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David Jones: Well, <Name>, this is it! Finally, today's the day we elect a new Mayor!
Jones: Who are you going to vote for? I think I'm going to vote for Martha, but don't tell Chief King, he'd go spare!
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, I was looking for you! As you know, today is a very important day, and keeping things secure must be our top priority.
Chief King: I want you to go check out the Red Party's headquarters. Mayor Johnson has expressed strong fears about the safety of his staff, and I don't want to leave anything to chance.
Jones: But Chief, I'd been hoping we'd b-
Chief King: You can't seriously have hoped to be off duty on such a day, Jones?! Now go, and report to me once you're done patrolling!

A short while later, at the red party's headquarters...
Jones: <Name>, have you noticed how... tense King has been lately? I don't know what kind of pressure the Mayor has put on him, but I really hope it stops after the elections are over!
Mayor Johnson: <Rank> <Name>! My headquarters are about to open, and I want to make sure everything's safe for my staff's last day of work.
Mayor Johnson: Here, I've opened the doors for you! If you can just have a quick look inside, I'll feel safer!

Chapter 1

Investigate Red Party Offices.
Jones: <Name>, this is Adam Bentley! He's... He's dead! Adam's been shot dead!!
Jones: But... How could this have happened! What was Adam even doing here?!
Jones: I'm sorry, you're right, I must calm down. It's just... You know I never like Adam, but to die like that...
Jones: Shot right between the eyes... It's like he's been executed!
Mayor Johnson: Oh my God, is that Adam?!
Mayor Johnson: I had nothing to do with this! I'm innocent! History will prove it!
Jones: Calm down, Mr. Johnson. We're just going to need to talk to you. Adam was shot in your headquarters, after all.
Mayor Johnson: Alright... But do it quick! I need to do some damage control! The press will crucify me!
Jones: <Name>, let's get Adam to the morgue. And that receipt you found right next to the body... Most of it is faded. Do you think you can figure it out?

Analyze the Victim's Body.
Nathan Pandit: It had been a while since you brought me such a cleanly killed victim, <Name>. I appreciate the gesture.
Nathan: Mr. Bentley was killed by a gunshot between the eyes. In short, he was executed.
Nathan: An extremely precise shot, by the way: his killer definitely knows how to handle a gun!
Nathan: Considering the relaxed position in which you found him, Adam knew and trusted his attacker.
Nathan: By determining the trajectory of the bullet and the position of his attacker, I can determine that the person who killed Adam is right-handed!
Jones: That's... quite impressive!
Jones: So we need to look for someone who's right handed. Well, this sounds like a job for Ramirez, don't you think, <Name>? He'll fill us in about our right-handed suspects as soon as possible!

Talk to Howard Johnson about the murder of Adam Bentley.
Mayor Johnson: This is horrible! <Rank> <Name>, you must make it all go away! This cannot be happening!
Jones: I'm afraid "making it all go away" is not an option, Mr. Mayor. Adam Bentley was shot in your headqu-
Mayor Johnson: Shh! No need to keep saying this! Oh God, the journalists will have a field day with this! I'm done for!
Mayor Johnson: I can't believe people would do this! Killing a man, just to ruin my chances of being re-elected!
Jones: Wait, you're claiming you were framed?
Mayor Johnson: Of course I was!! Adam Bentley was a devoted supporter of my campaign! Why ever would I want to harm him?
Mayor Johnson: No, I'm telling you, <Rank> <Name>, I was framed! It's a Blue Party plot to make me lose the elections! You can't let this happen!

Examine Bar Receipt.
Jones: The bar receipt you found next to Adam's body belonged to him! Great catch, <Name>!
Jones: He bought a drink in the bar of the Halifax Hotel before he was killed! We'd better go and have a look there, you're right!

Investigate Hotel Lobby.
Jones: Thanks to the receipt you found, we know Adam came here shortly before his death. And this torn ticket you picked up looks promising, <Name>!
Jones: Damn, what is all that noise? I can barely hear myself think.
Jones: Oh, you're right, that's Martha Price, she's giving a press conference in the lobby! I wonder if she's heard about Adam... Let's go have a chat with her!

Examine Torn Ticket.
Jones: Ah-ha! This torn ticket you restored was bought under Adam's name!
Jones: Say, this ticket is for Hawaii, I didn't think Adam could afford such a trip! And it's a one way ticket!
Jones: You're right, Adam's sole goal in life was to become a bona fide member of Maple Heights. He'd have never left for some tropical islands!
Jones: This credit card number used to buy this ticket should help us understand everything... Drats! It's been badly printed. Can you decipher it, <Name>?

Examine Plane Ticket.
Jones: Great! You've deciphered the credit card number used to buy this ticket for Adam!
Jones: Let's get this credit card number straight to Alex!

Analyze Credit Card Number.
Alex: The credit card number which was used to buy a one-way ticket for Adam Bentley belongs to... Lola Vallez!
Jones: Lola?! Why would she buy such an expensive plane ticket for Adam?!
Jones: Yes, I know he was friends with Lola's husband, but considering how things ended...
Jones: You're right, <Name>, the fastest way to figure this out is to go talk to Lola!

Talk to Lola Vallez about the plane ticket she bought for Adam.
Lola: <Rank> <Name>, what a... what a surprise! I didn't expect to see you...
Jones: Really? Because you look like you were.
Lola: See, this is why I sing instead of act. Yes, I was expecting you. You're here about Adam's murder, aren't you?
Jones: Actually, we're here about that one-way plane ticket you bought for him, Lola. Why did you want Adam to leave town?
Lola: Do you have to ask? Adam was one of my husband's closest friends! Alright, more than a pet than a friend, but still!
Lola: Seeing him around... it was just too painful. It kept reminding me of the happy time when my Walter was still alive.
Lola: But now that Adam's dead, I... I realize I was unfair with him. I shouldn't have tried to push him away!

