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Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, you've been going from success to success, but we still need to find the true identity of Chief Ripley's killer!
Ingrid: Thanks to you, we know that Chief Ripley's killer is operating under a code name: The Sword. And that they have ties to SOMBRA!
Ingrid: We still don't know who or what SOMBRA is, but we do know that The Sword is operating in Egypt.
Jack: If we're going to Egypt, we are DEFINITELY going into a pyramid!
Ingrid: Or you could do your job and keep your eyes peeled for The Sword, Archer!
Jack: Never fear, Ingrid. Between me and <Name>, The Sword is as good as in jail.
Ingrid: <Name>, would you ensure that Archer doesn't break any precious antiquities with his ego in that tomb?

Chapter 1

Investigate Tomb.
Jack Archer: Check it out, <Name>! I'm walking like an Egyptian! And so's this mummy!
Jack: Wait, you're right! Mummies don't have fresh blood coming out of them! This guy is newly dead!
Jack: Pretty clear he didn't mummify himself... Was someone just trying to hide his body or was he some kind of sick experiment?
Jack: Were there any clues in this tomb about the identity of this guy? And why someone wanted to mummify him?
Jack: A bunch of broken alabaster? If you think piecing that together will help, I can support that!
Jack: Look at this beautiful golden ankh! With blood on it... Do you think the killer knocked out the victim with the ankh? A sample of that blood might tell us, <Name>!
Jack: Here's hoping that these clues can help us find out who this mummy is!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Jack: So the broken alabaster from the tomb is a plaque? It reads: "Tomb of Hotepsekhemwy", that's a mouthful...
Jack: It also reads: "In case of desecration, call Zarah Salah of the Ministry of Antiquities"...
Jack: I think a murder counts as a desecration, don't you? Let's call Zarah Salah over for a chat. Maybe she'll know who the victim is!

Talk to Zarah Salah about the tomb desecration.
Jack: Ms Salah, the tomb of Hopet... Hotepk... Hotepsekhemwy was desecrated by a murder today. Do you recognize the victim?
Zarah: That's Afif Wahab, he sells fruit to visitors by the Nile! But peddlers aren't allowed inside the tombs!
Jack: A fruit vendor?! Um... Can you think of anyone who might have wanted to hurt Mr Wahab?
Zarah: Not really. He was a very simple man. I can't imagine him having enemies... except...
Zarah: Well, there had been some trouble between him and another vendor, but I don't know much about it. You might want to ask around...
Zarah: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a million phone calls to make. When do you think the Bureau will release the crime scene?
Jack: Once <Rank> <Name> catches the killer, Ms Salah. We'll be in touch. We may have follow-up questions.
(After talking to Zarah Salah)
Jack: So our mummy was just a fruit vendor?!
Jack: <Name>... I hate to say it, but do we have time for this case? I mean, we're supposed to be looking for The Sword, not solving local homicides!
Jack: Alright, I admit mummifying a fruit vendor is a little odd... You think there could be more to Afif than Ms Salah claims?
Jack: You're right, it's up to us to find out! And yes, if Afif worked along the Nile, it's a good place to start! Let's go!

Investigate Nile River.
Jack: You found a wanted flyer with the victim's face on it?
Jack: The message says: "WANTED: FAIR FRUIT PRICES!" Was this the victim's advertising? That can't be a marketing gimmick! The flyer also says: "BAD MAN".
Jack: No signature... Maybe whoever put this flyer up left fingerprints... I'll get the dusting kit out!
Jack: And you found a photo of the victim, too? But who is this older woman with him? They don't look related... Think you can find a match in the database?
Jack: There must be more to Afif than meets the eye, <Name>... Why would a humble fruit vendor end up mummified?!

Examine Flyer.
Jack: Those are some beautiful fingerprints you dusted on that flyer, <Name>! Elliot will find a match for sure!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Elliot: The fingerprints you got from that flyer defaming your victim brought up a match: Jawad Rashad!
Elliot: I pulled up Mr Rashad's fruit vendor business permit, which had some "juicy" info.
Elliot: Oh God, that pun was terrible... I'm turning into Lars...
Elliot: Anyway, it appears that Mr Rashad had the retail spot closest to the tomb, but the location was taken over by the victim.
Jack: Hmm... Did a classic business rivalry turn homicidal? We better ask Jawad Rashad if he jumped from nasty flyers to murder, right, <Name>?

Question Jawad Rashad about his rivalry with the victim.
Jack: So, Mr Rashad, it appears that you put up a flyer calling Afif Wahab a bad man?
Jawad: That's just business! Afif is a competitor. I was about to kill him with a price drop!
Jack: Kill him? That's an interesting choice of words. Afif Wahab was found murdered today...
Jawad: Someone killed Afif?! Who would do that?! He sold inferior produce, of course... But that's no reason to kill someone!
Jack: Being bumped from a more lucrative sales location, though... that could be a motive... We know he stole your vending spot.
Jawad: You think I'd kill Afif over a vending space?! That's completely crazy! Majnoon!
Jack: Believe me, <Rank> <Name> has seen crazier, Mr Rashad. Stay close by, we may have more questions for you...

