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Chief Andrea Marquez: Oh, <Rank> <Name>! How are you enjoying your stay in White Peaks so far? How is your motel room?
Chief Marquez: I am loving this clean mountain air! Just smell those Douglas firs! I even saw a snowshoe rabbit from my motel window!
Frank: I don't know what you're so excited about, Andrea... There's way too much nature around here to suit me...
Chief Marquez: That's so you, Frank! You're pining for the car exhaust and noise... A real city slicker!
Frank: Hey, I do like something in this podunk town: the pie! I ordered seven slices from room service last night!
Frank: Still, I can't seem to find a bar around here. You'd think White Peaks was a dry district!
Frank: And since we're not on duty yet and it's 5 o'clock somewhere in the world...
Frank: I was thinking of heading over to the timber mill and asking some of the men there if they know of a good watering hole! Wanna come along and have a look around, <Name>?

Chapter 1

Investigate Timber Mill.
Frank Knight: For the love of booze! Someone tried to saw this woman in half!
Frank: The saw is definitely the murder weapon. Just thinking about it makes me sick.
Frank: I guess you're right, the killer must have touched the saw operation button. You'll get a sample off this clue in no time, <Name>. You always do...
Frank: And you found a faded card with a message... It says, "Paula, let's do lunch!" Who says that anymore? And could Paula be the victim? Or someone who knew the victim?
Frank: Only one way to find out what's on this card, <Name>! I know you're just itching to do that unveiling magic you do to find more information!
Frank: And, of course, I'll make sure the body's sent to Roxie. I bet she'll be thrilled!

Examine Saw Operation Button.
Frank: I hope you found something on that saw operation button, <Name>. The killer must have touched it.
Frank: It was super fine powder, huh? Looks like cocoa, but you couldn't pay me to drink it!
Frank: I guess you're right, <Name>. The only way to know for sure is to get that powder sample to Yann!

Analyze Dark Powder.
Yann: I have to congratulate you, <Name>! The dark powder you found on the saw operation button would have been easy to gloss over, but nothing escapes your eagle eyes!
Yann: The powder was actually spores from Agraricus sylvicola!
Frank: Agra-whatsit- sylvi-whosit? Who is that, some kind of Roman Emperor?
Yann: Not even close! The powder comes from wood mushrooms, Frank! They're easy to find under pine trees around here.
Yann: There's no doubt the killer has had contact with wood mushrooms, given how fresh the spores are!

Examine Faded Card.
Frank: Nice catch, <Name>! The card you found near the victim was a business card belonging to a certain Ruthie Samson.
Frank: Says here that she's the "Director of Tourism" for Logan's Pass... This tiny town has a Tourism Office? You could've fooled me!
Frank: Good call! We should go see if this Ruthie Samson can explain what her card was doing at the crime scene.

Ask Ruthie Samson about her business card.
Ruthie: Welcome to the Logan's Pass Tourism Office! I'm Ruthie Samson! How can I help you explore the wonders of the best little town in White Peaks?
Frank: Ms Samson, <Rank> <Name> and I are with the Pacific Bay Police. We were wondering if you could help us identify this woman.
Ruthie: Hokey smokes! That's Paula Mahler! I see now why she didn't show up to our rendez-vous...
Ruthie: She was a travel guide writer and we were going to meet up to discuss how she could highlight Logan's Pass in her book on White Peaks...
Ruthie: It was going to be the town's big break! If it helps, I can tell you that she was camping down by the river!
Ruthie: But I would appreciate it if you could be discreet with your investigation. If news outlets get a hold of this story, it could keep people from visiting Logan's Pass!
Frank: We'll do our best, Ms Samson, but our main focus is catching a killer and not public relations...
Frank: But I agree, <Rank> <Name>. The victim's campsite could hold a lot of clues. Let's go!

Investigate Victim's Tent.
Frank: Did you find anything in the victim's camping supplies? Even I could have guessed that this backpack with "Paula" on it belongs to our victim!
Frank: Hey, <Name>, if you want to rummage through our victim's backpack, be my guest!
Frank: Is that trinket a badge?! It says "Police" and "RCMP"... You think "RCMP" stands for Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
Frank: Oh yeah! Those are the Canadian cops... Mounties, right? The ones with the horses and goofy hats? You'd never catch me in that clown outfit...
Frank: Of course, <Name>! Mounties are real law enforcement officers just like us!
Frank: But what would a Canadian Mountie be doing in White Peaks?
Frank: I can't make out the badge number, but I'm sure you can find it so we can track this Mountie down.

Examine Victim's Backpack.
Frank: You found a torn card in the victim's belongings? Why would she hang onto that?
Frank: I know, I know. This card's suspicious... But your famous puzzle-solving skills will get us some juicy info, I'm sure!

