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In Iraq...
Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, we're in Iraq, it's time to act! You must find Ambassador Stern's kidnapped son before it's too late!
Carmen: I still can't believe The Sword would kidnap Andrew Stern!
Ingrid: What I can't believe is that this assassin keeps getting away! Are we the Bureau, or a bunch of trainee traffic cops?
Carmen: Deep breath, Ingrid. This is a crisis, but <Name>'s right: we can solve it if we make a plan.
Carmen: First, remember what <Name>'s discovered in Dubai: The Sword's set up a trap for us! We don't know exactly what it is...
Carmen: ... But it must have started with Chief Ripley's murder. The Sword knew <Name>'d follow the assassin's trail anywhere in the world, regardless of danger.
Ingrid: So everything we've done in the Sahara is part of The Sword's plot to lure us here, to war-torn Iraq!
Carmen: Exactly! But we had no choice: we did it for Ripley, remember? And now we're doing it for Andrew!
Carmen: And <Name>'s discovered something more: The Sword isn't a lone assassin. There's a global criminal organization behind them: SOMBRA.
Carmen: We don't know much about SOMBRA. But if they made their entrance by killing our Chief, it's safe to assume they won't stop there.
Ingrid: So, what's your plan, <Name>? If you attempt to rescue the kid, isn't it exactly what The Sword expects you to do?
Carmen: Yes, but <Name>'s right: we can't let Andrew die! We can't let Ripley's killer escape justice!
Elliot: <Name>, I've got news! Remember that Andrew's mother put a tracking device in Andrew's stuffed bear?
Elliot: I've captured the signal from the bear! It's coming from an abandoned museum!
Carmen: You've heard Elliot, <Name>: a new lead on Andrew's whereabouts! Let's search that museum straight away!
Ingrid: Off you go, then! And since Jack Archer still hasn't reported for duty, you're going with <Name>, Carmen! Search that museum and don't come back without results!

Chapter 1

Investigate Wrecked Museum.
(Carmen is seen wearing a bulletproof vest throughout the investigation.)
Carmen Martinez: <Name>, there's no sign of Andrew anywhere! But... there's a beheaded man over there!
Carmen: <Name>, you think this man was involved in Andrew's kidnapping? Whoever he is, he can't be The Sword, if he's dead!
Carmen: And what happened to Andrew? Where is he?
Carmen: <Name>, you're right, this dead man looks familiar! Haven't we met him before?
Carmen: You're right! His name was Anir, he was the nomadic tribesman who found that dead American in his camp!
Carmen: But how did a peaceful nomad get caught up in The Sword's plans? Could it be... The Sword who killed him?
Carmen: I see you've found the victim's bag! Let's search it, we need some answers about Anir's role in the kidnapping!
Carmen: And you've found Andrew's stuffed bear, too? Oh my, what a state it's in! Looks like whoever kidnapped Andrew ripped out the tracking device from the bear, too!
Carmen: But you're right, <Name>, collecting a sample from that stain on the bear should give us some forensic clues!
Carmen: <Name>, solving this murder is the only way to find Andrew, and catch The Sword! The clock is ticking, let's get to work!

Examine Andrew's Bear.
Carmen: <Name>, you've collected a sample of the substance on Andrew's bear!
Carmen: With a bit of luck, the microscope will help us find DNA in the substance! <Name>, Andrew's life depends on this!

Examine Unknown Substance.
Carmen: <Name>, the DNA in the substance on Andrew's stuffed bear matched the profile of Asal Hawaa!
Carmen: Hey, isn't Asal that Mossad agent posing as a belly dancer? Archer wouldn't shut up about her!
Carmen: But how did Asal's DNA get on Andrew's bear? Could Mossad be involved in the kidnapping?
Carmen: Well, I don't care if Miss Hawaa's a fellow agent, if she's harmed a little kid, we'll set her straight, right, <Name>?! Let's find Asal!

Interrogate Asal Hawaa about her DNA on Andrew's bear.
Carmen: Ms Hawaa, Andrew Stern's missing and we know you're involved! Your DNA was all over his stuffed bear!
Asal: It was my mission to follow the signal in that bear. Mossad suspected SOMBRA was involved in kidnapping Andrew, and they put me on the case.
Asal: I followed the signal to Iraq, until I found the bear, next to a dead body... but the kid was already gone.
Carmen: Then you know that Anir's dead! What do you know about his role in the kidnapping?
Asal: Mossad was never interested in Anir. My only task was to follow the signal. But it went dead in a destroyed town. I'll give you the coordinates, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: Alright, Miss Hawaa, we'll check out the location. <Rank> <Name> will take over from here. But stay close, we might need you again!

Investigate Destroyed Town.
Carmen: <Name>, this place looks like we've narrowly missed an artillery attack! How will we find the traces of Andrew and the killer in this mess?
Carmen: You believe that stained rag is a clue? Alright, let's make the most of it and collect a sample!
Carmen: You want to dust that sniper scope, too? Alright, anything's worth trying if it might save Andrew's life!

Examine Sniper Scope.
Carmen: <Name>, that sniper scope you salvaged from the debris was covered in notches!
Carmen: There's only one person I know who keeps a tally of his hits like that! <Name>, this sniper scope belongs to Jonah Karam! We must find him!

Ask Jonah Karam about his sniper scope.
Jonah: Thanks for retrieving my sniper scope, <Rank> <Name>. Now get ready to evacuate your team, I know a safe route out of here!
Carmen: We aren't going anywhere without Andrew Stern! He could still be alive, and he's a key witness in a murder!
Jonah: Most hostages die within two hours of being abducted. Forget the kid and save your people, <Rank> <Name>! I know you're die-hard, but this is a war zone!
Carmen: Jonah, the kid's only eight years old! Maybe Marina's right... all those years of violence have made you cold! I just hope you aren't a killer, too!
Jonah: I am, Carmen! I'm a professional killer! And if you don't want to be professional bullet fodder, <Rank> <Name>, take my advice and get out!