See if Martha Price knows about Adam's death.
Martha: Ah, <Rank> <Name>! So happy to see you. Have you voted yet? After what happened today, my victory tonight is almost ensured!
Jones: You're referring to Adam Bentley's murder?
Martha: I always said that the Red Party was populated with bloodthirsty maniacs, ready to do the most horrible deeds to advance their political agenda.
Martha: And now that Mr. Bentley's been shot inside the Red headquarters, the citizens of Grimsborough will have no choice but to agree with me!
Jones: Hence your little press conference? One might say this is all very convenient... A man dying in your rival's headquarters on the day of the elections...
Martha: I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about. Deviousness is the trademark of the Red Party. My campaign has always been based on honesty and morals.

Later, at the Police Station...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, I've got something for you! The Mayor's staff dropped this picture for you, they said the Mayor had asked them to!
Ramirez: The picture was taken by their headquarters' surveillance camera, only a few hours before Adam was found dead!
Ramirez: It's very blurry but they said if anyone could figure out who was on this picture, it was <Rank> <Name>!
Jones: Oh, really? And what proves to us the picture is genuine?
Chief King: Jones, are you about to question the good faith of an elected official?
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, have a closer look at this picture, and try to figure out who visited the headquarters! This could be a crucial help in your investigation!

Examine Video Recording.
Jones: So the person who sneaking in the Mayor's headquarters is... Martha Price?!
Jones: I can't believe it! It's her! Martha Price sneaked into the Mayor's office right before Adam was killed!
Jones: ...Oh my God, you don't think... Could Martha have killed Adam?!

Chapter 2

Jones: It's Martha! The person who sneaked into the Mayor's headquarters right before Adam was killed was Martha Price!!
Jones: But what was she doing in the Mayor's headquarters?! Could SHE have killed Adam?
Jones: This is insane! We need to go talk to her right now!
Chief King: Mrs. Price can wait, Jones. I want you two to go secure the stand where the election's winner will be announced.
Jones: What? But, Chief, we can't lose time on t-
Chief King: Finding Mr. Bentley's murderer is top priority, but so is the election winner's security! We cannot leave anything to chance!
Chief King: I'm counting on you, <Rank> <Name>! Go talk to Martha, but don't forget to check out the election stand on the way!

Interrogate Martha about her presence in the Mayor' headquarters.
Jones: Mrs. Price, we have the proof that you sneaked into the Red Party's headquarters when nobody else was around!
Martha: I wasn't! This is a lie! This is Johnson's doing, he's trying to shift the blame!
Jones: Uh, Mrs. Price, we have actual video footage of you inside the offices. There's no room for doubt.
Martha: I... I... Look, this had nothing to do with Adam Bentley, I swear!
Martha: I was just... You know how it is! I KNEW Johnson would have something planned for today. We campaign for months, but Election Day is when everything really matters!
Martha: I just wanted to check what they had planned, to be prepared to counter-attack! That's all!
(After talking to Martha Price)
Jones: You know, <Name>, I'm really glad the elections end today. I don't think I could have dealt with those bloody politicians one more day!
Jones: What gets to me is that we can never trust them about everything! It's like lying's built into their DNA!
Jones: Hmph, you're right, of course, ranting won't get us anywhere. What do you say we take another look at the hotel lobby? It was the last place Adam went to before getting killed, after all...

Investigate Reception Desk.
Jones: The hotel's lost and found box? Brilliant idea, <Name>! Let's have a look through the contents, maybe Adam forgot something there!

Examine Lost & Found Box.
Jones: Bingo! You found Adam's notebook in the hotel's Lost & Found box! And a page has been torn, always very suspicious!
Jones: Let's have a closer look at this, <Name>. We need to figure out what was written on that missing page!

Examine Notebook.
Jones: The page that was torn out of Adam's notebook was about... money. I guess it makes sense.
Jones: And look at the names! "Jerry Bigwall, Walter Fairbanks, Roland Vane": those were Adam's "friends"... and they're all dead!
Jones: What about the sums listed next to the names? Do you think Adam was borrowing money from them?
Jones: After all, the last thing he wrote was "Need more money!!", and since he was obviously renting his suits and cars..
Jones: You're right, trying to fit into Maple Heights must have cost him a lot. The constant need to spend cash must have been overwhelming.
Jones: Who knows what the need for money might have driven him to... We definitely need to keep this in mind, <Name>!

Investigate Election Podium.
Jones: Alright, since King insists on us securing the Election Stand, we might as well be thorough, <Name>!
Jones: Time to get the gloves out: let's dig into this garbage bag you picked up!
Jones: Thankfully, this broken statue should be less messy to deal with!

Examine Trash Bag.
Jones: What the... What is this gun doing in this garbage bag?! Right where the election results are to be announced, too!
Jones: Oh, well spotted, <Name>, someone has clearly tried to erase the gun's serial number! That's super fishy!
Jones: Thankfully, you've proven time and time again how good you are at deciphering codes, <Name>! Care to give it a go with this gun?

Examine Handgun.
Jones: Fantastic job! Now that you've deciphered this gun's serial number, we can send it to the lab to identify its owner!