Examine Photograph.
Jack: Did you find a match for the woman next to the victim in that photo, <Name>?
Jack: Ellen Redfern... Her file lists her as an archaeologist. It looks like she comes to Egypt at least once a year... And this photo looks recent!
Jack: Looks like she and the victim were close... Let's see what this Ellen Redfern has to say about our victim, <Name>!

Ask Ellen Redfern about her ties to the victim.
Jack: Ms Redfern, <Rank> <Name> found this photo of you and Afif Wahab. Do you always get chummy with people who sell you produce?
Ellen: Oh, lovely Afif! I watched him grow up! I've been coming to Egypt for over 30 years, for my research.
Ellen: Back then he was just a mischievous little boy, but he brought out something maternal in me. We've kept in touch ever since. I always buy my fruit from him!
Ellen: Although... lately Afif's been terrified... He's convinced that someone's following him...
Jack: Whoever it was may have caught up with Afif, Ms Redfern. Your friend was found murdered today.
Ellen: NO! And I told him to stop being so paranoid! I should have believed him!
Jack: Please stick around, Ms Redfern. <Rank> <Name> may have more questions as our investigation unfolds.

Examine Golden Ankh.
Jack: Got the blood sample we need from the ankh you found on the crime scene, <Name>? Let's get it to Lars!

Analyze Blood.
Lars: Hey Archer, got a joke for you! Knock knock...
Jack: Sorry, <Name>, I can't resist! Who's there?
Lars: Ankh!
Jack: Ankh who?
Lars: Ankh if you love your mummy! Ankh? Honk? Get it?
Jack: Good one, buddy! Did the blood sample <Name> got you from that ankh tell you anything?
Lars: Well, the blood belonged to the victim. You were right to assume the killer knocked the poor guy on the head with the ankh...
Lars: But that's not all the killer left behind! There was also resin from a hookah pipe mixed in with the blood!
Jack: So the killer smokes a hookah, huh? Well, their plans of getting away with murder are going to go up in smoke, too!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: The victim was a new addition to the mummies around here! He's only been dead for a few hours!
Angela: Fun fact: the ancient Egyptians removed the brain through the nose during mummification, and threw it away. But at least the Egyptians waited until the person died...
Jack: You mean... someone removed this guy's brain while he was ALIVE?!
Angela: Yes, though the victim wasn't alive for long: given the state of his nose, he probably died after the first jab. The killer used an ancient metal hook to remove the brain.
Angela: Keep an eye out for that hook, <Name>! But the killer also left behind a savory indication of their snacking preferences: cyanoglucosides!
Angela: The killer transferred cyanoglucosides from turnips through pink brine left on the victim. Pickled turnips are very popular in this region, it's no wonder your killer enjoys them.
Jack: So we have a killer who eats pickled turnips... Well, they WILL find themselves in a pickle once <Name> catches them!

Back at headquarters...
Jack: Afif Wahab's identity is still an enigma, <Name>. Who would mummify a fruit vendor? And if he's NOT a fruit vendor, what were his true ties to the suspects?
Jack: Jawad Rashad claims losing his vending spot to Afif was just commercial rivalry, not a murder motive. But what if there's more behind the "fruit vendor" persona?
Jack: Ellen Redfern had a close friendship with Afif. And Afif thought he was being followed... More details at odds with the "fruit vendor" story.
Jack: As for Zarah Salah, she was quick to throw us off her scent... We better not let down our guard around her.
Ingrid: <Name>, a person believed to be a spy has been spotted at the 1002 Nights Hookah Bar! This could be The Sword!

Chapter 2

Jack Archer: <Name>, if our victim was a fruit vendor, why would anyone mummify him? And if he wasn't a fruit vendor... then who was he?!
Ingrid: <Name>, a person believed to be a spy has been spotted at the 1002 Nights Hookah Bar!
Jack: <Name>, what are the chances of a spy popping up right when we're trying to find the Chief's killer? What if it's The Sword?
Ingrid: Spies, "fruit vendors" turned into mummies... None of this makes sense, but this supposed spy may give us our first answers!
Jack: They'll probably be hard to find though, <Name>, we'll have to keep our eyes peeled. Let's go have a look at the Hookah Bar where they've been spotted!

Investigate Hookah Lounge.
Jack: I can't see this spy Ingrid mentioned, <Name>... Not that I'm surprised. The whole point of a spy is to blend in.
Jack: But you found some interesting clues! If you think piecing this torn paper back together can help, go for it!
Jack: And is that papyrus? Looks like someone being mummified... I don't believe in coincidences any more than you do, <Name>. I bet the killer touched this!
Jack: There's more on the papyrus, but it's faded... I'll get the dusting kit!
Jack: But as for that costume case... Are you trying to compete with me for the title of Master of Disguise, <Name>?
Jack: Sorry, only joking. Let's look through this case, we may find something interesting!

Examine Costume Case.
Jack: Why is there a giant camera in that fez hat you found in the costume box, <Name>?
Jack: Wait, you think this hat might belong to the spy we've been looking for?! But... but that's the exact opposite of discreet, surely no spy worth a cent wo-
Jean: Hey! Get your filthy hands off that fez! It's mine!
Jack: Is the camera in it yours, too?
Jean: I... I don't know what you mean! I'm just a humble oud player!
Jack: Oh God... I can't believe your'e the spy we've been looking for. Alright, <Name>, care to have a chat with him?