Examine Stained Rag.
Carmen: <Name>, you've collected a sample from that stained rag! Let's send it to Lars!

Analyze Green Substance.
Lars: <Name>, I'll do anything to help you find Andrew's kidnapper! What a horrible thing to do to a little boy!
Lars: And this substance you collected from the rag confirms that the kidnapper is none other than The Sword!
Carmen: We already know we're dealing with The Sword, Lars, we just don't know who it is! Unless you've found new evidence, we're no closer to them!
Lars: I might have something for you, <Name>! The substance contained traces of Andrew's DNA... and it also contained Papaver Atlanticum extract!
Lars: If you recall, <Name>, Papaver was the poison found on the dart that killed Chief Ripley! It's The Sword's signature poison!
Carmen: Heavens, if that substance is the same poison The Sword's used before, does that mean that... Andrew's dead, too?
Carmen: We know The Sword killed Anir, after he'd done the dirty work with kidnapping Andrew... Why wouldn't they kill the kid, too?
Lars: Don't give up hope yet, <Name>! Papaver atlanticum is only a lethal poison in a higher dose!
Lars: But it's tricky to calculate the right dosage that renders someone unconscious without killing them. Which proves that the killer knows their chemistry, <Name>.
Carmen: <Name>, if the same killer who killed our Chief is after a little boy... we must find them before they finish the job!

Examine Anir's Bag.
Carmen: <Name>, finding Anir's bag was brilliant! It told us quite a story about the victim!
Carmen: Last time we met Anir, he was a peaceful nomad... but now his bag's packed with ammunition!
Carmen: And this picture of Andrew hugging his bear is proof that Anir was involved in the kidnapping!
Carmen: Except Anir's now dead, so it's clear he was just a foot soldier in someone else's plan.
Carmen: You think that note you found in Anir's bag is a lead? You're right, the message is addressed to the victim: "The die is cast, Anir"!
Carmen: <Name>, let's send the message to Marina! She'll have to read between the lines to find Andrew!

Analyze Message to Victim.
Marina: <Name>, I've analyzed the message you found in the victim's bag.
Marina: "The die is cast" is a phrase of Latin origin. It means something's reached the point of no return.
Carmen: Well, Anir's dead, so that's one way to reach the point of no return.
Carmen: But if we don't want the same to happen to Andrew, we need to know who wrote the message, Marina!
Marina: I've done some preliminary profiling based on the message: someone cultured, smooth-mannered but slightly arrogant, intelligent but...
Carmen: Cultured but arrogant? Wait, doesn't it sound like a suspect we keep running into, <Name>? That scholar, Omar Bahir! If he wrote that message, we must find out what he meant by it!
Carmen: Well, Mr Bahir'd better not have hurt a child! <Name>, let's find him!

Talk to Omar Bahir about his message to the victim.
Carmen: Mr Bahir, <Rank> <Name>'s found this message among the belongings of a dead nomad, Anir Aznag. We think you wrote it.
Omar: Anir's dead? He clearly didn't pay heed to my warning.
Omar: The Najwa used to be a peaceful tribe, <Rank> <Name>. But Anir's gradually turned them into a group of armed terrorists.
Omar: As tribal strategic advisor, I warned Anir about the dangers of radicalization. But he was led astray by a charismatic leader, The Sword. I'm sure you have hear-
Carmen: Yes, we know that! Anir was involved in kidnapping Ambassador Stern's eight-year-old son. Do you have any idea where he is?
Omar: A child was kidnapped? That's unfortunate. But if he was kidnapped on The Sword's orders, as I suspect, he'll be kept alive, <Rank> <Name>. For as long as he's useful.
Omar: The Sword will use the child to bait you, <Rank> <Name>. I salute you for rising to the challenge - it's a foolish but brave way to die!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: <Name>, I know a little boy's life is at stake, so I'll be quick.
Angela: The victim's carotid arteries were slashed, using a very sharp blade. He bled to death within minutes.
Carmen: Well, we saw the victim's severed head beside the body, so we figured it was cut off!
Carmen: But we need more than this to find Andrew, and zoom in on The Sword! We're desperate for a breakthrough, Angela!
Angela: Well, here's something you could use, <Name>. To severe the victim's head with a single stroke, you need to exert a certain force, which correlates with body mass.
Angela: I've made some rough calculations: your killer must weigh at least 140lbs to apply the minimum force needed to cause the victim's injury!
Angela: <Name>, if my kids were missing, I'd want you on the case, too. I hope you'll find Andrew and he can hug his mother soon!

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: <Name>, The Sword keeps giving us the runaround, while we don't know if Andrew's dead or alive!
Ingrid: <Name>, there you are! Archer still hasn't reported for duty, and this isn't the time for deviant behavior!
Ingrid: What about finding Andrew Stern, <Name>? Any progress?
Carmen: All evidence suggests that Anir Aznag kidnapped the boy on The Sword's orders...
Carmen: ... And that The Sword killed Anir, and escaped with the kid.
Carmen: Our time is running out to find the boy alive. I-
Elliot: <Name>! Check this out: I found a heat signature on a satellite map! There's a hidden underground structure right below the destroyed town!
Carmen: A hidden underground place? <Name>, you're right: that could be the killer's lair!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, the clock's ticking for Andrew! Even if he's still alive, who knows how much longer he can hold on?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, we need a calm recap. We know that Anir kidnapped Andrew, on The Sword's orders.
Carmen: Everything suggests that The Sword killed Anir after he delivered the boy...
Carmen: ... But we don't know what happened to Andrew, and where he's now!
Elliot: <Name>! Check this out: I found a heat signature on a satellite map! There's a hidden underground structure right below the town center!
Carmen: A hidden underground place? <Name>, what if it's the killer's lair? What if Andrew's being held there? We have to go there!
Elliot: Hey, wait! Didn't you say this whole thing was The Sword's trap? 'Cause, you know, this place was, like, super easy to find. Even for me. It's like someone WANTS you to go there, <Name>!
Carmen: Elliot, we know it's a trap. But <Name>'s right: a child's life is at stake! Whatever lies in wait underground, we'll face it, for Andrew!

