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Chief Samuel King (shouting): <Name>! Reports are in that the Viper gang leader, Salvador Cordero, has been murdered!
Samuel: We don't know much, other than it happened at the Vipers' headquarters: that seedy garage they like to call the Vipers' Pit.
Samuel: And I've just got a call from Howard Johnson, the City's Mayor. He seems to have taken a special interest in this case, so you better not disappoint!
Jones (excitedly): Wow, Salvador's dead and the Mayor's watching... <Rank> <Name>, this could very well be our biggest case yet!

Chapter 1

Investigate The Vipers' Pit.
David Jones (in disgust): A lot of people wanted Salvador dead... and judging from all the gore, it looks like they killed him a thousand times over!
Jones: Actually, I can't even tell what's blood and what's spilled oil!
Jones (in thought): I don't know what to make of this medicine canister, but let's send it back to the lab, see if they can make sense of it.
Jones: And how about this torn card? <Name>, you're the expert at this. Think you can put it back together?

Autopsy the Victim's Body.
Nathan: Salvador's skull was broken right open! Such a brutal murder means the killer must have been furious with him!
Nathan: And I found a large amount of glass fragments stuck inside his head, so I'm assuming the killer used a glass bottle.
Nathan: I'm thinking the motive for the murder might have been about honor. I say this because the killer spat on Cordero's corpse!
Nathan: But, and you're going to love this: in doing so, they also spat out their gum!
Nathan: Which means that your killer chews gum!

Analyze Medicine Canister.
Alex (annoyed): Turns out that medicine canister you gave me is an asthma canister. I ran its serial number through the database, hoping for a lead... but it was a dead-end.
Alex: Which means the medicine was bought illegally: either because it's cheaper or because the user wants to keep it a secret.
Jones (angrily): So it could be anybody's!
Alex: I asked Nathan to check Salvador's lungs: they showed no sign of the condition...
Alex: Which means that the person who does have asthma... is your killer!

Examine Torn Card.
Jones (giving praise): Excellent work, <Name>! Well, how about this: it's a Blue Flamingo card from Tony Marconi's club. Ha, how am I not surprised!
Jones (reading): And there's a message written on it: "Final Warning"... Obviously, Salvador didn't take the threat seriously.
Jones (excitedly): It's obvious Marconi's involved! <Name>, maybe we'll get lucky and finally catch the guy!

Talk to Marconi about the victim.
Tony: Plenty of clients come to the Blue Flamingo and take the club's card. That's what they are here for. To be taken.
Jones: Don't keep acting so innocent, Marconi! It doesn't suit you.
Tony: You know what? That scumbag Troy Cassidy was in here last night. Why don't you go bother him for a change?
Tony: And in case you weren't smart enough to catch on, Jones, that was a rhetorical question!
(After talking to Tony Marconi)
Jones: I hate to admit it but Marconi's got a point: we should go talk to Troy.
Jones: If we've learnt anything from that gang case we cracked, it's that Salvador hated Troy.
Jones: And as leader of the Skulls, Troy definitely had a strong motive for wanting Salvador dead.
Jones (grinning):  As for Marconi, he can shout all he wants but we're still searching his club!

Question Troy about the victim.
Troy: Yeah, I was chilling at the Blue Flamingo last night. So what?
Troy: You think I killed Salvador? So maybe he was my rival, but I preferred to deal with a dumb-ass like Salvador than with someone with more brains.
Troy: Besides, I hadn't seen him in a while. We had nothing to talk about. And I definitely had nothing to gain from his death.
Jones (pondering): What's with that oil stain on your clothes?
Troy: What's that got to do with anything?! I'm fixing up my bike. And I'd like to get back to it, so leave me alone!

Investigate The Blue Flamingo.
(Before investigating The Blue Flamingo)
Jones: Huh, Marconi's redecorated the whole club... Now it's official: the man has no taste at all.
(After investigating The Blue Flamingo)
Jones (intrigued): Is this meant to be a club or a garage? All those oil stains on that pile of clothes are giving me doubts...
Jones (in agreement): I agree <Name>, we should definitely search through those clothes!