Question Jean Connerie about his double identity.
Jean: I can't believe you saw through my disguise, <Rank> <Name>! I am indeed a spy. My name is Jean Connerie.
Jack: Wait, is your mustache fake? And you call yourself a spy?! Please tell me you're joking! The hat was bad enough!
Jack: You're right, <Rank> <Name>, I need to focus. So, Mr Connerie, why are you in Egypt?
Jean: I'm on a top secret mission! If I tell you anything, I'll have to kill you.
Jack: I'm shaking. Look, we're investigating the murder of Afif Wahab and looking for a dangerous criminal called The Sword. Any help you can give us?
Jean: Afif Wahab, the fruit vendor? He got murdered? Whatever for?
Jack: That's what we're trying to figure out. We suspect him of having had a double identity. You didn't notice anything suspicious about him?
Jean: No. We shared a hookah pipe once, but we didn't really talk.
Jack: Well, if anything comes back to you, be sure to tell <Rank> <Name>. And grow a real mustache, for Pete's sake!

Examine Torn Paper.
Jack: So that torn paper you pieced back together was a love letter?
Jack: I see the victim and... is that the belly dancer from Morocco? Asal Hawaa? What is she doing here?
Jack: I can't read what's written in Arabic, but one of them was madly in love with the other, and I doubt it was Asal! She must have better taste!
Jack: I agree, <Name>, we should ask Asal about this! She must be around, and I've been itching to see her again... for professional reasons, of course.

Ask Asal Hawaa about her relationship with the victim.
Jack: Well, hello there, Ms Hawaa... How's it shakin?
Jack: I mean, we have a few questions about a love letter <Rank> <Name> found. Something about you and a certain Afif Wahab being in love?
Asal: Mr Wahab is just another patron of the hookah bar... He tries to court me like every other guy in here.
Asal: It's stressful to be so wanted... After work, I have to smoke a hookah pipe just to relax.
Asal: At least Afif buys me pickled turnips. But we never eat together. Remaining unattainable is part of my charm...
Jack: I'll say... Well, Ms Hawaa, if you remember anything out of the ordinary about Afif, please let us know.
Asal: Why? Is Afif in trouble?
Jack: You could say that... He was murdered!
Asal: Impossible! I mean, that's awful! I just saw him yesterday! I can't believe he's dead!

Examine Faded Papyrus.
Jack: Great, you uncovered the missing text on that mummification papyrus!
Jack: It's all hieroglyphs! We can't read that!
Jack: Good idea, <Name>, Dupont could help! Let's send the papyrus to him!

Analyze Hieroglyphs.
Dupont: <Name>, the hieroglyphs on the papyrus you sent me are fairly self-explanatory...
Jack: Great! If it's that easy, then I guess we don't need you anymore!
Dupont: Jeune homme, I will consider retiring when you show some respect! Where was I... This papyrus is a manual of sorts.
Dupont: It's an ancient "Mummification for Dummies" guide, if you will. It describes the process of readying the body for its afterlife, from removal of the brain to the wrapping in bandages.
Jack: So that's how the killer learned to turn Afif into a mummy! And that means they know how to read hieroglyphs!
Jack: Well, the killer will soon be carving hieroglyphs into their prison walls, right, <Name>?

A short while later...
Jack: <Name>, I don't think Afif was just a normal guy. Or that his killer didn't have a mummification hobby... like Lars.
Jack: There must be something more to our victim, don't you agree, <Name>?
Jack: Good idea, <Name>. If we want answers about Afif, we need another look at his workplace. Let's go back to the Nile!

Investigate River Banks.
Jack: So you found a candy box along the Nile, <Name>? Oh look! It's those rose-flavored sweets, Turkish Delight! Love them!
Jack: And there's a card addressed to Jawad from the victim... It says: "Peace offering?" So our victim extended an olive branch to Jawad...
Jack: That's innocent enough... Wait, you want to test the powdered sugar? Ok... Think you can vacuum up a sample?
Jack: And is that a video camera, hidden in that Egyptian eye?! The base is asking for a password... Time to put your skills to use, <Name>!

Examine Candy Box.
Jack: So you got a sample of the powdered sugar from the candy box?
Jack: I still think it's just powdered sugar, but if you think there's more to it, go ahead and stick it under the microscope, <Name>!

Examine Powdered Sugar.
Jack: So was there more to the powdered sugar on Afif's "Peace offering" to Jawad?
Jack: There was laxative mixed in with the sugar?!
Jack: So our victim offered laxative-laced sweets to Jawad, huh? Bet it was payback for that defaming flyer Jawad made!
Jack: Let's go ask Jawad Rashad about this so-called peace offering, <Name>!

Talk to Jawad about the victim's laxative-laced sweets.
Jack: So <Rank> <Name> found Afif's "peace offering" to you...
Jawad: That was no peace offering! Stealing my vending spot wasn't enough - Afif tried to poison me!
Jack: Poison you? Alright, sending you laxative-laced sweets wasn't nice, bu-
Jawad: Those sweets got me hospitalized, <Rank> <Name>! Afif put so much laxative in them, I almost died!!
Jawad: Now I can't even trust the jar of pickled turnips I made myself at home!
Jawad: All I can do is smoke my hookah pipe and try to forget what that son of a donkey did to me!
Jack: So Afif almost killed you... Well, let's hope for your sake you did not return the favor and succeed!