Investigate Hidden Bunker.
Carmen: <Name>, you did it! You've found Andrew! And he's alive!
Andrew: I want my mommy! I want to go home!
Carmen: Oh, you poor thing!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>: Andrew needs psychological attention. We should send him to Marina's office, she can take his statement later.
Carmen: But what's that map you found? Ah, I see: someone marked the route from the museum to the bunker! We should collect a sample of that stain!
Carmen: <Name>, Andrew's safe now, and we've located the kidnapper's lair, but... what if it's all part of The Sword's plan? Didn't Elliot say it was almost too easy to find this bunker?
Carmen: <Name>, we've walked into The Sword's trap - the only way out now is to catch them!

Analyze Andrew's Testimony.
Marina: <Name>, I have to warn you: Andrew's traumatized. For hours he just rocked back and forth and cried. It took me a long time to make him feel safe again.
Marina: Andrew's a bright kid, and very observant. I'm sure he noticed a crucial detail about the killer. The question is, will he tell us?
Marina: I'll bring Andrew in, <Name>. Remember not to pressure him, or he won't talk!

A few minutes later...
Marina: Andrew, this is <Rank> <Name>. Come say hello!
Andrew: I remember you, <Rank> <Name>. I was crying in the bunker, and you came to save me.
Marina: What else can you remember, Andrew? Can you describe the people who took you?
Andrew: There was a... man with a turban. He was mean... he grabbed and pushed me, and... covered my eyes!
Andrew: I cried for mommy, but nobody heard me... my hands were tied... I couldn't see!
Marina: Andrew, you're being very brave. Can you remember anybody else?
Andrew: I... I heard the bad man argue with somebody... I didn't understand... it was Arabic.
Andrew: And then I heard the bad man scream and fall down... I was so scared! I... wanted to go home!
Marina: Shhhh. It's alright, Andrew. You're safe now.
Andrew: They took my teddy bear away! Can I get my teddy bear back, <Rank> <Name>?
Marina: <Name>, that's enough. Andrew has to calm down. I'll take him to Lars's lab, he seems to like it there.

A moment later...
Carmen: How did it go, <Name>?
Carmen: I see: Andrew was blindfolded when Anir was killed... Of course, he couldn't describe The Sword.
Carmen: But you say Andrew picked up a crucial detail? An argument in Arabic, just before Anir died? You're right, that means the killer speaks Arabic!
Carmen: We already know that Omar Bahir, Jonah Karam, and Asal Hawaa are all fluent in Arabic... which means any of them could be The Sword!
Carmen: <Name>, now that Andrew's safe, it's time to focus on finding The Sword! We'll catch them this time, whatever it takes!

Examine Stained Map.
Carmen: <Name>, you collected a substance from the map showing the way from the crime scene to this bunker!
Carmen: Let's see if the microscope helps us identify who used this map! Andrew may be safe now, but we still have a lot to do!

Examine Brown Substance.
Carmen: <Name>, the substance you collected from the map turned out to be... English tea?
Carmen: Ah, wait... I remember finding English tea before, and it lead us to... Benjamin Scott! Not surprisingly, since he's from England.
Carmen: <Name>, I'm not liking this one bit... just when you save one kid, there's another getting himself in trouble!
Carmen: We should talk to Benjamin. Him mixing with dangerous criminals is the last thing we need!

Ask Benjamin Scott about the map to the bunker.
Carmen: Benjamin, we have a lot on our hands, so I'll be blunt: what the heck are you doing here?
Benjamin: I... I thought I discovered a secret bunker, <Rank> <Name>! I decided to check it out, and write about it in my blog!
Carmen: Benjamin, a child was held hostage in that bunker!
Carmen: What if the kidnapper finds out you have their map? Fancy explaining yourself to them? Or to the Iraqi cops? I hear their prisons are very accommodating!
Benjamin: Ah, I see: I should be grateful because the Bureau keeps telling me what to do! Just like my parents, when they made me sit Advanced Chemistry exams: "It's for your own good!"
Benjamin: Well, you're not my parents and I know my rights, <Rank> <Name>! Go catch some real criminals and get off my back!

A little later...
Ingrid: <Name>, congratulations on rescuing Andrew. His mother's been notified.
Carmen: The boy's statement gave us a key evidence against The Sword: they speak Arabic!
Carmen: <Name>'s also discovered that Benjamin's in Iraq. I'm worried about him... but we don't have time to babysit teenagers now!
Ingrid: <Name>, do you intend to continue the investigation, now that Andrew's safe? We know this is all The Sword's trap. Are you going to walk into it?
Carmen: <Name>'s right, we can't quit halfway through! We owe it to Ripley to catch The Sword!
Carmen: I agree, <Name>: we should retrace The Sword's steps through the destroyed town. There must be a clue somewhere that isn't a trap but a genuine lead. Let's go!

Investigate Bombed Street.
Carmen: <Name>, you've found a sword! I agree, this can't be a coincidence! We know The Sword's playing a game with us... and Angela said the victim was beheaded with a blade!
Carmen: Choosing this sword as the murder weapon could be a deliberate choice to taunt us!
Carmen: And there's some faded text on the blade? Quick, we need to know what it says!
Carmen: And you've found a bag with Asal's name on it?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, a quick search of Asal's bag won't hurt. If she's on our side, like she said, she won't mind!

Examine Asal's Bag.
Carmen: <Name>, that lipstick you found in Asal's bag isn't lipstick at all! It has a USB-plug, with a tiny screen! Let's crack the password and see what it really is!

Examine Fake Lipstick.
Carmen: <Name>, you've cracked the password on Asal's fake lipstick! It looks like a recording device! Let's give it to Elliot!