Analyze Serial Number.
Alex: You'll never believe this, <Name>! The gun you found hidden in front of the Election Stand is registered to... Tony Marconi!!
Jones: Whaaaat?! But he's in prison! I mean, the way he goes on about it, it sounds more like a hotel, but surely people wouldn't allo-
Alex: Wait, there's so much more! Nathan ran a series of tests on the gun, comparing a bullet fired from it to the bullet he found in Adam's head, and...
Alex: They match!! <Name>, you found the gun which was used to kill Adam. This gun is your murder weapon!
Jones: What the HELL?!
Jones: <Name>, you're right. I can't say I'm thrilled, but let's pay a visit to Marconi. He'd better have a VERY good explanation for this!

Talk to Marconi about the murder weapon.
Tony: You again, <Rank> <Name>? If it's about someone's death, I can assure you I've been locked in my cell all day like a good boy.
Jones: Oh really? Then how come Adam Bentley was shot with your gun, Marconi?
Tony: Adam Bentley was killed? With MY gun? How clever!
Tony: But surely you know that the gun you're holding was confiscated from me by the police forces years ago?
Tony: I'll admit the execution sounds like me. I've always been really good with a gun, else I wouldn't have survived so long. But I had no interest in Mr. Bentley.
Jones: I know you've got something to do with Adam's death, Marconi, and we'll prove it!! What's to say you weren't on one of your temporary releases today, huh?!
Tony: I can only go out on Saturdays, Jones. <Rank> <Name>, next time you visit, leave the angry mutt at home. His barking's so much worse than his bite.

Examine Broken Statuette.
Jones: Oh... dear... God! Who EVER thought it'd be a good idea to create a garden gnome that looks like Mayor Johnson?!?
Jones: This might haunt my dreams for years to come, <Name>, I hope you're aware of it.
Jones: Hm, you're right, there's... there's a camera in that horror's eye!
Jones: Someone was planning on spying on the election ceremony?! I agree, we need to send this recording-gnome to Alex straight away!

Analyze Garden Gnome.
Alex: Well, <Name>, I had a look at that horrible gnome's spying system and I know how left it in front of the Election Stand...
Alex: The video doesn't leave room for imagination: the person who placed this gnome here is the Mayor's own mother, Mrs. Serena Johnson!
Jones: Uh, I know she's overprotective of her son, but she's taking things too far! <Name>, what do you say we go get an explanation from Mrs. Johnson?

Talk to Serena Johnson about the spying garden gnome.
Serena: <Rank> <Name>, what a nice surprise. I'm afraid I do not have much time, though. So many things to do, you understand.
Serena: Oh, but what are you holding? You've repaired my gnome, how wonderful! Isn't it handsome? Just like my darling boy!
Jones: Uh, yes. About that gnome... We'd be really interested in knowing why you hid a camera inside of it, Mrs. Johnson.
Serena: Well, for security, of course. How else could I make sure nothing would happen to my boy when he gets re-elected?!
Serena: Short of taking a gun with me to the election speech, which I still intend to do. I'm a very good shot, you know.
Jones: Mrs. Johnson! The election results are not even in yet!
Serena: But it's pretty obvious Howard is going to win. And there are people who might not be pleased about this. Just look at what happened to Mr. Bentley!
Serena: He was killed in my son's headquarters! Whoever did it might have been targeting Howard, and I'm sorry, but I'm not convince you're doing your best to protect him!

Later on, at the station...
Jones: <Name>, something tells me Adam's murder is going to be a devil to solve!
Jones: So far the only certainty we have is that Adam was killed with someone right handed who's good with a gun!
Jones: And he was executed inside the Mayor's headquarters, which can't be a coincidence!
Jones: Could Adam's friendship with the Mayor be the reason for his death? I guess Serena wouldn't appreciate a "nobody" turning around her precious son...
Jones: And Adam trying to get into Martha's good graces wasn't clever, either. You don't play in both camps without angering everyone. And we know Martha had access to the crime scene!
Alex: Mind if I butt in, <Name>? Remember how Marconi's gun was used to kill Adam? I thought that was strange, him being in prison and all, so I decided to dig deeper.
Alex: It turns out this gun WAS confiscated from him when he was arrested for driving under the influence, years ago! And it was confiscated by... Chief King!
Jones: Wait, you're not seriously telling us you think the Chief could have kept the gun, are you? He's the Chief!
Alex: He wasn't back then. And I'm not saying he stole it, the gun WAS filed as evidence upon Marconi's arrest... But at some point it disappeared.
Jones: <Name>, what do you think about this? I mean, sure, King has always been fiercely protective of the Mayor...
Jones: And he did tell us that we should consider the fact that three of Adam's "friends" had already been killed as a threat to Howard Johnson...
Jones: Oh God, you're right...
Jones: Chief King... Chief King is a plausible suspect!!

Chapter 3

Jones: <Name>, this is insane! We can't add Chief King to our list of suspects in the murder of Adam Bentley... can we?!
Jones: Yes, you're right, he IS very close to the Mayor. And he did have a weird grudge against Adam...
Jones: And, alright, he DID have access to the murder weapon, but...
Jones: He's the Chief! He'd never have committed a crime! He FIGHTS crime!
Jones: Let's... Let's go see him, then, <Name>. Oh, God...

In Chief King's office...
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, have you come to give your report? Have you figured out who killed Adam Bentley?
Jones: Uh, not yet, Chief, but, uh... We have found a new suspect.
Chief King: I guess that counts for something. And who is it?
Jones: Uh... it's you, sir.
Chief King: I beg your pardon?!
Jones: Well, sir, the thing is, the gun that was used to execute Adam belonged to Marconi, sir, and...
Jones: That gun was confiscated by you when you arrested Marconi for a driving offense, years ago!
Chief King: ...I see. Well, Justice should apply to everyone. I am very impressed with your integrity, <Rank> <Name>.
Chief King: I guess I have no choice but to step down from the position of Chief until the investigation is over.
Chief King: You may officially treat me as an ordinary suspect from now on, <Rank> <Name>.