Examine Horus Eye.
Jack: Great! You unlocked that hidden camera in record time! I bet Elliot can access its recordings!

Analyze Horus Eye Camera.
Elliot: You know, I don't normally get excited about the stuff you send to me, but this Eye of Horus camera you found near the Nile has got to be the coolest gadget I've ever seen!
Elliot: I managed to access the camera's recordings. The view was always on Afif Wahab's vending spot.
Jack: Ha! Afif must have been doing something more interesting than selling fruit, if someone bothered to record it! What d'you have, Elliot?
Elliot: Most of the time, Afif WAS just selling fruit, but there was one heated argument that came as a surprise... Here, I'll cue it up...

Start of footage...
Ellen: Afif, we've known each other since you were a little boy! I've always helped you! Just do this for me!
Afif: I could get into trouble for this! Tell me where you got them, or take them to some other idiot!
Ellen: I can't believe you don't trust me! You ungrateful little-

End of footage...
Jack: Wait, that was Ellen Redfern, the archaeologist who told us she was friends with the victim!
Jack: She doesn't seem so maternal now, does she?
Elliot: Depends on how you define maternal... They continued arguing for a while, but the camera lost sound.
Jack: Looks like we'll need to ask Ellen Redfern about their argument, right, <Name>?

Question Ellen about her argument with the victim.
Jack: <Rank> <Name> got a hold of some interesting footage of you and Afif arguing... What was that about?
Ellen: Footage?! Someone filmed us?! Then you know! I asked him to hold onto some artifacts for me. I trusted him!
Jack: Well, he sure didn't seem to trust you! Clearly he thought you were hiding something from him!
Ellen: That idiot thought I had stolen the artifacts! I'm an archaeologist! I read hieroglyphic artifacts, I don't sell them!
Jack: Why would you want a fruit vendor to keep legally obtained artifacts for you? Was Afif your smuggler, is that it?
Ellen: I... Look, a museum in London made a very good offer for these artifacts. I didn't want my colleagues to know about it! That's why I wanted Afif to hide them for me!
Jack: So you're just greedy. I hope your greed didn't lead you to murder, Ms Redfern, or <Rank> <Name> will lead you to jail!

Later, in the tomb...
Jack: Great idea to do our recap in the tomb, <Name>! This will get our investigative juices flowing!
Jack: And we need all the help we can get if we hope to figure out who killed Afif Wahab!
Jack: Ellen Redfern may have tried to kill Afif because he wouldn't help her hide some artifacts... And who knows more about mummies than an archaeologist?!
Jack: Jawad Rashad almost died from the victim's so-called "peace offering". I'd have my boxers in a twist if that happened to me!
Jack: And what about Asal Hawaa... I'm starting to think she's too gorgeous to b-
Asal: Hands up, <Rank> <Name>! Hand over my spy cam, or you're dead!

Chapter 3

Jack Archer: So let's think, <Name>... Afif Wahab was in the early stages of mummification when we found him right here in this tomb...
Jack: According to our suspects, Afif was nothing more than a fruit vendor, but I still think something's off-
Asal: Hands up, both of you! <Rank> <Name>, hand over my spy cam or you're dead!
Jack: Asal Hawaa! You're... you're wearing clothing!
Jack: And pointing a gun at us! Lower your weapon, Ms Hawaa!
Asal: That's AGENT Hawaa, you buffoon! I'm with Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Service!
Jack: All the more reason for us to have a more civilized conversation!
Asal: Fine. I'll holster my gun. But I won't tell you another word until I get my spy cam back!
Jack: That spy cam is evidence, Agent Hawaa! You might get it back someday... unless you killed Afif Wahab!
Asal: I didn't kill Afif Wahab! But I could tell <Rank> <Name> more about him!

Ask Asal who she really is.
Jack: Some belly dancer you turned out to be! You claim to have good intel about the victim? Time to start dishing!
Asal: Look, the belly dancing was just my cover while I was investigating Afif Wahab for Mossad.
Jack: Wait, you were spying on our victim? <Name>, we were right all along! Afif wasn't just a fruit vendor!
Asal: I came here because I heard a SOMBRA agent had been operating from the hookah bar. All our intelligence reports pointed to Afif.
Asal: He was good at playing the lovesick buffoon, but I could see through him, and you could too, <Rank> <Name>.
Jack: Wait, you thought he was a SOMBRA agent? So you know what SOMBRA is?! Do you know anything about The Sword?
Asal: You think I'm going to share my intelligence with you? Unless you can steal it from me and read hieroglyphs, that's not going to happen!
Jack: Don't play games with us, Ms Hawaa! I'll verify your identity with the Bureau, and your story had better check out!
Jack: <Name>, I can tell you want to investigate the tomb again. While you do that, I'll call Ingrid and tell her about Asal's big secret!