Analyze Lipstick Device.
Elliot: <Name>, come quick! You must see this! It's... bad!
Carmen: What happened, Elliot? You look pale, even for you!
Elliot: You'll turn pale when you see this, <Name>! As you've discovered, Asal's lipstick is a recording device. I've had a look at the footage...
Elliot: And... look what Asal did to Jack!

Operation Teddy Bear, day 2.
(Jack is seen wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet.)
Jack: Asal, we've lost the signal from Andrew's stuffed bear!
Jack: I should report to <Rank> <Name>... they'll be wondering where I am. But... I feel sick...
Asal: I'm so sorry, Archer. Knowing you was the fun part of the mission. But I have no choice... we part ways here. Goodbye!
Jack: Asal... what did you... do to me...? I think I'm... dying...
(Jack faints.)

End of recording...
Carmen: So that's why Jack hasn't turned up all this time! Asal did something to him! He might be... dead!
Carmen: <Name>, I knew Jack and Asal were helping you just after Andrew was kidnapped, but I didn't know they were still together!
Carmen: Elliot, put the headquarters in emergency lockdown. Nobody comes and goes until <Name>'s back. We're off to find Asal!

Demand to know what Asal Hawaa did to Jack Archer.
Carmen: What did you do to Archer, you two-faced floozy?
Asal: Only what he asked me to do: I kissed him. And slipped a tranquilizer pill into his mouth.
Asal: Don't worry, <Rank> <Name>, I've had excellent training in toxicology. Archer won't die... he's probably chatting up the ICU nurses as we speak.
Carmen: You never said Archer was with you all this time! And then you poisoned him! Why would you do that, if you aren't a double agent for The Sword?
Asal: Me, a double agent? It was Archer who jeopardized MY mission with his constant flirting! I never asked him to come with me! It was a hard decision to neutralize him, but it had to be done!
Asal: <Rank> <Name>, I'm sorry but you know you can't arrest a fellow agent - the Bureau has a treaty with Mossad.
Carmen: Just you wait, Miss Hawaa! If Archer dies, you can forget the treaty! <Rank> <Name> will make sure you get what you deserve!

Examine Sword.
Carmen: <Name>, you revealed Arabic text on the murder weapon! We already know the killer speaks Arabic - this could be a decisive detail!
Carmen: Let's get this message to Dupont, he'll translate it for us!

Analyze Arabic Writing.
Dupont: <Name>... listen!
Carmen: Monsieur Dupont? You look tired... I hope you managed to translate the message on the sword <Name> found in the destroyed town. It's a-
Dupont: The message... the blade... poisoned... don't touch... I...
Carmen: Dupont? Are you alright?
Dupont: Must talk... Omar Bahir... he...
(Armand faints.)
Carmen: Dupont? Dupont!! <Name>, call a doctor!
(Ingrid runs into the room.)
Ingrid: What's happening, <Name>?
Carmen: Dupont needs an ambulance! He... said something about poison, and Omar Bahir... and then he collapsed!
Carmen: You think Dupont meant Bahir poisoned him, <Name>? Could Bahir be The Sword? We already know the killer's an expert chemist...
Carmen: Get the handcuffs and your gun, <Name>! We can't take chances with Omar Bahir!

Interrogate Omar Bahir about the poisoned sword.
Carmen: Don't move, Bahir! <Name>'s arresting you on suspicion of attempted murder. What did you do to Armand Dupont?
Omar: Monsieur Dupont? He often consults me on matters of language and history. I trust he's well?
Carmen: Dupont's in the hospital! He was poisoned by a sword's blade, and your name was the last thing he said!
Omar: And you think I poisoned him? Chemistry's a hobby of mine, but why would I hurt a fellow historian? <Rank> <Name>, I think you've been horribly misled.
Carmen: What WE think is that it was YOU who wrote the Arabic message on the blade, and poisoned Dupont with it!
Omar: I rather think he meant I'd help with the translation. Could you... lower your guns and show me the text, <Rank> <Name>?
Omar: Ah, I see. <Rank> <Name>, it makes sense. The sentence means "every soul will taste death." It's a quote attributed to Sultan Mahmoud.
Carmen: Sultan Mahmoud, the dictator? I'm not surprised there's a quote about death attributed to him... But why would the Sultan murder Anir, kidnap Andrew and... poison Dupont?
Omar: You think I'd have more reasons to do that, <Rank> <Name>? The Sultan's crazy... whereas I've always helped you, haven't I?
Carmen: Mr Bahir, you'll remain in custody until we clear this up.
Carmen: Let's go and cross-check this story with the Sultan, <Name>!

Ask Sultan Mahmoud about the quote on the sword's blade.
Sultan Mahmoud: What brings you to disturb me this time, foreign infidels?
Carmen: Let's see: an Ambassador's kidnapped child, a murdered nomad, and a poisoned Bureau agent. Are these matters serious enough to deserve your attention?
Sultan Mahmoud: Watch your tone, woman. As if I'd ever soil my hands with the impure blood of nomads... or Western children. Gross!
Sultan Mahmoud: I have revolutions to crush! I don't even sign dissenters' death warrants anymore, I let my clerks do it. Else I'd never have time for anything else!
Carmen: <Rank> <Name>'s found a sword at a crime scene, with the inscription "every soul will taste death." Sound familiar?
Sultan Mahmoud: The phrase is from a poem I wrote in Arabic. Every schoolboy knows it. And that's a very pretty sword. Don't tempt me to behead you with it.
Sultan Mahmoud: This audience is over, you're dismissed. Go practice your curtsies for next time... or better yet, go away forever!

