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On the finish line of the Road Rage Rally...
Rally Presentator: Welcome back to Mazunda, where front runner Lily Karam is seconds away from clinching victory at the 23rd 3R Race!
(Carmen is wearing a black-and-white racing jacket and yellow-and-orange face paint.)
Carmen (waving a black-and-white checkered flag): This is fantastic, <Name>. The roar of the crowd, the anticipation!
Carmen (putting flag down): I know we're on the trail of a SOMBRA diamond-smuggling operation that we've tracked through Africa...
Carmen: But our every move has been hindered by a SOMBRA mole inside the Bureau!
Carmen: But I'm grateful they've chosen the famous 3R race to conceal their smuggling operation. What a stake-out!
Rally Presentator: Here's Karam in the De Brills Diamonds-sponsored car flying up the track now!
Rally Presentator: I've never seen anything like this! In her very first year, Lily Karam has won the 3R race!
Rally Presentator: But there's something wrong! Lily is dragging someone from her car - her co-driver Nomena Leroy is unconscious!
Carmen: This doesn't sound good, <Name>! We'd better go see if we can help!

At the finish line...
Carmen: Lily! Are you okay? What's wrong with your co-driver?
Lily: I don't know! Halfway through the race, she started feeling sick. There was nothing I could do!
Carmen: It's okay, Lily. I'll take off this rally gear while <Name> checks up on your co-driver in the finish line!

Chapter 1

Investigate Finish Line.
(Carmen is now back in her regular clothes.)
Carmen Martinez: We're too late, <Name>! Nomena Leroy is dead! And it wasn't natural causes - look at her blackened arm!
Carmen: What about those diamonds in Nomena's hand? And that pouch of diamonds you picked up?
Carmen: We're here to stop SOMBRA smuggling diamonds, and we find a woman murdered with diamonds in her hands? That can't be a coincidence!
Carmen: Nomena's death has to be connected with these smugglers - and her murder probably is too!
Carmen: I agree, <Name>, collecting a sample from that stain on the pouch is a good first step.
Carmen: That's a De Brills Racing wallet! Do you think it was Nomena's? Then we should have a look inside!
Carmen: And as for Lily, she was right in the car with her! Maybe she can tell us what happened to Nomena during the race!
Carmen: I know we came here to stop SOMBRA's smuggling, <Name>. But hopefully solving this murder will lead us straight to them!

Talk to Lily Karam about her co-driver's death.
Carmen: Lily, I'm sorry for what happened, but <Name> needs to have a word. What happened to Nomena?
Lily: I don't know. Nomena was fine when we started the run, but halfway through she said she felt sick, then she passed out!
Carmen: She passed out during the race and you didn't stop to help her?
Lily: Stop where? The course is a narrow jungle track! I knew it was serious, but there was nothing I could do! I had to finish the race to get assistance.
Carmen: Lily, when we found Nomena she was holding some very expensive diamonds in her hands. Did you know she had them?
Lily: I'd never seen them before!
Lily: I don't know what Nomena was involved in, but without her assistance I was lucky to finish the race in one piece! She put me in serious danger!
Carmen: Umm, alright. Well, if you start feeling sick, get to a doctor straight away.

Examine Pouch of Diamonds.
Carmen: Let's get this sample to Lars and these diamonds secured! They must be worth a fortune!

Analyze Yellow Liquid.
Lars: This was an amazing find, <Name>. Rich and complex, a toasty, nutty aroma...
Carmen: I'm confused. Weren't you supposed to be testing the substance on the pouch of diamonds <Name> found next to the body?
Lars: That's what I did! It turns out the stain on the pouch was Champagne!
Lars: Angela found no Champagne on the victim, so it must have come from the killer!
Carmen: So the killer drinks Champagne! What kind of killer toasts their own murder?
Carmen: I agree, <Name>, we've got a lot more work to do! But at least we know her killer drinks Champagne!

Examine Wallet.
Carmen: What does that note from Nomena's wallet say, <Name>? "Meet me at the Art Gallery"?
Carmen: That must be the Lumumba Art Gallery, where the rally prizes are being awarded! Let's get there ready, set, go!

Investigate Art Gallery.
Carmen: You found a derringer pistol, <Name>? Who would bring a gun to a cocktail party? We should dust it for prints.
Carmen: And you can't help yourself, can you? Got to look at every pile of torn up paper you can.
Carmen: But you're usually right about these things. Let's put that paper back together and see what we can find!

Examine Gun.
Carmen: Looks like you got a complete set of prints on that gun, <Name>! Let's run them through the database!

Examine Fingerprints.
Carmen: The fingerprints on that gun you found in the art gallery match Lavinia De Brills?
Carmen: We know De Brills Diamonds have sponsored a racing team, so Lavinia's presence makes sense, but what is she doing with that fancy firepower?
Carmen: I think we should have a word with Lavinia De Brills about her sudden interest in firearms, <Name>!