Examine Torn Card.
Frank: That torn card you found in our victim's belongings was a thank you card? It says, "You saved my life, Judd Tucker! I owe you dinner! -- Paula"!
Frank: Some guy named Judd Tucker saved the victim's life? That didn't last long...
Frank: We better go talk to him, I agree. This Judd guy may have been one of the last people to see Paula alive!

Ask Judd Tucker about the victim's thank you card.
Judd: Paula kept that card? As if I had time to have dinner with stupid tourists!
Frank: Settle down, big guy. What's with the insults? She seemed truly grateful. That card says you saved her life.
Judd: I almost wish I hadn't! That idiot wandered into a part of the forest where we were cutting down trees... She had no clue where she was!
Judd: I about killed myself running to push her out of the way of a falling tree! Then came the incident report paperwork!
Judd: She stopped our work for hours. I didn't meet my quota and my pay's probably going to be docked thanks to her!
Judd: Paula gave me this invitation to dinner after I clocked out. I tore it up and threw it in her face... She was such a ditz!
Frank: Well, she's also dead, Mr Tucker. Someone tried to saw her in half! And what do we find at her campsite? A dinner invitation for a lumberjack! Pretty suspicious...
Judd: Hey, you got the wrong end of the stick there! I wasn't the president of her fan club, sure, but I'd never kill her... Or anyone!

Examine Mountie Badge.
Frank: See <Name>, that's why I let you do the smarty-pants work. It only took you seconds to decipher this Canadian Police badge number!
Frank: Mounties... They say they always get their man. But this one's way out of his jurisdiction!
Frank: You're right, <Name>. Hannah can trace the badge number. She'll tell us who this badge belongs to!

Analyze Badge Number.
Hannah: Hey there, <Name>! This badge you found at the victim's campsite is the real deal and it belongs to a very real Mountie. His name is Brian MacKenzie!
Hannah: His superior officer said that Mr MacKenzie is on vacation and visiting Logan's Pass.
Hannah: On top of that, I double-checked the registry at the campsite and saw that MacKenzie's tent was right next to the victim's!
Frank: If this Mountie character really was her next-door neighbor, he may be able to tell us more about Paula. Time for a little talk, I agree, <Name>.

Ask Brian MacKenzie about his Mountie Badge.
Brian: <Rank> <Name>, how can I help my fellow law enforcement officers to the south today?
Frank: We came to return your badge and hopefully get a few answers. We're investigating the murder of Paula Mahler. Did you know her well?
Brian: Her murder?! Who would want to kill Paula?!
Brian: I knew her, of course. She was my neighbor at the campsite and I make a point of always getting to know my neighbors.
Frank: How sweet... What can you tell us about her? Was she having trouble with anyone around here?
Brian: Well, Paula was her own worst enemy, if you get my meaning. She needed a lot of assistance. For someone writing about camping, she was pretty clueless about the subject.
Brian: Oh, but I feel awful speaking ill of her now! How could I be such a monster?

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Roxie: Hey there, <Name>, any more trouble at the mill? I sure hope not because the victim has told me a lot about her killer!
Roxie: The cutting stopped just above the victim's heart, but by then the damage was done. Her carotid artery had already been severed.
Roxie: It looks as though the killer might have had a change of heart after turning the timber saw on, but it was too late.
Roxie: We also know the victim was tied up with a double constrictor knot!
Roxie: This type of knot is impossible to escape and is often used on animals... Including humans!
Frank: Ok... We have a killer with expert knot making skills! Thanks, Roxie!

Back at the station...
Frank: Wow, <Name>... This sure is turning out to be a more eventful day than I had planned! All I wanted was some Gold Stag!
Frank: But instead we've got another victim! A woman tied to a timber saw table and almost sawed in half!
Frank: Judd Tucker looks like an ideal killer, with what being a lumberjack. But this thank you card shows he saved our victim's life.
Frank: And the last appointment the victim had was with the tourism office director, Ruthie Samson. Maybe she wants Logan's Pass on the map at any price?
Frank: And I don't know about you, but that Brian MacKenzie is too good to be true. People haven't acted that polite since the 1950s!
Ruthie: Thank goodness I found you, <Rank> <Name>! Something horrible has happened!
Ruthie: There's been a sighting of the Night Walker!

Chapter 2

Ruthie Samson: Thank goodness I found you, <Rank> <Name>! There's been a sighting of the Night Walker!
Frank: I have no idea what a Night Walker is, but, considering the name, why would be it during the day?
Ruthie: For years, people in the woods have seen strange shadows in the trees and heard footsteps behind them. When they look there's no one there!
Ruthie: There are stories of people having gone missing and WORSE!
Frank: Sounds like a story parents make up to keep their kids out of the woods at night... Are you insinuating this monster might have something to do with Paula's murder?
Frank: And someone saw this so-called Night Walker just now?!
Ruthie: Near the Stone Circle in the woods, some tourists said a ragged man jumped out at them and chased them away!
Frank: Well, if someone is attacking people we should check it out, right, <Rank> <Name>? Besides, the victim wandered all over the woods, you're right...
Frank: Let's go track down this wild man and look for clues around the Stone Circle to find out more about Paula Mahler.

