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Chief Andrea Marquez: <Name>, I'm glad to see you. This message from the Puppeteer really worries me.
Chief Marquez: "Hello, little puppet! I hope you'll like my show. After all, what would a Carnival be without a good puppet show?"
Chief Marquez: This is an open threat that the Puppeteer will start killing again! And the Carnival is today! <Name>, I want you to patrol the parade with Frank, an-
Frank: Patrol the parade? I was looking forward to staying in and spending some quality time with my turtle...
Chief Marquez: Frank, just do as I say, for once, will you? Yann is late for work again, and I'm tired of YOU answering back to me like an irreverent teenager. I'm still Chief of Police here!
Chief Marquez: Sorry, <Name>. I don't mean you, of course. But you really must be alert, so the Carnival takes place without incident. With the Puppeteer's message in mind, we cannot leave anything to chance!
Chief Marquez: I also need people to do a security check in the storage rooms. <Name>, you will make sure everything's alright. I'm counting on you!

Later, in the Carnival storage room...
Frank: I don't know what's wrong with Andrea today, she's like a nagging mom. I've never seen her like that before, she's really on edge and worried.
Frank: Oh, well. At least here in the storage room, we can have a little more fun, <Name>. What do you say we try on costumes, turn off the lights and scare each other?
Frank: OK, I get it, we're here to look around. Alright. Let's start with that pretty-looking marionette in the corner!

Chapter 1

Investigate Storage Room.
Frank Knight: What the... The victim's been all cut up and linked back together with chains! She looks like a morbid puppet!
Frank: You're right, this means it must be the work of the Puppeteer! I can't believe this: after ten years, the murders have started again!
Frank: Oh, wait a second... you're telling me the victim is Dinah Cooper, the jazz dancer? She was one of the first suspects you met in Jazz Town, wasn't she?
Frank: Poor girl... I know you won't let the Puppeteer get away with this, <Name>!
Frank: I agree <Name>, you should start by sending the body to Roxie.
Frank: And you found Dinah's bag? Let's have a look inside and see what clues we can find!
Frank: And whatever these pieces are, I trust you'll put them back together while I go get some fresh air. I'm feeling queasy.

Examine Broken Figurine.
Frank: You were pretty quick at restoring that dancer figurine, <Name>. This is why I always let you do the handiwork!
Frank: You're right, this dancer figurine has Dinah Cooper's name on it! And there's something written on the base...
Frank: It reads: "Freddie, I am an artist, not a toy!" An unfortunate choice of words from Dinah, given she ended up like a puppet.
Frank: Hm, you're right, we do know a Freddie. Isn't he the guy who organizes the Carnival?
Frank: And that's true, Freddie's parents were also killed by the Puppeteer! What a coincidence!
Frank: But what's this artist versus toy thing - was Freddie controlling her in some way? I agree, let's go see Freddie and find out!

Ask Freddie about the victim's message on the dancer figurine.
Freddie: Well. <Rank> <Name>, our paths keep crossing, often for unpleasant reasons. What can I do for you this time?
Frank: Dinah Cooper was just murdered. You could explain why she would accuse you of treating her like a toy for a start.
Freddie: Dinah was killed?! That's terrible! ... We were working together for the Carnival. I hired her to dance on the main float.
Freddie: But it turned out the woman had two left feet! I tried to teach her but she kept getting it wrong. She got annoyed and claimed I was too controlling, but I was just doing my job!
Frank: So Dinah claimed you were too controlling, only to end up strung up like a puppet. See where we're going with this?
Freddie: Dinah was murdered... by the Puppeteer?! You mean the killer has started killing again after all these years?!
Freddie: I can still remember the day the Puppeteer murdered my parents like it was yesterday... The poor girl, she didn't deserve to die like this!

Examine Dinah's Handbag.
Frank: Find anything useful in the victim's bag, <Name>? Some kind of invitation?
Frank: Parties are always fun, but that invitation's half-erased. Do you think you can figure out what it's for, <Name>?

Examine Faded Invitation.
Frank: Cool <Name>, you managed to retrieve the details on this invitation... It's for a booze cruise! Or steamboat party, or whatever you want to call it.
Frank: Oh, you're right, <Name>: this invitation was clearly addressed to our victim and could be vital in solving her murder!
Frank: It reads: "Welcome aboard the Abigail". Well, let's go check it out... I just hope you don't get seasick!

Investigate Deck.
Frank: Glad you picked up on those clues <Name>, maybe I should just let you do the work while I sit back and enjoy a boat ride!
Frank: But why did you pick up that champagne bucket? The bottle's missing, we can't even have a drink! ... Oh, you still want to look through it, <Name>?
Frank: And nice, you also found a phone! People always leave private information on their gadgets. Good luck decoding it!

Examine Champagne Bucket.
Frank: Oh, you found a photo of our victim! She looks much younger though, wouldn't you agree? And look at the person she's standing next to... his face is all scratched out!
Frank: And... What the?! You're right <Name>, look at the man's hands: he's clearly a... PUPPETEER!
Frank: Dinah was turned into a puppet... And if she once knew a puppeteer, we need to find out his identity! Do you think you can run his profile through the database, <Name>?

Examine Unidentified Person.
Frank: So the person standing next to Dinah was a certain Blake Cooper? You're right, this must be her father... Ugh, he looks even scarier with all this face paint on!
Frank: To think a daughter could hate her dad enough to scratch out his face... I wonder if my daughters would do the same...
Frank: Ah, sorry <Name>, I'm okay... And that's true, not only did Dinah hate her father, but he's also a puppeteer. Let's go talk to him!

