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On the Trans-Siberian Express...
Carmen Martinez: Uh, <Name>, I gotta admit, my head is still killing me from the Christmas party, and the lurching of the train ain't helping...
Carmen: But catching criminals is the best cure, so I can't wait to get to Mongolia to stop SOMBRA from building its satellite!
Dupont: Ah, Carmen, how can you talk of rushing away from here? We're on the longest railway line in the world! We have a unique chance to see its beauty!
Carmen: Dupont, you've been at this for hours. Do you have to talk so loud? And so often?
Dupont: I'm sure that, unlike you, <Name> appreciates the wondrous journey we're hav-
(The train starts to shriek.)
Dupont: Mon Dieu!
Carmen: What the heck is going on with the train?
Carmen: Why has the train stopped? Listen to that, I think something's happened in another carriage! You're right, <Name>, we should check it out at once!

Chapter 1

Investigate Trans-Siberian Lounge.
Carmen Martinez: What the heck! A man hanging from a ceiling lamp!
Carmen: Well spotted, <Name>, the victim's got a wound on his head! This was clearly a murder!
Carmen: We stumble across a dead body each time we take a step closer to SOMBRA. I don't know if this murder is also connected, but I agree, we're not leaving here until we have answers!
(The train inspector, Nikita, walks in the lounge.)
Nikita: Oh, thank Lenin! You're the officers, aren't you?
Nikita: I'm Nikita Rukhin, the ticket inspector. I stopped the train as soon as I found Ilya Tretyakov's body.
Carmen: You knew the victim?
Nikita: Tretyakov is, or was, a famous diamond magnate. And now he died on the train! Such a disorderly thing would never have happened during the Soviet times.
Carmen: The Soviet times, huh? Alright, Mr Rukhin, <Rank> <Name> will want to talk to you in a minute, so don't go far!
(Nikita leaves.)
Carmen: Meanwhile, <Name>, let's send the body to the... well, we don't have a lab. But we've got our team on the train, and hopefully they'll work something out!
Carmen: And what else have you found, <Name>? A stained napkin? You're right, it's highly suspicious that it was under the victim's body. We can take a closer look at that stain!
Carmen: Let's get right on track, <Name>. The sooner we're done here, the sooner we'll get to Mongolia!

Examine Napkin.
Carmen: Great, <Name>, you've collected some substance from the napkin we found close to the body! Let's bring it to Lars!

Analyze Transparent Liquid.
Lars: Hey <Name>, check out our new shared lab. I get to work with the wifey again, just like old times!
Angela: We also have to share this lab with everyone else, but yes, it's sweet.
Lars: Not as sweet as you, honey-bun!
Carmen: That's nice, guys, but <Name> wants to know about the liquid found on the napkin right by the victim's body.
Lars: The liquid you collected contained the victim's saliva. The napkin was most probably used as a gag to keep the victim from screaming.
Lars: But I've got another tidbit for you, <Name>. Your sample also had traces of pelmeni juice!
Carmen: Pel.. what?
Lars: Pelmeni, Siberian meat dumplings! You eat them with butter or sour cream... which I know because they serve them on the train! Mmm, they're delicious.
Angela: But here's what my husband hasn't yet said about pelmeni: there weren't any in the victim's stomach.
Lars: Let me deliver the dramatic line: so the stains on the napkin with which the victim was gagged must've been left by the killer!
Carmen: Or, in short: the murderer eats pelmeni! Thanks, guys!

Ask Nikita Rukhin about the victim.
Carmen: So you're the ticket inspector... How well did you know the victim?
Nikita: Mr Tretyakov took the train sometimes, always in first class. I believe he traveled for his diamond business, since they are mined in Siberia.
Carmen: Did you notice anything suspicious before the murder?
Nikita: Not before, but after we stopped, I saw some suspicious littering outside the train. Things thrown right by the tracks!
Nikita: This is all very irregular. In the Soviet times-
Carmen: Let me guess - this would never have happened.
Carmen: Anyway, I agree, <Name>, we should check if this suspicious littering outside was someone trying to get rid of evidence!

Investigate Trans-Siberian Train.
(Carmen is seen wearing winter clothing outside the train.)
Carmen: Brr, it's cold out here. And it's true, there's a whole lot of nothing around... On the upside, the killer can't have gone anywhere - there's nowhere to go!
Carmen: Alright, <Name>, what've you found? A torn photo? I know you can put it back together in no time!
Carmen: And this looks like someone's diary. What's it doing out here in the snow? Let's see if we can find out what it says!

Examine Torn Photo.
(Back on the train...)
Carmen: Great job on restoring the photo you found outside the train, <Name>!
Carmen: That's definitely Ilya Tretyakov in the picture...
Carmen: But who's that woman with him?
Carmen: They look cozy... if they're lovers, we want to know who she is. You're right, <Name>, we can run her face through our database!

Examine Unknown Woman.
Carmen: So the woman acting lovey-dovey with the victim in the picture is one Nina Rodionova...
Dupont: Did you say Nina Rodionova? <Name>, why do you speak of that delightful figure skater? Her last medal set a historic record for-
Carmen: Dupont! Where did you come from! This is what happens when the whole team is stuck together in close quarters...
Dupont: Yes, so exciting, to be close to the action! But why were you discussing the divine Nina?
Carmen: Your Nina has apparently been dating our victim!
Carmen: After all, where would a billionaire be without a hot young girlfriend...
Carmen: And we're in luck: Nina is on the passenger list! Let's talk to her, <Name>!

