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After the Road Rage Rally...
Michelle Zuria: <Name>, we've come to Mazunda suspecting a connection between SOMBRA's diamond smuggling operation and the 3R Race...
Michelle: We found a dead rally driver carrying diamonds for SOMBRA... and her killer was Lavinia De Brills, the diamond heiress!
Michelle: But then you discovered that Lavinia worked with SOMBRA, too! And she knows who the Bureau's mole is! We need to interrogate her!
Carmen: Too late for that, <Name>! Lavinia's been murdered in her cell!
Michelle: What?! Our witness is dead?
Michelle: Then <Name>'s right! Only the mole could've killed a detainee right here at headquarters!
Jonah: <Name>, if the mole's bold enough to commit murder under our noses, then all bets are off!
Jack: Who asked for your opinion, blockhead? You think you're above suspicion, and an expert-
Ingrid: Gentlemen! A code red emergency calls for discipline and order!
Ingrid: The procedure's clear: <Name>'s in charge of finding Lavinia's killer and thereby exposing the traitor! Everybody's expected to cooperate!
Ingrid: Michelle will assist <Name> in this investigation. She hasn't been with us long enough to be the mole... and she won't be swayed by personal bias towards the team.
Jack: Personal bias? Michelle's been SOMBRA's lawyer for years, how's that for a personal bias?!
Ingrid: One more word, Archer, and I'll have you escorted off the premises!
Michelle: <Name>, I'll be honored to offer my support.
Ingrid (handing over a Bureau badge): I'm authorized to give you this badge, Michelle! You're now a member of the Bureau.
Michelle: I won't let you down! Give me a second to be ready! I'll meet you at the crime scene!

Chapter 1

Investigate Lavinia's Cell.
(Michelle is now in her Bureau uniform.)
Michelle Zuria: <Name>, I'm used to visiting criminals in jail, but they don't normally have a bullet in their head!
Michelle: At least we have a clear motive: Lavinia knew who the mole is! The murder was an act of desperation. We need to fight back with dispassionate logic.
Michelle: No signs of forced entry on the crime scene... Those broken pieces are the only things out of place.
Michelle: Oh, you're right, <Name>! I overlooked an obvious clue: the security camera! I bet you can access the footage!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Michelle: <Name>, that's Carmen's Bureau ID!
Michelle: I agree, Carmen isn't usually careless. I'm sure she'll provide an explanation!

Question Carmen about losing her Bureau ID on the crime scene.
Michelle: Ms Martinez, <Name> recovered your ID from Lavinia's cell. Were you alone there with the victim?
Carmen: Yes. I was the one who escorted Lavinia back to her cell after her trial.
Carmen: <Name>, I must have lost my ID card when I locked her up. I should've been more careful. You were right to follow this up.
Michelle: Did you notice anything unusual in the cell?
Carmen: I performed the standard safety checks, but everything was clear.
Michelle: You don't seem fazed by being interrogated. Must be your years of experience on the other side of the table.
Carmen: I know you're counting on everyone's cooperation, <Name>. I want to show you my support.
Michelle: No further questions, Ms Martinez.

Michelle: <Name>, Carmen was remarkably composed... is she always calm, or is she a very good actor? I mean, the mole managed to hide in our team for-
Sanjay: <Name>! Tell me it's not true!
Michelle: Sanjay! You're Ms Martinez's adopted son, right?
Sanjay (crying): You can't arrest Carmen! You have to let her go! She's not the mole! She's not SOMBRA!
Michelle: <Name>, errmmm... what do I do? This boy's clearly distraught, but-
Sanjay: You can't take Carmen away! You can't, you-
Marina: Sanjay! There you are! Come with me, sweetheart, <Name> and Michelle are busy.
Sanjay: Alright... but Carmen didn't do it, <Name>!
(Marina and Sanjay leave.)
Michelle: Poor boy... I'm glad Marina's looking after him.
Michelle: <Name>, I suggest we examine the break room. It's the only way out from the cells. The killer must've been there!

Investigate Break Room.
Michelle: <Name>, finding clues in a familiar environment isn't easy... Are you sure that cookie jar's worth searching?
Michelle: Now, that diamond necklace is more promising! I recall the victim wearing it!
Michelle: Well spotted: the necklace is broken! Let's see what we can find on it!

Examine Cookie Jar.
Michelle: <Name>, you were right! There was an empty shell casing in the cookie jar!
Michelle: Now, either someone was firing shots at these cookies...
Michelle: ...Or the shell casing's from the bullet that killed Lavinia. On the balance of probabilities, I'd say it was hidden by the killer.
Michelle: Before the verdict, let's hear the testimony of your weapons expert!

Analyze Shell Casing.
Jonah: <Name>, I don't envy your job right now.
Jonah: This shell casing you found in the cookie jar matches the ammunition used by the Bureau.
Michelle: So the killer used a Bureau weapon?
Jonah: I'm afraid so. And, as <Name> knows, each bullet the Bureau issues has an ID number. This allows us to match every bullet with a gun... and an agent.
Jonah: <Name>, the bullet that killed Lavinia came from Jack Archer's gun.
Michelle: Jack Archer? Really?!
Michelle: Well, considering Archer's temperament, perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised. No further questions, Mr Karam.
Jonah: No further questions? That's all you have to say?! <Name>, you know Jack and I aren't best friends, but... surely, he's not a...
Michelle: Don't worry, Mr Karam. <Name> will give Mr Archer an opportunity to explain how his gun was used in a murder.

Question Jack about his gun.
Jack: <Name>, what the heck is this about? I'm not in the mood for jokes.
Michelle: Unfortunately, this is serious, Mr Archer. It transpired that your gun was used in Lavinia's murder.
Jack: My... gun?! That's nonsense!
Jack: Honestly, <Name>, I don't understand why Michelle was put in charge! Not so long ago, you and I were interrogating HER!
Michelle: I haven't forgotten, Mr Archer... But for <Name>'s sake, please answer the question: where is your weapon now?
Jack: It's right here, on me!
Jack: Or... Maybe I left it in the break room... or in the gym... or in the-
Jack: Fine, I don't know where the wretched gun is! But it doesn't mean I killed anyone with it!
Michelle: So, you claim to have lost your gun, Mr Archer?
Jack: I don't "claim" anything! It's the truth!
Jack: <Name>, you know I'm a bit of a slob, and... you know what I've been through since Asal left me...
Jack: But I'm not a killer! And much less a traitor! <Name>, you should find out who took my gun, instead of letting this woman criticize me!
Michelle: Mr Archer, you're not in the position to advise <Name>! You'll remain in custody until further notice!