Ask Blake Cooper about his relationship with his daughter.
Blake: You're here to ask about that troublesome daughter of mine? Whatever trouble she's in, I don't care: we haven't spoken in years!
Frank: Well, whether you care or not, your daughter's just been murdered.
Blake: I'm not surprised. Dinah's always been a magnet for trouble: she ran away from home to a life on the stage and got herself pregnant.
Blake: Even worse, she wouldn't let me see my own grandson! She thought I was a bad father to her, so I didn't deserve to see Louie. Like she was a model mom, single and dancing in a bar!
Frank: <Rank> <Name> is right, how can you be so heartless: your only daughter's just been murdered and still you claim it's her own fault?
Blake: I gave up on my daughter long ago: she was uncontrollable! If only she could have been more like my puppets... Just one pull of the strings and they'd obey.
(After talking to Blake Cooper)
Frank: I agree <Name>, as Dinah's father and a puppeteer, Mr Cooper is already a prime suspect...
Frank: And he didn't even seem to care about his daughter's murder! You're right, serial killers are known to be heartless, I'm not saying he's the Puppeteer but we should keep an eye on him!

Examine Locked Cell Phone.
Frank: I'm impressed, you unlocked that phone you found on the steamboat way faster than I expected! And that guy looks familiar, doesn't he?
Frank: Oh right, now I remember: he's that nut we met during the Civil War reenactment!
Frank: I don't know how this phone fits into the current investigation, but you're right: we did find it on a crime scene so let's send it to the lab!

Analyze Cell Phone.
Hannah: So <Name>, I've had a look inside Stanley Bullock's phone and guess what? He knew your victim!
Hannah: He kept sending Dinah messages to tell her he would bring eggs, or that she could borrow movies from him.
Hannah: After a little digging, it turns out Stanley and Dinah were neighbors! And quite friendly ones, it seems.
Frank: Ugh, isn't it weird that a Confederate lover would be friends with Dinah?
Frank: And what's up with all that face paint? I agree, first the Civil War outfit, now this: Stanley sure likes dressing up... Isn't he too old for that?
Hannah: Oh, and you're right to remind me, <Name>: as you know, Stanley was also a previous suspect in the Puppeteer case all those years ago!
Frank: A former Puppeteer suspect living so close to the victim, he could have easily gained Dinah's confidence. C'mon <Name>, what do you say we go pay him a neighborly visit?

Quiz Stanley about being the victim's neighbor.
Frank: Mr Bullock, <Rank> <Name>'s here to ask you a few questions about your neighbor, Dinah Cooper...
Stanley: Ah, Dinah... Things have been hard for her, raising her son, Louie, on her own. So I try to do what I can to help out. Like a good neighbor!
Frank: Thing is, she's been murdered by the Puppeteer. Which brings us to you and your previous indictment...
Stanley: Dinah was murdered by the Puppeteer?! That's awful!
Stanley: ... Wait a minute, you're here because I used to be a Puppeteer suspect, aren't you?! I was found innocent!
Stanley: ... and besides, I'd never hurt Dinah! I cared too much about her!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Well, <Name>, our victim must have really been hung up about something before she died... oh wait, she WAS hung up!
Frank: Roxie, I do find your puns endearing, but <Name> is right: we're dealing with a serial killer here, so cool it on the jokes.
Roxie: Well, for starters, your victim was injected with sedatives before being killed. <Name>, this info will surely come in handy during your investigation.
Roxie: Then, her body was cut up with a saw, so keep an eye open for that kind of instrument!
Roxie: The body was strung up in an extremely complex manner. The Puppeteer had to know the precise measurements of the chains, handle the weight distribution, the mechanics...
Roxie: As gruesome as this sounds, this is a work of art. I can tell you that the Puppeteer is definitely good with mechanics!

Later, at the Office...
Chief Marquez: <Name>, Yann hasn't shown up to work all day and he's not picking up the phone! Have you heard from him?
Frank: What? Yann's missing out on the Puppeteer's first murder in 10 years?! He's been obsessed with this serial killer and now, of all times, he's just vanished?!
Chief Marquez: OK, I need a recap here, <Name>. The Puppeteer strikes again, after 10 years, killing Dinah...
Chief Marquez: Dinah's father, who's a real puppeteer, claims not to have spoken to her in years. He sounds a bit controlling, and Dinah was a rebel child, so it's no surprise.
Chief Marquez: And then we have Dinah's neighbor, Stanley, who had already been tried in the Puppeteer case... But if his phone can be trusted, they were actually pretty friendly.
Jessica: Oh <Rank> <Name>, I'm so relieved to see you! I don't know if you remember me, I'm Yann's wife.
Chief Marquez: Of course we remember you. Is something wrong, Jessica?
Jessica: <Rank> <Name>, we need your help! The Puppeteer broke into our house!

Chapter 2

Jessica Toussaint: <Rank> <Name>, we need your help! There's been... The Puppeteer's just broken into our house, and I'm really scared!
Chief Marquez: Jessica, <Name> is right: you need to stay here with the kids.
Chief Marquez: After all, the Puppeteer replied to Yann's open letter in the newspaper, so it'd make sense the serial killer would want to target him...
Chief Marquez: ... but where is Yann, Jessica?!
Jessica: I don't know. He hasn't been himself lately... and he's been gone all day! I'm so worried!
Chief Marquez: We need to find him! Meanwhile, <Name>, you need to investigate Yann's house and see if the Puppeteer is behind this!

Investigate Yann's Basement.
Frank: I agree <Name>, I kind of feel weird looking through Yann's house... but if the Puppeteer came here, we can't overlook anything!
Frank: And why did you pick up that woman's shoe?
Frank: Oh, you're right: the victim was missing a left shoe... just like this one!!! But why would it be in Yann's basement?
Frank: I agree, let's keep the questions for later. Let's start by collecting a sample of that white powder on it!
Frank: And you picked up Yann's safe? Well, as you said, we can't overlook anything... so if you want to unlock it, I'm right behind you!

