Hank Buxton
Hank B
Biographical information
Full name Hank Buxton
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2013
Cause of death Strangulation
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Grimsborough, U.S.
Profession(s) Chief executive officer
Family Jamie Buxton (granddaughter)
Kerry Ann Buxton (wife)
Peggy Buxton (mother; incarcerated)
Affiliation(s) Buxton's Britches Ltd.
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #44: The Scent of Death (s1)

Hank Buxton was the victim in The Scent of Death (Case #44 of Grimsborough).


Hank was the CEO of Buxton's Britches Ltd. He was the son of 80-year-old Peggy Buxton, and the husband of 36-year-old Kerry Ann Buxton. Both Peggy and Kerry were suspects in Hank's murder investigation due to their relationship with the victim. At the time of his death, Hank had blond hair, blue eyes, wore a formal navy suit with a white shirt and a gold tie underneath it.

Murder details

Hank was found dead in a plant pot with a corpse flower in his mouth in Buxton Britches Rooftop. Nathan confirmed that the killer used pantyhose to kill Hank by strangulation, which confirmed that the killer wore pantyhose. Nathan also said that there was deep puncture wounds made by fingernails on Hank's ankles which idicated that the killer dragged him into the pot feet first. For some reason, he was first smashed on his head with a flower pot and was strangled to death with pantyhose. Afterwards, a plant was shoved into his mouth. Nathan confirmed that the killer's fingernails were regularly manicured, as attested by the fresh traces of salon brand nail strengthener on Hank's ankles.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be his mother, Peggy Buxton.

Peggy told the court that she and Hank hated each other but she hated Kerry Ann Buxton even more. Therefore, Peggy would bestow her fortune to Hank at the condition of disinheriting Kerry Ann as well as letting Peggy stay in Buxton Mansion until her death. Peggy eventually discovered that Hank was planning to confine her in an institute for senile people, and because of that, she sought to make Hank to pay for every time he had disrespected her and mocked her in front of her beast of a late husband. Peggy crept up behind him on the rooftop, smashed a pot over his head and choked him to death with a pair of pantyhose. After Hank perished, Peggy planted Hank in a corpse flower pot and even planted one in Hank's mouth. Peggy lured Georgi Papacoulis into helping her carry Hank's dead body by making him believe that the victim was drunk, a feat which made Jones think Georgi was an accomplice to murder.

Peggy's motive for the murder, not to mention her early failure to take a stand due to having lawyers attempting to drop the case, were grounds for her being issued a lifetime jail sentence.


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