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Just off the Trans-Siberian Express, Mongolia...
Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, we've finally arrived in Mongolia and time is of the essence!
Chief Ripley: We've learned that SOMBRA is plotting Operation Darkness Descends - they're building a master satellite which could allow them to take control of all the other satellites in orbit!
Chief Ripley: Not only do they have stolen launch codes, but they've also been smuggling satellite parts into Mongolia!
Chief Ripley: We have no idea how advanced their project might be, but we do know that there's a secret facility hidden somewhere in the wilderness, and that's where we'll learn more about the satellite!
Chief Ripley: Local sources have reported seeing suspicious activity around Mount Khan, so you'll go there and see what you can find out, while the others head to the local HQ.
Chief Ripley: But remember, <Rank> <Name>, SOMBRA have proved time and time again how elusive they can be. If they're hiding something, you can be sure that it won't be easy to find!
Carmen: Well, if anyone has an eye for finding what's hidden, it's <Name>! Let's check out Mount Khan!

Chapter 1

Investigate Genghis Khan Statue.
(Carmen is seen wearing winter clothes throughout the murder investigation.)
Carmen Martinez: <Name>, has that... that man been... partly sliced in half?
Carmen: You've gotta be kidding me! We're here to find SOMBRA's satellite factory, not to investigate another murder!
Carmen: What's that, <Name>? Right! There's a satellite badge on his coverall! Could this guy have been working on SOMBRA's satellite?
Carmen: That means the factory can't be far, <Name>. And I'm betting that solving this murder will lead us straight there!
Carmen: Quick, what else have you spotted? The victim's name tag reads, "Andrei Beloglazov". Well, that gives us an ID to work with - let's get the body off to Angela, STAT!
Carmen: And nice catch, <Name>! That bloody saber you picked up must be our murder weapon!
Carmen: You're right - the saber handle is covered in hair! Let's vacuum up a sample.
Carmen: And that napkin you picked up was just next to the victim's hand! Maybe it'll shed some light on where he came from. We'd better collect a sample of that substance.
Carmen: You also grabbed some torn pieces? Let's get cracking and put them back together!
Carmen: If the victim really did work for SOMBRA, then this means that we're still hot on their trail! It's time we put an end to their evil scheme, <Name>!

Examine Dirty Napkin.
Carmen: Good going, <Name>! You've collected a sample of that substance on the napkin we found next to the victim!
Carmen: If Andrei really was working for SOMBRA, figuring out what he did in his final hours might lead us straight to the satellite factory.
Carmen: We'd better put the substance under the microscope to see if it sheds any light on his movements just before he died!

Examine Unknown Substance.
Carmen: So, what does the microscope report say about that substance from the victim's napkin, <Name>?
Carmen: The substance was a sauce containing traces of lamb, potatoes, carrots, and peppers. Which are apparently all the ingredients needed for something called horhog stew!
Carmen: And it just so happens that it's the specialty offered by the only restaurant around here!
Carmen: Good thinking, <Name>. The victim must have dined at the restaurant before he ended up sliced and diced on Mount Khan! Let's head there and see what we can find!

Investigate Restaurant Room.
Carmen: Check this place out, <Name>! I've never been in a Mongolian tent before! I think they call them gers...
Carmen: They're designed to be constructed and dismantled within a couple of hours, and can be transported by yak or camel... Sometimes I wish my house was that easy to just pack up and move!
Carmen: Anyway! You've just found the victim's business card - and it confirms he was a satellite engineer!
Carmen: There's no company name or anything, though. He must have been an independent contractor.
Carmen: Which is yet more proof that Andrei may well have been working for SOMBRA! Their hidden factory can't be far, <Name>!
Carmen: And you're right, there's a faded message on the card, too! I'll grab your dusting kit so you can recover the missing info.
Carmen: And take a look at this tour sign-up sheet! It must be for people who want a guided visit of Mount Khan.
Carmen: And our victim signed up for all six places!
Carmen: Dang, Andrei must have been really keen to go on this tour! I guess the only way we'll find out why is by asking the tour guide, but there's no name!
Carmen: And ha! Look at this picture! It's so overexposed, I can't make out his face. Honestly, has this guy been taking photography lessons from Angela?
Carmen: Well, crappy photography skills are no match for you - I'm sure you can find the guide's ID in the database, <Name>!

Examine Business Card.
Carmen: What did that faded message on the victim's business card say, <Name>?
Carmen: The message reads, "Yelena, let's grab lunch together for old times' sake!" Why does that name sound familiar, <Name>?
Carmen: Oh, got it - I read it in your report about Siberia! Yelena's that Russian cosmonaut who was frustrated that she'd never been sent into space.
Carmen: I wonder what Yelena's doing in Mongolia, <Name>... And how she met our victim. We've got a lot to ask her!

Question Yelena Tereshkova about her relationship with the victim.
Carmen: Ms Tereshkova, what are you doing here in Mongolia?
Yelena: I just come for holidays after COSMORUS reject me again.
Carmen: Okay... and how do you know a certain Andrei Beloglazov? We found his business card, inviting you to lunch for "old times' sake."
Yelena: Oh, Andrei and I used to be colleagues. He worked in satellite division at COSMORUS, while I completed my cosmonaut training.
Carmen: Well, he won't be working on any more satellites... We've found him murdered! Did Andrei give you any indication of what he was doing here?
Yelena: Andrei, dead? That is a very big shame, <Rank> <Name>...
Yelena: But I did not ask what he was doing here. I was too busy explaining that I have not had chance to go to space! 20 years! That is how long I have waited!
Carmen: I see... Well, I think we've got everything we need for the moment, Ms Tereshkova.