Investigate Stone Circle.
Frank: Somehow I doubt we're going to run into this Night Walker character. It's a good thing you managed to find new clues about the victim while checking this place out!
Frank: That broken gadget has Paula's name on the lanyard! You want to put it back together? Be my guest!
Frank: What's written on the map you found? Looks like a threat: "Paula, stay out or evil will come to you!"
Frank: Whoever wrote this sure didn't like our victim! Think you can retrieve fingerprints from this map, <Name>? Of course you can! What a dumb question...
Allen: RAWR!!!
Frank: Ah! It's a Bigfoot! Protect me, <Name>!
Allen: There's no such thing as a Bigfoot, you fritzafrickinfrakkin idiot!
Frank: What did you just call me? You better pull up a rock and get comfy, buddy. Sit tight until <Rank> <Name> is ready to question you!

Ask Allen Muir about his attacks in the woods.
Allen: Frickinfrakkinratzafratz...
Frank: Listen mister, if you could stop grunting and say something that made sense, it might help. Why in the heck did you jump out at us in the woods?
Allen: I wanted to scare you away!
Frank: Just like you tried to scare away those tourists? You know some people are saying that you're the Night Walker!
Allen: The Night Walker?! I'm no more the Night Walker than I am a Bigfoot! But I'm glad that legend's around. It keeps people away!
Frank: People like Paula Mahler? Is sawing people in half part of your strategy to be left alone?
Allen: I don't know anyone named Paula. I don't know anyone around here! I'm a hermit. That's kind of the point.
Allen: Whenever I saw tourists while I'm hunting game or gathering wood mushrooms, I do my best to hide and avoid them. I want to protect my home...
Allen: There have been more people around lately, so I decided to take action! But I didn't kill anybody!

Examine Broken Gadget.
Frank: That rickety gadget is a compass? Did you manage to find any new information about Paula from it?
Frank: Well, I'm sure that you'll be able to collect something from that compass! You can never resist showing off!

Examine Compass.
Frank: What did you find on Paula's compass? Oh I see... Black chunks of... What the heck is that stuff?
Frank: You're right as usual, <Name>. Looks like these chunks of whatever they are will get a trip to see Yann. He'll find the answer!

Analyze Black Chunks.
Yann: That material you collected from the victim's compass contained traces of wood mushroom spores and sawdust!
Frank: Wood mushroom spores, huh? That matches evidence <Name> has found... And sawdust was all over the crime scene!
Yann: Exactly! This shows us that the killer definitely came into direct contact with the victim's compass. Even better, the killer left something else behind!
Yann: Those black chunks you found came off the waterproof sole of a hiking boot!
Yann: So thanks to you, <Name>, we now know that the killer wears hiking boots! Way to go!

Frank: So the killer wears hiking boots! Well, that really narrows down the list of suspects around here... NOT!
Frank: No, I know you're right, <Name>. We can't get discouraged. The killer is still at large!
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, there you are! The campsite managers want to remove our victim's belongings to make room for new campers...
Chief Marquez: You'd better get over to the victim's campsite on the double before any evidence gets disturbed!

Investigate Picnic Table.
Frank: You found more torn paper, huh? Looks like all these pieces go together... I'll let you work your magic, <Name>!
Frank: But you've lost me with that pile of leaves. We're in a forest, there are leaves everywhere! Or have you taken up scrapbooking?
Frank: Fine... If you think those leaves are hiding something, I'm not going to stand in your way... Have at it!

Examine Torn Paper.
Frank: The torn paper you found at Paula's campsite was a voucher? Looks like it's offering a free stay at the Logan's Pass Hotel. Think it's still valid?
Frank: Oh... You're right. The voucher's only for Paula Mahler. It also says "Courtesy of Logan's Pass Tourism Office"... And who do we know from the so-called tourism office in this two-bit town?
Frank: Oh, that's right... Ruthie Samson! Looks like it's time for another chat with her.

Ask Ruthie about the voucher she gave to Paula.
Ruthie: I hope you don't mind if I sit down... These new hiking boots are killing me! I am so much better off in heels... But they were free from a local shop! How could I say no?
Frank: You don't have to ask our permission, Ms Samson. But we do want to know more about this voucher you gave to Paula Mahler...
Ruthie: Can you believe it? I offered her a free stay in the best hotel in Logan's Pass and she preferred to camp in the dirt and snow!
Ruthie: I mean who camps anymore? Her readers would have been far more interested in the hotels in Logan's Pass!
Ruthie: I was making stuffed wood mushrooms for my book club when Paula called to refuse my offer... I set up a rendez-vous with her after the knotting crafts class I teach.
Ruthie: I had to meet with her quickly to convince her about the free stay so that she'd include the hotel in her travel guide!
Ruthie: But I never got the chance to talk to her again...