Ask Lavinia De Brills about her gun.
Carmen: Ms De Brills, <Rank> <Name> found this gun with your fingerprints on it.
Lavinia: You found my derringer, <Rank> <Name>! I can be awfully forgetful at these soirées. So many hands to shake.
Carmen: Would you care to explain why you're at a cocktail party armed?
Lavinia: After you warned me in Kenya of that shady organization following me, I decided to take my personal safety more seriously!
Carmen: Ms De Brills, we have reason to believe the same organization is using the rally to smuggle diamonds through Mazunda.
Lavinia: You mean the diamonds these swine have been stealing from me? Well, it's a relief to have you here then, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: It goes beyond diamonds. We're investigating the murder of Nomena Leroy. She was the co-driver of the De Brills Racing Team. Did you know her?
Lavinia: Perhaps I met that girl once or twice, but I can't recall.
Lavinia: You have to excuse me. I am so frightfully busy at these events.
Carmen: Please be careful, Ms De Brills. This killer is ruthless, highly motivated, and still on the loose!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: <Name>, that's the check they're presenting to the winner of the 3R Race!
Carmen: You're right, not only is there a coat of arms for Mazunda, the crown of Mazunda itself is presenting the money!
Carmen: Wait a minute, we know the Prince of Mazunda! It's Prince Abioye! Does that mean he's returned to Mazunda?
Carmen: I thought he was in exile because of the diamond smugglers plaguing his country! Now the Prince returns for a race we know is a front for diamond smuggling?
Carmen: I think talking to Prince Abioye is a royal idea, <Name>!

Question Prince Abioye about his return to Mazunda.
Carmen: Prince Abioye! After <Name> caught your would-be assassin in South Africa, I thought you'd want to keep a low profile.
Carmen: Now we find you preparing to award the winner of the 3R race with a $1 million check!
Abioye: It is good to see you, <Rank> <Name>! The people of Mazunda begged for my return, and it is why I am here.
Carmen: You sound very cheerful, considering there's been a gruesome murder! And quite a coincidence that our investigation into the diamond smuggling brought us to this very rally!
Abioye: I have heard about this murder. A terrible crime.
Abioye: And I know of these rumors of smuggling. But presenting this award is too important to Mazunda! I am a prince. I won't be forced into hiding like a tiny mouse.
Abioye: Now that you are here, <Rank> <Name>, you will catch these killers and smugglers. Then Mazunda's people will know justice.
Carmen: We will bring your justice, Prince Abioye. Let's just hope you are on the right side of it.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: Quite a mystery you brought me, <Name>. I had to dig into my old research to find out what poisoned Nomena Leroy!
Carmen: It must have been a strange poison to stump you, Angela.
Angela: That's because it wasn't a poison at all. It was a venom! Specifically, the venom of Bitis nasicornis!
Carmen: Bite-us what now?
Angela: The venom of the rhinoceros viper causes human flesh to rot, which explains the severe necrosis of Nomena's left arm.
Carmen: A snake bite? Could it have been an accident?
Angela: Not a chance! When I studied the entry wound, I found something quite peculiar. The snake that bit Nomena had its fangs filed in order to allow more venom to enter the victim.
Angela: It's a peculiar technique, and certainly dangerous for the surgeon as well as the snake. Whoever performed the operation must have extensive knowledge of ophiology.
Carmen: Ophiology? Come on, Angela. I don't have a dictionary in my pocket.
Angela: Ophiology's the study of snakes! The killer must have extensive knowledge of snakes!
Carmen: You heard Angela, <Name>. A snake-handling killer is on the loose, and we have to catch them in case they strike again!

Bureau Headquarters, later...
Carmen: Okay, <Name>, we were hoping to catch SOMBRA at the finish line of the Road Rage Rally, but instead we stumbled on a murder!
Carmen: Nomena Leroy was killed by a snake bite and clutching diamonds in her hand.
Carmen: We know SOMBRA was using the race as a cover for a diamond smuggling operation...
Carmen: And if SOMBRA's involved, there's got to be more shipments than those we found! So where's the rest of the shipment?
Carmen: And was Nomena working for SOMBRA, or did she steal those diamonds?
Carmen: Hopefully, catching her killer will bring us closer than ever to SOMBRA!
Carmen: Let's just hope we can make some headway with a traitor on our team!
Angela: <Name>! I've done some more tests on Nomena and the snake bite that killed her...
Angela: And I know exactly where she was killed!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: Okay, <Name>, we were hoping to catch SOMBRA at the finish line of the Road Rage Rally, but instead we stumbled on a murder!
Carmen: Nomena Leroy was killed by a snake bite and clutching diamonds in her hand.
Carmen: We know SOMBRA was using the race as a cover for a diamond smuggling operation...
Carmen: And if SOMBRA's involved, there's got to be more shipments than those we found! So where's the rest of the shipment?
Carmen: And was Nomena working for SOMBRA, or did she steal those diamonds?
Carmen: Hopefully, catching her killer will bring us closer than ever to SOMBRA!
Carmen: Let's just hope we can make some headway with a traitor on our team!
Angela: <Name>! I've done some more tests on Nomena and the snake bite that killed her...
Angela: And I know exactly where she was killed!
Angela: The venom of the rhinoceros viper takes roughly 6 hours to cause cardiac arrest.
Angela: There's only one place Nomena could have been bitten 6 hours previous to her death: the jungle pit stop, the last place they would have stopped during the race!
Carmen: This is just what we needed, <Name>! Let's see if we can catch up to our killer at the jungle pit stop!