Investigate Sarcophagus.
Jack: Well, <Name>, I've just talked to Ingrid. It appears Asal really IS a Mossad agent!
Jack: You're right, what we need right now are clues. That leather satchel you found is locked. Think you can open it?
Jack: And what's the mess? Looks like a torn photograph... Time to put your puzzle skills to good use!

Examine Leather Satchel.
Jack: Whoa, that satchel you found in the tomb is filled with American dollars! How did this end up here?!
Jack: Nicely spotted, the wad on the top has got a band around it... And it's faded! Let's get your dusting kit, <Name>!

Examine Banded Money.
Jack: The paper band around that wad of money says: "Property of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities"!
Jack: Does that mean Zarah Salah, the Minister, left that satchel full of government money inside the tomb? Time to grill her, <Name>!

Talk to Zarah about the sack of money.
Jack: Ms Salah, care to explain what stacks of government money were doing on our crime scene?
Zarah: I... I can't believe I forgot it! I was so nervous and... <Rank> <Name>, I can explain everything!
Zarah: The Ministry knew that Afif Wahab wasn't what he appeared to be! We determined he'd set up his stall by the Nile so he could steal from the pyramids!
Zarah: But we needed to catch him red-handed. So I set up a trap! I smoked hookah with Afif at the hookah bar and told him I was a foreign traveler looking to buy antiquities.
Zarah: I had to eat my way through three plates of pickled turnips before I could convince him to meet up with me in the pyramid to do a swap.
Zarah: But when he got there, I could tell the "antiquity" he was trying to sell me was a fake. I can read hieroglyphs, and the ones on his artifact were just random pictures!
Jack: So he tried to swindle you, and you killed him, is that it?
Zarah: Of course not! I'm a government official! I turned him down and went back to the Ministry!
Jack: You tried to trick him... Maybe you're trying to trick us, too? It won't work, Ms Salah. Not with <Rank> <Name> on the case!

Examine Torn Photo.
Jack: <Name>, that photo you restored shows our victim!
Jack: And there's Asal following him! Guess she really was investigating him. But who took the photo?
Jack: Ha! You're right, that blob in the corner could be a finger! Let's get this to Elliot so he can work his magic on it!

Analyze Surveillance Photo.
Elliot: <Name>, this spy stuff you've been sending me is brilliant! A surveillance photo from a real spy?!
Elliot: But this spy could do with a bit more training. Taking a selfie of his finger? He's either brand new at this game or...
Jack: An idiot. I think I know who took this picture, but tell us just so we're sure...
Elliot: The finger in question belongs to Jean Connerie.
Jack: That's what I was afraid of... You're right, <Name>, we'd better go grill Jean about his surveillance photo of the victim!

Question Jean about the surveillance photo.
Jack: Mr Connerie, <Rank> <Name> found this photo at our crime scene... Why were you spying on Afif Wahab?
Jean: Wahab wasn't my target! I'm after Asal Hawaa! Why do you think I got that job playing oud at the hookah bar?
Jean: I mean, I like their pickled turnips, but not enough to take a job there just to eat them!
Jean: This photo is the proof Asal is dangerous! Almost every time I took a picture of her, she was following that Wahab guy!
Jean: I managed to steal her reports, but the hieroglyphs only spelled out "Curiosity killed the cat"... I still haven't been able to crack her code...
Jean: Anyway, <Rank> <Name>, you should focus on Asal! She's not to be trusted! She may have killed Afif!
Jack: Good attempt at misdirection, Mr Connerie, but we've still got our eye on you! Stay put!

A while later...
Jack: <Name>, we knew Afif had to have been more than a simple fruit vendor, and we were right!
Jack: According to Ms Salah, Afif was a smuggler of antiquities... which would also explain why Redfern wanted him to hide some for her!
Jack: And Asal thinks Afif might have worked for SOMBRA, even though she refuses to tell us anything about what SOMBRA is...
Jack: So far, one thing almost all the suspects have in common is that hookah bar, you're right. And we know the victim spent a lot of time there! We should go back!

Investigate VIP Area.
Jack: Whoa, what is that hook you picked up in the bar, <Name>? It looks... ancient, and bloody...
Jack: Yes, I remember what Angela told us about the killer removing the victim's brains through his nose... Wait, you think they used this hook to do it?
Jack: Then this means you've just found the murder weapon, <Name>!
Jack: But what's that bright red stuff on it? There's not a second to lose, we need to get a sample of this!
Jack: And what's this gunny sack doing here? You're right, we need every lead we can get. If you think there's on in that bag, dig in!

Examine Metal Hook.
Jack: Got a sample of that red stuff from the murder weapon, <Name>? Let's rush it to Lars!

Analyze Red Substance.
Lars: <Name>, whoever used the hook you found in the hookah bar had better be the Queen of Denial... Get it? Denial? The Nile?
Jack: Bro, you know I love your jokes, but we need answers!
Lars: Well, the sample you brought me was lipstick. Not just any lipstick either. It contains red ochre, a pigment prized by ancient Egyptians for their cosmetics!
Jack: Lipstick? What, did the killer kiss the murder weapon for good luck? Gross!
Jack: At least that means we know we're looking for someone wearing lipstick, <Name>, you're right! They better hope they can kiss their way out of jail!

