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Gerald Walker
Unknown Character
Biographical information
Full name Gerald Walker
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Blood loss
(slashed throat)
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsborough, U.S.
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case (mentioned)

Gerald Walker is one of the unseen minor characters in Criminal Case. He was mentioned in A Brave New World (Case #52 of Grimsborough), when it was discovered that he was one of the victims of "The Crimson Order", a notoriously secret society.


Nothing is really known about Gerald except that he was aged 37 before getting murdered.

Events of Criminal Case

In A Brave New World, Cathy King reappeared, when she was digging about her deceased grandfather's life. At the natural harbor, Cathy was holding an article about one of her grandfather's investigations but the wind flew it away from her grip. Thus, she went to the police station and asked for the team's help once again. The team then went to search the natural harbor, found the article, examined it, and sent it to Alex for analysis. But before sending the article to Alex, the article read that the killer of Gerald was a "red caped killer"; even the article was named "Red Caped Killer Escapes". And that Chief King was the detective (before he was promoted to chief) who was investigating the murder, but he said that the investigation met a dead end. The team who was investigating this crime has done everything possible but the murderer had most probably left town already.

After analyzing the article, Alex told the team that it was about a murder investigation about a man called Gerald Walker, but he said that this murder investigation was gone from their files and the only one who could delete it was Chief King. Jones couldn't believe that Chief King would help the secret group known as "The Crimson Order", so the team went to talk to Jason Palms about this.

Jason said that it was the Crimson Order's doing of deleting the murder investigation from the police forces' files. He further said that Chief King was a member of this secret society because all his investigations on the Crimson Order were silent.

Murder details

The murder of Gerald had really shocked Grimsborough. Gerald was found dead lying at the natural harbor, his throat slit and blood pooling around his head. A witness also reported seeing a figure wearing a long red cape fleeing the scene but nothing else had leaked from the police.

Killer and motives

The killer was the Crimson Order. The motives of the Crimson Order killing Gerald is unknown, but it is suspected that they killed him because he knew some information about them, just like they did with Pip Huckabee.

Case appearances



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