Examine Tour Guide Face.
Carmen: So the name of the guide whose tour the victim signed up for is Batbayar? That's it? There's no surname?
(Dupont enters the room.)
Dupont: Ah, mes amis! I see you have encountered one of the particularities of Mongolia!
Carmen: Let's keep this brief, Dupont. I had enough of your lengthy explanations on the train...
Dupont: It is indeed the case that Mongolians have traditionally been identified by their first name alone. Alas, this tradition is soon to come to an end, as the government-
Carmen: We've got it, Dupont. First names only.
Carmen: <Name>, let's go find out why the victim was so keen to be alone with this Batbayar!

Ask Batbayar about his relationship with the victim.
Carmen: Batbayar, <Rank> <Name> is conducting an investigation into the murder of Andrei Beloglazov. We believe he participated in one of you-
Batbayar: Andrei is dead?!
Batbayar: B-but this can't be t-true!
Carmen: Are you okay? You seem very distraught... Did you know the victim well?
Batbayar: I met Andrei on a tour I was giving. He was so attentive, so curious about the history and culture of Mongolia...
Batbayar: And he was also the first openly gay man I'd ever met!
Carmen: I... see. So you were dating the victim?
Batbayar: Yes. We became... romantically involved. It just felt so right, you know? I never thought I'd find someone who made me feel the way Andrei did.
Batbayar: He was my first love! And now he's d-dead

Examine Torn Photo.
Carmen: That guy in the photo you put back together... That's Jack!
Carmen: What the heck is he doing clowning around on a yak? And more importantly, what is he doing back with Asal?!
Carmen: I didn't think those two had been in touch since she killed Nick Kringle! Honestly, is there anything that boy won't forgive?
Carmen: And you're right - this means Jack and Asal were at our crime scene! I know Jack wouldn't do anything behind the Bureau's back, <Name>, but who knows what he might let Asal get away with?
Carmen: We need to question Asal, ASAP!

Ask Asal Hawaa why she is in Mongolia.
Carmen: Hello, Asal. We see you've been keeping Jack busy. Funny how you always seem to pop up when a murder has just taken place.
Asal: Are you guys still holding that against me? If Jack has forgiven me, I don't see why you can't.
(Jack joins in the conversation, putting his arm around Asal.)
Jack: Yeah! You can't hold Asal's job against her!
Carmen: Jack, you'd do well to stay out of this! Just tell us what you're doing here, Asal!
Jack: Carmen, don't be such a killjoy! Asal and I just enjoy each other's company. We don't have to explain anything to you!
Asal: It's okay, Jack. If you must know, <Name>, I'm just out here because I wanted to take Jack horse riding! I thought it'd be good for us to spend some time together in the countryside.
Asal: He's such a city boy... He can't even tell the difference between a horse and a yak!
Jack: Of course I knew it was a yak. I just wanted to make you laugh, sweetie!
Jack: Anyway, it's up to us what we do in our free time, Carmen. I'm sure <Name> understands that! Let's go, honey.

Examine Bloody Saber.
Carmen: You've vacuumed up a sample of that hair on the handle of our murder weapon, <Name>! Let's see what Lars makes of it!

Analyze Hair.
Lars: Well, I'd say the end is neigh for your killer thanks to this sample you sent me, <Name>!
Carmen: Lars, need I remind you that this murder might lead us straight to SOMBRA's hidden satellite facility? This is no time for puns!
Lars: Sorry, <Name>. I just get a bit lonely here in the lab by myself sometimes. I'm really missing the triplets; video calling is the closest I've got to actually seeing them for months now!
Lars: Normally Jack comes by to cheer me up, but these days he seems... distracted.
Lars: Anyway, the hair on your murder weapon was of the equine variety.
Lars: It's not that surprising actually, given that horses are an integral part of Mongolian culture. It's often said that the country has more horses than people!
Carmen: So now we know our killer rides horses! Well, <Name> will be sure to unsaddle them before they can kill again!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: I'm glad you're here, <Name>. I want to ask your opinion on something!
Angela: Marina has been so down lately thanks to this business with her mother that I thought having her own matryoshka doll might cheer her up!
Angela: Look! What do you reckon?
Carmen: How come I'm the only one who got an angry doll?! Everybody else got a cute one! Anyway, you'd better make sure Jack doesn't get his hands on it...
Carmen: So did you have any time left to take a look at our victim?
Angela: Yes. As you no doubt noticed, the victim was sliced clean in half from the shoulder to the hip with a single-edged blade.
Angela: Not only would such an injury have required a lot of force, it would have also necessitated an immense amount of skill and an in-depth knowledge of swordsmanship.
Carmen: So that means our killer knows sword fighting!
Carmen: Well, the killer might know how to handle a blade, but let's see how they handle a lengthy prison sentence once <Name> has put them behind bars!

