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Chief Andrea Marquez: Congratulations, <Rank> <Name>, you made it this far! Are you ready to take a trip to Inner City now? 
Chief Marquez: I'll dispatch you there with Amy, I want you both to witness the meaning of "Melting Pot" once you get there.
Amy: Awesome, <Name>! I'm so psyched I get to hang out with you in Inner City. You'll love it! It's crowdy and colorful, we'll take nice pictures!
Chief Maruqez: You should listen to <Rank> <Name>, Amy. Inner City is not just a touristic place. It has always been a beacon of hope for many immigrants throughout the world. Russians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs...
Chief Marquez: Sadly this place is not without tension. The Chinese and the Russians have been stuck in a never-ending struggle for a while.
Chief Marquez: Which is why I'm sending Hannah with you. She was born and raised in Inner City, so I think it's safer if she shows you the way.
Hannah: Hey guys! Let's hit the road and go to Inner City!

Later on, in the heart of Inner City...
Hannah: I'm glad I was asked to show you around Inner City, <Name>. Trust me, this is the most exciting part of Pacific Bay!
Hannah: Some would call it a melting pot, but there's more to it. Inner City is like a tremendous sentient kettle, a boiling laboratory of ideas for the future of Pacific Bay!
Hannah: Of course, it wasn't easy every day, living in these parts. But mostly I have good memories...
Hannah: Uh... <Name>... There's something over there... It looks like...
Hannah: Eww... I think I'm gonna be sick...
Amy: Oh no! <Name>, this looks like a job for us! I agree, we'd better close off the perimeter and have a closer look at this!

Chapter 1

Investigate Main Street.
Amy Young: That poor Chinese girl was hung up right in the middle of the street! Do you think it's got anything to do with that community feud Chief Marquez told us about?
Hannah: Ugh, I can't believe you deal with such things every day of the week, <Name>! I'm sorry, but I'm going back to the station. I'll be better off in my office with my computers.
Amy: I can't blame you for feeling sick, it's still hard for me as well. But <Name> is right, we need to get the body to autopsy.
Amy: And you already found some clues! Those bits of plastic were right under where the victim was hung. We should try to patch them up, you're right!
Amy: As for this flyer, most of its text is faded... But I know that if someone can make it reappear, it's you, <Name>!
Amy: You're right, this scarf has the same pattern as the victim's dress. It must have belonged to her! Nothing escapes your sight, that's just amazing, <Name>!
Amy: Haha, right, that's just the beginning, of course. I knew that! We still need to examine it. It looks like something got stuck in the scarf, let's take a closer look at it!

Examine Faded Flyer.
Amy: Great job, <Name>! You managed to make this flyer you found on the murder scene look like it's brand new! What does it say?
Amy: "Unite against the Chinese, keep it Russian?" Now that's brutal! It was issued by Ivana Golovanov, she seems to be some kind of local political figure.
Amy: Good thinking, <Name>. Finding such an anti-Chinese pamphlet on the crime scene of a Chinese woman's murder doesn't look good. Let's go talk to this Ivana!

Ask Ivana Golovanov about her anti-Chinese flyer.
Ivana: Hah! I can see you found one of my flyers, officers. Care to join the fight against the Chinese plague?
Amy: I wouldn't throw around such strong words if I were you, Miss Golovanov. A Chinese woman has just been killed!
Ivana: You mean that girl hung up to a banner like dead meat? Well now you saw how those Chinese treat each other!
Ivana: Aren't they just feral bullies? They're trying to scare us Russians, hoping we move somewhere else, so they can take our homes.
Ivana: We all know the Chinese want to make our homes their own turf! But I'll do anything to keep this place Russian and I will succeed! No one can stop me, I'm a rocket ship!
(After talking to Ivana Golovanov)
Amy: I... I can't believe Miss Golovanov could say such things about the Chinese, <Name>. We should arrest her for... for being hateful?
Amy: Oh, sure <Name>. We don't want our suspects to hide anything from us, so we ought to let them talk the way they want. Hey, that's really clever of you, <Name>!

Examine Bits of Plastic.
Amy: Perfect, <Name>! This badge you just restored has our victim's photo and name on it. And so her name is Ling Zhang!
Amy: The badge bears the name of "Yuan's Garden", which seems to be some kind of herbal shop. The victim must have worked there!
Amy: You're right, <Name>! We'll go there immediately!

Investigate Herbal Shop.
(Before investigating Herbal Shop)
YuanWelcome to Yuan's Garden, <Rank>! I am Yuan Wong, the owner of this honorable shop! How may I help you?
Amy: Mrs. Wong, we're investigating on a young Chinese girl's murder, Ling Zhang. We know she used to work here, which is why <Rank> <Name> would like to take a look at your shop.
Yuan: Pardon me? Ling's been murdered?
Yuan: This is sad news, indeed... Please, feel free to stay as long as you need, <Rank> <Name>! I'll be around if you need me.
(After investigating Herbal Shop)
Amy: Way to go, <Name>! You found a Chinese handbag! This could have belonged to the victim!
Amy: I'll let you sift through it, though! You're the one with a keen eye here, you know I could leave out a clue that's right under my nose...
Amy: Of course, <Name>. Yuan Wong is still here in the shop. We should go talk to her about Ling.

