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In the Chief's office...
Ingrid Bjorn: Ma'am, this is <Rank> <Name>, the new recruit.
Chief Ripley (pleased): Ah, <Name>, just in time! You've been following the news, I presume?
Chief Ripley: No?! Well, we'd better show you. Ingrid, fetch the slides.
Ingrid (holding remote): Over the past few months, Europe's been hit by an unprecedented wave of violence.
Ingrid (pushing button): Terrorist attacks happened in Berlin...
Ingrid (pushing button): ... and Rome...
Ingrid (pushing button): Every capital in Europe is at the highest level of security alert.
Chief Ripley: And this is just the tip of the iceberg!
Chief Ripley: We're pretty sure there's someone behind this, but we have no idea who!
Chief Ripley: That's why you're going to Westminster Lane in London. I'm partnering you with Jack Archer. He'll meet you there!

Chapter 1

Investigate Westminster Lane.
Jack Archer: I'm just a visitor, but I'm guessing a body in a phone box is not an everyday London occurrence!
Jack: His face looks swollen, like he suffocated!
Jack (shocked): Wait a minute! I know who this is, <Name>! It's Prince Albert! He's the heir to the British throne!
Jack: This is huge! Who'd want to kill a royal? Everyone loves the royal family! I'd better call the chief and update her!
Jack (on the phone): Chief, we've got a problem! Prince Albert has been killed on Westminster Lane! What are your orders?
Chief Ripley (on the phone): Dear God! What was the Prince doing on Westminster Lane?! This is a disaster!
Chief Ripley: Right, keep the murder a secret until <Name> catches this killer. We don't want to start a panic!
Jack (hangs up): Okay, <Name>, first we get this body to Angela. She's our genius coroner. She'll be able to tell us something about this prince!
Jack: What else did you pick up? Some broken metal pieces. Alright, let's see how fast you can put them back together!
Archibald (rudely): Excuse me, out of my way! I've a jolly important meeting with jolly important fellows at the bank!
Jack: Excuse yourself, pal. This is a crime scene! There's a dead body, if you haven't noticed.
Archibald (shocked): Goodness gracious! That's the prince! I... thought I saw something near that telephone box, but I never-
Jack: You saw something?! Right, <Rank> <Name> will need to talk to you.
Archibald (angrily): Have you gone potty?! Don't you know who I am?!
Jack (amused): The Monopoly guy? Look, I don't care. We're on a murder case, your meeting can wait – justice can't!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Jack: Hey, good job! Those broken pieces you picked up on the crime scene make this pendant!
Jack: It looks like a family crest, but whose? And what was it doing next to the Prince's body? You got any tricks up your sleeve for this?
Jack (impressed): You have access to the database? Man, you do have high clearance! Okay, well I'll let you run this family crest through the database!

Examine Family Crest.
Jack (excitedly): Wow, this case goes to the very top! It says here that crest you found on the crime scene belongs to Count Rupert!
Jack (shocked): According to the database, Count Rupert is next in line to the throne. If Prince Albert dies, Rupert inherits the crown!
Jack: Sounds like this guy has the perfect motive! Come on, let's go talk to him!

Ask Count Rupert about his relationship with the victim.
Rupert (glancing at his watch): Do hurry this up, one has to get back for one's polo match this afternoon.
Jack: Something tells me your match is going to be canceled, Your Lordship. Prince Albert was just murdered.
Rupert (picks up his polo stick, shocked): Good gracious! Albert... dead? How could this be! Who'd want to harm that sweet, innocent man?
Jack: That's what we're trying to work out. You do know that this now makes you the heir to the throne?
Rupert (puts polo stick down, grinning): The heir? How... interesting. One is gobsmacked!
Jack: It also makes you a suspect.
Rupert (laughing): Don't be absurd! How ridiculous! One would never kill someone, just to...
Rupert (smirking): ... become heir to the richest kingdom in the world... that's just poppycock!

Talk to Archibald Gilchrist about his presence on the crime scene.
Archibald: It's really a crying shame about Prince Albert. My bank is responsible for managing the royal fortune, so I met the fellow often. Damned good chap.
Jack: You don't seem that upset.
Archibald (confidently): That's my British stiff upper lip. No need to get all melodramatic and American about something as trivial as murder.
Jack: You mentioned seeing something strange near the phone box. What was it?
Archibald: I saw someone hiding in the bushes, watching that telephone box. I presumed it was just some chap with a phone fetish!
Archibald: Couldn't make out a bloody thing about the shadowy fellow, but I did see them running off to the Globe Theater.
Jack (excitedly): The Globe Theater? That old looking theater in the center of town? That's worth checking out. Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate Theater Stage.
Jack (grinning): So that "shadowy fellow" that snooty banker mentioned came to this theater. Have you found anything that connects them to our case?
Jack: You think that candle could shed some light on why the killer came here? You think there's something written on it? I'll get your dusting kit so you can take a closer look.
Jack (excitedly): Coooool! You picked up a box of costumes. I'll handle this, I'm the master of disguise, after all!
Jack: Oh, okay. You go ahead this time, <Name>. Let's see if you find anything interesting in there.

Examine Costumes Box.
Jack: So what's so special about those gloves you found? There was some interesting stuff in that costume box, after all.
Jack: That's the royal crest on the gloves! Do you think these gloves belonged to our victim?!
Jack (happily): You want to analyze those gloves further? I know just the woman to help – Marina Romanova.
Jack (winking): She's our icy Russian profiler and I think she's hot for me!