Later on, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, I hear you still haven't found SOMBRA's satellite facility and you're no closer to stopping Operation Darkness Descends!
Carmen: Hang on a minute, Chief. We did find a dead guy, and we're pretty sure he was working on SOMBRA's satellite project! We just don't know if SOMBRA was also responsible for his demise!
Carmen: What we do know, however, is that we're looking for a killer who knows sword fighting and rides horses...
Carmen: And one of our suspects is none other than Asal! I'm not convinced she's just here for Jack... I wish he'd exercise some caution around her. He sees everything through rose-tinted glasses these days!
Carmen: He's not the only one though. There's also Batbayar, who was apparently in a relationship with the victim and is devastated by his murder.
Chief Ripley: None of this is of interest, <Rank> <Name>! The only thing I want to know is where SOMBRA have built their secret-
(Elliot nonchalantly walks in the room.)
Elliot: Hey, guys! Guess who's the Bureau's resident genius? No, don't tell me... it's me!
Elliot: I've discovered the location of SOMBRA's secret satellite factory!

Chapter 2

Carmen Martinez: Let's recap, <Name>. We know that the victim was working as an engineer at SOMBRA's secret satellite facility, which we still have yet to-
(Elliot nonchalantly walks in the room.)
Elliot: Hey, guys! Guess who's the Bureau's resident genius? No, don't tell me... It's me!
Elliot: I've discovered the location of the secret satellite factory!
Carmen: Wait, what? How on earth did you manage that?! <Name> and I have had our noses to the grindstone trying to find that place and we've come up with nothing!
Elliot: Well, while you guys were running around picking up clues, I was studying the infrared imaging of Mount Khan...
Elliot: And there's a huge structure hidden underneath the status of Genghis Khan!
Carmen: That explains why we found the victim's body close to the statue. We need to head back to Mount Khan immediately, <Name>! There's not a second to lose!

A short while later, at Mount Khan...
Carmen: Are you sure about this, Elliot? I don't see an entrance anywhere!
Elliot: I'm sure. I just need to hack into the security system and we'll be in!

A click and a whoosh later...
Elliot: See? What did I tell you guys? Am I a genius, or what?
Carmen: What the...?! Did that giant stone head actually just open up?!
Carmen: I've gotta admit, you've outdone yourself this time, Elliot!
Carmen: C'mon, <Name>. This is just what we've been waiting for! Let's go in and scout the factory for clues, quick!

Investigate Satellite Factory.
Carmen: Woah, take a look at this place, <Name>! How on earth did SOMBRA manage to keep something like this hidden?!
Carmen: It's totally empty though, there's not a person or a satellite in sight! I wonder if that means the satellite is finished, or if it just hasn't been started...
Carmen: Did you at least find something that might clue us in on Andrei's murder?
Carmen: A toolbox? Well, if anyone can find a clue in there, it's you!
Carmen: But THIS is what could break the case wide open! You've picked up a scale model of a satellite! We'd better dust it for prints, STAT!

Examine Satellite Model.
Carmen: Good job, <Name>! You've uncovered the fingerprints on that satellite scale model. Let's get them to Lars!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Lars: Hey guys! This mini satellite you sent me is rad! I might keep it to show to the triplets when I next see them - they're totally into space right now!
Lars: Anyway, you'll never guess who the fingerprints on the model belonged to!
Carmen: ... That's why we sent it to you, Lars. So we didn't have to guess!
Lars: Well, the fingerprints belonged to Asal!
Carmen: I just KNEW it, <Name>! I knew Asal was up to something! I was sure she didn't come all this way for Jack.
Carmen: And you're right! She did mention that she goes horse riding, just like our killer!
Carmen: We need to ask Asal why she didn't tell us about the satellite factory, NOW!

Question Asal Hawaa about the secret satellite factory.
Carmen: We found your prints on a satellite model under Mount Khan, Asal. Why didn't you tell us you knew where SOMBRA's factory was?
Asal: It's not like I lied, I was just economical with the truth. Anyway, I work for Mossad, not the Bureau, <Rank> <Name>.
Asal: Mossad picked up on a shipment of unusual components to the area... The kind of components you wouldn't expect to see out here.
Asal: So they sent me here to investigate!
Carmen: And did your "investigation" happen to involve another murder? It wouldn't be the first time you've assassinated someone under the Bureau's nose!
Asal: Please, <Rank> <Name>. I may be highly-trained in sword fighting, but I prefer a more modern approach to assassination.
Asal: Anyway, the factory was deserted, as I'm sure you saw.
Carmen: You know what, Asal? You might have Jack wrapped around your little finger, but we know better and we WILL be keeping an eye on you.

Examine Toolbox.
Carmen: What did you find in that toolbox, <Name>? Some kind of paperwork?
Carmen: It seems to be a non-disclosure agreement drawn up by the victim, for a tour of the satellite factory...
Carmen: And look! It was signed by Yelena! So she knew about the hidden factory!
Carmen: And she lied to us about not knowing what Andrei was doing in Mongolia! That wannabe cosmonaut has got some explaining to do, <Name>. We need to talk to her, STAT!