Jones: <Name>, did we actually just do this? Did we really just tell the Chief he's a suspect in a murder investigation?
Jones: And after all, why not? You're right, we're here to solve crimes, no matter the cost!
Jones: Well, what should we do now, <Name>? Should we tackle the Chief's interrogation, or go back to the crime scene to try and find some more clues?

Talk to Chief King about his ties to his investigation.
Chief King: <Rank> <Name>, ask your questions. I mustn't get special treatment, I'm just another suspect!
Jones: Alright... Can you confirm that you were the officer who confiscated this gun from Marconi, sir?
Chief King: Yes, it was me. Years ago, the only time we managed to arrest Marconi before <Rank> <Name> put him behind bars for good.
Jones: And how can you explain that this gun was used to kill Adam Bentley? It should have been securely locked in the evidence room!
Chief King: I'm afraid I cannot help you with that. I had filed the gun following procedures. Whatever happened to it afterwards was out of my reach.
Jones: Great... Are you right-handed, sir?
Chief King: Yes, I am. I am also very good with guns, as you're no doubt about to ask. I do know what evidence you've gathered, you know.
Jones: Duly noted. And what about Adam Bentley? I mean, you seemed pretty angry when you discovered he was involved in several murder cases...
Chief King: As well I should be! Do you realize that this young man was getting very close to the Mayor? Keeping the Mayor safe is the Police's utmost responsibility!
Jones: Well, one might think you're a little biased when it comes to the Johnson family, actually...
Chief King: If you're talking about Serena Johnson, she and I are old friends. This has nothing to do with the Mayor, nor with Adam Bentley!
Jones: "Old friends", huh? Are you sure there's nothing more than friendship there?
Chief King: INSPECTOR JONES, are you forgetting your place?! If this is how you treat suspects, it's no wonder they're all complaining about you!
Jones: Sorry! I was just exploring every lead...
Chief King: Looking for gossip, you mean. <Rank> <Name>, I trust I'll see you at the Election Stand for the results. Good luck with your investigation, I'm counting on you!
(After talking to Chief King)
Jones: I can't believe this, <Name>. Chief King on our suspect list... it sounds unreal!
Jones: But I guess things will make more sense once we've found more evidence. And for that, we need to find more clues!
Jones: Good point, <Name>, we could go back to the Halifax Hotel. After all, we still don't know why Adam went there shortly before his death.

Investigate Hotel Lobby.
Jones: Wait, is that a photo of Lola Vallez? That's... uh, that's quite a racy pose!
Jones: I thought her pin-up photos were in her past? And what's written on it, <Name>? "Get rid of him for me and I'll show you more"... What the...
Jones: Great idea, <Name>! If we can lift off fingerprints from this photograph, we'll know who Lola sent this picture to!

Examine Lola's Photo.
Jones: Perfect! The fingerprints you lifted off Lola's picture are of astonishing clarity, <Name>!
Jones: It shouldn't be any trouble at all to compare them to the central database and figure out who received this photo! Let's do it!

Examine Fingerprint.
Jones: Wait, <Name>, you're telling me the fingerprints on this racy picture of Lola Vallez belong to Zack Holden?!
Jones: We know Zack's got a crush on her, you're right. But why would she feed that crush by sending him such a picture?
Jones: Good point, the message she wrote on it, "Get rid of him for me and I'll show you more" makes it sound like a bribe...
Jones: Well, <Name>, best thing to do is to grill Zack Holden about this, you're right!
Jones: Gee, I don't know for you but it feels like the entire city is going to end up on our suspect list this time! What were the chances of Zack Holden being mixed up in this thing?!

Talk to Zack Holden about Lola's photo.
Zack: How... How did you get hold of this picture? You stole it from me! Give it back!!
Jones: We didn't steal anything, Zack. But <Rank> <Name> would love to know in what circumstances Lola Vallez gave you such an... intimate picture.
Zack: She... she asked for my help. Look, she said she was afraid for her own safety!
Jones: Who was she afraid of, Zack?
Zack: As if you don't know it! She was afraid of that Adam Bentley, of course! The man kept coming to her house, even after her fiancé got killed!
Zack: So she asked me to try and get rid of him for her! But, I... I couldn't figure out a way! I tried intimidating him, but he just ignored me!
Zack: Please, don't tell Lola I couldn't even get Adam to listen to me. She'd never send me pictures again...
(After talking to Zack Holden)
Jones: It looks like Zack got duped by Lola, <Name>. She's really got him wrapped around her finger, doesn't she?
Jones: Hm, nicely spotted, <Name>! Zack kept biting his nails with his right hand, so he must be right-handed! Let's add this to his profile!
Jones: And now, what do you say we go have another chat with Lola, get to know exactly what she expected from her lackey?

Talk to Lola about her request to Zack Holden.
Jones: Lola, <Rank> <Name> has found the photo you sent to Zack as "encouragement" for him to get rid of Adam Bentley for you. It's time to drop the act.
Lola: And so what?! You saw what Adam sent to my Walter before he died! All those pictures of planes crashing... Adam brought us bad luck!!
Lola: Do you know I once saw him trying on Walter's clothes? He was standing there, in Walter's suit, and he was imitating his voice! The man was a creep!
Jones: Hm, just like he'd practiced Jerry Bigwall's signature... You're right, <Rank> <Name>, he'd told us it was to get under his skin.
Lola: It was like he wanted to take Walter's place! And he kept coming to see me! I was so afraid, I took firing lessons, to make sure I could defend myself!
Lola: And when he tore the plane ticket I gave him to shreds, saying he'd never leave Grimsborough, I knew I'd never get rid of him!
Lola: Look, I gave that photo to Zack because I thought he maybe he could force Adam to leave; report his Friendnet account to the authorities for something illegal, anything!
Lola: But I never asked Zack to kill Adam! Anyway, Zack's a wimp! He'd never have done it!