Examine Pile of Leaves.
Frank: You found a tape recorder in the leaf pile, huh? Now that's technology I can deal with!
Frank: But the darn thing won't play!
Frank: You're right, <Name>. Hannah's a whiz kid with tech stuff. I bet she can get this tape recorder working again! And we might learn more about the victim!

Analyze Tape Recorder.
Hannah: Hey there, <Name>! I fixed the tape recorder you found at the victim's campsite. It was so much fun to work on something old school again!
Hannah: So anyway, I listened to the tape in the tape recorder. It wasn't your victim's voice, but her name came up several times!
Hannah: The man on the tape seems really angry at her. And he's speaking in French, but as it's spoken in Canada...
Frank: An angry Canadian man?! Does that exist? The only Canadian around here who knew Paula is Brian MacKenzie and he seemed sweet as pie...
Hannah: If it's Brian, he sounds as angry as a Mountie will allow himself to get! He must have said "Tabernacle" 50 times!
Hannah: Seems like Paula Mahler did something to his hair... No, wait! His horse! She hurt his horse!
Hannah: And a Mountie without a horse isn't a Mountie at all!
Frank: I'm more accustomed to partners with two legs, but I get it. I'd go ballistic if anyone hurt Duke. That turtle is my best friend in the world!
Frank: <Name>, what do you say we pay our northern neighbor another little visit?

Talk to Brian about Paula hurting his horse.
Brian: One moment please, <Rank> <Name>! I need to finish retying the knots on my tent posts and then I'm all yours!
Frank: Take your time! It's not like we have a murder to solve or anything... Speaking of, you want to tell us what Paula did to your horse?
Brian: Well, I wanted to try my new hiking boots, so Paula and I went for a walk in the woods to gather mushrooms.
Brian: Of course, my trusty pal, Biffendecker, came along. I never go anywhere without him!
Brian: But in a clearing, Paula fed Biff a chocolate bar!
Frank: What's so bad about chocolate? Seems like she was just being nice to your horse!
Brian: Well, you obviously know very little about horses... Chocolate can kill them! Biff was sick for days and almost died!
Brian: I'm not much of a Mountie without my mount, <Rank> <Name>! Biff has been my crime-fighting sidekick since I first got my badge!
(After talking to Brian MacKenzie)
Frank: Wow... I guess Mounties can have breakdowns, too...
Frank: But could he have lost it and killed Paula in a fit of rage over what she did to his horse?
Frank: You're right, <Name>! We'll know soon enough!

Examine Map.
Frank: I knew it! Whoever wrote the threat to Paula on the map you found near the Stone Circle left fingerprints all over it!
Frank: Since you're the crème de la crème at comparing fingerprints in the database, <Name>, I'll let you do the honors!

Examine Fingerprint.
Frank: Well done, <Name>! So the fingerprints on the Stone Circle map belong to a certain Melody Rivers.
Frank: Says here she's an archaeology professor at Pacific Bay University... Is that bunch of rocks that old?
Frank: I agree, we better go ask her about this map... And her threat to the victim!

Ask Melody Rivers about her threat to Paula.
Frank: We found a map of yours, Ms Rivers. <Rank> <Name> and I have some questions about how you know Paula Mahler and why you threatened her.
Melody: I was heading back to my camp to clean wood mushrooms when I found an intruder.
Melody: This woman was eating her lunch like the rocks were some kind of picnic bench! The Stone Circle is sacred ground!
Melody: I couldn't risk her ruining my archaeological research about the prehistoric period of Logan's Pass!
Melody: After that woman defiled the Stone Circle, I made snare knot traps and placed them all around the site just in case she came back!
Frank: Whoa! You're not kidding around, are you, Ms Rivers? We'll be sure to watch our step around here...

Later at the station...
Frank: Wow... That Paula Mahler sure made a lot of enemies in Logan's Pass, even if only by accident...
Frank: She used the Stone Circle like a picnic bench. That riled Melody Rivers so much she laid traps!
Frank: And she almost killed the Mountie's horse by feeding it chocolate!
Frank: And what about that creepy hermit Allen running around and scaring the pants off people? Maybe Paula got too close for comfort?
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>! A call has come in saying a man named Judd Tucker is threatening to jump off the mountain by the Stone Circle!
Frank: The lumberjack wants to kill himself? What the...

Chapter 3

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Rank> <Name>! A call has come in saying a man named Judd Tucker is threatening to jump off the mountain by the Stone Circle!
Frank: Judd Tucker?! The lumberjack that saved Paula Mahler's life?
Chief Marquez: That's what I said! You two better get over there on the double!
Frank: Man, <Name>, as if we didn't have enough on our plates trying to solve Paula's murder!
Frank: Now we have a suicidal lumberjack on our hands! I just hope we're not too late! Let's go!