Ask Nina Rodionova about her relationship with the victim.
Nina: Oh, my poor Ilyusha! My love ripped away from me so soon! I wish we'd never embarked on this journey!
Nina: And now you come to ask questions about him. But how can I answer questions when my heart is frozen like a desolate tundra?
Carmen: I... don't know what to say to that.
Carmen: We're sorry for your loss, Ms Rodionova, but could you tell us more about Ilya? He was rich and powerful... did he mention any enemies?
Nina: Enemies? My Ilya? No, I don't believe it, he was kindness itself! He was so good to me, gave me such beautiful diamonds, and now I'm all alone!
Carmen: Okay, <Name>, you're right, there's no point continuing this. We'll have to talk to Nina again when she's feeling a bit calmer.

Examine Faded Journal.
Carmen: Excellent, <Name>, now we can read the text in the diary we found outside the train!
Carmen: The entry says... oh. "Roses are red, the fight for freedom is noble, I'm on the Trans-Siberian because my struggle is mobile!"
Carmen: Well, that's... inspiring poetry.
Carmen: But, more importantly, the poem is signed "Agrafena"!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, I recognize the name and the themes in her writing! This must be Agrafena Raskolnikova, the famous activist!
Carmen: But can an activist we met in Saint Petersburg be on this train? What would Agrafena be doing all the way here, in Siberia?
Carmen: It's a small world, but Agrafena'd better not be here to cause trouble! Let's talk to her!

Talk to Agrafena Raskolnikova about the murder.
Carmen: Hello, Agrafena. Fancy meeting you here.
Agrafena: You again, <Rank> <Name>! Are you following me or something? Just the thing you government types would do!
Carmen: This is a murder investigation. A man, Ilya Tretyakov, was killed on this train.
Agrafena: Tretyakov's dead? Good riddance!
Agrafena: He was everything that's wrong with my country!
Carmen: You say that about everyone.
Agrafena: Because it's true! You think Tretyakov's business was all legal? Hah! As if anyone like him would make honest deals involving diamonds.
Agrafena: If someone's offed him, I'm glad! Down with oligarchs!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Do you like our makeshift lab, <Name>? I never expected to do an autopsy on a train. Examining a body on a dining table, that's a new experience!
Carmen: Urgh, I could've lived without that mental image. Angela, what can you tell <Name> about the murder?
Angela: Like <Name> correctly guessed, the victim received a blow to the head which left him with a bleeding wound and probably stunned him.
Angela: Then the victim was hanged with his own tie. The murder method this time was strangulation.
Carmen: Apparently, being a diamond oligarch makes you nasty enemies... Have you found anything to help us identify the killer?
Angela: As it happens, yes! The tie with which the victim was hanged carried traces of tobacco...
Angela: But the victim's lungs are clear of smoke. The tobacco traces must've come from the killer!
Carmen: So we know the murderer smokes! <Name>, whoever it is, I'm sure you can smoke them out!

Later on...
(It is now snowing.)
Carmen: Urgh, it's still freezing out here... but at least here we can be sure Dupont won't jump out at us like some history-quoting jack-in-the-box! I could use a moment of quiet.
Carmen: <Name>, this isn't what any of us expected when we boarded the train to follow SOMBRA to Mongolia!
Carmen: Our plans have been derailed by a Russian billionaire found hanged in a train car, and the investigation's barely chugging along.
Carmen: The victim, Ilya Tretyakov, was a diamond magnate known across Russia.
Carmen: No connection between the murder and SOMBRA so far... but we'll stay alert.
Carmen: Agrafena Raskolnikova claims Tretyakov was corrupt, and she's happy he's dead, but would she have killed him?
Carmen: The victim's girlfriend, Nina Rodionova, says they were madly in love, but-
Carmen: What was that? That gust of snow almost blew me off my feet!
Carmen: <Name>, I can hardly see two steps ahead! I think we've been hit by a snowstorm! In which direction is the train?
Carmen: This is bad, <Name>! We're in a snowstorm somewhere in Siberia and I think we're lost!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: What on earth is happening? It's a blizzard!
Carmen: <Name>, I can't see anything anymore! I can't see the train! I think we're lost!
Carmen: We must find shelter, or we're done for. Wait, what's that? I think there's something up ahead... It's a cave! <Name>, let's hide in there and wait out the storm!

A short while later...
Carmen: Oof, this is better. When we boarded the train to follow SOMBRA to Mongolia, I never thought we'd end up freezing our butts off in the Siberian winds!
Carmen: We have to get back to the train and keep solving the murder of Russian diamond oligarch Ilya Tretyakov...
Carmen: But you're right, <Name>, this cave looks like someone's been here recently. While we're here, we may as well investigate!

Investigate Ice Cave.
Carmen: The open crate you picked up is full of diamonds, <Name>! What the heck are diamonds doing in a cave in the middle of nowhere, Siberia?
Carmen: And what are the odds of a diamond magnate dying on a train right next to this cave? Something shady's going on. Let's take a look at the crate!
Carmen: And it's true, this trowel looks out of place... Who left it and what were they planning to dig up? Let's vacuum that dust and see what it reveals!

Examine Diamonds Crate.
Carmen: What the heck, <Name>, how did this fruit bowl end up in the crate of diamonds you found? And how did it get all bloody?
Carmen: Good thing the dang snowstorm's over - we need to bring this fruit bowl to Lars asap!

