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Deep in the Bayou Bleu forest...
Amy Young: Oh dear, <Rank> <Name>, I'm afraid I've lost us! And this was just supposed to be a simple patrol in the Bayou!
Amy: My phone's not working... How will we ever find our way out again?
Amy: You've... You've spotted a trail? Oh thank God! Let's follow it!
Amy: You know, <Rank> <Name>, I'm really glad you're with me. I would probably have just walked in circles for days without you!

At the end of the trail...
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, you did it! We're out of the forest! And... I know this place! This is the Gator Land amusement park, my parents took me here when I was little!
Amy: It looks like nobody's come here for ages, though... I didn't even know it was still opened, I thought it had closed down years ago!
Amy: Hm, anyway, you're right, <Rank> <Name>. The most important thing right now is to let dispatch know we're okay. But my phone's still dead!
Amy: Oh, good idea! There must be a phone booth somewhere. Let's search the park through!

Chapter 1

Investigate Amusement Park.
Amy Young: I found a phone, <Rank> <Name>! And you found... a body?!
Amy: The victim's ID badge says she's called "Coleen Truman". She's a Bay Area Bank representative from Ocean Shore...
Amy: You also found a kraft envelope full of dollar bills? It's written "Shut up and take the money"! There's more text but it's illegible. Can you decipher it?
Amy: And you think we might find something important in that claw crane? How fun! I've always loved this game, don't you, <Rank> <Name>?
Vanessa: Go back to where you're from! You're not welcome here, strangers! This place is cursed!
Amy: Eek, you scared us! Are you... Are you alright? Is someone chasing you? Do you need help?
Vanessa: I'm not the one who needs help, you are! My name's Vanessa Kimmel, I've lived here all my life and I'm telling you, this place is cursed! Leave while you still can, or you'll end up dead, just like her!
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, what should we do? Oh, right, of course! Miss, please, calm down. We will need to ask you a few questions.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Well, <Name>, it seems someone mistook your victim for an alligator! Her insides have been torn to shreds by a hunting rifle's bullet!
Roxie: A gator might have recovered from such a shot, but Coleen didn't stand a chance. She must have bled out in a matter of seconds.
Amy: But... Are you saying her death is an accident then?
Roxie: With such a precise shot? Not a chance! She was hit straight in the liver, and it wasn't from up close! Whoever did this is an accomplished rifle shooter, trust me!
Amy: Duly noted, Roxie. That's one point against our killer, <Rank> <Name>. Let's keep in mind they practice rifle shooting!

Ask Vanessa Kimmel what she's afraid of.
Vanessa: Why are you still here? Leave this place while you can! Otherwise, you'll end up dead just like that Coleen Truman!
Amy: Vanessa, are you sure you do not need any help? You're looking... You look like you're in pretty bad shape.
Vanessa: You're not listening to me! The woman's dead! What else do you need to realize this place is dangerous, <Rank>?!
Amy: Very well. Were you in the park when Coleen got killed? Did you see or hear anything that might help <Rank> <Name>?
Vanessa: I didn't see anything, but I heard things. Whispers... Screams! And a thud... Then I heard a rustle of leaves, the killer must have gone into the woods.
Vanessa: I'm sure they went towards the abandoned shack, up north! This is where the devil nests! Death is upon this place!
(After talking to Vanessa Kimmel)
Amy: Really, <Rank> <Name>? You want to go investigate that abandoned shack Vanessa told us about? The one where the devil nests?
Amy: I mean sure, we're going to the shack! Anything to move our investigation along, right?

Investigate Shack Interior.
Amy: Nice catch with these glass debris, <Rank> <Name>! Someone was here recently and despite what Vanessa told us, I bet they were not ghosts nor demons!
Amy: Uh... You should probably piece those debris back yourself, though. I'm afraid I'm not ready for such delicate work just yet...

Examine Glass Debris.
Amy: Nice job, <Rank> <Name>! You turned the glass debris back into a bottle!
Amy: But what's with the blood on it? We've got to send this bottle to Yann, you're right!

Analyze Bottle.
Yann: The bottle you brought me was covered in the blood of your victim, <Name>!
Yann: Considering you found this bottle in a shack and not on the murder scene, it's obvious Coleen's killer was the one who drank from it!
Yann: The bottle's label was unreadable, so I analyzed the contents, and it turned out to be Jamaican Gator Rum!
Yann: I remember the time I traveled to Appleton Estate in Jamaica! Frank pestered me to bring him duty-free Gator Rum bottles back!
Amy: Somehow I'm not surprised... Anyway, <Rank> <Name>, I'll write this down for you: our killer drinks Gator Rum!

Examine Kraft Envelope.
Amy: Well done, <Rank> <Name>! You've sorted out the numbers written on that envelope! "Shut up and take the money, TNG-2R8-BLE".
Amy: "TNG-2R8-BLE"? Do you think this is some kind of code?
Amy: You're right, <Name>! Numbers are like candies to Hannah! Let's send them to her!