On the mountain...
Frank: Hey Judd! What the heck are you doing halfway up a mountain?
Judd: Why do you think? All because of that Paula Mahler, my pay got docked! It's my little girl's birthday this weekend and I can't even get her a present!
Frank: At least you get to see your kid on your birthday. I don't! Think of your little girl and how much she'd miss you if you jumped, Judd!
Frank: C'mon, buddy. Take my hand! We'll get off of this mountain, I'll get you a cup of coffee and we can talk about what's going on with you, alright?
Judd: I could go for a cup of coffee... It's freezing up here... I'll come down with you.
Frank: Well, <Name>, we really dodged a bullet there! Do you want to take a look around the Stone Circle for more clues or talk to our friend here?

Question Judd about his suicide attempt.
Frank: So, Judd... What's going on with you, buddy? Why did you want to jump off that mountain?
Judd: I swear I didn't kill Paula, I saved her life! But because of the good I did, my life is ruined!
Judd: I wrecked my hiking boots running to get her out of harm's way and I can't work without them. How can I afford new ones with docked pay?
Judd: I was so messed up after the incident, that I tied the wrong knot and a bunch of timber fell off the trucks! My boss said I was incompetent and gave me a second warning.
Judd: The next step is my third strike. I'll be fired! What am I gonna do?!
Judd: My wife already lost her teaching job! I have a family to feed... I can't just give them wood mushrooms I find!

Investigate Broken Slabs.
Frank: So did you find anything else about Paula's murder around the Stone Circle?
Frank: That camera bag definitely belongs to Paula... Why did she keep putting her name on everything? She couldn't recognize her own stuff?
Frank: You're right, <Name>. There could be something in there that gets us to the killer!
Frank: And that notebook is giving me a serious case of the creeps... "Let blood rebirth the living rock?"... Yeesh! I'm almost afraid to see what else you uncover on it!

Examine Camera Bag.
Frank: That hunk of junk you found in the victim's bag looks like me after a three-day binge! But if anyone can fix it, it's you!

Examine Broken Camera.
Frank: You pieced the camera we found in Paula's bag back together as quickly as always, <Name>!
Frank: Let's see what our victim's last photo was: looks like some nutjob in the woods!
Frank: Hey, you're right, <Name>! We've seen that nutjob before! It's that creepy hermit, Allen Muir! Man, he looks angry... This definitely warrants a discussion!

Ask Allen about the photo Paula took of him.
Allen: Of course I looked angry in that picture! A flash went off behind me! I turned and saw that Paula lady taking photos!
Frank: So you lied to us! When we asked you the first time, you said you didn't know who she was! And in this photo, well, if looks could kill...
Allen: I didn't kill her! I just yelled at her then went back to tie up the game I had hunted.
Allen: But she kept taking pictures of me, so I grabbed the camera out of her hands and smashed it with a rock!
Allen: I couldn't let those photos get out! If Paula had published them, I would become some kind of freak attraction!
Allen: These woods are my home, not some kind of carnival ride for gape-mouthed tourists!

Examine Notebook.
Frank: All the symbols on that drawing you found are freaking me out! Plus Paula's name is smack dab in the middle of them!
Frank: Looks like some kind of ritual or something! This could take the case in a whole new direction...
Frank: I guess you're right, <Name>... We should take this drawing to Russell. He always does his shrink shtick on this kind of mumbo jumbo...

Analyze Drawing.
Russell: I've had a look at the drawing you brought me, <Name>! The symbols look like some kind of spell...
Russell: The drawing uses signs from a variety of cultures: Greek, Anasazi, even Oracle Bone Script... I matched some of the symbols to those used in shamanic healing ceremonies.
Russell: It's hard to tell if the spell was meant to harm Paula or protect something from her...
Russell: Given the variety of prehistoric symbols and their expert execution in the drawing, I would say that you need to talk to Melody Rivers, <Name>!
Frank: We'll take your word for it, kiddo. Let's go talk to the professor, what do you say, <Name>?

Ask Melody about her drawing.
Melody: Yes, I made that drawing! It's a spell!
Frank: Since you drew it, you can also tell us why Paula's name was on it!
Melody: I had told Paula too much about the Stone Circle and she wanted to feature it in her guide book!
Melody: She kept coming back to take notes! She was so stupid! I went non-verbal and even threw my hiking boots at her to make her go away, but nothing worked!
Melody: So I drew this spell to protect the Stone Circle from Paula, to keep her away!
Melody: I'm the one who discovered the Stone Circle, not her! I was supposed to be the first person to write about it! It was my meal ticket!

Back at the station...
Frank: Do we have a cast of squirrels for suspects or what? Who would want to live like that creepy hermit? But I'm sure you noticed his brand new hiking boots, <Name>!
Frank: Melody Rivers is a piece of work, too. She claims that spell was to protect the stones, but it looked more like she wanted to hurt Paula!
Frank: And that Judd guy... Seems like saving Paula's life has nearly destroyed his! But could he have killed her?
Chief Marquez: <Rank> <Name>, crime scene cleaners are at the timber mill. You better get over there before they start getting down to work!