Analyze Gloves.
Marina (smirking): So you're the <Rank> <Name> everyone is talking about. I'm Dr Romanova, but you can call me Marina.
Jack (flirting): Hey sweetheart, you never answered about that date we were supposed to go on!
Marina (smirking): Oh Archer, the bitten nails on your left hand suggest your charm is skin deep, whereas your side-parted hair tells me you still have issues with your mother. Neither are qualities I look for in a lover.
Jack (winking): The meaner you are to me, the more I like you!
Marina: Delusions are never healthy, Archer. Now <Name>, I'll get straight to the point: those gloves you found in the theater belong to your killer.
Marina (puts hands on hips): The royal crest links them to your murder. However, they can't have been the victim's as they seem well used. Princes wear a fresh pair of gloves every day, it's tradition.
Marina (crossing her arms, happily): Furthermore, there are tiny red marks on the glove's tips, consistent with paint from a London phone box. Therefore, they must be the killer's.
Jack (shocked): So, you're saying that the killer is a member of the royal family?!
Marina: Not so simple. Everyone wants "royal style" clothes these days. You can buy these gloves in shops. The interesting thing is, these aren't ordinary gloves. They're horse riding gloves!
Marina (pumping her fist): <Name>, I'll bet my doctorate that your killer enjoys horse riding!

Examine Candle.
Jack (impressively): Nice work! That candle you found at the theater is awesome! Look at that weird symbol on it!
Jack (grinning): We're in luck, <Name>! We've hired a new team member: Armand Dupont. He's a historian and symbols, culture, and stuff are his specialty.
Jack: The Bureau only recruits the best, but if I'm being honest, Dupont could put me to sleep in a heavy metal concert! But we should still take this candle to him.

Analyze Strange Symbol.
Jack (excitedly): Hey Dupont, this is <Name>, our new detective investigating the Prince's murder.
Dupont: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, enchanté. Monsieur Dupont at your service.
Jack (laughing): You French, you're always so charming-
Dupont (shouting): How dare you! Ridiculous American boy-child! I am not French! I am from Switzerland!
Jack (sweating): Yikes! Sorry to wind up your cuckoo clock there! Will you just tell us about this symbol <Name> found on that candle?
Dupont (holding his pocket watch): Ah, bien sûr, the candle! It was most illuminating. That symbol is clearly a "magic spell". Superstitious nonsense, if you ask me!
Dupont (puts away pocket watch): The only time I've seen this symbol is in a book written by some mad monk called Brother Klaus. He is a very strange man, I'm surprised the British police haven't arrested him!
Dupont: If you found it in the theater, <Name>, that must be where Klaus is hiding. A dark and somber theater? He must feel right at home!
Jack (nervously): Okay... So we're going back to that creepy theater to talk to a creepy monk about a murder... Cool. I'm going to let you lead on this one, <Name>! I'm sure you can handle it...

Talk to Brother Klaus about his "magic spell".
Jack: Hello? Is there anyone there?! Honestly, <Name>, I don't think there's anyone here, Dupont must've-
Brother Klaus (shouting): Who dares disturb me?!
Jack (scared): Oh my God! <Name>, save me!
Brother Klaus: No. I am no God. I am just a monk. Hiding in this theater from the wickedness of the world!
Brother Klaus (pumping his fist): I have seen many things. The fall of mankind, the destruction of souls under the crushing weight of modernity, the fires of Hades burning human flesh!
Jack (sweating): Okay... <Name>... I doubt we're going to get much out of this guy. I don't think he could even tell us what planet he's currently on!
Brother Klaus (shouting): Vermin! Ghouls! The Antichrist is coming for you! Your sins shall have nowhere to hide!
Jack (nervously): Thank you for all the advice, Brother Klaus. We'll come back when you're... less crazy!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Pleased to meet you, I'm your coroner, Angela Douglas.
Jack (excitedly): And it says that on her Nobel Prize for Biology! Cool, huh?!
Angela (happily): Oh stop, Archer. A Nobel Prize isn't a big deal. Eliciting secrets from dead bodies, now that's-
Lars (covered in debris and holding a test tube, excitedly): Baby! I've almost worked out the chemical compound of lithium bicarbonate!
Angela (smirking): <Name>, this is Lars, my husband. He works in forensics. When he's not blowing things up, that is!
Lars (sadly): So you're the detective who brought in Prince Albert. What a terrible murder!
Angela (sadly): You haven't heard the worst of it. The autopsy revealed the Prince was poisoned! His lungs were filled with carbon oxychloride – poisonous gas!
Angela (crossing her arms): I examined that phone receiver the Prince was holding. That's where the gas was released!
Angela: A small canister was hidden inside the phone, designed to release the gas when the phone was spoken into! Pretty sophisticated murder weapon, right?!
Jack (shocked): So the Prince picked up the receiver and was gassed! But what was he doing on Westminster Lane? How did his killer know he would be there?!
Angela (crossing her arms): No idea! I can tell you your killer made a mistake. I found traces of Camellia Sinensis inside the device. The killer drank a cup of tea before killing the Prince.
Jack: The killer drinks tea? Isn't that what EVERYONE in Britain drinks all the time?!
Jack (content): Okay, <Name>, evidence is evidence and we'll catch this tea-drinking killer even if we have to interview every person on this damn island!

Later, back at headquarters...
Jack (excitedly): First day on the job and we've got ourselves a murder more than British cricket!
Jack (grinning): So who'd you think killed the Prince? I have a few theories...
Jack: Firstly, that banker dude. He didn't seem upset about Prince Albert's death, but that could just be his "stiff upper lip"!
Jack: Count Rupert, the new heir to the throne, wasn't that cut up either. He was more interested in how much money he'll get. So much for royal duty!
Jack: We know the killer rides horses and drinks tea... that could be anyone in this damn country, from a chimney sweep to the Queen of England!
Jack (laughing): Ha! Yeah, wouldn't that be funny, if the Queen turned out to be a suspect. Would we get beheaded for that?
Guard: <Rank> <Name>! You are to come with me at once!
Jack (shocked): Wait a minute, you can't just barge in here! What authority do you have?!
Guard (angrily): The Queen of England's authority! Her Majesty wants to speak with you!

Chapter 2

Guard: <Rank> <Name>! You are to come with me at once! The Queen wants to speak to you!
Jack (amused): The Queen of England wants to speak to us?! Man, we must be in trouble!
Jack (curiously): She must know we're busy investigating her grandson's murder! Um... what happens if we don't go?
Guard (angrily): The castle has plenty of dungeons... Follow me!

Later, in the Queen's castle...
Guard: Her Majesty will receive you shortly! Wait here and don't touch anything!
Jack: There's that famous British politeness for you!
Jack (excitedly): <Name>, you're right! If this is the Queen's castle, then the victim lived here too! Do you think there might be some clues here?
Jack (grinning): Come on, let's have a look around while we wait for the Queen.