Examine Pile of Clothes.
Jones (proudly): Nice work, <Name>! First clothes covered in car oil, now a screwdriver just like the ones from the Vipers' Pit! We've got Marconi now!
Tony: You've got nothing on me. That screwdriver isn't mine.
Jones (infuriated): Oh yeah?! It's in your club! So if it's not yours, whose is it?!
Ginger: The screwdriver's mine, Jones.
Jones (frazzled): GINGER?! What are YOU doing HERE?!

Find out why Ginger is at the Blue Flamingo.
Jones: Ginger, you better be able to explain to us what you're doing with this screwdriver!
Ginger: Not everyone is as sweet as <Name> and you, Jones... A girl needs protection and I guarantee you, with this tool, nobody screws me around!
Jones: Please tell me you didn't take the screwdriver from Salvador's headquarters!
Ginger: Of course not! Salvador scared me, so I stayed well away from him and his seedy garage. Plus all the dust in there would have brought on my asthma.
Ginger: I'm sorry I can't be of more help. And go easy on Marconi, Jones. He ain't all bad... at least not to women.
(After talking to Ginger)
Jones: If I didn't know Ginger any better, I'd say she's acting highly suspicious.
Jones: But how could she possibly lie with those eyes!

Chapter 2

Chief Samuel King (angrily): Jones! Marconi's lawyers have filed a restraining order against you claiming you have a maniacal obsession with him!
Jones (nervously): What?! But I didn't do anything! Don't you see this means Marconi's guilty! He's scared of getting caught!
Samuel (demandingly): ENOUGH! He's legally allowed to do so and even I understand him: you've let your personal hatred for Marconi dictate your actions and you pushed it too far!
Samuel: Jones, from now on you stay well away from Marconi and his club or you'll be put on leave, you hear? Luckily, <Name> here kept a cool head!
Samuel: Now go search every last toolbox in that blasted garage! And I trust you checked out the sewers since they're right next to the crime scene?
Samuel: NO?! For god's sake, go sweep those damn sewers! And Jones, this time YOU'RE diving!

Investigate Toolbox.
Jones (giving praise): I know you're gifted at finding objects in unlikely places, <Rank> <Name>, but I didn't expect such a small toolbox to give us so much!
Jones (in thought): First, let's send this oil-stained rag back to the lab. And about this torn map... Do you think you can piece it back together, <Rank>?
Jones: And look at this dog tag. It has the Viper logo with the name "Ash" inscribed on it... Ring any bells?
Jones: We've seen it before, <Name>! In our very first case actually! It must belong to Ash Bison!
Jones (excitedly): We haven't seen Ash since, but as a Viper gang member I'm sure he's been keeping busy. And I think it's high time we had a catch-up with him!

Talk to Ash Bison about the victim.
Ash: Thanks for finding my dog tag. Really, great police work. I'm impressed.
Jones: Oh ha ha, Ash. And don't you think you should at least try and pretend you're saddened by Salvador's death?
Ash: The guy was an idiot. He kept doing dumb shit to try and trigger my asthma for laughs. Now look who's laughing!
Jones: My, my. Asthma, and mistake me if I'm wrong but that's a piece of chewing gum in your mouth... Ash, you're the perfect suspect!
Ash: I'm flattered I'm so high up on your list, but you better beat it before YOU become the perfect punching ball!

Analyze Oil-stained Rag.
Grace: Even at first glance anybody could tell this rag is covered in car oil. Which isn't surprising when found in a garage.
Grace (pondering): What IS surprising however are the small glass fragments I found on it. Fragments that match the glass found in Cordero's wounds...
Grace: This proves the rag was used by the killer post-murder!
Grace: And traces of fibers also show this rag was rubbed against clothing. This is because your killer tried to remove an oil stain from their clothes.
Grace (surely): They didn't manage, of course: this type of car oil is impossible to get rid of, which means your killer is wearing oil-stained clothes!
Jones: Er, okay... good... er... good work... Grace.