Back at headquarters...
Carmen: <Name>, you rescued Andrew Stern, but this case has gone from bad to worse!
Carmen: We've lost two agents: Archer was "neutralized" with a poisonous kiss from Asal Hawaa...
Carmen: ... And Dupont was poisoned by the murder weapon!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>: we knew The Sword had lured us here on purpose, and now the trap door's slammed shut on us!
(Carmen's phone starts to ring.)
Carmen: Oh, no! The phone! I hope it's not more bad news!
Marina (on the phone): <Name>, help me! I'm locked up in the bunker, and Jonah's outside, with a gun!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: <Name>, you rescued Andrew Stern, but this case has gone from bad to worse!
Carmen: We've lost two agents: Archer was "neutralized" with a poisonous kiss from Asal Hawaa...
Carmen: ... and Dupont was poisoned by the murder weapon!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>: We knew The Sword had lured us here on purpose, and now the trap door's slammed shut on us!
(Carmen's phone starts to ring.)
Carmen: Oh, no! The phone! I hope it's not more bad news!
(Carmen answers the phone and puts it on speaker.)
Marina (on the phone): <Name>, help me! I'm locked up in the bunker, and Jonah's outside, with a gun!
Carmen: What?! Stay calm, Marina, we're on our way to the bunker!

Outside the bunker...
Carmen: Jonah! What are you doing here?! Drop your gun and let us in!
Jonah: Alright, alright! Marina's fine, don't worry! I only meant to protect her!
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> will see about that! We'll question you as soon as we've made sure Marina's alright!

In the bunker...
Carmen: Marina! Are you alright?
Marina: Thank goodness, <Name>! I thought I was going to die!
Carmen: What were you thinking, Marina? After what happened to Archer and Dupont, you shouldn't have left the headquarters!
Marina: I wanted to see where Andrew was held captive, to help him remember more details! But I wasn't in any danger until that armed psychopath turned up!
Marina: I told you not to trust Jonah Karam, <Name>! Remember he already tried to shoot me once?
Carmen: <Name> will question Jonah now. And we'll sweep the bunker for clues again! It's us or The Sword now, we can't afford to miss anything!

Ask Jonah Karam why he locked Marina in the bunker.
Carmen: Jonah, The Sword is after the Bureau, and you were found terrorizing an unarmed agent with a gun! And you expect us to believe it was for her own safety?
Jonah: <Rank> <Name>, I didn't mean to distress Marina... I offered her a tranquilizer pill, but she turned it down.
Jonah: I told her I was a chemicals expert in the army, but by then Marina was screaming down the phone to you.
Carmen: You offered to DRUG Marina? After brandishing a gun at her?
Carmen: Jonah, you're my friend and I've always stuck up for you! But if <Rank> <Name> discovers you were The Sword all along, I won't be responsible for my actions!

Investigate Communications Table.
Carmen: <Name>, you want to restore that torn paper? Alright, but hurry! We shouldn't get caught here without backup!
Carmen: You want to decode that video camera, too? Let's get going, then!

Examine Video Camera.
Carmen: <Name>, well done decoding that video camera! This could be our hottest clue! Let's get it to Elliot!

Analyze Video Recording.
Elliot: <Name>, you keep bringing me depressing clues... but this video is a new low. I really hate this job sometimes.
Carmen: Elliot, we don't have time for your moods. Just show us the footage!

Start of footage...
(Benjamin is seen wearing a turban and a camouflage shirt, and he is also carrying a rifle)
Benjamin: Brothers and sisters, I've left my old life behind to follow the truth of The Sword!
Benjamin: A new world is coming, and The Sword will be its leader!
Benjamin: If you stand in our way, you shall die!

End of recording...
Carmen: <Name>, that was Benjamin Scott! But he's acting like an extremist, waving a gun!
Carmen: And what did he mean by following the truth of The Sword? What kind of propaganda was Benjamin brainwashed with?
Carmen: <Name>, we've always thought Benjamin was a naive kid... but is there another side to him we haven't seen before?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, time to treat Benjamin like an adult, and a suspect! Let's bring him in!

Talk to Benjamin Scott about his extremist video.
(Benjamin is now seen wearing his jacket.)
Carmen: Benjamin, <Rank> <Name>'s found your extremist video. You confessed to following the Sword, a dangerous terrorist!
Benjamin: You've taken me for a dumb teenager all along, <Rank> <Name>! That video shows me for who I really am!
Carmen: Benjamin... The Sword kidnapped a child, murdered a police Chief, and killed countless other people! Is this the kind of person you want to be?
Benjamin: I... uhm... change always comes at a price, <Rank> <Name>!
Benjamin: I have nothing more to say!
Carmen: Very well, Benjamin. Next time we meet, we'll treat you like a killer, if that's what you are!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: <Name>, you restored a death warrant... on Anir!
Carmen: Hmm, we've been so focused on finding Andrew that I've almost forgotten Anir! What if we've overlooked something important about the victim?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, this death warrant on the victim could be the key to the case! Let's reveal the rest of the text!

Examine Warrant.
Carmen: <Name>, you revealed Sultan Mahmoud's name on Anir's death warrant!
Carmen: You're right: what if the answer was right under our noses all along? The only thing the Sultan wants is absolute power... what if he's The Sword?
Carmen: The Sultan thinks nothing can stand in his way, not even the Bureau! You're right, <Name>, it's time to confront His Highness with the evidence!

Question Sultan Mahmoud about his death warrant on the victim.
Sultan Mahmoud: Your curtsy still leaves a lot to be desired, <Rank> <Name>. What do you want now?
Carmen: <Rank> <Name>'s found your death warrant for Anir! Why did you want him dead?
Sultan Mahmoud: I told you, <Rank> <Name>, I can't keep track of every death warrant I issue. There are too many. But I can add your names to the list if you insist.
Carmen: This isn't just about one murder! Whoever killed Anir has a lot more blood on their hands!
Sultan Mahmoud: I can kill as many people as I want! That's how we roll in my Empire!
Sultan Mahmoud: And you can't arrest me without proof, because that's how YOU roll in the West. Haha!
Carmen: Killing people might mean nothing to you, Your Highness. But if <Rank> <Name> finds out you killed Anir, our Chief, and kidnapped a little boy... you'll be wishing you'd never been born!