Find out what the Queen wants.
Guard (saluting): All rise for Her Majesty, Queen Mary III!
Mary: So, you are investigating my grandson's murder. We will be keeping a very close eye on the investigation. The killer, when caught, must be brought to us!
Jack (nervously): Errr ma'am, we can't do that. This isn't the Middle Ages, we have rules and-
Mary (angrily): We are the law! We want this killer caught and brought before us before we finish our afternoon tea. They will pay for this terrible crime! Is that clear?!
Jack (sweating): Okay... So, Your Majesty. Can you tell us anything about your grandson? Did he have enemies? Would anyone wish him harm?
Mary: Enemies? Preposterous! Everyone adored Albert. Servants, the public, his family. When I taught him how to ride a horse, even his pony adored him!
Mary (waving): Now away with you. And bring us this killer.
Jack (winking): You're not going to have us beheaded if we don't, are you?
Mary: We are not amused.

Investigate Treasure Room.
Jack (grinning): What a place, <Name>! Can you imagine living here? It must be like being an exhibit in a museum!
Jack (excitedly): But I've gotta say, there's some cool stuff. Look at those suits of armor. And that sword you picked up! You want to have a duel?! En garde!
Jack: That's the Prince's crown on the hilt, too. And what are those blue crystals on it? They can't be jewels? Better collect a sample.
Jack (nervously): I'm gonna level with you. I don't know much about books. So you're going to have to tell me why you picked that one up.
Jack (shocked): Oh right, someone's ripped a page out! Come one, I'll get your dusting kit so we can find out what was written there!

Examine Sword.
(Before examining Sword)
Jack (excitedly): <Name>, our scientists created a new device to collect substances. We're pretty proud of it. It vacuums up samples from any surface!
Jack: I thought we could use it on those crystals! Don't worry if you don't get all the particles first time around. Not everyone is as good at using it as me! But good luck anyway!
(After examining Sword)
Jack (confused): <Name>! How... How did you collect those crystals so quickly?! You're an absolute natural!
Jack (winking): I'll let you rest whilst I take this sample to Lars. Let's see if he finds anything interesting about these blue crystals you found on that sword.

Analyze Blue Crystals.
Lars: <Name>, what do you think of this lyric for a song: "She had eyes like blue crystals, really cool. Like a hot summer sunshine across a swimming pool"!
Jack (grinning): Lars isn't just an awesome forensic scientist, he is also in an EPIC metal band! How cool is that?!
Lars: Thanks man. I'm sure <Name> doesn't want to talk about Death metal. You want to talk about those blue crystals you found on the victim's sword!
Lars (grinning): Those crystals are calcium hypochlorite. They're an old fashioned cleaning product.
Lars (crossing his arms): Things is, they're poisonous... and I found traces of the same poison used to kill your victim!
Jack (shocked): What?! We need to find who was using these cleaning crystals on that sword!
Lars: I checked who does the cleaning at the castle. It's a chambermaid called Enid Grimshaw. <Name>, I think you need to talk to her!

Talk to Enid Grimshaw about the chemicals on the victim's sword.
Enid (shocked): Am I in trouble? Honestly, I have never done anything wrong in all my life.
Jack (grinning): You're not in trouble, Miss Grimshaw. We wanted to ask you about Prince Albert's murder. It's just-
Enid (wiping her eye): Can I get you some tea? I usually have a fresh pot on around now.
Jack: Miss Grimshaw. We've gotta-
Enid (biting her nails): Perhaps some cake. Maybe I could find some cake-
Jack: Miss Grimshaw! We're here to ask you about Prince Albert's murder. You use a lot of poisonous chemicals when you're cleaning this castle, have any gone missing?
Enid (sweating): None that I know of. Are you saying I stole something? I'm no thief, I swear. I'd never steal from the Prince! He was... He was...
Enid (crying): He was such a good master. He was so nice! Who would want to kill him?!
Jack (nervously): Um... <Name>, I think this is a dead end... And a woman crying is like my greatest fear. Let's get out of here.

Examine Medieval Book.
Jack (smiling): You were right, <Name>! You retrieved the text from the missing page in that book you found in the castle.
Jack: Errr... What does "When beggars die there are no comets seen" mean?
Jack: I guess we should get this to Dupont to decipher. Let me just grab a very strong coffee first!

Analyze Message.
Dupont (grinning): Oh, <Name>, <Name>, wherefore art thou <Name>? Is this a clue I see before me?
Jack: Quit talking in riddles, Dupont. What have you got on this message <Name> found in the castle?!
Dupont (laughing): Quel dommage, you didn't pay attention at school, Archer. Then you'd have been able to recognize this message is from your killer!
Jack (confused): What?! How did you work that out?!
Dupont: "When beggars die, there are no comets seen" is a quote from Shakespeare's play, "Julius Caesar". But the next line is: "The heavens themselves blaze for the death of princes"!
Jack (shocked): The death of princes?! This Shakespeare quote is about dead Princes! Like our victim!
Dupont (taking out his pocket watch): And I took the liberté of asking that garçon in forensics to check that book. He found traces of tea and horse hair. It is your killer's message, <Name>, I swear it!
Dupont (grinning): This means just one thing. You are looking for a killer who quotes Shakespeare.

Jack (nervously): Jeez, I was afraid Dupont was about to recite the whole of Romeo and Juliet!
Jack (excitedly): Hey, you're right! If the killer is such a Shakespeare fan, they must have spent a lot of time in that theater! Let's go check it out again!

Investigate Theater Well.
Jack (with a pigeon on his shoulder, frightened): Why in God's name did you pick up a disease-ridden, mangy old pigeon! Get this thing off me!!!
Jack (covered in feathers, holding a scroll): That. Was. Horrible... Turns out it was a carrier pigeon, I got this scroll off its back. You'd better clean up the message on it, it's all faded.
Jack: I need to clean up too. Can I use that torn paper you found? No? It's a clue? Okay then. Better put the pieces back together then!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Jack: Nice job, <Name>. So those torn pieces you found at the theater make a painting of some rich kids!
Jack: Ha! You're right, this is a painting of Prince Albert and Count Rupert when they were younger. Their names are on it!
Jack: Good idea, by the looks of this picture, they weren't the best of pals! Let's go speak to that Count again!