Ask Yelena Tereshkova what she saw at the factory.
Carmen: The game is up, Ms Tereshkova. We know you visited the satellite factory under Mount Khan with the victim - <Rank> <Name> found the non-disclosure agreement you signed!
Yelena: I not want any trouble, <Rank> <Name>. I just not think it interesting to tell.
Yelena: Like I say before, I just came to Mongolia for peace after COSMORUS rejection. And to ride the horses! You see, the horses do not care that I am failed cosmonaut. They do not judge!
Yelena: Not like Andrei. He insisted on showing off by taking me to his factory.
Carmen: And did you see a satellite there? Were they in the process of building one?
Yelena: I don't know. Andrei would not show me all the rooms, so I not even see point of visit!
Yelena: Anyway, satellites are not interesting to me. You cannot go to space in satellite! And that is all I want. To go to space!

Later, back at headquarters...
Carmen: We need to recap, <Name>. We've got a dead satellite engineer on our hands, and a secret SOMBRA factory hidden under Mount Khan.
Carmen: We know that both Asal and Yelena visited the factory, and Asal hardly has a spotless record when it comes to killing people. Could Mossad have ordered another hit?
Carmen: I'm also worried that there's no trace of this satellite SOMBRA are supposed to be building. Either they haven't started yet, or the project is further along than I'd like to consider.
Carmen: We need more leads, and quick!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>. The only place around here where people can mingle is the restaurant. Who knows who else the victim might have met there! Let's go back, quick!

Investigate Mongolian Grill.
Carmen: Tell me you've picked up something good, <Name>! We desperately need to solve this murder so we can figure out how advanced SOMBRA's plans are!
Carmen: A locked case? Well, that's definitely suspicious! You'd better unlock it, ASAP!
Carmen: And this horse saddle has the initials "A.B." on it - it must have belonged to our victim!
Carmen: You're right - there's a sweaty handprint on the saddle. I'll let you do the honors and collect a sample.
Carmen: And those broken pieces won't be much use until you've put them back together! Let's get cracking, <Name>!

Examine Locked Case.
Carmen: Woah, how did a gun like that end up in a restaurant in the middle of Mongolia?!
Carmen: I know exactly who can help us find out - Jonah! Let's send the gun to him!

Analyze Handgun.
Carmen: Nice to see you, Jonah. I knew this would be a job for you! What have you got on the gun <Name> sent you?
Jonah: Well, the gun you found in the restaurant is an MP-443 Grach. It's standard-issue for the Russian domestic security and foreign intelligence service, the MGB.
Jonah: I studied the handle, and, judging by the size of the worn area, I'd say it belongs to a female agent.
Carmen: Just because women tend to have smaller hands? That's a bit sexist, even for you, Jonah! But okay...
Jonah: Just calling it as I see it. Also, the wear-and-tear on the barrel suggests heavy usage... The owner is probably trigger-happy...
Carmen: A trigger-happy female MGB agent? That sounds familiar, <Name>...
Carmen: Right! You met that MGB agent, Anya Ivanova, in Moscow!
Carmen: Wasn't she furious that you uncovered the mole in COSMORUS before she did? I'm sure she'll be glad to see you, <Name>... Let's go question Anya!

Ask Anya Ivanova what she is doing in Mongolia.
Carmen: Ms Ivanova, Mongolia seems like an unusual choice of location for an MGB agent. Care to explain what you're doing here?
Anya: Not that it's any of your business, but the MGB sent me out here... Apparently they weren't happy" with the way I handled things in Moscow.
Anya: And it's all <Rank> <Name>'s fault! They showed me up by discovering that Darya Chernova had been leaking COSMORUS's classified information to SOMBRA!
Anya: And now I'm stuck in Mongolia, where there's nothing but yaks and horses to spy on!
Anya: I love horse riding as much as the next girl, but I want to be where the action is! I didn't spend years learning the deadly art of sword fighting just to be sent to the Mongolian countryside!
Carmen: How convenient you should mention sword fighting, since we've got a victim who was sliced in two with a saber!
Anya: A lot of people know how to handle a sword. Now if you'll excuse me, <Rank> <Name>, there's a suspicious-looking yak that I need to keep an eye on.

Examine Saddle.
Carmen: Good job collecting that sweat from the victim's horse saddle, <Name>. Let's stick it under the microscope!

Examine Sweat.
Carmen: What did the microscope report say about the sweat you found on the victim's horse saddle, <Name>?
Carmen: So the DNA was female...
Carmen: And we're in luck! There's a match in the database!
Carmen: The DNA belongs to a 53-year-old local horse-breeder called Tsetseg.
Carmen: Good going, <Name>. That means Tsetseg rides horses, like our killer! And she was obviously in contact with the victim - we'd better question her!

Question Tsetseg about her relationship with the victim.
Tsetseg: What do you people want? If it's riding lessons you're after, come back tomorrow!
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> is here to ask you about the murder of Andrei Beloglazov. We found your handprint on Andrei's saddle-
Tsetseg: Murder? That explains why Andrei did not show up for his lesson this morning.
Carmen: So did you know the victim well? Did he happen to mention being threatened by someone, or feeling in danger?
Tsetseg: A lot of foreigners come through these parts. I don't ask them what they're doing here!
Tsetseg: Now be off with you, I need to sharpen my sword. A woman has to be able to defend herself around these parts!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Carmen: Darn, that mask you put back together gives me the heebie-jeebies, <Name>.
Carmen: And you're right, there's blood on the mask! We'd better see what Lars makes of this, quick!