Later, at headquarters...
Ingrid: <Rank> <Name>, I called the hospital. They still don't know if Archer and Dupont will survive!
Ingrid: It's clear that Anir's murder was just the beginning! The Sword is coming for the Bureau!
Carmen: Ingrid, <Name>'s right: instead of panicking, we should review the evidence once more, and see which of our suspects could be The Sword!
Carmen: Jonah Karam was our informant... and my friend! I always trusted him, but maybe we should've listened to Marina's warnings!
Carmen: Sultan Mahmoud is crazy for power and shows no moral restraint... if he's The Sword, he's fueled by pure delusion, and will stop at nothing!
Carmen: Benjamin... he's gone from naive backpacker to armed extremist! What if that's not the last surprise he has in store for us?
Carmen: Omar Bahir's very clever, and we suspect he poisoned Armand Dupont. But he denies it, and we have no proof...
Carmen: Then there's Asal, who flirted with Archer only to poison him with a kiss... I agree: if The Sword is a woman, she'd be as seductive and treacherous as Asal!
Carmen: One of these people killed our Chief, <Name>, and has been playing with us ever since! Can we beat them at their own game, on their home ground?
Carmen: You think we should go back to the ruined museum? Alright <Name>: it may look like The Sword is winning, but the Bureau will not go down without a fight!

Investigate Broken Statue.
Carmen: <Name>, you think that pile of rubble could hide a clue? Alright, let's dig in!
Carmen: And yes, that dusty sheath looks similar to the sword you found in the destroyed town! They belong together!
Carmen: Be careful, <Name>: we know the sword was poisoned! Best use the cleaner to vacuum up that dust, without touching the sheath with your hands!
Carmen: <Name>, this may be our chance to beat The Sword. Let's get to work!

Examine Museum Rubble.
Carmen: <Name>, there's blood on that sharp stone you found in the museum rubble!
Carmen: This could break the case! Let's give the stone to Lars!

Analyze Sharp Stone.
Lars: <Name>, Archer and Dupont are still in critical condition! The Sword won't get away this time, right?
Carmen: Not if you tell us something useful about this bloody stone <Name>'s found on the crime scene!
Lars: Well, the good news is that the blood on the stone isn't the victim's! It was used as a weapon, but it was the killer who got injured!
Carmen: Are you saying Anir used the stone to fight The Sword?
Lars: Exactly! But I'd need more time to extract a full DNA-profile from the blood on the stone, and tell you something more about the ki-
Carmen: We don't have time for that, Lars! Is there anything you can give us NOW?
Lars: Well, considering the amount of blood and the sharpness of the stone, the killer still has a visible scar on them! Can you work with that, <Name>?
Carmen: It will have to do! <Name>, let's turn this scar into The Sword's downfall!

Examine Dusty Sword Sheath.
Carmen: <Name>, you've collected dust from the sheath! I hope you didn't touch the blade... we don't want you in the hospital, too!
Carmen: Let's send the sample to Lars! Finally, the true face of The Sword will emerge from under the dust, <Name>!

Analyze Dust.
Lars: <Name> collecting dust from the sheath of the murder weapon was a good call!
Lars: That dust may have looked inconsequential, but it was more than just dirt from the crime scene. It contained tiny textile fibers!
Carmen: Lars, please tell us these fibers will somehow help us find The Sword!
Lars: They sure will! Because I compared the fibers to the victim's clothing, and there was no match! So the red textile fiber must come from something the killer wears.
Carmen: So the killer wears red! A fitting color for someone with so much blood on their hands! But <Name> will put an end to the bloodshed now!

After completing all tasks...
Carmen: <Name>, we finally have enough evidence to arrest The Sword! Be very careful... we're walking into the wolf's den!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Omar Bahir, <Rank> <Name>'s arresting you for the murder of Anir Aznag...
Carmen: ... And for kidnapping Andrew Stern and killing Chief Ripley.
Omar: <Rank> <Name>, you're making a terrible mistake. You've fallen into The Sword's trap.
Carmen: YOU were The Sword all along! YOU thought you could trap us, but <Rank> <Name> has all the evidence against you!
Carmen: Andrew heard you speak Arabic with Anir before you beheaded him...
Omar: A traumatized child's testimony won't hold up in court, <Rank> <Name>.
Carmen: You carry the scar on your face where Anir scratched you with a stone, fighting for his life!
Omar: Useless circumstantial evidence! How many people in a war-torn town will have a scar?
Carmen: Our pathologist's proved your weight matches the killer's profile! And we know you're an expert chemist...
Omar: That's enough, <Rank> <Name>. I've thrown you a few breadcrumbs because I've enjoyed playing with you. But the game ends here.
Omar: Yes, I am The Sword. I had a mission in the Sahara: sowing the seeds of conflict and extremism everywhere.
Omar: I knew the Bureau would soon get onto me, so I decided to trap you first. All I had to do was pull on your heartstrings by killing Ripley and abducting a child. I knew you'd come, <Rank> <Name>!
Omar: Now that the Sahara is on the brink of war, it's time I finished the job with the Bureau, too!
Carmen: Put that grenade down, Bahir! If you pull that pin, you'll die with us!
Omar: How could you be so naive, <Rank> <Name>! I can't afford to die, SOMBRA still needs me. This is a poison bomb, and I've taken the antidote. Only YOU will die!
Omar: Goodbye, <Rank> <Name>. You'll meet your Chief Ripley in-
Omar: What... I...
(Omar falls the ground, dead.)
Carmen: <Name>, that shot came from outside! Take cover!