Jones: <Name>, I didn't want to say anything in front of Grace, but you realize Ginger has an oil stain on her clothes!!!
Jones: This can only mean she was at the Viper's Pit even though she promised us she wasn't! I can't believe she lied to us, <Name>.
Jones (nervously): But let's not jump to conclusions... maybe she had a good reason for going to... Salvador's garage... Oh, let's just go ask her!

Question Ginger over her presence at the primary crime scene.
Ginger: How did you find out? ... Oh, because of that oil stain?! I tried wiping the damn thing off with hand sanitizer, but I think it just made it worse.
Ginger: Yes, I was at the Viper's Pit. But not by choice! Salvador dragged me there by force, ranting that I had to start working for him or pay the price!
Ginger (crying): As if I would ever work for that slimebag! I spat in his face, and that bastard slapped me! And then...
Ginger: You know, just because I'm a hooker, I'm still allowed to say "No". Right?
Jones: Ginger... are you telling us that... did Cordero...
Ginger: No. He stopped... stopped dead in his tracks, you could say. And I wish I could thank whoever killed that scumbag!
(After talking to Ginger)
Jones (infuriated): Salvador's evil knew no bounds! If he was still alive, you can be sure I'd kill him all over again!
Jones: If you ask me, this story gives Ginger a very good reason to kill him...
Jones (sweating): This is awful, <Name>: all the elements really are pointing to Ginger as our prime suspect! I hope it's not so... I just couldn't bear it.

Examine Torn Map.
Jones: Well, it's definitely a map... but what is it doing in the Vipers' Pit?
Jones (pondering): Wait a minute! That's a map of this very district! And red and blue... Do you think these could be the Skulls and Vipers gang colors?
Jones: I agree, <Rank>: it looks like both gangs were trying to divide the district into gang territories... and it doesn't look like things ended well!
Jones: Both gang leaders would have been here for this, which proves that Troy saw Salvador recently, even if he told us otherwise!
Jones (annoyed): <Name>, this gives Troy one hell of a motive: we should go see him... and this time he better tell us the truth!

Ask Troy about his presence at the primary crime scene.
Troy: What?! You can't arrest me just because I was at Salvador's garage! So yeah, okay, I was there for a bit... but that's all!
Troy: And that map you found? I managed to talk him out of a gang war in exchange for a bit of my land. But that a**hole just kept wanting more and more!
Jones: You know what, Troy? It actually sounds like you had a whole lot to gain from his death. And it doesn't help that it seems your meeting ended with a fight!
Troy: Okay, yeah, I kinda lost my temper with Salvador but I didn't kill him! I'm always on edge these days cus' I'm trying to quit smoking. It's no good for my asthma.
Troy: I chew gum, it helps, but it doesn't beat nicotine. Know what I'm saying?
(After talking to Troy Cassidy)
Jones (laughing): Ha ha, what a gullible idiot. Chews gum... Asthmatic... You realize Troy's just delivered us all the information on a silver platter?

Investigate Sewers.
(Jones can be seen wearing a diving suit.)
Jones (in a diving suit): What the...?! You're telling me that I dived into the sewers and found NOTHING, while you stay nice and dry and find all this?! Huh... Well, er, excellent work <Name>!
Jones (pondering): About this shoe, there seem to be traces of car oil on it. <Name>, why don't you try and scrape off a sample of soil from it?
Jones: And look at this hand sanitizer, have you noticed the blood? <Name>, I think you should collect a sample!

Examine Shoe.
Jones (giving praise): Nicely done, <Name>! An analysis of this soil sample should tell us where else the shoe's owner has been to!

Analyze Soil Sample.
Grace: It's definitely an interesting soil sample you took off that shoe from the sewers.
Grace: I found traces of car oil which is exactly the same oil as the one from the Vipers' Pit. Which means the shoe's owner was there!
Jones: Sure, that's interesting... but it doesn't really help us much.
Grace (excitedly): This next bit will: I also found traces of soil that can only be found in Cooperville. That should narrow down the list of possible suspects!
Jones: Amazing work, Grace, thank you!

