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Grimsborough's map.

Grimsborough is the main setting for Season 1 of Criminal Case. It is a huge city divided into six districts. The first 56 cases of the game are located in this city.

The Grimsborough Police Department (GBPD) is the law enforcement agency that serves the city of Grimsborough.


Founder of Grimsborough

Statue of William Cooper in Cooper Park.

The city of Grimsborough was founded by William Cooper in 1845. It is known that William, at some point in his life, settled in the Historical Center district of the city along with his pet dog, Ellington.

According to William's descendant, Ashton Cooper, Grimsborough was only the leftovers of a small Pilgrim settlement before his ancestor built it.

William also has a statue of him built at Cooper Park in the Financial Center.


The city of Grimsborough features six different districts.

Industrial Area-Logo

Industrial Area

Industrial Area is the first district of Grimsborough. It is a worker-oriented district ravaged by organized crime and gang activity.

Cases #1-#11 are situated in this district.

Financial Center-Logo

Financial Center

Financial Center is the second district of Grimsborough. This district is reminiscent to the real-world Wall Street and Central Park in New York. Roman Harris, known as the architect of the city, is the one who designed and built the Financial District. It is a business-orientated district and many of its inhabitants are business-oriented people.

Cases #12-#21 are situated in this district.

Historical Center-Logo

Historical Center

Historical Center is the third district of Grimsborough. This district features many historical novelties of Grimsborough as well as being near a forest preserve and a lake. As the name implies, this is where the founder, William Cooper, and his pet dog, "Ellington", settled in. The Historical Center was founded by Baron Salvadore.

Cases #22-#31 are situated in this district.



University is the fourth district of Grimsborough. As an aptly named district, it is a schooling institution with an accredited baccalaureate college, a football field, and several schooling fronts.

Cases #32-#41 are situated in this district.

Maple Heights-Logo

Maple Heights

Maple Heights is the fifth district of Grimsborough. It is considered to be an affluent district of the city.

Cases #42-#51 are situated in this district. 



Airport is the sixth and final district of Grimsborough. It is a "hidden" district which can be unlocked after completing It All Ends Here. All cases in this district require investigation in a crime scene from the past, with its events dated from 1642-1649.

Cases #52-#56 are situated in this district.

Known Mayors


  • The "Welcome to Grimsborough" signboard.
  • The Grimsborough Police DepartmentGo to Grimsborough Police Department
  • The Blue Flamingo Night Club
  • Oakville Valley
  • Cooperville
  • Queen Street Subway Station
  • River
  • Parking Lot
  • The Statue of William CooperGo to William Cooper
  • Cooper Park Fountain
  • Shopping Center
  • The Golden Thimble
  • Backyard
  • Baby's Bedroom
  • Sleeping Corner in the Derelict Hallway
  • Chez Valentine Kitchen
  • Main Street
  • City Center (Walton Square)
  • Casino's Top Floor
  • Grim News Headquarters
  • Antique Shop
  • Grimsborough Theater
  • Stall
  • Dog Pageant Arena
  • Sorority Common Room
  • College Grounds
  • Greenhouse
  • Tea Room
  • Wollcrafts' Garage Laboratory
  • Lake
  • Camp
  • Grimsborough Cemetry
  • Comic Book Store
  • Concert Stage
  • Diner Table
  • Football Field
  • Victorian Garden
  • Subway Platform
  • Grimsborough Library
  • The Livingstone Club
  • The Marina Boardwalk in Maple Heights
  • Grimsborough's Natural Harbor
  • The infamous Crimson Order, "controlling" Grimsborough since 1642.Go to The Crimson Order
  • The Crimson Order, along with Jones and Grace, featuring in the final case of Grimsborough.
    Go to There Will Be Blood
  • Flying to the new city.Go to Pacific Bay


  • The name of the city, "Grimsborough", is a play on the words "grim" (very serious or gloomy) and "borough" (a town or district which is an administrative unit)—with "Grims" referring to the dark secrets of the city, and "borough" referring to the city itself. Hence, "Grimsborough" would be defined as a "very serious or gloomy city", reflecting the city's dark secrets which were finally unearthed in the city's final case.
  • Each district in Grimsborough features a different theme and/or focuses on a particular event, as described in the following:
  • After the player unlocks Pacific Bay after successfully solving all 56 cases across Grimsborough, they can switch between the cities anytime and as many times as they want thanks to the "Travel to Another City" feature which will be available for the player as soon as they unlock Pacific Bay. This feature was mainly added so that Pacific Bay players could travel back to Grimsborough in order to earn their remaining Gold Medals.
  • In the desktop version of the game, you must beat It All Ends Here in order to make the Airport district appear in the map; in the mobile/tablet version of the game, however, Airport is visible on the map from the very start of the game.

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