Analyze Fruit Bowl.
Lars: How's it hanging, <Name>? Alright, alright, no need to look so serious. I'll get right back on track!
Carmen: Enough puns, Lars! Give us some information!
Lars: Fine. The victim's blood was all over the fruit bowl you sent me, and wifey says the damage to the bowl is consistent with the wound on the victim's head.
Lars: In other words, the killer used this bowl to hit the victim over the head before hanging him!
Carmen: Wait, that means the killer's been to the cave, since that's where <Name> found the bowl!
Lars: What's more, the victim's blood wasn't the only type on the bowl. The killer must've cut themselves on the broken bits! And whoever it is has the blood type A+!
Carmen: Great! Having you on their trail, <Name>, will make the killer's A+ type blood run cold before long!

Carmen: I feel like we're missing something, <Name>... You're right, we didn't quite finish searching outside the train due to that snowstorm. Let's go back!

Investigate Train Tracks.
Carmen: The scenery out here just doesn't get old, does it? So much variety. Snow and... some more snow. Alright, <Name>, what've you found?
Carmen: What the heck! There's a COSMORUS logo on the credit card you picked up! I can't read the holder's name, but I'm sure you'll clear it up at once.
Carmen: And who'd throw a suitcase outside a train? Let's open it and find out!
Carmen: There's also a.. what on earth is this thing? Looks like a bomb of some kind! Let's get it to Jonah asap!

Examine Locked Suitcase.
Carmen: What was in the suitcase you found, <Name>? Nothing but a pregnancy test? That's just bizarre. Let's get it to Lars!

Analyze Pregnancy Test.
Lars: Hey, <Name>, look what I've found! A real Russian samovar! It's going to be perfect to brew my vodka in!
Dupont: Quelle horreur! You philistine. Samovars are used for brewing tea, not whatever palate-burning moonshine you'll cook up!
Lars: That hurt, bro!
Carmen: Dupont, leave it. Lars, put the samovar away! Tell us about the pregnancy test <Name> found outside the train.
Lars: Aint' gonna be a long conversation. I analyzed the urine on the pregnancy test and I can tell you the test belongs to Nina Rodionova!
Lars: And, as you can see from the test's display, Nina's pregnant.
Carmen: Our victim's girlfriend is pregnant? She didn't mention anything about that when we talked to her. <Name>, let's have another chat with Nina!

Talk to Nina Rodionova about the positive pregnancy test.
Carmen: Ms Rodionova, care to explain why <Rank> <Name> found a pregnancy test of yours outside the train?
Nina: But I got rid of it! How did you find it, <Rank> <Name>?
Nina: The truth is... I discovered I was pregnant on the train. I told Ilya, thinking he'd be as happy as I was. But he was furious!
Nina: He said he wasn't in this relationship for the diapers! I nearly threw my plate of pelmeni at him when I heard that!
Nina: I was so angry, I packed my suitcase to go! I'd walk all the way back to Moscow just to avoid seeing Ilya again.
Nina: I put my career on hold for him, and all he cared about was that stupid cave and his stupid diamonds!
Carmen: What? Ms Rodionova, did you say a cave with diamonds? What exactly did Ilya tell you about that?
Nina: Oh, not you, too! What do I care about caves or diamonds? I didn't listen to a word he said.
Carmen: Well, if you remember anything, let <Rank> <Name> know. And we'll keep a close eye on you in the meantime!
(After talking to Nina Rodionova)
Carmen: So the victim knew about the diamonds in the cave!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, that's very significant... not that we know how it fits into the crime yet. But let's keep it in mind for the future!

Examine Credit Card.
Carmen: Good job, <Name>! So the COSMORUS credit card you found outside the train belongs to Natasha Romanova!
Carmen: Marina's mom, again?! She seems to be everywhere we go. And is it just me, or do you also feel like there's a lot of COSMORUS in our lives lately?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, we need to discover what the heck Natasha's doing on this train and why she kept quiet about it!

Talk to Natasha Romanova about her presence on the train.
Carmen: Ms Romanova? <Rank> <Name> found your credit card outside the train. Why are you here?
Natasha: I'm on my way to inspect a COSMORUS facility. Given the compromised state of COSMORUS security, I thought I'd better check on the situation myself.
Natasha: I'm on a tight schedule, so this sudden stop is rather frustrating. Nothing to do but wait and eat pelmeni! Do you know why the train isn't moving?
Carmen: We're afraid there's been a murder. Ilya Tretyakov, maybe you've heard of him?
Natasha: Ilya's dead? Naturally, I've heard of him! I knew him! He gave wonderful private donations to COSMORUS. His death means the end of that funding for us.
Carmen: Private donations? To an organization like yours? Is that legal?
Natasha: Ilya loved space, and he wanted the money from the diamonds he mined to benefit Russia's exploration program. He donated as a private citizen.
Carmen: I... see. Well, Ms Romanova, if <Rank> <Name> has more questions for you, we'll know where to find you!

Analyze Home-Made Bomb.
Jonah: I'm never sharing labs again. Lars and Angela should get a room which isn't this one, and I had to remove Dupont from here before I committed another homicide!
Carmen: But you're not complaining about sharing with Marina...
Jonah: Well, she's, uh, that is... aren't you here to talk about something else, <Name>?
Jonah: The mix inside the contraption you found contains potassium nitrate, sugar and sodium bicarbonate. Long story short, it's a home-made smoke bomb!
Jonah: Smoke bombs aren't generally hazardous and they're not classified as weapons. They're popular among anarchists and rebels worldwide.
Carmen: Anarchists and rebels? You're right, <Name>, someone on this train matches that description exactly.
Carmen: Let's have another word with Agrafena Raskolnikova!