Ask Count Rupert why he didn't get along with the victim.
Jack: So Mr Rupert, <Name> found this painting of you and the victim. Doesn't look like you were best friends, does it?
Rupert (holding his polo stick, sweating): Oh, you found that did you? One did order for that to be destroyed. Well, one supposes you want the truth.
Rupert: The truth is Albert was a downright bully! One despised him! Oh, everyone thought he was Prince Charming, but underneath all the smiles he was more like Prince Charmless!
Rupert (puts down his polo stick, angrily): When we were younger, Albert bullied one frightfully! He made all the servants call me "Poo-pert"! He once poured hot tea over my head! Every time one drinks a cup of Earl Grey, one remembers the indignity!
Rupert (picks up his polo stick): At boarding school, Albert trained our polo pony to rear up when one tried to ride it! It was too much!
Jack (confused): You hated him because he picked on you?! That's what cousins do! It's normal!
Rupert (puts down his polo stick, shouting): One is not "normal"! One is royalty! As Shakespeare says: "As jewels lose their glory if neglected, so Princes their renowns if not respected!". One demands respect!
Jack: Respect doesn't come with birth, Your Majesty. It's earned.
Rupert (smirking): Oh, one will see about that!

Examine Faded Message.
Jack (shocked): Damn, <Name>! That scroll you found on that pigeon said, "The Prince is finally dead!" Someone was sending a message about Prince Albert!
Jack (happily): You're right. It looks like there's some kind of code at the bottom of the message. Do you think you can decipher it?

Examine Faded Number.
Jack (excitedly): Great job, you worked out the code on that pigeon's scroll in no time!
Jack (nervously): We have a hacker working for us back at The Bureau. Elliot's... um... a little weird, but we better get this code to him.

Analyze Number.
Elliot: Oh, Archer, shouldn't you be at the gym, pretty boy? And who's this you're with? Didn't know you were dating someone!
Jack: Very funny Elliot. This is <Name>, our new detective, so why not grow a personality and be helpful.
Elliot (grinning): So you're the one who brought me this code. Thanks for that. I needed something to get me to sleep. It was soooo boring.
Elliot: It's a simple substitution code. A child could have cracked it! It spells out the name Klaus Weissman.
Jack: That's got to be Brother Klaus! So he was the one who wrote that message celebrating the Prince's death!
Jack (prompted): Right, let's get some answers from that mad monk. See you later, brains!
Elliot (grinning): Cheers, Archer. Hope you catch your "killer" or whatever.

Talk to Brother Klaus about the pigeon message.
Brother Klaus (angrily): I see you have returned! What do you want, heathens? You've interrupted my dinner of moldy crackers and a cold tea!
Jack: Brother Klaus, explain this message! You were happy that the Prince was dead?!
Brother Klaus: You cannot shame me! When you told me the Prince was dead, I was delighted! I sent my favorite carrier pigeon with that message to a fellow believer to celebrate the news!
Brother Klaus (angrily): That prince was a symbol of everything that is evil in this country! Inherited power, sin-loving freedom. He had to be destroyed if a new order is to be created!
Jack (angrily): Destroyed? Are you confessing?! You murdered him to create a "new order"!
Brother Klaus (shouting): How dare you! I don't kill. I'm just a messenger! No, some other righteous soul removed Albert.
Jack: "Messenger"?! Spreading fear and relishing murder? What else have you got planned? Blowing up Parliament?!
Brother Klaus (smirking): As Shakespeare says: "When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but as battalions!" My mission hasn't even begun!

Later, back at headquarters...
Jack (amused): Have we stepped back in time, <Name>? Castles, swords, and mad monks?! Any minute now, Robin Hood is going to swing through the window and tell us HE killed Prince Albert!
Jack: So, Prince Albert was murdered with poison gas on a London street by a tea-drinking, horse riding, Shakespeare quoting killer!
Jack: If you ask me, we should just arrest Brother Klaus, that mad monk confessed to being delighted that the Prince was dead!
Jack: Yeah, it's not enough for a conviction. But what about Count Rupert and the Queen? Could this be a royal plot?!
Jack (nervously): You're right. Perhaps we should tread carefully with royalty. There's no telling what they might do!
Guard (yelling): All rise for His Majesty! Prince Rupert of England!
Jack (shocked): What?! "Prince Rupert"? I thought he was just Count Rupert!
Rupert (laughing): Hahaha, daft little peasant! Don't you see? As heir to the throne one is now Prince!
Rupert (smirking): And one has come to make you pay for insulting us! Guards! Arrest <Rank> <Name> and Jack Archer!

Chapter 3

Guard (yelling): All rise for His Majesty, Prince Rupert of England!
Rupert (angrily): <Rank> <Name> and Detective Archer, one will make you pay for your insults! Guards! Arrest these hooligans!
Jack: What? You're arresting us when we're investigating your cousin's murder?!
Rupert (laughing): As the new heir to the throne one can do what one likes. And one wants to see you in a dungeon!
Jack (angrily): You can't touch me, I'm an American! And your guards don't scare us! People wearing such stupid hats couldn't scare a child!
Guard (in fighting position): Well, we can see about that!
Dupont (shocked): Wait! Hold everything! You cannot arrest these officers!
Dupont (angrily): The Foreign Policing Act of 1724 says international police officers are allowed until sunset to finish their work, should they be arrested!
Rupert (holding his polo stick, shocked): Poppycock! That can't be true?!
Dupont: Britain, monsieur, has hundreds of fascinating ancient laws. For example, you're only allowed to throw paper airplanes on weekends, a pregnant woman is allowed to urinate in your hat...
Dupont (grinning): I could go on. But I may bore you. However, the law is clear. These officers must have until sunset to complete their work!
Rupert (puts down his polo stick and glances at his watch): Fine. One will delay the pleasure of seeing you in prison... Till sunset!
Dupont (nervously): Phew! That bought you some time at least!
Jack (excitedly): Dupont! Finally your boring old books come in handy. I could hug you!
Dupont: No time for hugs, monsieur! I suggest you go at once to Westminster Lane. There's a rumor that the Prince went there often at night!
Jack: You right, Dupont! We still don't know what the Prince was doing in such an unusual place in the middle of the night. Do you think he was meeting someone?
Jack (pumping his fist): Come on <Name>, let's head to Westminster Lane, there isn't a moment to lose!