Examine High Heel.
Frank: Alright, now that you've collected... whatever that white substance is, off of that shoe, let's get it to the lab!
Frank: Except Yann's not around... Who should we send this sample to, <Name>? Roxie? Alright, let's do this!

Analyze White Powder.
Roxie: Do I look like Yann to you, Frank? Last I checked, he was in charge of lab samples!
Frank: Yann's vanished: nobody's seen him all day! Besides, it's good practice for you to do this stuff once in a while, Roxie.
Roxie: Well, you should practice buying me a drink once in a while! Anyway, I've managed to identify the white substance you collected from this shoe as rosin.
Roxie: Dancers use rosin powder on their shoes when they're performing on a slippery floor. If that wasn't enough, there were also skin cells in the sample that match your victim's DNA!
Frank: So the shoe <Name> found in Yann's house really does belong to Dinah? But... how did it get there?!
Frank: Oh, I know! Yann's wife is convinced the Puppeteer had broken into their home... maybe the killer is trying to frame Yann!
Frank: But you're right <Name>, if the Puppeteer didn't break into the house... then that means Yann killed... Argh, I can't even bring myself to say it!
Frank: This is horrible but I agree with you: the only way we can prove Yann is innocent is by adding him to our list of suspects. Boy, I just can't believe it: that guy wouldn't hurt a fly!
Frank: Either way, we really need to have a chat with Yann, but I want it to go on record that this is bonkers! Come on, let's ask his wife if she's heard from him.

In the office...
Frank: Jessica, we really need to speak to your husband... Have you heard from him at all?
Jessica: He only sent me a text message telling me to come to the station, where I'd be safe. Why? What's wrong?
Frank: Look, we need your help - we HAVE to talk to him. Can you please message him and tell him to come straight away to the station? Tell him it's an emergency!

Question Yann about the victim's shoe found in his house.
Yann: I just got a text from my wife telling me to come to the station, that it's an emergency! Is everything alright?!
Frank: I don't know Yann, you tell us. The Puppeteer suddenly starts killing again, and you choose that exact moment to disappear...
Frank: ... and to make matters worse, <Name> found the victim's shoe in YOUR house!
Yann: Didn't Jessica tell you? I'm sure the Puppeteer broke into our home. The shoe must have been left there on purpose!
Frank: Listen, Yann... this isn't easy but we don't have a choice: you're now a suspect in this investigation.
Yann: What?! <Name>, Frank... Come on, my own parents were murdered by the Puppeteer! And yet you think I could be the serial killer?! That's insane!
Yann: Don't you see, I'm being framed?! I've spent too many years trying to catch the Puppeteer and now they're playing with me: making me a suspect is what the killer wants!
Frank: Your refusal to cooperate is kind of making you look guilty right now... Why don't you calm down, and if you're innocent, you know you can trust <Name> to clear your name.
Yann: You're right. To show my good will, let me tell you straight up: I'm good with mechanics, just like the Puppeteer. You better add that to my profile, <Name>.
(After talking to Yann Toussaint)
Frank: Was it just me, <Name>, or was Yann acting highly suspicious? He didn't even try and justify why he didn't show up for work today.
Frank: One thing is for sure, that man wasn't the boring Yann we've learnt to love... I don't even recognize him any more!
Frank: You're right, we need answers fast, and the only way to do that is by solving the case. What do you say we kick things off with the steamboat? Some fresh air will do us good!

Investigate Buffet.
Frank: Well, <Name>, I still haven't found the boat's liquor cabinet, but thankfully you got some other gems to make this trip worthwhile. Like this... torn book, or whatever that is.
Frank: And what's this? A restraining order with our victim's name on it! Think you can retrieve the rest of what was written on this?
Frank: But why did you pick this syringe up? You should be careful with that, you don't know who touched it last!
Frank: Oh, you're right! Roxie did mention that Dinah had been injected with a strong sedative shortly before being killed!
Frank: So you think the killer may have touched this syringe?! Let's rush it to the lab then!

Examine Torn Book.
Frank: Look at you, <Name>, restoring a children's book. Are you going to read me a bedtime story?
Frank: It's called "The Adventurous Puppet". Another reference to puppets here that we can't ignore! There's also a note, "Enjoy, Louie" signed by Freddie...
Frank: That's the same Freddie from earlier, eh? And you think this Louie is Dinah's son, <Name>?
Frank: You're right, given their previous argument, I didn't think Freddie was on friendly terms with Dinah.... so why would he gift her son a book about puppets? We better go talk to him again!

Question Freddie about the book he gave to the victim's son.
Frank: So, Freddie, not only did you hire Dinah as a dancer, but you also befriended her son, Louie. Why did you give him a book about puppets?
Freddie: I know Dinah just got killed by the Puppeteer... so that gift now seems like a terrible choice, but it's unfair to judge me because of that!
Freddie: I get on well with kids, okay? And Louie would always come to work with Dinah, because she couldn't afford a babysitter. He'd always hang around all alone.
Freddie: Worse still, Dinah kept yelling at him - her own son! "Don't touch that, don't do this!" It broke my heart seeing the kid so miserable.
Freddie: So I asked Louie for help preparing the Carnival floats. I taught him some of the mechanics behind the machinery. He loved it: his face just lit up!
Freddie: Kids need to be encouraged to learn, they don't need a lousy mother who yells at them and tries to control them!
Frank: Are you suggesting Louie's better off without his mother?
Freddie: I never said that! But I hate seeing people miserable - especially kids. I consider myself a kid at heart... That's why I organize the Carnival, to share this joy with people!

Examine Faded Restraining Order.
Frank: Well, that was quick, <Name>! You revealed that the restraining order Dinah Cooper filed was against...
Frank: ... Stanley Bullock?!
Frank: Her own neighbor was harassing her? He acted all nice the first time we talked to him, but he won't be able to keep up his lies this time!