Talk to Agrafena Raskolnikova about her smoke bomb.
Carmen: Agrafena, you'd better come clean! What were you planning to do with that smoke bomb?
Agrafena: So you've found out about that, <Rank> <Name>? Did you see me throwing the smoke bomb away while I was out having a cigarette?
Agrafena: Whatever, I'm not ashamed! That oligarch Tretyakov deserved to be shaken up a little!
Carmen: So you were planning to attack Tretyakov! And earlier, you said you're happy he's dead. You realize this bumps you up on the suspect list?
Agrafena: This is exactly why I threw the smoke bomb away! I knew you'd misunderstand!
Agrafena: You government types are all soulless drones who hate freedom and fun and probably even pelmeni, which is the best food ever.
Carmen: You're free to think whatever you want, but if you did plan Tretyakov's murder, <Rank> <Name> will make sure your next meal will be in prison!

Examine Dusty Trowel.
Carmen: Nice work vacuuming that trowel, <Name>! Good thing we've got the microscope kit with us - let's put this dust under the lens!

Examine Gray Dust.
Carmen: The dust on the trowel turned out to be...
Carmen: Mammoth bone dust?!
Carmen: This case is trying to drive me crazy! Mammoths. Of course we're dealing with mammoths in Siberia.
Vadim: You're discussing mammoths? And you have a microscope! And my trowel! Hello, it's great to meet fellow mammoth enthusiasts doing researcch!
Carmen: Fellow mammoth... You know what, never mind. This is a murder investigation and we'll need to talk to you!

Ask Vadim Efremov what he's doing in the cave.
Vadim: Nice to meet you, <Rank> <Name>! I study mammoths and I'll gladly discuss them with you over a nice dish of pelmeni! And then we'll go digging for-
Carmen: This isn't about mammoths, Mr Efremov! We're investigating the murder of Ilya Tretyakov. Did you know him?
Vadim: Tretyakov? No clue who that is. Don't care. Not a mammoth, is he?
Carmen: We have slightly more present-day interests than mammoths! A man is dead!
Vadim: Mammoths are also dead! And that is the real tragedy.
Carmen: If I hear the word "mammoth" one more time...! Did you even notice the diamonds in this cave, or did they slip your notice because they don't have wool and tusks?
Carmen: Never mind, the answer's written on your face. Let's go, <Name>, we're not gonna learn anything else here!

A while later...
(Outside the train...)
Carmen: <Name>, I feel like we're going off the rails. We boarded the train to chase SOMBRA to Mongolia, but we've been railroaded into a murder investigation.
Carmen: The victim, Ilya Tretyakov, was a diamond magnate... and he was killed on our train near a cave stocked with suspect diamonds.
Carmen: With so many diamonds involved, there's gotta be a link, especially since Tretyakov knew about the cave. But I still don't see how this ties together.
Carmen: It was surprising to meet Natasha Romanova on the train, but she says Tretyakov donated generously to COSMORUS, so she needed him alive, not dead.
Carmen: Agrafena hated Tretyakov and was going to attack him with a smoke bomb...
Carmen: As for Nina...
Carmen: Wait, did you just hear something, <Name>? Maybe it's just me...
Carmen: Anyway, on top of everything, the Bureau team is going stir-crazy and it's still freezing in this dang Sibe-
(A bear shows up and starts to growl.)

Chapter 3

(A bear growls outside the Trans-Siberian train.)
(The bear raises its hand to strike.)
Carmen (raising her gun and tries to fire it): I'm not letting it eat us, <Name>! Why won't my gun fire? It's frozen or something!
(The bear now has both of its hands up. Meanwhile, Vadim arrives on the scene.)
Vadim: Don't worry, <Rank> <Name>! I'll save you!
Carmen (putting her gun away): Is he wrestling that bear with his bare hands?!
Vadim (bearing scratch marks on his right cheek): There you go. We should be safe for now. The bear knew when it was wise to retreat!
Carmen: You... the bear... your face! Are you alright?
Vadim: Oh yes! Bears are almost the same as mammoths. They're just a bit more alive!
Carmen: Uh, well, thank you. <Name>, I think I need a minute.

A short while later...
Carmen: <Name>, this case is getting too dangerous! Let's solve Ilya Tretyakov's murder and clear out before we freeze to death or become bear food!
Carmen: What've we got? A dead Russian diamond oligarch, a train full of suspects, and a cave with diamonds somehow linked to the victim...
Carmen: The diamonds must be the key to this case, but we've hardly had a moment for them so far, and now we're starting to run out of time. Let's search the cave again asap!

Investigate Cave Hideout.
Carmen: A golden laptop is about the last thing I expected to find in an ice cave. It's password protected... but I'm sure you can crack it, <Name>!
Carmen: There's faded writing on this train ticket. Every clue matters at this point! Good thing you've got the tools to reveal the message.
Carmen: And look at these torn pieces of paper, <Name>... someone tried hard to destroy something! Let's put it back together. We won't allow the killer to evade us much longer!

Examine Golden Laptop.
Carmen: Good job, <Name>, you've cracked the password on the laptop! Let's take it to Elliot, whatever dark corner of the train he's holed up in...

Analyze Laptop.
Elliot: <Name>, did you have to drag me into the lab of doom and madness? There's too much Dupont here... and too much light!
Carmen: You'll survive, kid. What've you got for us on the laptop <Name> found in the cave?
Elliot: The diamond-fetish laptop belonged to the victim, who was one dull man. Lots of spreadsheets. But I've found something you'll like.
Elliot: There's an angry email exchange between the victim and Natasha Romanova!
Elliot: Tretyakov was going to stop donating to COSMORUS, and Natasha was furious!
Carmen: Oh really? Alright, <Name>, let's track down Natasha. She's got some explaining to do!