Investigate Mayor's Desk.
Jones: Coming back to the Red headquarters was an inspired move! Look at everything you found, <Name>!
Jones: We've got a cigar, and we know Johnson can't stand smoking, he was sick just smoking a hookah the other day. Let's try and see if we can collect something from it!
Jones: This "I VOTED" badge is how people indicate they've accomplished their civic duty? But why is it covered in powder? We'd better get a sample.
Jones: And finally... Well, we'll need you to apply your magic to this paper, <Name>! Whoever dropped a glass of water on it did a good job of erasing most of it!
Jones: That's a lot of clues to process, and we'll have to be fast, <Name>. The election results will be given in just a few hours!

Examine Cigar.
Jones: Splendid! Now that you've collected some saliva from this cigar, let's send it to the lab and learn who came to visit our dear Mayor!

Analyze Saliva.
Grace: I extracted DNA from the saliva sample you collected from the cigar, <Name>, and it belongs to the biggest cigar smoker in town: Alden Greene!
Jones: Alden Greene?!
Jones: <Name>, I didn't expect to see Greene again after his mix up in Kerry Ann's death, did you? And now we discover he's visited the Mayor's headquarters?!
Jones: First Marconi, now Alden?! Johnson really has strange friends! And knowing Alden, he must have been there for his own benefit. Let's go grill him out!

Talk to Alden Greene about his visit to the Mayor.
Alden: <Rank> <Name>! To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? Did another one of my shareholders die, maybe?
Jones: Unless Adam Bentley was a shareholder, no. But this doesn't get you off the hook!
Alden: Adam Bentley's dead? Ha, well, that was bound to happen sooner or later! The kid had no sense of self-preservation and was as smart as a chicken!
Jones: Oh, so you knew Adam then? Maybe you met him during one of your visits to Mayor Johnson? Maybe he got on your bad side? Are you handy with a gun, Alden?
Alden: Is this a new interrogation technique, Mr. Jones? Of course I'm good with a gun. Was Adam shot? Because if it had been me, you would not have found the body, <Rank>.
Jones: You haven't answered the first question! How did you meet Adam Bentley?
Alden: The fool was the laughing stock of Maple Heights! Did he really think he was blending in?!
Alden: Do you know the idiot even came to me for a loan because he couldn't afford the lifestyle? Hilarious!
Jones: So that's why you shot him? For money?
Alden: I did NOT lend him the money! He had nothing of value to give in return, and unless you haven't yet learned, I only do things if I can profit from them.

Examine Faded Document.
Jones: Wait, this is another document granting privileges to Marconi! "On reason of good behavior"? Ha!
Jones: "Including access to fitness room, private cell..." And it's approved by Howard Johnson!
Jones: You've got to be kidding me! Even MORE privileges for Marconi, granted expressively by the Mayor?! The man's a Mafia lord, for Pete's sake!
Jones: For what possible reason could the Mayor want Marconi to be so comfy in jail, really? There's no way Marconi's not doing anything in exchange!
Jones: I'm getting sick of this, <Name>. Marconi's useless, but Johnson had better tell us the truth! Let's go!

Talk to Howard about his friendship with Marconi.
Jones: Time's up, Mr. Mayor!! You're going to tell us what's the deal between you and Marconi, RIGHT NOW!
Mayor Johnson: You can't talk to me like that! I'm the... I'm the Mayor! You should do what I say!
Jones: <Rank> <Name> and I only do what the Law dictates! And the Law dictates that doing favors to convicts is NOT a smart decision!
Mayor Johnson: I have no idea what you're talking about! You can't prove anything!
Jones: Cut it out! You're not doing all this just because Marconi's a great cook! What has he done for you, Mr. Mayor? Is he getting rid of people for you?
Mayor Johnson: You can't prove anything!!! You can't force me to say anything! I didn't lay a finger on Adam Bentley! That's all that matters!

Examine "I Voted" Badge.
Jones: Perfect! Let's send the powder sample you collected from this badge to the lab!

Analyze Powder.
Grace Delaney: <Name>, the black powder you collected from that badge you found on the crime scene is gunpowder residue!
Grace: As you surely know, they are particles which get dispersed when a gun is fired. They do not travel far, however, so this badge must have been very close to the gun.
Jones: Wait, are you telling us that the person who killed Adam was wearing this badge?!
Grace: I see hanging out with <Name> is finally rubbing off on you, Jones! The gunpowder residue proves that however killed Adam was wearing this badge... and lost that.
Grace: However, since today very voter is wearing such a badge, and the killer would not want to stand out from the crowd...
Jones: ...then they must have gotten another badge! <Name>, we've got one more piece of the puzzle, thanks to you!

Later on, at the police station...
Jones: <Name>, I don't get it. We've talked to half the town, searched everywhere, and yet we still do not have another evidence to catch Adam's killer!
Jones: But who can we trust? Howard Martha are prize liars, and Lola Vallez doesn't sound much better. She had a serious grudge towards Adam, too.
Jones: What if... What if this wasn't about politics? What if this was just a woman's vengeance? She could have executed Adam in retribution for the "bad luck" he brought to her...
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, finally! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for you! The results... of the election! They're... about to be announced!
Jones: Drats! With all those suspects to interrogate, I'd completely forgotten about the time!
Ramirez: We're all going to be late! Let's go, <Rank> <Name>, let's go!