Jones (pondering): <Name>, think, who do we know in Cooperville...?
Jones (excitedly): One-Tooth Sam of course! ... We haven't seen him since we cracked that gruesome case!
Jones (grinning): It'd be nice to see Sam again, and besides, he knows of everything that goes on in Cooperville so we should definitely go talk to him!

Find out if One-Tooth Sam was at the primary crime scene.
One-Tooth Sam: Of course I know who that shoe belongs to: it's mine... And to be completely honest with you, I was at the Vipers' Pit quite recently.
One-Tooth Sam: I went there to try and convince Salvador to stop vandalizing Cooperville. It was pointless though: Salvador just threw me out... right into a puddle of oil too!
Jones: I'm sorry to hear that Sam, but you understand this makes you a suspect now. You'll have to stick around until the case is over.
One-Tooth Sam: Don't worry, I wasn't planning on going anywhere and It'll be nice seeing a bit more of you both!
One-Tooth Sam: And say, you wouldn't happen to have any chewing gum on you, would'ya? I ate way too much garlic for lunch and the smell is driving me crazy.
(After talking to One-Tooth Sam)
Jones (shocked): First Ginger, now Sam... <Name>, I can't believe our friends are now our suspects!

Examine Hand Sanitizer.
Jones (winking): Now, let's hope Grace will be able to explain what this blood was doing on the hand sanitizer!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Grace: I analyzed that blood you found on the hand sanitizer. And it turns out it's Salvador's blood.
Jones (confused): What the... But how?! That doesn't make any sense!
Grace (excitedly): It makes perfect sense, Jones. By trying to erase all evidence, they actually preserved some vital information: which is that your killer uses hand sanitizer!

Jones (excitedly): <Name>, this hand sanitizer business reminds me of the Russian Case where it was a vital piece of evidence!
Jones: In the Russian case files, we highlighted all the suspects who used hand sanitizer and the list included Tony Marconi! This means he must be the killer!
Jones: ... Okay, you're right, <Name>. I'll leave Marconi alone. Fine, forget I ever said anything but please note it in your file that he uses hand sanitizer...

Chapter 3

David Jones (confused): <Rank> <Name>, this case is such a mind-boggle! Everybody we've talked to has admitted to wanting Salvador dead... all except for Marconi!
Jones (annoyed): I'm telling you Marconi's hiding something from us! And we could find out what if he hadn't put a restraining order on me...
Jones (amazed): Wait a second! That's it! <Name>, the order's only against me! Why don't you take Ramirez and go talk to Marconi!
Ramirez: Really?! You're letting me participate in an investigation? Wow!
Jones (winking): I'm sure you'll do good, Ramirez. Just don't act too nervous! And when you can, <Name>, join me for a search in the sewers: there's something I'd like to check!

Question Marconi with Ramirez's help.
Tony (overwhelmed): You've gotta be kidding me! Do I have to put a restraining order on the whole police department?!
Ramirez (nervously): We only want to ask you a few more questions, Mr. Linguini, Sir.
Tony (annoyed): It's Marconi, you idiot! Why don't you go talk to someone like Ash Bison? He's just become the new Vipers' gang leader!
Ramirez: Thank you for the lead, Mr. Tortellini but -
Tony (infuriated): It's MARCONI, you f**king imbecile! Damn it, you made me spit out my gum!
(After talking to Tony Marconi)
Ramirez: Did you notice Marconi has a big oil stain on his clothes? It kept distracting me!
Ramirez (in agreement): I agree, <Rank> <Name>: Ash Bison becoming the Vipers' gang leader is an information you should follow up on!
Ramirez (frightened): Maybe I shouldn't talk to Marconi anymore... he makes me nervous. But you're right, <Rank> <Name>, we still need to have a better look at his club!

Investigate The Dance Floor.
Ramirez (giving praise): Well done you and me, <Rank> <Name>! It looks like an asthma inhaler!
Ramirez: Er, what do we actually do with this now that we've found it?
Ramirez: Right, of course, thank you <Rank> <Name>! Let's examine this inhaler for possible fingerprints!