Ask Natasha Romanova about the victim's plans to stop the donations to COSMORUS.
Carmen: Ms Romanova, you told us Tretyakov donated to COSMORUS, but you forgot to mention that he planned to stop donating!
Natasha: I should've known you'd find out, <Rank> <Name>... How awkward... Let me just finish my cigarette...
Natasha: You see, I thought Ilya would reconsider! If he'd stayed alive, I could've changed his mind!
Natasha: And anyway, COSMORUS currently has bigger problems than one man stopping his donations.
Carmen: I hope you didn't choose a lethal approach to this problem, or <Rank> <Name> will put you on an express line to prison, Ms Romanova!

Examine Faded Ticket.
Carmen: What the...! The message on the train ticket you found is a death threat against the victim!
Carmen: The threat reads, "Dirty capitalist Tretyakov, Lenin would hang you and so would I!" That's pretty dang direct!
Carmen: The threat isn't signed, but you're right, <Name>, I can think of only one person who has access to blank train tickets and waxes poetic about Lenin.
Carmen: It's time to get some answers out of Nikita Rukhin!

Talk to Nikita Rukhin about his death threat to the victim.
Nikita: <Rank> <Name>, could we talk later? I've got a steaming dish of pelmeni waiting for me.
Carmen: It can wait some more! Mr Rukhin, did you write this death threat against Mr Tretyakov?
Nikita: Where did you find that ticket? I... I should go, I'm very busy doing train things...
Carmen: You're not leaving until you explain this note, Mr Rukhin! Earlier, you said you didn't have anything to do with the victim!
Nikita: I didn't! I wouldn't as much share a cigarette with that enemy of the proletariat. Men like Tretyakov ruined the USSR!
Nikita: We had order! And stability! And Lenin! And now we have capitalists who plunder national resources. This isn't what the Bolsheviks wanted!
Carmen: Never mind the Bolsheviks! If <Rank> <Name> finds out you're the one who killed Tretyakov, you'll be singing the Soviet anthem from behind bars!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: Hey, that's a photo of the mammoth guy on the magazine cover!
Carmen: Mr Efremov gave an interview to this magazine, but the headline is smudged. I'm sure you can fix it, <Name>! We need to know what it says!

Examine Faded Magazine Cover.
Carmen: The text on the magazine cover goes, "Outraged mammoth expert speaks out against Ilya Tretyakov."
Carmen: Wait, that means Mr Efremov lied to us about not knowing Tretyakov! He owes us one heck of a clarification!

Talk to Vadim Efremov about the Siberian Geographic cover.
Vadim: Have you found a mammoth? No? Another bear, then?
Vadim: If not, why are you talking to me?
Carmen: You said you didn't know who Tretyakov was, but the magazine <Rank> <Name> found here proves you were mad at him!
Vadim: Ah... it was silly to throw that magazine away...
Vadim: But I was so angry! Tretyakov's company destroyed a precious mammoth excavation site! It's unconscionable! The man was a monster!
Vadim: Just thinking of all the poor mammoths whose story will never be told stresses me out so much, I've started smoking!
Carmen: And your mammoth excavation dreams will go up in smoke if <Rank> <Name> discovers you killed Tretyakov!

Later, on the train...
Carmen: I remember the times when we thought we'd board this train and quickly get to Mongolia to investigate SOMBRA, <Name>. Those were good times. They seem so distant now.
Carmen: Instead, we're stuck in the Siberian wilds dealing with the murder of a Russian diamond tycoon and encountering snowstorms, bears, a suspicious ice cave...
Carmen: Turns out, Natasha Romanova lied to us - she and the victim weren't friendly, and he'd told her he'd stop donating to COSMORUS.
Carmen: The ticket inspector hated the victim's non-communist ways and threatened his life.
Carmen: And our bear-fighting mammoth expert is furious about the victim's disregard for mammoth excavation sites.
Carmen: Everyone had reason to hate Tretyakov, but we still haven't found our killer. And we've got to wrap this up to get to Mongolia!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, let's return to the crime scene and search again! The clock is ticking!

Investigate Lounge Bar.
Carmen: Alright, <Name>, what've you got? A lost and found box? A clue might've easily ended up there! Let's search it!
Carmen: And this fancy watch has Tretyakov's name engraved on it, so we know it's his! Something's stuck in its metal strap... let's take a look!

Examine Lost and Found Box.
Carmen: What the heck! Something's written in blood on the luggage tag from the lost and found box!
Carmen: I can't read what it says, but we clearly need to get the luggage tag to Lars asap!

Analyze Luggage Tag.
Lars: <Name>! Long time no see! Or so it feels. I've even begun composing a sad ballad.
Lars: It goes, "The vodka of friendship-"
Carmen: Stop that or I'll throw you out the window. What was on the luggage tag <Name> found on the crime scene?
Lars: The message on the luggage tag is written in the victim's blood! As for what it says, I've got a lovely translator here...
Marina: The message says, "The killer is N. R.". The victim tried to identify his killer!
Marina: Tretyakov probably had mere moments to write between being bashed over the head and hanged.
Lars: We're lucky he managed to scribble down the killer's initials.
Carmen: So now, we know the killer's initials are N. R.! This is incredible! The killer is within reach, <Name>!

Examine Victim's Watch.
Carmen: Great, <Name>, you picked up some fibers from the victim's watch. Let's bring them to Lars! This might be the decisive clue!