Examine Victim's Necklace.
Michelle: <Name>, you collected a substance from Lavinia's necklace. Let's see what the lab says!

Analyze Transparent Substance.
Lars: <Name>, this case will tear the team apart, whatever the outcome.
Michelle: Work's the best cure for dark thoughts, Mr Douglas. Can we talk about the substance <Name> found on Lavinia's necklace?
Lars: Well, the substance was disinfectant. Which puzzled me, because it isn't commonly used for cleaning diamonds.
Michelle: Oh, but disinfectant IS commonly used for removing forensic evidence! I've heard it many times in the courtroom!
Lars: That was exactly my conclusion: the killer used a disinfectant to wipe their DNA off the necklace!
Lars: But why did the killer dump Lavinia's necklace in the cafeteria?
Michelle: Perhaps the killer panicked... or wanted to confuse <Name>!
Michelle: But now <Name> knows the killer uses disinfectant! We're set to win this case!

Examine Locked CCTV.
Michelle: <Name>, you unlocked the CCTV camera... but it says "disabled." Is that normal?
Michelle: No, I thought not. Which presents us with a dilemma.
Michelle: We'd normally turn to Elliot with clues of this nature... except he could've tampered with the camera himself.
Michelle: <Name>, we didn't need this... Mr Clayton's now a suspect!

Question Elliot about disabling the CCTV.
Elliot: <Name>? I thought you wanted my help with something... Why are we in the interrogation room?
Michelle: Mr Clayton, <Name> discovered the CCTV in Lavinia's jail cell was disabled.
Elliot: Yeah... I disabled it. Basic precautions. We know the mole's using our network. I wasn't going to let them spy on us.
Michelle: But now we don't have footage of what happened in Lavinia's cell!
Elliot: You don't get it! If I hadn't disabled the cameras, the mole would be watching us, right now!
Michelle: That defense wouldn't stand up in court. Even if you didn't commit the crime, you'd be guilty of destroying evidence, Mr Clayton.
Elliot: Don't "Mr Clayton" me! You think I'm the criminal here? <Name>, I was the one kidnapped by a SOMBRA agent! And Michelle was the one who defended him!
Elliot: She's only wearing that Bureau badge because I vouched for her when she claimed to be X!
Michelle: I haven't forgotten that! But evidence is evidence! I'm afraid we can't rely on you until this case is closed.
Elliot: What?! <Name>, say something!
Elliot: FINE! Let's see how you catch the mole without me!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Angela: <Name>, your sense of duty is inspiring. A killer's walking among us, but you're calmly doing your job...
Angela: And instead of your trusted partners, you have to work with an ex-SOMBRA lawyer...
Michelle: This is awkward for me, too. I never wanted to investigate the team who'd given me a chance despite my past.
Michelle: Anyway, <Name>'s assured you never miss the smallest details in your autopsies. Did you notice anything unusual?
Angela: Well, the cause of death was a single gunshot, fired from close range. The killer entered the cell, shot Lavinia, and left. It couldn't have taken more than a minute.
Michelle: Very efficient. But then again, we're talking about a Bureau agent.
Angela: <Name>, the killer did make one mistake: they left a chemical residue on the victim's neck. They must've checked the carotid artery for a pulse.
Angela: The analysis revealed the substance to be acetaminophen - the active ingredient of painkillers. We keep some in the Bureau's first aid kit.
Michelle: Dr Douglas, that's a valuable piece of evidence: the traitor among us takes painkillers!

Dupont: <Name>, I hope you'll solve this case soon! Office morale has never been so low!
Dupont: Elliot locked himself up in my library after you questioned him. He's refusing to talk to anyone.
Michelle: Mr Clayton disabled our CCTV system, Monsieur Dupont. He's the reason why we don't have footage of the murder!
Michelle: Anyway, solving this case and exposing the mole was never going to be painless.
Lars: Tell me about it! I can't hang out with Jack since you arrested him! And Angela doesn't appreciate my jokes the same way...
Michelle: Evidence suggests the killer used Mr Archer's gun. He claims to have lost his weapon. You must understand that this makes Mr Archer a strong suspect.
Marina: <Name>, Sanjay's taken Carmen's arrest badly, too. Remember he's still traumatized by his brush with SOMBRA... losing Carmen would be the last straw-
(Jack enters, drunk, holding a bottle of whiskey, and wearing a necktie on his head.)
Jack: Helloooooo, everyone! Enjoy your freedom while you can! <Name> will soon handcuff y'all, while that SOMBRA lawyer looks on and laughs!
Marina: Archer! What's wrong with you?! Do you really have to make this harder for <Name>?
Jack: Marina! You're sooo beautiful! And sooo smart! And soooo suspicious! Do you have an abil... an alab... a... thing for Lavinia's murder?
Jonah: Watch it, dude! Marina's not the one who "lost" her gun and played into the hands of a killer!
Jonah: And if you must know... Marina does have an alibi! She was with me, and we were... busy...
Jack: Eugh, I don't need to know the details!
Ingrid: What's going on here?! I don't have time for disciplinary matters, just lock up Archer in the nearest cell!
Ingrid: I've got something urgent for you, <Name>! You and Michelle have to go to Nigeria, now!