A few minutes later...
Carmen: <Name>? You alright?
Carmen: Bahir's dead! I can't believe someone shot him!
Carmen: But who was it? Were they trying to protect us, or just keep Bahir from talking?
(Jonah enters the room, holding a sniper rifle.)
Jonah: All clear now, <Rank> <Name>! I got you covered!
Carmen: Jonah? It was you? How did you...
Jonah: I was on the roof across the street. I figured <Rank> <Name>'d already worked out who The Sword was, and you were about to arrest them...
Jonah: ... And I thought you could use some firepower on your side. I expected The Sword to play dirty.
Carmen: Well, Jonah, I have to hand it to you: you are an excellent shot! And sometimes you even use your brain!
Jonah: You've done the hard work, <Rank> <Name>! The Sword never stood a chance against you!
Carmen: Well, we're alive and safe, but <Name>'s right, we still have a lot of questions to answer!
Carmen: <Name>, you think we should start with checking on Dupont and Archer in the hospital? Let's go!

Crossing the Desert 6

At the hospital...
(Jack and Armand are seen wearing hospital gowns.)
Jack Archer: <Name>! We've heard you've caught The Sword! And he's dead? You must fill us in on all the details!
Carmen: Jack, you're well! And where's Dupont?
Dupont: I'm better, too, thanks to <Name>'s quick thinking!
Carmen: Thank goodness! We were so worried about you!
Jack: Please get us out of here, <Name>! I'm sick of sharing a room with Dupont! If I didn't have Asal's visits to look forward to, I'd go crazy!
Carmen: What? Asal poisoned you, and now she comes to visit?
Jack: What can I say, I like 'em hot and dangerous, <Name>!
(Carmen's phone starts to ring.)
Carmen: Well, I'm glad that-
(Carmen picks up the phone.)
Carmen: Hello?
Ingrid: <Name>, the celebration will have to wait! Please report to headquarters at once!
Carmen (hangs up): You heard her, <Name>: let's go back to headquarters!

Later, at headquarters...
(Angela and Elliot are also present in the room.)
Ingrid: <Name>, Omar Bahir's dead, The Sword is no longer a danger. But our work isn't done yet.
Ingrid: We know that Bahir didn't just want to bring down the Bureau. He was stirring up conflict in the Sahara on behalf of a bigger power: SOMBRA.
Ingrid: Bahir can't answer our questions now that he's dead. It's up to us to figure out who SOMBRA are, what they want, and why they killed Chief Ripley.
Ingrid: But first we must make sure we don't leave any loose ends here in the Sahara. I want you to go check the bunker again, <Name>.
Angela: And there's another matter, <Name>. Andrew's finally well enough to go home to his mother.
Angela: Before he leaves, I wanted to give Andrew the pictures I took of him and Lars. They had a great time together!
Angela: But I can't find the pictures! I think I lost them at the destroyed museum! I have to go back for them, it would mean so much to Andrew!
Carmen: It's still not safe out there, Angela. But I'll search the museum with <Name>!
Elliot: And I'll come to the bunker with you, <Name>! You'll need a tech expert to check for hidden communication devices!

Investigate Wrecked Museum.
Carmen: <Name>, that pile of photographs could be Angela's lost pictures! Let's have a look at them together at headquarters!

Examine Angela's Photos.
Angela: <Name>, thank you for finding my pictures! Aren't they cute?
Angela: Look, here's Lars, teaching Andrew to mummify his stuffed bear!
Carmen: Don't take this the wrong way, Angela, but your talents lie in the medical field more than in photography. These pictures are out-of-focus and are blurred...
Carmen: Like this woman here... we can't even see her face! I don't know why you picked it out of the pile, <Name>!
Carmen: Hold on... you're right, <Name>, that woman's face looks familiar!
Angela: Nah, I think she just wandered into the frame by accident. Oh well, I guess I'm not that great with a camera...
Carmen: No, wait, I think <Name>'s onto something: let's run that woman's face in the database!

Examine Woman's Face.
Carmen: <Name>! The woman you identified on Angela's picture is Chief Ripley!
Carmen: But... that's impossible! The Chief is dead! We saw her fall! She died in Spain, she can't be in the Sahara!
Carmen: Ripley was taken to a hospital, and the doctors said she was-
(Chief Ripley enters the room in disguise.)
Chief Ripley: Dead. But the doctors only said that because I'd ordered them.
Chief Ripley (unearthing her disguise): Hello, <Rank> <Name>! It's really good to see you again!
(Carmen drops her jaw, speechless.)
Carmen: Chief Ripley, you're... alive! But... how could this be possible?
Carmen: I... need a moment to compose myself...
Carmen: ... And then <Rank> <Name> will have to talk to you! We have so many questions to ask!

Find out why Chief Ripley faked her death.
Carmen: Chief Ripley! I can't believe you're alive! We saw you fall when that dart struck you!
Chief Ripley: I apologize for misleading you, <Rank> <Name>. It was a hard decision, but it had to be done.
Chief Ripley: I got tipped off that SOMBRA was plotting an attempt on my life. We didn't have much time to come up with a plan.
Chief Ripley: So, to buy us some time, I decided to let The Sword believe that he succeeded in killing me.
Carmen: But... how did you survive the poison in the dart?
Chief Ripley: I'd taken the antidote with my champagne when we were celebrating your victory over the Promethians.
Carmen: Alright, we get it - you faked your death to trap Bahir. But why did you lie to US, too? We mourned you, we were distraught!
Carmen: We risked our lives to avenge your murder! And you sat back and watched us walk into a trap?!
Chief Ripley: I made the decision I thought was best! The illusion had to be perfect! SOMBRA had to believe that they had killed me!
Chief Ripley: And I knew you'd draw strength from the crisis, <Rank> <Name>. I was counting on you, and you did me proud.
Carmen: I just can't believe you did this! I understand, but... it doesn't mean I'm alright with it!
Chief Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, I know it's a lot to take in, but there's nothing like hard work to help you move on. Take this badge now as an acknowledgement of your bravery...
Chief Ripley: ... Then get back to work!

Investigate Hidden Bunker.
Elliot: What's up, <Name>, you've found a phone? I hear you can crack passwords - show me!

Examine Cellphone.
Elliot: <Name>, now you've decoded this phone, I'll check it in the lab. Just in case it's a bomb detonator or something.