Examine Asthma Inhaler.
Ramirez (giving praise): Great job, <Rank> <Name>! It's such an honor to watch an expert like you at work!
Ramirez (excitedly): And so now we should send this fingerprint to Alex for possible identification? Very well, <Rank> <Name>, you're the boss!

Analyze Fingerprint.
Alex: So I ran that fingerprint through the database. And without sounding too geeky, I crossed-examined it and isolated the print's patterns...
Alex: And it turns out that fingerprint belongs to none other than Tony Marconi!
Ramirez: You mean that...?!
Alex: Yup. Marconi's asthmatic!
Ramirez: Well, <Rank> <Name>, I hope I was of help. And all I can say is that it was a pleasure working with you!

Question Ash Bison over his strong motive for wanting the victim dead.
Ash: Again, amazing police work guys. So you've found out I'm the new leader of the Vipers... As if it was a big secret!
Ash: Yeah, I'm happy. And let me know when you catch Salvador's killer so I can send them a thank you card!
Ash: But I'm no idiot. I know Marconi will always be the true boss of this district. Those who forget that, die.
Jones (curiously): One last thing, Ash. How do you explain that oil stain you have there?
Ash: Seriously?! You ain't so bright after all. I spend most of my time in the Viper's Pit. Of course I'm gonna get stained!

Investigate Sewers Outlet.
(Before investigating Sewers Outlet)
Jones (excitedly): Ah, <Name>, you're here! Right, let's get to work!
(After investigating Sewers Outlet)
(Once again, Jones dons his diving suit.)
Jones: Well <Name>, by now I know better than not to trust your instincts, so if you think this knife is important, you must be right!
Jones (pondering): There's a serial number engraved in it but it's too faded to read. <Name>, do you think you could decipher this number for us?

Examine Serial Number.
Jones (excitedly): Well played, <Rank> <Name>! Let's have Alex run this serial number through the database, see if he can trace its owner!

Analyze Serial Number.
Alex: The knife belongs to a certain Samuel Bennett. As it was military issued, it was easy enough to trace.
Alex: However, the only thing I managed to find on Samuel Bennett was an old military photo. I'm sorry I couldn't find more.
Jones (confused): This is weird, I'm convinced I've seen this man just recently...
Alex: Well, if you have, you've seen a ghost! Samuel Bennett disappeared from the system a long time ago, it's like he completely vanished.

Jones (remembering): Wait a minute! Yes, that's it! <Name>, I know who this photo reminds me of!
Jones (shocked): Look at that face, it's changed a lot since that photo was taken but the smile's the same: it's One-Tooth Sam!
Jones: Oh no, <Name>, this isn't good! I don't think Sam just happened to lose his knife... it's much more likely he wanted it to be lost for good!
Jones (nervously): <Name>, Sam's acting like a guilty man, but let's go talk to him and hope he has a perfectly innocent explanation for this...

Quiz One-Tooth Sam about his knife you found.
One-Tooth Sam (angrily): Yes, it's my knife, but you gotta understand: already the Vipers make our lives hell. And then Salvador himself comes and terrorizes one of the girls here at the camp!
One-Tooth Sam: I had to do something! I'm old and my asthma's getting worse, so I thought even if I got caught, it wouldn't matter. All I knew is that Salvador had to die!
One-Tooth Sam (nervously): But when I got to the Viper's Pit, I saw Salvador and... chickened out. No matter how much I hated him, I just couldn't bring myself to kill a man.
One-Tooth Sam: ... Truth is I'm just a weak, pathetic old man... couldn't ever do anything right in my life.
Jones: You're not weak, Sam: you're the pillar of your community. Your people depend on you! And besides, it's our job to take care of such monsters.
(After talking to One-Tooth Sam)
Jones: Poor Sam. I thought I knew him well... but there are a lot of elements which incriminate him!
Jones: I hope he's telling the truth: I would hate to see such a kind-hearted person be locked up for trying to save his community!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: <Name>, I can't believe it but this might just turn out to be our first unsolved case! It looks like it's going to be back to car patrolling for me!
One-Tooth Sam: <Rank> <Name>, Jones! I've been looking all over for you! Me and my boys, we often look around garbage cans for things we could use...
One-Tooth Sam: Well, while looking inside one of 'em, we found what looked like blood-stained glass!
One-Tooth Sam: Now, normally we wouldn't pay it no mind, but as it was near the Vipers' Pit, I thought it best to bring it to you.
Jones (gratefully): Thank you, Sam, this could well be the last piece of the puzzle! Speaking of puzzles, <Name>, d'you think you can reassemble these pieces back together?