Chapter 2

On the flight to Nigeria...
Michelle Zuria: <Name>, Ingrid's booked us on this flight to Nigeria in such a rush we don't even know why we're going there!
Michelle: But that's not the only surprise we've had while investigation Lavinia De Brills' murder and the mole.
Michelle: You arrested Jack Archer after discovering that the fatal shot was fired from his gun... which he claims to have lost.
Michelle: Ms Martinez inexplicably lost her ID in the cell...
Michelle: And Mr Clayton deliberately disabled the CCTV, destroying possible evidence of the murder!
(Michelle's phone rings.)
Michelle: And... Oh, this must be Ingrid!
(Michelle picks up her phone.)
Michelle: Ms Bjorn?
Ingrid: <Name>, you'll be landing in Abuja shortly. Here's what you have to do.
Ingrid: Go to the Zuma Hotel. There's a room in Lavinia's name. She often stayed there while in Africa. I verified her bookings.
Michelle: Understood, Ms Bjorn. You want us to search Lavinia's room for proof of contact with the SOMBRA mole.
Ingrid: Go straight to the hotel, <Name>! Don't talk to anyone! Report back ASAP!

Investigate Lavinia's Hotel Room.
Michelle: <Name>, Lavinia's stuff is everywhere! If she used this room as a meeting place, chances are the mole's been here, too!
Michelle: That gold's ring just the kind of lead we need! A skin sample should tell us who lost it!
Michelle: And we'll search that purse, too, on our way back to Mazunda! Ingrid's expecting us in headquarters, so let's grab these clues and go!

Examine Purse.
Michelle: <Name>, that purse you brought back from Nigeria was full of Lavinia's personal items! Like this note that says, "You have to take this secret to your grave!"
Michelle: That message speaks for itself, <Name>! We know the secret Lavinia took her grave was the mole's identity!
Michelle: Time to compare the handwriting to a sample from every Bureau agent! Faced with this evidence, the mole might confess straight away!

Examine Note to Lavinia.
Michelle: <Name>, that handwriting on the note to Lavinia matched Jack Archer's!
Michelle: Archer's been acting strangely since the beginning. This note explains a lot!
Michelle: <Name>, we need to cross-examine Archer again. This could make or break our case!

Question Jack about his threatening note to Lavinia.
(Jack is now sober.)
Jack: <Name>, have mercy and give me a painkiller. I have the mother of all hangovers! That whiskey was a bad idea...
Michelle: Threatening Lavinia wasn't very smart either. What was the secret you didn't want her to spill?
Jack: Oh no, you found out...
Jack: Ask me anything but that, <Name>! I really can't tell you! I can't tell you why I can't tell you, either! There'd be nothing left of my dignity!
Michelle: The ship has sailed, Archer! You're accused of murder, and of betraying the Bureau! Answer <Name>'s question, or-
Jack: Alright! Here's the sordid truth, so help me God!
Jack: I slept with Lavinia De Brills. Once! Back in Kenya. I was drunk, pining after Asal, and she... had her way with me.
Jack: I woke up mortified the next day! I didn't even tell Lars! I've been living in fear that Lavinia'd talk. I know it was stupid to write that note, but-
Michelle: Stupid doesn't begin to cover it! At best, you've derailed <Name>'s investigations.... At worst, this is a smokescreen to hide something bigger!
Jack: <Name>, any chance you could leave this out of your report? Since I didn't kill Lavinia, I don't see how it matters!
Michelle: Enough! You're familiar with the right to remain silent! Now would be a good time to use it!

Examine Gold Ring.
Michelle: <Name>, you got skin cells from the gold ring you found in Lavinia's Nigerian hotel!
Michelle: Lars' analysis will take longer than our flight did, so let's get him started!

Analyze Skin Cells.
Lars: <Name>, I'm confused... why did you send me my wife's DNA?
Michelle: The skin sample is your wife's? Then the gold ring <Name> found in the Nigerian hotel must be hers, too!
Lars: What? Are you sure it's not a mistake, <Name>? The only ring Angela wears is her wedding ring! How did it get to Nigeria?
Michelle: We were hoping you'd know, Dr Douglas. Didn't you notice your wife's wedding ring was missing?
Lars: Well, between work, my rock band, the triplets, my bro dates with Jack... it's easy to miss a small detail like this.
Michelle: Did Angela mention a trip to Nigeria? Surely, you'd remember that!
Lars: What's this about, <Name>? Are you suggesting my wife's up to something behind my back?
Lars: Come on! You can't seriously think she's run off with some hot guy to a hotel in-
Michelle: Oh, we're not suspecting your wife of having an affair. The hotel where she lost her ring was booked by Lavinia De Brills.
Michelle: Which suggests that Lavinia and Angela had something to discuss in Nigeria. Something confidential.
Lars: I don't understand! What the-
Michelle: Don't worry, Mr Douglas. You're not in any trouble. It's your wife we need to talk to.

Ask Angela about her wedding ring in the victim's room.
Michelle: Dr Douglas, could you clarify something for us? It's about your wedding ring.
Angela: My wedding ring? Oh... The thing is, I must have mislaid it somewhere.
Angela: I haven't even told Lars, I was sure it'd turn up.
Michelle: Oh, it did... among Lavinia's belongings. In a Nigerian hotel room.
Angela: What? I'm sorry, <Name>, but this doesn't make any sense!
Michelle: So, you deny going to Nigeria, or meeting Lavinia in secret?
Angela: "Deny"? Am I a criminal now? For accidentally losing my wedding ring?
Angela: <Name>, let me explain something to Michelle. I'm a coroner, I take off my jewelry when I work! The disinfectants I use damage precious metals!
Angela: It's obvious my ring went missing from the morgue, and I can even tell you who nicked it!
Angela: I didn't make a fuss out of respect for Carmen... But we all know Sanjay's got sticky fingers!
Michelle: No need to get upset, Dr Douglas. If you're telling the truth, <Name> will prove it. Until then, please stay around.
Angela: Where else would I be? Goodness, this has given me a headache, I need a paracetamol and a nap!

Ingrid: <Name>, your trip to Nigeria revealed fresh evidence against Archer, and incriminated Angela, too! At this rate, our jail cells will fill up quickly!
Ingrid: Don't hang around! Go to the break room and finish what you've started!

Investigate Coffee Table.
Michelle: <Name>, that device must be Elliot's... think you can break his password?
Michelle: That safari hat is definitely Lavinia's! But it's covered in colorful candy. Vacuuming up a sample will tell us why!
Michelle: And someone left their bank statement here. Finances are personal... but not in a murder investigation! Let's have a closer look!