Investigate London Bus.
Jack (pointing at his watch): Right, <Name>, we have until sunset to solve this case! What did you find?!
Jack: That diary you've found has the Prince's name on it! And look at his last entry: "I don't want to be the Prince anymore!".
Jack: Woah, this victim just got interesting! We need to find out more about this! Let's see what that grease stain can tell us. Better collect a sample.
Jack: That torn paper's got to tell us something, <Name>. I've got a good feeling about it. Let's put it back together.
Jack: And what's that? Someone's left their shopping bags on the street? I know you're a good Samaritan, but there isn't time to look for a Lost and Found!
Jack (pumping his fist): Well, if you think there's something in there, get searching!

Examine Shopping Bags.
Jack (excitedly): I'll be a monkey's uncle! Those shopping bags you found on that London street did have something interesting in them. This... this jeweled orb!
Jack: It looks royal. Is it part of the Crown Jewels? But what's it doing here?!
Jack (pumping his fist): You're right, we gotta solve this mystery. Look, there's some substance on this orb. Let's get a sample for testing!

Examine Orb.
Jack (pumping his fist): Great job! That sample you collected is bound to tell us what this orb was doing on the crime scene! Let's get it to Lars!

Examine Clear Substance.
(Before examining Clear Substance)
Lars (shocked): Dudes! I am so sorry! I can't help with this substance, our babysitter just called – one of our daughters just tried to hot-wire my Harley!
Jack: Your daughter tried to steal your motorbike?! Woah, even your kids are cool!
Lars (nervously): They're very gifted... But anyway, don't worry. I just got this new microscope, it's super easy to use – you just match molecules. You can use that to analyze this substance you got from the orb.
Jack (pumping his fist): Don't worry, man. <Name> and I will give this new microscope a whirl! Let's analyze this substance!
(After examining Clear Substance)
Jack: <Name>! That substance you found on that orb was sweat! And according to the database, it matches Enid Grimshaw!
Jack: How did this end up on the crime scene? Did that chambermaid steal it?!
Jack (pumping his fist, angrily): Come on! That chambermaid's got a story to tell and we need to hear it!

Ask Enid Grimshaw if she stole the orb.
Jack: <Name> found the golden orb on Westminster Lane, Enid. Come on, did you steal it?!
Enid (shocked): I'm no thief! The Prince gave it to me!
Jack: Are we supposed to believe that?!
Enid (blushing): Well... if you need to know... We were in love! We were lovers!
Jack: What?! I don't want to be harsh. But doesn't every girl imagine a prince being in love with her? Surely it was just a fling?
Enid (angrily): If he didn't love me, why did he teach me how to horse ride?! Why did he give me precious jewels?! Why did he meet me every night in secret on Westminster Lane and kiss me beneath the moon?!
Enid (wiping away a tear): We loved each other... Oh, Albert. "Goodnight, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest".
Jack: It seems falling for a prince isn't always a fairy tale. I hope you aren't hiding any more secrets from us, Enid.

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: That torn paper you found on the crime scene was a newspaper!
Jack: Look! That headline's about our victim and Gilchrist! "What a total Banker: Prince Albert speaks out against Gilchrist".
Jack: So, it turns out the banker we met on the crime scene does have a motive for getting rid of the Prince! The Prince spoke out against him!
Jack (pumping his fist): Let's go find out more from Gilchrist. Come on, this could keep us out of jail!

Ask Archibald Gilchrist why the Prince disliked him.
Jack: So Gilchrist, what did you do to annoy the Prince so much he "spoke out" against you in a newspaper?
Archibald (shocked): Ah. You found that. Dash it all, I wanted to keep that secret.
Archibald: You see, the Prince took issue with my bank's plan to turn children's hospitals into shopping centers...
Jack (shocked): That's... That's just plain evil!
Archibald: There's nothing evil about profit! Becoming the richest bank in the world is worth a few sick children, if you ask me!
Archibald (angrily): Anyway, we had to cancel the project after the Prince spoke against it. Now we're so skint, I've had to stop adding sugar to my tea! Can you imagine?!
Jack (angrily): So the Prince stopped your devilish plan? Excuse me if I don't shed a tear. <Rank> <Name> will be keeping a close eye on you!

Examine Diary.
Jack (pumping his fist): Excellent work collecting that grease sample from the victim's diary. Let's hope Lars has time to analyze it...

Analyze Grease.
Lars (happily): Hey guys! That grease you sent over made me kinda hungry, so I thought I'd get in some pizza and beers, if you like?
Jack (pointing at his watch): Sorry bro, we're on the clock here! We need to solve this case before sunset or we go to jail!
Lars (crossing his arms): Woah! Bad times, dude! I'll be quick then. The grease you found blew my mind. At first, I thought it was from duck meat. But then I realized... it's from swan meat!
Lars: There's some ancient law against eating swan in England. The only person allowed to eat swan is... the Queen!
Jack: What?! So this proves the Queen of England read the Prince's diary! We need to go back and talk to Her Majesty!

Ask the Queen why she was interested in the Prince's diary.
Mary (waving): So you have brought us news concerning our grandson's murderer! Tell us immediately!
Jack: Well, we're finding it a bit hard, Your Majesty. What with us only having until sunset to solve the case!
Mary: Ah, we have heard that Count Rupert is causing you some... difficulty. Perhaps the threat of arrest will make you find this killer faster!
Jack: Okay, so there's no time for niceties – why did you read your grandson's diary?
Mary (angrily): Why shouldn't we look in his diary?! We were worried about him!
Mary: Albert was creeping out of the castle at night, he was having... opinions! Then I saw in that diary he no longer wanted to be prince!
Mary (grinning): It's not a simple thing to be royal. As Shakespeare says: "Uneasy is the head that wears the crown". A prince's job is to smile, wave and be handsome. That is all!
Mary (sadly): But perhaps Albert wanted more than that. Perhaps, we may have failed him. Don't fail him too, <Rank> <Name>!