Investigate Pit Stop.
Carmen (taking pictures with her camera): I know it's not the time, <Name>, but I'm getting some great behind-the-scene shots of the 3R Race!
Carmen: I couldn't find any leads on Nomena's murder, unfortunately. Did you have any luck?
Carmen: That glass jar has a snake skin inside! Why would someone be carrying that around?
Carmen: You're right, the jar might have been used to transport the snake that killed Nomena! There's residue left on the skin! Let's see if we can vacuum up a sample.
Carmen: That torn paper seems out of place too - let's put it back together!
Carmen: And this is a spike trap! That's used for puncturing car tires in police pursuits! If you hit one on a rally track, you could be killed!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>. There's a substance on the spikes! Let's collect a sample and see if we can identify our saboteur!

Examine Spike Trap.
Carmen: That substance you collected looks like blood, <Name>! It's not surprising, considering how sharp spike traps are.
Carmen: Let's get this sample under the microscope and see if we can find a match in the Bureau's database!

Examine Blood.
Carmen: The blood on this spike trap is a match for Thomas Moulin?
Carmen: <Name>, Thomas Moulin is the six-time winner of the 3R Race! He's one of the greatest rally racers that have ever lived!
Carmen: You think if his blood is on this spike trap, it means he was trying to sabotage the De Brills Racing Team?
Carmen: I'm sure it's a misunderstanding Moulin will correct in person, <Name>!

Question Thomas Moulin about the spike trap.
Carmen: Mr Moulin! It's a pleasure to see the winner of the last six 3R races! I'm a big fan!
Thomas: Not another fan! Not now, I'm busy...
Carmen: Umm, I'm sorry... This is <Rank> <Name> from the Bureau.
Carmen: We're actually here to talk to you about the murder of Nomena Leroy.
Thomas: She was the co-driver for De Brills Racing, yes? The team that beat me this year. So what?
Carmen: Well, we found a spike trap at the De Brills pit stop with your blood on it. You have to admit it doesn't look good...
Thomas: So I tried to puncture their tires, so what? This is just a little joke. All the teams do this - sugar in the gas tanks, spiders in the vents, this sort of thing.
Thomas: You should not worry so much. Maybe join me for a glass of Champagne back at the lodge?
Carmen: Umm, thank you, no. The mood's passed.

Examine Snake Skin.
Carmen: If that snake skin belongs to the snake that killed Nomena, that powder could lead us straight to the killer! Let's get it to Lars, stat!

Analyze Yellow Powder.
(Lars' face is swollen red throughout the time he gives the results.)
Lars: Bad news, <Name>.
Carmen: Arghhhh! Lars! What's wrong with your face?
Carmen: What happened to you? You look like someone tried to inflate you!
Lars: About that, the powder you collected from the snake skin? I might have accidentally inhaled some of it...
Carmen: Oh my God! Is it poison?
Lars: Not exactly. Your sample contained traces of peanuts in it and I have a minor peanut allergy.
Carmen: Minor? Lars, it looks like you have three sets of lips on your face!
Lars: It's really not so bad. <Name>, the powder you collected was groundnut catfish maafe, a traditional fish and peanut curry from Mazunda.
Carmen: The killer must have used the jar to transport the snake and left some of their lunch behind!
Carmen: So our killer eats maafe. Thanks, Lars!
Carmen: Now please, go and treat yourself! If Jack sees you like that he'll have an aneurysm.

Carmen: We've found the skin from the snake that was used to kill Nomena, but where's the snake itself?
Ingrid: Hey, <Name>! Did you know Lily is accepting the trophy for winning the 3R Race?
Carmen: Wait, they're going ahead with the ceremony? Lily's co-driver is dead!
Carmen: I agree, <Name>! Something's wrong here! Let's go!

At the art gallery...
Lily (raising the trophy): This has taken too long, but I'm here now! I won! Thank you everybody!
Carmen: Lily, I can't believe this! Your co-driver is dead and you're here celebrating your victory?
Lily (holding the trophy): Was I supposed to refuse the award? I worked too hard and for too long for that!
Carmen: I understand your pride, but I expected a little more compassion.
Lily: Compassion's not my thing, <Rank> <Name>. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to celebrate my victory with a glass of Champagne!
(Lily leaves.)
Carmen: I'm shocked, <Name>, I really am. I expected better from her.
Carmen: I guess you're right. Since we're here, might as well take a look around.

Investigate Buffet Tables.
Carmen: That's Prince Abioye on the front of that newspaper!
Carmen: I can't make out what it says. Let's dust the newspaper and see what we can find!
Carmen: And that cellphone is... quite tacky! Is that a golden snake on it? We'd better unlock it, I agree!

Examine Locked Cellphone.
Carmen: Drats! You got that phone unlocked, but everything's encrypted!
Carmen: Luckily, we got the best code-breaker in the world on our side, <Name>! Let's get the phone to Elliot!