Examine Gunny Sack.
Jack: Not sure all those artifacts are real, but this box is too dusty not to be! I don't see an opening or a lock, do you?
Jack: You're right, <Name>, we don't have time to stand here playing with a puzzle box. Dupont can crack its secrets!

Analyze Mysterious Box.
Dupont: It took some doing, <Name>, and I'm ashamed to say I needed help from Lars, but we opened the box you found at the hookah bar!
Lars: You are never going to believe what we found inside! BRAINS! Angela confirmed it: this brain matter belonged to the victim!
Dupont: Thank you for your help, Lars. Now if you don't mind, I would like to provide <Name> with some evidence!
Dupont: The killer put the victim's brains inside this box because the box was an organ vessel, as used in the ancient processes of mummification.
Dupont: It stands to reason that the killer had the key to the box. See this indentation in the stone? Shaped like a winged scarab beetle? That's the lock!
Dupont: The killer would want to keep the key to the box on them at all times, so they are likely to be wearing it, probably as a brooch shaped like this scarab beetle.
Jack: So the killer wears a scarab beetle brooch? <Name>, I think it's high time we put the killer in their own little box!

After completing all tasks...
Jack: <Name>, looks like we have all we need to arrest Afif's killer! It's time to get some answers!

Take care of the killer now!
Jack: Zarah Salah, you are under arrest for the murder of Afif Wahab!
Zarah: What?! I wanted to catch that thief red-handed, not kill him!
Jack: Oh, come on... You tracked the victim like a predator and lured him with a hookah pipe at the hookah bar!
Zarah: Like a predator? You make me sound like some kind of monster!
Jack: Kissing the murder weapon before you pulled the victim's brains out with it sounds monstrous enough, doesn't it, <Rank> <Name>?
Zarah: Please, you're making me sick...
Jack: Not as sick as seeing the victim's brains in a box made us! A box that you opened with the scarab brooch you're wearing! The game is up, Salah!
Zarah: ... I was foolish to think I could escape you, <Rank> <Name>. Yes, I killed Afif Wahab. But I had to!
Jack: Because you thought he was stealing from the tombs?
Zarah: No, because I exposed myself as a thief to him!
Jack: Wait, what? YOU'RE the antiquities thief?! But your job is to keep the tombs safe!
Zarah: Why don't you try to live on a government salary, <Rank> <Name>? Nobody really knows what's in those tombs! Nobody misses the artifacts I smuggle!
Jack: I can't believe it! So you killed Afif because he was a competitor?
Zarah: Not exactly. When I met him in the tomb, I offered him a large amount of money to pack up and leave... but he refused!
Zarah: He clung to his fruit vendor story, said I couldn't force him to leave his stall! The man was mad!
Zarah: When I realized he wouldn't take the money, I panicked. I couldn't risk him realizing who I was and exposing me as a thief!
Jack: So you mummified him?!
Zarah: I thought nobody would notice one more mummy in a tomb filled with them. But I took the hook and the brains, because people would have noticed how fresh the body was.
Jack: But you didn't count on <Rank> <Name> being in town, did you? That one mistake is going to put you away for a long time. You're under arrest!

Judge Adaku: Zarah Salah, you stand before this Court for the murder of Afif Wahab by... mummification? A new twist on an old technique!
Judge Adaku: From what I understand, you abused your power as the Minister of Antiquities to smuggle precious artifacts out of the tombs, too!
Judge Adaku: My, my! I really DO enjoy locking up corrupt government officials! Really brightens my day!
Judge Adaku: Zarah Salah, for the attempted mummification and successful murder of Afif Wahab, and the theft of precious artifacts... This Court sentences you to 50 years in prison!
Zarah: You can't send me to prison! I'm a Government Minister!

Jack: I'm glad that Zarah Salah is behind bars, <Name>. Whoever Afif was, he was NOT the man Salah had been after...
Jack: But he might have been the SOMBRA agent Asal was looking for!
Jack: <Name>, what if Afif was Chief Ripley's killer, The Sword?!
Jack: You're right, we need answers and we're not going to get them just sitting around and wondering! Let's get to the bottom of this!

Crossing the Desert 4

Back at headquarters...
Ingrid Bjorn: <Name>, you may have caught Afif's killer, but we still don't know who Afif was...
Ingrid: What if Asal was right and Afif was working for SOMBRA?! And what IS SOMBRA? All we know so far is that The Sword is linked to it.
Ingrid: <Name>, you need to interrogate Asal about this. You must get her to tell us what she knows about SOMBRA!
Jack: She wasn't very cooperative the first time, but I'm sure my charm and <Name>'s wit will win her over.
Jack: <Name>, you also want to go back to the Nile, see if we can scrounge up more info about who Afif really was? Good idea, let's go!

Investigate Nile River.
Jack: Why are you holding a coffee can, <Name>? It's not break time! We just got started sweeping the Nile for clues!
Jack: You want to search through the contents of that coffee can? I'm learning to trust your hunches, <Name>! Go right ahead!

Examine Coffee Can.
Jack: The paper you found in that mess from the coffee can has the word "Target" on it! Guess you'll need your dusting kit to see what's underneath it!