At the Election Stand...
Jones: Phew, we're right on time, <Name>, they're just about to announce the election's winner!
Jones: Hey, I didn't know Lola had been selected to give out the results! Adds a bit of glamour to the whole thing, don't you think?
Lola: Ladies and gentlemen, the election results are in! It gives me great pleasure to announce that our new Mayor is...

Chapter 4

Lola: Ladies and gentlemen, the election results are in!
Lola: The battle was fierce, but a party has emerged victorious!
Lola: It gives me great pleasure to announce that our new Mayor is...
Lola: Howard Johnson!!
Serena: Well done, my son! I'm proud of you!
Ramirez: Aw, I'd been hoping Mrs. Price would win! I voted for her!
Martha: And you were right to do so, Mr... Policeman. But do not worry, the Blue Party will still be there to fight every decision taken by this so-called Mayor!
Howard: Dear townspeople! I, Howard Johnson, am extremely honored to be re-elected Mayor of Grimsborough!
Howard: Together with the Red Party, we will pave the way to a better city, a safer city!
Chief King: <Name>, a word, please. I know I'm not currently in a position of power, but I wanted to make sure you did not forget your duty.
Chief King: Now that Howard Johnson has been re-elected, it is more crucial than ever to figure out who dared kill Adam in their headquarters! I'm counting on you to close this case quickly!

Jones: "I'm counting on you to close this case quickly!" Easier said than done! I'm sure Howard will be even less co-operative than before, and honestly, I'm at a loss for where to search next!
Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, if I may, I got your missing right-handed suspects: Howard and Martha both fit that criteria!
Ramirez: And, uh, Mr. Marconi's also right-handed, as is Mrs. Johnson! And that's about it!
Jones: Progress, finally! Good idea, <Name>, let's have a look around the Election Stand! Let's crack this case once and for all!

Investigate Guest Tables.
Jones: Hm, this must be Johnson's acceptance speech, but why would he tear it to shreds? You'd think he'd frame it or something!
Jones: Can you quickly put this speech back together, <Name>? Every second counts!

Examine Torn Speech.
Jones: Wait, I thought this was Johnson's speech, but the version you put back together has got Martha's name on it!
Jones: "I, Martha Price, am extremely honoured to have been elected Mayor of Grimsborough. Together with the Blue Party, we will pave the way to a better city, a safer city!
Jones: What the... This is exactly the speech Howard read, but the winner's name and the Party's color have been changed!
Jones: No, you can't be right, <Name>! I mean, I know politicians often share the same ideas, but Howard and Martha were on different sides! Their campaigns were...
Jones: ...Well, it was pretty much the same thing said in different ways. Martha was for values and security, Howard was against corruption and crime.
Jones: But, <Name>... It can't mean... The two parties were working together?!
Jones: I can't believe this! We need to talk to those two liars, RIGHT NOW!!! Let's go, <Name>!

Talk to Martha about the Mayor's speech.
Martha: Oh, have you come to rub my defeat in my face, <Rank> <Name>? I'm really not in the mo-
Jones: We know everything, Martha! <Rank> <Name> found the speech! We know you and Johnson have been working together!
Martha: Now, don't be... Don't be ridiculous! You're blowing this all out of proportion! I unknowingly hired the same speech consultant as Howard, that's all!
Martha: That little swing thought he could just write a "fill the gaps" speech and get paid twice for it! When I learned about this, I fired him on the spot!
Martha: Things like this are the reason I go to the shooting range every week, you know. Politics are a constant warfare. Actually shooting is the only thing that helps me unwind.
Martha: Look, <Rank> <Name>, I swear to you, I had nothing to do with this speech, or with Mr. Bentley's death! I give you my word of honor!
(After talking to Martha Price)
Jones: I HATE politicians!!
Jones: Ugh, <Name>, we need to keep busy, else I'll just have to hit something! What should we do next?
Jones: You want to get back to the hotel lobby? Good idea! Adam might have left us the final clue to his murder there!

Talk to Howard about his winning speech.
Mayor Johnson: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, so kind of you to come congratulate me. This has been a grand victory indeed, but-
Jones: We're not here to congratulate you, Mr. Mayor. We're here to get answers. Why was Martha Price's name written on your speech?
Mayor Johnson: How did you... I tore that one up! How did you get it back?!
Mayor Johnson: L-look, this is nothing! I got two versions of the speech, one with my name and one with Martha's! I don't know how it happened!
Jones: Really? You're sure it's not because you and Martha are working together? Did Adam find out, Mr. Mayor? Is that why you killed him?
Mayor Johnson: K-killed him? I would never do that! I had nothing to do with Adam's death, <Rank> <Name>, you have to believe me!
Mayor Johnson: Please, <Rank> <Name>, I'll do anything to convince you! Have another look at my offices! You'll see I'm innocent!
Jones: Oh, don't worry, Mr. Mayor. Searching your office is exactly what we intend to do.

Investigate Reception Desk.
Jones: ...What is that bobblehead of Martha Price doing here?
Jones: Oh, you're right, that's the one she gave to Adam! There's his name upon the base! That's the one you fixed up for him!
Jones: But how did this figurine end up here...and why is it all bloody?!
Jones: You're right, let's collect a sample from that bobblehead!

Examine Martha Bobblehead.
Jones: Collecting blood from a Martha Price bobblehead... I never thought I'd see the day!
Jones: Anyway, let's send this blood sample to the lab, <Name>!

