Colonel Dexter Blade
Unknown Character
Biographical information
Full name Dexter Blade
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Army colonel
Family Veronica Blade (descendant; incarcerated)
Charles Blade (descendant)
Anna Blade (descendant)
Affiliation(s) United States Army
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case (mentioned)

Colonel Dexter Blade, appearing as an unseen minor character in Criminal Case, was mentioned during the events of Open Wounds (Case #20 of Pacific Bay).


Colonel Dexter Blade was a Union officer who fought in the Battle of Pacific Bay in the American Civil War. According to Joe Stanford, Dexter took the battle to the Confederates and won the Battle of Pacific Bay in 1863.

Events of Criminal Case

During the grand finale of the American Civil War reenactment show, Joe Stanford, who was playing the role of Dexter, was unexpectedly shot by a cannonball on the stage, thus being killed instantly. A murder investigation was issued, which led the team to a point in which they had to interrogate Veronica Blade, a descendant of Dexter and the owner of all the land in Jazz Town.

During Veronica's interrogation, it became clear that she strongly disliked Joe as she called him a "raccoon-faced carpetbagger", not to mention she stated that the reenactment show had stamped all over her honor and that Joe never deserved to portray her ancestor.


A photo of Stanley and Joe having an argument about who had actually won the Battle of Pacific Bay.

As the investigation went on, the team had to interrogate Stanley Bullock, an actor who was playing a Confederate officer (unlike Joe, who was playing a Union one). Stanley believed that Joe was not playing his role properly, claiming Dexter was killed in the battlefield while fighting the Pacific Bay Battle long ago.


Dexter's plantation house.

The team had to interrogate Stanley once again after his attempt to destroy Dexter's plantation house. Stanley wanted to convince everyone that Dexter never won the Battle of Pacific Bay, but the Confederates did. Stanley further stated that there's nothing more important than history, and Dexter's myth must be destroyed along with his plantation house due to it being a disgrace to Stanley's version of history. Having left with no other choice, Frank and the player took Stanley into custody before he lost his mind.

Both Stanley and Veronica were ultimately found innocent when Joe's killer was impounded for grand homicide.

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