Confront Stanley about the restraining order filed against him.
Stanley: Officers, I've already warned you: I don't want to talk about the Puppeteer! I was found innocent once before, and if you continue I will sue!
Frank: New victim, new crime, new evidence... sorry, Stanley, you're not off the hook! So, you better start talking about that restraining order Dinah filed against you!
Stanley: That wrench! Dinah kept flirting with me and inviting me round to her house. I'd fix the mechanics of her car, check the plumbing...
Stanley: The more time we spent together, the more I fell for her...
Stanley: ... but when I expressed my feelings, she suddenly called me a stalker!
Stanley: She led me on, and then filed that restraining order against me... Who did she think she was, pulling on the strings of my heart like that?!
Stanley: She used me, so I'm glad someone strung her up! Now she knows what it feels like to be controlled by someone else!

Analyze Syringe.
Roxie: First the powder, now this syringe... I feel guilty doing Yann's job while he's a suspect. It just doesn't feel right.
Frank: <Name> is right: it's not easy for any of us, Roxie. That's why we need to trust the evidence and try to keep our personal feelings out of it.
Roxie: Well, about that: the liquid in the syring was indeed the same sedative I found in Dinah's body.
Frank: Sweet, so we know for sure this syringe was used by the killer!
Roxie: And talking about that, I found a strange sticky substance on the end of the syringe. On deeper examination, I found it was a combination of two separate substances: apple and caramel.
Roxie: Considering it's Carnival Day, this substance can only have come from one thing... a candy apple!
Frank: A candy apple? Seems like the Puppeteer has remained perpetually stuck in their childhood - and soon, they'll be perpetually stuck behind bars!

Examine Locked Safe.
Frank: Good work decoding the lock on Yann's safe. But if he gets angry at us, I'm blaming you!
Frank: Oh great, it's filled with a bunch of his junk. Since you've already done the lock, can you dig through it as well? Just for consistency's sake, of course!

Examine Open Safe.
Frank: Whoa, Yann's safe was filled with stuff about the Puppeteer! He really was obsessed, wasn't he? Anyway, did you find anything?
Frank: Hm, a card advertising a new book: "Inside the mind of the Puppeteer". Ah, so we have an expert on the serial killer.
Frank: And you say you know that woman, <Name>? She's a shrink you met in a previous investigation?
Frank: You're right, it's quite a coincidence that her new book on the Puppeteer is coming out just when the killings have started again. I guess it's time we went to psychoanalyze this shrink!

Talk to Madeleine about her book on the Puppeteer.
Frank: Ms Deville? <Rank> <Name> would like to talk to you about your upcoming book on the Puppeteer...
Madeleine: Oh, that serial killer is absolutely fascinating! After all those years of killing, still on the loose. Only a genius could outsmart the police.
Frank: Lady, your enthusiasm is off-putting. Did you know that the freak you so admire just killed another victim? A certain Dinah Cooper?
Madeleine: Wait, you mean the Puppeteer is back?! Oh my, I've been waiting so long for this... and it will coincide perfectly with my new book!
Madeleine: The Puppeteer is such a brilliant person... I've gotten pretty versed in the mechanics of puppets while studying this killer, it's quite complex.
Madeleine: Anyway, I have to dash off now. Wish me luck with the book launch!

Back at the Office...
Frank: I still can't believe Yann is an actual suspect, <Name>...
Frank: They say the friendliest people have the darkest secrets... I just hope Yann isn't the Puppeteer: it would break this team apart.
Frank: What about our other suspects, <Name>? Freddie had a friendly relationship with the victim's son, Louie, and he thought Dinah was a bad mother.
Frank: You're right, Stanley led us to believe he and Dinah were great friends, when in fact she was so scared of him, she filed a restraining order!
Frank: And there's Madeleine, the therapist, who has a creepy fascination with the Puppeteer: I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be the serial killer!
Frank: Isn't it a horrible feeling, <Name>? We've narrowed down the Puppeteer to five suspects: we're so close yet so far away... and I bet that's exactly what the killer wants!
Chief Marquez: <Name>, you're never going to believe this, but the Puppeteer's just sent us a message!
Frank: WHAT?!

Chapter 3

Chief Andrea Marquez: We have a very serious situation here. The Puppeteer has claimed another victim for the first time in ten years!
Chief Marquez: And now we've just received a threatening message from none other than the Puppeteer: "I'm toying with you!"
Chief Marquez: The Puppeteer is playing with us and we can't let them win! Serial killers are Russell's expertise, which is why I'm reassigning the case to <Name> and Russell!
Frank: Whoa, wait a second: this is my investigation! You can't take me off it!
Russell: Sorry, Frank, but this case requires some real brains. Besides, I'm sure <Name> is tired of seeing your same Hawaiian shirt all the time...
Frank: Why you little...
Chief Marquez: Frank, Russell! Now isn't the time to act like this! It doesn't matter who gets to go with <Name>, what's important is catching this serial killer!
Frank: Ugh, fine... I guess I can finally go spend some quality time with my turtle like I wanted to. Good luck with Mr Pedantic, <Name>.
Russell: Come on, <Name>: are you ready to journey into the serial killer's mind? This is going to be a case to remember!
Russell: So you want to start by going back to the scene of the murder, <Name>? Great idea: let's retrace the killer's steps!

Investigate Wooden Shelves.
Russell: Fascinating find, <Name>, these pills were prescribed to our victim! I agree, you need to decode the doctor ID number!
Russell: Hm, you want to search through those carnival props? I'm eager to learn how you work, so I'll stand back and watch the expert!
Russell: And you're right, this notepad has the Pacific Bay Police Department logo on it!
Russell: If one of our team members came to the crime scene without us knowing, we need to find out who it was! Think you can recover the faded text on it, <Name>?