Examine Chinese Handbag.
Amy: And you were right again, <Name>! This handbag did belong to our victim, you found a legal document with her picture inside!
Amy: Well, this print was given to her by the immigration patrol. Apparently her visa was rejected and she wasn't allowed to set foot on U.S. soil.
Amy: Well, that's something else! If she dragged the attention of the immigration service to herself, we should try and know more about this.
Amy: Understood, <Rank> <Name>. I'll send the document to Hannah immediately.

Analyze Immigrant Document.
Hannah: I'm done analyzing the document you found in the victim's handbag, <Name>. As you already figured out, she was not allowed to enter the country.
Hannah: So I've been digging deeper and it turned out Ling had her visa personally rejected by Aicha Ben Malek, from Immigration.
Hannah: But it looks like Ling ignored Ben Malek's decision and decided to stay here anyway. And I heard of Ben Malek, she doesn't exactly let go of things.
Amy: You're right, <Name>. This Aicha Ben Malek must have flipped out when she realized Ling had set foot on our soil! Let's go find her now!

Ask Aicha Ben Malek about her Visa denial to the victim.
Aicha: Hello, <Rank> <Name>. You don't need to tell me about Ling Zhang's murder, my chief already got me up to speed.
Amy: You're the one who rejected her visa, Miss Ben Malek. You must have been pretty angry when you found out she had settled here without your permission!
Aicha: That stinky little rat got through, but I'd have caught up with her eventually! Nobody escapes me!
Aicha: This neighborhood has become a global hub for illegal immigration, you know. This is the main reason it has gone to hell...
Aicha: But at least Ling's death will save me some paperwork. You don't know how irksome it gets when we lose track of one of them illegal aliens!
Amy: Is that all you've got to say about it, really? I'd say bureaucracy is a struggle Ling could have handled, if she had been given the chance.

Talk to Yuan Wong about the victim's job at her shop.
Amy: Mrs. Wong, we know Ling used to work in your boutique before she got killed. When was the time you last saw her?
Yuan: Well it was just yesterday! I left her in charge of the shop and went to run my errands! Ling was so fragile and innocent. She did nothing to deserve this!
Yuan: Everything in this place was scaring her. She was just a country girl from a very small village in China, you know.
Yuan: I couldn't leave her alone in this crazy neighborhood, this is why I gave her the job. As Chinese, we have got to watch each other's back.
Yuan: Like many immigrants, she learned that this country is not the Promised Land. Especially around here, with the Russians steering trouble!
Yuan: It must be those despicable Russians who killed Ling, who else! They don't know anything honorable, they're just monsters!

Examine Chinese Scarf.
Amy: Well done, <Name>! You got a hair sample off the victim's scarf!
Amy: You know, sometimes I worry that this job is too easy for you. But I'd never get as good a partner if you left!
Amy: Mmh... Sure, <Name>. I need to stay focused. I'll get that hair sample to the lab for you, you don't have to worry about a thing!

Analyze Hair Sample.
YannI don't want to keep you waiting any longer, <Name>. The hair sample you found on the victim's scarf belonged to the victim!
Amy: Oh, no... Somehow I hoped it was the killer's hair. It could have helped us catching them.
Yann: Don't worry Amy. You know <Name> never misfires! The hair was impregnated with vodka!
Yann: The analysis showed the killer violently grabbed the victim by her hair, pulling some out.
Yann: And clearly, the killer had vodka on their hands when they dragged her through the street.
Amy: So the killer has a soft spot for vodka, then? That's good to know, I'll write it down.

Autopsy Victim's Body.
RoxieWow guys, I must say you really moved my heart with that body you brought me!
Roxie: I'm saying this because the victim's heart was removed. Get it? Heart? Removed? Heart moved?
Amy: Oh, please Roxie! How dare you make fun of this poor young girl!
Roxie: Sorry, I couldn't resist it. Anyway, the killer used a serrated blade to operate the young lady. A true massacre!
Roxie: But they didn't only butcher her. Weirdly enough, I found an acupuncture needle pinned to the victim's neck!
Amy: An acupuncture needle? What would such a thing be doing on the victim's body?
Roxie: My guess is that the killer used acupuncture to put the victim to sleep! I've read about it in a review. Once the victim was out, the killer could act at their leisure.
Amy: Who would have thought such a monster would master the finest traditional Chinese medicine? But at least we know that our killer practices acupuncture!