Investigate Work Bench.
Frank: Good thing we got here when we did or those crime scene cleaners would have cleared all this stuff away!
Frank: This torn paper you found looks like some kind of safety poster... We'll know soon enough with your skills!
Frank: And that hard hat has blood spray on it... The killer must have worn it, you're right!
Frank: Knowing you, <Name>, you're going to find something on that hat to get us closer to the killer!

Examine Torn Poster.
Frank: You pieced that poster together even faster than usual! And it WAS a safety poster. Ten points for good ol' Frank!
Frank: But, you're right, <Name>, it looks dirty. There's a slick substance on it. Yann will tell us what it is and we'll be hauling out the handcuffs in no time!

Analyze Safety Poster.
Yann: I checked and cross-checked my results, <Name>! The safety poster you found had arnica gel all over it...
Yann: Arnica gel has a lot of uses, but it's most commonly used to reduce the pain and swelling of bruises.
Yann: I analyzed the drying time for arnica gel. And I can tell you beyond a doubt that it was deposited on the poster at the time of the murder!
Yann: Since the victim was a little tied up at that moment, it means the killer needed the arnica gel...
Frank: So we're looking for a killer with bruises! That could be several of the suspects... I'm sure you've noticed how banged up some of them look, <Name>!

Examine Hard Hat.
Frank: Nice catch, <Name>! You found a tuft of hair in the band of the hard hat from the crime scene!
Frank: It must be the killer's hair! We should get this sample to Yann on the double, you're right! This is bound to help us find the killer.

Analyze Hair.
Yann: Hello again, <Name>! I have news about the hair you found in that hard hat...
Yann: There was no follicle, so I couldn't extract DNA, but I still found something that could help zero in on the killer!
Yann: I was able to determine the hair was very fragile due to hormonal changes related to age.
Frank: So the killer is old?
Yann: The killer is 60 years old or more to be exact!
Frank: Well, the killer must be pretty spry for 60, but we'll still catch them, won't we, <Name>?

After completing all tasks...
Frank: This is it, <Name>! We have all the evidence we need. That killer will be arrested and behind bars by dinner!

Take care of the killer now!
Frank: Ruthie Samson, <Rank> <Name> is arresting you for the murder of Paula Mahler!
Ruthie: What can you possibly mean? Paula and I were buddies! Sure, I was a little disappointed in her coverage of Logan's Pass, but any publicity is good publicity, right?
Frank: Somehow I just don't buy your story, Ms Samson... Maybe because all the evidence <Rank> <Name> found points to you!
Frank: Paula's compass collected chunks of your new hiking boot soles...
Frank: And you left wood mushroom spores all over the saw operation button!
Ruthie: Anyone in Logan's Pass could have left mushroom spores on that thing! Like a lumberjack or even that creepy hermit!
Frank: But how many residents also have expert knot making skills and fit the age profile of the killer perfectly?
Ruthie: Ok! Alright! You got me! I didn't expect some hot shot cop like <Rank> <Name> to ever come to Logan's Pass. If you hadn't, I would've gotten away with it!
Ruthie: I have wasted my whole life trying to put this little nowhere town on the map! Paula promised to help! She was my last chance to make Logan's Pass the next Aspen!
Ruthie: But not only did she decide not to write about the hotel and shopping, she intended to remove Logan's Pass from her guide book entirely!
Ruthie: So I decided to cut her just like she cut Logan's Pass from her travel guide!
Ruthie: I tricked her into coming to the timber mill by pretending to be that lumberjack who saved her life. I cornered her and she climbed up onto the saw table to get away from me.
Ruthie: Then she slipped... I guess her boots still had snow on them. I saw she was stunned, so I quickly tied her up and started the saw. It cut into her like she was butter!
Frank: Well, Ms Samson, the only publicity you'll get now will be for the Pacific Bay penitentiary! You're under arrest!

Honorable Dante: Ruthie Samson, you stand on trial for the murder of Paula Mahler, who you... Partially sawed in half at the Logan's Pass timber mill?!
Honorable Dante: How could you possibly justify a heinous, messy crime? You're not a secret super villain, are you?
Ruthie: Paula should have just worked with me, let me guide her! I never would have had to go so far if she had just played along!
Honorable Dante: You could have found some other way of dealing with your disappointment, Ms Samson! But you'll have plenty of time to find new hobbies where you're going!
Honorable Dante: Ms Samson, this court hereby sentences you to 25 years in prison without possibility of parole!

Frank: Man, am I happy this investigation is finished... there's only so much fresh air and pine needles I can stand every day!
Frank: That Ruthie Samson was a wacko, wasn't she? I understand wanting a little more action in that town, but it's not worth killing over!
Frank: Maybe she'll become a local legend like that scary Night Walker character...
Frank: I think we can congratulate ourselves for wrapping up this case, <Name>. Now at last we can grab a drink!

