The Grimsborough Police Department acts as the primary law enforcement agency in the city of Grimsborough, making its appearance in the first and fifth seasons of Criminal Case.


The Grimsborough PD investigates murders in the city of Grimsborough, searching crime scenes for clues, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyzing evidence in order to progress. After gaining all the criteria, the force is able to apprehend the actual killer behind the murder and put them behind bars.

Key personnel

Fifteen people, including the player character, have acted as key members of the Grimsborough PD over the course of the game, with each of them assigned a particular job:

Personnel Age Position Duties Status
Samuel King 75 Chief of Police Reads and reviews case files, issuing orders, giving out new leads whenever necessary, overseeing all police operations, ensuring cops are bringing justice to the city. Deceased
Diane Parker 47 Active
Player N/A Homicide Detective Performs homicide investigations, in charge of formal murder investigations, brings killers to justice by all means necessary. Active
David Jones 38 Inspector (formerly) / Senior Detective Works with the player as partners to solve homicide investigations. Active
Gloria Hayes 41 Police Detective Active
Nathan Pandit 37 Chief Medical Examiner Autopsies bodies of various murder victims and issues new leads whenever possible. Deceased
Martine Meunier 29 Active
Grace Delaney 35 Lab Chief Handles and analyzes all physical, biological, and clinical evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity, and sometimes discovers the murder weapon. Also qualified to handle anatomic forensics. Resigned
Rupert Winchester 61 Deceased
Amir Devani 25 Active
Alex Turner 29 Tech Expert Handles digital and technical evidence to help homicide detectives incriminate the killer's identity. Also issues new leads whenever possible. Resigned
Cathy Turner 28 Active
Gabriel Herrera 36 Profiler Analyzes objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed by digital, physical, clinical, anatomic or technical forensics, but instead, through psychological analysis. Active
Rita Estevez 32 Field Expert Assists detectives arrest notorious criminals by gaining outside information and/or using violent measures; performs analysis on weapons. Active
Eduardo Ramirez 46 Field Officer (formerly) / Consultant Analyzes handwritings, messages, and photographs that do not require digital, physical, clinical, anatomic, technical or psychological analysis.
Formerly kept an eye on the suspects, issued new leads if found, and sometimes issued new suspect attributes when needed.
Amir Devani 25 Lab Assistant (formerly) Assists Rupert in handling and analyzing physical, biological, and clinical evidence to help homicide investigators incriminate the killer's identity. Also takes care of physical, biological, and clinical analyses when assigned to do so by Rupert. Promoted

Other personnel

Additionally, a few characters have been introduced as members of the police, but do not play as large a role. These characters include:

Personnel Age Position Duties Status
Harry Landry 35 Detective Performs homicide investigations simultaneously with the player's team. Incarcerated
Ed Dunkin Unknown Deceased
Mia Loukas 24 Beat cop Patrols the city to apprehend minor criminals, appease small riots, and to find clues and crime scenes that may be of interest to the detectives. Alive
Tim Cooper 51 Incarcerated
Officer Jeffords Unknown Alive
Unnamed Unknown Alive

Notable events of Criminal Case

Season 1

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Season 5

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Notable arrests


  • References to Grimsborough PD members can be found during the events of several cases in Pacific Bay, World Edition, and Mysteries of the Past. For instance:
    • In the "Ice Cream Kiosk" crime scene in Shark Attack!, you can spot "Jones" written on the star embedded in the sidewalk.
    • In the "Plaza Stairs" crime scene in Dead Girl Rolling, you can find a tree trunk with Jones' name carved on top of a heart symbol.
    • In The Ice Queen:
      • The "Beach" crime scene has a seaplane with a "We miss you Jones" banner.
      • The "Gift Shop" crime scene has a US postal stamp with Chief King's face on it.
    • Ramirez-Notebook

      Ramirez's notebook, as seen in Spineless.

      After the player recovers Ramirez's notebook for him during the Additional Investigation of Spineless, a drawing of Jones eating cookies can be seen on the bottom of the page at the right-hand side.
    • In the "Looted Station" crime scene in Of Rats and Men, a portrait of Jones can be spotted.
    • In Uncivil Rights, Jones can be found on the television screen in the "Mayors Office" crime scene.
    • In In Plain Sight, there is a picture of Jones pinned to the board on the wall in the "Break Room" and "Coffee Table" crime scenes.
    • Constable Ramirez could be a reference to Ramirez, as well as being his ancestor.



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  1. Ash is originally arrested but is later released due to unknown reasons.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Originally detained but later cleared of all charges after proven innocent of the murder.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Manages to resist arrest by committing suicide.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 All charges are later dropped.
  5. Philip escapes custody but is almost immediately apprehended once more.