Examine Assassination Target.
Jack: Is that Jean Connerie on the paper you found in Afif's stuff? He looks so different without the fake mustache?
Jack: Hmm... The word "Target" over Jean's photo... Wait, "target" like assassination target?
Jack: Could Afif have meant to kill Jean?!
Jack: So Afif WAS more than a fruit vendor! You're right, we need to talk to Jean about this!

Talk to Jean about being an assassination target.
Jack: Mr Connerie, are you aware that you were the target of a hitman? We found proof that Afif Wahab wanted to kill you!
Jean: Afif Wahab? The fruit vendor?!
Jean: Bien sûr, I'm a spy... Lots of people want to kill me. It's an occupational hazard.
Jean: Now that you mention it... The evening Afif Wahab and I shared a hookah, he insisted on buying me tea...
Jean: I only took a sip before I had to go up on stage and play, but I ended up spending all night in the toilets...
Jack: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, <Name>? That sounds like what happened to Jawad when Afif gave him that Turkish Delight!
Jack: So that's why he did it! He was testing his dosage to poison Jean's tea!
Jack: That's the first time I've heard of a hitman poisoning people with laxatives!
Jean: So I'm lucky to be alive, <Rank> <Name>! It's nice to know that the Bureau has my back! I want to give you a token of my gratitude and esteem! Please wear this in good health!
(After talking to Jean Connerie)
Jack: <Name>, I can't believe that Afif Wahab was a cold-blooded killer!
Jack: But you're right, Afif's modus operandi doesn't match the way Chief Ripley was killed. That killer used poison darts, not laxatives!
Jack: So Afif Wahab DIDN'T kill Chief Ripley. Well, at least that's one question answered. Good job, <Name>!

Talk to Asal about SOMBRA.
Jack: So now that you're not a suspect, Asal, maybe you can share a little intel? Agent to agent?
Asal: I'm thinking of a two-letter word that starts with "N"... The word is "No".
Jack: Cute. Look, whoever killed our Chief is working for SOMBRA. Why don't we just cooperate and get The Sword behind bars before someone in your camp gets killed?
Asal: Mr Archer, I do not trust you. But I ran a background check on <Rank> <Name> and I'd be willing to share information... if you pass a trust test.
Jack: A "trust test"? What's next, pinkie promises? We're the good guys, Asal!
Asal: I've heard that one before... Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to the tomb and retrieve a piece of my equipment that I left behind after our last chat.
Asal: But careful, <Rank> <Name>. If you tamper with the equipment, no information about SOMBRA for you!
Jack: Well, <Name>, I guess we're off to the tomb to pass this trust test with flying colors!

Investigate Tomb.
Jack: A bunch of broken plastic? It's true that this doesn't really belong in an ancient Egyptian tomb... Is this Asal's spy gear?
Jack: Tap into your puzzle powers, <Name>! Time to put these pieces together!

Examine Broken Device.
Jack: Interesting... a pair of night vision binoculars! I know Asal said no tampering, but don't we need to be sure that these are hers?
Jack: You're right, if we take these binoculars to Elliot, he'll be able to tell us if they belong to her. Plus we'll get to see "His Gothness" smile again!

Analyze Night Vision Binoculars.
Elliot: Just when I thought you were done sending me spy gadgets, <Name>! These night vision binoculars are the real deal...
Jack: We don't doubt that for a second, but can you tell us whether or not the binoculars belong to Asal Hawaa?
Elliot: Fine, kill my buzz. They are standard Israeli military issue with a few mods that make them even better for spying...
Jack: I'll take that as a yes, then! Looks like we can let Asal know that we found her spy gear! And get some intel in exchange!

Ask Asal about her intel.
Jack: <Rank> <Name> found your binoculars, Ms Hawaa. They're safe and sound. Now give us the intel.
Asal: Why are you asking ME for info about SOMBRA? After all, you're the ones who dismantled its European branch!
Jack: ... Wait, what? The only thing we did in Europe was put those crazy Promethians away... Are you saying they were affiliated with SOMBRA?!
Asal: Yes. Everything points towards SOMBRA being an international crime organization. It's structured into separate cell groups, scattered all over the globe.
Asal: What SOMBRA does is incorporate existing groups into its organization to strengthen itself and get bases on every continent.
Jack: Hmm... That's probably why The Sword has been talking to rebel groups in the Sahara, trying to get them to work together! To create a new cell for SOMBRA!
Jack: Well, <Rank> <Name> brought the Promethians down. SOMBRA's bigger, but we'll bring it down, too!
Asal: Your confidence is charming, Mr Archer. And I have no doubt that <Rank> <Name> is one of the best the Bureau has to offer, but...
Jack: But nothing! SOMBRA killed our Chief! For that alone-
Asal: Listen, SOMBRA is way more than one agent with a poison dart. You'll need help to bring the whole organization down...
Jack: Well, I hope the trust tests are over, Agent Hawaa. In the meantime, let me treat you - and <Rank> <Name>, of course - to lunch! Fancy a burger?

