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Eduardo Ramirez
Biographical information
Full name Eduardo Ramirez
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1971
Nationality Flag of MexicoFlag of USA Mexican-American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Grimsborough, U.S. (formerly)
Profession(s) Private detective
Police officer (formerly)
Family Unnamed sibling
Unnamed nephew
Unnamed wife
Unnamed children
Affiliation(s) Pacific Bay Police Department
Grimsborough Police Department (formerly)
Grimsborough Police Department
Rank Field Officer
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #3: The Grim Butcher (s1)
Rule number one: never go anywhere without your trusted frying pan!
—Eduardo Ramirez

Eduardo Ramirez, appearing as a main character in Season 1 of Criminal Case, is the now-former Field Officer of the Grimsborough Police Department, having resigned from the police force to become a private detective as of Season 2 of the game.


At 41 years of age, Ramirez has short black hair, light brown eyes, and a mustache.

During his days in the Grimsborough PD, Ramirez wore a standard Grimsborough Police uniform, consisting of a dark blue police shirt with pockets on both sides and a police cap of the same color.

Events of Criminal Case

Season 1

Main article: Grimsborough


In The Grim Butcher, Ramirez came in to inform the player that suspect Vanessa Carter was ready for questioning, and handed the victim's backpack to the player for examination purposes. Later on, he found out the foot sizes of some of the suspects in the case. Finding out attributes for the player's investigation would later be his niche.

The Ghost of Grimsborough

Ramirez on Vacation

Ramirez on vacation.

Ramirez got frightened and started believing that The Mad Pilgrim's (a painting) ghost had killed Wilhelm Moss. He kept on acting weird and started to believe that there really was a ghost in Grimsborough. To calm him down and make him relax, Chief King sent Ramirez on a vacation. Ramirez then returned from his holiday in The Summoning.

Dog Eat Dog

Ramirez filled in as the player's partner from Chapter 3 up until the end of the Additional Investigation after Jones was incapacitated, due to being poisoned by a rigged cupcake that he ate.

The Rorschach Reaper

After Madison Springer's tiara exploded and killed her, Ramirez tried to ensure that nobody would escape from the crime scene. Later on, he went back and hit Jones's head with a frying pan during Tess Goodwin's arrest as the hypnotized Jones was getting ready to kill the player.

Burying the Hatchet


Ramirez being held captive by Keanu Ashokan.

Ramirez was held captive by Keanu Ashokan at the Aloki Settlement. Ramirez started panicking and somehow managed to give a phone call to the team which indicated them to go to the trailer park. The team soon arrived at the Aloki Settlement and there, they saw Keanu holding Ramirez in a headlock and pointing a gun to his head. The team then warned Keanu, who still did not want to drop the gun since Ramirez wanted to send him to a juvenile offenders' home. However, he did not kill Ramirez, but just fired a bullet through his hat and fled. He did this so that he could distract the team and run away. The team then approached Ramirez, who was holding Keanu's Grim Gas employee badge which he had ripped off from Keanu's clothes during the struggle.

There Will Be Blood

Ramirez crying much

Ramirez crying in sorrow during the player's farewell.

Ramirez played a short but major role in putting an end to The Crimson Order and saving the player's life when the team was finally arresting the secret society's leader, Milton Grimmes. After completing his boasting about how he could declare himself a dictator and a God, Milton attempted to kill the player with his handgun. Fortunately, Ramirez intervened by hitting Milton with his frying pan—mirroring the saving move he demonstrated back when the team arrested Tess Goodwin. Few days after the closure of this case, the team threw a farewell party for the player as the player was leaving for Pacific Bay after accepting a promotion to its police force. Ramirez could not bear the fact that the player had to leave them all, and thus cried in sorrow a few many times but at last happily and proudly bade goodbye to the player.

Season 2

Main article: Pacific Bay
Private Detective Ramirez

Ramirez unmasking and revealing himself as a private detective to Frank Knight and the player.

In Eastern Promises, while helping out a 12-year-old pickpocket named Ahmet following the closure of the case, Frank Knight and the player came across Ramirez, who was disguised as a giant pineapple as he unmasked himself. As he blushed, he exclaimed if the player remembered him, further stating that he was not part of the Grimsborough Police anymore, making Frank hysterically laugh as he believed there was no way someone like Ramirez could have ever worked with the player in the past. Ramirez blushed once again as he replied to Frank, claiming that he was not the player's partner back in the day but did help the player in his own ways. 

