Henry Crosby was the victim in Bomb Alert on Grimsborough (Case #13 of Grimsborough).


Henry Crosby was a Vietnam War veteran and the owner of the Eastfield Market. He had gray hair, and at the time of his death wore a white shirt underneath an olive green jumper.

Murder details

Henry was killed in an explosion in Cooper Park, a public park. According to the autopsy report, it was discovered that the murder weapon was a bomb by the metal shards Nathan had found inside the victim. Also, it was discovered that the killer was partially deaf, by the proof that they were standing less than 30 feet to the explosion site.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be retired explosives expert Donald Byrd.

The reason behind Donald killing the victim is not known, as he committed suicide-bombing at the public park when Jones and the player went to arrest him. It is possible that Donald killed Henry for testifying against him after he was charged with war crimes and then admitted to an institute for the criminally insane.

Case appearances