Analyze Encrypted Cellphone.
Elliot (with earphones on, singing): I'm alive... I'm dead... I am the stranger...
Carmen: Elliot! If you have a second! We need the results of that phone!
Elliot (taking off earphones): <Name>! Carmen! I was just... not singing...
Elliot: Anyway, the encryption on that phone was pretty standard stuff, expensive but generic.
Elliot: Which makes sense when you're the heiress of De Brills Diamonds.
Carmen: So the phone is Lavinia's! Did you find anything inside?
Elliot: One message did catch my interest... "This is not a negotiation! Do what you're told!" And you'll never guess who it was sent to: Nomena!
Carmen: Lavinia threatened Nomena? Last time we spoke to her, she said she couldn't remember who she was!
Carmen: I'd say it's time we talk to Lavinia, <Name>, and ask what this message was about!

Question Lavinia about her threat to the victim.
(Lavinia is drunk and holding a glass of Champagne.)
Lavinia: <Rank> <Name>! How lovely to see you again!
Carmen: Are you okay, Ms De Brills? It seems like you've had a few too many glasses of Champagne!
Lavinia (swirling the glass): I'm not okay! I lost... my favorite phone! It has a big golden snakey thing on it! I love snakey things, don't you?
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> found your phone. And your threat to Nomena!
Lavinia: The girl wanted her own car for next year's rally! She hadn't even finished this one and she was making demands!
Carmen: That's odd. Your message sounded more like you were forcing Nomena to do something!
Lavinia: I don't even talk... what you're knowing about!
Lavinia: I'm hungry! I think I'll have some more of that maafe!
(Lavinia leaves.)
Carmen: It's useless, <Name>. She's drunk as a skunk.

Examine Faded Newspaper.
Carmen: Prince Abioye sure is making news. He's being investigated for corruption!
Carmen: Prince Abioye told us he had returned from his exile to fight for Mazunda, not because he was back to line his pockets!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, let's see what he says. We've got our lead, now let's interview the source!

Question Prince Abioye about the corruption scandal.
Abioye: <Rank> <Name>, welcome! Would you care to join me for some traditional Mazundan maafe?
Carmen: How about you tell <Rank> <Name> what you know about these corruption allegations!
Abioye: Oh yes, this is quite embarrassing.
Abioye: No one in power is innocent. I have done things in my past, things I am not proud of.
Carmen: I can't believe it! All this time you acted noble, you were as dirty as the rest of them!
Abioye: You must understand. Many years ago, Mazunda was a poor nation.
Abioye: Powerful men paid the Crown large amounts of money to ignore their criminal enterprise.
Abioye: But I saw the damage it was doing to my people. So I am fighting this corruption. This is why these things are being printed. I am a threat!
Carmen: How can we believe you now? <Rank> <Name> saves your life and then you lie to us?
Abioye: I have never lied to you, <Rank> <Name>. Lying is for small men. I swear I know nothing of this murder, nothing of the people who killed her.
Carmen: I hope <Rank> <Name> can believe you, Prince Abioye. No one is above the law, not even you!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: That's a photo of our victim. She must be 11 or 12, and it looks like she's won a go-cart championship!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>, that little girl beside her looks familiar...
Carmen: That's Ninah Zafy! She's the mechanic we met in Madagascar! And it looks like she was friends with Nomena!
Carmen: Chances are, Ninah still works with Nomena on races, which means she must be around! She could tell us more about our victim. Let's have a chat with her!

Ask Ninah Zafy about her connection to Nomena.
Carmen: Ninah Zafy? <Rank> <Name> would like to have a word with you.
Ninah: It's nice to see you again, <Rank> <Name>, but I can't right now. After what happened to Nomena...
Carmen: Actually, that's why we're here. <Rank> <Name> found this photo of the two of you. We didn't know you were working for De Brills Racing.
Ninah: Nomena got me the job. We were like sisters. Her family took me in after my own folks died.
Ninah (holding back tears): When we were young, we did everything together. We even had a pet snake together! His name was Bitey. But since I started working on the rally, we haven't talked much.
Carmen: Ninah, we believe Nomena might have been involved with a diamond smuggling ring funded by a powerful criminal organization.
Ninah: Diamonds? I don't know anything about that...
Ninah: I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name>. I have to go. This whole pit stop has to be packed up by nightfall.

Bureau headquarters...
Carmen: A rally is a dirty place for a murder, <Name>, and we're a long way from the finish line.
Carmen: Nomena's murder has to be connected to SOMBRA's diamond smuggling ring, but we don't know how!
Carmen: Where did those diamonds in Nomena's hand come from and where is the rest of the shipment?
Marina: <Name>! You have to talk some sense into him! He's going nuts!
Carmen: Marina, are you okay? Who's going nuts?
Marina: Jonah! He's furious that you're interrogating his sister for murder! He's threatening to leave the Bureau!