Examine Locked Device.
Michelle: <Name>, you've unlocked Elliot's device... it's full of climate charts and front analyses!
Michelle: I'm sure you remember that SOMBRA code their messages as weather patterns! We've seen it all over Africa!
Michelle: This doesn't forecast bright skies for Mr Clayton! Expect a stormy conversation, <Name>!

Interrogate Elliot about his coded messages.
Elliot: I knew you'd be back. Admit it: you're getting nowhere without my help!
Elliot: But I don't hold grudges, <Name>. Since you suspended me, my sole entertainment has been cleaning old keyboards with disinfectant. Tell me the boredom's over!
Michelle: Elliot, <Name>'s found your device. You've been sending messages coded as weather data. We know what that means!
Elliot: What are you implying? I'm trying to crack SOMBRA's cypher, to interfere with their communication! Which is what I should be doing right now!
Elliot: I just need a paracetamol and some coffee to kick-start my brain!
Michelle: Not so fast! First, you disabled the Bureau's surveillance system... Now you admit to messaging SOMBRA from your phone?
Elliot: You're still accusing me of being the mole? I was only doing my job!
Elliot: Wake up, <Name>! If someone with my skills were helping SOMBRA, there'd be nothing left of the Bureau by now!
Michelle: We're in agreement. That's why you'll be locked up incommunicado for the rest of the investigation!

Examine Lavinia's Hat.
Michelle: <Name>, I knew that colorful candy you vacuumed up from Lavinia's hat looked familiar! It's W&W's from the cafeteria's vending machine!
Michelle: But Lavinia didn't have access to these candies! And if it wasn't her... was it the killer?
Michelle: Luckily, we can still trust Lars! If the mole nibbled on these sweets, he'll prove it!

Analyze Colorful Candy.
Michelle: Lars, we suspect these sweets contaminated Lavinia's hat via the killer. Can you prove our hypothesis?
Lars: I tested your sample for cross-contamination. It's usually hit and miss, because the same chemical compound can be rocket fuel, or a cheese sandwich.
Lars: But this time, I knew what to look for! I tested the sample for acetaminophen, which we already linked to the killer. And bingo!
Michelle: So these sweets were the killer's! That's exactly what we were hoping for!
Lars: <Name>, I know you're excited, because you're one step closer to the mole, but I suddenly feel a pang of sadness.
Lars: W&W's are popular in the office... both Jack and my wifey love them... I never thought I'd see the day when it becomes an evidence!
Michelle: The mole ate these W&W's, Lars. <Name>'s right, we must bring them to justice!

Examine Bank Statements.
Michelle: <Name>, this bank statement might be a dead-end. The account holder's called "Elizabeth Smith." But we don't know any Elizabeth Smith! Definitely not at the Bureau!
Michelle: You're right, "Elizabeth Smith" has a lot of money in an offshore account...
Michelle: And when there's a murder, money's often involved...
Michelle: I get it, <Name>! You want to follow this lead in case there's a connection!
Michelle: Ingrid tracked down Lavinia's hotel in Nigeria... She'll trace this statement, too!

Analyze Account Details.
Michelle: Ingrid, any luck with that bank statement <Name> found in the break room?
Ingrid: I couldn't find anything in our case files about "Elizabeth Smith"...
Ingrid: So I called the bank! It took some sweet-talking and yelling, but the manager finally told me "Elizabeth Smith" is an alias!
Ingrid: <Name>, the account holder's real name is Elizabeth Ripley!
Michelle: Elizabeth Ripley? You mean Chief Ripley?
Michelle: The Bureau chief opening up an offshore account under a fake name is... unorthodox, to say the least!
Ingrid: Ripley's methods have always been unorthodox. But the bank manager cross-checked everything. There's no doubt it's her.
Ingrid: <Name>, this is above my pay grade, but if you accept an observation... Isn't it strange how little we know about Ripley?
Ingrid: It's not the first time she's tricked us! Remember when we all thought she was dead? She kept the truth from everybody, even me!
Michelle: You think Ingrid has a point, <Name>? Alright, let's probe into Chief Ripley's secrets!

Question Ripley about her secret identity.
Michelle: Chief Ripley, the Bureau really needs to trust its leader now. So we hope you can explain this offshore account under a fake name.
Chief Ripley: Smith was my mother's maiden name. It's perfectly legal to use under Mazundan law.
Chief Ripley: But I understand why you need to ask, <Rank> <Name>. I opened that account when I faked my death in Europe.
Chief Ripley: As you recall, that move was crucial in dismantling SOMBRA's Middle Eastern cell!
Michelle: Yes, <Name> told me about it. You misled the Bureau for months, after allegedly surviving a poison dart for months, only because you knew what antidote to take, and when.
Michelle: Leaving aside how you pulled that off without SOMBRA's help, it doesn't explain why you've kept your double identity ever since!
Chief Ripley: Taking precautions is an old habit of mine. Like carrying painkillers and disinfectant in my handbag. You never know.
Michelle: Precautions? You were planning to do a runner, in case <Name> discovered you'd been a double agent all along!
Chief Ripley: I commend you for following every lead, <Name>. And you, Michelle, are as good a partner as I hoped.
Chief Ripley: But it's not what you think. The Bureau is my life. I've always been loyal to it.
Michelle: Then you'll understand you have to step down until this investigation's closed, Ms Ripley.

Dupont: <Name>, did you really arrest Chief Ripley? Mon Dieu! What will become of the Bureau?
Michelle: These are uncertain times, Monsieur Dupont. But <Name> will find the mole. The Bureau will survive.
Dupont: I hope you're right, <Name>! I'm too old for a new life!

Michelle: <Name>, the mole's still at large, and the Bureau's falling apart!
Michelle: Chief Ripley's joined the suspect list after you discovered her secret identity.
Michelle: Elliot admitted sending coded messages to SOMBRA... And Angela couldn't explain how she lost her wedding ring in Nigeria.
Michelle: Luckily, Lars can still process our lab samples! Ingrid's also been invaluable, but...
(Michelle's phone rings.)
Michelle: Oh, I should get this!
Michelle (picking up her phone): Who is it?
Carmen: <Name>, it's me. I'm calling to say it's over.
Michelle: Carmen?! Where are you? What's happening?
Carmen: <Name>, I hope one day you'll forgive me for what I've done. Please look after Sanjay. You'll never see me again!

