his beliefs are less violent since he cares about the riots in the Netherlands, not to mention a murdered prince previously. In spite of Costas's defense, Judge Adaku opted to put the financial advisor away for 30 years. Jack was kind of confused after the verdict as there were some things he liked about Costas, although there were also some things he did not like about him. Unlike the previous cases in which the Promethians were involved, Costas did it for fiscal responsibility and strong leadership.


  • Demetrios somewhat resembles Greek economist and politician Euclid Tsakalotos.
  • His surname comes from the Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas, who ruled Greece during World War II.

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