Chapter 3

Carmen Martinez: A rally is a dirty place for a murder, <Name>, and we're a long way from the finish line.
Carmen: Nomena's murder has to be connected to SOMBRA's diamond smuggling ring, but we don't know how!
Carmen: Where did those diamonds in Nomena's hand come from and where is the rest of the shipment?
Marina: <Name>! You have to talk some sense into him! He's going nuts!
Carmen: Marina, are you okay? Who's going nuts?
Marina: Jonah! He's furious that you're interrogating his sister for murder! He's threatening to leave the Bureau!
Carmen: He wants to leave? After everything we've been through, I can't believe he would resent our work!
Jonah: That's because you're wrong! I know Lily's not involved in this murder!
Jonah: I'm going to prove it! Someone out there knows where these smugglers are and I'm going to find out the old-fashioned way!
(Jonah leaves, slamming the door in the process.)
Carmen: Jonah! Wait!
Marina: I'll try to keep Jonah from hurting anyone, but please, <Name>, wrap up this investigation as fast as you can!
Carmen: We need to work fast, <Name>. I know what Jonah's capable of! We need to get back to the finish line and find something!

Investigate Race Tracks.
Carmen: We need to find Nomena's killer before Jonah does something stupid, <Name>. Did you find anything?
Carmen: Those are Nomena's pacenotes! They're the instructions the co-driver calls out to the driver during the rally!
Carmen: But it looks like something else was written on the opposite page! Let's see if we can recover it.
Carmen: That camcorder might have captured part of the action we missed! Let's unlock it and see what's on it!
Carmen: But what is that envelope of cash doing here? There's a message on it: "You can't buy my loyalty, Nomena."
Carmen: Our victim tried to bribe someone?
Carmen: There's no signature, but that substance on the envelope might tell us who wrote this! Come on, <Name>! With Jonah and the killer out there, it's only a matter of time until someone else gets hurt!

Examine Faded Pacenotes.
Carmen: The message on Nomena's pacenotes reads, "Do your job or you're dead!"
Carmen: And it was written by Lily?! I can't believe she threatened her co-driver!
Carmen: Jonah's not going to be happy with us, but we need to ask Lily about this message!

Ask Lily about her threat to Nomena.
Carmen: Lily, what the heck is this message on Nomena's pacenotes about?! Did you really threaten to kill her?
Lily: I did, but only because Nomena almost killed US! After the first week, she stopped doing her research on the courses! I was driving blind!
Lily: I had to write those pacenotes myself! I left that message so she'd start doing her job!
Carmen: Lily, I know this race meant a lot to you, but...
Lily: You have no idea! I ate nothing but maafe for weeks! I ignored the flies, the heat, the black mambas crawling into our caravan...
Lily: And you want me to feel bad for her?
Carmen: Yes, because she's dead! God, Lily, I can't believe your brother's trying so hard to defend you!
Lily: My brother used to kill people for money. He left me behind. I'm surprised you trust him, honestly.
Lily: So unless you've got charges, <Rank> <Name>, leave me the hell alone!

Carmen: Lily's never been a warm person, <Name>, but I've never seen her like this. Let's hope we don't have any bad news for Jonah at the end of this.

Examine Envelope.
Carmen: Great! Let's get this sample to the lab and hope it tells us who Nomena tried to bribe!

Analyze Green Liquid.
(Lars' face is back to normal.)
Lars: Good to see you, <Name>! As you can see, I've recovered from my peanut allegry!
Lars: And I've got some good news on the sample you found on that envelope! It was propylene glycol!
Carmen: Of course! Engine coolant! Rally teams will often use their own mixture of coolant in their cars!
Lars: Exactly! And the chemical fingerprint of this coolant matches the one used by the De Brills Racing Team.
Carmen: So whoever refused Nomena's bribe must have been part of De Brills Racing!
Carmen: I agree, <Name>, let's talk to Ninah! Let's see why Nomena tried to pay her off!

Confront Ninah about Nomena's bribe.
Carmen: Would you care to explain to <Rank> <Name> why Nomena tried to "buy your loyalty"? Tell us what that money was about!
Ninah: I can explain! I was making maafe one night and Nomena came into my caravan, talking about a big score.
Ninah: I didn't know what to make of it, but after we had a bottle of Champagne, Nomena said she was smuggling diamonds during the race and she wanted my help!
Carmen: So Nomena WAS complicit in the diamond smuggling! Ninah, did she tell you where the rest of the diamonds are?
Ninah: I don't know. I didn't want any part of it. She gave me that money so I wouldn't talk.
Ninah: I was so angry! We were like sisters, and she paid me off like some kind of servant! I gave it back. That was the last time I saw her.
Carmen: Well, Ninah, I hope you're telling the truth, or you're going to wind up in a jam!

Examine Locked Camcorder.
Carmen: Hopefully this camcorder you unlocked will show us something when we watch the tape, <Name>!

Start of footage...
Cooper: Thomas Moulin! Cooper Anderson from Wolf News. Care to comment on your first loss in the 3R Race in seven years?
Thomas: I have no comment! That I lost to these stupid girls is unbelievable!
Cooper: You're referring to De Brills Racing... the team whose co-driver has been murdered?
Thomas: Yes, I know Nomena is dead. Good riddance! I told her she would die if she drove in this race!
Thomas: Get this camera out of my face! J'en ai marre de ces salades!

Footage ends...
Carmen: Did Thomas Moulin just admit to telling Nomena she'd die if she drove in this race?
Carmen: I can't believe I bought his world championship DVD series! Let's go bust Moulin's chops, <Name>!