Analyze Numbers.
Hannah: <Name>, you're not going to believe this! The numbers you found on that envelope match the ID of one of the precinct cops, a certain Harvey Fitchner!
Hannah: A cop, receiving an envelope full of cash with "Shut up, take the money" on it? That sounds an awful lot like a bribe to me!
Hannah: I had a look at his file, and Fitchner used to serve in this precinct before he was transferred to the Bayou. I'm pretty sure he's worked on some cases with Frank.
Amy: Really? You're right <Rank> <Name>, maybe Frank could tell us more about this Mr. Fitchner!
Amy: I'll call him right away!
Frank: What do you want? I got a killing headache here, so be quick.
Amy: Erm... Hi, Frank. <Rank> <Name> would like some info about Harvey Fitchner. We're afraid he might have accepted a bribe an-
Frank: Ha! Bribe? Not surprised. Is that all? Headache's getting worse. Bye.
Amy: He hung up on me! ... That was weird. You're right, we'd better go speak to Mr. Fitchner ourselves, <Rank> <Name>!

Question Harvey Fitchner about the bribe money envelope.
Harvey: Hello <Rank>! Officer Fitchner at your service. It's good to see some colleagues, no one ever comes here!
Amy: Mr. Fitchner, <Rank> <Name> found this envelope addressed to you... You know bribes are completely forbidden by the Police code, right?
Harvey: Of course I do! I didn't take the money, did I? This Coleen kept pestering me for close protection, but I refused! I'm a cop, not a bodyguard!
Amy: Wait, this envelope was given to you by Coleen Truman? But... She's dead!
Harvey: Dead?!
Harvey: I guess she was right to want protection, then. But maybe if she'd shown more respect for the people around here, she'd still be alive!

Examine Claw Crane.
Amy: Hm... This document you found in the gator-themed goodies has our victim's bank logo on it. But most of it is faded!
Amy: We should try to recover that text, you're right. I know what wonders you can do with some latent powder and a fiberglass brush!

Examine Faded Document.
Amy: Well done, <Rank> <Name>! So this document you found is a "Buying Offer for Gator Land"... And it's got our victim's fact on it!
Amy: It appears Ms. Truman wanted to buy Gator Land for... just one dollar? Now that's something else!
Amy: Apparently the current owner of the park is named Alec Howard. You're right, <Rank> <Name>, we need to have a chat with him right away!

Talk to Alec Howard about the purchase offer he got from the victim.
Amy: Mr. Howard, <Rank> <Name> is looking for clues concerning the murder of Coleen Truman, which occurred right here, in your park.
Alec: Tragic, for sure. But honestly, all I can think about is that it's been a long time I haven't met someone as attractive as you, Miss...
Amy: That's Officer Young to you, Mr. Howard. And <Rank> <Name> has found the buying offer Coleen made you for Gator Land.
Alec: You're talking about that preposterous one dollar deal? Nonsense! Just because the park is in debt, Coleen thought she could take it from me by force! But nobody will take this park from me!
Amy: So she wanted to take the park from you and now she is dead... You've got to admit this is pretty convenient, Mr. Howard.
Alec: Coleen was overconfident, thinking she was playing on home ground. But we're like gators here in the Bayou and we follow one rule only: survival of the fittest!

Later on, near the swamps...
Amy: Well, <Rank> <Name>, I'm afraid we still have a lot of work to do before we clear the water on Coleen Truman's murder.
Amy: Vanessa Kimmel, who looks like a very troubled woman, claims this whole place is cursed, which isn't really helpful.
Amy: You've also discovered that Coleen had tried to bribe Fitchner, the local cop, apparently unsuccessfully. This seems to have deeply offended him.
Amy: And she also offended the owner of Gator Land, Alec Howard, by trying to buy his park for a single dollar... Obviously our victim made many enemies in the Ba-
Amy: Ewwww, what is that?!

Chapter 2

Amy Young: Ewwww, what just happened, <Rank> <Name>? We were going through what we know about Coleen's murder and... someone tossed their trash at me?! But why??
Amy: You're right, it looks like it came from that steamboat, over there! Let's go search it!
Amy: If someone intentionally threw rotten fish at me, we're gonna fine them! Right, <Rank> <Name>?

Investigate Steamboat.
Amy: I'm sorry for getting so angry earlier on, <Rank> <Name>. I just can't believe someone would throw rotten fish on the Police!
Amy: Anyway, I couldn't find anyone on the boat. But I can see that even when I make you lose your time on personal vendettas, you manage to further the investigation, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: This torn package looks like it was deliberately shredded. We should try to fix it!
Amy: What about this toolbox? Looks like someone left it here, should we sift through it?
Amy: More gator goodies, <Rank> <Name>! You're right, this trophy plaque is completely faded, but I'm pretty sure some powder should help us read what was on it! Let's do it!