Analyze Fibers.
Lars: <Name>, isn't my wifey the best? Look, she's made another matryoshka doll! She's so talented!
Angela: Thanks, honey. This time, I made Elliot! Isn't he adorable, <Name>?
Lars: You captured his cheery expression perfectly, sweetie-pie!
Carmen: Lars, Angela, we're not here on vacation! Tell <Name> about the gray fibers from the victim's watch!
Lars: Alright, alright. The fibers come from pashmina wool, which usually goes into shawls and scarves. Given fiber diameter, here we're dealing with a scarf.
Lars: The fibers don't match anything the victim wore, so my guess is that he tried to fight off the killer and some fibers got snagged on the watch.
Carmen: So the killer's wearing a gray scarf! We're closing in on them, <Name>!

After completing all tasks...
Carmen: Great, <Name>, let's arrest the killer and get this train moving again!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Nikita Rukhin, you're under arrest for the murder of Ilya Tretyakov!
Nikita: Me? But you can't! I'm an innocent ticket inspector!
Carmen: You're a ticket inspector whose scarf fibers got caught in the victim's watch during your fight with him!
Nikita: Anyone might wear a scarf! I'm an honest citizen oppressed by capitalism!
Carmen: Stop lying, Rukhin! Your blood was on the fruit bowl you used to hit Tretyakov over the head!
Nikita: I don't hit people over the head, it's not in my job description!
Carmen: The victim identified you. He wrote your initials for us to find!
Nikita: What?? But I only turned away from him for a few moments... Uh, I shouldn't have said that...
Nikita: Fine, I killed him, <Rank> <Name>! I hated that capitalist Tretyakov. Russian diamonds should belong to the people, not to oligarchs!
Nikita: I returned those diamonds to communist hands thanks to my brothers across the border.
Carmen: You stole diamonds from Tretyakov?
Nikita: It was justice, not theft! I sold the diamonds to a network of my communist brothers in China. The money I got was for reviving the glorious USSR.
Carmen: Tretyakov must've been furious when he found out!
Nikita: He confronted me on the train and we fought. I hit him over the head and then hanged him.
Carmen: Why stop the train?
Nikita: One must always report railway incidents! Besides, I knew I'd hide evidence in the cave. And I thought reporting the murder would make me less suspicious.
Carmen: Your calculations failed! You're under arrest!

Carmen (taking out her phone): <Name>, I've just talked to Chief Ripley, and she says we can't waste time getting Rukhin to the courthouse. We'll videocall Judge Adaku instead!
Judge Adaku (over video): Hello? I see it was too much to hope that you'd manage a train ride without sending me criminals, <Rank> <Name>.
Judge Adaku: Is the accused present?
Nikita: Yes, Your Honor.
Judge Adaku: Nikita Rukhin, you stand accused... in this unorthodox trial... of the murder of Ilya Tretyakov by hanging. How do you plead?
Nikita: Guilty of the murder, but pure in my intentions!
Judge Adaku: How can your intentions be pure if you killed a man for his diamonds?
Nikita: I only did it for the great communist cause, and only because Tretyakov discovered that I was liberating his diamonds!
Nikita: In 1918, Lenin said to hang rich bloodsuckers. So, when Tretyakov confronted me, I hanged him!
Judge Adaku: Your frankly alarming ideological zeal doesn't change the fact that you killed a man and forced me to do a videolink trial. You're sentenced to 25 years in prison!

Later on...
Carmen: It's been one heck of a case, but now we've got the killer isolated in a train car and ready for transport!
Carmen: I say it's a job well done, <Name>. Now we'll report to Chief Ripley and tell her we've solved this case and can move on to Mongolia!
Carmen: She'd better give us the green light, because I'm ready to move full steam ahead!

Darkness Descends 4

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, good job arresting Nikita Rukhin for Tretyakov's murder!
Chief Ripley: But we still have to tie up some loose ends before continuing our journey to Mongolia.
Carmen: What? Haven't we been stuck in the wilderness for long enough?
Carmen: <Name>, we've been tipped off by the Russian secret service. Turns out they've been watching Rukhin for a while.
Carmen: Really? Why'd the MGB keep tabs on a ticket inspector?
Chief Ripley: It's not Rukhin the MGB cares about, but the network of smugglers he belonged to. The MGB thinks Rukhin's communist brothers were smuggling more than diamonds.
Carmen: But Chief, we don't have time for communist smugglers! Our job is SOMBRA, and the-
Chief Ripley: Carmen, we can't afford to ignore the MGB. All it takes to verify their information is talking to Rukhin. And-
Elliot: <Name>! Something bad happened... I can't find my DigiCool device!
Chief Ripley: Elliot? Use your inside voice, please. What's it again you can't find?
Elliot: My DigiCool device! It's a kind of smartphone I invented. Long story. Trouble is, just when I managed to sync it with my laptop, I... I lost it!
Elliot: If someone finds my DigiCool, they could hack my laptop with it! I'm working on a solution, but without the terminal there's not much I can do!
Chief Ripley: So the Bureau's systems are vulnerable to an attack?! Elliot, you're a genius, and a teenager, but neither's an excuse for such unprofessional conduct!
Chief Ripley: <Name> and Carmen will help find your Digi-whatever. But the Bureau's files had better not been compromised!
Chief Ripley: And <Name>, don't forget to interrogate Nikita Rukhin, too. Off you go!

Investigate Trans-Siberian Train.
Carmen: <Name>, that gadget you picked up looks like a sophisticated phone! It could be Elliot's DigiCool device!
Carmen: You think you can break the password on something that belongs to Elliot? I guess you can try!

Examine Locked Portable Device.
Carmen: <Name>, you managed to unlock that phone we think is Elliot's. I hope it doesn't mean somebody's already hacked it!
Carmen: Elliot was really worried about his phone... Let's have him check if any damage was done!