Analyze Blood Sample.
Grace: <Name>, you've hit the bull's-eye, as always. There was gunpowder residue mixed with the blood you collected from that bobblehead!
Grace: The means this bobblehead was originally on your crime scene before it ended up in the hotel lobby!
Jones: What?! But... It can't have gotten there on its own...
Grace: Stellar deduction, Jones. And because the blood on the bobblehead isn't Adam's, I'm guessing the killer picked it up, probably hoping to dispose of it later on.
Grace: I don't know how they hurt themselves, but the result is the same: the killer left their own blood on that bobblehead!
Grace: The gunpowder played havoc on the clarity of the sample, but I was at least able to determine Adam's killer's blood type, and it's A+!
Jones: Great! <Name>, let's add this to our killer's profile! An A+ blood type should help us trim our list of suspects a little!

Investigate Red Party Offices.
Jones: What are those dollar bills doing here? Could this be linked to Adam's murder??
Jones: Good point, <Name>, maybe your expert hands could collect something from those bills to solve that mystery.

Examine Dollar Bills.
Jones: Good! Let's send the molecules you collected from those dollar bills to Grace!

Analyze Molecule.
Grace: The sample you collected from the dollar bills you found in the headquarters turned out to be a mixture of saliva and epithelial tissue, <Name>! In other words, skin cells!
Grace: It wasn't easy to separate the two, but I'm nothing if not stubborn. The saliva on the dollar bills belongs to Adam Bentley.
Grace: My guess is that he counted the bills, licking his finger to count through them.
Jones: So the money was given to Adam? But there were thousands of dollars in that pile!
Jones: <Name>, do you think Adam discovered Johnson's and Martha's shared election speech? Could he have tried to blackmail them?
Grace: Here's something that should help. The epithelial tissue on those bills DIDN'T belong to Adam.
Grace: Which means they were left by the person who gave the money to Adam... by his killer!
Grace: And because I know every minute counts, I went straight for the kill: Adam's killer is male!

After completing all tasks...
Jones: That's it! <Name>, we finally have all the evidence we need to arrest Adam's killer!
Jones: No, no! Don't tell me who did it! I want to see if my hunch is right! Let's go arrest them, <Name>!

Arrest Killer.
Jones: <Name>, I don't understand, why did you take us to King's office? I thought we were going to arrest Adam's killer!
Jones: ...No. No! You can't mean...
Jones: No, <Name>, you must be wrong! Chief King would never have killed Adam! You've got it wrong!!
Chief King: Unfortunately, <Rank> <Name>'s right. I killed Adam Bentley.
Jones: NO! I refuse to believe this! WHY would you do this?! Adam would have never harmed the Mayor!
Chief King: Oh, Jones, you haven't understood a thing, have you? This has nothing to do with the Mayor.
Jones: Then why did you do it? Chief, answer us!
Chief King: Sorry, but no. You will have to find your own answers, <Rank> <Name>.
Jones: Then you'll have to talk to the Judge! You'll have to explain what happened!
Chief King: I'm sorry. I will not.
Jones: What... What are you doing? Put... Put that gun down, Chief. Please?
Chief King: You'll understand why I'm doing this... in time. I have no other choice.
Jones: Of course you have a choice! There is always a choice! Chief! Please, put the gun down!!
Chief King: Goodbye, <Rank> <Name>. Working with you has been a great honor.
Jones: ...

Additional Investigation

A cold Sunday morning, at the cemetery...
Mayor Johnson: Chief King was the best chief of police this city has ever had. He accomplished great things...
Mayor Johnson: ...And even if he lost himself, we shall remember him for all the good he accomplished. May he rest in peace.
Jones: I can't believe this. This can't be happening! We can't be here, looking at Chief King's grave!
Grace: It's so hard to imagine Chief King murdering someone...
Ramirez: C-Chief King was someone upright! I've w-worked with him since I joined the police, I know... knew him! He would never...
Nathan: We know, Ramirez. Clearly we're missing a piece of the puzzle.
Jones: Yes, and we intend to find that piece, don't we, <Name>? We should go speak to Serena Johnson. King was always at her beck and call, they were clearly very close!
Cathy King: Please, <Name>, find the answers! My grandfather wouldn't have... He'd never have done what he did without a very good reason. And I need to...
Cathy: I need to know... I'm sorry, I c-can't...
Alex: Cathy, wait!
Alex: <Name>, I don't know what to do! Cathy keeps crying, and the fact that her grandfather's favorite medal is apparently lost isn't making things and easier!
Alex: He always wore it on special occasions. Cathy wanted to put it in his coffin, but we haven't been able to find it anywhere.
Jones: Hm, if King wore this medal on special occasions, he probably had it when the elections' winner was announced, you're right, <Name>!
Jones: Do you think we could drop by the Election Stand on our way to see Serena, <Name>? We owe it to Cathy... and to King.

Ask Serena Johnson about the Chief.
Serena: <Rank> <Name>, if you are here about Samuel, I have nothing to tell you. I would like to grieve an old friend in peace, please!
Jones: Mrs. Johnson, you were clearly very close to Chief King, and right now we need every answer we can get. Surely you must have an idea of what motivated him to kill Adam?
Serena: Samuel's actions were his own to take. If he had wanted you to know his reasons, <Rank> <Name>, he would have shared them with you.
Serena: But since you're here, bothering an old woman on such a painful day, I'm guessing he took his secret to his grave.
Jones: Fine! If you refuse to help us understand, we'll figure it out on our own, won't we, <Rank> <Name>? Good day, Mrs. Johnson!
(After talking to Serena Johnson)
Jones: I can't believe Serena won't help us, <Name>! I mean... okay, so it actually isn't that surprising coming from such a woman. But what should we do now?!
Jones: Oh, good idea! King must have spent a lot of time in the Mayor's headquarters! Maybe we could find something around here that would help us understand what happened!

Investigate Red Party Offices.
Jones: A red wallet with the initials "S.J." embroidered... Great catch, <Name>, this must be Serena's wallet!
Jones: She doesn't want to talk to us, but maybe her wallet would be more cooperative... We should have a look inside, I agree!