Question Thomas about his threat to Nomena.
Carmen: Would you care to tell <Rank> <Name> why you told Nomena she would die if she drove in this race?
Thomas: Because she is young and stupid. Every year there is some accident, some problem.
Thomas: The mambas and the vipers: I had to study these snakes just to compete! The 3R Race is no place for a woman!
Carmen: So you're a raging misogynist. You couldn't bear the thought of a woman beating you, right? How far would you go to stop them?
Thomas: I thought the spike trap would be enough! I was wrong.
Thomas: Now they are saying my career is over. But you've not heard the last of Thomas Moulin!
Carmen: I don't think you'll do well in prison, which is where <Name> will send you if you're involved in this murder!

At headquarters...
Marina: I've calmed Jonah down, <Name>, but please tell me you found proof of Lily's innocence.
Carmen: I wish I could, but she was very aggressive and acting strangely. I don't think we can rule her out.
Carmen: Ninah confirmed that Nomena was smuggling the diamonds, but was she killed because of that or out of professional resentment?
Carmen: And we still don't know where the rest of the diamonds are! What if SOMBRA had managed to retrieve them?
Carmen: You're right, <Name>. Everything started at the jungle pit stop where Nomena was bitten! We've got to find a breakthrough or it'll be too late!

Investigate Repair Station.
Carmen: Is that Nomena's name on the toolbox? I know co-drivers help out with minor repairs during the rally... let's see if she was hiding anything inside!
Carmen: And that looks like a smashed-up video tape! Let's put it back together!

Examine Smashed Tape.
Carmen: That smashed-up tape you found at the pit stop looks important, <Name>! We need to see what's on it, pronto! Let's get it to Elliot!

Analyze Video Tape.
Elliot: You know what's great about this job, <Name>? How amazing I am at it!
Elliot: The tape you found at the pit stop was security footage. But there was this weird glitch in the footage!
Elliot: At first I thought it was a codec problem, but nothing seemed to work! Then I made my genius breakthrough!
Carmen: Don't keep <Name> waiting, Elliot! We've got a killer on the loose!
Elliot: The glitch wasn't a glitch, it was an image of something obscuring the camera lens! The killer must have covered the camera lens with a piece of African-patterned clothing to conceal the murder!
Carmen: So the killer wears this African pattern!

Examine Toolbox.
Carmen (holding a snake): Argh! Help me with this thing, <Name>! How did it even get to this toolbox?
(Carmen hands over the snake to the player.)
Carmen: Phew, thanks, <Name>! Let's get this snake to Lars! I have a suspicion we just made our breakthrough!

Analyze Snake.
Sanjay (holding the snake): Look what Lars gave me, <Name>! Her name is Craig!
Carmen: Sanjay! Put that snake down! Lars! Where are you? Get that thing locked away!
Lars: Don't worry, Carmen! This little fella <Name> pulled out of Nomena's toolbox wouldn't hurt a fly!
Lars: Although his fangs have been filed, which is consistent with the irregular bite mark on Nomena's hand...
Carmen: So this snake is our murder weapon, and you gave it to Sanjay to play with? I can not even, Lars!
Lars: I'm sorry... I didn't think...
Carmen: Just tell <Name> you've got something on the killer.
Lars: I do! You might have noticed the sharp spines on the rhino viper's back? Our killer cut themselves when handling it.
Lars: The blood wasn't fresh, so the DNA fingerprint was damaged, but I can tell you this: the killer has blue eyes!
Carmen: Our killer has blue eyes! Come on, <Name>! We're within striking distance!

After completing all the tasks...
Carmen: We're on the home stretch, <Name>. Time to arrest the killer and solve this mystery for good!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Lavinia De Brills! You're under arrest for the murder of Nomena Leroy!
Lavinia: I am quite sure I don't have a clue what you're talking about.
Carmen: The message you sent to Nomena: "Do what you're told!" That wasn't about the race, it was about the diamonds Nomena was smuggling for you!
Lavinia: What a marvelous imagination you have, <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen: So what happened, did Nomena want a bigger cut? She needed to go, but it had to look like an accident! That's why you planted the snake in her toolbox!
Lavinia: Toolbox, <Rank> <Name>? Do I look like a handyman to you?
Carmen: But I'm guessing you hadn't counted on Nomena stealing some of the diamonds for herself! Or us finding diamonds at the crime scene!
Carmen: Is that why you were carrying your derringer around? Were you afraid SOMBRA may come after you for your carelessness?
Lavinia: I don't need a gun for protection! I'm Lavinia De Brills, heiress of De Brills Diamonds! SOMBRA wouldn't dare touch me!
Lavinia: I killed that stupid little girl for having the gall to blackmail me. She threatened to talk if I didn't give her her own rally team! What tiny dreams these peasants harbor.
Carmen: So you WERE smuggling diamonds for SOMBRA! How long has this been going on?
Lavinia: I've been smuggling my diamonds illegally for years. To avoid taxes, for extra profit, anything to keep me from total boredom. But then SOMBRA asked me to move a massive shipment for them!
Carmen: So where is the rest of the shipment? If you tell <Rank> <Name> where the diamonds are, it might go easier for you!
Lavinia: Give up my diamonds? You've got to be out of your mind! Now, be a good little doggie and fetch me my phone call.
Carmen: You can call your lawyer, but your days of ordering people around are over! You're under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Lavinia De Brills. You have been found guilty of murder and the illegal trafficking of diamonds.
Judge Adaku: Your actions show a flagrant disregard for human life and contempt for international laws and treaties. Do you have anything to say in your defense?
Lavinia: I will not lower myself to speak up in this jumped-up kangaroo court. My lawyers will have you up to your necks in litigation!
Judge Adaku: I, for one, will take the greatest delight in watching your over-priced charlatans try to wriggle out of a murder confession.
Judge Adaku: Since you show no remorse for your crimes, and an unwillingness to comply with the requests of officers, this court sentences you to 50 years in prison.
Lavinia: I swear to you, I'll never do a day in jail! Never!