Analyze Mongolian Mask.
(Dupont is also present in the room.)
Lars (wearing the mask): GRAAWWHH!!
Carmen: Argh!
Carmen: Lars Douglas, take that mask off RIGHT NOW! That's a piece of evidence you're wearing!
Lars (taking off the mask): Sorry, Carmen. It's pretty cool though, huh?
Lars: The blood on it was your victim's. But I was intrigued by the mask itself, so I called-
Carmen: Tell me you didn't-
Dupont: We meet again, mes chers amis! Behold, you see before you a true Mongolian masterpiece!
Dupont: This work of art is a traditional dance mask of huge cultural significance. But sadly, as with everything of cultural importance, it is now often sold as a tourist gimmick.
Dupont: The mask depicts one of the servants of the God of War, known as a "Carrier of the Sword."
Dupont: As your victim was killed with a saber, I put it to you that this mask must belong to the killer!
Carmen: Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Dupont - it's got the victim's blood on it! Lars, is there anything else you can tell us?
Lars: Actually, there is! I found traces of salty tea on the mask. It's an acquired taste, but very popular locally.
Carmen: So now we know that killer drinks salty tea! Well, they'd better enjoy it while they can, <Name>!

Later, back at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, are you telling me that two of your suspects know the whereabouts of SOMBRA's satellite factory?!
Carmen: Well, the important thing is that we found it. And anyway, I'm more worried about the appearance of Anya! I'm not buying her lies about the MGB sending her here.
Carmen: We could really do without having two spies to deal with, <Name>! It can only end in-
(Jack runs into the room.)
Jack: <Name>, quick! I need your help! It's Asal and Anya-
Carmen: Jack, <Name> has bigger things to deal with than your girlfriend problems!
Jack: No, you don't understand! They're at the satellite factory, threatening to shoot each other!

Chapter 3

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, are you telling me that two of your suspects know the whereabouts of SOMBRA's satellite factory?
Carmen: Well, the important thing is that we found it. And anyway, I'm more worried about the appearance of Anya! I'm not buying her lies about the MGB sending her here.
Carmen: We could really do without having two spies to deal-
(Jack runs into the room.)
Jack: <Name>, quick! I need your help! It's Asal and Anya-
Carmen: Jack, <Name> has bigger things to daeal with than your girlfriend problems!
Jack: No, you don't understand! They're at the satellite factory, threatening to shoot each other!
Jack: Please come, <Name>! I couldn't stand to see Asal get hurt! We need to go, now!

A little later, at the satellite factory...
Asal (holding her gun): Agent Ivanova, how many times do I have to tell you? We're both on the same side! Now put your gun down!
Anya (holding her gun): I don't trust you! And this is my crime scene now, so back off!
Carmen (pulling out her gun): Both of you put your guns down, RIGHT NOW! The only person in charge of this crime scene is <Rank> <Name>!
Carmen (puts away her gun): Jack, get Asal out of here. I will NOT have your girlfriend jeopardizing our investigation! If she knows what's good for her, she'll stay out of <Rank> <Name>'s way.
Carmen: And Ms Ivanova, you have a lot of explaining to do! <Rank> <Name> will interrogate you in a moment.
(Anya, Asal, and Jack leave.)
Carmen: This is beyond belief, <Name>. How many more of our suspects have failed to mention they know the location of the factory?!
Carmen: I agree. We need to take another look around the factory and see if anyone else has been snooping around!

Investigate Robotic Arms.
Carmen: You've grabbed some torn pieces? We don't have time for puzzles - you'd better tape them back together!
Carmen: And you're right! Those are the victim's initials on that suitcase. I wonder if he was planning on leaving Mongolia?
Carmen: Do you think that means the satellite project is complete, or that Andrei was trying to run away? Either could have been a good enough reason for SOMBRA to kill him!
Carmen: There's only one way to find out - let's get rummaging through the suitcase!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: Those pieces you found are a plane ticket for a flight from Mongolia to Moscow - and it's in Andrei's name! So he was definitely planning to leave!
Carmen: And look, there's a message written on the ticket! It says, "Please don't leave me - I love you!"
Carmen: I'm guessing the person begging him to say must be Batbayar... I wonder how that conversation went.
Carmen: Only one way to find out... Let's ask Batbayar!

Ask Batbayar about the victim's plans to leave.
Carmen: Batbayar, <Rank> <Name> found Andrei's plane ticket. All was not well in paradise?
Batbayar: Andrei meant the world to me! We did everything together.
Batbayar: He always came to watch me practice my sword fighting, and then he'd bring me a steaming cup of salty tea afterwards!
Batbayar: I thought we'd be together forever...
Batbayar: But I was just a fling to him! He was planning to leave and never come back! Now it's only me and my horse...
Carmen: Well, <Rank> <Name> will find out if Andrei ended up split in two because he split up with you!

Examine Suitcase.
Carmen: Woah, that shirt in Andrei's suitcase is covered in blood!
Carmen: We'd better send this shirt to Lars, NOW!

Analyze Cowboy Shirt.
Carmen: I'm relieved to see you're not wearing our lab samples this time, Lars.
Carmen: Did you find out who the blood on the victim's shirt belonged to?
Lars: Funnily enough, it's not a "who" but a "what". The blood on the shirt is not human...
Lars: It's horse blood!
Carmen: How on earth could Andrei's shirt have ended up covered in horse blood, <Name>?
Carmen: You're right, I'm betting there's one person who can explain it... Tsetseg! Let's question her again, <Name>!