Additional Investigation

Chief Andrea Marquez: <Name>, I was hoping to catch you before you left! Brian MacKenzie requested your help, and since he's a fellow member of the Force, I'd like you to go check on him, please.
Frank: Come on, Andrea! Now that we've done our job, I was hoping we could go-
Chief Marquez: I'd wager whatever you had planned involved alcohol, Frank, so it's a no. If you're so eager to get out, you can also do the last swipe of the timber mill before we let the lumberjacks go back.
Chief Marquez: Please, <Name>, do you mind watching him? I have enough problems to deal with, I don't need a drunk detective on top of it!
Frank: Hey, I can behave, you know... Fine, we'll go check that Mountie guy and the timber mill. Lead the way, <Name>, I'll be right behind you!

Investigate Timber Mill.
Frank: Okay, <Name>, I'll bite. What's so interesting about this bag of tools you found? Ah, I guess you'll show me soon enough!

Examine Bag.
Frank: Seriously, <Name>, holy water, knives... Is the owner of that bag a vampire-hunter?
Frank: You even found an old pistol sword from the 19th century! They're supposed to be used as swords, the firearm was just a "bonus" for more efficiency.
Frank: Don't look at me like that, <Name>, my father used to collect antique weapons!
Frank: Anyway, even old guns have a serial number, you're right. Think you can decipher this gun's number?

Examine Pistol Sword.
Frank: Good job, <Name>, I hope this serial number you've decoded will lead us to the freak who hid that arsenal in the timber mill...
Frank: Hannah has given me a "new toy" to search our database... Give me a sec, I need to enter the numbers...
Frank: Damn, these tactile things are a pain! Next time we're sending the serial number straight to Hannah!
Frank: There we go! So, that pistol belongs to... Judd Tucker?! What would a lumberjack need this arsenal for? Right, <Name>, let's ask him!

Question Judd Tucker about his weird weapons.
Frank: Alright, Judd, mind telling us why <Rank> <Name> found a vampire hunting arsenal in the timber mill, with your pistol among it?
Judd: My bag! Thank God you found it! This is my only protection from the monster who haunts the forest!
Judd: Have you heard about the Night Walker? Us lumberjacks cut trees down all over his territory... So we go in prepared!
Frank: You really think holy water and crosses will keep the Night Walker away?
Judd: I don't know! Nobody knows how to fight the Night Walker, that's the thing!
Judd: If you must stay around, <Rank> <Name>, you have to be prepared! Here, take these gift vouchers, there's a gun shop outside town, buy yourself a good pistol, too!

Ask Brian MacKenzie what's going on.
Brian: I'm glad you came, <Rank> <Name>! I was inspecting the campsite, as I usually do, but I noticed something weird...
Frank: You inspect this place everyday?
Brian: I mostly take care of the litter some campers leave behind... Anyway, I found something weird. But I'm not in my jurisdiction, so I thought it wiser to call you in.
Frank: Not your jurisdiction, right... We'll have a look around the campsite to see what a Mountie couldn't handle on his own, then!

Investigate Victim's Tent.
Frank: This little thing is what Brian needed your help with? That guy is even lazier than me! But I guess you'll piece that back up in a flash, anyway...

Examine Broken Trinket.
Frank: That's one ugly necklace, <Name>. Hope you don't intend for me to wear it...
Frank: Wait, you're saying this face is the Night Walker's mask? Why would anyone make an amulet of the monster supposedly killing people around the mountains?
Frank: You're right, it's a creepy amulet, with a creepy face over it. Speculating over its meaning won't get us anywhere, let's just send it to the lab!

Analyze Amulet.
Hannah: Alright, <Name>, I have to admit this amulet you found isn't my usual area of expertise. Turns out it's supposedly a protection against the Night Walker!
Hannah: Apparently, people in White Peaks have taken to hanging trinkets to protect themselves from the "evil spirits in the forest"! Talk about superstition...
Frank: Seriously? What's wrong with these people? Being in isolated mountains must be really boring for them to get into that legend!
Frank: But I guess you're right, <Name>, we should tell Brian that amulet is just someone's way of "protecting" the camp...

Reassure Brian MacKenzie about the amulet.
Frank: We've identified the trinket you had found, Brian. It's just a silly thing to protect the camp against the Night Walker...
Brian: The Night Walker? That monster people warned me about when I arrived in White Peaks?
Brian: Well, I really hope this amulet works then...
Brian: But all those emotions made me hungry... How about I buy you a snack as a thank you, <Rank> <Name>? I bet you could use a bit of energy, too!