Carmen: We may have put Lavinia behind bars, <Name>, but those diamonds she was smuggling for SOMBRA are still out there!
Carmen: And if we don't find those diamonds before SOMBRA can smuggle them out of Mazunda, then they still win!
Carmen: The 3R Race might be over, but we've still got to race against the clock!

The Enemy Within (5/6)

Jack Archer: Hi, <Name>, nice to see you! Carmen said she wanted to spend some time with Sanjay. So I'm filling in for her!
Jack: If I've got this right, we came to Mazunda suspecting a connection between SOMBRA's diamond smuggling plans and the 3R Race.
Jack: But instead of SOMBRA, you stumbled upon Nomena Leroy, a rally murdered by Lavinia De Brills!
Jack: Turns out Lavinia had been working with SOMBRA to smuggle diamonds out of the country!
Jack: And while Nomena had stolen a few diamonds, Lavinia refused to tell us where the rest of the diamonds are! Which means SOMBRA might still make off with the shipment!
Jack: You're right, <Name>! If there's anyone who could guess where Nomena stashed those diamonds, it's her childhood friend, Ninah! Let's go talk to her!
Jonah: <Name>! Do you have a second?
Jack: Not exactly, Jonah. What's up?
Jonah: Marina said I should... try to "verbally express my inner turmoil instead of using physical violence to repress my feelings of despair and powerlessness."
Jack: Umm, cool. And that means...?
Jonah: I think she wants me to stop busting people over the head with chairs?
Jonah: Anyway, I was hoping <Name> could help me look for my sister. Marina says I should reconnect with her. She's probably still at the finish line!
Jack: Well, I'm not getting involved with that. <Name>, don't forget we need to Ninah, and fast!

Question Ninah about the missing diamonds.
(Ninah is breaking and hitting the car with her wrench.)
Jack: Whoah! Ninah, what are you doing?
Ninah (holding the wrench): What does it look like I'm doing? I'm tearing this stupid car apart! This stupid, miserable De Brills racing car!
Ninah: I can't believe Lavinia killed Nomena! For what? For some stupid little rocks I have to lose my best friend?
Jack: About that... <Rank> <Name> was wondering if you knew where Nomena might have stashed the rest of the diamonds?
Ninah (crying, putting the wrench in her pocket): You think I care about those diamonds? I'd throw them in the river if I knew where they were!
Jack: Oh umm... I'm sorry, Ninah. <Rank> <Name> and I see so much death we forget what it means to lose someone.
Ninah (holding back tears): It's okay, <Rank> <Name>. You should take a look around the pit stop. It's the only place where Nomena could have hidden those diamonds.
Ninah: And please, taking this De Brills Racing pay slip! I can't accept it anymore.

Investigate Pit Stop.
Jack: Whoa! Look at that high-teck lock on that briefcase! How much do you want to bet it's what Nomena was keeping the diamonds in? Let's get it open!

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Jack: Wait, this briefcase is empty?
Jack: I'm lost, <Name>. I'm sure this briefcase would hold the missing diamonds!
Jack: Wait, you're right, there's some kind of sparkly dust inside the briefcase! We'd better collect a sample!

Examine Open Briefcase.
Jack: Well, let's hope Lars can tell us what that sparkling dust from the briefcase is, <Name>!

Analyze Sparkling Dust.
Lars: The substance you collected from the briefcase was powderized diamond, <Name>!
Lars: The powder is created when large amounts of diamonds rub together. This dust chemically matches the diamonds you found on Nomena's body.
Jack: So the diamonds were in the case, but someone got there before us!
Michelle: <Name>, I couldn't help but overhear. And I think I can help!
Jack: Unless you have some kind of SOMBRA diamond-detector machine, I don't think there's much you can do.
Michelle: I've proven myself several times, <Name>. And if you want my advice, you know where to find me.
(Michelle leaves.)
Jack: Well, I don't like it. But maybe you should talk to Michelle, <Name>. Maybe she really does have a diamond-detector thingy?