Question Tsetseg about the victim's bloody shirt.
Tsetseg: What do you want now? Can't you see I'm busy enjoying a cup of salty tea?
Carmen: <Rank> <Name> is here to ask if you know how one of Andrei's shirts ended up with horse blood all over it!
Tsetseg: I sure do. I lent that idiot one of my most prized horses... A pure-bred Mongol stallion!
Carmen: I've got a feeling this story doesn't end well...
Tsetseg: I told that fool to exercise caution about where he went riding! But of course, Andrei thought he knew better!
Tsetseg: He took the horse up Mount Khan, but he wasn't experienced enough to guide it back down. He left my stallion there to suffer and die!
Carmen: Well, you'd better hope <Rank> <Name> doesn't find out you left Andrei to die on Mount Khan in revenge!

Question Anya Ivanova about her presence at the factory.
Carmen: Ms Ivanova, just what are you doing at SOMBRA's satellite factory? How did you even know where to find it?! I KNEW you were lying to us!
Anya: Of course I'm here to spy on SOMBRA! I'm one of the MGB's top agents, they wouldn't send me here to spy on yaks!
Anya: We'd had our eye on the victim for a while. It's not every day that a highly-qualified satellite engineer mysteriously moves to Mongolia for work. So the MGB sent me here to tail him.
Carmen: That must mean you witnessed the murder!
Anya: Well, not exactly. I was... uh... getting a cup of salty tea when it happened. I only stepped away for a minute!
Carmen: Do you really expect us to believe you'd flunk an assignment so stupidly?
Anya: Are you questioning my abilities, <Rank> <Name>?! You're just jealous. The Bureau would be lucky to have an agent like me!
Carmen: Well, you'll be out of luck if <Rank> <Name> discovers that your abilities include murdering SOMBRA engineers!

Chief Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, you still have no idea who killed Andrei, and there's no sign of this satellite SOMBRA is allegedly building!
Chief Ripley: The Bureau is working to keep the location of the factory under wraps. But if the MGB and Mossad already know about it, then you can be sure that there'll be other foreign agents crawling all over it in no time.
Chief Ripley: If we want to stop Operation Darkness Descends, you must crack this investigation ASAP!
Chief Ripley: You need to go back to Mount Khan before anyone can jeopardize our investigation by taking any remaining clues, NOW!

Investigate Factory Entry.
Carmen: You want to look through a bush, <Name>? You know what, I'm not even going to question your decisions - there's no time!
Carmen: And that hand you found is the only one that's broken... All the other statues are holding a saber in that hand! You think the killer could have gotten the murder weapon from that broken statue?
Carmen: Then this could be just the break we need! You'd better collect a sample of those flakes on the statue hand, quick!

Examine Bush.
Carmen: How did this vacuum mug end up in that bush, <Name>?! You're right, something doesn't quite make sense - let's send the mug to Lars!

Analyze Vacuum Mug.
Lars: Guys, I've got a wonderful joke for you! Knock, knock.
Carmen: I refuse to take part in this nonsense, Lars.
Lars: I'll do both parts by myself then. Knock, knock.
Lars: Who's there?
Lars: Anais...
Lars: Anais who?
Lars: Anais cup of salty tea!
(Carmen shakes her head in disbelief.)
Lars: I miss Jack.
Carmen: I assume you found traces of salty tea on the vacuum mug then?
Lars: Right! So it definitely belongs to your killer. But guess what? I also found saliva on the rim of the mug!
Lars: I only managed to extract a partial DNA sample...
Lars: But I can tell you that your killer has brown eyes!
Carmen: Well, <Name>, you'll have this brown-eyed killer in handcuffs in no time!

Examine Statue Hand.
Carmen: You've collected a sample of those flakes on the statue hand from the crime scene! Quick, let's get it to Lars!

Analyze Unknown Flakes.
Carmen: C'mon Lars, what can you tell us about the flakes <Name> found on the statue hand?
Lars: Well, my results should give you a hand in solving your investigation! Get it? Give you a hand?
Carmen: Lars, my hand will be in your face if you don't tell us what you found!
Lars: Fine. The flakes were skin cells. They were pretty badly damaged but I managed to isolate the chromosomes...
Lars: And I can confirm that your killer is a woman!
Carmen: So we're looking for a female killer, <Name>. Well, you'll soon have them in an orange jumpsuit!

After completing all tasks...
Carmen: <Name>, you've collected everything you need to arrest Andrei Beloglazov's killer. Let's do this!