Chapter 3

Michelle Zuria: <Name>, the mole's still at large, and the Bureau's falling apart!
(Michelle's phone rings.)
Michelle: We don't know who trust anymore, and... Oh, I have to get this.
Michelle (picking up her phone): Who is it?
Carmen: <Name>, it's me. I'm calling to say it's over.
Michelle: Carmen?! Where are you? What's happening?
Carmen: <Name>, I hope one day you'll forgive me for what I've done. Please look after Sanjay. You'll never see me again!
(Carmen hangs up.)
Michelle: Carmen, wait!
Michelle: <Name>, did you hear that? Was this a confession? Is Carmen the mole?
Ingrid: <Name>, I heard everything through the switchboard! We need contingency plans! Meeting, now!

Some frantic minutes later...
Ingrid: <Name>, Carmen was calling from Lavinia's hotel! Thank God for caller ID, because I can't trace calls without Elliot...
Ingrid: You're flying back to Abuja! Bring back Carmen! There's no time to lose!
Marina: Are you sure about this, <Name>? This behavior is highly unusual from Carmen. I advise caution! What if this is SOMBRA's trap to lure you to Nigeria?
Michelle: It's too late for caution! If we don't act, Carmen will escape! I can't believe we didn't lock her up when we had the chance!
Jonah: Hold on, everybody! What if Carmen was acting under duress? If she's not the mole, she's in danger!
Ingrid: And if Carmen IS the mole, she'll be expecting you! Either way, it's a dangerous mission, and time isn't on your side!
Ingrid: <Name>, Michelle and Jonah, you're all going to Nigeria! Get Carmen, and come back alive!

In Nigeria...
Jonah: <Name>, on the count of three, we kick down the door and go in!
Michelle: But Jonah-
Jonah: Shhhhh! Stay back, Michelle! One... two...
Jonah (kicking down the door): THREE!

Aristide (holding Carmen hostage): Drop your weapons or I'll blow her brains out!
Jonah (drawing his gun): Carmen, don't move! I got this!
Aristide: Fat chance! I'm here to finish the job I started in Madagascar! None of you will walk out of here alive!
Carmen (taking Aristide's hand off her mouth): Take the shot, Jonah!
Jonah: Prepare to die, dirtbag!
(Aristide stands, speechless and shocked, while Carmen braces herself.)
Jonah (firing his gun): AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!
(Aristide is shot in the forehead.)
Aristide (taking his hands off involuntarily): What... the...
(Aristide falls down.)

A few moments later...
Jonah (holding his gun): Carmen, you alright?
Carmen: Yeah... I guess I owe you an explanation, <Name>.
Michelle: Catch your breath, Carmen, but <Name> will have some questions!

Question Carmen about her kidnapping.
Michelle: Carmen, we're relieved you aren't hurt, but I must warn you: you're still a suspect in Lavinia's murder. Tell <Name> everything!
Carmen: You probably recognize Aristide Akintola. He shot our plane down in Madagascar, and then killed the pilot, on SOMBRA's orders.
Carmen: I don't know how he escaped jail! But he ambushed me outside headquarters... Next thing I know, I woke up here!
Carmen: But I wasn't Aristide's real target! You were, <Name>! He used me to lure you here with that call!
Michelle: Aristide was a dangerous lunatic. But his plan wouldn't have worked without you, Carmen.
Carmen: What?! Are you suggesting I was his accomplice?
Michelle: You could've released Aristide from jail, and hired him to kill us all. Just the kind of desperate plan the mole would hatch to stop <Name>!
Michelle: Jonah thwarted your plans... but he also got rid of the only witness who could've incriminated you!
Carmen: <Name>, I can't fault your logic. All I can say is that I wasn't a part of this. I wasn't the mole!
Michelle: Then you'll be glad the mole's plans failed, and <Name>'s still alive!
Michelle: We're taking you back to headquarters. But first, we'll search the room! We can't afford to overlook anything!

Investigate Lake View.
Michelle: <Name>, we'll have to restore that torn paper on our way back to Mazunda! The mole's upped their game, and time's running out!
Michelle: We have to board our flight! You can collect a sample from those whiskey glasses during the safety demo!

Examine Torn Paper.
Michelle: <Name>, that scientific journal you found in Nigeria is about dangerous animals? If things weren't so desperate, I'd make a joke about moles...
Michelle: And what about that sticky note? A jumble of letters and numbers... it could be anything!
Michelle: You're right, since it's science, Lars will know what it means!

Analyze Scientific Journal.
Lars: <Name>, I'm glad you're back! I heard Carmen got kidnapped, and you almost got shot!
Michelle: Worse things will happen while the mole's at large!
Michelle: But enough small talk! What about the note on the scientific journal <Name> found in Nigeria?
Lars: Ah, yes... The abbreviations reference a published article. You've got the issue number, and the pages...
Michelle: What about "A.D."?
Lars: Well... those are my wife's initials: "Angela Douglas." It's one of her articles... About snake poison...
Lars: Rhino viper poison, to be precise.
Michelle: Rhino viper? <Name>'s right, that's the snake Lavinia used to kill that rally driver!
Michelle: So, Angela wrote an article about Rhino viper poison, and it found its way to Lavinia... interesting!
Lars: But <Name>, you've already solved that case! What if Angela wrote about that poison? She didn't kill Nomena!
Michelle: She could've put Lavinia up to it! We must question Angela again!

Question Angela about her article on snake poison.
Angela: <Name>, I heard what happened in Nigeria! I'm glad you and Carmen are alright!
Michelle: We came back with fresh leads. You wrote an article about Rhino Viper poison! Interesting you didn't mention it during our last investigation!
Angela: I don't brag about my achievements, <Name>. But if you have questions, just ask.
Michelle: Our question is, how did Lavinia find your article?
Angela: Anyone can read scientific publications, <Name>! But scientists aren't to blame when knowledge gets misused by criminals!
Michelle: But if you helped Lavinia commit murder, you had a reason to silence her when she got caught!
Angela: Nice theory. But worthless without proof.
Michelle: Your tongue's as sharp as your mind, Angela. But neither will help you if <Name> finds more evidence against you!