Back at the police station...
Frank: People in White Peaks are officially crazy! What's with all this Night Walker stuff?
Duncan: Hey, don't mock the district's inhabitants! There have been multiple reports about screams being heard in the forest...
Frank: Wait, you're Amy's brother! Duncan Young, right? What are you doing here?
Duncan: I was visiting my sister, but I overheard you and I couldn't resist. I've always been fascinated by the Night Walker!
Frank: Come on! I'd much rather nurse a beer than dig further into crappy rumors!
Duncan: Maybe I could investigate the Night Walker with you then, <Rank> <Name>? Please, I miss the thrill of the job so much!
Frank: Not to be rude, but I doubt <Rank> <Name> needs a detective in a wheelchair in those mountains...
Frank: Oh! Yes, sorry, <Rank> <Name>, if you think Duncan can help you...
Duncan: Thanks, and I thought of something: do you know Allen, the hermit? I'm worried he might become a target, some people are accusing him of being the Night Walker!
Duncan: I'm glad you agree, <Rank> <Name>, thank you! Let's go check up on our local hermit!

Check up on Allen Muir.
Allen: It's been a while, Duncan! Worried about me because of the frickinfrakkinratzafratz Night Walker?
Duncan: Yes, <Rank> <Name> and I wanted to make sure people weren't giving you grief. I know some believe you are the Night Walker...
Allen: Ha! People create their own monsters, nothing you can do about it! The Night Walker was a man, too, once!
Duncan: Yeah, I remember hearing about it... He was a castaway like you, right? Beware, Allen! People tend to overreact when they're scared!
Allen: I'll scare them away before they can! RAWR!
Allen: They'd believe anything. You should take a look at those old stones, for example! People say they offer magical protection against the Night Walker. And I'm the crazy one!
Duncan: The Stone Circle? I agree, <Rank> <Name>, we should go have a look there. And Allen, please be careful.

Investigate Stone Circle.
Duncan: Sorry for not helping more, <Rank> <Name>, my wheels aren't made for this ground! But I see the notebook you found has a whole page about the Night Walker!
Duncan: I didn't expect to find this here... It says "Night Walker: Truth behind the myth"!
Duncan: If there's some truth behind the legend, maybe you could put an end to the madness surrounding the Night Walker...
Duncan: There was something drawn on this page, but it's been erased... Does your unit still use the black fingerprint powder? Go ahead, I bet it'll do wonders, <Rank> <Name>!

Examine Notebook.
Duncan: I'll be damned, <Rank> <Name>, this portrait you revealed is scary! Look at that disfigured face!
Duncan: Is this supposed to be the Night Walker's face? The notes aren't very detailed... If we found the author, maybe we'd get more information...
Duncan: <Rank> <Name>, Amy talks a lot about the profiler in your team... Russell, isn't it? If her praises aren't exaggerated, maybe he could identify the author of these notes?

Analyze Night Walker Notes.
Russell: <Name>! These notes about the Night Walker you found are fascinating! I got so engrossed in them, I forgot to drink my tea!
Duncan: And did you manage to find who might have written these notes?
Russell: Oh, I didn't notice you. You're Duncan Young, Amy's brother, right? Of course I figured out who wrote these notes! Any profiler worth their salt would have.
Russell: The almost anatomical precision of the drawing, contrasted with the cursory comments, screams "university professor". After that, figuring out these notes belonged to the archaeologist Melody Rivers was easy.
Russell: As it turns out, her interest in the Stone Circle stems from her study of the Night Walker legend, <Name>! And judging from her drawing, she's deeply fascinated with her subject!
Duncan: You say you know her, <Rank> <Name>? Perfect, then let's give Melody Rivers her notes back, then!

Ask Melody Rivers what she's found about the Night Walker.
Melody: My notebook! I've been looking for it everywhere!
Duncan: You must be Ms Rivers. Your notes on the Night Walker are fascinating, could you tell us more?
Melody: Well... Here is what I can say for sure: the Night Walker hasn't always been a monster. He was a man once!
Melody: He got disfigured during the Civil War. As a war veteran, you'd expect people would have treated him as a hero...
Melody: But I guess his scarred face was so horrifying, the villagers started seeing him as a monster. He ended up taking refuge in the forest and was never seen again!
Melody: After his disappearance, strange things happened. People vanished, their bodies never found... There's no proof of all this, but I guess that's how the legend started.
Melody: I guess the Night Walker is our local bogeyman story. Don't let it get to your head, <Rank> <Name>! Thank you for my notes, let me give you something for your help!

Later, at the police station...
Duncan: Thank you so much for letting me come with you, <Rank> <Name>! Melody's findings were very interesting, and I was glad to help you!
Frank: Ah, so you found something about this damn Night Walker? I heard Russell ramble about this "utterly fascinating piece of local folklore"...
Frank: Apparently he loves that myth... I don't know why, I think it's just a stupid tale!
Duncan: <Rank> <Name> found out this legend started in the late 19th century, with a real man. It's not just a tale!
Frank: Please, even if the Night Walker was born in the 19th century, and kidnapped and killed people at the time, he'd be dead by now!
Duncan: Who knows... Maybe there is indeed a monster in the forest!
Duncan: Just kidding, <Rank> <Name>! It was nice working with you, I hope we'll do that again some time!