Leaving the past behind, Ramirez then continued that Grimsborough just was not the same without the player—prompting him to move to Pacific Bay when he got the opportunity. He then took out his badge in order to reveal that he was now a private detective.

Furthermore, after hearing about the death of his now-former client whose murder investigation the team had just solved, Ramirez offered to provide the player with help anytime he was called up now that he was a free agent—thus concluding that he would be very happy to work for the player again.


Ramirez's notebook containing information about Mark McKenzie, recovered after the team found it for him.

The next time Ramirez appeared was moments after the team successfully solved the murder investigation of a local Irish priest. Much to his discomfort, Ramirez had to interrupt Frank and the player in the police station, requesting the player's help to find his lost notebook at the St. Patrick's Day parade which contained vital stats about the crooked surgeon Mark McKenzie. The player willingly agreed to help. Before heading to the parade, Ramirez explained to the team that he was now hired by a big hospital to run a background check on Mark. After recovering the notebook from a pile of leftovers and deciphering the bank account written on it, the player did not hesitate to ship the notebook straight to Hannah Choi for analysis. Upon careful observation, Hannah managed to confirm that Mark was guilty of harvesting illicit money to meet his ends.

Ramirez then stumbled upon Frank and the player in the police station during the murder investigation of Russian community leader Nikolai Kamarov. He was donning a silly Chinese dragon costume for an undercover mission at the Chinese festival and explained how he got lost in a back alley which led him to an illegal operating room filled with human organs, much to Frank and the player's shock. Ramirez's discovery of the operating room ultimately helped the team to solve the case moments after arresting the above-mentioned Mark McKenzie for his involvement in the missing organs—a scheme in which the surgeon obeyed Nikolai's killer's orders to remove the organs and give them to the killer in clandestine terms.

Later—during the murder investigation of a young filmmaker—Ramirez was in an undercover mission wearing a snowman costume, but was interrupted by the team of Frank and the player as they wanted to ask him if he could find out which of their suspects demonstrated dependence on sleeping pills (since it was a vital part of killer's profile), to which Ramirez willingly agreed. The private detective's generosity would eventually assist the team in bringing forth the killer to justice.

In Murdertown, Ramirez, now hired to investigate relics and antiques trafficking in Pacific Bay, helped the team retrieve a stolen rare diamond. This would ultimately lead to the arrest of a self-proclaimed European Count named Rico Damascus and a femme fatale named Velma Bannister for plotting the theft; the latter, however, was later released on bail thanks to her husband.

Ramirez would later be summoned by Amy Young to save the player valuable time during the events of Deadly Legacy. All Amy was asking of Ramirez was to find which of their suspects used bath salts, which happened to be a tricky piece of the killer's profile. Ramirez had to rely on a lion's suit to fulfill Amy's request, which somehow worked.

Ramirez was arrested for trespassing in Paradise City, but cooperated with Frank and the player stating that evidence might be lost during the clean-up of the wedding chapel where a couple was recently married. Therefore the player and Frank took Ramirez's advice for granted. It is unknown whether or not Ramirez was released after cooperating with the force.

Personal life

Ramirez is married and has kids, and likes to go to Alaska alone once a year for fishing, as claimed by himself in One Wedding and a Funeral during a conversation with his idol, Lola Vallez. He is also known to have a nephew per Good Cop Dead Cop.

At the age of five, Ramirez moved from Mexico to the USA, as mentioned by himself in The Scent of Death.

During his days in Grimsborough, he would often visit Gertrude Piccadilly's tea parlor, per The Final Journey.


As of 11 February 2015, the player may choose Ramirez to join the investigation of each crime scene (in any Grimsborough case) and provide hint bonuses. He is available as a 2-hint partner. (This feature is only available in the mobile variant of Criminal Case.)


  • Ramirez is one of the few characters who physically appear in two different seasons.
  • Ramirez is one of the characters who animate (or move) in at least one cutscene in the game.
  • In Spineless, after the player recovers Ramirez's notebook for him, a drawing of Jones eating cookies can be spotted on the bottom of the page at the right-hand side. This may imply that Ramirez misses Jones ever since he moved to Pacific Bay, hence why he drew the picture.
  • He may be a descendant of Constable Ramirez.
    • They have the same last name.
    • They strongly resemble each other.
    • They have similar habits, occupations, and backgrounds.

Case appearances

Season 1

Season 2



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