Later on, at the station...
Amy: This was supposed to be a merry jaunt into Inner City, but now we must find out who killed poor Ling Zhang!
Amy: I gotta say I'm a bit confused, <Name>. So far we've learned our killer practices acupuncture. One could argue they must be Chinese!
Amy: But they also drink vodka! Which means they must be Russian!
Amy: Oh you're right, <Name>. I should steer clear of such stereotypes. Hello, Amy! They might be neither Chinese nor Russian... Phew, all this jumble is giving me a headache!
Amy: Other than that, public political figure Ivana Golovanov seems to be relishing on feeding the anti-Chinese hate that has been running among the Russian community.
Amy: And there's also Aicha Ben Malek, who's in charge of the Immigration around here and who hated our victim for entering the country without her approval.
Amy: One thing is for certain, <Name>. The ongoing tensions between the Russians and the Chinese are real!
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>! There you are!
Chief Marquez: Things are getting out of hand in Inner City. A Russian bar has just been vandalized! We're on the brink of a street war!

Chapter 2

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, here you are! A Russian bar, the Moloko, has just been wrecked! We're on the brink of a street war here!
Amy: Oh my! <Name>'s right, what if it's linked to the killing of Ling Zhang?!
Amy: It doesn't help that Ivana Golovanov is really adding to the drama with her anti-Chinese agenda... All of this doesn't bode well!
Amy: You're right, <Name>. Let's focus on what's important. What we need to do now is to investigate the bar that's just been vandalized!

Investigate Russian Bar.
Amy: Nice catch, <Name>. This baseball bat you just picked was probably used to trash the bar!
Amy: It has Chinese ornaments, which means it may be the Chinese who did it as retribution for Ling's murder!
Amy: Understood, I'll bring you the powder kit, the vandal will have left fingerprints on it!
Amy: And you also found Russian nesting dolls? Awwwww, they are so cute!
Amy: I just love those dolls, it's a new treat every time you open one! And the smaller they get, the cuter they are!
Amy: Of course, there may be something hidden inside... We should look into it!

Examine Baseball Bat.
Amy: Great, <Name>, now that you've isolated fingerprints on that baseball bat you found in the bar, I'll send them to Hannah so she can process them!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Hannah: <Name>, I'm done working on the fingerprints you found on the baseball bat, and I could determine they belong to a certain Tao Wei.
Hannah: He's a big cheese in the Russian/Chinese war game, with a history of violence.
Amy: Oh dear, <Name>, this doesn't sound good. Chief Marquez told us the situation was tight already. But what if this incident ignited an open war?
Chief Marquez: Did I hear my name, <Rank> <Name>? Well that's good, because I'd like to talk to you in my office, right now.

A few minutes later, in Chief Marquez's office...
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, I'm glad you found who caused the attack on the Russian bar.
Chief Marquez: But I'm fearing an escalation of violence in Inner City and this situation needs to be handled right off the bat. Clearly we don't want another person dead!
Chief Marquez: Go find this Tao Wei Hannah identified as the hooligan who provoked the Russians. But try not to push him, the atmosphere is tense enough already.
Chief Marquez: And you should also go back to the crime scene. Go grab what clues you can there, before any of the Russians or the Chinese cause a riot.

Confront Tao Wei about him vandalizing the Russian bar.
Amy: Tao Wei, <Rank> <Name> identified you as the one who vandalized the Moloko Bar.
Tao: It's those Russians! They're all scumbags! They killed my wife-to-be! They deserved retribution! This is why I trashed their stinking bar!
Amy: Your wife-to-be? You were to marry Ling Zhang?
Tao: Yes. I was to marry her this week. It was supposed to be a traditional wedding, but she died before I could even get to know her properly.
Tao: Anyway I'm sorry for this little incident at the bar. I was drunk on vodka! It kills me to say it, but this Russian beverage is the best thing there is to drown one's sorrows!
Amy: Well, we have one tradition among cops too, Mr. Wei. We fine hooligans no matter how apologetic they can be!

Investigate Little China.
Amy: Thank God the Inner City Main Street is still safe! Well, for now, at least...
Amy: Oh, you picked a broken device? Do you think it was broken intentionally? Of course, we'd better repair it!
Amy: I agree <Name>, it's forensic science 101: if you're running out of clues, search the trash! I just wish it didn't smell that bad.

Examine Broken Device.
Amy: Wow, <Name>, this device you just fixed looks like a high-tech toy! Or like a camera taped to a helicopter...
Amy: Oh, that's exactly what it is? Then I agree, Hannah is the one we need here, let's get this camera to her!

Analyze Flying Camera.
Hannah: This flying camera you brought me from the Inner City Main street is a real treat! Oh, I wish I was allowed to use this kind of top-notch stuff!
Hannah: I tracked down the owner of the device, and it turned out to be... Aicha Ben Malek, from Immigration!
Hannah: She used it to spy on her suspects all around Inner City, and as anyone could guess, it's completely illegal! How can Immigration allow their agents to use such methods?
Amy: I'm on your side, this is all kinds of wrong! And <Name>'s right, it is likely Aicha used this flying camera to stalk our victim. Let's go ask her about this!