Examine Paper Shreds.
Amy: This package you found is a diet soup. And our victim wrote something on it! "You should try it, fatso!" Not very nice. I wonder who she gave it to...
Shelly: Still around my steamboat, you dumb skinny cop? Bad fish not enough to drive you away, eh?
Shelly: Hey, why did you fix that stupid "Fat Crusher" weight loss soup package?! Are you here to make fun of me?
Amy: Wait, YOU're the one who threw fish bones at me?! Do not move a muscle! <Rank> <Name> will have a word with you!

Ask Shelly Dulard about her fight with the victim.
Shelly: Wow, don't get any closer, Officer Young. What's that stench? Smells like bad fish, am I right? You could benefit from a quick shower, just sayin'...
Amy: Laugh all you want, Ms Dulard! This is a fine for assaulting a Police Officer!
Shelly: Ha, see if I care! At least maybe this will have taught you to stop showing off, you skinny superficial brat!
Shelly: You're just like that Coleen Truman! I welcomed her aboard my ship, and she thanked me with this "Fat Crusher" weight loss soup, making fun of my fat, that filthy vegan!
Shelly: Who did she think she was, and who eats diet soup anyway? That's not even food!
Shelly: That neat freak didn't do alcohol either! So I guess I'll drink a whole bottle of "Gator Rum" in her honor! Wooh! Celebrate!
(After talking to Shelly Dulard)
Amy: This Shelly is so... She's so... Argh! I'm glad I fined her, <Rank> <Name>! You gave me the strength to stand up for myself!
Amy: How could anyone discriminate people just because they're skinny, anyway? That's outrageous!
Amy: Well, of course, I guess that's exactly what the victim did to her, mocking Shelly because she's NOT skinny...
Amy: Alright, <Rank> <Name>. Maybe a bit more respect from everyone would be welcome. But she's still a solid suspect in Coleen's death!

Examine Gator Hunting Trophy.
Amy: Thumbs up, <Name>! You managed to fix this trophy! What does it say? "Alec Howard, best Gator Hunter of the Bayou"!
Amy: Wait a second. Alec Howard is the owner of the "Gator Land" park! But he's also an alligator hunter? Isn't he, like, supposed to protect them?
Amy: Agreed <Name>, something doesn't add up. But at least we know he practices rifle shooting, just like our killer! Sounds like a good cue to talk to Mr. Howard again!

Confront Alec Howard about his Gator Hunting Trophy.
Alec: Oh I see you retrieved my Alligator Hunter trophy, <Rank> <Name>! And it looks brand new, too!
Amy: Do you really shoot alligators for sport, Mr. Howard? Because we assumed you would protect them, since you own the "Gator Land" park.
Alec: Hey, for every gator I kill, I breed another two! Do the math, kid. Gators are my friends! So don't talk to me about animal protection!
Alec: And nothing compares to alligator hunting near the old shack up north while sipping some "Gator Rum" to let out that animal instinct inside you!
Alec: That's why Coleen Truman was a petty dabbler. She never understood corporate business is just like the Bayou. It's a kill or be killed world!
(After talking to Alec Howard)
Amy: "Kill or be killed"? That's an iffy choice of words for someone under suspicion of murdering another.
Amy: Hm, you're right, he mentioned spending time in a shack. Do you think he meant the abandoned shack? I agree, <Rank> <Name>. We should go have another look there.

Investigate Bedroom.
Amy: Those bits of rags you've picked up look ominous, <Rank> <Name>. I wonder what they'll look like once you've pieced them back up together...
Amy: And you found a rifle! Do you think it could be...
Amy: Wait, I've got Roxie's autopsy report right here! She wrote down the make of the bullet that was inside Coleen's body so we could know which model of rifle had been used...
Amy: Yay! The models match! This rifle is the one that was used to shoot Coleen!
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, you've just found the murder weapon! And you're right, there's something odd on the handle. Let's have a closer look at it!

Examine Rifle.
Amy: Great, <Rank> <Name>! You managed to isolate some pinkish substance from our murder weapon!
Amy: Don't say it, I know what to do next! We'll send the substance to Yann for analysis! Am I right?

Analyze Substance.
Yann: I'm done analyzing the sample you collected from the killer's rifle, <Name>!
Yann: This pink substance is a skin-care cream to treat warts.
Yann: The killer had to press the rifle's handle against their face when they aimed to shoot Coleen. That's how the cream ended up on the weapon!
Yann: Those warts are very common here in the Bayou. They're caused by the dampness of the swamps, and... lack of hygiene, mostly.
Amy: Which means that our killer has big warts! That's a good thing! I guess...

