Horace Foster
Biographical information
Full name Horace Foster
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1954
Death 2014
Cause of death Dismemberment
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Pacific Bay, U.S.
Profession(s) Film producer
Affiliation(s) Utopian Cult
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #32: Once Upon a Crime (s2)

Horace Foster (1954-2014) was a suspect in the murder investigation of teen soap sensation Jenny Galguera in Once Upon a Crime (Case #32 of Pacific Bay). He was later murdered in Wild Wild Death (Case #33 of Pacific Bay).


An Ivywood movie producer of 60 years of age, Horace was a bulky man with green eyes and combed brown hair. He donned a white dress shirt with red stripes and maroon suspenders. For accessories, he wore a laced ruby around his neck, a golden clapperboard brooch on a shirt pocket filled with a bunch of dollar banknotes, and an access badge on his left suspender. He would also stick a cigar out of his mouth at times. It is known that Horace used anti-aging cream, had read The Glass Princess and was on anti-depressants.

Height 6'1"
Age 60
Weight 259 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O+

Events of Criminal Case

Horace found himself in trouble for the first time after Frank and the player found a promotional alarm clock (pieced back together by the player) containing a final warning from Horace directed towards Jenny—if she was late again, she would be fired from the role. Frank had to go through the trouble of texting Hannah to pinpoint Horace's whereabouts. Frank was diligent to label Horace a suspect given that he was the producer of The Glass Princess—a live-action adaption of Gaston Dumas's fairy tale of the same name—in which the victim was to play the lead role.

Horace told Frank and the player that he could not spend wanton amount of time cooperating with the police, but Frank wanted to know as to why Horace wrote a final warning on a promotional alarm clock—prompting Horace to confirm that Jenny was always late to work, given that he was a movie producer for about 40 years prior to this discussion, but labeled Jenny as a spoiled brat due to her habitual tardiness.

Horace would be approached by the team again after the player found a promotional camera in the toy shelves of the Mr Sparkles toy shop in which a photo of an argument between him and Jenny was extracted by Hannah. Hannah deduced that Jenny was upset about something in the picture during a discussion with Horace, prompting Frank and the player to interrogate the movie producer for a second time.

Horace stated before Frank and the player that he gave Jenny a monetary offer to star in a live sequel to The Glass Princess but admittedly was depressed about the actress refusing an offer in cash. Jenny hated Horace for some reason in spite of him thinking the victim was expendable for an unknown reason. The reasons for such mutual hatred would not be known.

Horace was ultimately found innocent due to an inferiority complex being the cause of the murder, but needed help for some reason with Russell accompanying the player, in which the profiler hoped that he would redeem himself for two mistakes. Someone had stolen a script Horace needed for his next project, but Russell wanted to know where the robbery occurred. Horace thus pleaded with the player to return to the Mr Sparkles art studio, but Russell told the player that in order for people to leave the studio, people would have to exit from the movie set—so the duo headed there for clues.

Russell and the player found a script for Horace's The Ornery Die Last in the movie set, but Russell suspiciously wondered why a thief would steal the script only to rip it to pieces. So the player forensically dusted the script, and found fingerprints evident on them—thus shipping it to Hannah to determine who the thief was. Hannah went for the kill by telling the team that the above-mentioned Gaston Dumas was the one who stole the script and ripped it to pieces—grounds for Russell and the player to have a conversation with Gaston.

After Russell and the player chastised a brainwashed Gaston for stealing and destroying the script, the player gave the script back to Horace. In addition, Russell informed Horace that Gaston was the thief but was apparently brainwashed to commit the transgression—a fact of which the producer was not very aware of.

To conclude, Horace made it clear that his next movie would be promising, and thanked the player for catching Gaston for theft and giving him his script back.

Murder details

Following the aforementioned events, Horace invited Frank and the player to witness a filming of The Ornery Die Last at Abitbol & Sons Studios, but was found dismembered to death in spite of Frank's love for Western movies. Due to the movie producer being dismembered to pieces, Frank had a bad feeling that Roxie would have a field day with the autopsy.

Roxie could not help but notice that all of Horace's limbs were popped out of his body within the elbow and knee areas—in fact he was quartered before being dismembered, causing Roxie to flag four horses as the murder weapon. Before she continued her autopsy result, Roxie made it clear that the horses were the most unconventional murder weapon she ever came across, but Frank wanted to know whether or not Horace was alive when he was dismembered to death.

Horace was alive but was drugged. Roxie had to run a toxicology report in which she found extreme amounts of whiskey and ketamine in his system, which suggested that the killer had to drug the victim before tying him up. Roxie also found bruises along Horace's ribs which matched the description of shoe prints found in cowboy boots. This confirmed that the killer was wearing cowboy boots at the time of Horace's demise.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Luz Lucha, a female professional wrestler.

During the moment of her arrest, Luz tried to put the blame on Tex Houlihan but failed when Frank grilled the wrestler into admitting that killing Horace "was a piece of cake" for her. Luz, a female wrestling champion for three straight years, felt that a hit to Horace was easy to her sights. One day she found Horace on the set of The Ornery Die Last when he was alone, and pretended to forgive him by offering whiskey as goodwill. When the ketamine in the whiskey took effect, Horace lost control of himself, allowing Luz to tie the movie producer to the horses by the elbow and the knees. Luz then played the sound of a rattlesnake on her phone, scaring the horses as if the snakes were real, making them run away "like their tails were on fire" as they dismembered Horace to death in the process. After the statement, Luz took some time to take off her mask in order to reveal a skull tattoo on her forehead, which was her birthmark and the reason behind her nickname La Calavera (Spanish for "the skull"). Frank and the player heard enough so they shipped the female wrestling sensation to court.

In court, Luz stated before Judge Dante her reason to kill Horace. With his discomfort of wrestling masks aside, Horace promised Luz that he would pay all the money he owed her, but broke his promise one too many times. So Luz took a still from one of her wrestling matches replacing her victim's face with Horace's as a fatal reminder for him to pay her up in full, not to mention a "Dead Man's Hand" (consisting of the Eight of Spades, Eight of Clubs, Ace of Clubs, and the Ace of Spades) she sent to augment her demand for her money to be returned in a timely manner. Horace would then counter that Luz was no match for him, so the wrestler was forced to do what she told Frank and the player back in the interrogation room to make him realize her seriousness in her endeavors. Judge Dante heard enough, so a 25-year jail sentence was an appropriate judgment for Luz.

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