Ed Dunkin was the victim in Good Cop Dead Cop (Case #6 of Grimsborough).


Ed was a police officer working alongside his partner Harry Landry and the rest of the Grimsborough Police Department. He was also affiliated with a lot of criminals he bargained with. Before finding out the truth about him, many cops, including Jones and Chief King, considered him a good cop. According to Harry, Ed was married and had a young son.

Apart from that, Ed had a stubble with facial hair, brown eyes and wore a pink shirt underneath a black jacket, and wore his police badge around his neck.

Murder details

Ed was shot to death and was found lying on his back at Queen Street Station. It was revealed that Ed was executed and shot on his knees. He had put up a fight and managed to punch his killer. Judging from the angle of the shot, Nathan discovered that the killer was 6 feet 3 inches tall.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Ed's partner, Harry Landry

Harry killed him because of the people the victim was bargaining with. These people included Angel Martinez (a thug who ran dog fights), Zeus (a pimp), and Freddie Whitmore (a betting manager). Harry did not want to see his partner go down the wrong track and felt he had to do something. He confronted Ed in the subway station, and tried to convince him to see the error of his ways. Ed refused to change and they began to fight. It got serious and Landry executed him and left him dead.

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