Examine Rags.
Amy: Oh dear, those bits of rags were in fact a voodoo doll!
Amy: I heard Frank talk about the ones you found in your previous investigation, <Rank> <Name>. Honestly I don't know what to believe, but this one looks... weird.
Amy: Oh my gosh, you're right! The blond hair, the business suit... This doll looks like Coleen Truman! Do you think she was involved into some kind of voodoo ritual?
Amy: I mean... There's no such thing as voodoo, right, <Rank> <Name>? Well I guess you're right, the best thing to do is to take a closer look at this doll!

Examine Voodoo Doll.
Amy: Well done, <Rank> <Name>! You collected a sample from that creepy voodoo doll that looks just like our victim!
Amy: What is that sample, though? Is it actual hair or just straw? We'd better send this to Yann, you're right!

Analyze Hair Sample.
Yann: The hair you found on the doll is human hair, <Name>. More precisely, it belongs to a certain Vanessa Kimmel.
Amy: That crazy woman we met earlier?! <Rank> <Name>, do you think she meant to harm the victim with this doll?
Yann: Not at all! There are many kinds of voodoo dolls, Amy, and this type is actually meant to protect people from bad spirits and nightmares.
Yann: A very nice old lady crafted me such a doll back in Ghana. They call it a "Gris-gris doll".
Yann: But anyway, this doll couldn't have worked. Vanessa used her own hair, instead of using Coleen's hair!
Amy: Still, Vanessa meant to protect the victim. But why? Is it about the fact that she thinks the Bayou's cursed?
Amy: I agree, <Rank> <Name>. We need to go talk to Vanessa again. I just hope this time she'll make more sense...

Ask Vanessa Kimmel about the gris-gris doll she crafted to the victim.
Amy: Vanessa, <Rank> <Name> found this gris-gris doll you made to protect Coleen. But what did you want to protect her from, exactly?
Vanessa: It was to protect her from all the people she was making angry! She didn't make any friends in the Bayou, that's for sure!
Vanessa: I hoped that if I was nice to her, she would tear me away from this hellhole! I wanted her to take me under her wing, I wanted to see the big city!
Vanessa: But she laughed at me! She called me a loser and a tramp and then she broke the doll into pieces, that filthy old hag!
Vanessa: The only fun I have here is drinking "Gator Rum" on my own! A few more years here in the Bayou and I'm gonna die of alcoholism and boredom!
Vanessa: This place is driving me nuts! I need to get away from here! Coleen Truman was my only escape plan, and now she's dead!

Examine Toolbox.
Amy: How do you do this, <Rank> <Name>? How did you know there would be a picture of the victim inside that toolbox?
Amy: This is from a newspaper article... "Coleen Truman Hires Local Worker For Gator Land Remodel."
Amy: Whoa! Coleen hired people to work on the park before she had even bought it! She wasn't about to take no for an answer, was she?
Amy: You're right, identifying who's on this picture could help us going further. But his face has been scratched out! We can barely distinguish his hair, and his mouth...
Amy: You think this is enough for you to compare this photograph against the Police database? I'm impressed! I wouldn't even have tried it!

Examine Newspaper Article.
Amy: You've done it, <Rank> <Name>! Now we know that the man who posed on this picture with our victim is called Steve Bundy!
Amy: So he's the local man Coleen hired to work on the remodeling of Gator Land... Even though the park wasn't even hers yet!
Amy: Coleen's dead, so she can't explain this to us, but you're right, Mr. Bundy might be able to! Let's go talk to him!

Question Steve Bundy about the Newspaper Article.
Amy: Mr. Bundy, <Rank> <Name> is investigating the murder of Coleen Truman. We know that she had hired you to work on Gator Land...
Amy: ... But did you know that she hadn't actually bought the park yet?
Steve: She said it was common business practice, and what do I know about business? I was just happy that the Bay Area Bank wanted to invest in Gator Land and I was a part of it!
Steve: But now that Coleen is dead, I assume I won't be able to keep the job. I hope the Bay Area Bank investment is still happening, though.
Steve: Gator Land used to be so lively with activity, you know. We were all excited that someone wanted to restore it to its former glory!
Steve: But of course Alec Howard wouldn't let her do it! It wouldn't surprise me if he killed Coleen himself!
Steve: He thinks he's the king of the Bayou! How I wish I could wipe that awful smile off his face! I know how to use a rifle, believe me!

Later on, near the swamps...
Amy: Alright, <Name>. I'll do a quick recap of the situation. Let me know if I'm getting anything wrong, okay?
Amy: Shelly Dulard, the owner of the steamboat, hated Coleen for being haughty and... skinny? Plus, Coleen got really offensive towards her by offering her a "Fat Crusher" diet soup!
Amy: Vanessa Kimmel was counting on Coleen to bring her out of the Bayou, but instead Coleen humiliated her.
Amy: As for Alec Howard, he's pretty convinced he's the fiercest businessman in the whole universe. And the victim clearly put him to shame when she offered him one dollar to take over his park!
Harvey: Still here, <Rank> <Name>? I shoulda known... You downtown cops... All th'same. Now you gonna listen to me. Yeah, listen to... me. Me!
Amy: Officer Fitchner? You're drunk on duty! Have you no shame?!
Harvey: Leave the Bayou now! Leave this place and... never come back! You... You... You understand?
Amy: I'm not gonna let you harm <Rank> <Name>! Put that gun down! I'm not gonna say it twice!