Later, on Westminster Lane...
Jack: Seriously, what's wrong with these people?! The Queen's snooping? Albert's affair with the chambermaid?! And as for Count Rupert-
Rupert (glancing at his watch): There you are! One wanted to see if you had solved the murder yet? Time is ticking, after all. Sunset approaches!
Jack (smirking): For a Prince, you seem to be spending a lot of time following us. Haven't you got crowds to wave at or a servant to beat?!
Rupert (smirking): Very funny, Mr Archer. Some time in prison should wipe the smile off your face! See you very soon...
Jack: Man, I hope that guy's the killer! I would love to go to that castle and arrest that arrogant, stuck-up, self important-
Jack (pumping his fist): Hey, that's right, <Name>! The castle! If he's the killer, there's bound to be more clues there. Let's go check it out before it's too late!

Investigate Treasure Chests.
Jack (nervously): Time's running out, <Name>! Jail is getting closer, and I'm too pretty to go to prison! So, what did you find in the castle?!
Jack (pumping his fist): Nice discovery! That's a map of the London Underground. And look! Someone's circled "Westminster Lane"! That's where the Prince was found!
Jack: If this is a map to our murder scene, let's collect a sample of those hairs and see what they tell us!
Jack (disgusted): That tomb you found is creepy. Why are you so interested in it?
Jack: It's been recently opened? Well, better search through all those bones and stuff and see what you find. Rather you than me!

Examine Tube Map.
Jack (pointing at his watch): Awesome! You collected a hair sample from the London Underground map you found in the castle. Quick! Let's get this to Lars before our time runs out!

Analyze Hair.
Lars (happily): Guys, I know you don't have much time, so I'll be as fast as I can. That hair you found on that map of the London Underground is your killer's!
Jack: What?! Dude, how did you figure that out?!
Lars (crossing his arms, grinning): I found traces of the poison gas the killer used in the hair!
Lars: The hair was so damaged by damp, so I couldn't get any of the killer's DNA. I can, however, tell you something about them. Their blood type is A+!
Jack (pumping his fist): Swift work, dude. Come on <Name>! The sun is almost down and we are this close to catching Prince Albert's killer!

Examine Open Tomb.
Jack (nervously): Good work! What was this paper poppy doing in that tomb?! Everything else was ancient!
Jack (pumping his fist): Let's get it to Marina, making sense of random things is her specialty!

Analyze Poppy.
Marina (one hand on her hip): Well, <Name> and Archer, nice to see you again, it's-
Jack (smiling): Sorry, Marina. We don't have time for you to flirt with me and say how handsome I am. You need to tell us what that paper poppy <Name> found in the castle means!
Marina: I'll survive, Archer. Now <Name>, the poppy is an important symbol in Britain. Every year, people wear them to commemorate soldiers who've died in war.
Marina: This poppy's crinkled edges and discoloration suggests it's often been near cups of tea. A slight smell of manure tells me it was bought at a race track, probably by a horse rider.
Jack: Wait, tea and horses?! That poppy must belong to the killer!
Marina (pumping her fist, confidently): Yes! There's a lot of social pressure to wear a poppy in Britain, so if the killer lost this one, you can bet your life they got a new one.
Jack (pumping his fist): So the killer will be wearing a poppy! Excellent! We're one step closer, <Name>! Come on, there's not much time left!

Later, back at headquarters...
Jack (nervously): The sun is almost down and I can practically smell Count Rupert's dungeon! Please tell me you've got everything you need to catch this killer, <Name>?
Jack (pointing at his watch): You have?! Well, what are we waiting for?! Come on, let's arrest Prince Albert's murderer!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Enid Grimshaw, we know you killed Prince Albert. It'll be best if you just confess!
Enid (shocked): That ain't true! I ain't done nothing!
Jack: Your hair on this London Underground map proves you killed him!
Enid (biting her nails): Nonsense! I'm a good girl, I am!
Jack: <Rank> <Name> found the Shakespearean message you wrote about dead Princes!
Enid (crying): Please stop. Don't say any more!
Jack (angrily): We found your horse riding gloves in the Globe Theater. We know it was you!
Enid (wiping a tear): You... you found my gloves. He... he bought those for me. I must have dropped them after I ran away.
Enid (angrily): I really did love him, you know. I didn't know it would kill him. They made me do it!
Jack: Who made you do it? Who are "they"?!
Enid (shocked): I don't know... I was sent a note. It said if I didn't do what they told me, they would kill me and Albert!
Enid (biting her nails): I was terrified. I told Albert, but he didn't take it seriously. But I didn't want us to die!
Enid (in love): So I left Albert that message, a quote from Shakespeare. It meant, "meet me in the usual place". Shakespeare quotes were our special, romantic code.
Enid (wiping a tear): As my instructions told me, I had hidden that device they'd sent me in the phone. Then I rang the phone...
Enid (crying): When I saw what happened... the gas... Albert dead. I didn't know what to do. I swear I never knew it was poison! I would never have killed him. I loved him!
Jack (sadly): I'm sorry Enid. If you can't tell us who made you do this, we'll have to hold you responsible. Enid Grimshaw, you're under arrest for the murder of Prince Albert.

Judge Adaku (crossing his arms): Order in the court! I'm Judge Adaku. The Bureau has just dragged me out of retirement in the Bahamas to run this court, so I'm not in the mood for forgiveness!
Judge Adaku: Enid Grimshaw, you stand accused of the murder of Prince Albert, heir to the throne of England. How do you plead?
Enid (wiping a tear): Guilty, your honor. I killed Albert whichever way you look at it.
Judge Adaku: You know in England the penalty for killing a member of the royal family is death by beheading?
Enid (shocked): No... you can't be serious... not my head! Please don't cut off my head!
Judge Adaku (holding the gavel): This is your lucky day, Ms Grimshaw. This is an international court. We don't behead people. So I hereby sentence you to 10 years in prison!