Analyze Elliot's Device.
Elliot: <Name>, thanks for finding my DigiCool phone!
Elliot: I can't believe that girl managed to bypass my encryptioin!
Carmen: What? So, the phone WAS hacked? And who's this girl you're talking about?
Elliot: Agrafena, who else! She managed to hack into my DigiCool phone, and access my computer! I can't believe that I, Elliot Clayton, have been hacked!
Carmen: Slow down, Elliot! How do you know it was Agrafena?
Elliot: Remember the virus on that dead government official's laptop in Saint Petersburg?
Carmen: The one with Agrafena's picture popping up? You don't mean...
Elliot: It was Agrafena! She used the same cipher. I hate to say it, but she's good. I barely managed to protect the SOMBRA files from her attacks!
Carmen: What?! Agrafena tried to access the SOMBRA files on your computer?
Carmen: Alright, we've heard enough, <Name>! Let's find Agrafena!

Confront Agrafena about her hacking attempt.
Carmen: Agrafena, you attempted to hack into the Bureau's equipment! If we weren't in the middle of nowhere, we'd hand you over to the authorities!
Agrafena: How predictable! It's my civic duty to search for the truth, <Rank> <Name>, and you're threatening me with arrest!
Agrafena: If the government told us the truth about SOMBRA, I wouldn't have to snoop in your computers!
Carmen: Hold on... you did it to prove your usual point about the government infringing on your freedom?
Agrafena: I was going to prove that SOMBRA doesn't exist! It's nothing but the government's excuse to spy on us! That's how they justify the restrictions on our civil liberties and-
Carmen: Enough! Accessing confidential information isn't a civil right, Agrafena! It's a crime!
Carmen: The only reason you're getting away with this is that <Rank> <Name> and Elliot stopped you from causing any real damage! You owe your freedom to them!
Carmen: Next time, we won't be so lenient! Come, <Name>, I need a burger before I kill someone!

Ask Nikita what he knows about the network of smugglers.
Nikita: Tovarisch <Name>! If you need help putting the train back in motion, just call me. I may have killed a man, but I'm still committed to the railway!
Carmen: Never mind the train, Mr Rukhin. Tell us about your "communist brothers". You said you gave them the stolen diamonds.
Nikita: My communist brothers will rebuild the glorious USSR! That's why they needed the diamonds!
Carmen: The MGB thinks your comrades are smuggling more than diamonds. Do you know what else they're involved in?
Nikita: I... I never questioned my comrades! All I did was pick up packages at different stations along the rail line, and drop them off somewhere else!
Nikita: The last package I was supposed to take to Mongolia should still be in the cave, <Rank> <Name>.
Nikita: But it's just a bag of Soviet memorabilia! I swear on Lenin's grave that's all I know!
(After talking to Nikita Rukhin)
Carmen: <Name>, sometimes I don't understand the Chief's decisions! We're wasting our time with a small-time smuggler instead of chasing SOMBRA!
Carmen: Alright, you have a point: just because Rukhin's a bit simple, it doesn't mean his comrades aren't involved in something big.
Carmen: Alright, the best way to settle this is to find the package Rukhin was meant to take to Mongolia. Let's go back to the cave!

Investigate Ice Cave.
Carmen: <Name>, you found the bag Rukhin was going to smuggle to Mongolia! Let's search it!

Examine Smuggler's Bag.
Carmen: See? The secret bag Rukhin was smuggling to Mongolia was just some Soviet memorabilia!
Carmen: Wait, you found a broken circuit board, too? That changes things. Let's put it back together!

Examine Broken Circuit board.
Carmen: <Name>, that broken circuit board you found in Rukhin's bag has a COSMORUS logo on it!
Carmen: <Name>, you were right, this wasn't a pointless investigation after all! COSMORUS's property being smuggled into Mongolia is as serious as it gets!
Carmen: We already know SOMBRA's building a satellite in Mongolia, and that they've stolen information from COSMORUS on multiple occasions!
Carmen: We found the launch codes in Saint Petersburg... And we also found the blueprint of the satellite in Siberia, on a SOMBRA agent's phone!
Carmen: And now this circuit board turns up in the smugglers' cave!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>: we should take this to Natasha Romanova! Let's find her!

Ask Natasha Romanova about the circuit board found in the cave.
Natasha: <Rank> <Name>, why are we still waiting? It's imperative I get to Mongolia before-
Carmen: Sorry, Ms Romanova, there's been new developments. <Rank> <Name> found this COSMORUS circuit board in the cave!
Natasha: Let me see... But... it can't be...
Natasha: <Rank> <Name>, this is the motherboard of a COSMORUS satellite!
Carmen: Any idea how COSMORUS's property fell into the hands of smugglers?
Natasha: <Rank> <Name>, I should be the one asking you how this motherboard fell into the wrong hands! I called you here to prevent further security breaches at COSMORUS!
Carmen: And we're doing our best! But we need your cooperation, and-
Natasha: <Rank> <Name>, you must step up your efforts with this investigation before my reputation is ruined! Here, take this small contribution... but please make some progress!
(After talking to Natasha Romanova)
Carmen: <Name>, what's going on here? I need a quick recap...
Carmen: Let's see: we found a satellite motherboard in the smugglers' cave. Rukhin was supposed to take it to Mongolia, but he never knew or cared what it was.
Carmen: Meanwhile, we know SOMBRA's building a satellite in Mongolia...
Carmen: <Name>, what if the communist smugglers are in fact a SOMBRA cell? It would totally explain their interest in taking satellite parts to Mongolia!
Carmen: Rukhin wouldn't know about it... but the MGB suspected something. It's the only explanation that makes sense!
Carmen: Another question is how could these smugglers acquire satellite parts without some complicity from COSMORUS?
Carmen: Was the Moscow mole responsible for all these security breaches, or is there still someone inside COSMORUS, helping SOMBRA?
Carmen: Meanwhile, the head of COSMORUS is treating us like we're her servants! I know we need Mrs Romanova's cooperation, but my patience is wearing thin, and-
Carmen: Sorry, <Name>. You're right, it's best to report to Chief Ripley about all this!