Chapter 3

Amy Young: You won't harm <Rank> <Name>! Now put that gun down, Officer Fitchner! I'm not gonna say it twice!
Harvey: Leave this place immediately! I... I'm the one in charge, here. I... I'll deal with Coleen Truman's case myself!
Harvey: She was always aboard the steamboat. I'll go there... and catch the killer myself! I... I'll shoot them with my rifle, I never miss!
Amy: You're in no state to do any of this! Trust <Rank> <Name>, they'll handle it! Now put the gun down!
Harvey: You... You're right, I... I'm just a fool! I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>! I've never been a good cop... I thought I was, but I was so... wrong.
Amy: <Rank> <Name>, what should we do with him? We can't leave him like this! 
Amy: Yes, of course, you're right. Officer Fitchner, hand us your gun! We'll go investigate that steamboat ourselves, and <Rank> <Name> will interrogate you further.

Try and bring Harvey Fitchner back to reason.
Harvey: I'm sorry I pulled my gun at you, <Rank> <Name>! I don't know what came over me!
Harvey: I just... didn't want you to find out the truth. Remember that envelope? There was... more than one. Coleen tried to bribe me and... I took the money!
Amy: Mr. Fitchner! How could you?!
Harvey: You don't know how it is, alone, in this place! I... I know I'll never be a true cop again. And Coleen, that devil, knew about my weakness for Gator Rum.
Harvey: She asked me to threaten people, she wanted to force her way into the Bayou! People that I've known for years! And... And I did it!
Harvey: And n-now I'll never... never be able to live with myself!
(After talking to Harvey Fitchner)
Amy: I wonder what happened to Officer Fitchner that could have made him such... such a wreck!
Amy: I'm still sorry I didn't see it coming, <Rank> <Name>. I... I just can't believe an Officer would behave like this! I hope you're alright now.
Amy: You're such an optimistic, <Rank> <Name>! I agree that now this crisis is averted, our top priority is to catch Coleen Truman's murderer!

Investigate Waterwheel.
Amy: You found a shooting target pinned on that steamboat? You're right, with the killer being a skilled rifle shooter, we should give it a closer look!
Amy: The swamp's humidity got to what was drawn on that target. Is there any way we could retrieve the drawing, do you think?
Amy: This torn document looks like it hasn't been there for long, it must be a clue! Do you mind fixing it? I was never good with puzzles, even as a child...

Examine Shooting Target.
Amy: Oh dear, there's a printing of our victim on that shooting target!! Someone was practicing shooting on her!
Amy: Oooh I bet it's that Shelly Dulard! She works aboard that steamboat after all, and she's clearly violent!
Amy: Well... I guess you're right, I shouldn't let my personal feelings cloud my judgment. But can we at least go ask her about this, <Rank> <Name>?

Ask Shelly Dulard about the shooting target.
Amy: Ms Dulard, <Rank> <Name> found this shooting target on your steamboat, with Coleen Truman's face drawn on it. Do you have any explanation for this?
Shelly: Huh-oh, that would be my masterpiece! Do you like it? I was just about to print one with YOUR face, Officer Young. Do you wanna see it when it's ready?
Amy: Coleen Truman was shot in the liver with a shooting rifle! That would make you our top suspect, Ms Dulard!
Shelly: So what, you bone bag? I just got my kicks from shooting a picture of her. What is wrong with that? Doesn't mean I shot her dead!
Shelly: What if a spiffy old hag came to your house and made fun of yourself, of your lifestyle, like she was better than you?!
Shelly: You city folks think we all have to go vegan and be all sophisticated just like you are. Well, not on my watch!

Examine Torn Document.
Amy: Way to go, <Rank> <Name>, you figured out how this torn document was supposed to be pieced together! Looks like plans for a huge mall!
Amy: You're right, I can see that crocodile head. Those buildings are clearly supposed to be built within Gator Land! Why would someone build a mall inside an amusement park?
Amy: You're right, we should send those plans to Hannah. She'll be able to get to the bottom of this!

Analyze Plans.
Hannah: According to the plans you sent me, your victim wanted to buy Gator Land in order to destroy it!
Amy: But... That can't be! The newspaper said she wanted to return Gator Land to its former glory!
Hannah: And you think a banker is trustworthy? Her plan was always to have the park razed to the ground and build a Kauf-Mart mall.
Hannah: Maybe you should go talk to Steve Bundy, <Name>. His name's on the plans, which means he knew what Coleen's true intentions were.