Jack: Not bad for your first day on the job, <Name>! Uncovering a prince's killer? Maybe I could learn something from you after all.
Chief Ripley (crossing her arms): It was the right decision to hire you, <Name>. There's clearly something bigger going on behind this murder! You need to work out who made Enid kill Prince Albert!
Jack (grinning): I'm guessing that means we're not going on a sight-seeing tour any time soon!
Guard (yelling): Jack Archer and <Rank> <Name>! The sun has set, you are now under arrest!
Jack: Oh jeez, I forgot about Count Rupert arresting us!
Rupert (smirking): Yes, one is looking forward to picking out your dungeon. A few months in there and you'll learn to respect royalty!
Mary (angrily): Not so fast, Rupert! These officers just solved our grandson's murder. They are free to go!
Rupert (holding his polo stick, shocked): But Grandmama, they were such horrid peasants, they-
Mary (grinning): Don't "Grandmama" us! We are the Queen of England! You are going back to the castle at once to learn a few lessons in manners and respect, Poo-pert!
Rupert (blushing, embarrassed): ... Sorry Grandmama...
Mary (waving): We are most grateful for your service, <Rank> <Name>. If there is anything we can ever do for you, you have only to ask.
Jack (grinning): I wouldn't say no to a knighthood, if you're offering!
Mary: Jack Archer, we are STILL not amused.

Europe in Crisis 1

Chief Elizabeth Ripley (hands on her hips, pleased): Excellent work finding Prince Albert's killer, <Name>. But I have a hunch this investigation has only just begun!
Chief Ripley (crossing her arms): Remember Enid told us that someone blackmailed her into killing the Prince, we need to find out if she's telling the truth!
Chief Ripley (hands on her hips): I've got a feeling that Prince Albert's murder is related to the recent attacks across Europe.
Jack (winking): Sure thing, boss! Come on, <Name>, let's return to the crime scene. We need to-
Guard (yelling): <Rank> <Name>! Her Majesty demands to speak to you!
Jack: You again?! Can't you guys just say "Hello"?
(Guard leaves)
Jack (happily): So what to do first, <Name>? Chit-chat with the Queen or pound the London pavement?

Figure out why The Queen needs our help.
Mary (waving): <Rank> <Name>, after your noble service uncovering our grandson's murderer, we feel we can trust you with another royal mission!
Mary: Count Rupert has gone missing! He's always been something of a scoundrel, but after Prince Albert's killing, the Royal Family cannot afford another scandal.
Jack: ... You do know we're a police agency, right? Not some kind of VIP babysitting service! Besides, Rupert tried to have us arrested! Let him stay lost.
Mary (sadly): My guards spent all night looking for him! We are afraid he may have been kidnapped... or worse!
Jack: Fine, the last thing we want is another dead prince. Where was Rupert last seen?
Mary (grinning): In the castle's jewel house! That greedy rascal is forever trying on the crown jewels!
Jack (pumping his fist): Well, <Name>, you can find a needle in a haystack, so a prince in a jewel house should be a piece of scone!

Investigate Treasure Room.
Jack (smiling): Nice jewelry box you found in that castle! I bet you there's something interesting in there, let's go through it!

Examine Jewelry Box.
Jack: So, what did you find in among those jewels? A theater ticket? ... and Count Rupert's name is on it!
Jack: So while all those guards were hunting for him, Count Rupert was at the theater?! Man, just when you think someone can't get more self-absorbed!
Jack: Let's go let Rupert know that all the Queen's horses and all the Queen's men have been looking for him!

Tell Count Rupert the Queen is looking for him.
Jack: Where the hell have you been, Count Rupert?! What are you doing hiding in a theater?!
Rupert (holding his polo stick, sadly): Oh goodie, one's been discovered! One came here to escape that ghastly castle! Grandmama's being forcing one to practice royal waving...
Jack: Your worried grandmother's the one who sent us. She thought you'd been kidnapped!
Rupert (puts down his polo stick, angrily): Poppycock! The only thing she worries about is her reputation!
Rupert (picks up his polo stick, sweating): Now, leave me alone. One is very busy with... jolly important things!
Jack: You seem nervous, Rupert. Is something wrong?
Rupert (sweating, angrily): NOTHING is wrong! One... er... just can't find my mobile phone. My bloody valet lost it! Here, take this money and go see a show and leave me alone!

Investigate Westminster Lane.
Jack: Nice work, but if you think this torn paper's relevant, you should put it back together before this London rain dissolves it!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack (pumping his fist): That paper you restored has Enid's name on it! This is exactly what we were looking for!
Jack (grinning): But the rain's got to the rest of the text... you can retrieve the writing? Great, let's go!

Examine Threatening Note.
Jack: So that message you found in the street reads: "Enid Grimshaw, we will kill you and your entire family"!
Jack: <Name>! You understand what this is?! It's the blackmail message which got Enid to kill Prince Albert!
Jack: Come on, let's see what Dupont can work out from this paper!

Analyze Threatening Note.
Dupont (angrily): Sacre bleu, <Name>! I see you have a new crime to investigate! A crime against art! Against history! Against-
Jack: Get to the point, Dupont!
Dupont (shouting): That page you found on the London street was torn from a thousand-year old manuscript! And they defiled it further by writing on it!
Dupont: The manuscript in question is an ancient text regarding a long lost cult. You see that symbol? That is their mark.
Jack: Wait... that symbol looks familiar... Where have I seen that before?
Jack (shocked): <Name>, that's right! Brother Klaus! He has that symbol on his necklace! He's in a cult! Why does that not surprise me?!
Jack (pumping his fist, angrily): Do you think that means Klaus wrote this message?! Let's go find out!