Examine Pieces of Glass.
Jones (giving praise): Well done, <Name>! This looks like the neck of a glass bottle and it's definitely covered in blood. Let's not waste any time and send it straight to the lab!

Analyze Smashed Glass.
Grace: The glass from the bottle matches the shards of glass found inside Salvador's skull.
Grace: And the blood that was on the bottle also matches the victim's blood.
Grace: So congratulations, <Name>, you've found us our murder weapon!
Grace: And if that wasn't exciting enough, there was also a different blood type on that bottle. It wasn't Salvador's, but your killer's.
Grace (surely): Thanks to your great detective work, we now know your killer's blood type is AB+!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: <Name>, it looks like we're finally ready to go catch our killer! But we can't afford to be wrong about this, so be extra careful!

Take care of the killer now!
Jones: The game's up, Marconi! You're under arrest for the murder of Salvador Cordero!
Tony: I was wondering whether you'd manage to get me for this... but I guess I almost made it too easy for you.
Jones: I was thinking the same thing: how can a man who's been so careful so far suddenly make such a lousy mistake?
Tony: Salvador's the one who made a mistake, not me, Jones... I was going to pay that big-headed idiot a visit to remind him who's the true boss around here...
Tony: ... But when I got to his seedy garage, I caught him... hurting Ginger... Can you believe it?! That pig was trying to have his way with her!
Jones: You mean you killed him... to protect Ginger?!
Tony: You don't hit women. You just don't...
Jones: I'm glad you were there for Ginger, Tony, but you shouldn't have killed him. Offenders should be put behind bars, not six feet under ground.
Tony: Someone had to take that trash out... You know Jones, you and I, we're alike: we both do whatever it takes to protect our community.
Jones: You've got it all wrong, Marconi: you think you're above the law, and I'm here to remind you the law is above EVERYBODY!

Judge Hall: Do you have anything to add Mr. Marconi?
Tony: Yeah: putting me behind bars for what I did would be the real crime here.
Judge Hall: You killed a man, Mr. Marconi. A human being!
Tony: I'm sorry, but by assaulting Ginger, Salvador gave up his right to be called human. Which, in my book, also means giving up the right to live.
Judge Hall: Maybe, but in my book the rules are simple: a life is a life. And it is definitely not yours to give or take.
Tony: Well, let's just agree to disagree.
Judge Hall: Mr. Marconi, I can see here that there is no way to make you realize your crime. You're deluded and a menace to society, I hereby sentence you 20 to life.
Ginger: I'll never forget what you did for me, Tony!
Tony: Don't worry about it doll, with the lawyers I have, I'll be out before you can blink.

Jones: Congratulations, <Name>, we've finally arrested Marconi!
Jones: ... But I've got to admit, I'm kinda annoyed we caught him for this and not for one of his other countless dirty crimes...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, King wants to see you in his office immediately!

Samuel: Ah, <Name>, there you are! There's someone very important who'd like to meet you personally.
Howard: It's an absolute honor to meet you <Name>, I've heard so many excellent things about you!
Howard: The citizens of this town are lucky to have you! Lord knows they need you... Keep up the great work, <Name>!
Samuel: <Name>, how does it feel to have been congratulated by the Mayor himself?! I've got to say, I'm extremely proud of you.
Samuel: And as long as we have criminals in Grimsborough, we'll have a need for people like you, <Rank> <Name>!