Consult Michelle about the missing diamonds.
Jack: So do you have a lead on our missing diamonds, Michelle? Maybe you could just call up one of your old SOMBRA buddies and ask where they are!
Michelle: Subterfuge is a SOMBRA agent's primary objective. We are trained to avoid suspicion at all times.
Michelle: Whoever retrieved your missing diamonds knows they are too hot to move out of Mazunda right now.
Jack: So you're saying that the diamonds from the suitcase are likely to be close by?
Michelle: Exactly! My bet is SOMBRA will use a dead drop, a location where the diamonds will be hidden until another agent can secure them.
Michelle: I'll start by reading over the Mazundan police's case files on the smuggling and see if I can find a likely drop point!
Jack: This is ridiculous! Whoever has the diamonds has probably sold them!
Michelle: I understand your skepticism, but if you want to find those diamonds, you're going to have to trust me! When I get a lead, I'll come to find you, <Name>!
Jack: Fine. Since we have to wait anyway, let's go grab lunch, <Name>! I'm starving!

Investigate Finish Line.
Jonah: I can't find Lily anywhere, <Name>!
Jonah: Hey, that's Lily's duffel bag! Good find! Let's have a look through it.

Examine Duffel Bag.
Jonah: That ticket's for Brazil... and the plane's leaving today! We need to get to the airport! I have to talk to Lily!

Catch Lily before her plane leaves.
(Lily is in her casual clothes.)
Jonah: Hey sis! <Name> found your plane ticket!
Lily: Oh, thanks! I've been looking for that everywhere! I almost missed my flight!
Jonah: So you were just going to leave without saying goodbye?
Lily: You know I hate goodbyes. Besides, now that I've won the 3R Race, there's nothing left for me here.
Jonah: About that... Carmen says you've been acting pretty cold, y'know, about Nomena's death and all.
Jonah: Marina says I should get in touch with my emotions and maybe... you should too.
Lily: I don't know what you mean. I am very upset. That's why I'm going to Brazil.
Jonah: Well, okay. It's been good to see you.
Lily: Yes. It's been good to see you as well. I'll call you when I can.
(Lily leaves.)
Jonah: Sorry to get all emotional on you, <Name>. We've got a lot on our plate, with the mole and all... I won't let it affect my work!
Jonah: Lily didn't even take her bag with her... I guess you can have her De Brills Racing helmet, <Name>.

Marina: Thanks again for helping Jonah find his sister, <Name>. I think it was very important for his emotional development.
Jack: I'm not sure it was the best use of <Name>'s time. We still need to find those diamonds!
Jack: Meanwhile, Michelle's wasting our time "researching" when we could be out there looking for them!
Michelle: I've got a lead, <Name>! Some of the Mazundan authorities found shipments of diamonds with traces of paint on them!
Michelle: I think SOMBRA has been using the art gallery as a drop point for the diamonds! Let's go check it out!

Investigate Art Gallery.
Michelle: You're right, <Name>. That African mask does look suspicious...
Michelle: Wait. That mask is hollow and are those diamonds... hidden inside it?
Michelle: SOMBRA's standards must be slipping, <Name>! There must be over $300 million worth of diamonds hidden inside that mask, and it's just sitting out in the open!
Michelle: The smuggler who moved the diamonds from the briefcase to the art gallery must have been stupid, or desperate. But we still need to find out who they are!
Michelle: Well spotted, it looks like there's some kind of residue left on the outside of the mask! Let's collect a sample!

Examine African Mask.
Michelle: You're right, <Name>! That substance you collected from the mask must be sweat! Let's put it under the microscope right away!

Examine Sweat.
Michelle: The DNA from the sweat on the mask is a match for Thomas Moulin?
Michelle: It makes sense SOMBRA would hire more than one rally driver to move the diamonds out of the country.
Michelle: My instinct says he wasn't in charge of the smuggling operation, but he may be able to tell us who his contact was. Let's interrogate Mr Moulin, <Name>!

Interrogate Thomas about the diamonds.
Michelle: Thomas Moulin, <Rank> <Name> is placing you under arrest for trafficking diamonds! We found your DNA on the African mask you used to smuggle diamonds for a criminal organization!
Thomas: I swear I don't know anything! I'd never even heard about the diamonds until Ms De Brills messaged me! She said she could restore my career if I moved her diamonds!
Michelle: So Lavinia is the one who told you to put the diamonds in the mask and leave it at the gallery? Do you know who was supposed to collect them?
Thomas: I don't have a name! Lavinia said her contact at the Bureau would collect them! Please don't arrest me!
Michelle: Sure she did. Lavinia's contact inside the Bureau...
Michelle: Wait a second...
Michelle: <Name>, you're right! Lavinia's contact must be the SOMBRA mole!
Michelle: Lavinia De Brills knows the identity of the SOMBRA mole!
Michelle: We need to get back to the Bureau right away!

At the Bureau headquarters...
Michelle: You're right, <Name>! Now that we know Lavinia De Brills has been working with the SOMBRA mole, we need to interrogate her right away!
Ingrid: <Name>! I've just heard! Lavinia is still in custody at the station, I'd been expecting you might want to talk to her again.
Michelle: Perfect! <Name>, let's go interrogate Lavinia! We need her to tell us who the mole is!
Carmen: <Name>, that's not going to be possible...
Carmen: Lavinia De Brills has been murdered!