Founder William Cooper
Established 1845
Country Flag of USA United States of America
Inhabitants Americans
Primary LEA Grimsborough Police Department
Key city figures Howard Johnson (mayor)
Samuel King (chief of police)
Districts 6
Appears in Season 1
Season 5
Season guide
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Season 2: Pacific Bay

Grimsborough is a major city in the United States, and the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case. It is also confirmed to be the main setting for The Conspiracy, the fifth and upcoming season of the game.

Grimsborough is a metropolitan city divided into a total of six districts, with the Grimsborough Police Department (GBPD) acting as the law enforcement agency that serves the city.


Founder of Grimsborough

Statue of William Cooper.

The city of Grimsborough was founded by William Cooper in 1845. Per his descendant, Ashton Cooper, Grimsborough was only the leftovers of a small Pilgrim settlement before William built it.

It is known that William, at some point in his life, settled in the city's Historical Center along with his pet dog, Ellington.

William also has a statue of him built in Cooper Park in the Financial Center.


Grimsborough features the first fifty-six cases of the game, located across the six different districts of the city:

Industrial Area

Industrial Area is the first district investigated in Grimsborough. It is a worker-oriented district ravaged by organized crime and gang activity, more specifically the gang war between The Vipers and The Skulls.

Cases #1-#11 are situated in this district.

Financial Center

Based on Wall Street and Central Park, Financial Center is the second district of Grimsborough. Roman Harris, known as the architect of the city, is the one who designed and built the Financial Center. It is a business-oriented district centering around a powerful and corrupt businessman who is motivated by greed.

Cases #12-#21 are situated in this district.

Historical Center

Historical Center is the third district of Grimsborough. Founded by Baron Salvadore, it features many historical novelties of Grimsborough as well as being near a forest preserve and a lake. The district mainly deals with the imminent Dog Pageant contest.

Cases #22-#31 are situated in this district.


University is the fourth district of Grimsborough. As an aptly named district, it is a schooling institution with an accredited baccalaureate college, a football field, and several schooling fronts. The district revolves around the imminent Grimsborough University Prom Ball event.

Cases #32-#41 are situated in this district.

Maple Heights

Maple Heights is the fifth district of Grimsborough. Considered to be the most affluent district of the city, it deals with self-centered individuals as well as people who pride themselves of their wealth. The district focuses on the Mayoral Elections.

Cases #42-#51 are situated in this district. 


Airport is the sixth and final district of Grimsborough. It requires investigation of a crime scene from the past in each case, with its events dated from 1642-1649. The district focuses on digging deep into the gloomy mysteries of Grimsborough that need to be unearthed before a notorious secret society takes over the city.

Cases #52-#56 are situated in this district.


  • Grimsborough might be inspired by major cities in the Northeastern United States, such as New York City and Philadelphia.
  • In the desktop version of the game, players must complete It All Ends Here in order to make the Airport district appear on the map. In the mobile version, however, Airport is visible on the map from the very start of the game.
  • Grimsborough is the only city that is a setting in more than one season.



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