Take care of the killer now!
Carmen: Tsetseg, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Andrei Beloglazov.
Tsetseg: I've got better things to be doing than killing people, <Rank> <Name>. The horses don't look after themselves, y'know!
Carmen: Is that why you sliced Andrei in two in a fashion that only someone who knows sword fighting could have done? Because he left your horse to die?
Carmen: Don't be ridiculous. Besides, sword fighting is practically a national pastime here.
Carmen: And what about the fact that <Rank> <Name> found traces of your salty tea on the mask you wore when you killed Andrei?
Tsetseg: Those masks can be bought by tourists anywhere... And plenty of people enjoy a cup of salty tea!
Carmen: Cut it out, Tsetseg! We found your DNA on the hand which you broke off the statue at the crime scene!
Tsetseg: Darn it! I've spent so long out of the game that I've gotten sloppy. I never would've made such mistakes before!
Carmen: What do you mean, "before"? This isn't the first murder you've committed?!
Tsetseg: Of course not. At my peak, I was one of the world's greatest hitwomen! My only rule was "no women, children or horses".
Carmen: What the heck? YOU were a hitwoman?
Tsetseg: I still am! This was going to be my last job before I retired to focus on running the family stables.
Tsetseg: When SOMBRA asked me to carry out a hit on Andrei in order to "tie up loose ends", I stupidly agreed. I should've known when to stop!
Carmen: It was SOMBRA who had Andrei killed?! But... he was working for them!
Carmen: If they considered him a loose end, his job must have been complete. Does that mean the satellite has been finished?!
Tsetseg: I... I didn't mean to let that slip! Gosh darn it! I'll say no more!
Carmen: Well, you can refuse to talk, but you're still under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Tsetseg, you stand accused of murdering Andrei Beloglazov by... cutting him in half?
Judge Adaku: You obviously didn't "cut" the guy a break! How do you plead?
Tsetseg: Guilty, Your Honor. But you won't get another word out of me! I've already said too much.
Judge Adaku: Very well then. If you'd agreed to supply us with information about SOMBRA, I might've been lenient. But as it is, the International Court hereby sentences you to 30 years in prison!
Tsetseg: If only I'd retired after my last job, I could've lived happily ever after with my horses! But no, the temptation of one final adventure got the better of me!

Chief Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, you've put Tsetseg behind bars, but now we have an even more pressing tissue at hand.
Chief Ripley: If SOMBRA killed Andrei to tie up loose ends, then Operation Darkness Descends must be more advanced than we previously thought!
Chief Ripley: We have to assume the satellite has already been built...
Chief Ripley: Which means SOMBRA is one step ahead of us, yet again!
Chief Ripley: We have no choice but to try and find out exactly where they've taken it, and quickly. If SOMBRA succeeds in launching that satellite, the world' electronic infrastructure will be compromised!
Chief Ripley: The world is counting on you, <Rank> <Name>. You need to find that satellite!

Darkness Descends 5

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, look sharp! You've put Andrei Beloglazov's killer behind bars, but there's no time to rest on our laurels.
Chief Ripley: Everything points to SOMBRA's satellite having already been built, and that means they could put Operation Darkness Descends in motion at any time!
Chief Ripley: It's imperative we figure out exactly where the satellite has gone so we can prevent SOMBRA from launching it!
Carmen: And where better to look for clues than the satellite factory? Let's go, <Name>!
(Ingrid runs in the room.)
Ingrid: Wait, <Name>! Asal is waiting to talk to you in the interrogation room.
Ingrid: I suggest you take Jack with you... Anything to stop him hanging around the office like a lovesick puppy.
Ingrid: We're counting on you, <Name>. If anyone can put a stop to SOMBRA's plans, it's you!

Investigate Satellite Factory.
Carmen: If SOMBRA really have already built that satellite, they could launch it at any time, <Name>! So if you think there's a clue inside this safe, I say unlock it!

Examine Locked Safe.
Carmen: That safe you picked up contains COSMORUS swipe cards!
Carmen: But this factory belongs to SOMBRA! What would a bunch of COSMORUS swipe cards be doing here?
Carmen: This sure makes COSMORUS look suspicious, <Name>! Maybe we were right to wonder if there's someone on the inside who's helping SOMBRA.
Carmen: I doubt Natasha will be of any help, though. She's made it clear she wants nothing more to do with us.
Carmen: But Elliot will tell us everything we need to know about these swipe cards, you're right! Let's send the safe to him!

Analyze Open Safe.
Elliot: Guys, these swipe cards you found at SOMBRA's factory aren't from COSMORUS after all!
Carmen: Wait, what? They're counterfeit COSMORUS cards?
Elliot: Exactly! I studied the algorithm on them and it's fake!
Elliot: SOMBRA must be planning on disguising themselves as COSMORUS employees and using the cards to access one of the COSMORUS launch sites!
Carmen: The question is, which one? It's not like there's only one COSMORUS launch site! We don't have time to check them all!
Carmen: We need to figure out which launch site they're transporting the satellite to, and fast, <Name>.
Elliot: No kidding! If SOMBRA sends that thing into orbit, it won't be long before they control everything... They could change our entire existence with the flick of a switch!
Carmen: You're right, <Name>. If there's anyone who might be able to help us, it's Yelena! Let's talk to her, quick!

Ask Yelena Tereshkova what she knows about COSMORUS's launch sites.
Carmen: Ms Tereshkova, we have intel concerning the potential breach of a COSMORUS launch site.
Carmen: We know Andrei Beloglazov didn't show you the satellite, but do you have any idea where he might've sent it?
Yelena: Now you mention it, <Rank> <Name>, I overhear Andrei arguing with someone about shipment in front of Mount Khan one time.
Yelena: I not think it interesting then. If it is not spaceship, I do not care, you know?
Yelena: Anyway, I tell you what, <Rank> <Name>. I invite you for burger, so I can tell you more about how long I'm waiting to go to space!
(After talking to Yelena Tereshkova)
Carmen: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? If Andrei was discussing a shipment at Mount Khan, we need to head there, ASAP!