Question Aicha Ben Malek about the use of her flying camera.
Amy: <Rank> <Name> found the helicopter camera you used to monitor the neighborhood, Miss Ben Malek. You do know that's completely illegal, right?
Aicha: Do you know what it's like, working in this neighborhood with just one gun and a notepad? Do you think the Russians, the Chinese around here, they're touristic attractions?
Aicha: My parents, they fled Sultanistan to come here, penniless! They always abided the law, they worked hard, they embraced the local culture, pledged allegiance to the flag!
Aicha: People like Ling Zhang can't be bothered to integrate. But I am the law around here, and when I say a visa is denied, it means DENIED!
Aicha: ... Sorry about the temper, <Rank>. I'm gonna hit home, sip some vodka, do some acupuncture... Ironically enough, it's the only thing keeping me sane these days!

Examine Trash Can.
Amy: At least the Chinese and the Russians can share the same trash can, <Name>. What did you find in it?
Amy: A lucky coin? With a skull on it? What a spooky little thing. And... it has blood on it!
Amy: You think we'd better send that coin to Yann for analysis stright away? Alright, I'll take it to the lab!

Analyze Bloody Coin.
Yann: I'm done running some tests on the lucky coin you found on the crime scene, <Name>. And I can tell you the blood on it belonged to your victim, Ling Zhang!
Yann: Other than that, I wasn't really able to make heads or tails of this clue, so I have taken the liberty to have Russell look for himself.
Russell: You were inspired, Yann! How are you doing, <Rank> <Name>?
Russell: Oh, you came here with Amy. Hi, Amy. It's been a while. You're looking good. Still chasing criminals, eh?
Amy: Oh hi, Russell. Still chasing them, yeah.
Russell: Anyway, let's talk shop, shall we?
Russell: Criminals, by nature, are a cowardly and superstitious lot. They often need to rely on meaningless rituals to justify their immoral deeds.
Russell: In this case, your killer flipped a coin to decide whether Ling Zhang had to live or not. That way they could off-load their responsibility.
Russell: So my diagnostic would be, only a gambling-addict would have let chance to rule over Ling Zhang's life or death.
Amy: Wow, I'm impressed, Russell. That was brilliant! Thanks to you, now we know that our killer is a gambling freak!

Examine Russian Nesting Dolls.
Amy: Oh please <Name>! Those dolls are too cute! Can I keep them?
Amy: Hum... Of course, <Name>. The important thing is, you found a herb bag from Yuan's Garden hidden among the dolls!
Amy: It's from Yuan Wong's shop! But why was this bag hidden here, in these Russian dolls? You're right, this warrants another talk with Yuan!

Ask Yuan Wong about the herbs you found in the Russian bar.
Amy: Mrs. Wong, <Rank> <Name> found this herbal blend hidden in a Russian nesting doll in the Moloko. Do you have any idea how it ended there?
Yuan: So she disobeyed me! Ling went to the Moloko Bar to give it to that boy named Piotr Golovanov! He's a bartender in that hideous place. I'd forbidden her from going!
Amy: Piotr Golovanov? The name sounds familiar... Is he somehow related to Ivana Golovanov?
Yuan: Exactly, they're siblings. And the Moloko Bar is where his sister gives her anti-Chinese speeches. "The twin snakes", we Chinese call them.
Yuan: He had the nerve to come here and ask for a cure for his hepatitis. I told him to scram and told Ling never to speak to him! But she must have gone anyway!
Yuan: How dare she not listen to me? I gave her everything! A roof, food, taught her meditation, acupuncture! And this is how she thanked me?
(After talking to Yuan Wong)
Amy: Our suspects are clearly on the edge, that's the least you could say! Dealing with them gets touchier by the minute!
Amy: At least we've learned that Ling went to the Moloko Bar to help this Piotr Golovanov with his liver problems, despite Yuan's warnings.
Amy: And you're right, this means he's the only Russian who's been in contact with Ling! Which means we should hurry up and go talk to him!

Ask Piotr about the Chinese herbal blend he got from the victim.
Amy: Mr. Golovanov, <Rank> <Name> here is investigating the murder of Ling Zhang. We know you met each other before she died, but how well did you know her?
Piotr: Oh, Ling... She was so sweet. Who would want to kill such an innocent person? I met her because I had a bad hepatitis. And she cured me!
Piotr: It's because of all this vodka I drink. It's my sister, she doesn't allow any other drink at home! She says it's the Russian thing to do.
Piotr: Every Russian treatment I tried didn't work, so I decided I'd go to the herbal shop. Everything was so quiet there...
Piotr: This is when I met Ling, who told me all about Chinese culture, and I immediately loved it! I applied myself learning how to cook Chinese, then calligraphy, acupuncture...
Piotr: But... Please don't tell my sister Ivana I've shared all of this with you. She'll just kill me if she finds out I developed a taste for Chinese culture!

