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Duncan McCoy
Duncan McCoy, Chris McCoy's ancestor
Biographical information
Full name Duncan McCoy
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Profession(s) Carpenter
Family Chris McCoy (descendant)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case (mentioned)

Duncan McCoy is a minor character in Criminal Case. He was mentioned in A Brave New World (Case #52 of Grimsborough).


Duncan was Chris McCoy's ancestor who lived around the 1600s.

Events of Criminal Case

In A Brave New World, during the murder investigation of Stuart Huckabee, the team found a sculpture which read, "The Huckabees will forever be the sworn enemies of the McCoys". Alex determined it was made by Duncan McCoy, the Pilgrim ship's carpenter. The family feud between the McCoys and the Huckabees was still going strong in the present and the team decided to speak to Duncan's descendant, Chris McCoy. Chris was now the prime suspect since he hated Stuart and all the Huckabees, and he was also happy about the fact that Stuart lived no more.

Afterwards, the team found an ancient parchment, which revealed that Duncan was put in trial by Reginald Huckabee for cannibalism, sentencing the whole McCoy family to a life of poverty. The team needed more answers and thus decided to speak to Chris again. Chris got angry when the team spoke to him about this since the whole city now knew about this incident because of Stuart. Chris told the team that it was freezing cold back in 1642 and people were dying of hunger. It was eat or die and all Duncan wanted was to survive. Jones asked Chris if Duncan ate a child, and Chris angrily replied and said that Duncan ate an old man who was going to die anyway.


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