Examine Serena's Wallet.
Jones: Hm, the woman on this picture you found in Serena's wallet has got a really creepy smile...
Jones: Oh my God, <Name>, you're right! This must be Serena when she was younger! Much, MUCH younger!
Jones: And next to her, this must be the Chief! He looks like he's in his twenties!
Jones: What about that third person, though? His face doesn't ring a bell, but they all look really close. Who knows, maybe he could help us understand a bit more about King's motives!
Jones: Good idea, <Name>. Let's send this photograph to the Lab. I'm sure Alex can figure out who this man is, and what became of him!

Analyze Serena's Picture.
Alex: Well, <Name>, I didn't think I'd see the day but... I'm stumped! That man on the picture with Serena Johnson and Chief King... It's like he vanished from the face of the Earth!
Alex: Don't look at me like that. I still got a name! The man on the picture is called Stuart Huckabee. He went to College with the Chief and Serena.
Alex: But, two years after graduation, his name just... disappears from all the files! No social security, no known address... I couldn't find a single thing about him! For all I know, he might be dead.
Jones: Drats! Well, at least, now we have a name. <Name>, good idea, let's go see if Serena will accept to talk about him. Anyway, we need to give her her wallet back.

Ask Serena Johnson about Stuart Huckabee.
Serena: Well, you certainly are persistent, <Rank> <Name>. And... What are you doing with my wallet? Give it back to me this instant!
Jones: We were bringing it back to you, Serena. And we'd like to know more about this man on the picture, Stuart Huckabee. What he a friend of King's?
Serena: Yes. A long time ago. But I haven't heard from him in years, and he most certainly did not keep in contact with Samuel. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm very busy.
Jones: Great, we're back at square one! I don't even know why we bother looking for answers!
Jones: I'm sorry, <Name>, I shouldn't be so pessimistic. I just haven't been able to eat or sleep since... you know. Let's grab something to eat before we resume our search, you're right.

Investigate Election Podium.
Jones: I can't believe you actually found a medal, <Name>! It's like it was waiting there for you to find it!
Jones: The writing is completely faded, though. We need to make sure it's the medal Cathy's been looking for. Can you work your magic on it?

Examine Faded Medal.
Jones: "Medal of Valor", and it's clearly King's face, engraved in the middle! This is the medal Cathy's been looking for!
Jones: You're right, <Name>, today's the perfect day to celebrate the GOOD things the Chief has done. I'm sure there's a great story attached to this medal, let's go ask our Mayor about it!

Ask Howard Johnson about the Chief's medal.
Mayor Johnson: Hello again, <Rank> <Name>. Were you at the funeral? I'm glad so many people came... Samuel King was highly respected in the community.
Jones: Yes, and we're keen on commemorating his memory. To this end, could you tell us how the Chief came to receive this Medal of Valor?
Mayor Johnson: Oh, I remember it well! It was before my time as Mayor, I was just starting out in politics at the time, but everyone went to the ceremony!
Mayor Johnson: Samuel was still an inspector back then. He arrived first on the scene of a burning building, and, knowing the firemen would be too late, rushing in to save a child that was trapped inside.
Mayor Johnson: It was a great act of selfishness... An act I cannot reconcile with Samuel's last action...
Mayor Johnson: <Rank> <Name>, you know, you remind of Samuel back in those days. You have this burning flame inside of you, this desire to do Good. I hope you never lose that flame.
Mayor Johnson: And I'd like to take this opportunity to officially thank you for everything you have done for this town, solving more than 50 murders and putting countless criminals behind bars!
Mayor Johnson: Please, <Rank> <Name>, accept this reward in the name of the town of Grimsborough. You have more than earned it!
(After talking to Mayor Johnson)
Jones: Well, now we know the story behind this medal... I agree with Johnson, it doesn't make sense for a man ready to risk his life to save a child to callously murder an innocent man.
Jones: I guess you're right, for now, the best we can do is bring the medal back to Cathy. I hope getting it back will make her feel better.

Back at the Police Station...
Cathy: <Rank> <Name>! You found my Grandfather's medal! Oh, I don't know how to thank you!
Jones: There's no need, Cathy. We were happy to do it, and thanks to this medal, we've learned a little more about what a good man King used to be.
Cathy: Yes, Grandpa used to be such an inspiration to me... He was so... so brave and k-kind.
Cathy: Oh, I don't know what to think anymore! I wish he was still here, so he could try and explain it to all to me.
Jones: Don't worry, Cathy. If there is an explanation to Chief King's crime and suicide... <Rank> <Name> will find it! No matter the cost!

Some time later...
Jones: It's been days and days and we still have no lead on the whereabouts of this Stuart Huckabee, <Name>! I agree, I bet he's the key to understanding King's suicide. But short of bumping into him, we'll never...
Stuart Huckabee: Sorry to interrupt, but are you <Rank> <Name>? My name is Stuart Huckabee! I'm an old friend of Samuel King!
Jones: YOU'RE Stuart Huckabee? We've been looking everywhere for you!
Stuart: I suspected you would. You'll need me to understand what's really been happening.
Jones: Are you talking about the murder of Adam Bentley and Chief King's suicide?
Stuart: Not just that! Have you ever wondered why there are so many murders in Grimsborough? This isn't just bad luck! But you will have to dig to get the truth.
Stuart: And I do mean "dig". <Rank> <Name>, if you want answers, go to the harbor. And bring a shovel!
Jones: Dig up the truth?
Jones: <Name>, I don't know if we should believe that man, but I know I'm ready to do anything to get answers! Let's go to the harbor!!