Examine Carnival Props.
Russell: Amazing <Name>, I don't know how you knew to look through those carnival props, but you've just found a telling card!
Russell: It's addressed to the victim and it reads: "Dinah, you cannot stop me from seeing my grandson forever!"
Russell: You're right, we know the victim's father wanted to see his grandson, but Dinah would never let him...
Russell: ... but with Dinah dead, there's nobody to stop him from seeing Louie. Quite a motive, don't you think, <Name>? I agree, let's go question him!

Question Blake about the threat he wrote to the victim.
Russell: Mr Cooper, <Rank> <Name> just found a threatening card you wrote to your daughter, in which you warned her she couldn't keep you away from Louie for ever...
Blake: I was angry when I wrote that message. It's understandable: I wasn't allowed to see my own grandson!
Blake: I couldn't even take him out to eat candy apples... instead, she always let that creep Freddie take Louie out for them instead!
Russell: <Rank> <Name> is right: now that Dinah's dead, there's nobody to stop you from seeing Louie, is there? That must be quite convenient...
Blake: Are you implying I may have killed my girl to get Louie back? Why you little... I would never have done that!
Blake: I was a bad father and I regret it. I wanted to fix that by being a great grandfather: it was a second chance!
Blake: But I'd never have killed my daughter to achieve that. Just imagine, Louie's now motherless: who would be so cruel as to do that to a child?!
(After talking to Blake Cooper)
Russell: As a bad parent, Blake must have felt like he wasn't needed by Dinah. It's psychologically traumatizing when your own child wishes you were dead...
Russell: ... So maybe he went about killing other parents, to make children realize what it's truly like to be all alone in this world. Emotionally, it would have made Blake feel more needed.
Russell: And you're right, as a puppeteer, Blake already has all the know-how and the mechanical skills to pull the murders off! But I agree, let's gather up all the evidence before pointing fingers!

Examine Pill Bottle.
Russell: Nice going decoding that number so fast, <Name>! Let's send this over to Hannah so she can tell us all about our victim's pills!

Analyze Doctor's ID.
Hannah: Heya Russell, fancy seeing you here: you've partnered up with <Name>? I'm jealous.
Russell: I just couldn't pass up the chance of investigating a serial killer with <Name>!
Hannah: Let's just hope that the serial killer isn't Yann...
Hannah: Now, about the victim's pill bottle you sent me, I was able to identify the name of her doctor: it's Madeleine Deville. Her therapist!
Russell: So Madeleine was Dinah's therapist?! And you're saying she failed to mention that the first time you questioned her, <Name>? Interesting.
Russell: And you're right, <Name>, as Dinah's therapist, Madeleine had access to the victim's deepest and darkest secrets. Such power over somebody, it can be intoxicating!
Russell: Oh my, what if Madeleine got into the victim's mind before killing Dinah?! After all, serial killers want to own their victims!
Russell: I agree, for now we don't know if Madeleine is the Puppeteer, but she did keep this huge secret from us. Let's go find out why!

Quiz Madeleine about being the victim's therapist.
Russell: Mrs Deville, you failed to mention earlier that you were our victim's therapist. Do you know that withholding information on a murder investigation is a felony?
Madeleine: I wasn't withholding anything: nobody asked!
Russell: It's quite a coincidence: you're the specialist on the Puppeteer... and you somehow happened to have one of the victims as your patient. It must have been quite a power trip!
Madeleine: I got lucky: I'm not surprised the Puppeteer chose to kill Dinah - a single mother who controlled her child much too much while she was such a free-spirit. A beautiful contradiction!
Russell: Each time you talk about the Puppeteer, it's always with affection... almost as if you were talking about yourself!
Madeleine: Don't try your mind tricks on me, Dr Crane! The Puppeteer has a fascinating mind, I thought you'd be an admirer too.
Russell: I am indeed a great admirer. In fact, I'd love to take you out on a date: we could get candy apples and you could tell me more about the Puppeteer.
Madeleine: Why... Dr Crane... I... yes, I would love that. You'll see, the Puppeteer has such a beautiful mind.
(After talking to Madeleine Deville)
Russell: Haha, that was a great idea of yours, <Name>: to trick Madeleine into revealing a vital piece of information. It seems our mind tricks do work on her after all!

Examine Faded Notepad.
Russell: Alright, you've recovered what was written on that police notepad and...
Russell: Fascinating: "Next Murder: Carnival"! We need to figure out to which member of our team this notepad belongs to!
Russell: I agree <Name>, there's only one member of our team who's obsessed with the Puppeteer and that's Yann.
Russell: And it looks like he predicted the murder: he guessed the Puppeteer was going to kill during the Carnival...
Russell: ... unless this wasn't a prediction, but a decision! Think about it: this notepad proves he was on the crime scene and he knew when the murder would happen.
Russell: Hm, good point <Name>, we shouldn't jump to any hasty conclusions... but this isn't looking good for Yann. Let's go talk to him, just remember to keep all personal feelings out of this!

Confront Yann about his Puppeteer Notes.
Yann: Every year during the Carnival, I take my kids out for candy apples. I understand why I'm here, I just hate that my kids have to suffer because of it as well.
Russell: Nobody's liking this, Yann: it's tough for <Name> too. But we found your police notepad at the crime scene and, well... "Next Murder: Carnival." Was that a note to self?
Yann: What?! You still seriously think I'm the Puppeteer?!
Russell: We're just looking at the facts: you're obsessed with the Puppeteer, you "predicted" the time of death and <Name> found one of the victim's shoes in your house...
Yann: Look, I predicted the time of death because my parents were killed by the Puppeteer during the Carnival. Digging deeper, I discovered that's when all the victims were killed!
Russell: So why didn't you tell <Name> before the murder? You could have prevented this... You realize your silence is highly suspicious.
Yann: Don't you think I know that?! When I heard of the murder, I felt horrible for having guessed correctly! It's all my fault, and I will have to live with these regrets for the rest of my life!
(After talking to Yann Toussaint)
Russell: <Name>, I know Yann was convincing and maybe he really means it... but it could also just be an act.
Russell: Serial killers use fake empathy to mislead us. So don't be fooled, Yann could still be our killer!