Additional Investigation

Chief Samuel King: <Name>, you've more than proven yourself and you've quickly climbed the ranks to become one of our best elements!
Samuel: There are a few things I'd like you to do, and if you complete them, you're in a for a big reward.
Samuel: Ginger phoned, requesting your help. She says she's waiting for you at the Blue Flamingo.
Samuel: And I'd like you to go check-up on One-Tooth Sam and thank him for helping us put Marconi behind bars.
Jones: Sounds good, Chief! Well, <Name>, you ready to hit the streets again?

Ramirez: <Name>, Troy Cassidy called, asking for your help. I wrote it down, he says "no, it's not a joke, and yes, it's urgent".
Jones: Troy's asking for our help? Huh, as if we'd help out that thug!
Jones: Fine, <Name>, I guess you're right: he wouldn't ask for our help if it wasn't important.

Ginger needs your help.
Ginger: Oh, <Rank> <Name>, I knew it was too good to be true: before being sent to prison, Marconi appointed me as the new manager of the Blue Flamingo...
Ginger: And I had the legal document to prove it and everything, but that damn Curtis snatched the paper away from me and called me a liar!
Ginger: I've got Biff holding him in custody in the back of the club, but we can't get Curtis to give the document back.
Jones: Let us handle this, Ginger! We'll give Curtis a good talking to and get your document back in no time at all!
Ginger: I don't know what I would do without you! You're like my guardian angel, <Rank> <Name>!

Curtis: That document's obviously a fake! Maybe the others believe her lies, but I refuse to let this club get taken over by some whore!
Jones: You better watch your mouth Curtis! And just give us the document: we'll get it authenticated in no time!
Curtis: No way! I can't believe you're defending that f**king liar! And about that document? I haven't touched it!
Biff: He's lying, <Rank> <Name>! I saw Curtis enter the club with a briefcase, maybe my new boss's doc is in there.
Jones: Thanks for the tip, Biff! Right, <Name>, I think we should search the club for pain-in-the-ass's briefcase!

Investigate Blue Flamingo.
Jones: Good job, <Name>! Well, there's only one way to find out if Ginger's document is inside Curtis' briefcase. You ready to search it?

Examine Briefcase.
Jones: Well played, <Name>! Look at this, it definitely looks legit. But let's send Marconi's signature to the lab to get it verified, just to shut Curtis up!

Analyze Legal Document.
Alex: There's no two ways about it, it's definitely Marconi's signature. Which means this document is 100 per cent legit!
Jones: Nice one, Alex! Well, <Name>, I'm gonna enjoy shoving this in Curtis' face! But first, let's go tell Ginger the good news!

Ginger's the new club manager.
Jones: Ginger, I'd like to congratulate you on your latest position as the Blue Flamingo's new manager!
Ginger: Wow, you found it! You're amazing, <Rank> <Name>! Oh my god, I still can't believe things are turning out so well for me!
Ginger: Well, it looks like we're all moving on in the world, but I'll be sure to miss you... You know what, I'm tempted to get into trouble just to see you again.
Jones: You deserve all of this, Ginger... I'm sure you'll do great! And don't worry about Curtis, we'll make sure he never bothers you again.
Ginger: Thank you so much, <Rank> <Name>! For EVERYTHING... Take care out there, and here, please take this.

Troy really needs your help.
Troy: I was impressed by how you solved Salvador's death: you always seem to find what you're looking for, so I figured you could help me out.
Troy: Thing is, some time back someone stole a blueprint of mine and I'm pretty sure it was the Vipers. I already looked all over for it, but no dice!
Jones: And why should we even help you, Troy? It's not like you ever helped us.
Troy: That blueprint was my ticket to a better life! If you find it, I'll quit gang life and become a full time inventor. I'll never trouble you again.
Jones: That's a promise? Fine, <Name>, let's go see if we can find Troy's blueprint at the Vipers' Pit!

Investigate Vipers' Pit.
Jones: This definitely looks like it used to be a blueprint... I guess the Vipers just tore it up for the heck of it!
Jones: Troy would most probably go on a rampage if he ever found out! maybe we should just piece it back without him knowing, don't you think?