Examine Whiskey Glasses.
Michelle: <Name>, that lipstick sample from the whiskey glasses should tell us who had drinks with Lavinia in Nigeria!

Examine Lipstick Stain.
Michelle: <Name>, the lipstick sample from Lavinia's whiskey glasses contained Chief Ripley's DNA!
Michelle: A diamond smuggler and the Bureau chief, I wonder what deal they sealed with those drinks!
Michelle: Remember, <Name>, Ripley's a suspect now. She can yell all she wants, but you're the one in charge!

Question Ripley about her secret meeting with Lavinia.
Michelle: Ms Ripley, <Rank> <Name>'s found proof you met with Lavinia. Please don't tell us you just popped over to Nigeria for a glass of Scotch!
Chief Ripley: I was investigating Lavinia. I thought she was SOMBRA, but I had no proof.
Chief Ripley: I followed her to Nigeria to offer a deal... but she was too frightened to talk.
Michelle: That's the least convincing lie I've ever heard, and I've heard a few in the courtroom!
Michelle: Admit it, Ripley: you were Lavinia's SOMBRA contact! Your "deal" was to protect her from the Bureau!
Chief Ripley: I knew talking to her alone was a risk! I ate a whole packet of W&W's on the flight back, wondering if my plan would backfire.
Chief Ripley: I don't even like W&W's. I once yelled at Elliot for ruining his teeth with them...
Chief Ripley: But you don't have time for an old woman's musings, <Rank> <Name>.
Michelle: Admit it, then: are you the mole in the Bureau? Did you kill Lavinia?
Chief Ripley: <Name>, I'm tired to the bone. If I could end this nightmare by confessing, I would.
Chief Ripley: But I don't have that luxury, and neither do you! Get out and finish the job!

Michelle: <Name>, things are getting rough! First, that crazy gunman nearly shoots us in Nigeria...
Michelle: Then we discover that Angela could've been Lavinia's accomplice in murder!
Michelle: Ripley claims she investigated Lavinia in secret... But it's more likely she was Lavinia's SOMBRA contact!
Sanjay: <Name>! Jonah says Carmen was kidnapped! I want to see her!
Ingrid: Sanjay, I told you: Carmen can't have visitors in custody. It's against regulations.
Sanjay: <Name>, I want my mom!
Ingrid: Sanjay, I've never heard you call Carmen "mom" before!
Ingrid: Alright, I guess we can make an exception...
Sanjay: I'll only be a minute, <Name>!
Michelle: Aww... Poor boy... I can't imagine what'd happen to him if Carmen-
Michelle: You're right, <Name>, the clock's ticking! Let's get back to the murder scene!

Investigate Bunk Beds.
Michelle: <Name>, that gun could be our murder weapon!
Michelle: But there's no way we missed this gun before! We knew what we were looking for from the start!
Michelle: You're right, the killer must've come back while we were investigating! But what are they playing at? Are they trying to frame someone, or-
Michelle: I'm sorry, there's no time to speculate! Let's uncover the gun's serial number!
Michelle: And that cleaning trolley's appearance is equally suspicious! Cleaners aren't allowed on crime scenes!
Michelle: Perhaps the mole wanted to erase evidence... or maybe this is another trap! Either way, we must search this trolley!

Examine Bureau Gun.
Michelle: <Name>, you revealed the serial number on the gun...
Michelle: And you were right: the number matches Archer's weapon!
Michelle: But is Jack the killer, or was he framed by the mole?
Michelle: <Name>, it's time to end this! Let's send this gun to Lars!

Analyze Jack's Gun.
Lars: <Name>, I don't understand what you expected me to find on Jack's gun... Naturally, Jack's DNA and fingerprints were all over it!
Michelle: Which means either Jack shot Lavinia with his gun, and he carelessly left his DNA behind...
Michelle: Or the real killer deliberately left Jack's DNA on the gun to incriminate him! Come on, Lars: which is it?
Lars: Well, I don't know... I mean, it looks like... <Name>, I... don't know what to think!
Michelle: Leave the thinking to <Name>, and just answer the question: was there any other DNA on the gun?
Lars: Ah, that's easy! Yes, <Name>. There was a tiny fragment of DNA on the handle with two X chromosomes... in other words, it was female DNA!
Michelle: So the mole made a tactical mistake! Only the killer could've left female DNA on Jack's gun!
Michelle: Which means the killer who betrayed the Bureau is a woman!

Examine Cleaning Trolley.
Michelle: <Name>, are those pills painkillers?
Michelle: How did these painkillers end up in this cleaning trolley? Unless the mole came back to get rid of evidence!
Michelle: If the mole had to flee the scene, maybe they don't even know they lost these pills! I hope Lars can turn this to our advantage!

Analyze Painkillers.
Lars: <Name>, these pills in the cleaning trolley will give the mole something to be sore about!
Michelle: That's what we needed to hear! What did you find?
Lars: Molecular fragments of pigment! And I had to weigh them to determine their color!
Lars: Let me explain: eumelanin is heavier than pheomelanin, and it's also darker. These two molecules determine a person's hair color.
Lars: Obviously, we're talking about microscopic quantities, isolated from the surface of a pill. But it was enough to conclude that whoever handled these painkillers has black hair!
Michelle: And this black-haired person killed Lavinia, and betrayed the Bureau! But <Name> will bring them to justice!

After completing all the tasks...
Michelle: <Name>, you've been strong all day. Stay strong a little longer!
Michelle: You have to face the Bureau's traitor, for the sake of all your friends! The evidence is clear - let's arrest the killer!