Later, at the station...
Russell: <Name>, I fear we're running out of time...
Russell: I believe the Puppeteer decided to kill during the Carnival for a particular reason...
Russell: Carnival Day is known as Mardi Gras - "Fat Tuesday": it is a day of excess before the penitential season of Lent. It's classic serial killer psychology!
Russell: That means that the Puppeteer is most probably not going to kill again for at least another year! This is our last chance to catch this serial killer!
Russell: You're right, whether Yann is the killer or not, we know the Puppeteer was at his home! Let's go back to his house and end this madness now!

Investigate Boiler.
Russell: So <Name>, what did your expert eye pick up on? A box full of Yann's travel souvenirs? Well, he's a strong suspect in this case, so we better look through it.
Russell: And that bloody saw... The blood alone warrants a check, but you're saying Roxie mentioned the killer used a saw?!
Russell: That means that you've just found the murder weapon... in Yann's basement! Let's scan it for clues before talking to the rest of the team about this.

Examine Bloody Saw.
Russell: Excellent work, <Name>, we should send these paper pieces you collected off the murder weapon over to the lab!
Russell: You know, <Name>, I thought my brilliant theories were what helped catch a killer, but I see now it's thanks to your amazing forensic skills! The Puppeteer doesn't stand a chance!

Analyze Paper Pieces.
Roxie: This better be the last lab you make me do, <Name>. I'll need a week off to get back on my feet!
Roxie: I checked out the pieces of paper you collected from the murder weapon, and they turned out to be pieces of colored tissue paper.
Roxie: There were tiny traces of glue as well, meaning the tissue came off of something that was once strung together...
Roxie: From there, considering today's date, it didn't take me long to realize what those pieces had come from: a Carnival necklace!
Russell: So our killer is wearing a Carnival necklace? Ha, their festivities will soon come to an end once you've put them behind bars, <Name>!

Examine Wooden Chest.
Russell: So <Name>, what did you find in that souvenir box? A paper chain with portraits glued on?
Russell: Oh, you're right! One of those faces: it's a picture of a teenage Yann!
Russell: And is that a young Freddie, too?!
Russell: And look, there's also Louie Cooper... and that girl who's parents were killed by the Puppeteer!
Russell: Wow, do you realize all these people are orphans left behind by the Puppeteer?!
Russell: It seems like the Puppeteer wants to bring all these children together: a special bond between them. Do you think that's why they kill?
Russell: Good idea! Since the Puppeteer made this, we should send the paper chain to the lab! Ah, I have a feeling this will unlock another piece of the puzzle! We're almost there!

Analyze Paper Chain.
Hannah: Heya <Name>, it's not easy taking over Yann's work, but I checked out the paper chain you found and there's Dinah's blood on it.
Russell: So this proves the paper chain was made by the Puppeteer, that's fascinating... but you found it in Yann's house, so it's not looking good for him!
Hannah: <Name> is right, Russell, the Puppeteer could be trying to frame Yann! But to prove that, you'll need all the evidence you can get!
Hannah: I found another substance on the paper chain: a mixture of corn flour, sorbolene cream and food coloring. In other words, face paint!
Russell: Face paint? That's annoying, it's Carnival day: every one of our suspects is wearing face paint!
Hannah: If you'd let me finish... The killer isn't just wearing any kind of face paint. They're wearing blue face paint!
Russell: Yes! We're so close to catching the killer... This chase is turning out to be even more exciting than psychoanalysis, <Name>!

Russell: Hold up a second, <Name>: I have the feeling we've been overlooking something about our killer's profile. Let's have a recap about the Puppeteer, shall we?
Russell: We know they kill parents who have teenage children, and always during the Carnival. But this doesn't help with their profile...
Russell: Oh <Name>, you're a genius! Of course: we know Yann's parents were killed when he was 14. He's now 45...
Russell: ... so regardless of whether he's the Puppeteer or not, we know that the killer is at least 45 years old! Yes, we've got them now!

After completing all tasks...
Russell: <Name>, that's it! We've got everything we need for you to arrest the Puppeteer - after all these decades of terror, you'll be the one who ends it!

Take care of the killer now!
Russell: Freddie Alonzo, you're under arrest for the murder of Dinah Cooper.
Freddie: Look, the Carnival has already suffered a setback with Dinah's death. I really can't deal with your vile accusations right now!
Russell: Well, maybe we have the wrong guy then, don't we, <Rank> <Name>? I mean, you can't always be right, I guess.
Russell: All we know is the Puppeteer is a selfish, cold-hearted killer. They think they're liberating children from their parents, when really they're destroying the children's lives.
Freddie: Wait, you don't know that: look at me, I was one of the children left behind, and I'm doing fine. And so is Louie!
Russell: Your parents were the first to die. Were they too controlling, is that it, Freddie? Is that why you killed them?
Freddie: I've told you: I'm not the Puppeteer!
Russell: But you fit the profile: the Puppeteer is some weak, middle-aged man now who still think he's a child. It's kind of pathetic, really: having to kill just to feel good about yourself.
Freddie: That's not why I kill! My parents never let me do anything... kids are meant to be free, but it felt like prison: so I decided to show my parents what it was like to be controlled...
Freddie: They didn't like it much, but I never felt so alive! I felt sorry for the other kids: I wanted them to be free too. I wanted to share their joy!
Russell: You just didn't want to be all alone - you wanted some human connection. But you never found it, so you kept killing... but fact is, you'll always be lonely: because of who you are!
Freddie: What have you ever done with your life?! I will be remembered for ever in Jazz Town! I was the boy who dared to dream and make his own life as he pleased!
Russell: You'll more likely be remembered as a balding creep who killed innocent citizens. A bad dream. Ah good, <Rank> <Name>, I see you've got the handcuffs ready for the arrest!