Examine Torn Blueprint.
Jones: Great job, <Name>! It looks like the blueprint for a new kind of motorbike. Pretty brainy actually!
Jones: But you know what, <Name>, if Troy lied to us and this isn't his, it would make us accomplices of theft!
Jones: So that we don't end up on the WRONG side of the law, I think we should confirm this blueprint is really his by revealing his fingerprints!

Examine Blueprint
Jones: Well done, and one fresh batch of fingerprints ready to be sent to the lab. We'll know whether it's Troy's blueprint or not in no time!

Analyze Fingerprint.
Alex: Those fingerprints you got off that blueprint belong to Troy Cassidy. And by the way, it's a pretty cool looking bike. I dig it!
Jones: Who knew Troy was a genius? I definitely didn't! Right, <Name> let's go give brainiac his invention back!

Give Troy his blueprint back.
Troy: Thanks man, fame awaits me! I guarantee you this is going to revolutionize the world! ... of motorbiking.
Jones: Best of luck, Troy... And you remember what you promised, right?
Troy: Yeah man, I'm gonna cash in on my second chance at life! I'm quitting gang life and I'm getting outta here.
Troy: You're lucky: the Vipers will be quiet now that Ash is in control. He's less stupid than Salvador, and less destructive too.
Troy: Anyway, thanks <Rank> <Name>. And I'd like you to have this: I designed it myself.

One-Tooth Sam needs to talk to you.
One-Tooth Sam: Ah, <Name>, I've been wanting to thank you: you've made me realize it's time to dig my past back up!
One-Tooth Sam: When I decided to give up my identity, I hid the last of my treasure in a metal box in the sewers... but it was so long ago, I can't even remember where!
Jones: Don't worry, Sam. <Name> and I will find it for you in no time! We owe you that much!

Investigate Sewers.
Jones: Well done, <Name>. This doesn't exactly look like a treasure box but it does look old. Let's check to be sure.
Jones: Here's a challenge, <Name>: do you think you can pick that lock before I finish reciting the alphabet?
Jones: A... B... C...

Examine Lock.
Jones: Wow, <Name>, you managed to crack the box's lock before I even got to the letter F. That's incredible!
Jones: Right, well, are you ready to search through this box to see if it really does contain Sam's "treasures"?

Examine Metal Box.
Jones: This jewel is absolutely stunning! Surely it can't be real, otherwise it wouldn't make sense for a homeless man to keep it for so long and not sell it.
Jones: Maybe Sam's finally gone cuckoo... Well, the only way to find out the truth is by having Grace check whether this jewel is genuine or not!

Analyze Jewel.
Grace: Are you sure this jewel belongs to Sam? Because if it does, it easily makes him one of the richest men in Grimsborough!
Jones: What?! You're telling me One-Tooth Sam's a millionaire?! Talk about going from rags to riches!
Jones: But I still don't get why he didn't sell it earlier? You're right, <Name>, let's go ask him ourselves!

Give One-Tooth Sam his jewel back.
One-Tooth Sam: I bought this jewel for my wife, way back when... And then my wife got sick, and even all the money in the world couldn't save her.
One-Tooth Sam: When she died, suddenly the sight of money made me sick, so I got rid of it all... This jewel is the only thing I couldn't bring myself to throw away.
One-Tooth Sam: When I started out homeless, I didn't care about money and I was happy that way. But now I've got a community to help.
One-Tooth Sam: I'm going to spend every last cent on Cooperville and this district, try and bring it back to its former glory. It's what my wife would've wanted.
One-Tooth Sam: Even if money failed ME, I know it can save others. So thank you, <Rank> <Name>, for helping me realize that. Please, take this.

After completing all tasks...
Samuel: With Salvador and Marconi out of the picture, this district finally has a chance of picking itself up.
Samuel: You've done a truly remarkable job cleaning up this area, <Name>, which is why I'm promoting you to the Financial Center!
Samuel: And before I forget, there's someone else who would like to congratulate you personally before you leave.
One-Tooth Sam: You've given hope to a lot of people here, and I'm sure you'll do the same in the next district, <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: One-Tooth Sam! Wow, you look like a whole different person.
One-Tooth Sam: And I feel like one too! Good luck out there, <Rank> <Name>, and do stay in touch!