Elizabeth: <Name>, I hear Agrafena's hacked into Elliot's files? How could this have happened?
Elliot: For the record, Chief, Agrafena only managed to get past my first line of defense. She didn't get to see the-
Elizabeth: Enough, Elliot! Just make sure this never happens again! Now, <Name>, what else have you discovered?
Carmen: <Name>'s found a COSMORUS satellite motherboard in the cave, being smuggled to Mongolia.
Carmen: Since we already know SOMBRA's building a satellite in Mongolia, we suspect they're behind smuggling this motherboard, too!
Elizabeth: <Name>, this could mean SOMBRA's already building their satellite in Mongolia! There's not a second to lose!
Elizabeth: I'll give the order for the train to leave immediately! And here's what I want you to do during the rest of the journey: find out what SOMBRA plans to do with the satellite!
Elizabeth: <Name>, start with the train carriage! Off you go! And I'd better not hear any more bad news about the Bureau!

Investigate Trans-Siberian Lounge.
Carmen: <Name>, you found a tablet! I have a feeling it could provide some answers, but you'll need to unlock it first!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Carmen: <Name>, the tablet you unlocked has a satellite on the screen! We're on to something here! Let's give the tablet to Elliot!

Analyze Unlocked Tablet.
Elliot: <Name>, I don't know how this tablet ended up on the train, but it clearly belongs to SOMBRA!
Elliot: I found a folder on the tablet named "Darkness Descends", which lays out their plan!
Carmen: "Darkness Descends"? <Name>'s right, we know SOMBRA uses that code name! We found a similar file on that double agent's phone, remember? So, what is SOMBRA's plan, Elliot?
Elliot: SOMBRA will launch their satellite and hijack the other 2,271 satellites currently in orbit. In other words, SOMBRA will take over space.
Carmen: Erm, that doesn't sound very threatening. I mean, alright, my GPS might stop working... but I prefer printed maps anyway...
Elliot: You don't get it, Carmen. Much more depends on satellite data transmission than just the GPS in your car!
Elliot: Imagine what will happen when SOMBRA decides to tinker with air traffic control a little bit.
Elliot: Or when they'll interfere with the global banking system. It will only take a few hours for the stock markets to collapse.
Elliot: Ordinary citizens will be impacted, too, when they'll be left without communication devices, cash machines, cell phones, medical diagnostics, heating, electricity...
Carmen: Heavens... it sounds like you can send the world back to the dark ages by pushing a button!
Elliot: <Name>, if SOMBRA launches their satellite, that's exactly what they'll do. Send us back to the dark ages. The only way to prevent it is to prevent the launch.
Carmen: Prevent the launch? We need to find the satellite first! We have our work cut out for us, <Name>!
Carmen: But you're right... COSMORUS runs the space program, and Natasha Romanova runs COSMORUS. We must notify her of SOMBRA's plan - she's the only person who might know how to prevent it!

Notify Natasha Romanova about SOMBRA's plans with the satellite.
Carmen: Ms Romanova, we need your help. <Rank> <Name>'s discovered SOMBRA wants to hijack every COSMORUS satellite!
Natasha: Hijack COSMORUS's satellites? That's impossible. SOMBRA would have to launch their own satellite, and then take over the-
Carmen: It all adds up, Ms Romanova! SOMBRA's obtained launch codes from Darya Chernova, and they've been smuggling equipment!
Carmen: And I hate to say it, but... SOMBRA couldn't have done this without complicity from COSMORUS! Somebody must still be helping them from inside!
Natasha: Complicity? <Rank> <Name>, we've been infiltrated by spies, our equipment is being stolen, and you keep blaming the victim instead of finding the real culprits!
Natasha: I thought I could trust my daughter's colleagues at the Bureau, but I see you're just a bunch of amateurs! Take this money now- it's the last time I help you!

Elizabeth: <Rank> <Name>, I'm displeased to hear that your investigation's antagonized Natasha Romanova!
Elizabeth: You've just discovered that SOMBRA plans to take control of COSMORUS's satellite system! We can't afford to lose the support of COSMORUS's management now!
Marina: With respect, Chief, when did my mother ever share anything we didn't already know?
Elizabeth: Marina, you're the best profiler the Bureau's ever had. But your family ties to Ms Romanova are clouding your judgment. I'm considering taking you off any investigation involving her.
Marina: What?! I can't believe-
Jonah: Marina's got a point, Chief. My military experience confirms that SOMBRA couldn't pull this off without support from the inside.
Marina: And who asked for YOUR opinion?! Go back to polishing your guns and toning your biceps! I don't need YOU to defend me in an argument!
(Marina leaves and slams the door.)
Jonah: But... <Name>, why did Marina run away? I defended her!
Carmen: <Name>, I think it's not good for the team to be cooped up for long.
Elizabeth: Just as well we'll be in Mongolia in a few hours. Let's get ready to face whatever SOMBRA has in store for us there.
Elizabeth: We're on our way, <Name> - see you in Mongolia!