Honorable Dante: We are here for the trial of Freddie Alonzo, a.k.a "The Puppeteer", for the murder of Dinah Cooper, among numerous other murders that have taken place in Jazz Town for the past three decades.
Honorable Dante: You know we've been trying to catch you for years. I was starting to think that the Puppeteer was actually a puppet himself, some toy that came alive at night and killed people, but turned back into a doll by day.
Honorable Dante: Maybe I've been watching too many horror films lately...
Honorable Dante: Despite your funny make-up, what you have done is horrendous, unfathomable. Killing parents to set their children free...
Freddie: Parents don't know anything besides how to live boring, restrictive lives... the only pleasure they get is from manipulating and controlling their children!
Yann: I don't know what your parents were like, Freddie, and I doubt they deserved to die. My parents certainly didn't deserve such a grim fate! It's scarred me for life.
Freddie: Ah Yann, my friend, I remember seeing your fight with your parents during the Carnival and you looked so unhappy. So I followed them, and strung them up like the lifeless puppets they were!
Yann: Every teenager quarrels with their parents, Freddie... but it doesn't mean I didn't love them! You ruined my life - you took away such a huge part of me that I will never get back!
Freddie: I freed you: only you were too scared to do anything with such a gift!
Honorable Dante: Freddie Alonzo, you're not a liberator but a destroyer! A man who will go to great lengths to justify their sickening behavior! And for that, I sentence you to life in prison!
Freddie: You fools, you cannot lock me away: I am a legend, an ideal that all children should strive towards! I am FREEDOM!

Russell: Phew, what a case, <Name>! And to think, you arrested a serial killer the police have spent three decades trying to catch! You should be proud of yourself!
Russell: The Puppeteer was maybe my biggest challenge yet. But I don't know why, every time I finally come face to face with serial killers, they always turn out to be so very disappointing...
Yann: I find it scary how the people you least suspect turn out to be the worst kind of monsters. I don't blame you for suspecting me, <Name>, I'm just thankful you finally caught him.
Yann: And even though my parents aren't here today, they would have been really proud of you, <Name>, and I feel proud to be able to work alongside someone as talented and honorable as you!
Yann: C'mon, let's go enjoy the rest of the Carnival. I promised my kids some candy apples: it's a family tradition!

Additional Investigation

Yann Toussaint: <Name>, I wanted to say I'm glad you caught Freddie... He can't harm anyone anymore.
Frank: <Name> and I just wondered how you were doing... You know, after all this story with the Puppeteer... I mean, if you need anything, we're here.
Yann: Actually, yeah, there's something you could help me with... I haven't visited my parents' grave for a while, and the recent events haven't helped things.
Yann: I wanted to make it special this time, and bring something meaningful with me, an old picture of them... But I've been looking everywhere and I can't find it!
Frank: <Name>'s right. Maybe you had it with you when you were looking for the Puppeteer, so, it could be at the carnival storage room.
Amy: Hey guys! I know you're in a rush, but Blake Cooper just arrived at the station, and he was asking for you, <Name>.
Frank: Well then, it's up to you, <Name>, we can go check for Yann's picture right now, or you can go with Amy to help Blake!

See what is bothering Blake.
Blake: Finally, you're here, <Rank> <Name>! And who's this young lady with you? They lowered the age limit to enter the police since my time!
Blake: I need your help with getting custody of my grandson. Those damn federal agents say I haven't got the right paperwork!
Blake: I need to get Louie's birth certificate, but I don't know where it is!
Blake: Dinah often went to the boat, so maybe she had it with her last time she went there, but they won't let me in!
Amy: Don't worry, Mr Cooper, <Rank> <Name> will have a look there and find Louie's certificate.

Investigate Deck.
Amy: Great job, <Name>! It looks like Dinah's chest! The paper Blake needs might be in there! You're right, let's have a look inside!

Examine Dinah's Chest.
Amy: Your instincts will always impress me, <Name>! You found Louie Cooper's birth certificate!
Amy: Sweet idea! Maybe Hannah can check the birth certificate for Blake, to make sure it's all he needs to get custody of Louie. Let's send it to her!

Analyze Birth Certificate.
Hannah: Alright kids, I had a look at Louie Cooper's birth certificate, and, good news, the document's authentic, everything is in order!
Hannah: I also clicked here and there and validated the whole custody file! Now, Blake Cooper's officially responsible for his grandson, and he doesn't even know it yet! I know, I'm amazing!
Amy: That's awesome, Hannah! Absolutely, <Name>, let's tell Blake he now has custody of Louie!

Tell Blake he has the custody over Louie.
Blake: <Rank> <Name>! Did you find my grandson's birth certificate?
Amy: Actually, yes Mr Cooper! We also made sure the whole file is valid, so now, you're all set. You're legally responsible for your grandson!
Blake: Wonderful! I thought I would struggle for ages with that thing! That's good news for Louie!
Blake: Speaking of him... the kid hasn't been doing well lately, you know, with his mother's passing and everything...
Blake: So I wanted to give Louie a keepsake to remind him of his mother, but I can't think of anything... As you know, Dinah and I were not really close.
Amy: That's right, <Rank> <Name>, Dinah has been performing on the boat for years, maybe we could find something meaningful to Louie out there!
Amy: No worries, Mr Cooper, <Rank> <Name> is on the case! Yep, let's head to the boat, but maybe we could grab something to eat before... I'm starving!