Later on, at the station...
Amy: Well, <Name>, so far you've discovered that Ling's killer practices acupuncture and drinks vodka.
Amy: And Russell just told us they couldn't come to any decision without taking a gamble!
Amy: Other than that, Tao Wei went to smash up the Moloko Bar, blaming the Russians for killing his wife-to-be.
Amy: And Yuan Wong was obviously very angry at Ling for sharing their ancestral herb remedy.
Amy: Not to mention the person Ling so helped is a Russian, Piotr Golovanov, who recently took an interest in Chinese culture!
Hannah: Guys, I thought there was something wrong with Aicha Ben Malek, so I hacked into the Immigration Service's servers! Here is all she gathered throughout her career. Thought you'd be interested.
Amy: Thanks, Hannah! I'm pretty sure <Name> will find something useful in there... in time. Won't you, <Name>?

Examine Aicha's Documents.
Amy: Fantastic, <Name>! Sifting through Aicha Ben Malek's documents, you found a picture of our victim!
Amy: Hey, isn't that Piotr Golovanov with her? And the banner behind them...
Amy: OH BOY! That's a picture of Ling and Piotr Golovanov getting MARRIED!

Chapter 3

Amy Young: Dear me, <Name>! I just can't believe my eyes! This photo shows our victim got married to Piotr Golovanov!!
Amy: It's a real game-changer! And that explains why Piotr took a shining to Chinese culture! It's because he fell in love with our victim!
Amy: Who would have thought a Chinese could get married with a Russian in this neighborhood!
Amy: Not to mention Tao Wei was also supposed to marry Ling, you're right! She clearly went against everyone's wishes in choosing Piotr!
Amy: Understood, <Name>. We'll go talk to Piotr Golovanov. The poor man must be devastated by his wife's death, I wonder why he hid it from us!
Amy: Oh, good insight, <Name>. While we're there, we had better have another look at the Moloko Bar. Well, let's go!

Talk to Piotr about his secret wedding with the victim.
Amy: Piotr, <Rank> <Name> found out you secretly wed Ling Zhang! This was so courageous of you, why didn't you tell us?!
Piotr: I'm sorry for not telling you, but I couldn't! What if my friends got wind of this? What if my sister Ivana found out?
Piotr: We got married in secret in Ocean Shore. Nobody knew us there, we were free as love birds!
Piotr: These were the best days in my life. Ling taught me acupuncture, and I took her to go gambling at bingo! I... I will never forget this!
Piotr: Ling, my poor honey! I can't believe she's dead! I loved her so much! She meant everything to me! It was love at first sight! That had never happened to me before!
Piotr: But my sister is right, after all. We and the Chinese, we can never get along. We should remain separate. After all, things are better off that way.
Piotr: I ignored tradition, I ignored family pressure, but... See where it got me? If only I could go back in time... I would listen to my sister and would never marry Ling!
(After talking to Piotr Golovanov)
Amy: Poor Piotr... He married the love of his life but she died right afterwards... It's like he had all the odds against him!
Amy: Other than that, I agree, he sounded like he's under the sway of his sister Ivana, the local anti-Chinese political figure.
Amy: Now you mention it... Do you really think Ivana's influence could have pushed her brother to kill his wife?
Amy: Of course, <Name>, we need to have another chat with Ivana. I just hope she won't be as horrible as the first time!

Ask Ivana Golovanov if she knew about her brother and the victim.
Ivana: Ha, Piotr really thought he could hide his wedding from me? I figured it out soon enough! But I hoped this little incident would disappear with Ling.
Ivana: You mustn't judge my brother, <Rank> <Name>. He's always been easily influenced.
Amy: We do not share your feelings about the Chinese, Ivana. But if the other Russians ever got wind of this, it could affect your anti-Chinese campaign, right?
Ivana: You know, in the history of Mankind, the Chinese could invent only one worthy thing: acupuncture. Apart from that, all they can do is cheat, steal and plunder.
Ivana: There was no love in this stupid wedding. The Chinese never do anything out of love, they always plan something else, those stinky little schemers.
Ivana: So you want to know who killed Ling Zhang, <Rank> <Name>? Well I bet it's the Chinese, they like to kill each other for no reason!

Investigate Gambling Table.
Amy: You found... a torn red paper? Well, <Name>, every time you find something torn up, it oddly turns out to be a decisive clue! Let's fix it and see what it teaches us!

Examine Torn Red Paper.
Amy: Well done, <Name>! You restored this red paper you found in the Moloko! And it looks like Chinese stationery, it's so elegant!
Amy: And it's yet another Chinese item in a Russian place! Understood, I'll send this paper to Yann. He's a real human library when it comes to foreign culture!

Analyze Red Paper.
Yann: That red envelope you found in the Moloko Bar brings me back to my trip to China a few years ago!
Yann: The Chinese always use these kind of envelopes as gifts in family events such as weddings, the red color is supposed to symbolize good luck.
Yann: In this case, the envelope recapped the payments Tao Wei had made in preparation of his wedding with your victim.
Amy: Oh dear, that's true! Tao already told us he was supposed to wed Ling. And so you're saying that he'd already paid for the wedding?!
Amy: I agree <Name>, if Tao knew about Ling's secret wedding, he must have been pretty upset! Looks like we're in for another chat with him!