Confront Steve Bundy with the Kauf-Mart plans.
Amy: Mr. Bundy, why didn't you tell us that Coleen Truman had hired you to destroy Gator Land, and not to refurbish it?
Steve: Destroy Gator Land? What... What are you talking about? Have I been drinking too much Gator Rum again?
Amy: There's your name on this plan, Mr. Bundy! We know Coleen Truman hired you to build a Kauf-Mart mall!
Steve: My name... Oh I knew it! Why would the Bay Area Bank be so interested in some decrepit alligator park? I can't believe I fell for her lies!
Steve: I didn't know about any of this, <Rank> <Name>! Coleen lied to me! Believe me, I'd rather stay out of work rather than build a filthy Kauf-Mart mall!

Later on, near the swamps...
Amy: Alright, <Rank> <Name>. Thanks to you, we've gathered very useful items and testimonies concerning Coleen Truman's murder!
Amy: Coleen's hidden agenda was to have Gator Land destroyed in order to build a Kauf-Mart Mall in the Bayou.
Amy: There must have been big money at stake, because she lied to everyone and even bribed Officer Fitchner to make sure nobody would stand in her way.
Amy: I have a feeling the killer can't escape us now, haven't you? So what should we do next?
Amy: Oh you're so right, <Rank> <Name>! Let's go back to the crime scene for one last look!

Investigate Pond.
Amy: Hum, what's this broken device doing here? You're right, we'd better repair it!
Amy: A heap of leaves? You're right, we have to search every nook and cranny. Maybe the killer hid something underneath it!

Examine Broken Device.
Amy: That item you've just restored is a stun gun! And it must have belonged to our victim, there's her name on it!
Amy: Those things are nasty. Only one shot and you're lying on the floor, paralyzed and electrified, for at least five minutes!
Amy: Thanks to this stun gun you found, I'm sure we're just one zap away from catching Coleen's killer! Let's send it for analysis, <Rank> <Name>!

Analyze Stun Gun.
Yann: Good news, <Name>! This stun gun you brought me was definitely used right before it got broken to pieces!
Yann: Your victim must have used it on her killer! She unloaded a full 25.000 volt charge!
Yann: She actually pushed the gun so deeply against the killer that I was able to gather a tiny blood sample from the gun's electrical nodes!
Yann: And we got very lucky here, because there was just enough blood for me to determine that your killer's blood type is A+!
Amy: Hurray! <Rank> <Name>, we're one step closer to our A+ blooded killer! They can't escape us now!

Examine Pile of Leaves.
Amy: Wow, you've just found a bullet case under this heap of leaves!
Amy: I can feel we're getting closer to the finish line, <Rank> <Name>! I'll send this bullet to the lab straight away!

Analyze Bullet Case.
Yann: It's a good thing you found this bullet case at the park, <Name>. I compared it with the bullet inside your victim's body, and they match!
Yann: A closer look also showed some yellow residue on the bullet case metal, but I couldn't make heads or tails of this, so I called Russell in.
Russell: And you did right! Clearly the killer rubbed this bullet against their chest before loading it into the rifle. A classic superstitious ritual.
Russell: I see you're getting it, <Name>! Those yellow fibers on the bullet come from the killer's clothes!
Amy: That's amazing! <Rank> <Name>, now we know that our killer is wearing yellow clothes! This will definitely help us box them in!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: The more I work with you, the more I'm convinced this is the most exciting job in the world, <Rank> <Name>!
Amy: I did the count and you have gathered enough clues to apprehend Coleen Truman's killer! Time to point out who did it!

Arrest Killer.
Amy: Stop right there, Mr. Bundy! <Rank> <Name> knows you're the one who killed Coleen Truman!
Steve: You've got it all wrong! She's the one who attacked me! I just wanted to talk to her, and she zapped me like I was cattle!
Steve: From the start, she despised everyone in the Bayou! And she LIED to us, saying she'd turn Gator Land back to the fun place it used to be!
Steve: But then I found out she was meant to have me destroy it and build a mall instead! But none of us Bayou people care about those horrible places!
Amy: And that's why you shot her? Alec Howard hadn't even sold her the park yet!
Steve: But he would have! Coleen would have found a way to destroy the park anyway! She was just driven by greed!
Steve: But I... I never meant to kill her. I just told her to leave, but when she zapped me... I realized that to her, we were just... commodities.
Steve: I couldn't stand the thought. The Bayou is my home, I couldn't let her destroy it! So when I came to, I went to get my rifle and I... I...
Amy: You shot her, like she was nothing more than an animal. The way you treated her is in no way better than the way she treated all of you, Mr. Bundy!
Amy: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, Judge Dante will decide what is fair. Mr. Bundy, you're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: What do we have here? Oh, you killed a bankster who wanted to destroy an amusement park! You take your fun seriously, if you don't mind me saying!
Steve: I may be a murderer, but at least there'll be no mall in the Bayou thanks to me! Swamp people have their pride and they'll be glad Coleen Truman is dead!
Honorable Dante: You shouldn't speak on behalf of other people, Mr. Bundy. Especially in your position. And all this fuss just for an amusement park?
Steve: This isn't just about one park! This is about the entire Bayou! If we let the banks decide how our land should be molded, then what about our freedom?
Steve: Should we let people as evil as Coleen Truman dictate us how we should live? Can you really approve of this?
Honorable Dante: I see your point, but nevertheless the law is the law and I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment, Mr. Bundy! Let this be a lesson to you!