Ask Brother Klaus what he knows about the threatening note.
Jack (angrily): So, Brother Klaus, you blackmailed Enid Grimshaw into killing the Prince! And don't play coy, the symbol on the note matches your necklace!
Brother Klaus (disgusted): You come to accuse me again of murder! And this time because of my necklace?! How dare you! This is the symbol of my ancient order!
Jack: Oh really, so are you saying you've never seen this note before?
Brother Klaus (shocked): That... that paper. This cannot be... That paper is from the Manuscript! But it hasn't been seen for centuries!
Brother Klaus (shouting): Give it to me! Even with that message scrawled on it!
Jack: Not so fast, Klaus. Someone in your "ancient order" wrote this note, we're going to keep you in custody until you tell us who it was!

Later, back at headquarters...
Jack: So, it looks like Brother Klaus's organization was behind the Prince's murder! Let's keep him in custody for a while and see if it makes him talkative!
Jack: As for Prince Charmless, he seemed pretty nervous about his lost mobile. Do you think he's hiding something?
Jack (grinning): Hmmmm if we find Count Rupert's phone, maybe we'll discover what he's up to.
Jack (winking): Good idea! We last saw him in the theater, let's go back there and find out what he's up to!

Investigate Theater Stage.
Jack (excitedly): So you found Count Rupert's phone, nice work buddy! But look, it's locked... think it's treason to unlock it?
Jack (winking): Haha, I won't tell if you won't! Come on, let's unlock this phone!

Examine Cell Phone.
Jack (pumping his fist): Good job! You got Count Rupert's mobile phone unlocked! Let's get it to Elliot and see what Rupert's hiding from us!

Analyze Cell Phone.
Elliot (grinning): Well, well, so Archer's hacking into a royal phone! I wonder if that's high treason or just the regular kind...
Jack: Be a sport, Elliot! We'll never have an opportunity to find out what Count Rupert's up to!
Elliot: Hmm... it's gonna cost you. Here's the deal: I tell you what's on the phone if you clean my office every week for a month! Deal?
Jack (angrily): ... Fine! You've got a deal.
Elliot (grinning): You were right, Count Rupert IS up to something. His online banking account shows he got a wire transfer two days ago for over £1 million!
Jack: That's got suspicious written all over it! Where did the money come from?
Elliot: That's the thing, it was sent from the European Central Bank. Why are they giving money to royalty?!
Jack (pumping his fist): I don't know. But I bet I know a guy who does – Archibald Gilchrist. He works for the European Central Bank! Let's go have a chat with him!
Elliot (smirking): Come back soon, Archer. And bring a mop!

Ask Archibald Gilchrist about his relationship with Count Rupert.
Archibald (holding his walking stick): Ah, <Rank> <Name>, a pleasure to see you, care for afternoon tea?
Jack: Ugh! Only a few days in England and I'm already sick of tea!
Archibald: Well, why not have a burger instead? My bank's private chef just made some and I know you Americans love them.
Jack: Private chef? We thought your bank was short on money? Yet you paid Count Rupert around £1 million too!
Archibald (shocked): Bugger! You found that out? It was meant to be a secret!
Archibald (sweating): You see, with Prince Albert dead, the bank needs new royal support, otherwise we're done for! So we paid Count Rupert to say... nice things about us in public. That's all... honest!
Jack: How many "nice things" can £1 million get?! Come on, <Name>, let's get out of here. And I'm taking the burger!
(After talking to Archibald Gilchrist)
Jack: Do you really think that Gilchrist paid Count Rupert all the money just to say "nice things" about the European Central Bank? It sounds crazy!
Jack: You're right. Maybe we can get the truth out of Rupert. We need to take his mobile phone back to him anyway. Alright, let's see what he has to say!

Ask Count Rupert about his relationship with Archibald Gilchrist.
Jack: We thought you might want your phone back, Count Rupert.
Rupert (excitedly): You found it! How glorious, maybe one was wrong about-
Rupert (angrily): You unlocked it! One ought to have you horsewhipped!
Jack (grinning): I wouldn't do that. Because then we'd just have to tell your "Grandmama" about the big fat bribe you took from Archibald Gilchrist!
Rupert (holding his polo stick, sweating): No! Don't do that! Please! I'll tell you everything! Gilchrist... Gilchrist gave me the money and all one has to do is use one's royal reputation to support a "yes vote" in some referendum.
Jack (confused): What referendum?!
Rupert: No idea. One doesn't care for politics. But one cares deeply for cold hard cash!
Rupert (puts down polo stick, sweating): One's told you everything, now please don't tell Grandmama what I've done! I'll even make you honorary nobles to keep my secret! Here have Albert's royal uniform.
Jack: We can't promise anything, Rupert! But, you need to start behaving like a proper Prince! No more dungeons and bribes! Promise?
Rupert (holding his polo stick, blushing): ... One promises...

Later, at The Bureau's European HQ...
Chief Ripley (hands on her hips): <Name>, there you are! I've been looking for you all over the place. I've bad news – we've had to release Brother Klaus.
Jack (pumping his fist, angrily): What?! But his "ancient order" is responsible for the Prince's murder!
Chief Ripley (crosses her arms): Our evidence against him isn't strong enough, besides, someone paid for a very expensive lawyer to represent him.
Jack: Where does a mad monk get the money for a big lawyer? Something stinks with that guy and it's not just his filthy robes!
Chief Ripley (hands on her hips): We've got bigger things to worry about, <Name>. We're no nearer to working out who is behind the recent chaos and with the referendum in only a few weeks-
Jack: Referendum?! That's what Count Rupert was talking about! What's the vote for?
Chief Ripley (crosses her arms): With all the violence and bloodshed in Europe, the European Parliament has arranged a referendum on uniting Europe under one government. No more Britain, Germany, or France, just "The United States of Europe"!
Jack: United States of Europe? Sounds like a big deal! But why is Archibald Gilchrist supporting it?!
Chief Ripley: I've got a bad feeling about Gilchrist, too. We'll keep an eye on him whilst <Name>'s away.
Jack (nervously): Away? Where is <Name> going?
Chief Ripley (hands on her hips, happily): We're sending you to France! Dupont just heard on his "historian grapevine" that the manuscript has been found at an auction in Paris!
Jack (shocked): What?! You get to go to Paris! Beautiful boulevards, amazing food and stunning women? And I'm stuck in rainy old London.
Elizabeth (crosses her arms, winking): Cheer up, Archer! Have a cup of tea.