Back at headquarters...
Ingrid: So what have you got for me, <Name>? What did Asal Hawaa tell you?
Jack: Well, according to Mossad, SOMBRA is an international crime organization. The Promethians were a part of it, but only one link in the chain.
Ingrid: What about Afif Wahab? Was he a SOMBRA operative? Did he kill the chief?
Jack: Afif Wahab was indeed a hitman, and he was targeting Jean Connerie! But his modus operandi was not poison darts...
Ingrid: So we're left with more questions than answers once again...
Jonah: May I butt in-
Jack: Jonah?! How did you get past security with a mug like yours?!
Jonah: Nice to see you, too, Jack. <Rank> <Name>, I'm here to help. I know how to get more information about SOMBRA!

Talk to Jonah Karam about his plan to get information about SOMBRA.
Jack: So you have some mercenary madness for us, Jonah? You think you know how we can get more information about SOMBRA?
Jonah: <Rank> <Name>, I'm just trying to help. I want to find these guys as much as you do!
Jack: What, do they owe you money?
Jonah: Funny. Look, you can't just wait for SOMBRA to launch another attack against the Bureau! You need to set a trap for The Sword!
Jonah: <Rank> <Name>, if The Sword is here to enlist rebel groups to SOMBRA's cause, then you need to make them believe you're with the rebels!
Jack: You mean, go undercover, pretend to be rebels?
Jonah: The Sword has been supplying the rebels with weapons, which means they're working with an arms dealer. Find the name of that dealer, and set up a meeting with them!
Jonah: Say you want to buy weapons. The dealer will tell The Sword a new rebel group has formed, and The Sword will contact you!
Jack: ... It pains me to say it, <Rank> <Name>, but this goon's idea sounds pretty good. And I like the thought of luring The Sword into a trap!
Jack: Alright, Mr Muscle, how do you figure we go about finding who SOMBRA's arms dealer is?
Jonah: I'd start by going to the hookah bar. It's a known place for shady deals, and your best shot at finding that guy's trail.
Jack: Alright! <Rank> <Name>, I guess it's time to head back to the hookah bar!

Investigate Hookah Lounge.
Jack: Just our luck! The bar's deserted AGAIN... But I see you've found a metal briefcase, <Name>!
Jack: It looks promising, but you'll have to open the lock before we can have a look inside!

Examine Metal Briefcase.
Jack: Great, you got the briefcase open! I agree, we don't have time to rummage through it, let's send it to Elliot!

Analyze Open Briefcase.
Elliot: Inspecting this briefcase was a lot less fun than the spy gadgets, <Name>, but I think you'll be interested by what I found.
Elliot: There was a secret compartment in the briefcase. I found a little black book with The Sword's card and a list of rebel groups set up like a balance sheet.
Jack: So whoever owns this briefcase has ties to The Sword, who has ties to SOMBRA. Do you think the balance sheet concerns sales of something?
Elliot: Considering that the fingerprints on the book belong to international arms dealer, Seamus Cummings, definitely!
Jack: Seamus Cummings? I've heard of him, <Name>! He's one of the most ruthless arms dealers in the world!
Jack: So he has ties to SOMBRA and is selling weapons to the rebels...
Elliot: In addition, I found an airline ticket to Dubai, so it's safe to say that's where you'll find Mr Cummings!
Jack: That's great! He's just the man we're looking for, but how do we contact him?
Elliot: Already one step ahead of you... I'll call him through a proxy number, give him <Name>'s name, and set up a meeting.
Jack: Yeah? And how do you intend to make him believe you're the leader of a rebel group, kiddo?
Jack: Good idea, <Name>! Jonah knows the seedy underbellies of this world. He'll show us how to act like rebels...
Jack: I may not trust Jonah 100%, but we need to take action to capture The Sword!

Ask Jonah for help in setting a trap to capture The Sword.
Jack: Jonah, we're going with your plan. We want to set up a trap for The Sword, and we could use your help.
Jack: Here's the deal: <Name> found the name of SOMBRA's arms dealer, a certain Seamus Cummings.
Jack: We want to set up a meeting with him in Dubai, present ourselves as rebel leaders, so he'll inform The Sword about our existence.
Jonah: But you don't want him to see through your act, right?
Jack: Exactly. Elliot's setting up the meeting, but we figured that, since you're practically a bad guy yourself, you could help us keep things authentic.
Jonah: Leave it to me. After I get the briefcase back to the hookah bar, I'll help your little hacker friend set up the meeting. We'll fool Seamus Cummings, believe me. And I can help even more than that!
Jonah: <Rank> <Name>, I have a go bag at the Dubai Airport in locker 103CF. There should be sufficient funds for your sting operation.

Later, at headquarters...
Elliot: <Name>, it's done! I contacted Seamus Cummings, pretended I was forming a new rebel group, ordered three dozen rifles... He told me to meet him in Dubai in 3 hours!
Jack: And you're sure he didn't see through your ruse?
Elliot: Positive. Jonah supervised the call.
Jack: Alright, <Name>, I guess it's time to leave then...
Ingrid: <Name>, are you sure you want to do this? If you meet with Cummings and he sees through you, you'll be risking your life...
Jack: Meeting with Seamus Cummings is our only shot at getting into contact with The Sword, Ingrid. We've got to try it!
Ingrid: Then you better get cracking! Your plane to Dubai leaves in 20 minutes, <Name>! Don't forget to pack your weapon!

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