Amy: <Rank> <Name>, look! I just got the last issue of the Daily Dawn and it says Alec Howard finally sold Gator Land to the bank! I guess they found a way to pressure him...
Amy: I hope they won't really destroy the park, though. I had such good times there when I was a kid. I always thought I'd bring my own children to it one day...
Amy: I wonder how Steve will react to the news. He really thought killing Coleen was the solution, isn't it tragic?
Amy: Yes, I know witnessing these kind of dreadful situations is all part of the job, <Rank> <Name>. I'm just glad you're with me when I have to face them.

Additional Investigation

Amy Young: <Rank> <Name>, I know we've just finished our murder investigation, but after what happened with Harvey, Chief Marquez is worried. She would like us to do a quick patrol...
Frank: Hey there, <Name>. Sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to apologize for the way I hung up on you earlier... Harvey's kind of a...
Frank: I mean he used to be a great cop, back in the day. We worked on a couple of cases together, and he taught me a lot.
Frank: Then he started drinking and... You've seen for yourself. But I can't believe he'd ever point a gun at another cop!
Frank: You think I should go see him? Huh, I'm kinda nervous about it... But I guess you're right!
Amy: Alright... Let's all go to the Bayou together!

Back in the Bayou...
Frank: Here we are. Amy, if you don't mind... I'd like to go see Harvey alone with <Name>...
Amy: Of course! I'll just patrol here in the meanti...
Vanessa: <Rank> <Name>! Please, help me! This madwoman tried to hit me!
Shelly: Madwoman? You're one to talk! <Rank> <Name>, I caught her sneaking around my boat!
Shelly: I'm sure this skinny skank's stolen my stuff! You've got to arrest her!
Vanessa: I didn't steal anything, I swear! She's the thief here! She stole my bag!
Amy: Ladies, let's try to be civilized here. Frank, would you mind if <Rank> <Name> helped me deal with this situation by checking out the steamboat?
Frank: Sure! And as soon as you're ready, <Name>, I'd appreciate it if you came with me to see Harvey. I'm not quite up to dealing with him on my own.

Go check on Harvey.
Harvey: <Rank> <Name>, and... No! It can't be... Frank Knight! Oh man! What brings you here?
Frank: Well, I heard things about you, Harvey. And I have to say I was pretty surprised. Not that we were saints back in the day, but accepting bribes...
Harvey: You heard things, so what?! Like you don't know how it works. Not getting paid enough in that rat-hole! 'messed up, that's all!
Frank: Dammit, Harvey, you're dead drunk! Where's the Harvey "Ace" Fitchner I used to know? You wouldn't have pulled a gun on a cop back then!
Harvey: T'was a mistake! And don't even talk 'bout past... I drank it off! T's'in this damn hunters' dive! Some things just won't vanish...
(After talking to Harvey Fitchner)
Frank: Damn, <Name>... Harvey has gone really really bad. Sorry you had to see that!
Frank: And what was he ranting about the past being in that hunter's dive? The man's clearly lost some marbles!
Frank: Oh, you think you know the place he's talking about, <Name>? But... I'm afraid we'd lose our time going there!
Frank: Alright, if you insist, let's go to that shack! I gotta say, your faith in the man is heartwarming.

Investigate Shack Interior.
Frank: Hell... This place is a mess! And you found a torn picture, <Name>? Well, if you wanna piece it back together, I ain't gonna stop you!

Examine Torn Picture.
Frank: I remember this picture! Hell... It takes me back! I guess that's why Harvey kept on talking about the past...
Frank: Look, that's Harvey right there! I wish you knew him back then. I can tell you he was a breath of fresh air in the unit.
Frank: And yeah, haha, that's me with the classy white pants!
Frank: Hm, you're right, <Name>! Looks like Harvey wrote something underneath that picture, but the ink's faded out.
Frank: You want to try and recover the words? Hey, that's real nice of you, <Name>!

Examine Faded Picture.
Frank: You've done it, <Name>! You've managed to recover the text Harvey wrote on that picture from our youth!
Frank: "Pacific Bay's top cops... pals in life and death"... Yeah! We had the best arrest rate in the whole State!
Frank: And pals... Well, I guess things don't always go as planned...
Frank: You're right, <Name>, it'd be good to remind Harvey about the cop he used to be. Who knows, it might bring him back to his senses...