Talk to Tao about the arranged marriage with the victim.
Amy: Mr. Wei, this red envelope shows you paid all the fees regarding your wedding with Ling. But did you know she had already wed Piotr Golovanov?
Tao: Are you a gambler, <Rank> <Name>? Well I am. And if there's one thing I've learned about life, it's that it's a never-ending gamble!
Tao: I put all my money in this arranged wedding. Ling had Immigration on her tail, I took huge risks... and I lost everything. My wife, my money...
Tao: Did she have to go with this Piotr Russian guy, really? I changed my lifestyle for this woman! Learned how to press my pants, cook beef stew, practice acupuncture...
Tao: I mean, did she really think she could marry a Russian? In this neighborhood? Her death serves her right, if you ask me! She should have stuck with tradition!

Later on, at the station...
Amy: Alright, <Name>. I gotta admit I never felt so sad about marriage. I always thought it was supposed to bring people together, not destroy their lives!
Amy: Piotr Golovanov seems devastated by his wife's death. But if we consider the family pressure he's facing, maybe he killed her just because his sister Ivana told him to...
Amy: Tao Wei was supposed to marry Ling and he paid a fortune just to get her from China. When he found she had wed Piotr, maybe he took back what he considered to be his!
Amy: I agree, <Name>. We need to start back from scratch and return to where Ling spent most of her time since her arrival. And that is Yuan's Garden herbal shop!

Investigate Shop Stand.
Amy: Nice catch, <Rank> <Name>! This Chinese tin box you just picked up is locked, but it shouldn't be a problem to you, the master of unlocking!
Amy: Holy cow, <Rank> <Name>... This knife you just picked up... Remember Roxie telling us the killer used a serrated blade to snatch Ling's heart off her chest?
Amy: Well, duh! Of course you remember. You never forget anything important, <Name>.
Amy: Anyway, this knife's blade looks exactly like the one Roxie described to us...
Amy: ... which means that you've just found the murder weapon! If we pore over it, it may give new intel on our killer! They can't escape us now!

Examine Chinese Dagger.
Amy: I'm impressed, <Name>! You found some yellow powder on the knife the killer used to butcher Ling!
Amy: You're right, we'll rely on Yann's wits from here, I'll just send it to him. One more little effort, and the killer will be in lock-down before the end of this day, I can feel it!

Analyze Yellow Powder.
Yann: Guys, the yellow powder you found on the murder weapon turned out to be pollen. Pollen from a fresh and fully blossomed red rose!
Amy: Awww... A red rose? That is so romantic. I had a boyfriend in High School who gave me roses once, it was so nice! I remember it because he was allergic, and our date ended at the hospital...
Amy: Hu-hum of course <Name>! Focus! Now we know that our killer is wearing a red rose, and apprehending them is just a matter of minutes I'm sure!

Examine Chinese Tin Box.
Amy: How do you do this, <Name>? You unlocked this Chinese tin box from the herbal shop just like Frank uncaps a beer can!
Amy: Hey look, there are acupuncture needles inside it! And you're right, Roxie told us the killer is an acupuncture artist!
Amy: And what with you finding the murder weapon in the same vicinity than this box...
Amy: Of course, <Name>! These acupuncture needles must have been used by the killer to neutralize Ling! I'll let you scan it for clues. You'll find something there, I know it!

Examine Acupuncture Needles.
Amy: Amazing, <Rank> <Name>! Only your keen eyes could spot those tiny little yellow filaments on the killer's acupuncture needles!
Amy: Looks like the killer's made another mistake, <Rank> <Name>! And once Yann is done processing this new clue, they won't stand a chance!

Analyze Yellow Filaments.
Yann: Hear this out, <Name>. The filaments you brought me from the killer's acupuncture kit were regular yellow threads, but not only!
Yann: After running some tests, I could isolate blond hair from the sample.
Amy: Hm, <Name>'s right. Yuan Wong and Ling Zhang have black hair, so it can't have come from them. Which means...
Amy: Yes, <Name>! It means our killer has blond hair! Let's gun for blond suspects! With this information, we'll apprehend them in no time!

After completing all tasks...
Amy: Looks like you've gathered all the evidence we need, <Name>! Someone's about to pay for the killing of Ling Zhang!

Arrest Killer.
Amy: Stop right there, Miss Golovanov! <Rank> <Name>'s discovered the truth, you killed Ling Zhang!
Ivana: What are you talking about? It's those Chinese who killed her, not me!
Amy: Don't lie to <Rank> <Name>, Ivana. They found your lucky coin with Ling's blood on it. You tossed it to decide whether she had to live or die!
Amy: And we know you went to Yuan Wong's shop to neutralize her with an acupuncture needle! You left your hair there, and a ton of pollen on the knife you used to stab her!
Ivana: You got it all figured out, didn't you? But you're a little late, <Rank> <Name>. All I cared about was to maintain the integrity of my family and to send a message to the Chinese community!
Ivana: Ling stole my brother's heart. And as stupid as he is, he's still family! An eye for an eye, a heart for a heart! Ling had to pay for what she did to him, to us!
Ivana: Never in my life would I have tolerated my own blood to be mixed with Asian blood! This is why I had to set things right, before it was too late!
Ivana: Ethnicities are mixing now, blood is becoming impure. Have you seen the crime rates? That's because of the race-mixing!
Amy: Jeez, <Rank> <Name>. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all this hatred and cruelty, here. Let's just arrest this horrible woman and call it a day, shall we?