Investigate Buffet.
Amy: You found some kind of poster, <Name>? That's awesome, but it looks pretty faded...
Amy: Yes, that'd be great if you managed to find what was written on that poster. It could be something for Louie to remember his mom by.

Examine Faded Poster.
Amy: <Name>, that's impressive! You fixed this poster you found on the steamboat in no time!
Amy: Wow, that's Dinah on the poster! She was the star of the Jazz Town festival!
Amy: Absolutely, we should give it to Blake! I'm sure his grandson will love the poster... And maybe it'll cheer him up a bit!

Give Dinah's Poster to Blake.
Amy: Mr Cooper, <Rank> <Name> found something for Louie to remind him of Dinah. It's an old Jazz Town Festival poster, and she was the headline act!
Blake: My daughter?! Headline act of the Jazz Town Festival?! I never thought she was that famous!
Amy: She really did represent the soul and spirit of Jazz Town. I hope Louie will like this...
Louie: Is that mom on the poster, <Rank> <Name>?
Louie: I miss her so much! I wish I wasn't so mean to her!
Amy: Aww, none of this is your fault, Louie: she loved you very much!
Louie: She was the best mom in the world... I should have told her that more often. And I was so proud to have a famous mom like her, so thank you for the poster, <Name>.
Blake: Yes, thank you, <Rank> <Name>. Here, please take these Carnival vouchers: it's not much, but you deserve them!

Investigate Storage Room.
Frank: Damn, <Name>, you were right, it seems that Yann lost his picture here... Look at it though, it's all torn!
Frank: Sure! Yann would be glad if you gave this picture back to him in one piece. Let's do this!

Examine Yann's Torn Picture.
Frank: Not a big deal for you to fix stuff it seems, huh, <Name>? OK, let's have a look at that pic you found in the storage room...
Frank: Oh... I understand why Yann was so worried about this picture of his parents. It must be really important to him... Look at those seashells on the frame, he must have made it at school!
Frank: I agree, he's bound to be happy to get this back. Yup, let's go see him!

Bring the picture back to Yann.
Frank: Hey buddy, <Name> found the picture you were looking for!
Yann: Thanks, <Name>, I can't find the words. This picture really means a lot to me.
Yann: OK, I think I feel ready to visit my parents' grave. Will you guys come with me? It will be good to have some friends with me.
Frank: Sure, it would be an honor for <Name> and I to go with you!

At the cemetery...
Yann: So, here we are... Dominique and Martha Toussaint... It's been a while since I've been to my parents' grave.
Yann: The Puppeteer took my parents away from me when I was only 14. It's always been too painful coming here...
(Yann cries)
Yann: I can't believe it's all over: thank you for putting an end to this nightmare by catching the Puppeteer, <Name>.
Yann: My parents are finally at peace, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, <Name>.
Yann: You're right <Name>, I should go spend some time with my family: I've barely seen them lately. Thank you again, for everything.

Later, at the station...
Frank: <Name>, I'm really glad Yann got himself together... It's thanks to you!
Frank: Yeah, I guess he needs some rest, the last few days might have been pretty harsh...
Frank: That's right, we could do something for him!
Frank: A surprise trip for Yann and his family, <Name>? Sounds like a plan... But, where do you think they should go? I mean, Yann's been travelling everywhere!
Frank: You're right! We could have a look at his basement: it might give us some ideas!

Investigate Yann's Basement.
Frank: Yann's travel pics box... Great idea, <Name>, if we want to plan him a trip, let's first figure out where he's been!

Examine Box of Pictures.
Frank: Did you find something in Yann's travel pics box, <Name>? Sweet! A promotional flyer for White Peaks!
Frank: Yeah, I bet Yann planned to spend some time there... You know, chillin' in the chalet, watching the sunset over the peaks on the balcony, drinking some fine booze...
Frank: Ahem, sorry, <Name>, it's his trip, not mine! Right, let's set things up for the surprise trip and go see Yann, it's bound to cheer him up!

Tell Yann about the trip to White Peaks.
Yann: <Name>, what brings you here, do you need to take something to my lab?
Frank: Yann, you've been through a lot lately, and you said you needed to spend time with your family and have some time to rest, so <Name> had an idea...
Frank: We found that White Peaks flyer at your place... So the team clubbed together, and we got you a trip for four to White Peaks!
Yann: Wow! A stay for four in a chalet in White Peaks... I always wanted to take Jessica and the kids there... And I guess I needed it...
Yann: Thanks a lot <Name>, for everything you did! It's not nearly enough, but I have an extra winter coat in case you wanna visit. Take it, something tells me you're gonna need it soon...

Later, at the station...
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, you did an exemplary job in Jazz Town. You prevented the city from being annihilated by Hurricane Zelda, and the Puppeteer will no longer be a threat, thanks to you.
Chief Marquez: Helping Blake Cooper with his grandsons' custody was a good move too. The people of Jazz Town need to know they can count on us, especially after what they've been through.
Chief Marquez: Oh, and Frank told me you guys bought Yann and his family a trip to White Peaks... That's very nice of you, he needed it.
Chief Marquez: That's a funny coincidence, because White Peaks is exactly where the team will be transferred.
Amy: Did I hear you right, Chief Marquez?! Are we going to White Peaks?!
Amy: That's my home town, you get to meet my family, <Name>! I'm so excited!
Chief Marquez: Well, I understand your enthusiasm, but we're going there because there's been a resurgence of crime in the area lately.
Amy: Oh... weird, it's usually a nice and quiet place... What would make the crime rate suddenly increase out there?
Chief Marquez: That's exactly what we'll have to find out! OK, <Rank> <Name>, take some warm clothes with you, we're all going to White Peaks!