Captain Ishmael Cavendish
Biographical information
Full name Ishmael Cavendish
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Profession(s) Ship captain
Family Herman Cavendish (descendant)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #54: The Poisoned Truth (s1)

Captain Ishmael Cavendish, acting as a minor characters in Criminal Case, appeared in multiple flashbacks during the events of A Brave New World (Case #52 of Grimsborough).


Ishmael was Herman Cavendish's ancestor who lived around the 1600s. He was also the captain of the Pilgrim ship which made the Pilgrims arrive to the "New World".

Events of Criminal Case

In A Brave New World, when Stuart Huckabee was found murdered on Herman's land, the team found a painting beside the victim's body. It featured a painting of a ship, so the team went to ask Herman about it. Herman said that the painting features the Pilgrim ship which belonged to his ancestor, Ishmael.

Afterwards, the team went to Herman once again to ask for help. They wanted to investigate the Pilgrim ship, but they could not, since it was not possible to investigate a scene from the past. But, Herman made it possible, through the power of storytelling, in which he described every detail of the ship, allowing the team to investigate a surreal crime scene. Every important clue found on the ship was given to the team by Herman who had them in his attic.

In the Additional Investigation of this very case, the team decided to investigate Herman's land once again, since it had secrets related to the city of Grimsborough. After searching the scene thoroughly, they found a wooden box full of items. They then examined it and found a coin that had the symbol of a compass rose, which strongly resembled the Crimson Order's logo. So, the team went back to Herman to question him about the gold coin. Herman said that his family had never been involved with the Crimson Order, and that it was just a coin that the Pilgrims gave to his ancestor because they liked him.

The team then decided to search the Pilgrim ship for the last time. They found a torn book, which, after examination, was revealed to be a list of passengers. The list consisted of a few families, such as the Huckabee family, the McCoy family, and the Cavendish family. It also had some unknown families written on it, such as the Kingsley family. The team became curious to know more about the Kingsley family and so, they went to ask Herman about it. Herman told the team that the Kingsley family was the Pilgrim family of the King family, and concluded that after those centuries passed, many families of the Pilgrims got their family names changed.

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