Remind Harvey about his golden years.
Frank: Harvey! <Rank> <Name>'s found an old picture of our former team...
Harvey: Oh... I remember. Good times, huh? Look at us! Elegant, sharp, on the... the edge! We were... the best!
Frank: Yeah... Things have changed... I mean, the Harvey I see now... What's happened to you, man?
Harvey: Hey! Don't you dare judge me! You're no better than me!
Frank: No better? I never accepted a single bribe! You're a wreck, man! Get yourself together!
Harvey: And you think YOU're still on top, Frank? ... I remember w-what happened! I know you're trying to forget, too!
Harvey: You're the same struggling wreck that I am, you just hide it better! Maybe you don't take bribes... yet! But you're already a drunkard!
Harvey: Here! Here's some change for the bar, since you seem to like booze as much as I do... Now scramp!
(After talking to Harvey Fitchner)
Frank: What the hell, <Name>... What's happened to Harvey?! Stay in the force long enough and it feels like you've just got a choice between dying a hero or becoming a monster!
Frank: Anyway, thanks a lot for coming here with me, <Name>. It means a lot. But... I think I need to be alone for a bit.

Investigate Steamboat.
Amy: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, this bag is Vanessa's, there's her name written on it!
Amy: And it was right next to Shelly's boat! I bet you she DID steal Vanessa's bag!
Amy: What? Yes, Vanessa might have just lost her bag... But maybe we should still have a look inside to make sure everything's OK?

Examine Vanessa's Bag.
Amy: What are these blue pills doing in Vanessa's bag? Could she be taking drugs?!
Amy: Ahem, sorry, <Rank> <Name>, we don't even know what it is yet. You're right, let's send these pills for analysis!

Analyze Bag of Pills.
Yann: <Name>, I analyzed the blue pills you found in Vanessa's bag. It's a prescription drug commonly used for back pains.
Yann: The dosage is worrying me, though. These pills contain way too many analgesics, they're obviously intended for someone with a much heavier disposition. If Vanessa ingested them, it could lead to trouble.
Amy: Much heavier disposition? Then those pills might belong to Shelly!
Amy: Would this mean Vanessa stole these pills from Shelly?!
Amy: You're right as always, <Rank> <Name>. The best thing to do is go ask Vanessa about these pills.

Ask Vanessa about the pills.
Amy: Vanessa, we have your bag. But <Rank> <Name> found those pills inside, and they do not look like they belong to you.
Vanessa: Look, I... I saw them on Shelly's boat and I thought... I know painkillers sell really well on the black market. I just wanted to make some cash!
Amy: By stealing painkillers?! I can understand you not getting along with Shelly, but theft is illegal no matter what!
Vanessa: You really don't know what it's like, living here! Trapped with the same people with no chance of escape... It's enough to drive you crazy!
Amy: Well Vanessa, for this time, we'll just hand these pills back to Shelly, but <Rank> <Name> won't be so lenient next time.
Vanessa: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! Hey, take these, as thanks for being so nice. They'll help you fit in!

Give the pills back to Shelly.
Shelly: So, did you arrest the brat, <Rank> <Name>? I'm sure she stole something from me!!
Amy: Well, yes, we found your prescription painkillers in her bag, but...
Amy: The fact is you still had Vanessa's bag. Keeping someone's property against their will is also considered stealing.
Amy: <Rank> <Name> said it better than I could: you don't teach someone not to steal by stealing from them!
Shelly: Huh, you're obviously siding with that other stick insect.
Shelly: Still, <Rank> <Name>, I can tell you're not picking sides. Thanks for getting my pills back. This work's broke my back, and without insurance they ain't cheap!
Shelly: How about a burger, to celebrate? It'll put some meat on your partner's bones, haha!

Later, at the station...
Frank: Well, I'm gonna turn in for the day, <Name>. Again... Thanks for coming with me. I just wish that talk with Harvey had gone better.
Amy: Hey Frank! What's going on? I take it your visit to Mr. Fitchner wasn't so good?
Frank: Well, I was kinda expecting the worse anyway. You look like you're not feeling too great either!
Amy: Yeah... I don't know... People out here seem so miserable! Vanessa sounds like she's going to lose her mind any day now. And even Shelly, struggling to pay her medication...
Amy: I wasn't expecting this when Chief Marquez told me about the Bayou. Usually I'd just apply the Law to the letter, but here... I feel that things are more complicated.
Frank: Heh, you can never get that lesson too early, kiddo. Everything's not just black and white!
Frank: Funny, you almost remind me of my young self, fresh off police school, taking notes and all that crap... Ha, that didn't last long!
Frank: Anyway, I'll leave you to it, I need... to think about things. <Name>, I'm glad you're taking care of the rookie. With you as a mentor, she can only have a bright future ahead of her.