Take care of the killer now!
Michelle: Angela Douglas, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for killing Lavinia and betraying the Bureau!
Angela: <Name>, are you serious? Surely you don't think I'm the mole!
Michelle: You really thought silencing Lavinia would throw <Rank> <Name> off your trail?
Angela: This is absurd! My autopsies helped you every single case, <Name>! I provided evidence against SOMBRA everywhere we went! How could I be the mole?
Michelle: You played your role convincingly! You even had the nerve to admit that you took painkillers, after highlighting it in your autopsy report as evidence!
Michelle: You tried every trick, from using Jack's gun to blaming Sanjay for stealing your wedding ring! But you couldn't fool <Name>!
Angela: <Name>, you're out of your mind! I have a family, Lars, my daughters... How could I be SOMBRA?
Michelle: You forget I worked for SOMBRA, too! I know how you tell yourself that it's just work...
Michelle: Except you chose to commit murder, frame your teammates... and hire a hitman!
Angela: <Name>! I never wanted to hurt you! I hired Aristide out of desperation, when I didn't know what else to do!
Michelle: So you admit it! You're the mole!
Angela: I admit it. I'm SOMBRA. I'd been SOMBRA since before I joined the Bureau.
Angela: I got away with it for years, genuinely helping the Bureau, but keeping SOMBRA informed of your moves. Not even Lars suspected anything.
Angela: But eventually, things started to unravel. When our plane crashed in Madagascar, I knew SOMBRA wanted me dead.
Angela: They thought I was too loyal to the Bureau.
Angela: Recruiting Lavinia was my last-ditch attempt to prove I'm worth more alive than dead.
Angela: But now it's over, <Name>. You got me. I surrender.
Michelle: Angela Douglas, you're under arrest for murder. But you have a lot more to answer for! See you in court!

Lars: <Name>, tell me it's not true! My wifey can't be the mole!
Michelle: Lars... I'm so sorry... I can't imagine how you feel now...
Lars: <Name>, if this is a mistake, and you're wrongly accusing my wife, I'll-
Jack: Lars, bro! Calm down! Come with me!
Lars (crying): Please, <Name>, it can't be true!
(Jack and Lars leave.)
Chief Ripley: <Name>, I've heard you made an arrest. This is a dark day for the Bureau. But we must go... the Judge's waiting!

Judge Adaku: Angela Douglas, you killed Lavinia De Brills, for fear that she'd testify against you after her arrest.
Judge Adaku: Not only were you Lavinia's accomplice in murder, but you were the one who recruited her for SOMBRA's diamond smuggling operation!
Judge Adaku: In fact, you were a SOMBRA agent during your entire service with the Bureau!
Angela: I won't deny it: I've been SOMBRA since my youth. I don't regret my actions. I did what I believed in.
Judge Adaku: You believed in SOMBRA? You, a Bureau agent and scientist, believed in murder and betrayal?
Angela: You're not here to judge my personal beliefs, Your Honor! You clearly won't understand them!
Judge Adaku: I'm here to judge you for your crimes! Murder, conspiracy, corruption... The list goes on!
Judge Adaku: Angela Douglas, for all the sentences above, you're sentenced to life imprisonment!
Angela: I did everything so my children'd grow up in a better world, Your Honor. I accept my sentence.

Carmen: <Name>, I'm still waiting to wake up and realize it was a bad dream!
Carmen: To think Angela's been the mole the whole time! I can't decide if I'm shocked, sad, or relieved...
Sanjay: I knew it, <Name>! I knew Carmen wasn't the mole!
Marina: <Name>, the coming days will be hard for everyone. Especially for Lars... But if you ever want to talk, you know where I am.
Chief Ripley: Forgiveness, hard work, and cooperation is what I expect from everyone in this dark hour!
Chief Ripley: <Name>, exposing the mole was one thing, making sure the Bureau survives is another. We need to discuss the way forward!

The Enemy Within (6/6)

Chief Elizabeth Ripley: <Name>, it was a difficult task, but exposing Angela as the mole has been your most important victory against SOMBRA.
Chief Ripley: But we can't rebuild the team and move forward without understanding more about Angela's motivations.
Lars: I'm sure this is all a big misunderstanding! Angela will explain everything if <Name> and I talk to her!
Jack: Bro, I know this is hard... But Angela confessed, and she was sentenced in court. It's not a misunderstanding.
Lars (holding back tears): I'm married to Angela, I know her better than anyone! I'm telling you, there's another explanation!
Chief Ripley: Alright, <Name>, take Lars with you. Perhaps Angela will be more willing to talk... And perhaps Lars will accept the truth when he hears it from her.
Chief Ripley: And come see me in my office too! I have another matter to discuss with you!

Talk to Angela about her reasons for joining SOMBRA.
(Angela is now wearing her prison uniform.)
Lars: Angela, tell me it's not true!
Angela: You shouldn't have come here, Lars. It's true: I'm SOMBRA. I was before I met you.
Lars: No! That's impossible!
Lars (holding back tears): We were happy, we had a family! You could've chosen us! You could've left SOMBRA, we'd have protected you!
Angela: I don't expect you to understand, Lars. I didn't want to leave SOMBRA! I believe in them, even if I disagree with some of their methods.
Lars: You can't be serious! SOMBRA must've brainwashed you!
Angela: They didn't brainwash me! They gave me a life! SOMBRA took me in when I became an orphan at age 8!
Angela: They taught me everything I knew! I wasn't going to question them!
Lars (covering his ears): I refuse to listen to this nonsense!
Angela: <Name>, I don't regret my actions. But you've always been loyal to me, so I'd like to give something to you in return.
Angela: There's something I discovered when I autopsied young SOMBRA recruits. I found tracker chips hidden under their skin.
Angela: I didn't know what they were for... SOMBRA didn't use these microchips back when I was trained.
Angela: But when I realized I couldn't count on SOMBRA anymore, I took one of those microchips and hid it in Lavinia's room, as a precaution.
Angela: Take this money for your flight to Nigeria - I don't need it anymore!

Investigate Lavinia's Hotel Room.
Lars: <Name>, d'you think those tiny pieces could be the microchip Angela told us about?
Lars: If only you could mend my heart as easily as putting those pieces back together!

Examine Broken Electronics.
Lars: <Name>, it must've been hard to restore that tiny microchip, but you did it!
Lars: Let's head back to headquarters and give this chip to Elliot!