Investigate Genghis Khan Statue.
Carmen: This torn paper could be just the clue we've been waiting for, <Name>! You'd better piece it back together, on the double!

Examine Torn Paper.
Carmen: Bingo, <Name>! This is clearly a delivery slip...
Carmen: For the shipment of a satellite!
Carmen: The bad news is that it proves the satellite has definitely been built.
Carmen: But the good news is now we know the satellite is heading for the COSMORUS launch site in Kazakhstan!
Carmen: The slip has obviously been forged to look like it's from COSMORUS, so SOMBRA can sneak the satellite into the site!
Carmen (taking out her phone): <Name>, I don't care if Natasha trusts us or not - we need to inform her! Only she can stop this now!
Carmen: ... Gosh darn it, <Name>! Natasha's not answering!
Carmen (puts away the phone): But we can't just sit by and wait for SOMBRA to launch the satellite!
Carmen: Right, Elliot might be able to help us! Let's talk to him, quick!

Ask Elliot for help in stopping the satellite launch.
Carmen: Now's your time to shine, kiddo! <Name>'s figured out that SOMBRA are sending their satellite to Kazakhstan!
Elliot: Uh-oh. That doesn't bode well! Just tell me what you need me to do!
Carmen: Natasha isn't answering her phone and we can't exactly just waltz into a top security COSMORUS launch site and order them to stop everything!
Carmen: We're going to need high-level clearance to give us any chance of preventing the launch. Can you help us?
Elliot: Are you forgetting who you're talking to, <Name>? Just give me one hour, and you'll have your clearance!
Elliot: I'm going to do what I do best... Hack into COSMORUS's security systems!

Ask Asal Hawaa what she wants.
Jack: <Name>, I know you're hung up on the whole Asal killing someone thing, but I can vouch for her - she's trustworthy! Let's just listen to what she has to say.

(In the interrogation room...)
Asal: Thanks for agreeing to see me, <Rank> <Name>. I know you don't trust me, but I want you to know that I care about Jack, and I'd never do anything to endanger him!
Jack: Aww, you're making me blush, honey bun!
Asal: Anyway, in the spirit of sharing leads, I think you should keep an eye on Anya! I get the impression she's a bit... unhinged.
Asal: I saw her at the restaurant just now, staring at her plate of noodles and mumbling angrily to herself! I'm sure she was up to something!
Asal: I'd investigate her myself, but Mossad has reassigned me to another mission and I'm leaving tonight. So here's enough money to fund your investigation!
Jack: Don't worry, poochie pie, we'll figure out what Anya's up to! And I'll see you tonight for our goodbye date! Now come on, <Name> - let's head to the restaurant!

Investigate Restaurant Room.
Jack: Come on, <Name>. I know Asal said Anya was talking to her food, but surely you don't seriously think she dropped something in that bowl of beef noodles?
Jack: Well, as you picked the bowl up, it's only natural you should have the pleasure of searching through it!

Examine Beef Noodles.
Jack: What the heck is that thing you found in the beef noodles, <Name>?
Jack: Oh, it's a microfilm? Hah! See, I knew Asal was onto something! We'd better send it to the whiz kid to see what's on it!

Analyze Microfilm.
Elliot: This microfilm you sent me is pretty nifty, <Name>! Who knew something so old-fashioned could be cool?
Elliot: But what's even cooler is that the microfilm contains a message from the MGB!
Jack: The MGB? So it WAS Anya who threw the microfilm in her noodles! What does it say?
Elliot: The microfilm reads, "Agent Ivanova, you are ordered to return to Moscow at once. This mission is unauthorized and will result in your immediate dismissal should you ignore this message."
Jack: So Anya's on an unauthorized mission?! We've got a rogue MGB agent on our hands, <Name>! Let's go interrogate her!

Question Anya Ivanova about the message from the MGB.
Jack: Why don't you tell us what you're really doing in Mongolia, Ms Ivanova? Because it seems like the MGB is just as clueless as we are!
Anya: Oh, you found the microfilm, <Rank> <Name>...
Anya: Well, so what?! I admit it - the MGB didn't send me out here!
Anya: They keep telling me to drop my investigation into SOMBRA, but I REFUSE to let <Rank> <Name> upstage me once more!
Anya: If I bring SOMBRA down, it'll make up for that mishap in Moscow! I'll do anything to be taken seriously again!
Jack: Well, you'd better stay out of <Rank> <Name>'s way, because right now, all you're doing is stopping us from catching SOMBRA!
Anya: Your threats don't scare me, <Rank> <Name>. Now take this and leave me alone. I've got an international terrorist organization to thwart!

Later, at headquarters...
Chief Ripley: <Rank> <Name>, SOMBRA have already built their satellite and it's on its way to Kazakhstan!
Chief Ripley: I still haven't been able to reach Natasha to let her know that COSMORUS's facilities have been infiltrated by SOMBRA, but no matter.
Chief Ripley: Elliot has managed to override COSMORUS's security systems to give you clearance, so nobody will stop you from entering the launch site.
Chief Ripley: If we're going to prevent this launch and stop Operation Darkness Descends, it's now or never, <Rank> <Name>.
Chief Ripley: So put your game face on and get ready, because you're leaving for Kazakhstan immediately!