Honorable DanteIvana Golovanov, am I reading right? You snatched a young Chinese girl's heart out of her chest... Why in the world would you do that? It's so unhygenic!
Ivana: I dedicated my whole life to keeping my neighborhood Russian! Nobody wants the Chinese to live here! I only made sure they realized it!
Honorable Dante: No Chinese? That's a strange idea... The world would be one hell of a place without the Chinese. Think of all the things they've invented! Paper, silk, tea... wheelbarrows.
Honorable Dante: Seriously, can you imagine a world without wheelbarrows?
Honorable Dante: Yes, Miss Golovanov, your narrow-minded vision of the world deserves the proper punishment. I hereby sentence you to 20 years in jail for the killing of Ling Zhang!

Amy: It is true the communities in Inner City don't get along as smoothly as we wish they could, <Rank> <Name>. This case just showed us that.
Amy: But in spite of all the pressure, a Russian man fell in love with a Chinese girl and they got married!
Amy: I'm sure their marriage will be remembered as a symbol of hope. Sometimes, it takes tragedy for people to consider things thoroughly. Don't you agree, <Name>?

Additional Investigation

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, as you've seen, tensions between the Russians and the Chinese have reached a new level, and Ling Zhang's murder isn't going to arrange things.
Chief Marquez: Vandalism and muggings are on the rise on both sides, and as usual, everybody's keeping silent.
Chief Marquez: Which is why I would like you to talk to Tao Wei, make sure he's not planning anything. His stunt at the Moloko Bar was bad enough!
Chief Marquez: Now if you'll excuse me, the County Sheriff's on hold, and some administrative things can't wait... Keep me posted if you find anything, <Rank> <Name>.

Yuan: <Rank> <Name>! I need your help! This customs agent, Aicha Ben Malek... She is harrassing me! She says I don't belong here, that I must go back to China!
Yuan: I've been an American citizen for more than thirty years, and I know my rights! I never filed any complaint to the police, but I think this time I will!
Yuan: I would very much appreciate if you could help me out... I'll wait in the station for when you have time...
Hannah: Did I hear someone talk about troubles with Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
Hannah: Yeah, sorry <Name>, I was just walking by, and I heard Mrs. Wong saying she was in trouble with Aicha Ben Malek... If you don't mind, I'd like to take care of this with you.
Hannah: Glad you agree! And that'll show people I'm not glued to my computers! Let's talk to Mrs. Wong then, unless you want to go see that Tao Wei with Amy first.

Make sure Tao Wei isn't up to something.
Amy: Tao Wei, <Rank> <Name> is here to make sure you are not going to go against the Russians ag-
Tao: Those cockroaches not only killed one of us, but they still keep on taunting us!
Tao: Ivana Golovanov's arrest only made them more vocal! They're plastering their propaganda all over the city! I'm telling you, if it's war they want, they're gonna get it!
Amy: Hold on... What is going on exactly? What kind of propaganda are you talking about?
Tao: I'm talking about the posters! I tore the one I found to shreds, but the pieces are over there if you want to have a look.

Investigate Main Street.
Amy: Nice job, <Name>! Do you think this torn poster is what got Tao Wei so mad?
Amy: You're right, let's put the pieces back together to find out!

Examine Torn Poster.
Amy: Great, <Name>! The poster you found on the streets is now in one piece! So, let's see what Tao Wei was so mad about...
Amy: Wait, is that Ling Zhang?! And there's also a bear, and a dragon... Oh right, to symbolize Russia and China!
Amy: And there's also a message... "Their hate killed her. No more of this, join the fight!"...
Amy: I agree, <Name>, this poster seems to denounce both the Chinese and Russian communities. This doesn't look like something the Russians would have created!
Amy: You're right! Something else was written on the bottom of the poster... If you decipher it, we may find out more about this mysterious display.

Examine Faded Logo.
Amy: Hooray, you managed to retrieve the faded part of the poster! What does it say, <Name>?
Amy: "NO BORDER, NO ORDER, NO MASTER"... And it's signed Inner Chaos... I've never heard of them, have you, <Name>?
Amy: I agree, the most important thing right now is to let Tao Wei know that the Russians have nothing to do with this poster. Hopefully this will calm him down!