Analyze Phone.
Elliot: <Name>, this phone you found in the bunker is Benjamin's.
Elliot: Judging from his texts, he's having second thoughts about the jihad. He wrote a text that reads: "I have nowhere to go anymore." But he didn't send it.
Elliot: <Name>, that kid needs a reality check. Even I can see his adventures have taken a wrong turn.
Elliot: Let me come with you, <Name>... maybe Benjamin'd listen to me, since I'm young and cool... maybe he'll come to his senses!

Convince Benjamin Scott to go home to his parents.
Elliot: Hey, mate... <Rank> <Name>'s found your message. Don't you think it's time to go home?
Benjamin: <Rank> <Name>, what have I got to go home to? I'm not cut out to be a terrorist... I'm not cut out to be anything!
Elliot: Ah, man, stop the pity party. You've got parents who love you. They're a bit clingy, so what?
Benjamin: But what are they going to say when they hear what I've done?
Elliot: Hey, we all make mistakes. I once nearly blew up London from my laptop...
Elliot: But you don't have to tell them everything. Just the cool bits: you traveled the Sahara, rode camels... met a tech genius... that sort of thing.
Benjamin: I guess you're right, <Rank> <Name>, I guess I'll call them! Thanks and good luck to you, too! Here, have my last burger!

Later, at headquarters...
Ingrid: <Name>, I've heard that Chief Ripley's alive! Is that true?
Ingrid: The Chief was alive all this time, and nobody told me? How did she-
Chief Ripley: Yes, I'm alive and back at work. <Rank> <Name>, I want to talk to you!
Chief Ripley: It's about Jonah Karam. I think we should hire him as a field expert.
Ingrid: With all due respect, Chief, you can't just come back and... start hiring people! Besides, Marina thinks we shouldn't trust Jonah.
Chief Ripley: Why don't we leave it to <Rank> <Name> to talk to Jonah? Then we can make the final decision!

Ask Jonah Karam what he thinks of working for the Bureau.
Jonah: Am I in trouble for saving your lives, <Rank> <Name>?
Carmen: Quite the opposite, Jonah! The Chief's read <Rank> <Name>'s reports, and she thinks you should join the Bureau.
Jonah: Me, in the Bureau? Hmm... it's tempting, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my freedom!
Carmen: We didn't say the job was yours yet, Jonah. Certain members of the team still have doubts about you.
Jonah: I have an idea, <Rank> <Name>! Let's go back to the destroyed town together! I'll prove my worth to you there!

Investigate Destroyed Town.
Jonah: <Rank> <Name>, I'm more used to shooting people than examining clues... do you really think I'd be good at it?
Jonah: Alright, show me that thing in your hand! Looks like... a tiny parachute! With a USB-key attached to it!
Jonah: Hey, wait... I've learned everything about parachutes in the army! I can already tell you it was dropped off from a drone.
Jonah: And you're right, something was written on the parachute. I'm sure you can retrieve it, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Tiny Parachute.
Jonah: <Rank> <Naem>, I know that logo you revealed on the parachute!
Jonah: That dog in a space capsule is the logo of COSMORUS, the Russian space agency!
Jonah: But I have no idea why COSMORUS would drop a parachute with a USB-key into Iraq! How do you work these things out, <Rank> <Name>?
Jonah: Ah, you say you have a tech expert? Alright, let's give him the parachute with the USB-key!

Analyze COSMORUS Logo.
Elliot: <Name>, I've heard that Chief Ripley's alive!
Elliot: Way cool! Not everyone has a boss who came back from the dead!
Elliot: And this USB-key on a parachute was pretty cool, too! Here's the recording on it!

Start of footage...
Natasha: <Rank> <Name>, my name is Natasha Romanova. I know you work with my daughter Marina, so I can trust you.
Natasha: I'm the head of COSMORUS, the Russian space agency. And I have reasons to believe that COSMORUS has been infiltrated by foreign spies!
Natasha: <Rank> <Name>, a security breach at COSMORUS could compromise the entire world's data infrastructure! I'm formally requesting the help of the Bureau!

End of footage...
Elliot: <Name>, that woman in the video is Marina's mom! Isn't that cool? I didn't even know Marina had a mom!
Elliot: And she's the head of the Russian space agency! I guess you'd better talk to Marina about this message!

Ask Marina about the message from COSMORUS.
Marina: <Name>, what's going on? First I'm told Chief Ripley's alive...
Marina: And now you've got a message from my mom?
Carmen: I know it's a lot to take in, Marina... but we need to make a decision about your mother's message!
Marina: I hate to say this, but my mother can't be trusted! Whatever she's playing at, it's not good, believe me!
Marina: Think about it, <Name>: why would my mother send us a message with a USB-key on a parachute, if she has nothing to hide? She could just call us!
Carmen: Marina, <Rank> <Name>'s right: if COSMORUS was infiltrated by spies, your mother was right to contact us in secret.
Carmen: And Natasha Romanova IS the head of COSMORUS! We can't ignore an official plea for help!
Marina: I trust you'll make the right decision, <Rank> <Name>. Just be on your guard, is all I'm saying.
Carmen: <Rank> <Name>, at least we know where we're going next! Take this cash and buy some Russian rubles!

Later, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, I'm officially taking back the reins of the Bureau. And I've made my first decision!
Chief Ripley: I've offered Jonah Karam a job with the Bureau, and he's accepted. Jonah's joining us as field expert.
Jonah: I can't wait to work with you, <Rank> <Name>!
Chief Ripley: Now, the message from the Russian space agency. We should definitely investigate Natasha Romanova's claim about the security breach, <Name>.
Chief Ripley: COSMORUS controls much of the world's electronic infrastructure. If spies hijack their satellite systems, the world could be sent back to the dark ages at the push of a button.
Chief Ripley: <Name>, we must investigate this security breach in Russia, and find out if SOMBRA is responsible.
Chief Ripley: Keep your wits about you, and see you in Moscow, <Rank> <Name>!