Analyze Microchip.
Elliot: <Name>, it's good to be back in my lab!
Elliot: No hard feelings, by the way. I can't believe it was Angela who-
Lars: Hey, can we talk about something else?
Elliot: Oh, sorry, Lars...
Elliot: Anyway, this microchip you found in the hotel was a great discovery!
Lars: Angela said she found the chip when she autopsied a SOMBRA recruit. What does it do?
Elliot: It's a tracker! <Name>, with the data in this chip, I can locate all the test subjects SOMBRA turned into sleeper agents and sent out to Africa!
Elliot: We can send out rescue teams before they're activated!
Lars: So Angela really helped us!
Lars: <Name>, can we see Angela one last time? If she's helped us, maybe the woman I love is still in there somewhere!

Talk to Angela one last time.
Lars: Angela, the chip you took from a dead assassin was a tracker. Elliot can now locate all the SOMBRA recruits in Africa.
Lars: But I'm still as confused as ever! If you believe in SOMBRA, why'd you help us?
Angela: Lars, I told you not to seek answers-
Lars: But I want answers! I deserve to know!
Angela: Fine! There's one thing I never approved of: SOMBRA's increasing use of children! I was hoping that chip would help you rescue some of them.
Angela: When <Name> discovered SOMBRA was now brainwashing children and experimenting on teenagers, I was sick with fear for our girls!
Angela: I set up the Spring Angels foundation out of guilt, too... and I put your name on everything, Lars, to keep it safe from SOMBRA.
Lars: How can you pretend to care about children when you lied to our little girls?!
Angela: Don't you understand?! I lied to keep you safe!
Lars: You only married me because SOMBRA told you to! I was just a part of your cover!
Angela: SOMBRA didn't want me to marry you! It was the first time I disobeyed their orders!
Angela: I married you because I fell in love with you! I always loved our family! You've got to believe me!
Angela: Look, go to the break room. You'll find my computer there, you'll see I was telling the truth.
Angela: But please, make sure you both get something to eat first, you look exhausted. I wish you both the best. I don't think we'll see each other again.

Investigate Break Room.
Lars: <Name>, this is Angela's laptop! She never told me her password... now I understand why!

Examine Locked Laptop.
Lars: <Name>, I don't think I want to know what's in that laptop... Better hand it to Elliot!

Analyze Angela's Laptop.
Elliot: <Name>, Angela deleted everything work-related from her laptop. There was just one video on it, for Lars.
Lars: What are you waiting for then, play it!

Start of footage...
(Angela is wearing a hospital gown, carrying the baby triplets. Lars is wearing a hairnet and is not wearing his lab coat.)
Angela: Lars, can you believe we have triplets? Aren't they beautiful!
Lars: They're so cute!
Lars (playing air guitar): Hey, I bet one of them will be a rock star, just like her daddy!
Angela: One will be a scientist, like her mommy...
Lars: ...And one will probably run away to live with pandas in China!
Angela: You're such a doofus! Oh, Lars, I'm so happy!

End of footage...
Lars (with happy tears on his face): <Name>, this was the day our girls were born!
Lars (crying): They'll miss their mommy so much... and so will I!
Jack: Lars, you didn't tell me you went to see Angela? I'd have been there for you!
Lars: Angela said she always loved me...
Jack: Bro...
(Jack hugs Lars, who is crying.)

See what the Chief wants to say.
Chief Ripley: <Name>, in light of recent events, the Bureau will need a new coroner.
Chief Ripley: I want to review a few résumés with you, but I must've left my bag in the cafeteria.
Carmen: I'll help you find it, <Name>. Searching the break room will do me good.
Sanjay: Can I come, too? You know I'm good at finding things, <Name>!
Carmen: Alright, if <Name> doesn't mind!

Investigate Coffee Table.
Carmen: You found Ripley's bag, <Name>? Feels awkward to search through it...
Sanjay: Nah, she told us to do it! Let's dig in!

Examine Ripley's Bag.
Carmen: <Name>, Ripley's bag had a lot of files in it... That photo must've fallen out of one.
Sanjay: It's the photo of a penguin! Chief Ripley's getting us a penguin!
Carmen: I think it's the woman she's interested in... but we don't know who she is without the file.
Carmen: <Name>, you're saying she looks familiar? Alright, let's run her face through the database!

Examine Woman's Photo.
Carmen: The woman whose photo you found in Ripley's bag is called Grace Delaney!
Carmen: According to the database, Grace worked as a forensics specialist for the Grimsborough Police...
Carmen: That'd explain why she looked familiar! Didn't you work in Grimsborough before, <Name>?
Carmen: But the database also says Grace is now at a research station in... Antarctica, of all places!
Carmen: Well, if you think she'd be perfect for the job, we should tell Chief Ripley!

Talk to Ripley about hiring Grace.
Chief Ripley: <Name>, I'm glad you found a candidate you liked! Dr. Delaney has an impressive résumé.
Carmen: The only problem is, Grace's in Antarctica! Nothing but ice and snow for miles!
Chief Ripley: Maybe that's just what the team needs... a clean slate.
Sanjay: Does that mean we'll visit the penguins, Chief?
Chief Ripley: Let me make some phone calls and we'll see, <Name>! And please have this gift as a token of my gratitude for what you did for the Bureau.

Chief Ripley: <Name>, finding our bearings again will take some time, but we have to get ready to face new challenges soon.
Chief Ripley: I've made my decision: our next destination will be Antarctica!
Chief Ripley: We're going to a research station to find your old colleague and ask her to join our team!
Dupont: Antarctica is a beautiful savage land, mes amis... Sounds like a good place for new beginnings!
Marina: I agree! The sub-zero temperatures will help us cool our heads after the heat of Africa.
Jonah: I can't imagine ever being cold with you, babe!
Lars: Good luck, <Name>. I won't be joining you in Antarctica. I'll take some time off to be with my girls. I don't know how I'll tell them...
Jack: You'll find a way, bro...
Chief Ripley: Take all the time you need, Lars. The team will be here when you're ready to come back.
Chief Ripley: As for us, we'd better go pack our bags. <Name>, Antarctica is waiting!