Inform Tao Wei that the poster was not made by the Russians.
Amy: Tao Wei, <Rank> <Name> has found the poster you told us about, and it wasn't made by the Russians, but by a group called Inner Chaos.
Tao: What?! Those anarchist punks are back in town?! I thought they were dead!
Amy: Oh, so you know who they are! And anarchists? My, that doesn't sound good!
Tao: They were really active a few years ago, covering walls with their tags, demonstrating... They caused a lot of trouble in the neighborhood.
Amy: I see. Well, at least now you know the Russians are not actively campaigning against you. Promise us you will not seek trouble again, Mr. Wei!
Tao: Alright, alright. <Rank> <Name>, take these clothes as a gesture of good faith. It was for the wedding ceremony, but obviously I won't need them anymore.

Ask Yuan about her troubles with immigration.
Yuan: This woman from the immigration services, Aicha Ben Malek... She sneaked around my shop without a warrant, and started to imply my situation was "not in order"!
Yuan: She told me she was sure I am an illegal, like Ling was...
Yuan: I wanted to show her how wrong and arrogant she was... But... I hid my papers... Out here, you get robbed and they're sold on the black market in a flash... And I can't remember where I put them!
Hannah: <Rank> <Name>, I knew Aicha's repututation for being too diligent, but now she's really going too far! We have to do something!
Hannah: You're right, the first thing to do is find the papers. Don't worry Mrs. Wong, <Rank> <Name> will make sure Aicha cannot bother you again! We'll go have a look at your shop!

Investigate Herbal Shop.
Hannah: Yuan's potpourri vase? Well, <Name>, if you think there's something inside, then let's have a look at it!

Examine Potpourri Vase.
Hannah: So, Yuan hid her passport in this potpourri vase! Such a random place... I'm kinda impressed by your instinct, <Name>!
Hannah: That passport looks weird, though. I don't know... Do you think it could be a fake one?
Hannah: Good idea, we could do a complete authenticity check of the passport! It'll take a bit of time, but at least that way we'll be sure Yuan's out of trouble!

Analyze Yuan's Passport.
Hannah: <Name>, I checked Yuan's passport with the Passport Service, and, after hours of struggling through our wonderful State administration... I can confirm it's a hundred percent real!
Hannah: I have to say I'm relieved. You know, my parents... My parents were immigrants, too, and I know what a nightmare dealing with the Immigration Service can be!
Hannah: You're right, for now let's give back her passport to Yuan, so she won't get harassed anymore.

Give Yuan her passport.
Hannah: Mrs. Wong, <Rank> <Name> found your passport... in your potpourri vase! Miss Ben Malek won't harass you anymore.
Yuan: My potpourri vase... Oh, I remember now! I should have been more careful... Especially with someone like this Ben Malek around...
Yuan: Thank you, <Rank> <Name>, you saved me from a lot of trouble!
Hannah: You're welcome, Mrs. Wong. And don't worry, we'll have a talk with Aicha, won't we, <Name>?! But first, let's grab something to eat, all this mess got me hella hungry!

Make sure Aicha won't bother Yuan anymore.
Hannah: Aicha Ben Malek... I guess you remember Yuan Wong? This lady you accused of being illegal... Well she is an American citizen, <Rank> <Name> found her passport.
Hannah: Now, I'm pretty sure the Immigration and Customs Enforcement won't be happy to hear about your abuse of power... Shall we let them know about it?
Aicha: Ha! My bosses don't care... Illegals are sent back to the border thanks to my methods, and that's all that matters to them.
Hannah: It shouldn't be! My parents struggled to obtain citizenship and learn American customs! Who are you to say they're not worthy of living here?!
Aicha: Boy, you're really naive. I'm doing nothing more than upholding the Law! And if I'm not doing everything by the book, who cares? I've unveiled human smuggling and counterfeiting networks this way!
Aicha: You should go to our "Securing the Homeland" exposition, maybe you'll understand better. <Rank> <Name>, here's some change, for the tickets.

Later, at the station...
Hannah: <Name>, thanks for taking the time to help Yuan, it means a lot to me.
Hannah: You know, my parents fought so hard to be allowed to live here in a decent way.
Hannah: They took so many risks to come here from North Korea... And then they had to fight not to get sent back!
Hannah: But then they had me, an American born baby. They've raised me the best they could, being supportive and never judging me on anything.
Hannah: When I turned twenty-one, they finally received American citizenship. But they haven't forgotten what people like Aicha Ben Malek put them through!
Chief Marquez: Hannah, I'm sorry to interrupt, but... <Rank> <Name>, do you have a moment? I need to talk to you... in private.

In Andrea's office...
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, Amy told me you found out that Inner Chaos is back in town... Let me brief you about them.
Chief Marquez: They are an anarchist group fighting the traditionalism and extreme communautrism that leads to things like Ling Zhang's murder.
Chief Marquez: Their actions were pretty peaceful at first, then they started to get more and more radical... Until they suddenly ceased to operate.
Chief Marquez: And now they're back. From now on, I need the whole team to stay alert for Inner Chaos' next move.
Chief Marquez: And please, <Rank> <Name>... Don't tell anything about this to Hannah, not until we know more.